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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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phil: the man accused of murdering bella bond was back in girl' s mother. the pair charged in connection with the death of the little girl known for months only as baby doe. s jack tonight, where new tests have been ordered. >> the defense attorneys are holding -- or hoping another set of expert eyes will help to give a decision on how she died. rachelle bond did her best to hide her face, cowering as attorneys discussed the second autopsy. the court agreeing to the procedure. >> my client did not want to do this but sometimes as a lawyer i ask for something they may not want. >> bella bond was two. her body washed up on deer island last june. the medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide. the defense is hoping their pathologist can find more.
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case where the cause is unknown. that clearly is important. >> michael mccarthy, the boyfriend, looking much different then he did when he was first arrested. rachelle bond told police he punched the child who became known as baby doe in the stomach several times. >> he didn' t do it. he thinks it' s a tragedy, but he didn' t do it. >> also in court the baby' s s life. right now police are searching for answers. elizabeth: searching for this suspect in a bridgewater state university the alleged attack happened last newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in bridgewater tonight, .
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cure through desmet her attacker through social media. the face of danger being distributed campus-wide, students at bridgewater state university now alert to this man, who police say sexually assaulted an 18-year-old classmate. >> lately there' s been almost like an incline of assaults. >> the university says the girl met her accused attacker on kik, a social networking app, they agreed to meet near the campus,he' s accused of he' newer garage. >> people are not very careful ve never really met. >> sexual assault on college campuses reaching alarming heights, a 2014 white house task force found that one in five
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while in college. >> it happens on every single campus. >> kim macimmis is a sociology professor, whose curriculum includes sexual violence, she says campuses everywhere are in dealing with assaults. the plotting -- she is s philosophy of publicly have been. >> it' s not just important for students but for parents that the school is seriously investigating and trying to prevent this type of continuing kind of violence. >> for students,especially females, another stark reminder concern. i' m careful of where i am and who i' m with. for the assailant from last phil: the man accused of injuring three lowell police officers facing several charges today. jesus ocasio was suspected of vandalising a car near his concord street home. when the 3 officers arrived to question him ocasio allegedly began fighting with them. one officer was thrown down a flight of stairs.
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all 3 officers were taken to the hospital but not seriously hurt. no bail for ocasio he' s being sent for a psychiatric exam. heather: sky 5 over route 495 in lawrence, where a wayward truck wheel caused a few moments of chaos. police say a cement truck heading south lost a tire which rolled into the northbound lane and hit a car pulling a camper. the tire got stuck beneath the camper, causing it to flip over. fortunately, nobody was hurt but traffic was backed up in both directions for a while. coming up, you will hear from two drivers caulking that crash and how they managed to avoid injury. phil: important new guidelines revealed for when women should start getting mammograms. the american cancer society now saying they should not be a concern until later in life. the health alert tonight from newscenter 5 janet wu. the change is getting mixed reviews? >> not only mixed reviews, but there seems to be a bit of a mixed message. at least from one member we interviewed from the task force
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recommendations. the new guidelines suggest most women begin annual mammograms at age 45. previously the american cancer society recommended starting at 40. the group also advises screenings every other year beginning at 55. the reasons? false positives are more likely before age 45 and after menopause, tumors tend to grow slower in women. but dr. jim michaelson, a member of the task force that made the recommendations, said today, those new numbers are minimum recommendations. >> i would say the maximum reduction in death, the maximum survival benefit of screening is achieved by going annual from age 40. but other women and other physicians who want to consider beginning at 45, we think there is benefit from that. >> dr. michaelson said his personal recommendation is to begin mammograms at age 40 and after 55.
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numbers? we speak with one cancer survivor at 6:00 who has some ideas. heather: let' s take a live look at the city of boston. what a difference a day makes. it is 20 degrees warmer outside. harvey is joining us now at a this is a trend. harvey: this is kind of a trend in our area. 20 degrees warmer everywhere. it is in the 16th use of -- in the 60' s . a little bit crazy elsewhere. this will be a much welder night then reset nights. in boston where only dropping into the 50' s. a slight change tomorrow. the wind will be switching around to the northeast and east. not strong, but enough to come in off the water as opposed to the southwest when we had today. it will stay in the fifth these.
