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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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which is respoible for its caption content and accuracy. ] >> joe biden bows out after months of uncertainty. good evening, everyone. with biden tout race for the democratic nomination now focus on clinton and sanders. >> the vice president clearly torn about what was an emotional decision. >> underscore emotional. the death of biden's son last may had a profound impact. he said needed time to grieve. walking out of the rose garden, biden was joined by the president and he said he and his family has reached a place of healing but there wasn't enough time to launch an effective run for the white house. >> i've said this to many other families sooner rather than later, when you think of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes.
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are today. unfortunately, i believe we're out of time the time necessary to mount a winning campaign. >> the vice president did say he'll spend much of his remaining time in office advocating for funding and research to fight cancer. the disease that claimed his son bo. biden's decision showing immediate results for hillary clinton tonight. in the latest a.b.c. news "washington post" poll she gains 10 points taking commanding 64-25 lead over her closest both clinton and sanders praised the vice president both calling him a good man who has served the nation with distinction and on twitter, republican presidential frontrunner trump said permanent sonally i would rather run against clinton because her record is so bad. >> nicholas johnson is free on
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tonight we're learning how police say he lured the young victim. anderson is live for us in west bridgewater. karen? karen: the 14-year-old girl practiced here at this cheerleading gym. she even took private lessons from the instructor now behind bars charged with rape. >> the coach walked into the full house cheers gym in west bridgewater saying they were only there to work. they wouldn't comment on their former colleague nicholas one of his 14-year-old students. >> i mean, i would never suspect that. >> according to police johnson tempt texted the girl asking if she wanted to go over to his house. inside she tells police he sexually assaulted her and afterwards told her, he loved her. then they both went back to the cheer gym. >> his neighbors appalled by the charges. >> it's disgusting,
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disappointing, especially because you're in a higher power, you know, you're supposed to guide the child through life and be a strong individual. >> the 14-year-old says he also asked her to send him some sexually explicit pictures of herself, which she did. the gym celebrated johnson's arrival earlier this year. we found his bio, now removed from the website touting his experience, describing him as a third generation cheerleading coach. today the owners released a statement saying he no longer works there and their thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family. >> the owners also told us they did a criminal background check as well as reference check. we reached out to his attorney. so far, no response tonight. live in west bridge water, karen anderson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> over elm street in kingston. several cars including a transport van involved in a pretty serious crash. we're told five people were hurt.
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were injured. >> right now a couple who police are likening to bonnie and clyde may be back in the bay state. joseph and jetty are wanted for bank robberies in three states but there are reports that they may be back in lovelow and that's where we find jack tonight. jack? jack: at this point they are still investigating. the first robbery was here. they have a little bank inside, the country bank branch. that's where it started. since then detectives following a money trail. they are looking for joe and jenni carrier, suspects in three bank robberies. one in palm coast, florida. the last one in aberdeen, maryland. in each robbery a man claiming and then he runs out to a waiting getaway car which investigators believe was driven by his wife. the pair vanished from their
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sixth street in quincey. >> i haven't seen their cars. i don't know what happened to them. odd people. >> along the way they have picked up this nickname bonnie and clyde which really isn't fair at this pointer because even though there have been three bank robberies which police believe they are responsible for, there has been no violence. however, the detective in charge telling us a little while ago they are concerned as people get desperate they do desperate things. you'll hear from him at 6:00. jack harper, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the hardwick father accused of extreme child abuse is being held on $250,000 bail after facing a judge. the 7-year-old was found beaten and starved in his father's home over the summer. his father and his girlfriend are charged with five felonies including assault and battery of a child. >> no bail for a nantucket carpenter accused of raping two women.
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it happened six years apart. madison was arrested yesterday at a job site on the island. investigators say he raped a woman in her home and then assaulted another woman a year ago. he may be linked to at least three other rapes over the same time frame. >> a life look at the city of boston. cloudy skies today and scattered showers across much of the state. a little bit of sunshine over on the island, we understand but still some passing sprinkles, it sounds like. >> mostly not in our local area but we're seeing a if you more up around southern vermont and so there may be a couple overnight tonight but the clouds are still locked in. there is actually a weather front separating slightly cooler air in boston from very warm air for this time of the year. out around hartford. check it out. it's 73 in hartford but just 55 in boston with a gentle breeze a tough water. eventually the warmer temperatures will win out, meaning thursday, boston will approach and probably reach or exceed 70 degrees with a few
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the evening, there is a risk of a couple of showers coming through and big temperature changes for friday which we'll talk about in a little while. >> police are still looking for a hit-and-run driver who hit a bicyclist last night. he hit the bike on carver road just afternoon 10:00 and did not stop. a few minutes later another driver saw the injured bicyclist lying in the road and called police. there is no word yet on the condition of the victim. police say the driver's car likely has heavy front end damage. >> new york city stunned tonight by the murder of a police officer and the circumstances surrounding the man accused of killing him. officer randolph holder was shot and killed during a gun battle on a pedestrian bridge last night. it happened in east harlem. officers called to the scene after a bike was stolen at gunpoint. he's described as a career criminal who was released from jail and put into a drug diversion program.
