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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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emily: good morning, it' s tuesday, october 20. i' m emily riemer. randy: i' m randy price. stories we' re following on the eyeopener right now. the case of baby doe, heading back to court. the hearing for two suspects in the murder of bella bond. emily: a dog shot several times in rochester. his long road to recovery, as the family demands answers. randy: a marathon bombing survivor giving back. her special gift to amputees to get them up on their feet. emily: cold weather causing a flashback to last year for the mbta. the struggle for commuters and
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s check in on the cold. a little bit better. cindy: a whole lot better. yesterday, teens and 20' s covering the map. 48 degrees in boston now. the land is more active out of the southwest from 10 to 20 miles per hour. we do have a wind advisory. knows the cloud cover. we have had some showers. throughout 2 to southern new hampshire, that is where we are seeing showers. as we get towards one' s time, a lot of clouds around during the afternoon hours. they may break. and mostly cloudy day. brighter into the afternoon.
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warmer than it has been. let' right now. olessa: good morning. a live look outside. there is the expressway check. we have construction in place 93 south. on the ramps to 24 and again on 128 by great plain avenue. west of town, great shape. newton corner, looking good north of town. trains and buses start on schedule. randy: right now the couple charged in a child murder that caused national attention, and outrage, are about to face a judge again. the court date, once again putting the spotlight on the little girl we first knew as baby doe. emily: the eye' s todd kazakiewich is at the courthouse in boston with a preview.
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defendants will be here. information we could learn in this high profile case. rachelle bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy are both facing murder charges. bond' s 2-year-old daughter bella , whose remains were found inside a trash bag on deer island in june. the little girl stretched on for months even her own mother bella bond' s death also opened up a new front in the intensifying investigation into dcf after we learned the child welfare agency had been involved with the family several times. neither bond nor mccarthy have actually been indicted yet so today' s hearing could be brief. we will keep you posted as we get new details. randy: breaking overnight, a suspicious fire is under investigation in new bedford. police were first called to the apartment building on nelson street around 7:30 last night,
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for attempted arson. the building was evacuated. just 4 hours later, firefighters were called when there was fire on the third floor. firefighters say nobody was hurt. emily: also breaking, a big shakeup for the canadian government. justin trudeau, the son of late canadian prime minister pierre trudeau, will become the country' s new leader. the liberal party won a majority of parliament' s 338 seats overnight. stephen harper stepped down after nearly a decade as prime minister. randy: right now, this man is in custody, accused of injuring three lowell police officers. the lowell sun reports one of the officers was thrown down the stairs of a concord street home . he was trying to make an arrest of the man there. two other officers were hurt by the suspect, when they arrived for backup. all are expected to be ok. emily: this morning, commuters are hoping for a smoother ride after the first really cold morning this season led to trouble on the commuter rail. the eye' s sera congi is in
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problems and the explanations. sera: after last winter, the commuter rail has promised a slew of improvements. customers did not notice them as the temperatures dropped and tempers started to boil. a spokesman for the commuter rail site couldn' t confirm the exact number of delays on monday. but the twitter feed showed at least 25 delays on 10 lines. some of the delays ranged from 10 minutes to almost an hour. the t says among the problems yesterday, slippery rails because of fallen leaves, mechanical problems and signal , issues. a spokesman tells the globe all of that was not due to the cold weather, but there was a ripple effect from the delayed trains. randy: right now, a rochester family wants to know who shot their dog 9 times. noble, a 4-year-old chocolate lab, will recover after he was shot by either a b.b. or pellet gun. his owner noticed the wounds
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says noble got out. he found the dog in a nearby cemetery, bloody. his owner is convinced that whoever hurt noble meant to do it. noble is expected to be ok. he still has pellets under his skin, which could require costly surgery. emily: fantasy sports site draftkings, signing a big name on defense. the boston-based company has hired martha coakley as an adviser. the announcement comes as the company tries to clear an employee of wrongdoing after winning big on a competing site. an internal investigation by draftkings concluded that ethan haskell did not use insider information to win $350,000, because he received that information nearly an hour after locking his lineup. legal experts say it' s a good p.r. move but doesn' t clear the company of scrutiny.
