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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 24, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: breaking overnight. tropical storm patricia battering mexico. the danger for the people in that massive storm's path. danielle: and while the storm is weakening it is still packing a punch. i'm tracking its course along with the threat of rain in our weekend forecast. karen: two middle schoolers facing charges after threatening to shoot up their school. the tips that led to the arrests. frank: and new overnight a pick-up truck crashes sending a tree up in flames. the quick reaction to the roadway fire. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: it's saturday, october 24. good morning. i'm frank holland.
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antoinette is off this morning. what was once hurricane patricia is now tropical storm patricia. it made land fall. the remnants carrying a lot of rain headed north. storm team 5's meteorologist danielle vollmar has the latest on this storm. danielle: it was weakened as of the 8:00 update but at one point it the strongest hurricane on record both in the eastern pacific and the atlantic basin. now though a tropical storm. of course, it's been moving over land so losing its tropical characteristics with winds of about 50 miles an hour. gusts to 90 and it's moving to the north and east at about 21 miles an hour. now it has already put down in some locations 10 inches of rain looking to add an additional 4-8 inches in some areas. they really don't need it in mexico. then it will move farther to the north and affect texas which, of course, does not need more rain as of right now. 42 degrees in boston.
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you're still stuck at 26 degrees and 24 in jaffrey. so it is a cool start to you folks in the merrimack valley. as we go through the afternoon, you're going to warm up only in the low 50's. we should be running around 59 degrees this time of year. notice it's a mix of sun and clouds although it is going to be, i think, mostly cloudy throughout most of the day: it's also a chilly day out there with temperatures only at 49 to 54 degrees. big changes are coming. we'll talk about a milder afternoon tomorrow as well as when we could see our next threat for rain. karen and frank. frank: thanks a lot beings danielle. breaking overnight now tropical storm patricia weaken ago as it makes its way across mexico heading north. >> it's still dangerous. its remnants are headed towards texas. newscenter 5's john atwater has more on the nightmare for travelers. >> this will be a safe room. john: some tourists are riding out the storm in their hotels.
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but so many boarded buses and evacuated the coastline headed to shelters farther inland. >> underneath our door this morning was a note that said that the government was evacuating the hotel in the tourist zones. >> we've been running around trying to find a way out. we're a little concerned but trying to keep our game face on for the kids. john: the monster storm has interrupted vacations for tens of thousands of americans in puerto vallarta. businesses are boarded up, streets are empty, and airports are closed. this woman was able to leave mexico, arriving at logan just as the hurricane made landfall. >> (through interpreter): a lot of rain. everybody was scared. john: towns along the coastline are trying to get resources in place-- >> this is actually a mobile hospital. john: -- as those in the path of the storm do their best to try to stay safe. >> it will keep us protected from any flying glass. john: because airports closed, many could not escape. they are now staying in the nearly 2,000 shelters set up by
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the mexican government. in the news room, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: right now two more students arrested in methuen, charged with threatening to open fire at their school. methuen's police chief tells us the suspects are eighth grade boys at tenney middle school. a 14-year-old told students not because he was going to "shoot up the school." a 13-year-old had said that he would supply weapons. officials say after a thorough any weapons. they're commending the students who had the courage to come forward in this case. police say they do not take these threats lightly. >> we just want parents and students to know we take this extremely serious. i don't care if you're joking. i don't care if you're fooling i don't care if you think it's funny. you make these statements, you are going to get charged. frank: the 13-year-old is back home with his parents. the 14-year-old will be in juvenile court monday for arraignment. police are encouraging parents to have conversations with their kids about the seriousness of these threats. week methuen police are dealing with threats. just on monday a methuen high student was arrested and charged
