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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> wcvb newscenter 511:00 starts right now. ed: real horror at a convention for zombie fans, the killer on the loose right now. heather: flakes falling, temperatures plunking. mike w.: the cold blast you'll feel in the morning and when warmer air arrives. what to expect when whitey bulger's girlfriend is back in court tomorrow. right now, a sexual assault under investigation at boston university, a student attacked inside her dorm. the crime happened during parents weekend. heather: news of that attack spreading across campus. we are live in boston with new information tonight. rhondella. >> police say the victim did not know her attacker. parents see for themselves, you either need an i.d. or to be signed in. this attack happened in the dorm behind me and everyone wants to know how he got in. boston university police sent a
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cam putswide alert, october 18, a female student reported that between 2:00 and 2:50 a.m. she was sexually assaulted in her dorm room. >> the fact that it was in a school dorm with the description of some guy that could be any guy at b.u. rand students are telling of other overnight cases of people bursting into dorm rooms. >> in my suite early this morning, someone came into our main door that was unlocked and tried all of our single rooms. thankfully, they were all locked. rhondella: they found an open door. >> they shook her thinking she was this girl sam. rhondella: police haven't said if the incident was related are looking for a sexual assault suspect, medium build with brown hair and wearing a dark
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>> it makes you feel unsafe, my heart goes out to that girl. >> you never ever want to see something like that. the fact that it's in our own building is really scary, actually. rhondella: police warn students to lock all doors. police are checking for surveillance tapes and following up on a few leads. if you have information, call boston university police. live in boston, rajon rondo, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: 31 degrees outside. it winter in the air tonight, snow flurries fell this afternoon. parts of the state could wake up with temperatures in the 20's tomorrow morning. storm team 5 mike wankum is with us now. it feels unusually cold for mid-october. mike w.: especially because we were so warm. plot hour by hour the next 24 hours. we dip down tomorrow morning very early. look at that, we don't warm up that much tomorrow afternoon, a cold day. then the warm-up comes in. we have to talk about those
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now and boston is not even the cold spot. worcester at 30, springfield at 23 degrees already, orange at 24, these are cold temperatures for november or december. and this is only october. skies have cleared away, a little bit of that snow shower activity earlier today with the clear skies, these temperatures will continue to drop, we're seeing readings into the 20's, it's possible in the northwest part of the state we could see the temperature drop into the tebows tonight. there is a freeze warning all along the coast. the only place that is out of this is nantucket. tomorrow, we warm up a little bit with all of that sunshine, but not as dramatically as it's going to be down the road. i'll show you when the temperatures get up into the 60's again in a few minutes. ed: her loyalty to whitey bulger will bring catherine greig back to boston. she is already serving an eight-year prison sentence and now she could face more time behind bars. let's get to reid lamberty with the story.
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have long tried to get catherine greig to testify against her mobster boyfriend and she continues to pay for her silence, back in federal court tomorrow for refusing to cooperate. her silence has spoken volumes. it remaintains the constant between her and boyfriend whitey bulger as the couple have kept mum since their 20111 arrest. she is back in the arrest ahead of another arraignment facing charges for refusing to open up. >> it doesn't look like she is going to cooperate, and so this will just be a chapter that may play out with some kind of finding of additional time. it may be of no consequence to her. reid: she is serving an eight-year sentence and refusing to speaking to investigators may cost her more jail time. she has been asked to testify before a grand jury looking into whether or not other people helped the underworld boss during his 16 years on the run. >> she has been ordered to do something. she is not doing it and she can choose not to do it, but she'll
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additional time in jail. reid: investigators want to know if she knows anything about money or assets bulger may still be hiding. after the couple's arrest in california, morning $800,000 was found hidden behind walls of the apartment in which they lived. tomorrow's arraignment should be quick says our legal analyst adding not to expect any surprises from bulger's tight-lipped girlfriend. martha: i can't imagine at this stage that leverage will induce her to change the course that she has kept for most of her life now. reid: and tomorrow will be the first time we see catherine greig since her sentencing well over a year ago. her arraignment is expected to be quite brief during which a trial date could be set. live in south boston tonight, i'm reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: also in court, a man accuse of the a mother. he is having a bail injury. he was arrested in virginia back in august and has been
