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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we are 20 degrees colder tomorrow. gh temperature on friday is going to struggle to get out of the lower 50' s on the other side of this front. cooler air is settling and that high pressure is as well. both of sunshine in the forecast. it is the pick day of the weekend. a few more spot showers coming in on sunday. look at a temperature drop by early next week. back down into the lower 40' s. we take you hour-by-hour through your thursday is the eye-opener continues. >> now on newscenter 5 ' s eye-opener. emily: threats to a student body have a teen under close watch. what was discovered inside his home. randy: hillary clinton back on capitol hill. the focus of another benghazi hearing. emily: the key to ptsd may be inside this brain bank. the research being done in massachusetts helping unmask clues to the problems haunting veterans. >> you are watching wcvb, boston ' s news leader.
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randy: also on the eye this morning, these guys are having a tough time. the security camera capturing their blunder. burglar blunder. good morning. thank you for joining us. emily: i' m emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon' s. cindy: we are cooking up a warm on today. it is going to be breezy as well. starting out with temperatures in the 50' s. earlier this week, we could not get into the 50' s. a mild start. 52 in worcester. 54 in boston. we have some fog where you see the white, producing visibility down to 1/3 of a mile. the fog is out there. otherwise we are dry. showers off to the west. this is a narrow ribbon of showers. a lot of these are going to fall apart is this approach is late in the day. at ahead of this front, a gusty southwest of the wind is going to pull in some warmer temperatures.
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from the 50' s this morning, we are jumping into the 60' s. 70 degrees this afternoon. fog burns off for abrasive sunshine and that south wind will give us highs in the lower 70' s. boston, lawrence, 72. totten, same deal. would not be over concerned by the shower threat. wanted to showers may begin north and west of town with a better chance of a couple of showers this evening. your morning commute is looking drive. it is the fog we are dealing with. olessa: not the best visibility this morning. it yourself extra travel time. live look at the everett connector. looking ok. all of ourvernight construction in the final stages. some road work along 93 from route 24 up to the braintree split. more roadwork and construction in place. 128 off to route 9. and along the pike as you travel
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trains and buses are starting the morning on schedule. emily: thank you. now a teenager is accused of turning to shoot up methuen high school and police say what they found inside his home might be more troubling. randy: reid laverty is at the high school with the discovery. reid: good morning. officers tell us they did find live ammunition inside the 16-year-old' s home. they tell us the search yielded what they described to be tactical year, but sources told newscenter 5 that the weapons found are in fact fake. this investigation started after another student came forward on monday. please tell us she became concerned when the teenager started making threats verbally in text messages and on social media. they also say those threats referenced other school shootings. >> i think what is important in the situation was not what the kid said or what we found.
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young courage-filled child who came forward. reid: an alert to go out to parents. the situation what was happening. the teenager has already faced a judge and is currently undergoing a mental evaluation. randy: thank you. right now hillary clinton is getting ready to answer more questions about the deadly attack on an american compound in benghazi, libya. that seige killed for americans, including the u.s. ambassador and glenn dority. eric and talent: -- eric is here with what we know will be a heated day in washington. erica: it' s testimony that will be a test for clinton as a could have a huge impact on her presidential campaign. the former secretary of state will answer to the special house committee investigating the 2012 attacks. clinton' s use of a private him a server may, but the focus will
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be any involvement clinton had with security decisions in libya. clinton testified before congress three years ago. she says she was unaware of requests for more security. >> we have learned through e-mails after documents, there were hundreds of mentions about security incidents, particularly in 2012. emily: republicans criticized for taking so long with this process argue officials have not been forthcoming with information, but democrats and even some republicans have suggested this is at least in part of political play to hurt clinton' s white house chances. the testimony begins at 10:00 this morning. emily: an elderly woman is recovering after she fell onto the tracks and under in orange line train. that woman slipped as the train pulled into haymarket station last night. the train came to a screeching halt, jolting passengers. >> we' re inside the train and the driver stopped the train
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then she started screaming , get outside. emily: the woman was trapped in a crawlspace and it took a half hour to get her out. she wasalert on their way to the hospital and is expected to be ok. inspectors are reviewing surveillance video to find out what happened. the family of a tall worker killed on the job wants the state to do more to protect highway employees. he was hit by a truck is he walked across the toll lane in july. the driver is facing several charges, including motor vehicle homicide in connection with that crash. this week, the state announced new efforts to get drivers to slow down while passing through tollbooths but family members tell the telegrams they want to see rumble strips. randy: a suspect is now charged with murder in the road rage killing of a four yera ar old girl.