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with a threat made against methuen high school. police have no indication that the cases are connected. karen: a teenager is charged with drunk driving in centerville after escaping a fiery crash. police say he crashed a truck into a tree on great marsh road and it burst into flames. firefighters arrived at the scene and put out the fire. the young man was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. right now police in bourne are on the hunt for a prisoner who escaped from a police cruiser. bourne police say branden coggeshall somehow slipped through a small opening in the cruiser at the police station. now the police say he's had been arrested during a routine traffic stop for three nonviolent warrants. he was brought to the police department for booking. he ran from the cruiser, scaled a chain link fence and took off. police tell us he is not considered dangerous. frank: right now the harvard university campus on alert. a student, the victim of a frightening assault, chased to her dorm. she managed to lock the suspect
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out but just barely. newscenter 5's mary saladna spoke with her last night. >> if you're afraid, if the situation tells you to run away from it, you need to. mary: we're protecting her identity but telling her story. a harvard student's close call just off campus here at the holdren green housing complex. it happened friday morning around 5:00 a.m. as she took her five-month-old puppy out for a bathroom break. she was just leaving the green when a beat-up minivan pulled up. >> i started to get a sick feeling in my stomach, and i trusted my gut and started walking as fast as i could back to the apartment. lead to my building, i paused to turn around and there was a man running full force at me. mary: at that point the student ran to the door, frantically unlocked it, and dashed inside. >> got up to the first landing in time to turn around and see him throw the full weight of himself against the door. and smack it with his fist. mary: she says the stranger jumped into the open side door of the minivan and the driver sped off. >> if someone isn't planning to
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abduct someone else, why would they not get into the front? mary: university police have added extra patrols and sent out a campus alert warning students to walk in pairs and stay alert. police described the suspect as a tall muscular white man in his 20's with short, cropped hair and a brown work jacket. the minivan an older model possibly dark green with a silver bumper. at harvard, i'm mary saladna, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: breaking news in medford. a car slams into a building on salem street. lis on the scene tell us the driver just got her license last instead of the brake. hockey store. no one inside was hurt. the building inspector says there is no structural damage to that store. a boston police officer who fatally shot a man in a south end apartment last year after responding to a domestic violence call will not face any criminal charges. the suffolk county d.a. cleared officer david hansford, citing that he was acting in self-defense. an investigation found that he shot remis andrews after the
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suspect lunged at him with two large knives and a carving fork. karen: new this morning we're learning that the defense attorney hired by mayor walsh to represent the city of boston in a teamsters extortion case will be paid $625 an hour. "the globe" reporting that rate is nearly three times what the city usually pays outside lawyers. brian kelly is a former federal prosecutor who helped convict whitey bulger. members of the local 25 are accused of intimidating the staff and crew of the reality show "top chef" while it was shot in the boston area last year. a former city of boston employee has won a major lawsuit against the city. a jury awarded her nearly $11 million after deciding that she was discriminated against while working in the city's treasury department. chantal charles claimed she received fewer benefits and a lower income than her white co-workers. in a statement, mayor walsh's spokeswoman told "the boston globe" that the allegations came under a previous administration, and that the city will probably frank: right now leominster
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police hoping to find two men who robbed a weekly bingo game thursday night stealing money meant for charity. the masked pair surprised columbus hall and were gone in seconds, making off with more than $1,300. >> i look up and i see this fellow with a halloween mask and i thought it was a joke, you know, and then he just grabbed the till and he was out. i only saw him for a second. frank: several organizers ran after them, but they jumped into a black pick-up and took off. up a fund to replace the stolen cash. bingo is the biggest fundraiser for the knights who provide scholarships and hold a holiday dinner for senior citizens. karen: an annual tradition in new hampshire will be lighting up laconia for the very first time today. volunteers were busy all night loading more than 900 jack-o-lanterns into the pumpkin tower for the state's pumpkin festival. one year after riots broke out near the keene pumpkin festival, organizers say they're ready to