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he is accused of calling jamie mendez. he has pleaded unwilling. heather: two people are dead after a house fire in chicopee. the flames broke out around 7:30. by the time firefighters arrived on the scene, the entire home was engulfed in flames. the identity of the victims have not been released. a jetblue fight diverted to boston because of a mechanical problem. that plane was initially flying from florida to worcester, the problem reportedly stemmed from the flaps on the wings which position. it landed at logan because it was coming in at a higher speed than normal and needed a longer runway. no one was hurt on the plane. passengers were bussed to worcester fooling the landing. ed: you heard the gunshots and seen the chaos, the search is on for a gunman that opened
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known as zombie con, more eyewitness accounts of a saturday night that quickly turned into chaos. chaos in downtown fort myers, florida, thousands of people running for cover saturday night after gunfire rings out at the annual zombiecon festival. >> at the same time, you hear pop, pop, pop, pop. the ghoulish costumes with fake blood only adding to the confusion. >> we didn't know if it was real or fake so we kind of like ran, wait, was that real? we went back, people were screaming it was fake. ed: five people injured in the shooting, one man shot dead. >> we saw a guy laying on the ground. he was obviously already passed. ed: a 20-year-old football player at a local junior college killed. police are searching for his killer and hoping that the public can provide more clues. that is the same fort myers where the red sox trained. the event had been expected to draw 20,000 people to fort
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the search for suspects continues. heather: a month-long wave of violence, a soldier was killed and 10 others wounded in an attack on a bus station. police saying an arab attacker armed with a gun and a knife opened fire. israel furthers tightens security around the country. john kerry said he was meet with israeli and palestinian leaders in the coming day. ed: mexican authorities say they are closing on the drug lord known at el chapo. he escaped from a maximum security prison over the summer. forces say they have tracked him to a region where he is hiding and they believe he suffered injuries to his face and head during a military operation. heather: commitment 2016, this could be the week that vice president joe biden finally announces whether he will join the rest for president, meanwhile, there is more bad blood tonight between donald trump and jeb bush. a blame game over the nation's deadliest terror attack,
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he could have stopped the 9/11 hijackers. donald trump: if you were running things, i doubt those people would have been in the country. heather: a bold claim challenged swiftly by jeb bush. in a new campaign video mocking trump and his ability to be commander in chief. jeb bush: he is the actor playing the role for president. heather: bush going on the attack as he struggles in the polls agered by the suggestion that george w butch is responsible for 9/11. donald trump: i'm not blaming george bush but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe. heather: joe biden nearing a decision on the 2016 campaign, perhaps the biggest sign he'll run, a personal call from the v.p. to the nation's powerful firefighters union. the president of the union telling abc news they discussed in great detail biden's campaign strategy. tonight, biden hold up inside his delaware compound after a week of family sports games and
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there biden signaled he still struggles with grief over the death of his son. vice president biden: as my son bo used to say, keep moving forward. heather: hillary clinton will return to capitol hill. she'll be testifying on the deadly attack on benghazi, libya in 2012. heather: the first step toward the permanent memorial of the victims of one of the marathon bombing and how it also pays trib to other lives lost. ed: the rule change coming tomorrow and why it needs to happen before the holiday shopping season. mike w.: get ready for a rapid temperature warm-up. first we have tonight.
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>> you're watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00. heather: starting tomorrow, the
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down the soaring popularity of drones in the united states. the f.a.a. will unveil new rules that will require drone operators to register their aircraft. an estimated half a million drones are already flying, another 750,000 are expected to be sold during the holiday season. the f.a.a. wants the new rules in place before all of those drones bought for the holidays take off into the air. ed: breaking ground on a garden of peace in medford, a tribute that will grow in the memory of crystal campbell. she was killed in the boston marathon bombing attack. today it was her good nature and goodwill that was separated. jim lokay was there. jim: 2 1/2 years isn't a long time, but to the family of chrisle campbell, it's a long time in coming. today under a massive american flag over medford square, the first steps taken toward the peace garden that bears their
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daughter's name and pay tribute to the others who died on that fateful marathon monday. >> your insistence that this garden be more than your beautiful daughter is a message to us that you know what others only strive to believe, that we are better together and together we will create a better world. jim: signs of chrisle were evident, her favorite flower were everywhere. >> my daughter loves flowers. that was her favorite flower. that shows her life because she was always with a smile, her brightness, her enthusiasm. she picked me up every day. jim: a badge for shawn, each eventually adorning part of the garden around a compass. >> the support we received from everybody, it was terrific. jim: there was a bit of a celebration after the event today. they want their daughter to be remembered in celebration by way of a memorial here in medford.
