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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] emily: breaking news at noon, bridgewater state university issuing a warning to students after a sexual assault was reported on campus. campus police say an 18-year-old female student was assaulted last night after agreeing to meet an unknown male around the rondileau campus center. at this point, no one has been arrested, and campus police are ramping up patrols. more breaking news. the american cancer society issuing revised guidelines for
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mammograms. it now says women should start getting annual screenings at age 45 instead of 40. and once they turn 55, they are advised to get mammograms every other year. the group also drops a recommendation for routine physical breast exams by doctors. right now, the couple charged in a child murder that sparked national headlines, and outrage, todd kazakiewich is live at the courthouse in boston with the request the judge approved today. todd? todd: it was clear from today' s hearing how many questions remain unanswered in the case, most importantly, the cause of baby bella' s death, and the defense team wants clear answers before the case moves forward. as rachelle bond was brought into court this morning, she shielded her face with her hair. her boyfriend, michael mccarthy, came in with a new, short haircut.
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they stood side-by-side, keeping silent for the entire time. vale was set but no new details came out regarding the shocking crime. bond and mccarthy were charged in connection with the death of baby bella, whose remains were found in june in a trash bag on deer island. prior to that, prosecutors say the body was in a refrigerator at the family' s home in dorchester. rachelle bond said that macabre -- mccarthy had punched bella in the stomach multiple times even though the autopsy came back inconclusive about the cause of her death. her biological father attended the hearing today, listening to the attorneys talk about an agreement for yet another autopsy. >>
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that is clearly important and we want the evidence looked at by an independent expert. as does ms. bond' s attorney. to determine, to the extent we can, what did happen. todd: mccarthy' s attorneys say he simply did not do it. the autopsy should be completed by next court date which is november 19, and then hopefully at that point, the funeral and burial for bella can happen. as of now, no cause of death and no indictments in the case. emily: thank you. noon a quincy man has been , sentenced to up to 8 years in prison for raping a woman who got into his car, thinking she was hailing a cab. said said used to run a shuttle service called city transportation. the woman flagged down his car in boston' s seaport district back in june 2014. police say he drove her to a remote area, sexually assaulted
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cellphone and credit cards. also new, transit police looking for this man accused of committing a sex act on the orange line. it happened last wednesday afternoon. the suspect exited at the forest hills mbta station around 1:25 p.m. before walking away. anyone who has any information should contact transit police. right now, this man is facing charges accused of injuring three lowell police officers last night. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in lowell with the details. sera? sera: emily, the suspect has not yet been arraigned. no he is in the courthouse. we are told he is being checked out for injuries he suffered from a scuffle in which three police officers were also injured. shirtless and cuffed, the suspect conley taken away by police last night. but his demeanor was much different leading up to his arrest.
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witnesses say was walking in the middle of the road when a car and then the fight started. the suspect damage the vehicle. police entered his home and he officers. he was facing several charges including several counts of assault and battery on a police officer. sera: the suspect also faces charges of limbless-ish -- malicious destruction to property. emily: thank you. to new bedford now where two fires within just hours at this apartment building are being called suspicious. the first one started around 7:30 last night on nelson street, the second just before midnight. no one was injured. commuters are hoping for a smoother ride after yesterday' s first really cold morning leads to trouble on the rails. many riders took to twitter yesterday to say they did not
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notice any of the commuter rail' s promised improvements as temperatures plummeted. tempers started to boil, with at least 25 delays on 10 lines, some ranging from 10 minutes to almost an hour. the t says among the problems yesterday, slippery rails because of fallen leaves, mechanical problems, and signal issues. a spokesman tells the globe all of that was not due to the cold weather, but there was a ripple effect from the delayed trains. today, you noticed a difference when you headed out. noticeably warmer. cindy: we need to enjoy it while at last because we are up-and-down temperature wise. in the 60' s right now, a couple of raindrops in boston. a few sprinkles putting the city right now. very light rain right now in north reading. you can see it is very isolated. off to the west where the
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showers are originating from, we are drying out. that will be the trend through the rest of the afternoon. this is all coming out ahead of a cold front. once this goes via overnight, it will be cooler tomorrow. enjoy the warmth out there today. near 60 on the cape. 57 in worcester. keep in mind, we did not get out of the 40' s yesterday, so this is much milder. winter advisory on the until 7:00 this evening. we could see wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. for the next few hours, temperatures hold in the 60' s before dropping this evening. emily: thank you. breaking news in commitment 2016. sources telling the associated press jim webb will drop out of the presidential race today. he is considering to run as an independent candidate.
