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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  October 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5. mike: snow showers in many areas and they bring the feel of winter with them. how cold will he get tonight and when things start to warm up. inside her dormant. >> a memorial to the victims of tribute to the others who lost their lives. >> from boston' this is newscenter 5 at 6:00.
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flurries popping up throughout the area the sunday. ay. a winter wake-up call. grabbed our attention. >> tonight will grab our attention because temperatures can fall into the 20' s. mike: on ra dar, it is difficult to see those snow flurries because they were so like. some of you did see those today. the last bit of it hanging answer worcester county fan -- and falling aprt. -- apart. high temperature just 47 degrees. we are supposed to be 61 degrees. we did not drop below the freezing mark in boston. with a freeze warning up tonight. temperatures at this hour. look at this. mid-30' s already. a few temperatures holding in the low 40' s but we will not be holding on to those very well. temperatures tonight will jump into the 20 said thursday. it is not out of a question that a few spots to the northwest could actually drop into the
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teens overnight tonight. that is how cold it is. a freeze warning is out all along the coast, through the cape and the islands. this is because these are the only areas that did not have sweet -- freezing temperatures this morning. everything in land will be below the freezing mark. we will see temperatures tomorrow warming up but not much because we started so cold it will take a while to get there. don' t worry. i have warmer temperatures in the forecast. we will talk about the heat wave coming up in a few minutes. heather: boston university police are investigating a sexual assault on campus. student attacked in her dorm room. rhondella richardson is live in boston tonight with new rhondella; it' s parents weekend of this crime. we have spoken to students who went to police to report multiple instances of someone running into their dorm room overnight. this all happening in this building, which is right across
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b.u. police alerted the campus community of a sexual assault that happened between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. in a dorm room. the victim told police an unknown man entered her sweet -- her suite, the upperclassman building known as student village. >> i usually feel safe in the building. >> you never want to see something like that. the fact it is in our building is really scary. rhondella: the suspect is described as a college age white man, 5' 8" with brown hair wearing a dark colored longsleeve shirt and down vest. >> has a set of it as a student or not? >> we all have to students. if it was not, someone had to sign whoever it was into the drom. -- the dorm. >> they have one door and they have their doors for their rooms. now they are saying they' re
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rhond ella: several parents want to know if they' re a surveillance video. if there is, police put it out there. police went anyone with information about what could have happened in the overnight hours to call them. b.u. police. ed: two people are dead following a house fire in chicopee. the flames broke out around 7:30. by the time firefighters arrived, the entire home was engulfed in flames. the identities of the victims have not been released. flight is diverted to problem. florida to worcester. the problem reportedly stemming from the flaps on the wings is the flight landed at logan because it was coming in at a higher speed than normal and it needed a longer runway. no one was hurt. bulger will bring katherine greg
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charges. serving an 8 year prison servi -- sentence, greg could face even more of a sentence. first time since her sentencing that we will see catherine greg. it will be a short hearing at federal authorities. same story, different chapter. catherine greg expected to plead not guilty at her arraignment in federal court tomorrow. she faces contempt charges for refusing to testify about boyfriend james whitey bulger in front of a grand jury. >> what the law says is we cannot make you talk, but the federal government says there will be consequences if you don' t. rre eid: a legal analyst says do not expect any change from greg.
