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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> from boston' noon. erika: the pilgrim nuclear power 2019. emily: take a look at these pictures where they are about to hold a press conference on the decision to shut down the plant. include poor revenues, and increased cost. it comes after federal investors plan to increase oversight of
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that plant which needs millions of dollars in safety improvements. the head of energy calls it an incredibly difficult decision, governor baker saying it is not only posing a potential energy shortage but also highlights the need for clean, reliable, and affordable energy. he said it will be a significant loss of carbon free electricity generation and will offset progress massachusetts has made in achieving the 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal. after shutting down, they will move to decommissioning and storing fuel on-site and should remain for decades. erika: now to a gruesome murder and marshall field. let' s get to sarah who is live at the courthouse in plymouth where it just appeared. sarah: we learned just how
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prosecutors telling everyone that they found blood inside the house in nearly every room. a 45 year old killed and a robbery at his home last month and was found dead on the floor. three people have been charged, the latest is an attorney. muscular to low -- he was accused of destroying evidence which we were told was a cell phone. prosecutors also said the man planned the robbery with his friend who was arrested last month. he is already in custody, they allegedly stole firearms including an assault rifle as well as valuable gems that the victim, he was a hunter in africa and had several valuable gems. a weapon has been identified, a jagged piece of window had caused the injuries to the man' s arm. we already know he had severed a
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large artery and that is what caused him to bleed to death. the man is being held without bail, the girlfriend is being held on $50,000. live in the courthouse, wcvb newscenter five. erika: former patriots star aaron hernandez back in court today. delay the murder trial. two men in 2012 after an encounter at a boston nightclub. prosecutors also want to get a hold of physical evidence involving a third party. the details of that evidence have not been released. he is already serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. emily: right now. this brooklyn firefighter is off the job and facing charges, accused of beating a man at a local taco shop. newscenter 5' s jim lokay is live to explain what allegedly triggered the attack, jim? jim: this happened a few minutes ago in district court and we
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look at earlier today in court where the man faces those charges of assault and battery. the firefighter was arrested after the alleged incident and according to witnesses and the police report this started because a man in line took too long to order. what happened afterward was a matter of dispute. prosecutors say the firefighter attack that man outside the restaurant but his attorney says there are two sides. >> the investigation is ongoing. police will have to do further investigation and so are we. i requested evidence from inside that restaurant. jim: witnesses tell us it looked like ward was "in the zone", but at this point we know ward walked out of court earlier today. he is free on his own recognizance and will be back in
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live in brookline, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: torrential rain, even lightning in parts of the state today, including sandwich. as much as one inch falling in spots, triggering this street flooding. the good news is that system is , moving out. but cindy, some much cooler air is about to push in. cindy: it is the coldest day we have this week. north shore. radar shows showers right now from newberry port but outside of this area, notice that the radar is quieting down. we are almost done the rain and west of 495, there seemed break the cloud cover. i expect sunshine, you see the skinny line of showers to the west. this is a cold front with the leading edge of cooler temperatures.
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we drop into the 40' s in minneapolis. there' s cooler air on the way as the clouds break for sunshine, we sneaked into the lower 70' s so warming up this afternoon into the lower 70' s but we have cooler air on the way and we' ll talk about the coldest air of the season this weekend. erika: major mess on 93 north in new hampshire. state police say the driver of this box truck fell asleep, triggering a crash. it happened in windham around 6:00 a.m. the truck overturned then hit a guardrail and a car, blocking all lanes. the highway had to be shut down for three hours to clean up a large diesel spill. the truck driver was not hurt. two people in the car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. new details about this lowell police officer, allegedly found asleep on the job. the lowell sun says jeffrey moore had been disciplined for a similar offense before. last week, the paper published this photo of the officer resting on a pillow inside his cruiser. a department statement calls the episode "extremely embarrassing," saying it'
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s not representative of the lowell police force. emily: close call for a driver in saugus when a piece of scrap metal flies off a truck, smashing through her windshield. newscenter 5' s reid lamberty tells us, incredibly, she didn' t suffer a single scratch. reid: rain wasn' t the only thing falling from the sky this morning. this massive piece of scrap metal fell off of a truck and pierced the windshield of this suv. the driver walked away without a scratch. it appears to be a portion of a pick-up truck' s frame. twisted metal, with sharp edges that fell off a tractor trailer. marybeth shay: it landed in my wind shield. reid: and almost fell in the lap of marybeth shay. just before 5:00 this morning, the newburyport woman was driving south on route one in saugus, en route to logan airport. marybeth: i was coming under the underpass it flew out of the , truck, sparks kind of flying from the truck. reid: the impact smashed through the windshield, the brunt of which affected the passenger