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felt he didn' debate. meantime the political world , waits to hear if vice president joe biden is in or that' washington post poll has the abc' s kenneth moton has the details. kenneth: hillary clinton is off the trail today but her surge in the polls is being seen across the country. the new poll has clinton rebounding in the race for the democratic nomination with 54%. that is 12 point higher than a month ago. >> i spent between four hours and seven hours a day with the president. kenneth: joe biden spent the morning alongside former vice president walter mondale, both talking about the importance of the vice presidency. >> i want to be the last person in the room on every major decision. kenneth: sources say the vp has
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busy calling supporters, possibly waiting to pull the trigger on a run next week. in a cnn/orc poll, donald trump is working to han g onto his lead over ben carson. carly fiorina dropped a few points since last month. trump rallied supporters in south carolina last night. >> we do not win any more. you are going to have victories coming out of your ears. you will, believe me. >> kenneth: a biden confidant admitted that the odds are against him and with hillary clinton surging in the polls now, certainly is no help. emily: right now, a rochester family wants to know who shot their dog 9 times. noble, a 4-year-old chocolate lab, will recover from being shot by either a b.b. gun or pellet gun. his owner first noticed his wounds around 6:00 yesterday
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morning, when he says noble got out. when he found the dog in a nearby cemetery, he noticed he was bloody. now, he' s convinced that whoever hurt noble meant to do it. >> i just cannot see anybody doing that. trying to kill him. person who did this. emily: a vet says noble will be but he still has b.b.' s or pellets under his skin, which could require costly surgery to remove. fantasy sports site direct kings is getting some big-name help. the boston-based company has hired martha coakley as an adviser. she' s also newscenter 5' s legal analyst, but she will not be part of any story about draftkings. the announcement comes as the company tries to clear an employee of wrongdoing after winning big on a competing site. an internal investigation by draftkings concluded that ethan haskell did not use insider information to win $350,000, because he received that information nearly an hour after locking his lineup. legal experts say it'
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s a good p.r. move but doesn' t clear the company of scrutiny. >> we know that draft kings has hired an attorney that came to the conclusion but that is not a neutral person. it is not a court or jury. emily: draftkings and fanduel are already facing class action lawsuits. the fbi and u.s. attorneys office are also investigating possible violations of federal gambling laws. here in massachusetts, attorney general maura healey is reviewing the need for possible regulations. today the city of boston is recognizing a hockey player who changed lives, after his own took a drastic turn. twenty years ago today, travis roy became paralyzed after crashing into the boards. it happened just 11 seconds into the fbi and u.s. attorneys office are also investigating possible violations of federal gambling laws. here in massachusetts, attorney general maura healey is reviewing the need for possible regulations. member of boston university' s team. but he went on to become an his first time on the ice as a advocate for others with spinal cord injuries. today he' ll be honored with the declaration of travis roy day,
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documentary on his life. this massive fire rips through a building in manhattan. the big concern for firefighters right now. a marathon bombing survivor giving back. heather at the hostel numeral should than the woman now walking with new confidence. cindy: more temperature changes ahead. emily: stars wars mania reaching a fever pitch on social media. and the pats star getting in on
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emily: stunning video from new york city. a six-alarm fire tears through this building on the city' s west side sending 100 firefighters rushing to the scene. the building is under renovation and no one lives there but there are concerns the building may collapse. nearby buildings have been evacuated, and residents will not be allowed back in until the building is demolished. the cause is under investigation. cia director john brennan is one of two security leaders whose private emails have been hacked. the other, homeland security secretary jeh johnson. the hacker reportedly claims to be a high school student, and tweets under the handle cwa and
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claims the hack was due to the deaths of palestinians. the leaked information includes the names, social security numbers, and phone numbers of 20 people associated with brennan. the fbi is investigating. the u.n. secretary is heading to the middle east today. general ban ki-moon will try to bring an end to the month-long wave of israeli-palestinian violence. right now, riot police are patrolling jerusalem streets. moon is expected to meet with leaders from both sides, calling for restraint. secretary of state john kerry is also expected to meet with both leaders this week. a big shakeup for the canadian government. justin trudeau, the son of late canadian prime minister pierre trudeau, will become the s new leader. the liberal party won a sweeping majority of parliament' s 338 seats overnight. prime minister stephen harper will step down as the leader of the conservative party ending a nearly 10 year reign.
