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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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emily: good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm emily riemer. here are some of the stories we're following right now. it would whytey bulger's killer friend is back before a judge today. prosecutors are wanting her to answer questions about who else helpedded bulger. a mother in court today.
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the infant in custody unusually throm doors have people across our area bundling up. this is from south boston. talk bag return to normal temperatures. but cindy, we should see a return to average temperatures this week. cindy: very cold this morning. take a look at the low temperatures. we had a lot of 20's north shore, south shore, worcester down to degrees. tied a record low to this date set back in 1974. boston record stands at 28 degrees, but this is the first official freezing temperature of the season. tepcally, on age, we don't get that until november 8th. the earliest it happened was in 1979 on october 10th so certainly early to have the freezing temperatures. we have come up a little bit. lots of lower 40's now along the coastline. we are still only in the upper 36's.
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-wise out to orange, we have the bright sunshine now. on the cold side of high pressure. this high is going to shift eastward. we will get tone pack side, starting tonight, noon the day tomorrow. mild temperatures will be moving on in. it stays cold the rest of the afternoon. but this will be the coldest day of the week. notice temperatures disdyspit the sunshine, old in the 40 that he afternoon. 60 making a comeback starting tomorrow. we check the warmer forecast coming up. emily? emily. cindy, thank you? in less than 90 minutes, the long-time girlfriend of crime boss, whitey bulger, will be back in front of a judge. wcvb newscenter 5's sera congi is live outside federal courthouse in south boston. sera, this hearing is about what catherine greig won't say? sera. it comes at a cost she seems to be willing to nay price. whitey bulger's hong-time girlfriend, catherine greig, already serving 8-year sentence today.
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she is accused of refusing to testify before of a grand jury about whether others helpedded bulger during the 16 years on the hap. he has been order something. she is not doing. it she can choose not do it but will have to pay the consequences of additional time tin jay. greg was convicted for her role in bulger's life on the run. when they were captured in 20101, police found $800,000 stuffed in thele was of the california apartment federal prosecutors want to know what she knows with any additional money or assets. but so far, greg seems willing to pay the price for remaining silent. >> i cannot imagine, that at this stage, that lef veg will induce her to change the course that she has kept for most the lie enough to. sera m.d. the hearing is expected to be short. this is the the indictment. it is one-page long t. the judge is pecked to set a trial date. live at the federal courthouse. sierra conp gy, wcvb newscenter
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5. emily. sera, thank you. emily: a mother in court today after setting off an amber alert over the weekend. an alert her family says should never have been issued. wcvb newscenter 5's jim lokay is live from the courthouse in roxbury where he spoke to that woman's niece. jim? jim. we did, emily. >> few ago, she left her a free woman. that is not the case. i triggered all-out search over the weekend. you probably received word of this through the media or the cell phone. tiffany cherry had 2-month-old son. she took him to urgent care center in will wilkes-barre, pennsylvania m. she was concerned her child was not developing properly. a nurser frommed her to the local hospital. she decided whether than going to the hospital, she has ties in boston. she has family in boston. that amberly alert went out. the family says, this is all a matter of her trying to be a good mother. >> i would never, ever suggest
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to take someone's child where they are being loved, being for. she breast fed both of her children for two years. her old et cetera was breast fed for two years now is being snatched away from her. >> this is not a situation where she into her custodial parent's ohm and took the children and off. she lost control. she steals them the fost farmerly. those kinds of things. i just, i don't think it was a proper use of the amber alert. jim. thats between side of pennsylvania authorities. one of the reasons the bail was high was because there was concern she was flight risk sp. she had priors here in massachusetts and two other states? her attorney here says that involved the violation in what he described as sex for pay. at this point, work through the legal system and has to through a custody hearing and resolve those before it gets settled. live in roxbury, jim lokay, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: new at noon: firefighters spent hours battling a fierce fire in mt.
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morning. a three-story apartment building collapsed as the flames spread from a ground-floor deli, jumping roof to roof. several other homes and businesses were also destroyed. patriots marched the way to vehicle ry held over the comes. in dy fans fired up last night. so was the team. the colts went 89 yards on the game's first 13 plays to score. the pats, they kept can it even within 80-yard drive of their own. brady to evelyn here. the colts led 21-20 at the half, about it was this trick play gone wrong in the third quarter that doomed the colts. an odd punt for nation try to draw on side, instead, the colts' player snapped the ball to make the tackle. patriots quickly scored and fans nationwide were left scratching their heads. >> not something they have done in the past. we didn't know the play was going to be obviously. it was good have a play.
