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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  October 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the victim, just 17 years old is behind me. the jackson square t stop just reopening, police wrapping up their investigation. police had a canine here looking for clues. this started around 3:30 with a fight inside the jackson square t stop. the victim ran out and collapsed after he was stabbed. police to have surveillance video of the suspect, who they say new the victim. they are taking a look at that now and the station was shut down for almost two hours. it just reopened. heather: it is 5:30 and harvey joins us now. 71 degrees right now in needham. harvey: you see some of that green moving in. many of us may avoid them. right now they are light and across north-central mass and southern new hampshire. i' m showing you a time lapse and
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is never ring -- narrowing and shrinking. the warmth has been something. low-to-mid 70' s in much of the area and till in the 60' s at this hour. southwest -- southwesterly wind has been gusty and still is, gusting to around 30 but that' s a pretty mild breeze and most of us will take it. tonight, if the cold front comes through, a little more moisture may pool around the cape. after that, that' s when the cool air starts to come in and there will be a noticeable temperature change for you tomorrow. notice it is still mile through this evening, 60' s in boston. after midnight, it cools off in boston and we dropped down to the 40' s and 30' s by tomorrow. in spite of sunshine, the temperatures don' t go very far. those temperatures represent
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heather: new at 5:30, a new hampshire man out walking his dog was attacked by a pair of goals. ed harding is here with more. ed: he was a member of the new hampshire fish and game department and his experience with wealth animals may have saved his life. day was walking his dog in the woods and pitbulls attacked him from behind. he fought off the dogs with pepper spray and pits -- this -- fists. >> i have been in law enforcement for 20 plus years and i have bad -- i have never had anything like this, wild, domestic, this was a fight for our lives. it was not an indictment against pitbulls but you have to control them. ed: lady needed at least 30 staples to close her wounds. both she and her owner of recovering. the dogs responsible for the
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attack are also back with their owner. the incident remains under investigation. phil: friends will hold a 17-year-old new hampshire girl last weekend. police believe eve tarmey died of an overdose. a gofundme page has been set up to support her family. heather: a new report suggests even hands-free devices do not limit the problem of distracted driving. some hands-free systems can distract drivers for nearly 30 tech -- 30 seconds as they dictate texts or make phone calls. they were rated in the hike distracted -- high distraction rating. -- pushing back the
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date to place the green line extension. it is now delayed until next spring. the reason is soaring costs. the current price tag is $2 billion but may jump to $3 billion. phil: we want to take a look at traffic for you. bunker hill bridge moving slowly. let' s see weather delays are. south of the city we find 32 minutes mass avenue to route three north. todd west on the map, 70 minutes from i-93 to newton corner. 128 in both directions just above the pike looks bad. further west, 28 minutes toward part -- 45. once you get there, that stretch between the pike and 290 is slowing down. heather: another church fire under investigation in st. louis. phil: this one is the seventh in recent weeks.
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heather: an entire high school football team suspended. the scandal that has them off the playing field for the rest of the season. phil: today marks two years since the murder of a teacher.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. heather: a new fire set to a church in the st. louis area, investigators are scrambling to churches and why. elizabeth hur has more. >> it happened again, another church in the st. louis area damaged from a fire that is believed to be arson. >> whoever is responsible for this did some research and scheduled -- scouted the area and managed to get in and out without being seen. >> this is the seventh suspicious fire in two weeks. officials have already linked the previous six fires, noting they were all predominantly black congregations located
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other. >> i want that person to get out why. >> while this latest church targeted is outside that congregation, all seven churches are just miles from ferguson, missouri, still recovering from the riots following yet -- last year' s shooting death of michael brown by a white police officer. >> it could be anything. it could be somebody who has a beef against the church forcibly with mental issues. >> officials say this time, they just don' t know if the latest fire is the work of a copycat or if they are still dealing with one surreal art -- one serial arsonist. phil: an entire connecticut high school football team suspended after a 16 scandal -- a
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sexting scandal. at least five high school girls were in the pictures, some freshmen as young as 14. schools canceled tomorrow' s -- tomorrow night' s game after the scandal. one student spoke but did not want his face on camera. >> just a bunch of boys getting nude pictures from different girls and exposing it. i don' t think it' s ok. phil: friends of the football players tell us they are not surprised, saying sexting happens at all schools. the district investigation is still happening and no other action has been taken. heather: police officers in texas making an unlikely choice during a recent traffic stop. phil: they decided not to give a driver a ticket. the move they made instead that the man behind the wheel is calling a blessing.