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tony torres wa s arrested yesterday. the victim was shot while driving -- riding in the back of her father' s truck. he was trying to exit the highway when a driver forced him out of his lane. the drivers exchanged words and shots were fired. a brooklyn firefighter charged with beating a man has been fired. the board of selectmen made the decision calling joseph boards' s actions agree. he is accused of attacking a man because he was taking too long to order. the firefighters union says it will appeal the decision. emily: a former cheerleading coaches accused of raping one of his students. nicholas johnson worked in west bridgewater. police say he started taxing a 14-year-old whom he' d coast privately and took her to his apartment. that is where they say he sexual >> it' s disgusting. it is disappointing, especially
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re the higher power. you' re supposed to guide the child through life and be a strong individual. it is disappointing. emily: they have offered prayers to the girl involved. johnson has pleaded not guilty to aggravated rape and they' ll is set at 50,000 words. campus police at bridgewater state university are calling a students rape claim unfounded. the woman told police a man she met on a social networking app sexually assaulted her. police searched for an attacker but say they close the case and will not bring charges. randy: this morning, looks like congressman paul ryan is poised to be the next speaker of the u.s. house of representatives. last night, a caucus of hardline house conservatives voted to support ryan, something he demanded before pursuing the job. two other gop groups still have to vote by the end of the week. those groups are largely
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-- john boehner to resign. the damning commission will review draft kings and fan dual. the panel which is in charge of casino operations will look at whether the websites are legal and whether there should be -- they should be facing regulation. they will discuss the issue at their next public meeting one week from today. emily: newscenter 5 on the opioid crisis. governor baker will meet with law enforcement and community leaders. a new legislation in massachusetts as the crisis grows. the department of public health estimates there were 683 opioid related deaths from january to june this year, a 7% increase from the same period last year. in total, there were more than 1000 opioid deaths for 2014, 60 3% increase from 2012. randy: 9 minutes after 5:00. the federal government has a new focus on faulty airbags.
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emily: the proposal that could wrap up of paris. it is the first of its kind research at -- aimed at helping veterans with ptsd. the key brain samples may hold. randy: the message from uconn longer enrolled at the university. cindy: and we have got a big warm up on tap today. showers. where and when we could see the ahead. take a look at the temperatures lots of 50' s but notice the fog.
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>> hi. we are the panthers.
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randy: good morning. they have plenty future about this year. emily: find out why they are getting a high five from mike lynch. we can always show your school pride. go to the front page of and uploaded to the u local section of our website. so foggy out there today. cindy: you may need some extra time. fog is going to burn off. pictures for you there along the charles. a little fog in the distance. is thicker than others but it is and it may slow you down. wherever you see the white that is fog. to worcester. fog is out there. it is going to be a breezy and warm day.
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enjoyed while it last because it does not last long. it turns much colder tomorrow. a frosty start to the weekend on saturday. notice the temperatures this morning running in the 50' s. an average high for us is down to 50 degrees. 55 hyannis. worcester 52. boston right now 54 degrees. we are going to stay in the 50' s through 8:00 this morning. by late morning, already in the 60' s. up near 70 degrees by early this afternoon as fog is way too rates of sunshine. once again today, there will be a fair amount of cloud cover. you can see those clouds. off to the west a band of showers hold -- a head of a cold front. strong southwesterly wind today. so, it is breezy and warm. southwest wind could gust over 30 today. the threat of a spot shower late in the day.