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>> as long as you play by the rules, you mo he, do what your coach knows, you will be fine. obviously, made play on it. got the steal. >> 34-27, patriots. the nextup, the new york stet jets sunday afternoon at gillette stadium. a sexual assault under investigation. dam puss police telling students to lock their doors. campus police sent out an alert to students telling them an assault happened arm hi sunday morning in the village dorm room. the victim does not know her attacker but to get to the building, wee have needed a student u.d. or someone to sign him in. a student in thatting about say this is not the first time they heard of people bursting into dorm rooms overnight. >> someone came into our main door this was unlocked and tried the rooms and thankfully, they are unlocked. campus police check surveillance video to try to identify a suss ect. massachusetts education leaders are meeting today to
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could replace the cap. the board of education will discuss student assessment of the park test that is short for partnership for assessment readiness for college and careers give ton some schools spring. tours of that new test will be released tomorrow. education leaders will vote next month whether or not to adopt that test. emily: new federal data shows the percentage of local community college student in default on their student loans has dropped significantly for the first time in years. experts think that is because the economy has improved and because students are better informed about debt. emily: first lady michelle obama is set to unveil a new web site today to encourage students to continue their education after high school. this site is called better make room. org. students can get information about signing up for the sat and act exams filling out financial aid forms and visiting college campuses. emily: the texas teen who was arrested for bringing a homemade
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clock to school will visit the white house today. 14-year-old ahmed mohamed will spend the evening stargazing along with space and astronomy experts. president obama extended the invitation to the white house astronomy night after last month's incident. teachers in irving, texas, mistook the clock for a bomb. emily: commitment 2016. we are still waiting to see if vice president joe biden will jump into the race for the whit house. and that's a feud heats up between donald trump and jeb bush. bush calling the republican frontrunner unfit to be president after trump's controversial comments about 9/11. abc's kenneth moton has the story. kenneth: donald trump is fearing up for rally in tonight but he spent the weekend picking a fight over his broth. >> say what you want. the world trade center came down during his time. kenneth: suggesting president george w. bush was to blame for
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>> mr. trump talked about things as though is still on the apprentice. he now it is taking the responges, the pockets seriously. kenneth: the once republican frontrunner is trailing far behind. bush down in the pills pulling out the attack ads. >> i am used to dealing with killers. let me tell you, i am a smart guy. ken committee: democrats were a little more lighthearted over the weekend. sanders had fun on saturday night live. >> maybe i will imitate larry david. imtating me. kenneth. a new cnn-roc poll indicates hillary clinton is holding ton the lead 45% with vod by in in the race. 56% without the v who could announce decision any day now. i think heas the next 48-27 hours to get in. kenneth: the president has full schedule today. remarks to the what house on cli
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hate change and a late afternoon evening and a the evening reception. biden watch continues. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. emily: new drone regulations are expected out today. the government will move to regulate the soaring popularity in the u.s. the faa will unveil new rules that will require drone operators to register their aircraft. an estimated half a million drones already in use. another 750,000 are expected to be sold during the holiday season. emily: a special memorial today to honor fallen massachusetts firefighters. state leaders and the public will gather at the annual ceremony at the state house this afternoon. the event honors those lives lost throughout the years, both off and on duty. 24 names will be added to the 2015 ring of honor. emily: real horror at a convention where thousands are dressed in costume. the hunt for a killer after a shooting at a zombie festival. oprah winfrey delving into yet
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the popular diet program she's buying into. cindy: still feeling more like winter th an fall, but that is about to change. the significant warm-up i'm tracking and our next best chance at rain.
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emily: real horror at a convention where thousands are dressed in costume. the hunt for a killer after a shooting at a zombie festival. he was wearing a black and red hat. abc's ryan smyth has more on the search for evidence. >> oh, my god. ryan: this morning, police on the hunt for killer, leaving one dead, injuring at least five others and sending hundreds of others running for their lives. the chaos happening late saturday night at the annual zombie constreet festival in ft. myers, florida, a massive party which attracts nearly 20,000 zombie lovers every year.
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turned from spooky to tragic. those gunshots seng therengs of revelers dressed look the living dead fleeing. their costumes some covered in fake blood adding to be confogs. >> we ran. wait. was this real. a local junior college foot player was killed in the shooting. >> xun shot to the head. >> this man, one with of several treated for gunshot wounds. aisle looked down at my hand. there is a giant hole in it. police now leaving no stone unturned. asking zombie attendees to turn over picture and cell phone videos hoping for any clue to help track down those responsible. emily. ryan report leg. 2:00 2:00 al decision could be made today for the guantanamo prisoners. speedings in the x-rays halted in 2014 after it was did disever cooed members of the defense team had been questioned by the fbi about a preach of security rules. new report in the just is
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department say, at this time, none of toes lars will face criminal charges. the judge overof seeing the case will now decide if that case can move forward. em battled boston-based fantasy site draft kings defying an order. group demanded draft kings sees operation in the state until it applied for a state lapse. fanduel did coop brate the ruling this weekend. but draft kinks admits it is allowing customer tones terred before thursday's ruling to finish the games tonight. a spokesperson for draft kings says the company does take the board's decision seriously and has instructed the customers to close their accounts. oprah winfrey delving into yet another venture. the popular diet program she's buying into. she is buying 10% stake in the company and take aing a teat seat on the board of directors. it is not clear if she will serve as a spokeswoman. the move comes as it struggled. profits plummeted nearly 50% in the first half of this year.
