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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> this is wcvb newscenter five at noon. emily: we begin with breaking news. scottish prosecutors say they have identified two libyans as suspects in 1988 lockerbie bombing. erika: 270 were killed when pan am flight 103 exploded, including several from massachusetts. so far, only one person has been convicted in that attack. emily: also breaking this noon, tufts university the latest school to distance itself from bill cosby.
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revoking the honorary doctor of arts degree it gave the now-embattled entertainer in 2000. tufts president anthony monaco saying cosby demonstrated a lack of character and integrity that clearly does not represent the values to which our university is committed and for which he was honored. dozens of women have accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. erika: and president obama announcing thousands of u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan beyond his presidency after having vowed to end the war on his watch. new developments in the murder of teenager. frank is live to explain. franklin the judge is expected to issue an order sometime dealing with the valuation and observation will take place. we have no long -- we don' t how long it will take post up until it is complete, the entire trial is on hold. phillip chism in court this morning.
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enter the room. a psychologist telling the court, chism told her, he wishes someone would walk into the court with a gun and kill him. the psychologist said chism also hears voices telling him not to trust his attorneys. the now 16-year-old accused of murdering and raping his teacher at danvers high school in 2013, said this during a competency interview on wednesday. today, the judge ruling, chism will undergo a more formal and thorough evaluation and observation. the prosecution objecting to the move, accusing chism of pretending to be mentally ill. the defense in favor of the decision. the judge spent the morning trying to figure out the right facility. his age the desire for around , the clock observation and need for high level security, all concerns. there are two places chism is likely to be sent, the was to recover center in hospital or bridgewater state hospital. however, there were some concerns about how each would
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>> thank you. state police have arrested a student linked to recent stonehill college bomb threat. late last month, a threatening note was left in an on-campus bathroom forcing the school to close. a search of the campus found nothing. the student, whose name hasn' t been released, has been suspended by the school and banned from campus. everett police and the state fire marshall' s' s office are investigating a suspicious car fire which may have been part of a larger arson attempt. a car was burned in the driveway of 51 autumn street early this morning and flammable liquid was spread around the house. erika: also in court today, this southbridge teacher accused of sending a student nude photos on facebook -- twice. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in dudley with details. sera: family members shielding joseph zuniga from our cameras on his way into court. but the now fired southbridge teacher was clearly seen as he went before a judge, accused of sending nude photos to a student
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police say on two separate occasions zuniga sent the photos via facebook, once when the student was 16, then again at 17 . prosecutors today say zuniga admitted to police that he sent the pictures and has cooperated with investigators. the judge set bail at $500, with several conditions, including to stay away from the high school and minors. no comment from zuniga or his family members after the hearing. anything about the charges? >> this was zuniga' s first year at the high school he today is his 23rd birthday. emily: right now this former boston university hockey coach is due in court. robert richardson is accused of sexually assaulting a young player in the 1990' s. the alleged victim was 13 at the time, but just came forward last year. richardson served as an assistant coach at b.u. from 1985 to 1989. erika: new this noon, a woman who says she was raped by four men in her umass dorm room in
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against them and the university. she accuses the defendants, who were not students, of sex assault, emotional distress and , false imprisonment. she also requests unspecified damages against umass for failing to protect her. three of the four suspects are already serving time after being found guilty of criminal charges. the fourth goes on trial next month. also new, this salem, new hampshire mother is under arrest, accused of overdosing on heroin in front of her young daughter. it happened at the la quinta hotel. kari houlne admits to shooting up in front of her four-year-old before passing out. when police got to the hotel, no one was in the room, but officers found needles, an empty narcan injector and kids' toys. they later found houlne who is her daughter is now with family members. emily: now to 5 on the opioid . just moments ago, governor baker unveiled a new bill to help battle the state' s opioid epidemic. the bill would limit the supply
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of opioids prescribed to a patient to just 72 hours. it would also grant medical professionals the ability to hold patience for 72 hours if they are deemed a danger to themselves and others. quick the days of people walking out of a dentist office or doctor' s office with 30 or 60 or 90 days worth of this pain medication need to come to an end. i appreciate the fact that this is a controversial idea , but it is one that needs to be part of the larger conversation. >> the state has seen a stunning increase in opioid-related deaths with public health officials estimating more than 1200 overdose deaths in 2014 alone. erika: new fallout for the booming fantasy sports businesses based here in boston. the fbi and u.s. attorney' s office are reportedly getting involved. "the globe" and "wall street journal" say investigators want to know if draftkings and other companies are violating federal
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gambling laws. new york' s attorney general recently launched an investigation after a draftkings employee won $350,000 on competing site fanduel. there' s also a class action lawsuit by customers. but this is the first time the feds have gotten involved. draftkings issued a statement late last night saying, "it is entirely predictable that the government would follow up on the misleading reports about our industry. we strongly disagree with any notion that our company has engaged in any illegal activities." but they said they were not aware of any investigation. the u.s. attorney' s office in boston won' t confirm or deny that an investigation is under way. emily: live pictures of boston now. another chilly start to the day with temperatures in the 40' s in a lot of places. danielle, we' re talking about getting even colder. i don' t want to say it out loud. danielle: and foresight, it looks like it is going to happen.