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since their arrest in california were the couple lived a quiet life, neither has cooperated with authorities. >> it does not look like she is going to cooperate. this' ll be a chapter that may play out with some kind of finding and additional time. but it may be of no consequence to her. reid: the feds want greg to tell them who could' ve helped whitey bulger and if there is other money or assets out there that whitey bulger hid. her refusal to testify could add up to more time behind bars. >> i can' t imagine that at this stage, that leverage will induce her to change the course she has kept for most of her life now. reid: catherine greg' s arraignment tomorrow is expected to be very short. during which the judge, is expected to set a trial date. heather: also in court tomorrow, the man accused of killing a
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mother and -- in swampscott. jason fleury is set to have a bond hearing tomorrow. the sex offender was arrested in virginia and has been held without doubt. he is accused of killing jamie mendez whose body was found along kings beach in january. ed: breaking ground on a garden of peace, a tribute that will grow in the memory of crystal who was killed in the boston bombing attack. it was her good nature and her goodwill that was celebrated. jim: 2.5 years is not a long time, but to the family of krystle campbell, it is still a long time in coming. >> it just lifted me up. jim: today under a massive american flag, the first steps taken towards a peace garden that will page of you to the others who died on that marathon monday. >> your assistance that this garden be more than your
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to use that you know what others strive to believe -- that we are better together and together we will create a better world. jim: her favorite flower just about everywhere. >> she loved to sunflowers. that was her favorite flower. that shows her light, she was always with her smile in her brightness, enthusiasm. she picked me up every day. jim: a badge for sean collier. each adorning part of the garden. >> and -- the support we received from everybody was terrific. jim: there was a celebration after the event is that it -- and that is how crystal' s family want their daughter to be remembered. by celebration in medford. heather: a real life crime scene at an event. what people are saying about
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ed: rowers and spectators take on the cold of the andover got to. -- and t the annual regatta. >> tom brady says bumpki s
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> violence continues interpersonal. one is really was killed in an attack on a bus station. bus station and began shooting and the other wounded. the search is on for a gun man who opened fire at an event in florida known as zombie con. one person is dead and five injured. the victims and th survivorse who saw it. philip: video capturing the chaos in florida.
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>> four or five shots. philip: gunfire in downtown fort myers at the annual zombie con saturday night sending hundreds of people running down the street. >> be advised, everybody is running. everybody is running. >> we started running because we saw people running and we heard heard two loud bangs. [sirens] philip: the shooter disappeared into the crowd. six people were injured, one died. >> there were people taking covered. running towards the shots. and that' s when relocated victims. philip: tyrone taylor had just turned 20. he was a college football player in miami. event organizers and the city' s mayor sending condolences in the aftermath of the shooting. as please keep searching for the person who pulled the trigger.
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mike is walkin -- watching the temperatures drop. heather: do you know what you forgot? brr! mike: i dont know how to sell it. the chilling night ahead and who eventually gets warmer temperatures. heather: a bit of down under in th tt2watv#@64 bt@qv9h tt2watv#@64 "a@qf5, tt2watv#@64 bm@qm> tt4watv#@64 " dztq ly4 tt4watv#@64 " entq
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heather: kangaroo breaks loose and hops itself through a new york neighborhood. it was spotted in the parking lot in staten island around 8:30 this morning to police were able to locate his owner. buster had escaped from his friend' s backyard. keepinga kangaroo in the city is permitted. but it' s legal in the upstate new york community where the animals owner happy ens to live. ed: talk about a chill on the
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rowers and spectators had to i' maybe it was unwelcome. at the regatta today. heather: it was all taken in stride. >> a cold day on the water for rowers in the head of the charles regatta. with spectators standing and watching, the conditions frigid. braving the biting cold and enjoying the action. john: we wear long underwear and we are ready to go. >> this is great along the shoreline. reporter: this is the 51st year of this rowing event. every year more than 11,000 athletes come herer to th -- here to the charles river to watch the top crew teams. this year, hats, glove worn by
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>> h ave six layers on top. reporter: competitors still wearing uniforms they do not provide much covers. this team believes the cold weather gives them an advantage. >> we are competing against 84 other boats. in front of us is miami. we are ready to crush them. that is a message to them. >> we are real bostonians. i had been doing that, i would wear my down jacket, gloves, hat. i would look like spiderman. mike: they are working up a sweat. but the wind has a bite. here is how cold it was this morning. it was cold. look at some of these readings. jeffrey down to 23. boston we did not drop into to the 32 degree mark at logan airport.
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once you cross over to the tunnel and got downtown, we probably had temperatures at 32 degrees. cold temperatures and tonight we drop down another degree or two. why is it so much of a shock to the system? remember last week? mid to upper 70' s. then we went to the 60' s and the 50' s yesterday. today, just 47 degrees for the high temperature. high temperatures read and colder -- worcester was 40 for the high. limits checking in at 46 degrees. you see the skies out there. that' s no shower activity has wound down. clouds making for a beautiful sunset. it is only 42 degrees. the wind at 15 miles per hour, giving us a wind chill index. have not used it since last 35 degrees. the wind will diminish. that we wait for it to tuesday it comes from the south and that helps us to warm up.