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but shares did jump 75% at today's wall street opening bell. emily: state insurance officials want to hear from you. they are hitting the road for a series of public hearings on homeowners insurance. it is a chance to express any concerns about how much your policy cost and how easy it is to get one. the first hearing is in lowell on wednesday. followed by several others over the next two months. we can believe this with the temperatures right now. maine ski resort sunday river opens today. there is no real snow just yet, but they started making some on saturday. this year's opening day is about two weeks ahead of of schedule. the chairlifts at killington mountain in vermont are also expected to start rolling today. i feel like too early. too early. cindy. i know. you for a skir, you love this. it is october 19th, right? last week be were in the 70's. more of a transition. i am not good the abrupt changes.
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we didn't get out of the 40's yesterday. not getting out of the 40's today. look at tomorrow and the next day. we will get that. >> all right. >> is a cold snap about it was cold enough yesterday that we had few flakes of snow in many communities even in boston. we had a trace of snow yesterday. not the earliest on record. you go back to 1979 and october 10th the early trace of snow on record. you know, back in, back in 2009, i believe, cred, you had, you had about tenth of an inch snow. it can happen this time of year. what is going on. we have huge area of high pressure building on in. because this is getting closetor is now. the winds are reexlaing. there is enough of a component of the wind. there is still enough of a northerly flow shifting to the fort and west. you can see there are ocean effect clouds hugging the outer cape. the rest of the area completely sunny now. not a cloud in the ski. this is boston. deep blue cocolor. looks beautiful crout side. but it is still cold. we're only 42 degrees.
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then the area is very dry. dewpoint down to 50 and the northwesterly wind much lighter than cred. sunshine and less wind. pit feels nicer than it did yesterday. wow. it felt like winter this morning. these are the low temperatures this morning. he showed think wider picture earlier. he want to zoom in on a couple of areas. look at norwood. down to 17 this morning. it was 19 in jaffrey. 16 orange. there is the record low we tide of 24 degrees in-wise never the first freeze official lynn boston. very cold this morning. this cold that courtesy of jetsam has taken adipate south but as we go forward in time this this week. the jet stream is going to lift mord ward gain. that willle allow more mild temperatures to filter end. you can see tough the wst now. it is near 60 chicago and 64 in minneapolis. the air space will start to push in overnight. by this time tomorrow. it will be a lot more comfortable outside. yesterday afternoon, here at the chilly temperatures. 43 in beverly now. still just 38 worcester.
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jaffrey where we started out in the teens. also 343 on the cape. running lower 40's as well. well, we'll gain a few degrees here thoughest there afternoon. holding in the 46 tee near 50 degrees. light winds turning to the west and starting to bring in that molder air. we have sunshine this afternoon. the skies start clear tonight. look hat heans overnight, though. we get in a few clouds here through the hours. then so those clouds will blanket us. also our winds are shifting to the southwest. so look at the low temperatures tonight. no teens and 20's. will holden the upper 30's to lower 40's with that warmer southwesterly wind tomorrow. going to be active in the afternoon. so the sustain winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. that will likely gust over 20 miles per hour. a milder day tomorrow in the 60's. as the front approaches. more wind. more cloud cover during the day tomorrow. now, i cannot rule out the chance of a spotty shower. the best chance to showers this week is coming in on thursday. here is a what it looks like tomorrow as we break done the day for you. showers then morning.
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the frontal upon cry, they fall apart. although there could be a po spotty shower previously along north of the pike, think, we are look more cloud cover tomorrow. lower 60's with that gusty southwesterly breeze. not quite as windy wednesday. still near 60. the warmest day of the week could the wet west shower thursday. once the front goes by. le cooling it back down. inside of this 4 2:00's-30's. then 508's as we head into next weekend. a little easier to take. emily? emily. i can handle that. sunday, thank. 5 on the open yid crisis now. startling new numbers about the numb of people prescribed painkillers more than 13 million doses of what is known as schedule 2 painkillers dispensed in the months. the state prescription drug monitoring program reveal mothers than 108,000 patients still more than 16 million preoption asks from april through june. about 80% were for pain relievers linked to the open quid crisis. lawmakers are considering new rules for how drugs are
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prescribed. break ground on new tribute to a victim of the mar ton attacks. a garden of peace in crystle's me memory. signs of their daughter were everywhere even her favorite now we're. loved. that was her favorite plower. that shows her life. she was always with a smile, her brightness, enthusiasm, she picked mip every day. emily: the garden will honor lives of other victims. martin richard and a badge for m.i.t. police officer sean collier will be a part of that tribute. giving back to their local community. a wood-be groom gets cold-feet and calls off the wedding. we'll show you how the bride's family turns that heart break
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here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. r it is time to deal r with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. p commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company traised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. p i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. t commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. p clinton: nobody in america should have to choose
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p between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent.
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it would supposed to be a beautiful wedding overlooking the sack cra opinion tow skyline. after the groom got cold-feet, this was no wed. they decide whether thanp cancel the $35,000 affair they would in
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voette the city's homeless and treatedded them to a once in a lifetime meal at one of cra men tow's finest hotels. love this this idea. just giving walk. yeah. really sweet. >> pretty special. >> special event. >> yeah. a lot of people there. well, the cold that we had this morning, not happening again this morning. we got warm-up coming. 60's tomorrow. >> that i can deal with. 60 is a good. all right. that for us here at noon.
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