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last several years there has been an anti-police attitude, that has grown, and that's unfortunate. the vast majority, continually on behalf of the citizens of this city and this country, go toward the danger. >> the suspect had been arrested more than 30 times prior to last night's incident. he was wounded in that shooting. he's since been released from the hospital still in police custody. >> the mass gaming commission is weighing in on those controversial fantasy sports sites. the panel plans to take up the legality at its meeting next week. this comes as the attorney says she'll not move to shut down draft kings and other fantasy sports sites. she tells the globe her review is focusing on consumer protection issues, not whether websites are legal. new york's attorney general along with the f.b.i. and u.s. attorney's office are reviewing those sites. u.p.s. has reached added 4 million settlement with 14 states including massachusetts.
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the settlement follows allegations that u.p.s. overcharged government customers. employees were accused of inaccurately recording delivery times and taking steps to prevent refund claims for packages delivered late. a former u.p.s. employee blew the whistle on the practice. >> millions of toyota are being recall over a problem with their power windows. debris to build up in the switch of the power windows causing to it overheat, melt and cause a fire. 2.7 million vehicles in north america are affected including the corolla, camry, raav 5 produced 2005 and 2010. no crashes have been reported. you're looking at the southeast expressway down by the gas tank and both ways -- both directions, i should say, are backing up at this hour. let's look at the maps. we're looking for a delay. it's 25-minute ride from mass ab to route 3 right now. north of the city you're looking
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19 minutes from i-93 to newton corner. 128 slowing down a bit. further west on the pike, 28 minutes from the western toll to 495. once you reach 495, that stretch between the mass turnpike and 290 looks okay right now, at least in both directions. >> information in a deadly case of road rage that happened out in new mexico. >> the victim, a 4-year-old girl, tonight the description of the suspect just released and the outpouring of support for the young victim nationwide. >> have you heard about a report that pope francis has a brain tumor? the brain cancer specialist quoted in that article just found out about it too. >> his strong response is next. >> new at 5:30, what a father is accused of doing to his newborn baby.
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>> this is new at 5:00, tragedy overseas, an american pilot killed when a marine corps fighter jet crashed after taking off from a u.s. military base. it happened in england about 70 london. no one else was believed to have been on-board at the time the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> right now police in new mexico are searching for a suspect who shot and killed a attack. police now believe they have a suspect driving. >> seeking justice for lily garcia, her family, and police are pleading with the public to help find her killer.
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authorities now describing the man who fled this crime scene in new mexico as a white male, possibly hispanic in his 20s or 30s with a skin goatee and average build driving a maureen or dark red toyota four-door sudan with tinted windows. >> we're begging for the community's help. we need to rise up as a enough. conscious. she'll be 4. >> 4 year old lily was sitting in the back seat of her parent's pickup truck along with her 7 year old brother yesterday when their car and to the other vehicle engaged in a road rage incident in albuquerque ending with the suspect shooting and her. >> the cars were both moving. one car pull up against the other and started firing rounds into the vehicle. >> for hours, police shut down the busy i-40 highway sweeping the area for the suspected gunman, to no avail. today a go fund me page has been set up to help pay for lily's funeral as police continue to ask anyone with knowledge of the shooting to do the right thing.