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before we get there, it is going to be a chilly night. worcester is down to 35 degrees. temperatures in the 40' s at the cape. those snow showers -- they were pretty impressive three hours ago. then they wound down. once the sun goes down, there is no energy left for them. so, that leaves is with this -- a freeze warning tonight. just along the coast, because everywhere in land already had a freeze. this is the first one. a lonmin or sure, we will see across essex county to the south shore, the only place that is not of this freeze warning is nantucket because the ocean water is so warm around the island it is going to keep it too warm. so, tonight, a few evening clouds and clear and cold. 24-32 degrees. tomorrow, it is sunny, chilly. some of us may flirt with the 50 degree mark. the big difference tomorrow is the wind is pretty light. today felt colder than what tomorrow will. speaking of high jumper just
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s. temperature of 47 tomorrow. and that is going to be warming up as we head down the week. s. that is one of the cooler temperatures. s part of the week. our 7 day forecast. tomorrow, basically sunshine. we will not have those pop-up clouds we have had. 48 degrees for the high temperature. keep in mind the morning temperatures -- when you go to with the bus or work tomorrow, this is what they look like. they are going to be on the chilly side. on tuesday, breezy conditions but notice the temperature. heading for safety two. a southwesterly wind -- we are heading for 62. despite the fact we started in the 30' s, we will end the day and low 60' s, all courtesy of that southerly wind and sunshine. wednesday, mild weather. 64 degrees. then we start to talk about a chance of showers on thursday.
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but it looks like we will see a band of showers perhaps in the morning with this warm front. another band of showers in the afternoon. and the temperatures climbing to 66 degrees and very mild. behind the system as it moves through, we' ll see the cooler air moving back in. you will see the end of the week, temperatures chillier, prison -- pretty seasonable. we are paying the price to get them warm air in midweek. because tomorrow only 48 degrees for the high temperatures. then cool things back down. but not as cold as we were this weekend. that will be some relief you can look forward to after that frigid start tomorrow morning. ed: if you' re looking for warm up and a workout to help you warm up, how about pulling a plane? this is the annual pulling for hope event. 20 fundraisers to pull -- competed to pull a jetblue passenger plane. that thing is moving. they want to do it in the fastest time. who could do it the quickest? the boston firefighters and the
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>> now sportscenter 5i. mie ke l.: this is the game circled in red by all patriot fans. here it is. the colts and patriots who are the rats in the patriot' s eyes. no point total can be too high. tom brady told the new york daily news -- i would like to see them put six to points on the e board. i can hear everyone in the, dad. after the colts next week it is brian fitzpatrick out of harvard running in. the jets roared back in this game. two touchdown passes thrown by ryan fitzpatrick. this one was underthrown to
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brandon marshall. he' s in for six. look at the reaction by fitzpatrick in the huddle. i can' t believe that someone actually caught that pass. all right. here we go. here are the denver broncos who remain undefeated with a field goal in overtime as they beat the browns in cleveland. they go to 6-0 on the season. how about the miami dolphins? the new head coach and they tennessee titans. six. things are working. this is the first time they are -- had since joe philbin was fired. the dolphins will be up after the jets. three straight losses, the bruins have one two straight games, on the road. wednesday in denver and last night in glendale, arizona.
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he had a goal and an assist in this one. he had four goals. brad marsh and on the ice. bruins outshot the coyotes 43-23. the coyotes would come back to tie this at 3-3. under 11:00 to go, patrice bergeron redirects one home. then bergeron would give the bruins a comfort zone. they win 5-3. they are home against philadelphia on wednesday night. coming up in ot tonight, the patriots and colts will be ending. sean grande is the voice of the celtics but he has a special election with travis roy who suffer that injury 20 years ago. we will hear his comments on travis roy. and follow halloran has -- bob halloran has a conversation with roy. all that and more coming up
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tonight on sportscenter 5. they are going to run the football. they may score 45 points but they are not going to throw the ball 60 times. heather: coming up at 11 :00, an unusual family reunion at boston' s museum of fine arts. the painting at the center of it. the relative who never knew that part of their family tree was hanging in a museum. and at 6:30, it' s abc world news. tom: coming up, early snow and chill temperatures. is the cold here for good? some say he could' ve prevented
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heather:heather: it is going to be better again tonight.
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