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mike: a little summer fantasy and the second half of october.
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heather: the most highly valued company in the baystate is slashing jobs tonight. biogen has announced 580 cuts.
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research programs due to slow sales and a disappointing drug child -- drug trial. mcdonald' s sales in the u.s. are picking up the first time in two years. they saw sales rise in the third quarter. mcdonald' s recently revamped its menu, adding all-day breakfast items. phil: domino' s is going high-tech when it comes to pizza delivery. this is what could be pulling up to your home, dominoes dxp. it' s a modified chevy sparks with a warming oven and extra back. it only has one seed for the driver and can hold up to 80 pizzas at the time. s is rolling out 100 of these vehicles in 25 markets. if you are wondering, that does include boston. a new round of emoji' s is now
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apple released an update to its mobile operating system yesterday that includes more than 150 characters, including a burrito, more smiley faces and some religious buildings. also, the much anticipated middle finger that we will not show you on television. the company is now trying to determine what emoji' s will be released next year. in the running, and avocado and a tumbler whiskey. heather: touching story out of texas. a pair of police officers went beyond the call of duty to help a man they pulled over. the cedar park officers pulled over a man whose truck had expired registration and a malfunctioning light. in the backseat were three little girls, 1, 3 and four years old, all not in car seats. the officers realized the driver was homeless and living in a hotel and all of his money was going toward that.
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>> giving him tickets was not going to do him any good. those kids still had to get driven somewhere. >> we stepped onto to the side and said we need to do the right thing. heather: what was the right thing? the officers pulled their money -- pooled their money and bought three car seats at walmart. the man released a statement saying it was nothing short of a miracle. nice to see. phil: those kids will be secure in the back. a great story. heather: let' s turn things over to harvey. harvey: the warmth has been a bit of a blessing. following a couple of showers, but they are light from southern new hampshire, even a couple spots of rain around newbury port and down to northern western county. also following a few developing in connecticut and around cape cod.
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i think you can see the aerial coverage is shrinking. this and when it gets down to re-enhance a little bit so there cave -- on the cape. after that we clear out and turn cooler and you will notice the change come tomorrow, a more tomorrow. 73 in boston right now , 14 degrees warmer than the average. this is a powerful hurricane, a pacific hurricane called patricia. here is the second coastline, the yucatan peninsula and there is los angeles on the top of the picture. it looks like it' s going to make landfall in a portion of the mexican southwestern coast below the baja financial a.
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it' s a category three, hopefully not in a too populated area. back to our weather. it still ball me -- balmy out there. there is a cold front on the way and you see the air is decidedly cooler around the great lakes. that will be our air for tomorrow so the warm will go i buy -- will go bye-bye. wind picks up out of the northwest and then the temperature drops so mid to upper 40' s in boston tomorrow. there will be an active wind so even though we have a fair amount of sun tomorrow, the temperatures on the rise several degrees and that it. compared to today, you will agree, that the change. we may even get some frost northwest of boston friday night
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and early saturday. that will temper the chill little bit. as we get the saturday night, the clouds increase and we will be watching a front system to the west that may give us a shower or two on sunday but it does not look like it' s going to be very active around here. back to temperature reality for tomorrow, very chilly early on saturday and still cool in the 50' s. for the patriots game, i think a couple of scattered showers around hyundai, a better chance in the morning but i can' t completely rule out a spot shower. around 61 degrees, then we go to try and colder weather for the first half of next week with some signs around wednesday night or thursday of some windy significant. heather: phil: elmo is getting a new friend.
