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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 17, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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now on newscenter 5 -- >> a freeze warning up for much of the state. how far will it drop and the cold to come. >> and a amber alert is cancelled for a baby and why the child's mother is in custody tonight. >> your watching wcvb, boston's news leader. this is newscenter 5. >> there is a freeze warning up for much of massachusetts tonight. the state's growing season is about to come to an end. good evening, everyone. certainly the feel of winter
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>> how low could we go? mike? mike: it's going to be a chilly one out there. you wonder why we've left out worcester county? because you have already had freezing conditions there. we have the warnings out for everywhere except the cape island and the city of boston. if you are out in the western suburbs just a little ways, if you can't hear the ocean, you are probably going to have freezing conditions tonight. bring at that tender vegetation in tonight if you want to keep it. and look at this, a couple of sprinkles showing up on radar. they're in the form of rain at this point off to the north but if you look toft west, a little bit of snow showing up. very, very light stuff, evaporating before it hits the ground. it's going to be a cold one out there tonight an tomorrow we don't warm up much. look at this. dep the fact that we've got sunshine out there, tends only
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climbing into the mid-40's. that's all the warmer we're going to get tomorrow. but don't worry, i've got warmer temperatures to talk about after one more really cold night. details in just a couple monies. pam: now that am per alert that ended at children's hospital in boston the a woman taken into custody. new information the case -- >> pam, a friend of the mother now under arrest says this is nothing more than a big misunderstanding, that despite the charges against her, she says her friend was acting in the best interests of her child. >> she made a decision in her heart as a mother. >> following her heart and then driving more than 300 miles, arriving at boston with her sick infant son. it was the act of abe loving mother, according to a friend who asked we not identify her.
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1/2-month off old to a doctor in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. the doctors there said the child was seve errly dehydrated and in need of medication but rather than take her to a local hospital, she drove to children's in 30679? she would never abduct her child. she wanted to get the right medical attention for her baby. >> an amber alert was issued for the mother and infant early saturday morning. a nurse at boston's chern contacted police after realizing she had just admitted the infant boy. >> they found her in the place they needed to. >> cherry was arrested on a child endanger ment warent out of pennsylvania and several out of massachusetts. >> i don't think it's fair at all. >> tiffany cherry will be arraigned on monday. she's ormly from north andover
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her son, however, was born here at children's hospital and that's why, her friend says, she drove all that way, because she wanted her son to be treated where she was born. pam: a plymouth man in custody right now, accused of driving the wrong way on route 3. police got numerous reports of a car headed soug in the northbound lanes. troopers had to shup -- shut down northbound traffic at one point. palmer faces several charges including driving under the influence. book offers -- officers were called to the riveriera motel in rochester, new hampshire bust geoff 5:00asm the body of a 17-year-old girl was found in one of the rooms. police believe the cause of death was a drug overdomestics there have been no arrests in the case. a state trooper has been eau
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hospital after a collision on the mass pike in newton. the driver of the tractor-trailer struck the trooper when he was parbling at a construction site. the east bound side was close -- shut down as emergency crews cleared the scene. pam: and running to support pjitchts and hostage families. foley was murdered last year. the story from rochester, ham happen. >> they run for a mission. every stride inspired by one man -- >> it's a gift. over 1,000 runners and walkers taking adenhart the foley 5 k in monday -- honor of rochester native james foley. the yuck journalist -- young journalist covering the
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conflict in syria was killed after being captured by isis. his father and mother joined in the event, a bittersweet finish line. >> it's sadness and joy. the sadness because we miss him. the joy because so many people wanted to do this for him. >> i'm so grateful because this helps his spirit of goodness continue in the world. >> while the heart of this race may be here in rochester, new hampshire, there are runs taking part throw the world, in london shall hong kong, acrowned the glow, other -- another 900 ran virtually alongside the crowds in new hampshire. >> james foley is everything that is good about the world and anything -- anything i can do to support his legacy, it is personal. >> the main -- money raised will help conflict journalists, hostage families and others in need. >> i'm just so proud and grateful for gym's life because
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keep fighting, keep going for the fight we believe in. bob: growers from around the world de -- rowers from around the world descended on the charles river for the 51st head of the charles regatta. it runs through tomorrow. will he or won't he? the big question in commitment 2016. the clock is ticking for vice president joe biden. he's in new york tonight. meantime, two g.o.p. candidates go at it on twitter. >> vice president joe biden started running saturday, away from questions about a possible 2016 campaign to the sidelines cross-country meet. the v.p. still undecided about a presidential run but the pressure is higher than ever. president obama says everyone should give biden space. >> you can direct those