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>> we know draft kings has hired an attorney. that is not a neutral person. that is not a court, not a jury. emily: draftkings and fanduel are already facing class action lawsuits. the fbi and u.s. attorney' s office are also investigating possible violations of federal gambling laws. in massachusetts, attorney general maura healey is reviewing possible regulations. former a.g. martha coakley is a newscenter5 legal analyst, and will not be part of any story about draftkings. randy: personal emails hacked in top government places. emily: the leaked information from the cia director' s account. and who' s taking responsibility. plus this. a dramatic rescue. the off-duty emergency responder who jumped into action, to save a boy' s life. randy: a marathon survivor helping others heal. how she' s giving back to those sharing her struggle. cindy: a lot of clouds this
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how long these temperatures will last. emily: forget star wars. how about star pats? the newly released poster, with
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randy: a water rescue in texas captured on a body camera. an ems medic was training recently graduated cadets when he noticed a boy, struggling to swim in a rough river. so, he jumped in with the help of his trainees, and pulled the boy to safety. the boy was not seriously hurt, and was quickly reunited with his parents. >> it felt great. it is nice now to be able to do it for someone else. randy: a marathon bombing survivor giving back. heather abbott lost her leg after the attacks and discovered just how expensive custom prosthetics can be. now, she' s on a mission to help others in need. emily: and she' s starting with hillary cohen. cohen has a medical condition called neurofibromatosis, which caused tumors to grow on her foot. 2 years ago, her right leg was amputated. even before that, heels were never an option, and hillary
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felt like she was missing out. so heather abbott stepped in and made this moment that much more exciting. >> this is my first time ever wearing high heels. it is exciting. i feel tall, confident. emily: cohen' s custom prosthetic is the first to be donated by abbott' s foundation. still ahead, commitment 2016. all eyes on vice president joe biden. randy: the carefully chosen words that may signal he' s ready to run. apple yanks hundreds of apps from its store. the company responsible for the
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emily: if it was a bit too cold s some good news. those freezing temperatures killed mosquitoes or sent them into hiding, putting an early end to the threat of west nile virus and triple e. one health expert says a hard
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mosquito-born illness. cindy: our high was only 48 in boston. the temperature has been stuck. we are starting more mild than yesterday. that temperatures are warmer by about 10 to 20 degrees across the area. the wind is going to pick up today. it will be strongest on cape cod. we have a wind advisory up. southwesterly wind could just to 45 miles per hour. that could do damage. something to think about today as the gusty wind develops. warmer is the story for the
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a lot of cloud cover this morning. there have been some showers rolling through. it is a pretty small area, but there are some downpours now, ease of manchester. you can see them down towards newburyport. a couple of showers this morning . look at the temperatures. 43, worcester. s. some 50' s showing up. 53 out the door this morning in hyannis area -- in hyannis. , even though the temperatures come up, it will be
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all of the activity is up towards northernmost massachusetts. clouds may break for a little bit of sunshine. we will be in the 60' s this afternoon, looking for a high. 61, in worcester. mid-sixties on the south shore. warmer overall today. tonight, back into the 40' s. mild. this cold front sacks to the wind to develop. that will hold us in the upper 50' s to near 60 degrees. cooler tomorrow. we will hang onto a fair amount that is the trade-off for warmer temperatures.
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those clouds may try to fit now a little bit. best chance for showers comes in on thursday. another front approaches the area. showers few and far between. behind that front, cooler temperatures settle into the 50' s heading into the weekend. olessa, how are we looking? olessa: leverett connector looking good. overnight construction is still in place. as you travel here along 93, both directions, on the ramp to route 24, construction by great plain have on 128. no issues north of town. expecting trains and buses to start on schedule. >> i do not consider republicans enemies or friends.
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emily: commitment 2016 -- carefully chosen words from vice president joe biden. this morning, there' s still no word on whether he' ll run for president, but that comment could be considered a jab at one of his potential opponents. at last week' s democratic debate, hillary clinton listed republicans among the enemies she was proudest to have made over the course of her career. and another comment from biden, at that same white house event, might be seen as a swipe at bernie sanders. >> i am not one of these guys -- let' s go after the rich and powerful. emily: biden is facing challenges if he chooses to run. a new boston herald franklin pierce university poll shows sanders with 38% of likely democratic voters, over clinton' s 30%, and biden' s 19%. randy: the personal e-mail accounts of two top government leaders have been hacked. cia director john brennan, seen here, and homeland security secretary jeh johnson, were both targeted. the hacker claims to be a high school student and tweets under the handle cwa.
