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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is newscenter 5. erika: thank you so much for joining us. antoinette: this is what is happening at noon. a shooting in a brighton leaves amana dead in the street. erika: aaron hernandez is back in the streets. a tipster will be facing questions over the accusations. antoinette: another presidential
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headway in the polls. cindy: what is the hurricane that is strongest on record? hurricane trisha is headed for a catastrophic landfall. in 24 hours, it is incredible. that is rapid intensificatio things for forecasters to pick per hour. this is the strongest hurricane that we have ever had on record in the eastern pacific or even in the atlantic basin. this is a powerful hurricane. this is a tighter view of it. it is very well distributed. it is not moving a very quickly. it is about 130 miles from the coast of mexico. it will make landfall somewhere between manzanillo.
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by 5:00, this will be on land. it is expected to weaken it rapidly as it moves inland and drips northeastward. it looks like some of that tropical moisture will go into texas over the weekend. this will only exacerbate the flooding problem. in the meantime, it is a blustery fall day. that northwest wind is sustained near 20. the wind is keeping the temperature down. it is still just 44 degrees. temperatures are going to hold where they are through the afternoon. it' s going to be a cold night ahead. the full forecast is coming up here in erika: a man is found dead in right. it happened just before midnight. jim is live.
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they saw the body in the street. they saw a car nearby with a stroller in the back. that is giving neighbors and an wave welcome wake-up call. >> i am in shock. i really am. i can' t believe this is happening. jim: some people call this home, it' s taught behind a shopping center with people moving through. >> the street is busy during the day. there is work traffic and people going to work jim: somebody heard the gunshots and that' s how the police wound up on the victim. the gunman took off to a nearby parking lot. now the hope is surveillance video will provide more clues. >> we' ve got school buses in the morning. the kids don' t need to know about it. jim: this could' ve been
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prevented if two people opted to hash it out. >> don' t you each other. it' s wrong. jim: i reached out to boston police. there was no reply and no names involved. we are live in brighton. antoinette: a 16-year-old is under arrest in the stabbing death of another teenager at a train station. this started inside the jackson square station. the suspect and victim knew each other. the 17-year-old the is from haydn park. he is expected to be arraigned in court today. a police officer is out of a job after alarming. frank is a following this for us here in frank: he resigned after the investigation into the allegations was complete.
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case. it is an active investigation. this happened with accusations of excessive force. he had contact with a prisoner at the police department. the police chief open an internal probe using an into what happened. completed. he has we don' t know when this incident took place or if the victim suffered injuries. this has been a difficult time for our department. we thank you for continued support. we tried to speak to the chief in person, but we were told he is in chicago at a conference. so far, we have not heard back. no charges have been filed yet. we will follow the story and
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erika: police in new hampshire are searching for a man who robbed of a donald' s carrying a rifle. these surveillance photos were released. the employees came he walked in to the fast food restaurant, pointed the gun and said it give me the money or i will kill you. another employee complied and the suspect took off with the entire register drawer. antoinette: all seven -- 17 public schools and fairfield are in lockdown after several received bomb and gun threats. they received the call after 9:00 this morning. responding officers could not find a address. now they believe it was all a. threats were phoned into three schools. police are checking those schools. erika: a tipster who question
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the integrity of a juror in aaron hernandez' s murder trial is facing questions during --. they have not been a probably identified. hernandez can attend the hearing, but the courtroom will stay close. a contractor was caught taking a selfie on the wing of up get logan air. it happened last night on a plane that was parked in a hangar. someone saw the contractor and call the police. police took the security badge and escorted him off the property. american expecting the plane to make sure it was not damaged. no charges have been filed. erika: lincoln chafee drops out of the race and the democratic nomination for president. the former rhode island governor made the announcement just hours ago. he is been trailing far behind in the polls. that leaves three main contenders.
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it does not bother me a bit. erika: hillary clinton is the fire. her message today is it' s time to move forward. what will that marathon drilling have on the presidential race? we are tracking the fallout. >> hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail. >> i had a pretty long day yesterday. >> she was speaking this morning at a dnc women' s leadership warm in washington. she wrapped up 11 hours on capitol hill late last night. she was grilled about the 2012 attack on a diplomatic post in it benghazi. for americans were killed. >> they seem to fall off your radar in 2012. >> i' ve lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain of
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>> she was under attack i republicans. >> we are better than using taxpayer dollars to try to destroy a campaign. >> the chairman was under pressure to uncover no new evidence. >> i don' t know that she testified that much differently today that she has previous times. >> it was seen as a victory for clinton who kept her cool. carly fiorina said -- >> she will be held accountable until we have a nominee in the general election who will hold her accountable. >> the work on that will continue. hillary clinton is off more campaign stops. she will be joined by her husband, bill clinton. erika: the family of the man
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killed in benghazi is reacting. the family wants the truth. >> there were warning signs. this cover-up, a lot of those questions are still unanswered. erika: she did not watch the hearing. clinton did a fairly good job answering some of the questions. she did say some of the questions they wanted answered brushed off. antoinette: several top on the horseman officials are speaking out in favor of the governor' s controversial bill to address the epidemic. belief chiefs -- police chiefs are signing on to the agreement. this would limit prescriptions to first time patients. erika:
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the main nurse first into quarantine is suing chris christie. she filed the suit yesterday, claiming the decision to isolate her was a constitutional violation. she is suing for 200 $20,000, alleging invasion of privacy and a false imprisonment. christie ordered those into isolation. he said they could never be trusted to monitor themselves for symptoms. antoinette: a deadly breath cash in france. erika: another blow to the secret service. two agents were caught sleeping on the job. the fallout from this latest misstep. s a blustery fall they out there. the timeline on a few showers.
