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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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medicare information guide with no obligations. this is wcvb newscenter at noon. emily: right now, two people are under arrest. the incident is causing orange line at delays in amman of hospital after falling off a third lower roof deck. emergency calls came in
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the store owner had just installed a dozen new cameras. frank: it' s just amazing that the liquor stores open. it it was a very chaotic scene earlier today. he has surveillance cameras everywhere. a car barrels to the front of this store. the crash was caught on several of the 23 surveillance cameras. he has been in the business for 45 years. this crash is not the first time they had a run-in, literally. x you have not been cars in the store before. : there was a burglary, but when he checked the surveillance cameras from his cell phone, he
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it started with a two-car collision on chandler in maine. >> what happened? frank: employees game to help. >> it looked like a five-year-old had a good time. they just threw toys everywhere. frank: it took hours of elbow grease to clean up the debris. he was determined to open on time. >> i told the guys that we will be open at manicotti. frank: the doors opened at 9:00. even after they were literally boston -- busted open. >> i have not missed a day in 45 years. is this. frank: that was an amazing crash
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caught on camera. only one person was injured. police officers are searching for. emily: a wild smash and grab this morning. someone drove a car through the glass and stall 24 coats. they hope to track down the thief. the storms of moved south of boston. they dropped some hail and heavy rains. danielle has all of that forest. danielle: we finally are drying up. not before a powerful line of thunderstorms moved through. they were severe at one point. they put down quite a bit of rain. it was very heavy in terms of rainfall.
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a small tree was actually pull down because the storm. they also had hail. you can see the hail there. it' s about quarter size in nature. we had a view of the storm clouds looking south. there is a dark gray cloud. that looks impressive. a lot of it' s got to see the other side, the rainbow. this is a beautiful site. outside of boston, you can see bright blue skies. because of the sunshine, temperatures are starting to warm up. those wins are strong out of the west. we are in the low 60' s. we are seasonal right now. it' s cold. this is holding in our direction. erica: gunfire corrupts and
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police believe an argument between two groups of people inside the station spilled out into the street. police swarmed the area. incredibly, no one was hurt. emily: i manage seriously injured after tumbling off a roof top. there were several people at the hillside avenue apartment at the time. the man is believed to be in his 20' s. he suffered a serious internal injuries. he was taken to greg and and weapons half -- brigham and women' s hospital. randy: erica: police hope the sketch will help see the -- solve a series of rapes. he could be linked to several crimes. state police are leading the investigation and focusing on
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we are going to help -- >> we are going to help in any way we can. emily: prosecutors will ask the judge to let her own expert evaluate the teenager accused of murdering his teacher. he was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. the reviews to enter the courtroom for several days and told the defense psychologist he hears voices. the trial will be delayed at least a few weeks. and let case of child abuse is under investigation. a five-year-old showed up to school with significant injuries. that child had bruising all over his entire body, including his face and head. the mother says the man who sometimes cares for the boy is responsible. no one else has been charged so far. erica: we have disturbing new clues about the death of this
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woman whose body was found stuffed in a crawlspace in her own home. she was strangled to death. sue hutchinson had been missing sense september -- since september second. the discovery was made after her roommate was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the police leave this was a case of murder suicide. a local police officer is caught napping on video. he has quit the police force. asleep in his cruiser. his expected. emily: more trouble for fantasy sports websites. in nevada, they are called matt -- gambling sites.
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>> the attorney general says they are looking into this issue. there is no sign that they will take actions like in nevada. >> i think it' s too soon to say. >> she is not moved by nevada' s decision to set down vanity sports websites draft kings and fan dual. they must apply for gambling licenses in nevada. the companies say they are not gambling operations. issue. we have met with the company. action. >> we are one of the five states that ban this kind of online fantasy sport activity. debate. in the end, we will focus on how
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from some alleged cheating. there are allegations about companies. employees may be using inside information to gain advantage. on that subject. emily: two republicans are demanding changes for the next debate. one democrat is thinking about running mates? karen travers has the details. >> drama over a debate. revolting. are doing it because they want to make more money. >> donald trump and ben carson adjoin together saying they do not and will not agree to appear in a debate that is more than commercial breaks. opening and closing statements
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there is no response yet from cnbc. carly fiorina had this day get her rivals. >> they don' t have the endurance to go the distance. >> third-quarter fundraising stats are in. ben carson raise the most among republicans, but ted cruz has the most money on hand. hillary clinton has quieted anxious democrats. now there is talk of potential running mates. >> i am going to look hard for anything. that' s how good he is. he deserves the accolades he is receiving. >> there is the issue of what will joe biden do? he dodges questions. last night, a very close confidant sent a letter to staffers and he said the vp will
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need their help if he runs. he has not made a decision yet. emily: a bail hearing for today has been postponed. he is the former chief executive of the anglo-irish bank in ireland. that bank is at the center of ireland' s 2008 crisis. he is expected to spend another 10 days in custody. a hearing it will be held on extradition to ireland. an of violence in the west bank. >> the lucky break that may have saved a man' s life on the ice rate. danielle: a mild day today, but temperatures are about the plummet.