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but look at these high temperatures. upper 60' s to near 70 in worcester. 71 nashua. upper 60' s for you today on cape cod. nice and warm. as we go to the day, and those bricks of sunshine-- it' s after 3:00 that we have that risk of seeing one or two spot showers. miss showers. most of that is going to miss. i know we could use the rain. but they will be winding down after 10:00 tonight on the cape. thereafter, skies clear out. winds out of the west. we are down in the 40' s by tomorrow, high temperatures only in the lower 50' s. it is more of a north-northwesterly win d also talking about a lot of sunshine friday into saturday. the clear skies on sunday morning, look at these temperatures. boston even down in the mid 30' s. it is going to be a cold start to your saturday. we recover only into the lower to mid 50'
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more clouds. the risk of a passing shower on sunday. that is another cold front that will knock back the temperatures by early next week. we warm up and then we called him but suddenly the cool downs are getting cooler. emily: and more frequent. so olessa: so far it is a quiet start on your roadways. a live look at the pike, eastbound moving away. all of our overnight construction is now gone. you can see fog in this camera shot. that visibility not the best this morning. let' s check the rest of that ride. that roadwork cleared i-93 south by sullivan square. construction cleared 93 from 124 to the braintree split. all the roadwork along the pike picks up by newton corner. north of town, you are doing fine. trains and buses on schedule.
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randy: the student behind an infamous outbursts at the university of connecticut is no longer enrolled at the school. it is not clear if lou gatty was expelled or he left in his own but uconn confirmed he is banned from school property. the 19-year-old became aggressive with food service employees who would not serve him mac & cheese because it had an open open container of alcohol. emily: new research being done to help veterans dealing with ptsd. it is happening inside this lab at the bedford v.a. a team is examining hundreds of brain samples donated by patients nothing from mark as they have seen in other brain treatment. that reduce inflammation. certain treatments that heal blood vessels. structures are our treatment on those. only one dedicated to the study of ptsd.
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randy: some common foods can do a lot more than satisfy hunger. pains. carrots, their high levels of vitamin a and beta-carotene flight information -- fight and inflammation.a beans will ease headaches. they are loaded with magnesium. and a magnesium deficiency has been linked to migraines. to ing economic headlines this morning. the most highly valued company in the baystate is slashing jobs. biogen announced 800 cuts. it is ending several research programs due to a -- a disappointing drug trial. biogen is the world' s largest maker of drugs for multiple sclerosis. regulators are thinking of speeding up recalls over faulty airbags. the government could put out a
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manufacturers to -- do certain repairs and replacement of to caught airbags. -- takaa ta airbags. the airbags which can release shrapnel have been linked to 8 deaths. emily: asian stocks are lower this morning due to weak earnings. in the u.s. , stock futures are higher despite finishing in the red yesterday. investors are looking to jobless claims data. comcast getting ready to enter the cell phone business. using verizon' s network, comcast will offer cellular and wi-fi service. if it all comes together, that service will be capable of competing with at&t, sprint, t-mobile, and verizon. randy: people are sleeping a lot easier in one florida neighborhood. emily: the predator captured and the message from its owner. erica: finding a parking space in front of boston' s most congested areas just got a bit more challenging.
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the car sharing companies getting the spots and the reaction that is getting from drivers. heightened concerns centered on boston' s tunnels. the new number of damaged nuts. and the girls field hockey team in watertown high school is making history.
