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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 21, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, willing to run. paul ryan, the former vice presidential nominee eyeing the job for speaker of the house. laying out his vision and conditions in a late night news conference, we're live with the details. breaking overnight, meeting in moscow. syria's bashar al assad face-to-face with vladimir putin. the topic of conversation as russia and the u.s. signs a new agreement. major shift in mammogram recommendations. the american cancer society changing the age when some women should start screenings. "back to the future" day, october 21st, 2015 from fashion and gadgets, what did the movie
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get right and what did it get wrong? we begin with developments in boehner. >> paul ryan says he'll take the job as speaker but only if his gop colleagues agree to support him. he's given them a friday deadline to make their opinions known. abc's stephanie ramos has been monitoring the situation overnight from washington. >> reporter: paul ryan is no longer resisting the pressure to run for house speaker. >> i consider to do this with reluctance. >> reporter: after weekses of lobbying to take on the job of leading a divided house. now the wisconsin lawmaker and former vp candidate finally says he's down to do the job agreeing he'll run to replace john boehner as house speaker only if republicans unify behind him. >> if i can truly be a unifying figure then i will gladly serve. few conditions.
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even though he has support from most republicans he says he'll only run if supported by all the key groups within the gop including the hard right house freedom caucus, the group that helped push boehner out of his post. he wants to make it harder to overthrow sitting speaker and the 45-year-old's father of three school-aged kids wants a better work/life balance. >> i cannot and will give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers but i pledge to try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> reporter: california congressman kevin mccarthy was up for the job but abruptly withdrew following outcries from some conservatives and these comments about hillary clinton and the house benghazi committee. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee. a select committee. what are her numbers today?
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her numbers are dropping. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy says he does support paul ryan as speaker. some democrats, though remain cautiously optimistic. reena and kendis, back to you. >> stephanie ramos live in washington. stephanie, thank you very much. also in washington vice president joe biden still silent on his possible presidential run. but biden has taken a number of not so subtle shots at front-runner hillary clinton over the past few days and now he's back-tracked on his version of the decision to go after osama bin laden. biden had long said that he was not in favor of the raid but yesterday he said something entirely different. >> i told them my opinion, that i thought he should go but to follow his own instincts but it would have been a mistake, imagine if i had said in front of everyone, don't go or go and his decision was a different decision. >> reporter: the white house not going to touch this one. they won't say which version is the accurate one. if biden gets in he'll face one less primary challenger.
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jim webb. he's dropped out but is independent. he complained about the lack of typing in the debate. a surprising meeting between the kremlin between russian president vladimir putin and cia gentleman's bashar al assad. reports are they discussed russia's continuing military operations in syria. the trip was assad's first outside the country since the civil war erupted there four years ago. it took place as the same day the u.s. and russia signed an agreement aimed at minimizing the risk of flights over syria. it includes a pledge as of a safe distance between warplanes. new york city mourning the loss of another police officer. the fourth to be murdered in the past 11 months. randolph holder killed during a gun battle last night in the east harlem section of manhattan.
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holder and his partner responding to a call about gunshots. a suspect in custody. a kentucky police officer is hospitalized after being shot in the chest during a standoff. the suspect barricaded himself inside a home in prestonsburg. police in albuquerque are looking for who shot a 4-year-old in a car on a busy interstate. the little girl died in the hospital. her father said it was a case of road rage. that a car pulled up alongside his and started firing. police do not have a suspect. clues may be spread over a large area of interstate 40. and part of the southwest is bracing for more severe storms today after yesterday's extreme weather. small hail pounded the albuquerque area while heavy rain poured out of the skies. there were several severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings in effect overnight. to the west near phoenix look at this. one funnel cloud spotted in the metro area.