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side where no one was sitting. shattered glass litters the inside of her suv. and from here, you can see just how close this came from having a different result. the 48-year-old says she had no warning. marybeth: i saw the sparks coming from the truck, but no, i kind of didn' t know what happened. reid: state police are still looking for the truck involved . the driver doesn' t know what happened. she joked saying she should play the lottery. in saugus, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: right now, secretary of state john kerry is in boston, meeting with defense secretary ash carter and their australian counterparts. the discussions are focusing on ongoing efforts to counter violent extremism and the trans-pacific partnership agreement trade deal. earlier, kerry met with boston marathon organizers at the finish line. later today, he will speak at the harvard kennedy school in cambridge. emily: commitment 2016. we' ve heard from the republican presidential candidates twice. now it'
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s the democrats' turn. in just a few hours, these five candidates will take the stage in las vegas. stephanie ramos tells us, it' s a highly-anticipated event, as it' s the first time this campaign season they' ll go up against each other. stephanie: it is democratic night in vegas, the contenders, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, lincoln chafee, martin o' malley, and jim webb are set. >> ideas from the left or right, i asked whether it works. stephanie: they will likely try their hardest to get noticed, taking aim at front-runner hillary clinton. on debate eve, clinton waved a hand at this union rally. in front of donald trump' s las vegas property. clinton: some think he is entertaining but i don' t think it'
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s entertaining when someone insults immigrants, women. that is unacceptable. stewph phanie: what will trump be doing? trump: i will be watching, i don' t know how long, it will be hard to watch because it is not exciting. stephanie: clinton will be front and center on stage but now bernie sanders from vermont is catching up. unlike the republican debate so far, we shouldn' t expect to see a slugfest. sanders let' s treat each other civilly:. >> vice president joe biden has had many wondering whether he will run for president. just think lacey makes a last-minute decision, they will have a podium at the debate for him. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. emily: tragedy in missouri. two firefighters are killed battling a raging fire.
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their final acts of bravery. erika: a final report released into last year' s malaysian airlines plane crash overseas. who it blames for the deadly take down. emily: and an admitted drunk driver busted behind the wheel. how social media helped police
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>> you' re watching newscenter 5 at noon. loss of two firefighters, killed missouri apartment building. 17-year department veteran larry leggio and 13-year veteran john mesh died when part of the building collapsed around them monday night. the kansas city chief says the firefighters managed to save at least two people just minutes two other firefighters were hurt. a hearing is scheduled today in the case of freddie gray, the baltimore man who died of a spinal injury he suffered while in police custody. five of the six officers charged in connection with gray' s april death want their statements to investigators thrown out, ahead of the first trial next month. they claim the statements were improperly obtained. a judge will hold a hearing today to determine if the statements will be used. emily: new this noon: a final report shows malaysia airlines flight 17 was taken down by a russian missile over ukraine last year.
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all 298 people on board were killed. but as elizabeth hur reports, russia is disputing the claims, refusing to cooperate in the investigation. elizabeth: this video animation showing a blow of what the safety board believes god -- caused the crash of the plane over ukraine. >> it crashed as a result of a detonation of a warhead, thus the left-hand side of the cockpit. elizabeth: they are now saying md 17 was shut down and shrapnel hit the cockpit, calling the nose to break apart in midair. >> the destination was simulated to calculate a point of that nation and damage that could be expected. elizabeth: the report comes 15 months after it plunged out of
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the sky over pro-russian rebel held territory killing all 298 on board. the victims families finding some relief. but many are still angry, wondering how this could have happened. >> so they went across the war zone and it should and. >> it took 10 years for libya to wake up and do the right thing in 103. we hope it will not take the russians to take 10 years to do the right thing. elizabeth: a criminal investigation is underway to determine who is responsible. the missiles russian maker released a report, denying any russian involvement. elizabeth her, abc news. erika: a drunk driving arrest lands a florida woman behind bars, thanks to some good samaritans, and a social media app. police say whitney beall was drunk behind the wheel, while streaming her night out on a live app called periscope. some who connected with her on the app called police.