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emily: 5:23 on your thursday morning. cindy: started out in the 50' s. headed up to 70. a nice, warm day on the way. a little bit of fog this morning. reducing visibility. visibility down under half a mile in boston. that may slow you down. braces sunshine. lower 70' s today. -- breaks in sunshine. 20 degrees colder tomorrow. a frosty start to the weekend. randy: one more thing. "back to the future" got wrong. the cubs will not win the world series. the empire state building was lighted for the mets after they knocked the cubs out of the playoffs with a 4-0 series sw eep. the mets were off to an early start with a three run homer. the hits kept on coming. 8-3 the final. world series kicks off on october 27. emily: 5:24. time for eye poppers. olessa: a florida man is owning
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>> really feel bad and deeply sorry for causing that trouble to other people. olessa: this king cobra slithered out of its cage in the garage. it was fou nd half a mile away under someone' s clothes drier. the owner could get his entire collection of snakes taken away. bumbling burglars. video shows them trying to steal an atm. the atm would not budge and one of them falls down. then they go for a 90 inch tv. one of them looks at the camera. selfie. that camera captured that. the tv' s are too heavy. so they leave with nothing. emily: and they put their masks on outside. olessa: were they goingn to tie
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randy: they did leave without that warrant for their arrest. a good picture for police. a new move to get a powerful painkiller out of the hands of kids. the action happening at the statehouse. honoring calling rates are on the second anniversary of her murder. the message from friends and how you can take part -- honoring colleen. the eyeopener continues on this thursday morning.
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randy: randy: a new concern for commuters. the discovery inside boston tunnel. emily: a teenager charged in a chilling plot and what police say they found in his home. randy: hillary clinton getting
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may not focus on today. highs. -- new heights. this has not in massachusetts, not s on the eye. ' s news leader. eyeopener. emily: 5:30 on this thursday morning. a live look. a foggy start in boston. maybe give yourself a few extra minutes when you head out the door. good morning. i am emily riemer. m randy price. we noticed it on the way in this morning. cindy: an hour after sunrise, it is going to start to burn off. sunrise at 7:04. you can see where the white is showing you reduced visibility. 1/3 f
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watch out for those areas of fog at the bus stop. look at these temperatures -- mid 50' s. 70 when the kids are getting off the bus this afternoon. a light jacket this morning. 54 in boston. mid 50' s on the cape. you can see there are clouds across the area but showers are off to the west. a line of showers coming out ahead of a cold front. a lot of these are going to fall apart. what you' ll notice throughout the day is a southwesterly breeze developing. 68 degrees by lunchtime with a p.m. afternoon. though showers pushing toward the coast line by 8:00 p.m. showers few and far between. most of your day is dry and warm 72 the high. 8 73 in waltham. near 70 in worcester. lower 70' s brockton to bridgewater.
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on the cape, that southwesterly wind holding you in the upper 60' s. the fog is the issue. olessa: sup are doing ok on the roadways. a live look at the pike. -- so far we are doing ok. let' s get over to the maps and check out the rest of our ride. all overnight construction is gone. no problems getting into boston. you are doing ok i-95, 24, route 3. no issues on the pike or route 9. so far so good 93 southbound all away down to the connector. randy: trains and buses on schedule. bridgewater state police says the report of a rape on campus earlier this week was "unfounded." the student told officers a man she met on a social networking app sexually assaulted her. police say the case is now closed. emily: now a teenager is facing charges accused of threatening to shoot up methuen high school. the 16-year-old junior
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referenced other school shootings and had live ammunition and tactical gear but the actual weapons were fake. randy: right now hillary clinton is getting ready to face questions on the deadly attacks in benghazi libya. she will testify before a special house committee this morning. four americans were killed in the 2012 attack, including winchester native glenn doherty. emily: the sat tate is working to fix new problems inside tunnels commuters use every day. randy: antoinette antonio is in the city. antoinette: repairs to hundreds of cracks or deteriorated nuts inside boston' s big dig tunnels. the bill keeps on growing. if you are concerned about this as you her heading into the city,d dot officials say there are no safety concerns. but inspectors have found hundreds of faulty nuts on the lighting fixtures inside the tunnels. so far 878 damaged nuts have been discovered in the ted
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replaced in the turnpike connector tunnel and hte i-93 tunnel. the nuts hold up lights. dot officials say they support not fall down. that, however, was not the case four years ago when a light fixture fell in the tip o' neill tunnel. all of these light inspections november, but we are talking about more than 100,000 lights. after that, it will take six months to take all the repairs. no word yet on what the final total cost will be. randy: 5:34. it is going to take even longer than expected to finish the t' s green line extension. the next phase was supposed to start this fall but has now been pushed back to next spring. the reason for that soaring cost ? the current price tag -- $2 billion.