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history. and they're hoping to snag laconia a guinness world record when the festival tries to break its 2013 record of 30,581 lit jack-o'-lanterns. >> let's get all of new hampshire, all of new england, all of the country to come and show their pumpkin, show what it's like when you put everybody's pumpkins together, all those lights shining, and light will drive out any darkness. karen: sterling says the scariest thing this year will be a brand-new haunted house mayhem at the mill. frank: you need a parental warning before that clip shows. if i were a little kid and i woke up and saw that clip, i would be terrified. got to be honest. karen: the search for a missing cargo ship intensifies. frank: the effort the coast guard is making to find that ship's black box. karen: new information emerging about the deadly hostage rescue mission in northern iraq. what we are learning about the american soldier killed during the mission. danielle: a chilly start to your saturday. the outlook for the rest of the
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and i'm tracking breaking news in mexico. right now tropical storm patricia is over inland mexico headed towards texas. we're going to talk about the rainfall this storm could put down and how it could impact our weather who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. is responsible for the content of this message. karen: new details are emerging about the deadly rescue mission in northern iraq. master sergeant joshua wheeler is identified as the american soldier killed during the mission. american to die in combat since campaign last year. dozens of american and iraqi troops raided a compound in
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seventy prisoners who were about the pentagon says a number of militants were killed and >> this was a support mission in which they were providing support to the iraqi-- to the kurdistan regional government. and u.s. forces are not in an active combat mission in iraq. karen: wheeler was a father of four with eleven bronze stars. he was one month shy of his 40th birthday. right now the search for "el faro"'s data recorder is underway. the florida-based cargo ship disappeared earlier this month when it encountered hurricane joaquin. members of the search team believe they have about a week batteries stop sending signals. they're now at a 100-square-mile search zone near the bahamas. 33 people, including 28 americans, were on board "el faro" when it disappeared. continue to be a major problem
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inches of rain. it's continuous, washing out streets, flooding parks, and causing chaos. the rain causing plenty of accidents with high water rescues and other problems keeping emergency crews busy. >> we really weren't expecting this much rain. it just kind of came all of a sudden so we just kind of jumped out and started helping. frank: streets and highways are closed, crippling traffic to a crawl, backed up for miles with many people stranded. and that threat is not over yet with even more rain expected this weekend. karen: we'll be watching that as well as danielle is here looking at our forecast. danielle: that whole system will eventually shift and impact our weather. i do want to talk about that a little further because patricia is not going to add anything to this. but bad things-- because we're talking about rain and they don't need rain in texas. unfortunately more rain is headed that way. let's show you what's happening on the surface map right now. there's an area of low pressure and warm front/cold front you see. there is patricia a tropical storm right now but that moisture, that tropical moisture
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is interacting with that frontal boundary. unfortunately all this is is lift to go the north and east. you see all these downpours over dallas and houston. in fact, here's the projected rain totals. they've already seen anywhere from 3-7 inches in most locations, although in areas even saw in the last 24 hours over 13 inches of rain. now you add on top of that 4-8 inches and you've got big problems for the areas down there. in terms of rainfall, i want to compare this to our rain. since september 1, we've only picked up 4.5 inches of rain. and in a suburb of dallas, picking up over 13 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. that's about three times the amount we've seen in the last two months. now obviously we're looking for rain because we're under a moderate drought here closer to home with over-- we're down over 7.5 inches in boston and down over 7 inches in worcester. rain is on the way though. in fact, tomorrow morning it
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we're dry monday and tuesday. those remnants of pa tisch i can't will interact with that frontal boundary giving us a high dose of heavy, significant rain wednesday night into thursday. right now as you see, a lot of clouds out there over boston but there are some clearing skies back to the west. you see 42 degrees currently. the winds out of the north and east at about 9. it's a chilly day for most places, and we're going to warm up really into the low 50's in boston. maybe a few mid 50's on the cape and the islands. but notice most of us staying in the upper 40's today because of that cloud cover and those winds coming off the water. the good news is temperatures are going to jump right back up for tomorrow up into the 60's. in boston, up into the upper 50's in worcester which is about a 10-15-- 10- to 15-degree temperature jump which we'll welcome in. that comes with a warm front and rain overnight into first thing tomorrow morning and then temperatures again warming in the low 60's. so the future cast for the rain looks like this.