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questions to me -- my very able vice president. >> i tell you what, didn't it democrat? >> supporters have recently nunled biden to make a decision. the vice president's inner circle even sent out an email describing what would happen if he did run. >> i don't think he would be doing those things if he wasn't getting ready to get into the race. >> i like george bush. he's a nice man but -- >> donald trump complimenting george bush. >> say what you want about george bush, the world trade center came down during his heim. -- time. >> you can't blame bush for that. >> well, he was president during that time. >> and on twitter, genetic said my brother keps derby kept us
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safe and trump, in typical fashion, reacting on at which time r and -- twitter and calling jeb pathetic. pam: mudslide danger. cars and trucks still being dug out of the muck in southern california. bob: and helping a neighbor. why this special project means so. mike: if you don't see freezing weather, tonight, you will tomorrow. but it's a short cooldown. >> we look at the patriots'
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bob: the search for an arlington bank robbery suspect continues tonight. winchester sabrings was held up yesterday afternoon by a man with a gun. description of the suspect which they used to create the
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pam: a former uber driver is behind bars tonight after pleading guilty to rape and kidnapping charges. alejandro do not is accused of picking up a woman when he ways uber driver, after she got cash from an a.t.m., he drove to a is he cruded area. he still faces rape and assault charges in separate cases from 2006 and 2010. and not a -- anthony is a leukemia survivor but he's recently had major setbacks that prevent him from getting around his home safely his daughter took to social media. the random smile project stepped up and today built a ramp in the back of his home. >> right now it's very difficult. somebody has to come over and pick him up and carry him out
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now it's easier. hopefully he only needs it for a couple months and we'll be able to walk out in a couple pozz but right now it alleviates one problem. >> the next project is indoor stairs so he can safely get to his bathroom and bedroom the coming up, the bone-chilling forecast. pam: the cold temperatures could be trouble for an e this flu season... remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever
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swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. pam: well, this is not where you want to be -- inside a car being moved by a mudslide. the cleanup is underway to dig out dozens of buried cars in california. the mess has part of a busy highway still shut down. bob: reporter dee dee roy has the latest on the cleanup. >> crews clearing mud-blocked roads in southern california are racing against the clock
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and mother nature the saturday morning, construction equipment arriving to aid in the digout hits. >> they're expecting more rain this afternoon and if that happens, then what we're going to do is probably clear all the personnel that are working in the area just in case there is more mudslides. >> it's pretty carry -- scary to see the water on both sides moving very quickly and rising very quickly. i was thinking about how i was going to get out the sunroof to get on top of the vehicle. >> thousands remain stranded after thursday's massive mudslides. this video shows just how brutally fast the onslaught of mud and water swept across roads and neighborhoods. as road crews work, families and businesses are cleaning ut, leaving mud-caked belongings out as trash. the roads be still so covered it's hard to see the curb.
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and give us sand bags. >> we've been cleaning off and pressure washing all that. it's been crazy. >> now everyone is holding their breath for a possible round two as more rain moves in. lake hughes, california. bob: dyno the cockatoo continues to elude capture if brookline. they didn't have any luck coaxing him thorn -- this morning the he's been on the loose for months much his dinosaur-like screech not preerbled by some residents, ditto for his habit of chewing on woodwork. but better bundle up tonight because thing shall going to get pretty cold. pam: i hope dino comes in from the cold! mike: look at this high temperatures today. boston, 56, worcester only 46. tomorrow is going to be probably six or eight degrees
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colder than it was today. right now winds out of the notorious at 12 miles her power -- hour. they're going to be busy tomorrow but settling down as we look at monday. worcester already down to 40 degrees. a lot of temperatures are going to go through the 30's and into the up ir20's tonight. a lot of people have asked me, is this a little early? well shall it is. off to the west we typically get our first frost freeze about october 20. and if we do get freezing conditions in boston it will be on the early side. it technically does not include the city of boston or the cape. however, if you are worried about keeping those plants alive you might want to cover them or bring them inside because it's going to be really cold. really close. you have to be out at logan airport where the official reading is taken. if you are out to the west a
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you are probably going to see temperatures getting down very tonight. radar. ts it falls it's running into dry air and evaporates. but starting to pick up a little bit of light snow over northern worcester county. no reports on the ground there. in ab hour -- an hour or two, that's gs -- going to dissipate to nothing the we may see a couple of clouds bubble up in the amp, not as extensive as today but look at the high temperatures. 44 to 48. that's howl -- all the wormer it's going to get. these temperatures tomorrow are going to be running a good dozen degrees below where they're supposed to be. boy, this is a fast cooldown we're talking about, especially when you consider earlier in the 70's.
