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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  October 14, 2015 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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tomorrow we'll warm up into the 60s but just barely. it is plenty of sunshine to talk about. it just isn't going to warm up that much. look at what's happening. friday, significant. saturday, 54. yes, that's the high temperature on sunday. only 48 degrees. we'll talk more about that and the threat for frost, all of that in a few minutes. >> a boston man is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of a grandmother. the victim's family giving emotional impact statements in court. barbara was 67 when she was brutally killed back in april 2012. jim was inside the courtroom for today's sentencing. >> there will always be anger towards the man who killed the woman three years ago looking for a quick fix. >> he took away our sense of security and our innocence. >> -- [inaudible] >> but it was the fight she put up against timothy that led to
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>> a day for justice. >> she had enough sense to get enough of his dna under her fingernails to do her part so he could never harm another family again. >> smeenld the rest of his life behind bars and while there was gratitude toward the prosecutors who made that happen, this is a problem that's far from over. >> i'm very worried about the fact there will be more timothies out there who have heroin, who have one single goal in mind to steal other people's money and break into their homes. the potential for these things happening scare the heck out most and i'll tell you that right now. >> for the family, healing begins. >> i have never been more proud of my mother than what i am right now as i sit here. she was fighting for her home. for her granddaughter and ultimately fighting for her life. >> the family was also in the courtroom. they, of course, were also emotional when that sentence was handed down. two counts.
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charge, he'll serve life in prison for without the possibility of parole. also a home invasion, 20 to 25 years, served concurrently, behind bars for the rest of his life. >> a nurse charged with stealing her parent's painkillers and substituting tylenol, water or mouthwash, cindy martin was fired four years ago from the queen anne nursing home 56 painkillers disappeared from a card that only she had access to. she faces charges of drug possession and assault and battery on a person over the age of 60. new information, in a highway shooting. it happened last night just before 11:00. two men in a karsay that they were shot at by someone in another vehicle. state police did find ballistics evidence on the car. no one was hurt. police say it appears that the incident was not random and that the vehicle was targeted. police are still tonight searching for the shooter's
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vehicle. >> another firefighter is facing charges. jeremy joseph was arrested over the weekend charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. he's now on administrative leave. fellow firefighter joseph ward is facing charges for allegedly beating a customer outside a local taco shop for taking too long to order. >> defending his department's response to this massive fire back in august. reports on the winery fire were released last night. the worcester d.a.'s office is investigating the fire which has been deemed arson. the family has criticized the response to the fire. the response time to be specific. the fire chief says the 16 page report shows his department acted properly. >> let's take a look at first alert traffic at 5:33. things are moving along nicely on the southeast expressway. nice sunset happening out there. let's take a closer look and find out what's happening on 93 southbound. 25 minutes is not bad mass ap to route 3. upper deck to route 128. 21-minute ride from 93 to newton corner. along the
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west -- severing looking good. southbound to 495 is a little slow. northbound side north of the turnpike is doing just fine. >> go to my neighborhood if you want bad traffic. a major lawsuit could have implications. >> a gun shop libel for selling guns that killed the police officers. the fallout that has the country talking. >> pope francis is issuing an apology. the scandals he says the church
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>> an international humanitarian fact finding mission is starting its probe on the doctors without borders in afghanistan the strike killed 10 staffers and patients. u.s. officials have called the strikes a mistake and the president has apologized. >> gun control is a hot-button issue once again and now there is word of a major lawsuit that came pact the sale of firearms. it stems from a decision to hold
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a wisconsin gun shop liable for guns used in the death of two police officers. >> a landmark lawsuit. a gun store found liable in the shooting of these two police officers that left them physically and emotional scarred. >> felt like i didn't deserve to live anymore. >> the two officers shot in the face following this 2009 altercation with suspect julius burton. too young to buy a gun at the time and this video shows another man illegally purchasing the pistol for him at badger guns in milwaukee. even admitting on the form that the gun was for someone else. the officer sued the gun store claiming it repeatedly looked the other way and sold weapons to criminals. milwaukee authorities say that between 2006 and 2009, more than 1,800 firearms from badger guns were used in crimes. gun store officials argued on