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but that may jump to $3 billion before the job is finished. emily: friends of a murdered you can help today. erica is back with the tribute to colleen ritzer. erica: today marks two years since colleen ritzer was killed at danvers high school but those day about her life. want to make this day about her life. they want you to do something nice and share it online with a #kindnessfour colleen. >> her twitter page has become popular because of all the positive quotes. i think there are a lot of people who post those sort of things and they do not follow it up in life. but colleen was that positive person. erica: philip chism is undergoing a mental health evaluation before jury selection for his trial continues. that could take a few more weeks. randy: a bill to ban doctors from writing oxycontin prescriptions for kids gets a
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public hearing today. diana dizoglio of methuen says the powerful painkiller can become a gateway drug to h eroin. her legislation would prevent anyone under the age of 17 from getting it. an fda decision allows oxycontin prescriptions for children as young as 11 under certain medical circumstances. teenagers accused of using a hazard to vandalize a planned parenthood clinic in new hampshire. police in claremont say the damage is extensive. -- the the teenager is accused of using a hatchet. he' s also accused of damaging the plumbing, which flooded the clinic and a pizza restaurant next door. the same clinic was damaged early this mud when someone spray-painted graffiti on the front of the building. it is not known if yesterday' s crime is related. emily: there are fewer street parking spots for you in boston.
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gone to -- these players and their coach have a reason to celebrate. the big win. emily: ahead in news to go. new message options for iphone users.
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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olessa: a live look at the pike. eastbound side moving at the bottom of the screen.
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not seeing any volume, no accidents. all of our construction is gone. a little bit foggy out there this morning. cindy: reducing visibility. the temperatures are running in the 50' s. a mild start. the warm afternoon. fog burns off. breaks of sunshine. temperatures into the low 70' s this afternoon. a late day or evening shower. much colder tomorrow. only in the lower 50' s. 20 degrees colder tomorrow. >> we cannot park here. in the city. randy: rental car companies are snapping up parking spaces and parts of the hub. zip car paying $3000 a year to rent spaces. those spaces cost drivers anywhere from seven dollars a day to $90 a months. unlike the haystack app which was nixed earlier this year, the
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of the 80 spots only nine or in downtown boston. the city hopes rental cars could ease congestion. >> maybe people decide, my car is getting old. i can get a new car. limited how much this is going to cause, i can get a zipcar. it' s much cheaper. randy: many of the least spots areas where little access to real cars exist. emily: watertown high school knows the meaning of winning but their most recent victory is one for the record books. the girls field hockey team is on a national streak that has never happened before. 154 wins in a row. watertown setting a national high school record yesterday with their 6-0 victory. 40 of their last 41 wins have been shut out there the last time they lost was in the state tournament in november, 2008. player' s face this incredible streak is due in part to their coach. >> she is unbelievable.
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she is the reason why this works. she is our driving force. we are so unbelievably lucky to have her. emily: coach eileen donoghue boasts 590 wins. randy: a large heroin discovery in west bridgewater. a n ew fallout from a cia data breach and a new resident to "sesame street." fog out there this money. be aware of that.
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randy: the eyeopener team is ready with your news to go, starting with a school threat in methuen. what to expect from hillary clinton' s upcoming testimony on benghazi. emily: antoinette is in boston with new concern about big dig tunnels. cindy: average high is just 59. that is the reality, but this is today' s forecast. look at that. we are headed up to around or even over 70 degrees this afternoon. a warm one. you can see we had all over the place. was? up and down today. the last warm day for a while. mostly in the 50' at 52 in worcester. s in nashua.
