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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 23, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, marathon hearing. hillary clinton defending her role over the benghazi attacks. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> clinton getting emotional, the panel bickering back and forth. we're live in washington with the details. extreme weather. severe flooding in the south picking up a mobile home, moving it downstream. where it's all heading today plus the massive hurricane on the move being called potentially catastrophic. close call. a couple in a coffee shop running for safety when they see a bus coming right at them. and caught on camera.
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with a bunch of emus. hey, good friday morning. hillary clinton's long awaited appearance before the house benghazi committee giving us new insights into her decision-making as secretary of state. >> it was a long day of often testy confrontations, but the fiery exchanges didn't come from clinton. they mostly came from the panel aimed at each other. >> clinton spent more than eight hours before the committee, the word e-mail mentioned nearly 300 times. and the committee has it's interviewed 54 witnesses. the committee's investigation has cost taxpayers just under $5 million. karen travers live in washington with more. what a day, good morning to you. >> reporter: what a day, good morning, reena and phillip. this was a long time coming. hillary clinton is certainly the most high-profile person to be questioned by this select committee and faced a grilling
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but there was also very significant scrutiny on the questions and tone from the republicans who were warned to not overreach and to not look too political. it was a marathon day. hillary clinton on the hot seat for over eight hours. the entire hearing lasting 11 hours. right out of the gate, republican committee chairman trey gowdy telling clinton, the investigation's not about her. >> this investigation is about four people who were killed representing our country on foreign soil. it is about what happened before, during and after the attacks that killed them. >> reporter: but democrats had a different take. >> this abusive effort to derail secretary clinton's presidential campaign. >> reporter: republicans released a never before seen e-mail that clinton wrote the night of the attack addressed to diane reynolds, the name she used for e-mails to her daughter chelsea.
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two of our officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group, she wrote but that's a different position than the one the obama administration took immediately after saying it was a protest over an anti-islamic video that grew violent. gop lawmakers also focused on requests for increased security and the state department responds. >> you had two ambassadors that made several, several requests and here's basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> well, that's just not true, congressman. >> reporter: throughout the long hearing, clinton was cool, deliberate, not taking any political bait from republicans. >> i would imagine i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done. >> reporter: so, after 11 hours, did we really learn anything new, even committee chairman trey gowdy struggled to come up
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with something when asked after the hearing. he said he didn't think clinton's testimony was any different from her previous appearances but, phillip and reena, he said he'd have to look at the transcripts and it is very long. >> it certainly was. but politically here, what's the impact? does it hurt her run for president? >> reporter: no, this is about as good of a day as team clinton could have hoped for. no outbursts or missteps that could be used later against her in a political ad. she let the democrats on that committee go after it for her. let them get in the mud with the republicans while she sat back and at times smiled and laughed. phillip and reena i think when we look back on this period in a couple of month this two weeks with the debate, joe biden getting out of the race and yesterday's appearance, this is the period we could say she locked down the nomination. >> good news for the clinton camp. karen travers live in washington, thank you. breaking news from nashville
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nashville, one person killed in a shooting at tennessee state university. two others wounded. the shooting apparently stemmed from a dispute over a dice game in a courtyard. the incident comes just over a week after three wounded by gunfire at an off campus party across the treat from the college. 40 are dead after a collision between a bus and a truck near the french city of bordeaux. emergency crews say vehicles immediately burst into flames leading to an especially high death toll. the bus was carrying a group of retirees on a day trip. the cause still under investigation. in iraq the first american casualty to report in the fight against isis. it happened during a raid that captives. that raid took place not far mosul. u.s. air strikes cleared the area to prevent isis reinforcements. american and kurdish special forces troops expected to find just 20 hostages but they were
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an intense firefight as many as 20 isis fighters were killed. the american we mentioned was wounded and later died. parts of texas are in for days of severe weather. right now flash flooding warnings are in effect as the area is hit with the first rain in a month and a half. floating. more heavy rain in the forecast from dallas fourth of july worth south to austin and san antonio till saturday morning. >> on radar all that is still moving through south central states. up to 8 inches possible in louisiana. and even more threatening situation unfolding in mexico right now. the u.s. embassy there urging hurricane patricia. the powerful hurricane being called potentially catastrophic. tracking it all. justin, good morning. good morning to you. we are tracking an extremely