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you can even hear her admit she' s drunk. >> i' m driving home drunk. let' s see. i think i will. >> and 30 years of law enforcement i have not seen this. erika: a police officer used his personal periscope to track the woman down. she' s now charged with dui after failing several sobriety tests, and refusing a breathalyzer. social media giant twitter is slashing more than 300 jobs, in an effort to cut costs. the new ceo plans to lay-off 336 employees, in order to keep the struggling company competitive. the cutbacks, announced today, affect about 8% of twitter' s 4,100 workers. major changes coming to embattled car manufacturer volkswagen, following an emissions scandal revealed last month. vw announcing today it is changing to a new diesel emissions technology. that' s after fallout from the scandal over cars equipped with computer software that allowed vehicles to evade u.s. emissions
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tests. the company says it also plans to cut $1.1 billion dollars in annual investment spending. emily: there is an initial agreement today that would create the world' s largest beer company. budweiser brewer anheuser-busch inbev has agreed to pay more than 1$ billion to take over sab miller. however, regulators are likely to take issue with the deal. there are concerns the sheer scale of it could could stifle competition and decrease choice for consumers. a grass fire forces hundreds to evacuate in wyoming. more than 8,000 acres are scorched, as windy conditions fan the flames. at least 10 homes and several buildings have been damaged or destroyed by the flames. the fire started in a landfill saturday. -- sunday. which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] /
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62 degrees right now, on the mild side. warmer than earlier this week. over the past six hours we did get not only rain but some thunderstorms on the cape and islands. a lot of lightning strikes but that is moving out and the heaviest rain in southeast massachusetts but over a 10th of an inch in boston. barely saw anything and worcester. clearly the bull' s-eye here was in southeastern massachusetts and the web -- westside, over two inches of rain. a report from okla. fairhaven, 1.5 inches . also plymouth coming in with three quarters of an inch. beneficial rainfall in southeastern massachusetts. guys beginning to brighten up and this will be the trend through the afternoon but in the
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wake of the rain, dewpoint temperatures in the lower 60' s. a muggy feel and wind is coming up out of the south and southwest. as long as we have this component to the wind, we will keep temperatures mild. we are in the upper 60' s, close to 70 in the cape. we are sitting at 70 degrees and we are in the lower 60' s on the north shore beverly. manchester, a bit cooler. clouds and rain but temperatures will jump up. as we brighten things up we will see breaks developing to the west. improvements coming for the next several hours. at the same time, there is a frontal boundary to the west. a narrow window for the next few hours as the front approaches. the do have a renewed risk of shower developing. clouds breaking for sunshine , upper 60' s to low 70' s. this is the last mile day for a while.
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it is opening the door for cooler temperatures. let me take you through the timeline, i don' t expect additional what weather. breaks in the cloud and sunshine but toward the evening, here comes the line with a cold frontal boundary. as it shows approach, they break up so it is a small chance of showers through the evening and into the overnight. once the front goes by, wind turns westward. low temperatures in the 40' s and 50' s and tomorrow we are not talking about 70' s. low to mid 60' s, spots sneak into the upper 50' s and a wind shift line in the upper atmosphere will bring cooler temperatures wednesday night into thursday. each day we are stepping down. sun and clouds tomorrow. 60 degrees on thursday and friday is in a potent frontal boundary. behind this front, some of the
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coldest air of the entire season looks to be working in. as we go into the day on saturday, high temperatures in the lower 50' s. waking up to frost on sunday morning at high temperatures with a gusty breeze on sunday only in the upper 40' s. there is a potential of widespread freeze coming on monday morning. that is something you need to stay attuned to. you' ll want to pay attention to that. enjoy the last of the 70' s this afternoon. erika: something that impacts millions. but a new usa today survey shows millennials do not want to be in debt and are being proactive in getting rid of it. nearly two-thirds of those surveyed say having no debt is a top priority, even above having emergency savings. however, most believe having savings over being debt-free is the definition of being "financially fit." emily: apple is adding a new feature to its imacs to enhance the quality of photos and videos. the company will now offer retina displays for its 21.5
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inch and 27 inch imacs. apple says the products will also have new storage options, and more powerful processors and graphics. erika: a bride proves you' re never really off the job, especially if you' re an emt. emily: the emergency behind this photo going viral, and why says she'
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>> fate united to women who turned out to be sisters. they recently started working at the same hospital in florida and learned they had a lot in common both limning -- living in south korean orphanages before being adopted why american families. dna tests proved they are sisters. >> i cannot believe i found my sister. i never gave up on her. erika: the reunion happened 40 years after they were separated/ emily: a bride' s photo from her wedding day is getting lots of attention on social media. erika: sarah ray' s mother snapped this photo, of ray walking away from an ambulance. after her grandmother' s car collided with another on the way to the reception, ray, a paramedic, hiked up her dress, rushed to the scene and climbed aboard to help. ray' s grandmother is doing ok. ray says she'
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s no hero, she was just taking care of a family member. erika: just doing her job and happen to wear a wedding dress. emily: i like the spirit. erika: we are brightening things up, it is the last day in the 70' s. the real cold is coming and this weekend.
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