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>> this is something that should not be happening in albuquerque, new mexico. >> let alone anywhere else in the united states. >> it shouldn't happen anywhere. a 4 year old girl. police say they do in the believe lily's family knew the shooter and they need the public's help in solving this case. >> new at 5:00, we have confirmation that an italian news report that pope francis has a brain tumor are false. the japanese brain cancer specialist identified in that article as having diagnosed the pope says he has never examined the pontiff and the reports are "completely false." the doctor issued a statement at duke university where he works. the vatican strongly denied the report from its inception saying the 78-year-old pope is, in fact, in good health. and there is some good news tonight about the scottish nurse suffering from a rare relapse of ebola. pauline was hospitalized with meningitis earlier this month. the illness was caused by a
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recurrence of ebola which she contracted last year. her doctors say she has improved significantly since she began using experimental drug. >> what we do know about the drug and what we don't know about the drug, and also to be very clear, this is highly experimental treatment, and we don't yet know whether it's of benefit to her. >> the scientists go on to say it's possible for the ebola virus to remain in a body for months, even after a patient has apparently recovered from it. >> it was a case of the have's and have not's today, right? if you had sunshine you had beautiful temperatures and if not, it was a little wet. >> a little wet and a little cooler. that's the way it is. we were kind of split personality in southern new england, right? it? >> for a while in the morning. let's check it out. boston hit 61. that was earlier in the day and then the temperature has fallen off. boston's low of 55 is where we
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very close to average in terms of high temperature but we're well above in terms of the low temperature. let's show you what's so far this month. the month has had its ups and downs and the temperatures are in other words, we're very close to running normal for temperatures in october overall. there is a look at boston now. you do see lots of breaks in the clouds. temperature only 55. wind direction is the key out of the northeast and we have a light northeasterly wind here in boston and down in plymouth but look at the southerly winds around province and hartford. on the other side of a weather front. that's why it's warm down there. 73 in hartford while it's 55 in boston. we have clouds running along that boundary and a couple of light showers and sprinkles have been off and on in parts of the area. some areas wound up with a little more rain than i anticipated. maybe calm of sprinkles. a couple of places had a couple ofstedier showers. here's our separation between
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the comparatively cool air in boston and that warm air in hartford. as we widen out all of this warmth will come up tomorrow and that will be a warm day and then this cold front will make an approach tomorrow night. maybe touch off a shower and then it will be a lot cooler on friday as that roller coaster temperature ride continues. here's our weather for tomorrow in terms of temperature. and then here's the much cooler air. toronto, that's our weather coming up for the day on thursday. as we'll -- friday, rather as we'll be turning cooler. 70 or above. very reachable in places. if we were to break out close to full sun for a while midday or early afternoon mid-70s could be achievable. we'll see what happens. there is your milder day coming up tomorrow. a band of showers possible as this front approaches for tomorrow evening and then behind
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we'll probably have a frosty saturday. shower. breezy and cooler coming up on change as that cold front means rushes in. on saturday, a frosty start for many of us. the front has to cross the region sunday so we do run the risk of a couple of showers so i can't rule out there could be a sunday. probably around 60 degrees is the temperature, i would estimate, for the patriots and the jets. after that, another front comes through and that makes it chilly for the early portion of next week. some suggestion that we may get a significant rain event here. maybe wednesday night or thursday of next week but obviously that's a long way away and it's been a while since we've had a significant amount of rain. >> it's official. chris rock will host the oscars.
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the comedian tweeted the announcement himself. he first hosted it back in 2005. the 88th academy award will be broadcast right here on sunday, february 28. >> coverage of the opioid crisis continues. >> president obama working to increase the government's role. the new push he announced today. >> forget about milky ways this halloween. we're talking asteroids. the massive one that will come quite close to earth while we're trick-or-treating. >> several delays for residents in part of the state coming up, new at 6:00, what's causing many to get their mail up to three weeks late.
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>>need michelle obama and nba super star lebron james joining forces in the name of education.
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they hosted thousands of children and their parents today at the university of akron. the kids are from a program that james has started through his family's foundation. james will provide free four-year education to city students who qualify for the program. and mrs. obama recently launched a campaign to encourage students to extend their education beyond high school. >> today president obama is taking steps to combat the heroin epidemic in the u.s. he spoke from west virginia and that's no accident. that's the state with the highest number of drug overdoses in the entire nation. live from our washington bureau with more. >> still, the president says all americans are affected by substance abuse in some way. >> this crisis is taking lives, destroying families, and that's the thing about substance abuse. it doesn't discriminate.
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it touches everybody. >> and the president today heard from people who have beaten addiction. he also heard from healthcare professionals, law enforcement officers, and community leaders who are fighting this epidemic. the president says 120 americans die every day from drug overdoses, mostly from legal prescription drugs. researchers say there has been a spike in users across the country because of an increase in painkillers and cheap heroin. today the president is directing all federal agencies and departments to do a better job when training doctors, when they prescribe these pills, and also having better access to treatment. live in washington, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> new tonight at 6:00 we'll take a closer look at the numbers released today on opioid overdose deaths here in massachusetts. >> next at 5:30, troubling accudays
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-- accusations. >> it's back to the future day and we put the movie to the test. how many of the film's
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>> this is newscenter 5 at 5:30 >> right now at 5:30, this boston cheerleading so much
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charged with raping a 14-year-old girl. the alleged victim is one of johnson's students at the full house all-star cheer gym which is in west bridgewater. the 26-year-old is being held on $50,000 bail. >> joe biden will not run for president. biden says the window has closed for him to mount a viable campaign. bide isn't not endorsing anyone else but calls on the democratic candidate to run on president obama's record. >> wikileaks is posting emails from what appears to be the personal account of c.i.a. director john brennan. the documents include a security clearance application with personal information about his wife and family. a hacker claiming to be a high school student says he breached brennan's account. >> leonard is joining us now it's 57 degrees. >> i asked you this yesterday. i don't mean to be crazy about the number 70, but could we crack it tomorrow? >> we sure do. as a matter of fact, it's not that far away right now.
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look at hartford. 73.
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