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movement off to the north and northwest expected to bend back north and strike the western coast of mexico later on this afternoon. and we were expecting some dramatic impacts here from guadalajara to porta uerta vallarta. we could see wind gusts at the coast over 130 to 140 miles per hour and, again, looking at some more heavy winds and also heavy rains pulling into texas and this will continue friday, saturday, sunday, even into early next week as we have tons of moisture in place. phillip and reena, back to you. >> thank you. some surprising new service. at least two officers have been found asleep on the job including one at the white house. both are being disciplined but homeland security investigators fault. they put much of the blame on fatigue from travel and long working hours. and they warn unless things
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change overworked agents pose a significant security risk. president obama has vetoed a sweeping $600 billion defense policy bill. the president agrees with pouring more money into defense programs but he insists domestic spending must go up at the same time and also objects to a provision that would make it harder to shut down the military prison in guantanamo bay. house republicans trying to get veto. this time next week, paul ryan could be speaker of the house. the former vice presidential candidate made the race official in a letter to lawmakers last night. ryan's gotten support from three key groups including the hard line conservatives. still ahead, the country's largest supplier of dietary supplements accused of using bad ingredients. and caught on camera. hit with a stun gun inside a high school. what kicked off the melee. plus, here we go again. emus on the loose making a break
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mmmm, yoplait. one much the longest and most sophisticated drug smuggling tunnels has been discovered between the u.s. and mexico. authorities seized 12 tons of marijuana and arrested nearly two dozen people. the 2400-foot tunnel connected warehouses in san diego and tijuana lit, ventilated and equipped with a rail system. a warning to drivers whose cars are included in the massive takata air bag recall. you're being urged to get those repairs done soon or face the serious risk of death or injury. the government says eight people have died and 98 others have been hurt because of inflaters that can explode with too much force.
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charges it sold fitness supplements advertised as all natural. they were actually spiked with synthetic drugs much the company called the lawsuit by the oregon attorney general without merit and says it has already removed products containing the two thin settic drugs. remember the drug company which caused a firestorm by raising the price of a life saving drug from $13.50 to $750? well now competitors are offering it for $1 and that company promising to compete against other drug companies who sell generic drugs far above their cost much the original drug company promised to lower the price of their drug but that hasn't happened yet. when we come back, grab a laptop and get out of the way. an out-of-control bus slamming into a coffee shop. plus, a car dangling over a tunnel. an officer making a delicate rescue. r we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. r
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the best part, it tastes great! dannon looking at today's roads, wet in north texas. it could be slippery along i-95 in south florida. but plenty of rain from the dakotas through minnesota into the great lakes. snow in the higher elevations of the rockies. outrage is growing this morning over the latest police shooting that left a young black man dead. >> cory jones' family says prosecutors told them the undercover officer never showed his badge. the 31-year-old musician was
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shot three times by officer nouman raja after his car broke down on a highway ramp. >> he called his big brother, c.j., his brother offered to come and get him. he said, no, i really need my car because i have to perform in morning. >> police say officer raja stopped to investigate what he believed was an abandoned car man. he is on paid leave. a student at a high school in durham, north carolina, being tased by officers. the student had been asked to leave the school after being suspended but he refused after he struck an officer in the head, a taser was used to take him down. the local sheriff called it an appropriate level of force for a volatile situation. that student is fine. the story of a maryland couple who said no to sex before marriage is going viral. that's because of the installation post, braylon bowman presented her dad with a
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certificate of purity from her doctor to prove she was still a virgin. her dad never asked for proof but she wanted to honor him by letting him know she kept the promise she made when she was 13 years old. >> i presented the certificate from my doctor that i was still a virgin and when i posted it on instagram, it went crazy. >> yeah, brelyn's husband tim was also a virgin until their wedding day until two weeks ago. they both admitted it wasn't an easy to keep their pledge. we'll hear much more from them on "good morning america." a north carolina police officer says he was just doing his job when he pulled a 2-year-old girl from a car on the brink. the dodge charger was suspended over a tunnel hanging only by its bumpers. the driver had escaped but the toddler was still strapped in her seat with the motor running and the wheels spinning trying not to add extra weight the officer managed to free the little girl unarmed.
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the nashville these coffee shop customers and employees didn't really need that morning cup of joe to wake up. instead they got their jolt from a city bus rolling backwards and smashing through the plate glass front window that left a huge mess as you can tell but there were no injuries. >> i'd rather take the dark rote on that one. the search resumes for a group of emus on the loose near austin. huey, dewey and louie were seen wandering the streets. the hope to get them back where they belong. residents have been told to avoid them and do not feed them. they can be dangerous. >> all right. emus, watching that, come home, fun is over. sports and kansas city royals could punch their ticket with a win tonight. >> football action, we got our highlights from our boys at espn. >> he's stan. i'm neil. this is the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. we're going to do football highlights. >> yep.