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>> is still great when it was done to me and it is really nice to be able to do it to somebody else. emily: a marathon bombing survivor giving back. heather abbott lost her leg after the attacks and discovered just how expensive custom prosthetics can be. now, she' s on a mission to help others in need starting with 26-year-old hillary cohen. she has a medical condition called neurofibromatosis, which caused tumors to grow on her foot. 2 years ago, her right leg was amputated. even before that, heels were never an option, and hillary felt like she was missing out. so heather abbott took action and made this moment that much more exciting. >> my first time ever wearing high heels, a very excited feeling, very tall, confident. ready to take on the world. emily: and she looks great. cohen' s custom prosthetic is the first to be donated by abbott' s foundation. if it was a little too cold for
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kill the mosquitoes or sent them into hiding. one expert says that that virtually eliminates the risk of mosquito borne illnesses. cindy: and if you have allergies, the pollen is not much of an issue today either. two good things to pass along. yesterday we had a high of 48 degrees. should be 60 this time of year. above average today and that tomorrow we go the other way, and then we go up again. lots of up and downs in the temperature department this week. also hanging onto a fair amount of cloud cover. despite the clouds, we have not seen too much in the way of rain and we do need some. south of the pike, we have not had much rain, but up in lawrence, about .01 inches . to the north, we had a few showers.
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lynn. everything has been moving west stalled out frontal boundary that is slowly inching in our direction. shore and the cape. this frontal boundary. as this drops south, it will tomorrow. southwesterly breeze. if you have been outside, you have noticed the wind. these are the wind speeds coming in right now, between 10 and 20 miles per hour. we are likely going to see some gusts over 30 and 40 miles per hour. wind advisory for the cape and the islands until 7:00 this evening as we could see some gusts to about 45 miles per hour. temperatures in the lower 60' s right now in new bedford. planet, 59. marshfield is one of the warmer
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spots, 50 -- 63. worcester, 57. where we had those showers moving through periodically this morning, you can see we are only in the 50' s through southern new hampshire. more clouds and sunshine this afternoon. it will be windy and milder than it has been. temperatures between 60 and 65. those sprinkles that are out there now will disappear. once we get into the late afternoon, clouds break a little more. overnight, clouds will fill back in. that is why i say we are hanging onto a fair amount of cloud cover. with the clouds around tonight, mostly in the mid-40' s to 50' s for overnight low temperatures. tomorrow on the other side of the front, more of a northeasterly wind. with tt, temperatures will not be as warm. instead of temperatures widespread in the 60' s, it is only in the mid to upper 50' s along the coastline tomorrow.
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stalled in our vicinity on wednesday. likely hanging onto a fair amount of cloud cover as well. even in the morning hours, a stray sprinkles. otherwise, dry tomorrow but notice brighter skies across northern new england. best chance this week of seeing a shower is on thursday. that front pushes northward again, and that puts us back into the mild air. back in the mid-60' s. later in the afternoon and we could see a few showers by then. product into saturday. it will be in the 30' s on saturday morning, and then sunday. temperatures. emily: thank you. millions watched the premiere of the neustar worth a mirror during the halftime of monday night football. 13 million more muted overnight.
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the demand for tickets -- unprecedented. abc' s elizabeth hur has all the buzz on this upcoming blockbuster. elizabeth: just two minutes long, but this was the longest and final glimpse of the much-anticipated star wars --"star wars: the force awakens ." the movie set 30 years after "return of the jedi" reunites han and leah. i will finish what you started. elizabeth: we even get a preview of a light saber battle in the previews. speaking of, watch the actor who plays finn in the movie reacting to the trial ailer last
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night >>. > i thought it was awesome. blown away. this is the seventh installment theaters will be holding up to opening night. tickets are available for resale on ebay for hundreds. what i have here is an e-mail night. unfortunately, this is not mine. this belongs to our editor. this movie does not open for another two months, but we are told already a lot of theaters days. emily: and the force is strong with the patriots. sharing this image on his facebook page. he calls it star-pats. you can see coach bill
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tom brady, and others. big buzz this afternoon among fans of the hit show "gilmore girls." the new deal that could have the show returning to the small
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emily: "gilmore girls" fans buzzing right now over the latest report that lorelai and rory are coming back. multiple sources tell the hollywood reporter that netflix has inked a deal with warner brothers for a limited revival of the beloved series. according to the magazine, cast negotiations are underway for what could be four 90-minute really has a cult following. cindy: a lot of people are big fans.
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