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for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are youvhaving? stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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antoinette: new trouble for the secret service. they were caught sleeping on the job.
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one was on duty at the white house. an adequate staffing and scheduling played a role in officer fatigue. it may pose a danger to u.s. secret service officers and those whom they protect. >> this was not just wanted to people falling asleep on the job. it' s a consequence of bad management. antoinette: agents have been wrestling through the one file. they were contemplating embarrassing him about his former application for a job at the agency. erika: one person is dead after a shooting at tennessee state university. this started about a fight over a dice game person the person killed was not a student, the others involved to attend the school. police say there is no threat on his investigators say racism was
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the motive behind the deadly stabbing attack in a school. a man armed with a sword and knife killed two people and injured several others are in he was shot and killed by police. there was a racist motive behind the attack based on the way he selected his victims. the school was attended i mostly foreign-born students. antoinette: at least 42 people are dead after a crash between a tour bus and a truck. it happened near bordeaux. most of the victims were elderly tourists on a day trip to france' s wine country. the flames may have led it to be high death toll. erika: dnc is accused of selling supplements with ingredients not approved for sale in the u.s.. state officials in oregon are suing. >> it' s a major lawsuit. gnc is accused of selling
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all-natural that were actually spiked with synthetic drugs. the oregon attorney general is going after them for misrepresenting 22 supplements. some contained to synthetic drugs. unions he knew both were considered unlawful ingredients. they have come under scrutiny before. they agreed to stricter testing of their verbal supplements. some of them did not contain any of the herbs on the label. >> companies that sell herbal supplements have a responsibility to make sure the product contains every ingredient that is on the label
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>> they are fighting back there and they tell abc news that the oregon attorney general' s accusations are without married. that the action to remove from ingredients. vitamin shoppe stopped this year. antoinette: google' has off to a start. the stock is up 10% to an all-time high. the company announced it was its own stock. microsoft and amazon also results. we turn now to the weather. this is probably one of the last
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weekends to take in the peak foliage. cindy: it' s so gorgeous out there. all the leaves are blowing off the trees. of course, we have the wind blowing up to 30 miles per hour. that wind will create a windchill factor. it may be 50 degrees, but it does not feel like it. it feels like it' s in the 40' s. you want to dress for wind chills that are going to be in the 30' s. at least have the sunshine going for us. we are starting to see some clouds. but how try the areas. the dew point is in the mid-20' s. you may be reaching for some hand cream. that' s where the air is coming from, the northwest.
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this frontal boundary came through overnight. we have a good amount of sunshine. you can see the air mass that is working on it. we are still in the low 40' s across southeastern. the temperatures have not climbed much. we were warmer first thing this morning than they are now area we are running in the mid-40' s. we are having a little bit of cloud cover. north shore. rest of the afternoon. temperatures are holding steady s. that wind stays active until after sunset. on future cast, there' s not a lot of cloud cover. as the wind settles down, it' s going to be a cold one.
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it will be in the upper 20' s. there will be some frost around. if you' re headed to the soccer field, it will be a cold one. notice on the coast line, it is closer to 40 degrees. we do have a modest recovery into the mid-50' s out there. the sun will clouds. sunday, the storm is approaching from the west. that will give us one or two showers. the timing looks to be sunday morning. notice that we start with sunshine on saturday morning. we have a few clouds off the ocean. if you have planned saturday evening, it starts out try. showers may come in after midnight. there will be a band of showers making its way. by late morning, it' s starting to have offshore. we dry out in the afternoon. the clouds may break for sunshine. i am not concerned with wet
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as we headed toward wednesday, it looks like a potential for some soaking rain. we are talking about rainfall deficits. we could do a good soaking rain around here as we had toward the middle of next week. we will be mainly dry, the chilly this weekend. >> he' s in. he' s in. antoinette: he is back behind bars. a cockatoo that has been doing damage to a historic home is locked up in its cage. erika: he has been on the run for months. off the street. sound that he makes. that was not the problem.
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s grip. the owner is beyond relieved to have him back. he has a good life to go back to. >> he is spoiled rotten as it is. he likes to watch spongebob. he likes to fly around the house. he likes to be a bully to the cat. erika: neighbors have been feeding him weeks. he is headed to of that for a thorough cap. antoinette: i would' ve gone home as well. a principal makes good on a promise to his students. the republicans finally admit it.
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erika: this elementary school principal is making good has promised. he told the kids he would dance
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there he is, dancing. antoinette: he has some moves. every kid knows the dance. erika: they know it. a chilly start your weekend. cindy: sunday we warm it up.
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