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more temperature changes and roller coaster action coming up in a little while. phil: thank you. turning to commitment to the thousand 16. democratic race for president just lost a candidate but could be gaining a new one. jim webb says he' s out but joe biden may be in. newscenter 5' s aixa diaz is live in our washington newsroom . is the vice president any closer to making an announcement? >> speculation is growing that joe biden may be close to entering the presidential race, while one democratic candidate has dropped out. new polls show hillary clinton with a commanding lead in the race for her party' s nomination, but the landscape of the democratic field could soon be changing. >> as vice president, i' ve traveled now over a million, one hundred thousand miles. >> amid speculation of a 2016 presidential run, joe biden stayed away from campaign talk at a george washington university forum. instead, he focused on his relationship with president obama, which he called a genuine friendship, and his camaraderie with congress. >> i really respect the members up there, i have a lot of republican friends, i don'
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t think my chief enemy is the republican party. >> i' m stepping aside from the democratic primary process. >> jim webb, whose poll numbers have stated between 1% and 2% announced he' s no longer seeking the democratic nomination. he is leaving the door open for an independent run. >> americans are disgusted by all this talk of republicans and democrats calling each other the enemy, instead of reaching out across the table and finding ways to work together. week' s democratic debate clinton said the enemies , she' s most proud of are in washington, i' m aixa diaz. phil: thank you. new at 5 the pentagon confirms the u.s. and russia have signed an agreement aimed at minimizing the risk of any incidents. both countries are carrying out air strikes in syria. the agreement lays out safety and communications protocols,
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and establishes a working group to talk out any further issues. heather: sony has reached a settlement with current and former employees connected to last year' s hacking. the company will pay up to $8 million to reimburse them for losses, preventative measures and legal fees. hackers calling themselves guardians of peace broke into sony computers last november and released thousands of emails and documents in an attempt to derail the release of the north korean-focused comedy the interview. coming up a sex scandal rocking , one of the top college basketball programs in the country. phil: next on newscenter 5, the allegations against the university of louisville team led by former celtics coach rick pitino. the major questions being raised tonight. heather: the personal email accounts linked to cia director john brennan hacked. the information that' s now out in the open. phil: years after a tornado
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blasted a new hampshire community taxpayers are hit with a bigger bill. the reason why that has homeowners so unhappy. heather: this horse rescued by the mspca months ago near-death. an awful image. new at 5:30 tonight, the incredible story of flora' s recovery. phil: and taking a look at first alert traffic. you' re looking live at the mass pike. as you can see, it is jammed up going into boston. in the rest of the hearing would look for the red. those where we see delays.
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an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at five. heather: another college sports scandal, this one involving one of the nation' s top basketball programs, the university of louisville. katina powell has written a book in which she says she and other escorts were hired to have sex with louisville recruits. one recruit describes the atmosphere as like a strip club. head coach rick pitino denies knowing about the scandal but powell doubts that. >> four years, a boatload of recruits, dances, music, alcohol, security, basketball players who came in at will, how could he not noticed? heather: celtics rookie guard
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terry rozier is mentioned in the book. rozier says he doesn' t want to talk about the scandal, other than to say coach pitino probably knew nothing of the sex parties. phil: federal investigators are trying to find out who is responsible for a cyber attack on the heads of the cia and the department of homeland security. it does not appear any classified information was accessed but as you would imagine there are some serious concerns tonight. it is a real-life spy game. right now the hunt is on for the person or persons who hacked the pirated e-mail account of the cia director >> he understands as well as anybody that he needs to handle the appropriate level of caution. >>; account was also compromised. one self-confessed hacker claims to be a high school or. he said he has released online information, the personal information and social security
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numbers of those the u.s. to intelligence company as registration for the plight of palestinians and he was for israel. the hack brags he reached the count by pooling them into resetting the password. this does not appear to be a sophisticated cyber attack. >> this looks like somebody that doesn' t impersonation case. >> brennan tonight is his account for government business. the cia says the incident is under investigation by the appropriate authorities. >> it is a great example of the vulnerability of virtually everyone. he is a man, every title, run a very important agency still be had just like the guy next door. >> it is important to point out that it appears no classified information was gained. the twitter account posting the leaks was suspended but the hackers could easily find another way to release more information online. phil: president obama is seeing his highest approval ratings in a new abc news/washingotn post nearly 200 half years.