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that account claimed the hack was due to the deaths of palestinians. leaked information includes names, social security numbers and the phone numbers of 20 people associated with brennan. topping economic headlines, asian markets are quiet following better-than-expected growth in china. that could factor into whether interest rates in the u.s. go up. stock futures on wall street are down slightly after the big 3 indices made gains yesterday. emily: apple says it has removed apps that gathered personal information on users. more than 200 of them were just pulled from the i-tunes store. a chinese advertising company is being blamed for gathering the data, including email addresses. apple says it' s working with developers to fix the apps and make sure they' re safe. a check of the stories trending on the eye. high school football players in washington state are standing by their coach after he was told not to pray at games. the school district told joe kennedy to stop praying on the field, saying it goes against
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the constitutional mandate for a separation between church and state. but over the weekend, he did it anyway and several players joined him. it' s unclear what the district will do now. >> nothing will stand in our way . i will finish what you started. randy: the newest trailer for "star wars, the force awakens" premiered during monday night football. the trailer kicked off ticket sales in the u.s. online booking sites crashed last night in britain because of high demand. the movie opens december 18. emily: the force is strong with the patriots. wide receiver julian edelman shared this image on his facebook page. he calls it star-pats. you can see coach bill belichick, along with edelman, tom brady, and others. definitely creative. still ahead a sea turtle rescued , off the coast of cape cod. randy: why experts say it may be
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the cold weather. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. they are health mistakes that could bring big problems down
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emily: time for your early news to go. randy: back to court today for the suspects accused in the murder of the girl we first knew as baby doe. michael mccarthy is charged with killing 2-year-old bella bond. he is the boyfriend of the girl' s mother, rachelle bond. she is charged as an accessory after the fact. bella' s body was found over the summer on deer island identified months later. emily: a not guilty plea from whitey bulger' s longtime girlfriend.
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catherine greig faces a contempt charge for refusing to say if bulger had help evading the law during his 16 years on the run. prosecutors say greig ignored a s order to testify before a grand jury. her lawyer says the contempt charge borders on harassment. the philadelphia mom who caused an amber alert in boston over the weekend is now free. the judge set bail at just $250 yesterday for tiffany cherry. she says she brought her 2-month old son to boston for medical treatment after he became severely dehydrated. her lawyer says police over-reacted when they triggered the amber alert. the child is in state custody. randy: a teenager faces life in prison, convicted in the stabbing death of another teen in new hampshire. jurors found 19-year-old tristian wolusky of rochester guilty in the june 2014 stabbing of aaron wilkinson. prosecutors say wolusky and two others drove to the victim' s madbury home to steal money and
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against wolusky. emily: mashpee' s school superintendent could face charges for allegedly going inside a student' s home uninvited. superintendent brian hyde is accused of entering the home and rummaging through the student' s belongings to see if she was a legitimate mashpee resident. hyde claims he was invited inside. police will let a clerk magistrate review the case before charges are considered. an electrical short circuit is being blamed for a fire, that' s forced about 40 people out of their homes. the flames broke out on harrison avenue in boston' s chinatown last night. two people were treated for smoke inhalation but will be ok. the fire was out by 9:00. randy: an endangered sea turtle washes up on cape cod. the new england aquarium is treating this kemp' s ridley, after it stranded itself on scudder lane beach in barnstable yesterday. experts say cold temperatures likely immobilized the turtle. the stranding happened two weeks earlier than usual.
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a record 733 sea turtles. emily: the blue jays turn on the heat against the royals in game 3 of the american league championship series. toronto scored six runs in the bottom of the 3rd including this 3-run shot last night. the royals try to come back in the 9th but only manage 4 runs. 11-8 jays the final. they trail, 2-1 in the series. game 4 is this afternoon. a competition unlike any other. firefighters from 17 countries take part in an obstacle course in alabama this week in full gear. espn calls it the toughest week in sports. competitors complete several grueling tasks, including carrying more than 80-pounds of gear up five flights of stairs. a team from montgomery, alabama, holds the world record.
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cindy: they should do it up here. randy: yes, cooler. cindy: a week ago, talking about temperatures in the 70' s. a cool down here. the jet stream dipping down to the south. things are changing. the trend is going to be for mild temperatures to work in. it is 49 degrees on a boston. teens, 20' s, 30' s, 40' s across the area. there are a couple of showers coming out of southern new hampshire, posed to move through
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