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autism. the creators a julia will help parents and children. [sesame street opening] heather: the street is getting a new face, julia, with autism. >> she has some behaviors like not looking at you directly in the eyes and she is more sensitive to noises and sites but when she comes together with happy and elmo, she shares. heather: introducing julia -- in this storybook is well in keeping with the tv show' s mission, different but the same. a lot of kids with autism have
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>> the campaign is really helping them see that they are not alone and for kids that don' t have autism and their families, they are learning about what autism is and how kids with autism are not that is similar to themselves. heather: which is important because set to say, the leading is so common. >> kids on the autism spectrum get bullied five times as often. it' s important that we have characters like julia so kids can learn to be accepting. s noteworthy that sesame street take a girl for this character since girls with four to one by boys. this moppet may help change that and if she does, if you near from now, we will be thinking of julia as just plain julia, part of the gang on the street, sesame street. phil: a day of kindness in
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memory of the teacher killed two years ago, today. heather: the movement hundreds are keeping -- are taking part memory alive. >> a few caught on camera ripping through a barbershop. -- a thief caught on camera ripping through a barbershop. >> 87% of all heroin addicts started with prescription pills. >> phil: lawmakers and parents tackling the opioid epidemic head on as legislation is s youngest residents. s high 5 brings
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leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized.
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accomplished. fulfilled. won. r leadership isn't given.
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phil: today marks those who years since the death of teacher colleen ritzer. heather: this is something called kindness for colleen and we have new -- more on the new tribute that is focus on paying it forward. >> you live a more infectious than her smile is the legacy of her kindness. >> if you are having a bad day, she would just give you that infectious smile and you would just -- it would make your day better. >> what better way to honor
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she lived, they are encouraging people to -- perform spontaneous acts of kindness. >> there are a lot of people who are hurting, today. i think if you can make a bad day a little bit better, that' s an amazing thing. >> the amazement is contagious. stories of goodwill on twitter. this teacher bought oreos for his students. this woman bought coffee for the next 20 people in line. jen and bridget bought breakfast for a couple at a restaurant. >> we wanted to be positive, she can' that' s more positive. >> she was 24 when she was raped and murdered, allegedly at the hands of one of her math students. philip has been charged with her murder. jury selection for the trial was postponed last week to determine trial. >> knowing that the burden of
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losing her is not just ours makes it better. >> her friends are overwhelmed by the response to the request. in high school is also getting involved so that students and staff can find something good every day. those words posted by colleen ritzer on her twitter account less than a month before her death. heather: a statement was released this afternoon by her family, saying they are overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of good performed today and proud that she continues to inspire others to be good to people. phil: what a spectacular way to carry on her legacy. we have some breaking news on the health of the red sox manager. heather: we get started right now. >> now on newscenter 5. phil: new tunnel trouble, the key safety feature that needs immediate repairs. caught on camera, a heartless hike.
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from these walls. harvey: it' reality by tomorrow and additional changes for the weekend. phil: back behind bars, the huge effort to corral a bird terrorizing one town. >> from boston' this is wcvb newscenter 5 at the clock. breaking news for the manager of the red sox, his cancer is in remission. he sat on the sidelines since august. heather: tonight he has a message. mike: this was the best news of the week. his cancer is in remission. he had posttreatment testing yesterday at mass general and received the good news and the results, today. two months ago, he was diagnosed with stage one non-hodgkin' s lymphoma. it was discovered during a
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he underwent chemotherapy fall. this from him this afternoon through the boston red sox. " i am grateful for of the support i have received throughout this process. i look forward to getting back to work and bring a championship back to boston." he is expected to be ready to go by february of next year. square station, which is back suffered life-threatening stab a fight broke out just inside the door of the station around 3:30 this afternoon. the suspect has not been apprehended but police say the suspect and victim knew each other. bypassed in both directions as of the incident.
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