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by 7:00, you notice the best chances north and west of the city. southern new hampshire, worcester county. move closer to boston it starts to fizzle just a touch as it gets closer to boston but still a couple of showers by 9:00. then we're starting to clear out by lunchtime. i do think for you folks that are headed down to gillette tomorrow tore the pats' game it looks pretty good. by afternoon, the clouds really start to clear out. we will see some sunshine so tomorrow not a washout of a day. and then sunshine really returns into the forecast on monday but unfortunately it is is chilly because high pressure brings those winds around from the north. that keeps temperatures back in the low 50's not only on monday but also tuesday. and then we start to see that rain come in wednesday into thursday. frank and karen. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. time right now is 8:19. a check of some other stories we're following right now. karen: a dorchester teenager is under arrest accused in a deadly stabbing at the jackson square "t" station. police say 16-year-old romondo cepeda of dorchester confessed
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raymond in the heart. cepeda, who has a juvenile record involving violent crime, is being charged as an adult for first degree murder. he's being held without bail. frank: officials in colorado say theater shooter james holmes was assaulted by another inmate at the colorado state penitentiary. the inmate also allegedly assaulted a security officer. officials say the inmate lunged at holmes and took a few swings at him while the officer was escorting holmes through a hallway early this month. holmes was not injured. karen: a two-year investigation into whether the i.r.s. improperly targeted and scrutinized the tea party and similar organizations is over. the justice department notified congress in a letter that it will not bring charges against former senior i.r.s. official lois lerner. the letter said the probe found substantial evidence of mismanagement and poor judgment but nothing criminal.
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frank: the kansas city royals are in the world series again wrapping up their second straight american league pennant. they beat the toronto blue jays in game 6. wade davis was credited with the win after pitching in and out of a ninth-inning jam. the fall classic will begin tuesday in kansas city against the new york mets. you could say the force was strong with the latest "star wars" trailer. karen: i know you're excited about this. according to lucas film, the trailer for the upcoming "star wars" film was seen 128 million times around the world in a single day. the movie preview for "star wars: the force awakens" debuted on television during half-time of espn's "monday night football" and-- according to nielsen-- there was a peak in viewers just before it aired. the response around the trailer caused ticket seller sites like fandango and to crash on monday night. the film premiere's on december 18. frank: it's like a win-win for me because the team i grew uprooting for the eagles was winning that name and i got to see the trailer. everything went right that
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karen: a lot to look forward to. well, now, in october it's breast cancer celebrating survivors. woman honored. 91-year-old. patriots quarterback tom brady's halloween adventure in a local supermarket. and the surprise he left behind. karen: and here is the radar. you can see what was once tropical storm. but there are concerns now as it heads towards texas. danielle vollmar will be back with a look at that as well as
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frank: welcome back. we are following breaking news right now in worcester. the deputy fire chief says a small private plane left the runway as it attempted to take off. one passenger has been taken to the hospital. no word on the condition of that passenger. we're going to continue to follow this story all morning long. danielle: in the weather department here, we're talking about a chilly start to your morning. if you're headed out right now, i would grab a coat. a winter coat in a lot of spots. nashua is is still holding at 29 degrees. it is 33 in worcester, 42 in boston, 43 in plymouth. now as we go through the next couple of days, we warm up tomorrow. milder into the low 60's. we're back in the 50's though by monday and tuesday which is where we should be this time of year. now in terms of the fall foliage, if you're going up real far north we're past weak. we're peaking through parts of
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new hampshire and worcester county. even through metro west a lot of color in boston. tomorrow there could be showers on your doorstep at least for the morning hours and sunshine for monday. karen and frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. a very special guest is honored at the boston hot pink luncheon and symposium. karen: 91-year-old carol stevens of scituate is known as one of the longest living breast cancer survivors. she was there for the fifth annual luncheon. carol was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1957 at the age of 33. she had just given birth to her fourth child. doctors at the time gave her five years to live despite a radical mastectomy and removal of her ovaries. carol's key to survival? relaxation. carol: every two weeks i would get a baby-sitter and go out to dinner with my husband. and i'm here. karen: carol says she's very blessed and very happy and wants
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know it gets better. a man's frightening fall at the bruins game. frank: the changes he's calling for at the td garden to keep fans safe. your holiday bird is going to cost you more this year. the reason behind the price spike. and a live look right now at downtown boston. beautiful start to the day but only 40 degrees. danielle tells us, a little rain is in the forecast. stay with us. your full forecast coming up after the leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished.
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won. r leadership isn't given.