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the stand that was never their intention. >> the last thing we want to do is put a gun in somebody's hand that's going to commit a crime. >> after nine hours of deliberations the jury awarded the officers nearly $6 million in damages. a rare ruling, experts say, could have broader implications. >> i want gun dealers to make sure individuals who cannot legally possess guns do not get their hands on guns. >> and the man who pulled the trigger is serving an 80-year sentence and testified in this case. lawyers for the officers say they feel vindicated. a.b.c. news, new york. >> pope francis made a surprising public apology today for passed scandals that rocked the catholic church. francis made his remarks during his weekly general audience outside the vatican. he didn't specify which scandals he meant. a spokesman said francis intended his apology to be ample and general. recently a vatican monsignor
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came out as gay and denounced homophobia within the church and was immediately fired. >> as we continue tonight, the section in the store that a man is accused of setting the fire. >> more drama for the star of dance moms. this time legal trouble for abbe lee. the charges she's nation. >> several waves of cold air heading this wave including
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>> to california, rows of halloween costumes are on fire in wal-mart. an employee trying to get the flames under control. a 40-year-old man used a two quart bottle of charcoal lighter fluid that he picked up from the garden section in the store to set the costumes on fire the suspect was arrested for suspicion of arson. speaking of california, a close call at the airport in los angeles. a car turned on the runway heading right toward a de parting jetliner. an airport employee accidently made the wrong the un. the collision was narrowly avoided, hitting the brakes and pulling off the runway. this all happened yesterday around the same time that air traffic controllers were dealing with a request for an emergency landing from two other airliners. >> the hit show star abbey lee miller is facing a 20 count indictment on charges including
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concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations. prosecutors say she opened bank accounts to hide her income and made multiple false claims about her dance studio. she could serve up to five years in prison and pay up to $5 million in fines. nashville star -- the in treatment for postpartum depression. she's been open about her struggles since her daughter's birth. >> this is new at 5:30, next time you fly leave those lithium batteries out of your checked bags. the federal aviation administration says those batteries can cause fires in baggage compartments. on monday, alaska air flight newark to seattle made an unscheduled stop in buffalo, new york. a credit card machine that uses the lithium ion battery started smoking and the crew used a fire extinguisher to keep it from burning. they are still allowed, keep this in mind, they are still allowed on carry-on bags. >> jet blue is planning to offer
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free wifi on all flights by next fall. the airline says it's completed installation on its entire fleet of aircraft. jet blues current free wifi for passengers is suitable for web browsing, checking emails but the new service will be capable of downloading large files. delta may soon be getting in on prices. southwest. jet blue and spirit have pushed ticket prices lower across the board. delta's third quarter results show a significant drop, so it is likely the carrier will soon join that price drop. analysts say get the deal while the getting is good. delta will likely raise those fares once fuel prices stabilize. >> so this is not your average everyday sign on the streets of boston. and they are cheering and they are all dressed up for it. the legendary stars of the ringling brothers, barnum and bailey circus, the elephants made their way down hanover street to the firehouse where they were
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sweetwater melon, along with garden of vegetables. got to watch your diet. the circus is in town for a few days. >> it's good. >> everybody had a good day, too. >> i was waiting for that. >> what a beautiful day we had going on across the area. we're starting to get the colors. last week i was showing you fall colors. it was behind schedule. we've made up for lost ground. this is typically what happens. you might be a little behind and then you get a surge of colors. moderate colors to the west. patchy colors around the city. as you look on the south shore not seeing much color but a little bit here and there and it's just going to keep coming on thicker and thicker as we go through the next few days. the sunset, tonight at 6:03. for halloween it's 5:39. i've had several people ask when do we change the clocks? it happens the day after. 4:38
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on november 1 will be the sunset. i don't even like to show that one. let's talk about what's going on. these are nice temperatures out there. readings into the 60s and the upper 50s right now. we're going to be talking about cooler temperatures and it will be cold this weekend. however, it's a short-lived event and it means temperatures will bump up again once we head into next week. you can look forward to that as well. we're looking forward to the clouds clearing out. they are starting to dissipate over the last hour but still some clouds throughout& and they will continue to diminish. they will dissipate once the sun goes down. 38 to 46 degrees for an overnight low. tomorrow, a sunny day. a few afternoon clouds but they will have no moisture with them at all. we still warm things up right around 58 to 64 degrees with a southwesterly breeze. tomorrow, in a bad day. just a little bit cooler. here's the high temperatures for tomorrow generally in the low 60 s. we're not seeing any real cold spots or warm spots. worcester should be about 59 for a high temperature tomorrow. as we look down the road we see things a little cooler on friday with a chance for some showers but not much.