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seahawks and 49ers and thursday night showcase, russell wilson, he's not going to take any chances and hand it to marshawn lynch. >> there's a novel idea. >> ran for 122 yard, 9 carries on that drive, tied for the most in his career and while he had a little problem with his tummy after getting winded on that drive, second quarter, wilson, so you set up lynch with a run then the play action is going to be there hooking up with tyler lockett, first receiving touchdown for him. a lot of sacks for kaepernick. temple/east carolina, not eastern carolina which some idiot called them. p.j. walker to anderson there. finch is going to block the punt. jahad thomas is going to score later. temple is 7-0. good on temple, man.
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against notre dame. >> pretty exciting times in funnelly. >> good for them. >> that's all we got. >> we got more but that's all. >> back to you. all right. thanks, guys. up next in "the pulse," travolta transformation. woo's getting our first look at the actor returning to tv. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. p unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. r understand the danger your new grandchild faces. r talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your p family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? you know i'm always looking forrreal honey for honey nut cheerios. p well you've come to the right place. r mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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routine... listerine(r) kills up to 99.9% of germs... and helps reverse early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth ! also try listerine(r) floss... formerly reach(r) floss. topping "the pulse," a sneak peek at j.t. make ohn travolta making a comeback on the small screen. >> he's been transformed into defense attorney robert shapiro. it's for the fx limited series called "american crime story" the people v. o.j. simpson". >> travolta's new role a far cry from vinny barbarino.
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gooding jr. as simpson. >> any time that i take on a new criminal case, i always ask the client a question, now, i won't be judgmental. so -- >> he's got it down. >> he does. you got to wait for that moment too. he looks exactly like him. >> we want to know the big question, simpson, whether he killed his ex-wife. the show stars david schwimmer as the late robert kardashian and selma blair as kris jenner. long before she was a reality star. >> kris jenner before the kardashians. yes. all right, with halloween it's only a week and a day away and a popular costume among the kid, well, it's causing concern among parents all because it might be too good. >> the costume is called the black invisible man with the lights on you see the child dressed head to toe in black. in the dark he's invisible. >> some parents say this costume
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is not safe when you're out trick-or-treating because kids may not be seen by the drivers. those adults, they're having their kids take safety precautions like wearing lighted necklace, looks like a good idea. seems irresponsible to let your kids out there wondering the streets all black? a costume for the house, for the living room. >> yeah. and staying in the halloween spirit, with pumpkin carving. >> all right. you can't get into too many trouble with that. it can be fun but one too many slices and your pumpkin could end up going viral like these carving fails. >> ooh. >> you think -- snrs we think this one was supposed to be a cat. >> okay, we're not really sure what it was supposed to be. cat. >> well maybe that one is the cat with the whigs kerrs. whiskers. it looks frightening.
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with abreva. checking our top stories, hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after 11 hours before the benghazi committee. the former secretary of state getting good marks on her testimony as republicans couldn't land a blow. breaking overnight, three people have been shot at tennessee state university in nashville. one dying from those injuries. the violence erupting during a dice game. flooding rains and lightning overnight in the dallas area with travel delays expected at the area airports. it's the first rain in a month and a half and much more is on the way through the weekend. looking at the rest of today's weather, drier in the southwest after days of storms and heavy rain. dry along the west coast. cooler and blustery for the northeast from d.c. all the way to boston. well, finally from us the late night comics take on the news of the week?
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>> have you seen the trailer for the new "star wars" movie, the not is top secret. all we do know is that the force is awakens and the last thing it remembers is getting a drink from bill cosby. >> they called it a titillating glimpse into the new franchise while football fans called the stupidest beer commercial they've ever seen. >> huge news coming out of canada. on my cell phone love >> what the hell, drake? what the actual hell were you doing there? what are those dance moves? you're holding every single mixed race person back. justin trudeau who may consider the guy a heartthrob. yeah, the good news is any canadian heartthrob named justin is sure to be popular forever. it's an interesting field. bernie sanders would be
4:29 am
america's first jewish president. hillary clinton would be america's first female president and donald trump would be america's last president of either sex. >> joe biden is not running for president. and in other news hillary clinton just walked into a vegas casino screaming look out, boys, momma is feeling lucky. >> today is a big day for fans of "back to the future." >> marty mcfly traveled forward in time to find out the most important thing to people in 2015 is movies from the '80s. >> turns out that 1989 movie got a lot of things right about the future and correctly predicted biometric identification, wearable technology and donald trump's presidency. >> holy crap, marty, these idiots are about to make donald trump president! let's go back to 1985! >> ah, yeah. >> donald trump still in even though biden is out, huh. >> and friday funnies, one of the best parts of fridays.
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>> yeah and that's what's paying


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