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>> closed captioned funding provided by luna. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: i'm tracking tropical storm patricia. the changes overnight and where it's heading next. along with the outlook for your weekend. the next chance for rain in the days ahead. frank: right now police in bourne are on the hunt for a prisoner. how he managed to escape from a police cruiser. karen: the scramble for free t-shirts leads to a frightening fall. the hockey promotion that led to a serious injury. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's
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we are following breaking news in medford. the driver who slammed into a building on salem street. >> you're watching wcvb, good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: we are following breaking news right now in worcester. the deputy fire chief says small private plane left the runway as it attempted to take off. one passenger has been taken to no word on the condition of that we will keep following this breaking story on air, online and on our mobile app. good morning, everybody. it's 8:31 on this saturday. i'm frank holland. karen: and i'm quarn anderson in for today for antoinette. danielle is here. for anyone who hasn't stepped outside, it is cold out. looking at these temperatures, 43 in worcester. danielle: in the 20's in a lot of spots this morning. it's a chilly start but we will gradually warm up today. not as warm as tomorrow unfortunately. so get used to it. 26 in orange. 27 keene. it is 25 right now in concord.
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already 50 degrees on nantucket. so slowly starting to warm things up. as we go through the next 12 hours in boston, notice temperatures really hold in the low 50's. that's because there's a lot of low-level clouds being filtered in because of this wind coming off the water. so high temperatures today upper 40's, low 50's. it will be a mix of sun and clouds. it is a chilly start out there but it is dry at least for today. as we look back to the north and west, you see some showers here over the great lakes. this is associated with our next system which is headed in our direction. it will give us our next chance for much-needed rain. right now high pressure is dominating our weather but we're watching this warm front really carefully. it's going to lift through and give us the rain beginning overnight into first thing tomorrow. also watching a cold front brings us very heavy rain from dallas to houston. and then we're watching tropical storm patricia here getting ready to merge with this frontal boundary. that could be problematic for
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the state of texas and eventually to give us a good shot of some very, very heavy rain. let me show you what's going to happen on the future cast through the day today. notice the clouds really start to spread in along the east coast of massachusetts. we are still dry though, but it is a mostly cloudy day with the rain showers coming in later on tonight through the overnight hours. we'll time out the exact hour-by-hour forecast for the rain tomorrow and then talk about the milder temperatures that are ahead. karen and frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. patricia is now a tropical storm hours after crashing into the west coast of mexico. karen: there are reports of some flooding and landslides but no word of major damage just yet. officials are wary though, saying it is still an extremely dangerous storm. from this satellite image, you can see the storm's eye. hurricane patricia, winds as strong as 200 miles per hour, and up to 20 inches of rain,
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howled into mexico friday as a category 5 storm. this angry surf hit the vacation area of puerto vallarta where they were boarding up, filling sandbags, streets deserted as thousands of tourists tried to outrun patricia. >> we were evacuated from our hotel this morning for the hurricane. we came to this convention center, and they said it's not a safe place so we're going to the texaco center. karen: this vacationer is >> we've been running around trying to find a way out. we're a little concerned but we're trying to keep our game face on for the kids. karen: this record-setting hurricane is the strongest ever to hit the americas, enough to make cars, even planes go airborne. the lowest pressure ever recorded. >> it literally is mind boggling. the only way to describe it is potentially catastrophic. karen: patricia will bring mudslides as it barges inland. losing strength, over 20 million people are in the flash flood zone. flood watches are out for texas, louisiana, and oklahoma with 10-12 inches of rainfall possible through the weekend.
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the red cross is ready to head into the areas devastated by the storm. frank: back to the breaking news we told you about at the top of the show. in medford, a car slams into a building on salem street. police on the scene tell us the driver just got her license last month and apparently hit the gas instead of the brakes. the car ended up in the pure hockey store. no one was inside and no one was hurt. the building inspector says there is no structural damage to a look at the local top stories happening right now. two more methuen students arrested charged with their school. methuen's police chief tells us boys at tenney middle school, 13 and 14 years old. they're accused of telling some students not to show up on monday because they were going to shoot up the school. karen: right now police in bourne are on the hunt for a prisoner who escaped from a cruiser. bourne police say branden coggeshall somehow slipped through a small opening in the cruiser at the police station. he took off.
