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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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randy: are boston police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in brighton. the suspect remains on the run. emily: an embattled police officer steps down. the allegations forcing that decision. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you together. randy: hillary clinton is answering benghazi questions. >> you were watching wcvb . .
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emily: a local principle is testing a move for his students. we will explain. randy: i hope he didn' t rip his pants. that would be embarrassing. cindy: yesterday was so warm. it' s not going to be warm like that again. we have a beautiful looking fall day with sunshine. judy sent this in. it you can see the foliage. the backdrop when this was taken it, a lot of clouds. it' s not going to be as warm. we are starting at 44 in a worcester. the last hour was 52 and the temperature is headed down. we have low 50' s on the cape. notice the window. it' s coming out of the northwest. it' s colder. it' s only in the 30' s. despite the son of being out today, this cool air is going to
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flow out of canada. that sunshine coupled with the wind will allow temperatures to go nowhere. by lunchtime, we are going to be in the upper 40' s to near 50 degrees. the high will be just 47. we will talk all about your weekend coming up. kevin: thank you. good friday morning. we look good in brighton. let' s go to the maps. there are bigger problems up to the west. this is right before the weston tolls. the left lane is crashed and jamming things up. keep that in mind if you' re heading out the door. 128 north, there is some debris in the road. that should be out of the way shortly. 95 is busier at the top.
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93 is heavy approaching the expressway. the expressway is 24 minutes. emily: we are following several breaking stories. at least 40 people are dead after a collision in france between a tour bus and attract red this happened near bordeaux. most of the turret -- victims were elderly tourists on a trip to wine country. randy: also breaking overnight, a man found dead in the street. emily: and right now boston police are searching for a killer. the eye' s jim lokay is in brighton with what we know at this hour. jim: at any other time, there would be lots of witnesses. it was late at night, right happened. police got the call. a 30-year-old man was found in the street with a gunshot wound. the gunman walked through the center.
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you probably know this area very well. there are fast food chains nearby. this is very heavily trafficked. the key likely will be in the surveillance video. there is a lot of new construction it. there are likely some cameras nearby. right now, a 30-year-old of victim and no bird on a suspect. we are live in brighton. emily: more breaking news, one person is dead and two women injured after a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university in nashville. police say it started with a fight over a dice game. the person killed was not a student, the others involved do attend the school. police say there is no threat on campus. randy: right now a police officer is out of a job after some alarming allegations. let' s get right to the eye' s frank holland, he' s following developments in pepperell this morning.
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resigned because he beat up a prisoner. this happened last month with an internal investigation. he was placed on administrative leave. that investigation just wrapped up and he voluntarily resigned from the force. he is a nearly 30 year veteran of the department. he received praise for his police work in the town. they are investigating and no charges have been filed. we will bring you the latest information is it as we get. randy: new this morning, an investigation is underway after a contractor is caught taking a selfie on the wing of a plane at logan airport. american airlines tells us it happened last night on a plane parked in a hanger. someone saw the contractor and called police who took his security badge and escorted him off the property. american is inspecting the plane to make sure it wasn' t damaged. state police tell us no charges have been filed. >> i really don'
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t care what you say about me. emily: hillary clinton, defiant after eleven hours of intense questioning on the benghazi attacks. her message today, it' s time to move forward. one big question, of course, will that marathon grilling session impact her presidential hopes? the eye' s erika tarantal is tracking the fallout. >> many political watchers agree that the hearing is unlikely the change many minds on a partisan subject area she took responsibility for what happened that night. for americans were killed. a lot of talk about a never before seen e-mail she sent to her daughter. in the days after the attack, the administration said it was a spontaneous protest over a video that grew violent. >> you tell the american people one thing and your family a different story. >> there was a lot of
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were trying to make sense of it --. >> republicans want to know why there was requests for security. some were fulfilled and some were not. we will hear from the family and the next half hour. emily: paul ryan is in. the wisconsin republican congressman says he will run for house speaker. he made that announcement last night after receiving support from three major caucuses within the gop. ryan had said he would only run if members agreed to back him. today, we are expecting an announcement from lincoln chafee. he will address the future of his campaign. the former rhode island governor tweeted yesterday that he is looking forward to speaking at a women' s forum later this morning. he has been trailing far behind in the polls. randy: a 17-year-old is fighting for his life after being down in a station.