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heather: there was a definite chill on the charles today, it certainly didn't dim the enthusiasm for the head of the charles regatta, thousands bundled on the banks of the river while the rojers accepted the challenge. local competitors actually said cold conditions may have given them an edge. >> we're competing against 84 other boats. right in front of us is mejia and we are ready to crush them. so that's the message. [laughter] >> we're like real bostonians. heather: every year the head of the charles draws 11,000 athletes to test their rowing skills against the best in the world. some 400,000 spectators watch the signature event for the city. ed: from rowing on the charles, how about this for an athletic event, towing an airplane. this is a show of strength, pulling for hope event that was held today. teams of 20 fundraisers competed to pull a jetblue
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the runway in the fastest time. heather: that's not easy. ed: there were no passengers on it, of course. the boston police department, the boston bruins among the participants there. the proceeds go to the american cancer society. heather: you doing stuff like that? ed: i was thinking, maybe we should get on that plane and go for hawaii, just for a couple of days. heather: wouldn't that be nice? mike w.: 36 hours. heather: bermuda. mike w.: the heat is coming back. boy, this morning, i want to show you the morning lows, compare them to the morning tomorrow morning. you thought this morning was chilly, tomorrow morning will be even colder. what makes it feel so much colder, last monday to today, we're talking a 30-degree difference in the high temperatures. that's a big turnaround, that's why it's been such a shock to the system. here were the high temperatures today. worcester, only 40 degrees for a high temperature today, you look up at keene, only 37 degrees for a high temperature.
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those are winter-like october. this is really unusual. we're going to warm things up quickly on tuesday. 36 degrees right now, northwesterly winds, 10 miles per hour, but the wind chill index makes it feel like it's 28 degrees outside. heading to the bus tomorrow morning, make sure you have some admit tens with you, a cold start of the day. the winds are out of the northwest, but not as strong as they were earlier today. the thing about tomorrow, the today. the temperatures will be cold, we'll have sunshine, less wind, i think it will feel a lot better out there. boy, it feels cold in medford, fitchburg to jaffrey where it's 28 degrees right now. south of the city, almost everyone now is below the freezing mark. boston is still, still has not reached the 32-degree mark. last night we got within a degree of it. tonight we'll get below 32 and that will end officially then the growing season. the snow shower activity is gone. we're looking at clear skies out there. that is chilly. that's the reason for the
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you'll notice what happened, inland we had the freezing once. now we got just along the coast, that's the only place left and i think we're already starting to see the temperatures very close to the freezing mark there as well as the south shore, the cape in the 32 degree range. nantucket sitting out here with relatively warm ocean waters around it may not get to the freezing mark. clear and cold tonight, 24 to 32 degrees for the overnight low, tomorrow, lots of sunshine, but chilly sunshine, 46 and a few spots may actually hit the 50-degree mark. the winds will be down making it feel a little bit better out there. 48, 49, a few 50's showing up here or there. worcester had a high temperature of only 40 today. you'll have about a six-degree advantage for tomorrow and tuesday warming up close to 60 degrees. we have a few showers coming in as we start to talk about thursday's forecast. we need some rain. it's not looking like a big rain event, but we need the showers that will be moving
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their way through. from the south shore to the sea, about 48, 49 degrees for high temperatures and most of the cape tomorrow will have temperatures into the upper 40's as well. here is the way the satellite picture looks tomorrow morning. this is 6:00 a.m., clear, watch what happens in the day, we don't see the puffy clouds screlling like the last couple of days. the clouds won't come in until tomorrow night. you don't have to worry about the snow and rain showers like we saw today. with the cold temperatures, the peak area is sliding its way southward, spectacular colors within the city in the next couple of days. over the next seven days, cold start tomorrow, we still rebound to 48 degrees. look at that warm-up that we have coming on tuesday. we're going to warm up that fast because the winds are going to come around to the southwest. they're going to get strong. they're surging that warm air up in here. that's why we get to 62 degrees. because the warm air is coming in, a slight risk for a shower later in the day there is a threat sitting out there. there are the showers on thursday. look at the temperature, it's
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mild with this, 66 degrees, perhaps a few showers in the morning, a few showers in the afternoon. unfortunately, not a soaking rain, we could really use a soaking rain out there and the next chance for rain on sunday's forecast, that again looking like spot showers. the next seven days, not much rain to talk about, but certainly a big warm-up coming towards midweek and the cooldown isn't as dramatic as what we went through. ed: a family reunion more than 100 years in the making. heather: a cool story. the relatives who never knew that part of their family tree was hanging t[ duck quacking and wind whistling ]