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today, not so bad. already warming up to the 50' s. we started out chilly this morning. a lot of spots in the 40' s and even 30' s this morning. 30 was the overnight low in several areas. we have warmed to the upper 50' s along the coastline, near 60 on nantucket, lower 50' s in the worcester area. looking back to the north and west, this is that cold air we' re talking about that will make its way into our area. it is also associated with this cold front that will blast on through and bring the coldest air we' ve seen all season. for right now, we do have a lot of sunshine. not really much going on on satellite and radar. for today, temperatures will warm to the upper 50' s in worcester, low 60' s in boston as well as lawrence, nashua, 61 with the wind out of the west at about five to 15. notice the temperature trend on the way down as we head toward saturday and sunday.
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comes the chances for showers. we will talk about when we could see the rain, ahead. emily: actor randy quaid expected back in a vermont courtroom today on a fugitive charge. quaid and his wife were arrested friday trying to enter the u.s. from canada, five years after they fled there after being accused of vandalism in california. both are being held on a $500,000 bail. erika: a new review shows the state is spending as much as $7 million a year to repair big dig leaks. "the herald" found more than 16 million gallons of water were pumped out of the o' neill tunnel, the ted williams tunnel, and the i-90 connector in 2013 and 2014. and it may be getting worse. the leaks reached that 16 million gallon mark in just the first six months of this year, possibly due to all the snow this winter. big dig engineers had promised all the cracks in the tunnels would be plugged by 2005. a massdot spokesman says the amount of water leaking does fall within federal safety guidelines. an airport security glitch has been fixed, but not before
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causing major problems at airports nationwide, including in boston. the problem involved a department of homeland security computer system that checks passengers against a terror watch list. thousands of passengers at new york' s jfk airport, washington' s dulles, and dallas-fort worth had to wait in line for hours. the problem not as bad at logan. the system was back online there within 90 minutes, and right now there' s no indication the service disruption was malicious in nature. emily: remember this scene? well, today, the food service worker involved in that confrontation with a uconn student' s apology. the video shows luke gatti the university' s student union. he even shoves the manager who refused to serve him because he was carrying an open beer. in a letter to the campus newspaper, bill mckay says he accepts gatti' s apology and says it' s time for the public to stop beating up on gatti.
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19-year-old should be expelled. thousands of u.s. troops expected to remain in afghanistan through 2016. the about-face from president obama, who hoped to have them out by then. erika: a former nba star still fighting for his life. new details about lamar odom' s health and recent stay at a nevada brothel. danielle: sunny today, but getting cooler. when we could see frost. emily: and a hole in the sun? nasa explains this stunning image and what we saw here on
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. emily: u.s. and coalition forces continuing to attack islamic state targets in syria and iraq. the u.s. defense department just releasing this video of strikes near ramadi. separately, russia continues its strikes in syria, claiming to have hit 32 terrorist sites over the past 24 hours, reportedly, at the request of syrian president bashar al-assad, a longstanding russian ally. a major change in plans for the president who had hoped to pull nearly all u.s. troops from afghanistan by the time he leaves office. thousands will now be staying.
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karen travers reports that casts aside his promise to end the war on his watch. karen: it is a significant reversal for president obama. >> this modest, but meaningful extension of our presence, while sticking to our current narrow missions, can make a real difference. karen: there are about 9800 u.s. troops in afghanistan, nearly all were supposed to be home by the end of 2016. what the president on the recommendations of his top military commanders will now leave as many as 5500 in place. it will be a tuple mission. similar to the current one. counterterrorism operations and training in assisting afghan forces. so why the shift in policy? top pentagon officials believed afghan forces were not ready to operate on their own, and there is been a recent surge in violence by the television and now isis. >> inky areas of the country,
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very fragile, and in some places, there is risk of deterioration. karen: last month, taliban fighters to control of a key northern city. afghan forces battled back in kunduz with support from u.s. airstrikes, but one was catastrophic. a hospital was hit, leaving 22 people dead, including 12 staffers from doctors without borders. >> a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. karen: president obama said his decision is not disappointing, that his approach is been to make adjustments when necessary and the u.s. commitment to afghanistan will not waiver. erika: tough news for millions of americans. there will be no cost of living increase for social security benefits next year. that marks only the third time in 40 years payments will stay flat. and that' s not all. older americans could also face higher medicare costs. experts blame inflation, specifically, low gas prices for
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benefits. erika: the treasury department warning congress today the nation will hit its debt ceiling two days early and won' t be able to pay its bills if congress doesn' t act. november 3 is the date. the treasury says it will be left with less than $30 billion to cover its bills, far less than the $60 billion it needs or it could default. emily: right now troubled former nba star lamar odom is still fighting for his life after being found unresponsive at a nevada brothel. a 911 caller claims the former lakers player had been using cocaine and taking an herbal form of viagra before he was found unconscious. search warrants were issued for odom' s los angeles house last night. investigators won' t comment on his condition, but friends say he' s on life support. new this noon, double-amputee track star oscar pistorious has been granted house arrest after serving time for manslaughter. the so-called bladerunner was sentenced to five years in jail following the shooting death of his girlfriend in 2013. pistorius has served less than a year and will be let out of jail
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prosecutors are still seeking a murder conviction against him. erika: new fears about this texas wildfire that' s already scorched more than 6 square miles. crews fear the unseasonably hot weather will only cause it to spread. the smithville fire has destroyed nine homes and is only 15% contained. residents in at least 30 neighborhoods have been evacuated and a state park closed. some stunning photos from nasa. that' s the sun and it appears there is a hole in it. up what' s called a coronal hole, a region where the magnetic field is open to space, sending material out in a high-speed that' s apparently what triggered several nights of beautiful auroras here on earth. emily: pretty intense pictures. danielle: the winds are going to pick up, the temperatures growing to drop.