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police are hunting for the suspect are in a they tell us it started as a fight inside the jackson square station. they do know each other and --. emily: ripping prize possessions off a barbershop wall. the owners are trying to track them down. this was not random. the walls are pair and sports million malia just hung there. the owner save it these the after. the collection was worth $6,000. >> they case the place. i' or the week before. it somebody that we know. emily: the owners want them to come forward if anybody is
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randy: a big win for red sox manager john farrell. his cancer is in remission. the red sox say farrell' s post-treatment tests revealed the news yesterday. farrell was diagnosed with cancer in august and missed the last six weeks of the season. the sox say they look forward to having farrell back as manager next season. emily: a veteran is speaking about his own drug addiction while serving his country in iraq. randy: how widespread the problem is in the active military. this little girl is doing ok after a day care mistake. she was locked inside alone. emily: cyber criminals are targeting millennial' s. the new way they are getting private information. erica: at least 42 people are dead after a bus and truck collide. the bus person the flames.
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cindy: after 70' s yesterday, where temperatures are on the way. the full outlook is ahead. take a look at what you can expect that you had at the door this morning. the temperature is going nowhere today. it' s down to p woman: i'm here to fight h.i.v. and pandemics to come. p man: to keep boston harbor safe and clean.
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now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. randy: thank you so much. emily: a lot of energy there.
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we appreciate that. we' d love to see your energy. record a wake-up call and uploaded. s easy. cindy: we' ve got a nice weekend coming up. i want to draw your attention to something that is happening in the pacific. this is a category five hurricane. the winds are 200 miles per hour. this is the strongest hurricane in the eastern pacific. this is going to make landfall as a hurricane in mexico. it' s going to be catastrophic. it' s going to weaken over land, but turned into a massive rainstorm as it drips through mexico. it' s a significant storm we' re watching. it'
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s going to be a bright and breezy day. it' s going to be cooler than yesterday. over the weekend, we do havehe chance of a shower on sunday morning. we are looking at dry weather. it' s 44 in worcester. we have some lower 50' s on the cape. we just got to 38. you can see the skies are mainly clear. we have a front come through last night. the winds of shifted to the north and west. throughout the day, the temperatures made to a few more degrees. we are 51. you get the idea. temperatures are going nowhere today. the wind is going to be blustery.
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clear skies into this evening. the skies stay clear. the temperature will drop down. we will hold close to 40 degrees in the south shore area the windsor back to the 50' s. we will start the day with sunshine. this is the front that is going to bring in a shower threat. saturday is the dry weekend day. i want to draw your attention to the flow coming off the water. that may bring in some a cloudiness. if you have plans saturday evening, it should be dry after midnight. offshore forenoon, the afternoon hours are looking dry. the clouds break for sunshine. we not concerned about the wet weather.
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wind and rain, a widespread soaking rain. randy: be careful with what leaves on the roadway. we are picking up on the expressway. kevin: we are talking about 25 and it' s to get out of that' s what -- split. we do have trouble out to the west. mass pike eastbound is all jammed up. this is about root 30 where we we' lane. plaza. getting busy. this is coming out of that stretch. it' s not that bad on route three. those delays are about 14 minutes. downtown, not bad. all the lines are running on
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time. emily: the video pretty much speaks for itself. a one-year-old girl locked inside a chicago daycare, her dad calling first responders to help break her out. my mind. i did not know what was going on. the only thing i could see was my baby crawling on the floor. emily: jones actually arrived 15-minutes before the daycare' s closing time. workers told the family they mistook the little girl for a doll when they were looking around before closing. law-enforcement leaders are speaking out in favor of the plan to address the statewide epidemic. police chiefs are supporting the bill. it would allow medical professionals call for the holding of patients for 72 hours
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it would limit opioid open -- prescriptions. emily: one military veteran is sharing his story of substance abuse and recovery. he patrolled the streets of act data during the surge in the iraq war high opioid. everything from hair went to painkillers. he has it -- battled addiction much of his life. he was not alone. he was in and out of treatment. his addiction spiraled out of control. he was revived twice. >> it was one of the hardest things i' ve ever done in my life. making the decision to change your life in that way is one of the scariest things you can think of creative and helps another veteran. i' m not going to tell people i have a problem because i am
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supposed to be america' s best red that' s how i was. emily: he does addiction outreach. randy: topping economic headlines this morning, asian stocks skyrocketing in early trading today. that' s as the european central bank signals it' s considering more stimulus for its economy. stock futures are higher this morning, the dow gaining 320 points at yesterday' s close. a multimillion dollar settlement is in the works between record labels and pandora. there is a dispute over royalties. this is about music recorded before 1972. they will pay $19 million. emily: identity thieves are targeting younger victims. people are sharing more on social media. a lot of those security question answers can easily be found on facebook. block your social media pages to
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make those security questions hard. your pet' s name is probably not enough. make sure you know what your apps are running and whether they can be accessed by hackers. randy: a school principal is ordered to dance. emily: the moves gave him a standing ovation. >> the family of the winchester native talks about the clinton hearings. new details after a deadly fire. we do continue to follow breaking news out of right in.