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boston recently discovered they are descendants of the little painting. so today they brought their families together at the m.s.a. to celebrate the artwork and celebrate their heritage. many of the relatives, it was the first time they had ever seen this painting. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike l.: hi, everybody, thanks us. going to give the colts credit. they didn't tremble at the sight of brady and belichick. six-point game with the patriots leading and all of a sudden they had one of the most bizarre plays you ever see. fourth down, one person under center and they had nine people over to the right-hand side, the patriots snuffed it out. it was an illegal formation anyway, so the patriots got great field position inside the 30-yard line and a couple plays later, the patriots scored to go up 34-21. that's where the game stands right now with a little over seven minutes remaining to be played. tom brady has thrown for 300 yards, rob gronkowski caught a touchdown pass and that's where
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we stand right now, patriots in control of this game, 34-21. all right, around the rest of the national football league, let's go to seattle, marshawn lynch back to russell wilson, he let fly and it's six points for seattle. but it wouldn't be enough because the carolina panthers came to the great northwest and with time running down, under 35 seconds to go, cam newton throws the eventually game winner, 27-23 carolina wins it. they're unbeaten and so are the green bay packers. aaron rodgers threw a touchdown pass, 17-3 was the lead and look at this, first and goal from the 3-yard line, four straight plays, the packer defense came up huge , philip rivers, attempted 65 passes, the pack stay unbeaten with that win. and the new york mets are going to head to wrigley field with a two-game lead in their back pocket. the mets win 4-1, the final. three in the first inning, two
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of them off the bat of daniel murphy who has hit five postseason home runs. what a month this guy is having. you want to talk about reggie jackson, daniel murphy is this year's mr. october. a couple of great catches, the first one is curtis granderson going up, up and away and taking one right back into the ballpark here. that's a sweet looking catch, too. look at the timing here. he has his eye on it and never, ever takes it off. the cubs will return the favor a little later on, almost identical situation. drives almost to the exact same spot, a little over to the right and there you go. syndergaard started with a 3-0 lead, three hits, nine strikeouts as the mets win 4-1 the final. coming up in "sportscenter 5 o.t.," the patriots game is over with the colts, we can show you the highlights. can't show you until it's over. shaun green, the voice of the celtics, he was ringside when travis roy suffered that injury
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we went to milton high school to meet the surging milton wildcats football team. see you then. ed: can't believe it's been 20 years ago. well, the excitement is really starting to build for the new "star wars" movie. heather: the official poster for the force awakened has just been hand-crafted...layer by layer. r the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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pcan i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? v medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. t at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. p if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. heather: well, it's expected, no surprise here, to be the biggest movie opening of all time. ed: you know what we're talking about, tonight the fever is
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rising for "star wars" fans. you can take a look at the official poster for the force awakens. it's released, the poster was, not the movie. new characters, old ones are features. fans studying every inch of this for plot clues. i see mike wankum in the lower there. tomorrow online tickets will go on sale after a trailer is shown during "monday night football" and the film arrives in theaters december 18, a week before christmas. heather: that is cool, mean whileds "goosebumps" scares off the competition to take the top spot at the box office, family friendly horror movie based on the popular book series starring jack black, $23.5 million over the weekend. "the martian" took the second spot and bridges of spies was third.
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is it going to get worse? rhondella: it's cold, but that much? mike w.: the high temperature tomorrow, 48 degrees is typical for thanksgiving day. we haven't got to halloween yet. our systems is not geared up for that. don't worry, it's one day, we warm back up again. the rain that you see in there on thursday and on sunday, they're really not amounting to too much. the wind is coming up, the humidity is low. we might have some fire issues watches issues this week. the snow up there -- heather: a lot of places, making snow and showed some great pics today. ed: the trail is this wide right now.
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>> live from wcvb channel 5, this is nissan 24's sports o.t. mike l.: welcome to sports overtime.
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