8:31 am
police teams were not able to catch him. they tell us he is not considered dangerous. a frightening fall for a bruins swept up in a scramble for free the injured man recovering right now. he spoke with newscenter 5's sera congi. >> you see this discoloration that's work being its way up. sera: george rose is recovering from a frightening fall at td garden. >> when you go to the bruins' game, you really don't expect to be injured. sera: he was at the bruins versus philadelphia flyers game wednesday night. between the second and third periods, t-shirts were being tossed into a section. >> and i reached out with my left hand in order to catch the shirt. and i don't know what happened at that time, whether i was pushed, tripped, shoved or stumbled. sera: rose tumbled about seven rows down. >> the right wrist was caught between the two chairs, severely hurt the left shoulder. hit my mouth on the way down. fortunately i didn't lose any teeth. sera: a family member captured
8:32 am
the aftermath on video. while the e.m.t.'s attended to rose, they noticed a boy being taken out on a stretcher. it's unclear how he was hurt or his condition, but rose believes the rush for t-shirts created a dangerous situation. >> pandemonium as far as i was concerned. sera: do you think they should stop this t-shirt toss? >> i think they should. i think what they're doing is creating a traffic nuisance. someone is going to be seriously hurt. sera: rose is disappointed no one from the td garden has called to check on him. he remains a loyal bruins' fan. so you'll go back? >> i'll go back come tuesday night. sera: in response to our story td garden released a statement saying, "we take the safety of our fans very seriously. we regret that some were injured on wednesday night. we apologize for not immediately connecting with those affected to offer our support." at td garden, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: an alleged drunk driver involved in a fiery crash in yarmouth. her young daughter in the back seat.
8:33 am
police tell us 35-year-old christine cogill of marshfield was in three crashes before this one on route 28. rescuers pulled her from the car unconscious just before it burst into flames. the victim's six-year-old daughter managed to get out on her own. both were taken to cape cod hospital. karen: police in brighton are still searching for a killer after a man was found dead in a busy section of the city. the shooting happened shortly after midnight. yesterday neighbors reported hearing shots. police found the 30-year-old victim on teleford street. the suspect took off through a nearby parking lot. police are scanning area surveillance video looking for more clues. frank: a community on high alert right now after the attempted kidnapping of a middle-schooler in randolph. police say the 11-year-old girl got off the bus alone thursday afternoon when an elderly man approached and grabbed her by the arm. she was able to get away, but the man continued to follow her. >> she moved away from him, went down the street towards her home. she then stopped and sat down. he came and sat down next to her.
8:34 am
he didn't say anything at that time. and then he followed her once more again not making any statements to her. that is the last time that she saw him. frank: the girl describes the man as an elderly white man with grey hair about 5'7", wearing a red red sox hooded sweat shirt with jeans and flip flops. frank: commitment 2016. two days, two polls-- and in both, donald trump not on top in iowa. it's a first for the republican frontrunner now slipping behind dr. ben carson. newscenter 5's phil lipof with trump's response to the new numbers. trump: we have a breaking story. donald trump has fallen to second place behind ben carson. phil: making fun of the media's reporting, a defiant donald trump responding to word that he is behind dr. ben carson in two of the latest polls in iowa. trump: we informed ben but he was sleeping. phil: citing virtually every other poll, trump didn't seem concerned but took that shot at carson anyway who has drawn
8:35 am
attention in recent weeks with some provocative comments. carson: i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i would not agree with that. phil: comments like that seem to be helping him, particularly with the same key evangelical voters trump is trying to win. trump: i'm a good christian. remember that. phil: praying with pastors at trump tower. pastor: so today we pray for donald trump. phil: and continuing to tout polls like the one here in massachusetts. trump: i don't even know why massachusetts, i'm at 48, 48. 48! phil: we know why trump thinks he's doing well, but how about carson? carson: i don't change my message from one group to another group. i think people observe that. phil: while trump didn't seem too worried, he did say he's little bit harder in iowa to win back support in the "first in the nation" caucus state. phil lipov, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: jeb bush's faltering presidential campaign is scaling