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emily: you' ve made it to friday. going anywhere. we are holding steady in the upper 40' s in love with these. there is a lot of sunshine today. it will be a breezy, colder day ahead. we will have some fog north and west of austin on saturday. 50'
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s sunday. showers in the morning, they should be gone up. the clouds may break for a little bit of sunshine. heard of birds. he moves are even bigger. these in norma' s birds. -- enormous birds. dangerous. the owner has come or word. -- forwarded. -- forward. this is just fun. is making good on a bet. he told students he would dance if they raise $5,000 for a walkathon.
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he danced in front of the entire school. you know all the kids know that song. he had some good leg happening. he looked good. well done. randy: i hope he made it to school today. hope he isn' t too sore. the city is looking for ways to avoid the snowplows. a fiery bus crash in france has left 42 people dead. most of them are tourist. r
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randy: breaking news, amount is found dead in the middle of the street.
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clues could lead police to a killer. emily: hillary clinton is standing firm after 11 hours of being grilled. why her words are not sitting well with a family of a local man killed in benghazi. randy: one click of a camera leads to big trouble for a contractor at logan airport. where he took a selfie that gave them the boot. >> you are watching wcvb . randy: that is city cam with a very dark skyline. there is a little bit. the light is on the horizon. literally. good morning. emily: cindy is here along with kevin. thank you for finding that for us. cindy: the sun will be up and 35
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s not going to be as warm as yesterday. upper 40' temperature. lower 50' going anywhere in the the high-end is in s. got this wind, no longer out of the south. s northwesterly. when you look to the north and west, it' s colder than it is here. high-pressure is out of canada. we will have a lot of sunshine today. temperatures will struggle. nashua is back. that is close to the 50 degree mark. lower 50' s here. on the cape, you will have a busy northwesterly wind the.
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don' t look for much temperature change today. it' s a blustery fall day. let it out to the roads. kevin: at least it' s friday. sky 5, eastbound delays are all jammed up green we are talking about a 12 mile backup. let' s go to the maps. this is before 128. those delays are all the way back to root nine. that is a 12 mile backup. it' s going to take a while for that to thin out. the expressways all jammed up. it' s about 20 minutes to get out of the split. up to the north, from 129 down to the city. emily: we are following several pristine stories.
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we are at the scene of a deadly shooting. jim: they are looking at surveillance video to find out who pulled the trigger. this happened on calvert street. the investigation took a couple of hours. you get a sense of where this is. this is a very busy shopping center bite off western avenue. a manages history' s was found on the pavement. the gunman ran to the parking lot. it will right before midnight and most of the businesses were closed there is no word on motive for potential suspect area --. emily: also breaking, at least 42 people are dead following a fiery bus crash. the bus was carrying mostly elderly people on a day trip
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this is just in from tennessee, three students were shot on the cap tennessee state university. scene. amanda was not a student was killed. the suspect took off. randy: a police officer is off the job. he resigned after being accused of beating up a prisoner in the police station. he is not been charged with a crime. emily: an investigation is underway after a contractor is caught on the wing of a plane at some -- logan airport. someone saw him last night and called police. police took him off the property. the plane is being checked for damage. >> a lot of the real answers were kind of brushed off or not answered in detail.