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they could see more than 3 inches by noon today. flash flood watches and warnings have been issued for parts of utah, arizona, new mexico, as well as west texas. as we take a look at the radar this morning that large system you see right there moving through several states in the southwest, flash flooding possible in texas and new mexico, in colorado the higher elevations of the central rockies likely getting its first big snowfall of the season. well, some pomp and pageantry as queen elizabeth hosted a state banquet for china's president. duchess wore a pearl and diamond lotus tiara in the royal family for more than 80 years. the duchess was seated next to the chinese president and she looked absolutely glamorous. >> so did the queen. >> not on outdone. still ahead. new guidelines for mammograms
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st. louis area police are increasing patrols around freedom fantasily black churches after six arsons in the past two weeks. authorities believe the fires are linked but aren't sure whether race has played a part in the fires. the region of course has been rocked by racial tension since the shooting death of michael
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the churches include catholic, lutheran, baptist as well as non nondenominate congregations. devastating mudslides, a body found inside a car buried by the mud. it could be the first death related to the mudslides and severe flooding north of los angeles. the vehicle was found upside down and tilted sideways in a retention basin. dirt. in san francisco, this 39-year-old man was arrested after staying at a vacant mansion and selling pieces of art that were inside. he sold ten works valued at more than $300,000. the guy claimed to have bought the multimillion dollar mansion that's been vacant for years. neighbors were suspicious and called the cops which led to his arrest. >> made himself at home. "consumer reports" is amonger recommending the tesla. it is tops in performance but its predicted reliability is worse than average.
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the automaker's ranking tops in reliability are lexus, toyota, audi, mazda and subaru, by the way, kia is more reliable than honda or any american brand. a deal is in the works to settle a lawsuit over subway's foot long sandwiches filed two years ago when foot longs were found to be only 11 inches long. it would force subways to measure their bread. could be approved next year. hershey is making something special for the holidays. the deluxe have a lovely hazelnut center filled with little specks of rice krispies. they are double the size of the usual hershey's kiss. you can look for them on shelves early next month. i wonder how the pumpkin spice hershey hershey kiss would -- i think there is one. flames.
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the massive speeding rock set to zoom by at 78,000 miles an hour and at a distance of around 310,000 miles. the next time it's expected to fly by, 15 years from now. fella. closer to home for those traveling a little sooner, roads this morning could be flooded in much of the southwest and up into the rockies. drivers are also likely to great lakes. if you're flying airport denver. new details now in the fatal police shooting of ray south florida man. >> a musician corey jones killed while pulled over when his car broke down on an interstate in palm beach gardens. a handgun registered to him was found at the scene and family members can't imagine why he would have had a gun. >> i can't explain it. i cannot understand it. >> we have confirmed that palm beach county sheriff's office recovered a fivearm from the incident.
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paperwork showing mr. jones purchased the handgun three days before the officer-involved shooting. >> the police officer who shot jones was in plainclothes and not wearing a body camera and there is no dash cam footage of that incident. a dozen people are in the intend tiff care unit of a hospital in san jose, california, after suffering an apparent case of food poisoning. a mexican seafood restaurant has been closed after more than 80 people who ate there got sick. lab tests in at least 15 of those showed shigella bacteria and usually forms from unwashed contaminated food. new breast screens recommendations from the american cancer society. it says healthy women should start getting mammograms at 45 instead of 40 and beginning at age 55 women should be screened every other year.
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it's over determines about false positives according to abc's dr. jennifer ashton. >> the reason for the delay back from 40 to 45 is because they found that in women 40 to 44, a screening mammogram in terms of saving lives may, in fact, do more harm than good in some women so this is frustrating and you need to speak to your doctor about your plan. >> the group also says it no longer recommends a clinical breast exam in which a doctor or nurse feels if for lumps. three teenagers from long island, new york, are in big trouble for hacking into their high school's computer system. they're accused of changing grades and altering the schedules of 300 other students. now they're facing charges including burglary and identity theft. all the changes that were made were corrected before students received schedules and their grades. a dramatic rescue on the high seas off the coast of alaska. coast guard video captures the moment when a french sailor with
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a jump from his disabled sailboat to an oil drilling vessel which sped to the rescue. the waves crashing at about 20 feet high and winds at nearly 50 miles an hour he time. absolutely incredible. surveillance video shows the frantic moments inside a commuter bus before it burst into flames in washington state. the driver asked passengers to leave the bus because of a fire. they exit as the flames start to spread. commuters line up along the side of the highway while the bus burns. the cause of the fire, under investigation. okay, got to show you this video in brazil. a truck attempts to cross a dilapidated bridge with disastrous results. moments before attempting to cross, the driver examines the bridge, the truck crosses but as the driver accelerates the truck begins to fall and plummets into the ravine and sends dust flying into the air. we are told the driver is physically okay. his underwear needed changing. >> oh, boy. well now some sports.