8:36 am
and other costs. the bush camp says it will invest more cash in securing wins in early voting states. right now, the focus appears to be on new hampshire. staffers will reportedly face payroll cuts up to 40%. bush, who is already visiting each of the four early states about twice a month, is planning to make more frequent and longer trips to those states. karen: we're following breaking news in worcester this morning. frank: a small plane has crashed at the airport. we'll have much more on air, online and on our mobile apps. also coming up baseball stepping up after a key flaw in the social network's app. karen: and the price for your holiday turkey is going up. the reason behind the price spike. danielle: and i'm tracking tropical storm patricia. where it is right now, where it's heading next,
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frank: it's now 8:44. time for a look at your top economic stories. here's a look at the market. the dow finishing up 157 points on friday. for the week an almost 3% increase. the nasdaq, up 11 points. for the week about a 3% rise. the s&p up 22 points finishing 2.5% higher for the
8:38 am
thanksgiving dinner this year. the bird-flu outbreak wiped out more than nine million turkeys meaning fewer turkeys in u.s. warehouses and higher prices for consumers. analysts are reluctant to declare a turkey shortage but say turkey stocks are down more than 21 million pounds since august, nearly double last year's number. amazon's c.e.o. is now america's third richest person after his company's stock soared on thursday. a 77 percent jump in profits at amazon sent the c.e.o.'s wealth through the roof, adding almost $5 billion to his fortune. according to the bloomberg billionaire index, jeff bezos's net worth is about $55 billion. karen: massachusetts is home to quite a few millionaires. and most of them call boston home. take a look at the most recent data from the state department of revenue. this is from 2013. it shows 1,617 millionaires lived in boston as of 2013. newton has the second most with 1,058 millionaire households. and wellesley comes in at number 3 with 726.
8:39 am >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. danielle: close to home the big impact today will be the temperature which is kind of cool. 52 degrees for our high in boston. we should be running around 59 degrees. but we do jump up above average for tomorrow. with that comes the chance for some showers and then back down below where we should be. starting out the day this morning, it's been kind of chilly. 25 concord still at this hour. 28 in keene. 33 right now in worcester. 42 boston. and 50 on nantucket. and for today, i think it's going to be a mostly cloudy day. temperatures only warming into the upper 40's, low 50's due to the cloud cover and also those winds coming off the water. we're watching clouds really start to spiral on in. it's all associated with a warm front and cold front that is going to bring some showers our way. in fact, here is that system.
8:40 am
you can see it. that cold front is actually stalled out bringing the rain for parts of texas which really doesn't need the rain. of course we're watching tropical storm patricia with winds of only 50 miles an hour. it's going to interact. it's already starting to do that and feed more moisture into that area that does not need the rain. we're going to watch this one very carefully because it continues to track up to the north and east. that tropical moisture is going to feed into all this area from texas to louisiana and back to the southeast and eventually we could see some rain from this, but that is not going to happen until later on, like wednesday night into thursday. so for tomorrow, we are going to see some rain chances especially in the morning hours. by afternoon though, i think we're going to see some clearing so it is not a washout. then we're dry monday and tuesday. we really do welcome in the rain. we're down over 7.5 inches in boston. down over two inches for the month of october. we are looking for some beneficial rain.
8:41 am
into first thing tomorrow. it's chilly tonight with temperatures holding in the 40's so it's a cool rain and then tomorrow we warm up into the low 60's behind the warm front. and then cooler air will work its way back in for monday and tuesday. so the timing for the rain looks like this. notice by 7:00 especially north and west of boston this is the best bet of seeing some rain in the form of maybe like a tenth of an inch to two tenths of an inch of rain max from this. so it's really shower activity. n it really becomes more hit or miss as we go across the state. boston by 9:00, you know, maybe metro west seeing a couple of showers too. this. if it makes it all way. if not, you may stay dry but still pretty cloudy up until lunchtime. then through the afternoon we start to break apart the clouds. we see more sunshine. which we will welcome in because we do have a big day tomorrow. in fact, if you're headed out good. 61 degrees at kick-or.