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erica: right now the violence in the middle east continues. he is really military
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palestinian man with a yellow vest stabbed an israeli soldier. hacker is under arrest in malaysia. he gave information about u.s. service members to isis. he hacked into the computer system of a u.s. company and stole the personal information about 1000 personnel. he is expected to be extradited to the u.s.. a man claiming to be a cia operative' s doing work. he is made numerous appearances on cable news. he claimed to be part of the cia. he was arrested yesterday on charges of major fraud against the united states and making false statements to the government. he claims he worked for the cia for 27 years as he tried to get a security clearance.
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>> if people like him can penetrate the government' s security system, then they had ill intentions, think what they could potentially do. that' s the big issue. >> a judge will decide if he should be detained today. emily: a major wildfire is prompting a state of emergency. the fire has burned three dozen hone -- homes. about 400 homeowners have been asked to leave their homes. the cause of the fire is under investigation aired no one has been hurt. thunderstorms pounded bernardino, just north of los angeles. much of the state has been experiencing a severe drought. too fast. the rain -- area has been scorched by wildfires. the mudslides. cars and trucks. people were airlifted to safety.
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more rain is expected in some areas over the weekend. we don' t with a little bit of rain this morning. danielle: now we are seeing some bright blue skies. we saw a rainbow out there. this one is actually from boston, from our live camera. this was around 9:00 this morning. this was around the height of the storm. this is a gorgeous shot. there is some beauty when we get storms. and' s are quiet. we are looking for more sunshine. i can' t rule out a spot shower or two. it will turn colder and windy on a saturday and we will find a hard freeze as we head through sunday and into monday. there is a storm that brought us severe weather along the cape. that is pushing out now. have some clouds developing out side albany and some of that may spiral back through our area. the cold front that you'
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re going to see, we are watching a secondary cold front and that will thing -- and the coldest air we have seen the season. we are in the 50' s and 60' s today, look back at minneapolis in the 40' s. direction. down. by sunday, 48. we should be running around a 61 degrees were this time of year. low 60' s. we will stay in the 50' s through worcester county. when you step outside now, the front. northwest. these winds are going to be persistent through the weekend. especially tomorrow afternoon. s going to
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feel windy and raw outside. big changes are happening in the weather department. overnight lows are dropping. it' s 44 in boston. it will be a mainly clear night out tonight. tomorrow, look at these high temperatures. only warming is the 40' s. yes, you see the winds out of the west and northwest. there could be a couple of isolated showers again tomorrow. the cold front crosses the region early in the day. disturbance. making its way to us. then the cold air really comes on through. the wind really picks up. that will be with us through the day. in terms of how much know we are talking, it' s a coating, abn inch or two inches in some locations. it' s good for all of those early
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what is going to happen over the next seven days, the temperature will really drop on sunday. check out these lows. it will be in the 20' s and 30' s. we are looking for a widespread freeze out there. the temperature will hold of the 30' s. it won' t last long. we start to moderate right tuesday. the temperatures rebounded nicely into the low to mid 60' s. erica: this is a gradual introduction to the cold. an off-duty officer spring' s into action. he rushed to save a friend who collapsed during a pickup hockey game. they were playing at this rank in arlington when the 76er old player collapsed on the ice. officer hogan was off duty and rushed into action. he started to use a defibrillator and chest compressions.
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>> i need him to get back out on the ice. i need him feeding me the puck. we' ve got to negotiate now with his wife. erica: the man was asking within an hour who one. he was upset he was not able to finish playing. they are going to have to negotiate with his wife. a.k.a. the boss and --. emily: a lost cat was found in a tight spot. the effort it took to get her
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emily: randy: randy: you are looking at the coast guard searching potentially for a person after an empty kayak was spotted about half-mile offshore. state police are saying this was by a lobster boat. they are looking for a possible person, no one has been reported dissing. and if the kayak was spotted. the coast guard is looking for anyone. state police are offering their health.
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danielle: now we are seeing some sunshine out there. temperatures are not that bad. low 60' s, but it is a bit windy. the wind will continue to crank over the weekend. you could see a couple of spot showers. saturday afternoon, some snow showers. temperatures are dropping saturday through the day. it' s going to be chilly and windy. the overnight lows will be in the low 30' s. a freeze looks likely. that could and the growing season. bring the plants in. that doesn' t press. have a great day. >> boston city counselors are without a raise since 2006 want
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they can recommend their own pay grade. they did, a boost of 29%. by potential utilizing an anachronistic loophole, they found a path to a 14% raise by literally sitting on their hands. how did they get there? they proposed an increase in their pay by $25,000 to just over $112,000 annually. they had not gotten a raise in almost a decade. after significant pushback, they put themselves a lower increase. the mayor feet to that idea and proposed a $99,000 compromise in said. -- instead. if they do nothing, the pay raise proposal becomes law next month. that' s one tate -- way to increase your pay.
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there is an obvious conflict of interest. the council should not be able to analyze their own salary. they must go on the record and vote. their constituents deserve to know who says yes and who says no. those voters will determine if they are getting their money' s
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