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by this time tomorrow we could know which teams are going to the world series. >> we get highlights from our guys at espn. he's stan. i'm neil doing baseball highlights. >> i'll go first. mets and cubs. >> batter up. >> mets up two games to none, they shifted to wrigley field for game three. daniel murphy still hitting home runs everywhere. he homered in four straight game, make it five off kyle hendricks and the fifth straight ties a major league baseball record. mes up 2-1. top seven, up 3-2. yoenis cespedes off kyle schwarber. he should have made that play. >> you think so. >> and kyle schwarber saying in his glove i should have made that play. blue jays, hey, we're at home and we'll tie our series up 2-2 and got the former cy young winner, r.a. dickey flowing that knuckleball and ben zobrist goes
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first. it's 2-0 in the second it's 4-0. alex rios says zobrist, can you make another one of those knuckle sandwiches? dierks bentley, 1 2/3. four hit, four earned. he got pulled. the royals busted out the whooping sticks, 14-2. your final. >> mets/royals? >> well, that's what it's looking like right now. >> yeah. >> all right. back to you. stan and neil, thank you. up next in "the pulse," "back to the future" day. so what did the movie get right? talk about a saver. how a google employee puts away 90% of his income. p ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza . p for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. t but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower
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you know, today is the day when marty mcfly ended up in the october. >> october 21st, 2015, the date marty and doc brown traveled from 1985 in "back to the future ii," walking out of the alley getting his first view of hill valley in 2015 so what do we see? flying cars. unique outfits and a movie billboard. >> and the hoverboard. since that scene many companies claim to have built a working one. although most need a special electro electromagnetic field underneath to work. >> what else did they get right. facetime. he is seen talking to his boss needles on a video call. >> wow. >> an accurate rediction of smart glasses. marty's future children wear strapped headset. google glass would come out two decades later. >> what did they get wrong? not a single smartphone.
4:24 am
pretty funny and don't do what this guy did. newly released video reveals a passenger guess separate to catch his flight runs on to the tarmac in denver. >> what were you thinking? >> prosecutors say the man pushed open a secure emergency door exit. he was arrested, of course, after it trilogiered an alarm and pleaded guilty to tampering probation. >> the passenger was trying to get to his high school reunion, something tells me he did not make it anymore time for cocktail hour. >> something tells me he hit it up before. northern california real estate can get expensive. a young google employee is living in this 16-foot truck. take a look. parked at google headquarters. >> that's where he's living? >> yeah. >> so instead of spending $2,000 a month in rent he paid $10,000 for the entire truck. he figures he'll break even. >> he showers and eats at google and charges his batteries there.
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dannon oikos triple zero. dannon top stories this morning, congressman paul ryan says he'll run for the house speaker job but only if he has the full support of his republican colleagues. he's given them until friday to make up their minds. secretary of state john kerry heads to europe and the mideast today hoping his meetings with israeli and palestinian leaders can help stop the rising violence there. russian president vladimir putin and syrian leader bashar al assad have held a secret meeting in moscow. their discussions yesterday centered on the continuation of russia's military campaign in syria. and taking a look at today's weather, heavy rain in the southwest all the way up to denver. showers around the great lakes and much warmer than usual along the mid-atlantic states. and finally this morning we've already told you about some of the stuff that they got right and they got wrong in
4:28 am
"back to the future ii" but we didn't mention the delorean. >> the delorean. you can have just like the one in the film but it comes at a price. darren rovell explains. >> heading toward hill valley, california, 4:29 p.m. on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> reporter: well, we're finally here. the future as imagined in the 1989 film "back to the future ii." there are no flying cars and "jaws" stopped way before 19. but the cubs could still win the world series this year. >> cubs win world series. >> reporter: and there are these. fully tricked out converted deloreans off a highway in a dallas suburb made to look like the time traveling vehicles used in the film. >> this thing is a hobby that turned into a crazy business. >> reporter: turning these vintage deloreans a short-lived
4:29 am
brand of the early '80s into so-called time machines is the brainchild of bob mostly, a former restaurant owner who has a fan himself bought a delorean. >> the thing about it if you own a delorean you're going to have to deal with "back to the future" references. >> reporter: of course when the car hits 88 miles per hour, the required speed to travel in time according to the movie, mostly has it rigged with all the bells and whistles. >> everything lights up, the dates change, speedometer goes to 88 so you have the full experience of the time travel event. so what do you think? want to go for a ride? >> am i driving? >> no, i'm driving but i'll let you ride in the passenger seat. >> okay, all right. >> all right, here we go. >> flip that. >> yes! i'm darren rovell in duncanville, texas. >> that looks pretty cool. >> it does.


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