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randy: the sister of men killed in benghazi is not satisfied after hours and hours of testimony. her family still needs answers. emily: antoinette is live. and when it: -- and when at: hillary clinton was before that committee for more than 11 hours. her comments may not have had enough. winchester native was in benghazi working as a contractor at the consulate. he and three others were killed when the compound was attacked. his sister says that clinton it greeted her family when his body came home. even then it, she did not tell them the truth. >> when i think back now to that date and what she knew, it shows me a lot about her character. she would choose that moment to
6:33 am
untrue. and when it: she did a good job questions. she did take responsibility for what happened that night or in no new answers came out of it. live in winchester. emily: thank you. the family of a high school teacher are saying a cute after friends and strangers paid tribute to her legacy. people across the state to part in the kindness for colleen act. they performed random acts of kindness for a teacher killed by one of her students. the family is overwhelmed by the good performed and we are proud that she continues to inspire others to be good to people. investigators say smoking is the blame for the deadly fire in chicopee.
6:34 am
an elderly woman and her son were killed sunday. three others managed to escape that home. turn. randy: he fought off to pitbulls and the this word is back where it longs after months of mischief. emily: we will update breaking news we are following this morning, including a fiery bus
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randy: we have big delays on the map. there is a left lane crash before 128 in weston. i will have the latest. what can we with whether western mark --? jacket. the wind will keep the temperatures down. throughout the day. temperatures are going nowhere. we hold in the upper 50' s.
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saturday is your brighter weekend day. emily: no snow in the forecast yet. boston is trying to stay ahead of winter. they want to find more snow formed cut down on massive snow piles like these last winter. it was june before a huge mountain in south houston -- boston finally melted. >> he' s in. back behind bars. a cockatoo has been doing damage sometimes. is that is. months. locals are ecstatic to get him back off the street. the bigger concern was he started pecking holes in
6:38 am
historic homes, in looting one of the victorians where the kennedys once lived. he has got a good life to go back to. >> he likes to watch spongebob. it he likes music. he likes to fly around in the house. he likes to be of elite to the cap. -- a bully to the cap. -- cat . emily: we are following breaking news. dozens killed in a crash in france. new information we are learning it.
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randy: good morning. we are ready to go with news go with this morning. emily: we' re following several stories. there was an overnight shooting in writing. eric is tracking 11 hours of testimony. randy: hurricane is now the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western of testimony. hammes here. that is amazing. it'
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cindy: the wind is now 200 miles hour. it' s going to bear down on southwest mexico. with sustained winds of 200 miles per hour. devastation is expected. it' s the strongest hurricane on record. it' s nothing to mess with. the forecast is to bring this on land today. that is going to weaken over land. it' s going to drift northward been a heavy rainstorm. some of that moisture could get into texas. it does not look like it' to be a player locally. we' re watching cool dry air come out of canada. that' s not happening. these clouds will break apart.
6:42 am
some lower 50' s on the cape. the future 12 hour forecast. the temperature will go down. it' s a blustery, cooler right way. we are dropping back down to the low 30' s there will be some frost north and west of boston. we will start the sunshine this weekend. front comes in. that' s going to bring a chance of showers. then you see those showers. thing sunday morning. shower threat. it' s getting busy out there. kevin: we have a crash taking out the left lane. there is a 10 mile backup, all
6:43 am
it' s getting up to 93 and 95 is same way. the expressway is 30 minutes. up to the north, route three is toward -- it is right around 128. this is down to route 2. all trains are running on time. randy: in france, 42 people are dead following the collision between a process and a truck. this happened near or go in the southwest part of the country. the bus was carrying most are older -- mostly older people on a day trip. it went up in flames immediately. police say likely caused the unusually high death toll. boston police are searching for a killer. emily: jim is live in brighton.