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so here's the way it looks tomorrow. our futurecast, 8:00 a.m., lots of sunshine. as we advance the clock into the amp, a few cloud out there but not really looking for any precip out of that. then once the sun goes down the skies will clear and that means another cold night coming our way. if you are headed to the bay to check out the head of the charles regatta, the only bad part is that wind is going to be a little bit gusty like it was this afternoon. 12 out of the northwest. monday morning if we don't get freezing conditions tonight we certainly will on sunday night into monday morning because look at these low temperatures, again back down into the 20's. we start to warm up a little bit and thursday we actually have a chance of seeing some rain in the forecast. it will be warmer before it gets here but there will be a chance of showers on thursday and in the morning and again in the amp hours.
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followed by a little bit of a cooling trend in the forecast but midweek we open -- warm up into the 60 do 65 degree range. update at 11:00. pam: all right, mike. you're a thrill-seeker. we -- they were take the plunge in fayetteville, the one day of the year it's legal to test your nerves and jump on the bridge. it's the third highest in the u.s.! >> now, sports center 5 with bob halloran. bob: watching sports on tv is quite thrilling too, you know. quoted in the news. tom brady senior said he would like to see tom put 60 points on the board and throw for 500 yards and six touchdowns against the colts the papa brady never shy about giving
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there say little more to this game for him. if the patriots run the ball, run it a lot, run it well and run it in the red zone, then they're simply following the formula for success that has worked so well the last three times they've played the colesdz -- colts. in the last three games against the colt the patriots have rushed for over 200 yards twice abandon scored 13 rushing touchdowns. rush more is not jut a mountain with chiseled presidents' faces, it's an effective strategy against the colts. meanwhile, brady has only averaged five passes a game. if he throws in the neighborhood of 50 passes tomorrow night we can reasonably deduce he had vengeance on the brain even if the patriots say otherwise. >> every week we just want to win, so that's what the motivation is. coming in, preparing the whole week and going out there.
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when you prepare all week, you put everything out there on the practice field, your in film, you're preparing your body mentally and physically. you just don't want to go out sunday. >> look, it's the same questions every week. we're getting ready to play a game on sunday. we're doing the best we can to prepare for it. that's what we do. bob: can they do it well? dan -- donte high tower will miss tomorrow with a bruised rib. and tyrell brown is on injured reserve. the clemson tigers, the verb clemsonning was created to de note their history of blowing easy games. memphis hasn't beaten a ranked
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today against ole miss, which included that laser show. another milestone game, baylor on a roll scoring at least 5 -- 55 points in six straight games. the second team to ever do that. west virginia was this week ps victim. bruins forward mar chapped skated without the green "don't touch me" jersey and will take to the ice tomorrow. he took a boot to the head last week and had to pass a series of concussion protepocols before being allowed to play again. and there is going to be a big fish in the free agent waters as soon as the playoffs are over and the red sox should be active bidders. 32-year-old zack greinke will opt out of his contract with the dodgers. after going 19-3 with a major league leading 1.66 e.r.a. this season he blovegs he can do
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the red sox could use a guy like that. the revolution have a chance to clampe playoff spot tonight with -- clinch a playoff spot tonight with a win or a draw. pam? pam: thank you. coming up later tonight after college football, the el nino effect bringing changes to southern california and now vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir . as my diabetes changed, pit got harder to control my blood sugar. ptoday, i'm asking about levemir
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>> oh, it's the coldest weekend so far this season. >> bundle up and wear eau who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us.
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