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along the south coast of bedford, you' re in the lower 50' s. mid 50' s on the cape. boston is 54. fog will be burning off after 8:00 a.m. breaks of sunshine and temperatures up around 70 degrees as we get into the afternoon. not a lot of sunshine today. but enough to warm us up a little bit with the southwesterly wind. the fog right now and noticed visibility down to 1/3 of a mile in worcester. widespread fog this morning may slow you down. off to the west are couple of showers ahead of a cold front. as it pushes through this evening and overnight, we might see one or two showers. it is a southwesterly wind pushing us into the lower 70' s. boston. 70 through totten. upper 60' s on cape cod. the timeline. here we are by 3:00. notice it is just a couple showers as that front approaches from the north and west. as we get into the evening, there might be a couple more showers, but many of us will not see anything. there is not a lot of moisture with this front.
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as it goes on by, clearing skies, wind shift to the west brings in cooler air. down into the 40' s tomorrow morning. a much cooler day tomorrow. highs 20 degrees colder trade in the low 50' s on friday. the chilly start but up right one to your weekend. as get you to the roads as that fog slows people down a little bit. olessa: started to see some volume. the pike looks good. but let' s get over to the maps and check the rest of the ride. south, delays picking up on 24. 95 looks great. no issues on route 3. on the expressway, 20 minutes from braintree to boston. along the pike, 15 minute ride 495 to 128. 93 south some delays to andover. still on schedule. randy: a student is accused of making a threat against methuen high school. his home is causing more concerned. reid?
5:40 am
a 16-year-old methuen high school junior is undergoing a mental health evaluation after police found live ammunition inside his home. the search yielded what police described to be tactical gear found but source tells us that weapons found are fake. the boy made alarming threats on social media and in text messages. it was her friend of the teenager who came forward to prompt the investigation. police say some of the threats referenced other school shootings. parents have been notified. emily: a major test or hillary clinton today as she testifies before the special congressional committee investigating the 2012 the tax on benghazi. how she holds up could have a huge impact on her presidential campaign. the focus will likely be any involvement clean had with security decisions at the u.s. consulate in libya. four americans were killed, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens and winchester native glenn doherty.
5:41 am
cou -- critics call the investigation political. republicans say it has taken so long because it has been hard to get to the facts. testimony begins at 10:00. antoinette: thank you. years after the big dig, new problems discovered in boston' s tunnels. cracks and deteriorated nuts that hold up lights. if you are concerned as you head into the city, mass dot official says there are no safety concerns and they insist the support system ensures that lights will not fall on drivers. inspectors have found hundreds of faulty nuts on lighting fixtures. so far, 878 damaged nut have been discovered in the ted williams tunnel and anothers 49 also need to be replaced in the turnpike connector tunnel and the i-9 3 tunnel. all of the light inspections are expected to be completed by november. then it will take another six months to make all of the repairs. ther' e still not word on how
5:42 am
emily: a former cheerleading coach is behind bars accuse of raping one of his students. nicholas john son worked at the full house gym. he started texting a 14-year-old and took her to his apartment. that is where they say he sex we assaulted her. johnson has pleaded not guilty and is being held on bail. randy: a suspect is now charged with murder in the road rage killing of a four-year-old girl in new mexico. tony torres wa s arrested yesterday. this global shot while riding in her truck. the father says he was trying to exit the highway when the driver forced him out of his lane. the drivers then exchanged words and shots were fired. emily: the brookline firefighter charged with beating a man has been five. the board of selectmen made the decision calling joseph ward'
5:43 am
he is accused of attacking a man because he was taking too long to order. the union will appeal the decision. randy: an elderly woman is recovering after she fell onto the tracks and under an orange line train in boston. that woman slipped as the train pulled into haymarket station. the train came to a halt. the woman was trapped in a calls - -in a crawlspace. it took a half hour to get her out. she expected to be ok. emily: wikileaks claims to be flaunting the hack of the cia director' s private e-mail that has posted documents that it claims came from john brennan' s personal account. that account was used from 2005 to 2008. the cia says none of the posted documents are classified. the fbi now investigating the breach. randy: a woman is under arrest after police say they found 180 bags of heroin in her car. tiffany -- was pumping gas when officers executed a search