8:42 am
the only thing i would say is if you're going down there early in the morning to tailgate, there could be a couple of hit-or-miss showers. you may want to bring a rain jacket for that. should clear out. that cold front then swings through. so temperatures drop into the 50's and then significant rain coming potentially with the remnants of patricia wednesday night into thursday. frank? frank: thanks a lot, danielle. a look at sports now, and it's looking up for the bruins. the b's in brooklyn taking on the islanders. they got on the board first. then david pastrnak broke a tie late in the second period, and the b's would hold on to that lead. spooner gets one. krejci would add another, and the bruins beat the islanders 5-3. they'll be back at the garden tuesday night. to the court now, and a pretty good way to wrap up pre-season basketball. celtics and sixers in manchester, new hampshire. avery bradley got off to a quick start with 6 points and 4 steals in the first 10 minutes of the game. isaiah thomas was off the bench for this one as well. celtics win 81-65. it was their last pre-season game before they open the regular season against these same sixers at the garden. karen: it will be the kansas
8:43 am
mets in the world series. game six of the alcs-- blue jays and royals in kansas city. the royals wade davis with the win after pitching in and out of a ninth-inning jam. the royals wrapping up their second straight american league pennant. the fall classic starts tuesday in kansas city. the mets last won the world series in 1986, one year after the royals claimed their only title. historic bells will soon ring out again across boston's south end. frank: yesterday, four bells from the former holy trinity church were lifted into a reinforced belfry at the cathedral of the holy cross. it took about a half-hour to put each bell into place. the bells are originally from new orleans. the belfry has been reinforced with steel, and the bells are now wired to be rung electronically instead of by swinging. karen: a small plane ended up off the runway as it attempted to take off. one person is being treated for injuries.
8:44 am
we have crew head to go the scene right now. frank: breaking right now in medford. a driver who slams into a building on salem street. what police on the scene are saying about this dear fellow citizen, your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle needs a new roof or kitchen. r i can show you how to borrow money for it and not break the budget. pif you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez
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frank: 8:5. welcome back. we're following breaking news on the eye out of worcester. the deputy fire chief says a small private plane left the runway as it attempted to take off. one passenger has been taken to the hospital. no word on the condition of that passenger. we'll keep following this breaking story on air, online, and on our mobile apps. karen: we're also following breaking news medford. a car slammed into a building on salem street. police on the scene tell us the driver just got her license last month and apparently she hit the gas instead of the brakes. now the car ended up in pure hockey store. no one was inside and no one was hurt. the building inspector says there is no structural damage to the store. arrested charged with threatening to open fire at methuen's police chief tells us the suspects are eighth grade boys at tenney middle school, 13 and 14 years old. they're accused of telling some students not to show up on monday because they were going to shoot up the school. frank: a teenager is charged with drunk driving in centerville after escaping a
8:47 am
fiery crash. police say he crashed a truck into a tree on great marsh road, and it burst into flames. firefighters arrived at the scene and put out the fire. the young man was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. karen: right now police in bourne are on the hunt for a prisoner who escaped from a cruiser. bourne police say branden coggeshall somehow slipped out of his handcuffs and through a small opening in the cruiser at the police station. he is not considered dangerous according to police. there's a fix to a problem that may be draining your i-phone battery. facebook admitting defects in its app have been sapping battery life. i-phone users noticed the problem when apple launched ios9, which allows you to track how much power your apps use. in response to complaints, facebook has a new app out that should help. usually celebrities try to avoid attention in their everyday life. frank: but a local hero managed to get all eyes on him at whole foods without anybody knowing
8:48 am
check it out. so the man behind the mask was tom brady. the quarterback just posted that video to his facebook page. it promotes unreal candy which is an organic brand sold at whole foods stores all over new england. and brady left surprises in some of the candy. this lucky fan found number 12's signature in one package. pretty cool bonus there. like bazooka but cooler. karen: when he hits the field tomorrow how will it be looking. danielle: not too bad. early for the tailgating there might be a shower or two early. i do want to talk about patricia one more time. it is a tropical storm now. winds at 50 miles an hour. it is is through the interior of meks dough headed to the north and east so texas will be up next for some of the remnants of this. it is expected to lose all tropical characteristics within the next 24 hours. we are projecting a lot of rain for dallas, houston. you can see anywhere from 4-8 inches on top of what they've already seen.
8:49 am
some places have seen over 13 inches of rain. that is a lot of rain, folks, just so you know. we could really use some here. we'll get some early tomorrow morning. it should clear out though by afternoon. the rest of your day on sunday doesn't look so bad. cooler monday and tuesday. heavier rain from that system wednesday and thursday. frank: you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or any time on the wcvb mobile app. karen: the eye is back tomorrow starting at 5:00 a.m. dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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