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scene over boston. 57 degrees. the big story is the temperature impact and the high temperature drop. sunday, only reaching 48 for the high. degrees. temperatures on the way down, and they' re coming from this cold front you see from the and with it, it is going to bring us a chance for showers. we really could use the rain in terms of when we could see the rain, that looks like friday morning at some point, and there could be a couple of hit or michelle are the afternoon. one or two showers pop up in the forecast. we are down over 6.5 inches for the year and down over an inch boston. we are looking for the rain. tomorrow.
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right now, lots of sunshine over boston, 57, went out of the west at about nine miles per hour. today' upper 50' you live. the winds will continue to blow anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour. dry and sunny day. once we get for this evening and into the overnight, that is when from west to ease. and by after midnight, we could her way into western mass. that is worcester and points tomorrow morning. in fact, overnight lows will drop into the 40' s and 50' s, so a milder method last night. that is why does support it in ways of showers. tomorrow, we will bump up the temperatures to the upper 50' s in worcester, low 60' s and boston, even if you mid 60' s on the cape. the winds will start to pick up out of the west as this cold
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front crosses the region. here' s the timing on the showers in the morning. by 5:00 a.m., in western mass and then they start to blossom across the state. everyone could see them pretty much north of the mass pike from morning. as we go to the day, there will be a couple of hit or miss showers, but it is not a washout of a day. it is actually going to be sunshine. of the day, that is when the cold air starts to work bronco friday night -- work in friday night is saturday and then again on saturday night, real cold air drops in. by saturday morning, waking up to the 40' s. by sunday morning, waking up to temperatures near 32 degrees. i monday and tuesday morning, we' re looking for frost and potentially a widespread hard freeze. you want to bring in the plants because this will probably be the end of the growing season. for the next seven days, the temperatures start to drop off. i want to talk about saturday
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because we will watch carefully the couple of showers that may make their way through. england, there could be a couple of pockets of snow showers. then cold. it feels even worse, bitter on sunday with upper 40' s but feeling probably more like the low 40' s with the windchill value. that will continue into monday, unfortunately. then we get a bump up in temperatures, back in the mid-50' s by tuesday and wednesday back in the low 60' s. we're cracking down the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it. prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare are teaching seniors t to stop, spot
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you can help. rdon't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare
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from the cape. two more great white sharks spotted off chatham yesterday. erika: crews tagged the pair, both of them measuring over a -- 12 feet long. experts say these are the 17th massachusetts coast just this year. emily: have a great day. counselors
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without a raise since 2006, one a massive one. current laws without slim to recommend own pay grade and they did, a boost of 29%. in a clever fashion by potential utilizing in a not realistic loophole, they found the path to 40% raise by sitting -- raise by sitting on their hands. or lining up in av formation and letting the clock run out. how did they get there? a year ago, proposing increasing the counselors pay by $25,000 to just over $112,000 annually post-up citing a lack of a raise promised a decade. after significant pushback of the council voted themselves a lower increase to 107,000 $500. the boston mayor marty walsh vetoed that idea and proposed a $99,000 copper mice instead. now thanks to that quirk law, if the counselors do nothing, the mayor' s pay raise proposal becomes law next month. that is one way to increase your
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take on pay, but it is the wrong way. the entire process needs to change. eliminating the obvious cognitive interest. the council should never be able to analyze her own salaries. this one last time must go on the record and vote. their constituents deserve to know who says yea and who says no. then they can decide if they' re getting her money' s worth the next time they go to the polls. doing nothing reinforces the public' s decidedly negative perception of the games was
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here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage.
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