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and then by saturday it starts to get a little chillier. there is still a chance, very slim chance that we could see a little bit of precipitation moving through on saturday. why die the use word precipitation? well, because there is an outside chance there could be flake of snow mixed in with a little bit of rain shower. don't worry, it's not going to amount to any. more something to talk about than anything else. if you see some and can get a picture of it send it to us. we would love to share it. here's what we have. temperatures down in the south tomorrow into the 60s. mostly of the cape will be in the 60s into the upper 50s tomorrow. pretty much reflecting ocean temperatures at this point. we have waves of cool air coming in. up with coming in right now. we've got another one coming in on friday. you can see how we get just a few sprinkles and light showers. not looking like too much. behind it, we unleash some of the coldest air of the season and if you get just enough moisture on saturday, and 2/4 what i point out, there could be a snowflake or two that gets mixed in. but again not a big that issue we'll be talking about. by the way, i was talking about those temperature trends. notice what happens. we drop down over the
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by next week we're warm things right back up and we get back closer to normal. let me break it down for the next seven days. tomorrow, sunshine. that's all you have to worry about. 62 degrees. won't be as windy as it was this afternoon. friday, a few scattered showers that will be out there but again looking like less and less of a that's. saturday, gets breezy. 54 degrees. we're talking about temperatures there. and as we look at sunday's forecast, the wind may actually be an issue this weekend. breezy on saturday. sunday gets a howling wind temperatures. temperatures on monday and we start to water temperature. on wednesday, mild air coming we get that surge of warm air moving back up in here so i would say 64 on wednesday of next week. i wouldn't be surprised if a few places get closer to 70. it will warm up nicely but before we get there we've got that means highs only in the 40s and lows down around freezing. >>
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new stunning images tonight of jupiter. take a look at this. this is nasa's hubble space telescope helping scientists create the 4-k resolution portrait of the solar system's largest planet. the image reveals some surprising discoveries including that the red spot continues to shrink. it's about 150 miles shorter than it was a year ago. >> if you look closely you can see santa claus. he's been elected to the city council in the north pole. this is a two story. i'm not making it up. stant his victory on a write-in campaign, mr. santa claus was the former president of the north pole chamber of commerce. >> he has the look down. a airplane touches down with one more passenger than it took off with. that's because a baby was born. here's more on this special delivery. >> the fact that the youngest passenger in row 49
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a ticket wasn't stopping her. right there in the middle of the plane, just look at the expression on that flight attendant, a brand-new healthy baby girl. born at 30,000 feet. >> once-in-a-lifetime. >> she was in the middle of a long flight home and couldn't belief her eyes. >> collecting buckets and blankets and whatever they can find on the airplane. >> the china air flight was headed from taiwan to los angeles but you can see on radar where it made a huge course change, steering towards alaska, for an emergency landing. a young doctor returning home from her honeymoon was on-board and jumped in to help, delivering the beak less aby less than 30 minutes before landing. >> helping me out with the patient. basically like my stand-in nurses. >> but will be the baby be a u.s. citizen? the law says if you're born within a 12 mile radius of 12 mile radius, you are. we
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don't know, only that this plane landed in anchorage with only one more passenger than it started with and both she and her surprised mother are doing just fine. erica, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> couldn't they have moved her up to first class at least. >> don't you think? >> while this was happening. she was in a row -- crammed. >> whatever. >> just -- >> that's terrific. the question is, is she american or chinese? very interesting. >> we'll find out. >> on the health alert. new research finds that high stress jobs could be worse for you than first thought. >> as we continue tonight, the study finds it increases your risk of -- >> and coming your way minutes from now at 6:00, bringing a once cold case to court. after more than two decades. a suspect is facing charges. how dna from the crime brought
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>> a nevada school district is dealing with a massive outbreak of the norovirus. more than 1,100 students and staff have gotten sick in the last month. 15 of the 17 schools are on alert. the buildings have been sanitized but the number of
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continues to grow. >> we're wiping down everything, anything in the classroom that the student has touched. >> medical experts say cleaning is just one of three important steps in battling did outbreak. the other two, thorough hand washing and keeping sick students out of the school for 72 hours after symptoms subside. >> do you experience a great deal of stress at work? how much is too much? new researchers find it could be worse for your health than first thought. >> deadlines, work flow, feeling overworked, underpaid and underappreciated. just a few of the reasons american workers often feel stress at work. but can this stress lead to unexpected medical problems? a new report suggests it might. researchers in china looked into previous studies including almost 140,000 individuals. they found high stress jobs were linked to a 22% higher risk of stroke. >> the effects apparently highest among women and those who felt they had low levels of control at work. >> but is it the stress or
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something else? the researchers noted work stress can lead to unhealthy behaviors like smoking, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise. all proven risk factors for stroke. >> so further studies may be needed to figure out the exact relationship between job can stress and stroke. >> for now, those of with us stressful jobs can take steps to limit the impact of the stress, relaxation exercises, medication and when stress work gets the best of you, stop, take some deep breaths. >> talk about medication. i'll be honest. i take resting point in the middle of the day and when i work at night and it's very calming. >> it centers you. >> the brits don't need a center, they need a left tackle because it's a bad break for the patriots the key player who won't be protecting brady for the rest of the season. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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visit] >> a teenage murder suspect, bizarre behavior in court and why prosecutors say he's faking it. >> as temperatures cool off, we'll have a chance for some rain. >> one of the rarest of eggs comes to boston. why it's so special beyond its $740,000 price tag. >> from boston's news leader, is wcvb. >> flames erupting as cruise were replacing that main. it's dramatic video but no one was hurt. you're asked to avoid the area if you have to drive through it in the next period of time. >> breaking news, a teacher is under arrest accused of sending obscene pictures to a student. that suspect, an english teacher at southbridge high school. >> allegedly sent over social media. let's get to john atwater with break information, john?
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john: the district took swift action here firing this teacher. he's awaiting his court appearance tomorrow. police say he sent inappropriate pictures to a student here. 10 naked pictures of himself. twice in the course of the last year. >> you send your kids to school to learn. not to receive pictures from a teacher. >> the rumors about those pictures were circulating through the halls of southbridge high that a student had naked photos of teacher joseph zuniga. police were called in and said the teacher had sent 10 inappropriate photos of himself to a student over facebook twice in the last year. >> the teacher is put into a approximation of trust and it's sickening to even hear allegations like this. and it's good that no one was hurt. >> zuniga subbed at the school last year and this year came on full time teaching english to students who don't speak the language. police say he met the 17-year-old student through church function two years ago. it's the second time in the last several months that the
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