6:44 am
jim: we are near a busy shopping center. there are signs of what happened overnight. police got the call to the scene. they were here all night, they were looking for clues into a shooting that happened. a 30-year-old man was in the middle of the street. nearby parking lot. police are looking at surveillance video. at this point, no name is released. randy: also breaking, one person is dead and three others hurt after a shooting in nashville tennessee on a college campus. shots were fired after a fight over a dice game. one man was killed and three women were hurt. the women who are students were just passing by at the time of the shooting. the person killed was not a student.
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>> the das office is investigating a police officer who resigned amid accusations that he beat up a prisoner. there was an internal investigation. he was placed on administrative leave. he voluntarily resigned. no charges have been filed. we have the latest information as soon as we get. emily: a marathon grilling for hillary linton. -- clinton. >> there was a lot of were trying to make sense of. emily: an e-mail to her daughter. pundits doubt her testimony will change much in her run for the white house. she took responsibility for what happened.
6:46 am
>> the family of the man who was killed is reacting to that news. his sister says all they want is the truth. >> there were warning signs. to add insult to injury, this cover-up. a lot of those questions are still unanswered. >> she did not watch the hearing. clinton did a fairly good job answering some of those questions. the realuestion she was asked, they were brushed off. randy: we have new information about a hostage rescue in iraq. dozens of american and iraqi troops raided compound and they freed 70 isis captives are
6:47 am
the number of militants were killed. the american death is the first since the anti-isis campaign. emily: paul ryan will run for speaker of the house. he made that announcement last night after receiving support from three major caucuses within the gop. he said he would only run if members agreed to back him. the election is set for next thursday. he is almost up to win. randy: we will get an announcement from lincoln chafee. he will address his campaign. he did yesterday that he' s looking forward to speaking at a dnc women' s forum. randy: contractor is caught taking a selfie on the wing of a plane. it happened last night on a plane in a hangar. someone saw him and called police. they took security badge and is
6:48 am
underway. randy: a 17-year-old is fighting for his life after he was stabbed. police are searching for the suspect it started as a fight station. each other. emily: amanda his dog are recovering after being attacked by pitbulls. he works for new hampshire fish and game. he was walking his dog when the poles attacked from behind. he fought off the dogs with pepper spray. the dogs are back with their owner. the incident is under investigation. >> i kept yelling i' m going to shoot you. i heard my husband. randy: two burglars had no idea she was home when they showed up at her house.
6:49 am
they had just broken into a home. they stole a pillowcase full of jewelry and other valuables they left stolen goods behind. john farrell' s cancer is in remission. his tests revealed the news yesterday. he was diagnosed with cancer in august. he missed the last six weeks of the season. they are looking for him to having him back his manager next year. emily: we' re tracking some delays. kevin: we do have some good news. this crash has cleared away. the delays are beginning around route nine. that volume is going to work its way through the weston told. that is what we can expect the next hour or so. 93, 128 is about 30 minutes into
6:50 am
if you' re taking the trains, all lines are operating on time it, including the commuter rail. it' s a nice day out there. it is chilly. cindy: we have no 70' s today. the absence see when these guys are in the process of clearing. we do have some patchy clouds in the horizon. notice the wind direction out of the west and northwest. high pressure is coming out of canada. you can see the temperatures up this way. it is cooler than it is going to have sunshine today, the temperature will rarely budge. as we go through the day, the temperature does not really change. we are holding mostly in the upper 40' s and low 50' s. the wind is out of the northwest.
6:51 am
it' s going to feel a gets in the 40' s all day long area and upper 20' s to low 30' s. we could see some blog. we will be close to 40 degrees along the coastline. we recover tomorrow in the mid-50' s. saturday is your brighter weekend day. there will be more of a southwesterly wind. it looks like a band of showers coming through sunday morning. they should be gone in time for the patriots game down at gillette. the clouds will be around for tailgating and they will break apart during the game. it' s a warm one on sunday. it looks like a good soaking rain is coming in toward the middle of next week. it could be a widespread soaking rain. it will pull down some of the foliage as well.
6:52 am
it will be a little old morning and then warmed up on sunday. emily: do you break the lease tomorrow? randy: we wait here is my mother-in-law' s the hospital and we wish her a speedy recovery. she puts up with me.
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