5:44 am
s when they say they found the drug spirit she is not being charged with possession with intention to distribute. emily: new hampshire' s only death row inmate is appealing supreme court. michael addison was convicted in briggs. judge violated his rights by not he was remorseful. the state supreme court upheld his conviction. randy: the moi vie back to the future got this wrong. the cubs will not win the 2015 world series. the empire state building lighted for the mets after they knocked the cubs out of the playoffs. the mets were off to an early start with a three run homer in the first. hits kept coming. 8-3 the final. the world series kicking off on october 27. emily: who will be joining them? the jays battle back last night
5:45 am
toronto off to an early lead. they clear the basis to make it -50. -- 5-0. 7-1, the final. game six is tomorrow night. randy: the bruins lose the lead in the game against the flyers. 2-2 in the first. the goal from bergeron. the b' s turned on the heat in the second. they gave up the lead in the third. the flyers push into overtime. philly scores with less than bruins lose 5-4. emily: new development coming to south boston. a six block multiuse complex called washington village is slated for andrew square. 650 square feet of retail space. next year.
5:46 am
randy: a new character coming to "sesame street." this is julia. she is a cheerful girl with autism. they are launching a new initiative to promote autism awareness. jj ulia will join elmo and big bird. emily: chris rock will host the oscars. he tweeted the announcement yesterday. he first hosted that award show in 2005. the 88th academy awards will be broadcast on channel 5on sunday, february 28. randy: a new round of emojis now available. apple released an update yesterday that includes more than 150 characters, including a burrito, n more smiley faces and religious buildings. the company has tried to determined what emojis will be released next year. in the running an avocado and a tumbler of whiskey. cindy: there is one for attorney don'
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randy: she knows all the weather ones. cindy: i dont know why. we need one for fog. you can see all the white on the map. visibility 1/3 of a mile worcester. a mile in boston. the fog may slow you down. waking up to readings in the low to mid. 50' s 54 in town. a lot of cloud cover. off to the west, there are showers working in our direction. it' s falling apart. so i would not be concerned with the threat for showers. any shower activity will hold off till the end of the day. we should be drive through 5:00 p.m.fog breaking off by 9:00 this morning. breaks of sunshine. look at how the temperatures come up quickly. the front is going to push temperatures up today. by this afternoon, high should
5:48 am
reach 70. lower 70' s boston, nashua. cool spot will be on the cape in the upper safeties. that shower threat after 33:0 :00 -- after 3:00. 8:00 p.m., the best chance of seeing showers around greater boston. w3inds -- winds shift to the west overnight in here comes the colder air. by morning, lots of spots waking up to readings in the 40' s. only recovering into the lower 50' s tomorrow. northwesterly winds bringing in cooler air, lots of sunshine to start the weekend. saturday a frosty start. activities, lots of 30' s. that sunshine pushes s. cloud cover -- a passing shower. to knock back temperatures by early next week. s today.
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olessa: so far we are seeing a little bit of that. not too bad on this camera shot. visibility not the best. there is the connector. that volume is building. as you make ua south, no delays on 24 out of avon. route 3 stop and go to braintree. 15 into boston. the pike eastbound still looks great. and so far no issues 93 south. emily: thanks. new this morning from fighting my ingrained to easing arthritis. randy: the foods they can do much more than fill your stomach. the student in this viral video
5:50 am
t woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. tman: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. p man: here because everyone deserves clean water. t man: here for the cool research. rwoman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. r man: because the oceans matter to us all. p man: i'm there to explore the frontier of knowledge. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good.
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