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americans approve of his current job performance. the rating gain six percentage by improving economic sentiment and it' s 11 points higher than his career low last year. heather: take a look at this, a qantas jet narrowly avoids being struck by lightning. this happened today the plane was landing at the sydney, australia airport when the bolt just missed them. that was a huge lightning bolt. harvey: and if you' re having thunderstorms from you could have strong wind. a critical thing. normally you try to avoid taking off in them. heather: just some lovely pictures here. s show you what is going on. morning. 19' s
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and 20' s. is a big difference early today, and only temperatures just made it cold everywhere. right now 69 in profits. -- profited/ providence. the clouds of times, but but oftentimes the side has been out. the windows out of the northwest at 14 miles, or. when , the islands are higher, but they are lower than the earlier word today today -- that they were earlier today. the course of tonight. there are the gusts, up from around boston.
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slightly cooler air in eastern canada which will make its way south tonight. tomorrow will be little cooler along coast, toward new southern new hampshire. this born netware will win -- it is a roller coaster temperature rise. no more close to the west. it figures to be somewhat cloudier around boston and today was. this is a little of that comes through rate it is weak, but cooler on the other side and that is where we will find ourselves tomorrow. we get back into this warm air on thursday. back to the west, that approaches us on friday. it is an interesting every other day in terms of temperature. no
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major storm systems are associated with the frontal passages. the debris shower when this happens but not much more than that. overnight low tonight, 53. tomorrow, notice some new hampshire, eastern massachusetts in the 50' s. you get the 60' s, providence, hartford to be over 70 degrees tomorrow. but the coolest air will be in eastern massachusetts, southern new hampshire, and southern name and here is a look at the next seven days. it turns a lot warmer on thursday where it could be 70 or higher is really a shower or two on friday. it could be frosty early saturday morning. a little bit of a temperature moderation saturday afternoon. sunday' s little bit trickier because the front is going to come through. that may cause a shower or two. that would be late on sunday. here is the next seven days. sunday is the next patriots game. there could be a shower or two. it also might see the game and
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then daytime temperatures around 60. looks fairly mild for the big game. heather: apple says it has removed apps that gathered personal information on users. more than 200 of them were just pulled from the i-tunes store. a chinese advertising company is being blamed for gathering the data, including email addresses. apple says it' s working with developers to fix the apps and make sure they' re safe. you can find the full list of pulled apps on our website gilmore girls fans buzzing right now over the latest report that lorelai and rory are coming back. according to the hollywood reporter, netflix has inked a deal with warner brothers to revive the beloved series. cast negotiations are underway for what could be four 90-minute installments. phil: if you are a huge bruce springsteen fan and have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around you could snag a huge
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piece of rock and roll history. the jersey shore home where the boss wrote the album born to run is back on the market. the rock legend lived there in 1974 and 1975 and penned every song on the album which included jungleland and thunder road. the two-bedroom long branch cottage could be yours. it' s small but just a block from the ocean. list price $299,000. phil: you have driven past that a few times. heather: is it worth just under $300,000? phil: in my opinion. yes. i do not know about the rest of the world. still to come tonight, a dream come true for one little boy. heather: here' s one you don' t want to miss, the cool move a football team made that gave him a day he' ll never forget. phil: forget that password, use a selfie instead.
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heather: former nba star lamar odom now in a los angeles hospital. his aunt confirms he was flown
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odom who starred for the university of rhode island and the l.a. lakers was found unconscious in a nevada brothel last week after a weekend of heavy partying. he is reportedly breathing on his own and even managed to take a few steps. japan has confirmed the first case of cancer stemming from the dangerous work to take the fukushima reactor off-line. the country' s health ministry said that a former worker has been diagnosed with leukemia. ten other former fukushima workers have filed similar cases. seven were dropped, three are pending. phil: some 7th grade athletes setting an example of what true sportsmanship and friendship looks like. the wisconsin panthers were gearing up for the last game of the season and have not won a single game. but that didn' t stop them from putting a plan into action to help a teamates' dream come true. >> i w told
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them that he does negative play as much. -- it does not get to play as much. so are cochairs -- our coaches told him. >> his face meant that he got to score a touchdown and he was so excited phil: both teams helping gavin score on a magical day he' ll never forget. heather: we said it is all about sportsmanship and other things. phil: it is online, on the news, and other kids see it. heather: next on newscenter 5 at 5:30, an appeal ruling in the phil: the judge' response to the defense' s request to throw out the harshest conviction against owen labrie. that' s designed to look very different, but get no reaction
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>> this is the news at 5:30 p.m. >> a campus alert at bridgewater state university. the man wanted for sexually assaulting a student. the victim says he attack
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