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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  October 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> he was not breathing. i saw the seatbelt against his neck. jack: noah lived only a few hours. his two-year-old brother is recovering. >> they got so much ahead of them that nobody knows. the except as of it all. can you accept this to move on and have the faith, hope and courage you need to survive it? it is so hard. i cannot even tell you. jack: she was hospitalized for nine months. her son has undergone 25 operations. and her husband was killed. she is hoping the rumors here about the department transportation meeting on thursday to consider changes here are true. heather: it was devastating loss for a new hampshire family. a nine-year-old boy delivering cookies he made for a friend suddenly dies. christopher chester was headed
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he was walking with his dad when he tripped and fell. his father perform cpr until first responders arrived at the fourth grader did not make it. a go fund me page has been set up a state police identified the man who was killed in a hit and run on sunday night. he is 33-year-old lee castoro from new york. police have found the car they are looking for but so far no one has been arrested. ed: let' s turn our attention to the weather. harvey -- is that hurricane patricia? harvey: that is what is left of it. ed: that is coming this way. harvey: and it is coming our way, no question. we are going to get rain, wind and a few coastal -- ed: all before the patriots game thursday? harvey: it is out of here by them. because you ordered it. let' s show you where it is coming from p reduce see it as it moves through the carolinas. it' s definitely moving in our direction.
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most likely, one to two inches. may be more in the higher elevations to our north and west 30 as far as the wind is a concern, winded visor will go into effect 7:00 p.m. wednesday until 10:00 a.m. thursday. some higher gusts for eastern massachusetts, the cape in the berkshires. a coastal flood advisory for the high tide tomorrow which is around noon time for east facing coastal areas. the wind and seas will not have much time to build up for much more this flashover. slightly more eventful along the south coast for tomorrow night' s high tide because the wind and wave action will have time to build up. this is a look at boston during the day tomorrow. thicker clouds. rain late in the day. much more about the upcoming storm in a while. two robbers who used a stun gun employees. both victims were zip tied
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before those thieves took off. jim? evening. a couple people stopped by and said they were concerned for the safety of the people who work at the store in stoneham. those the loose. today. the mess inside all that is left of the midmorning robbery. >> one of the suspects pulled out a taser and taste one of the employees. the second employee working in the story heard the noise and taste. jim: it started when two men jewelry. robbery. undisclosed amount of coins. after. >> this place was targeted. jim: this is not the first time. those suspects are still at large.
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it happened overnight and coins were taken then as well. it is an open investigation. jim: you saw the pictures. from today? police say they did try to retrieve video and there is no idea if there was caught on camera. if the system was recording, but those two men described as hispanic. medium build, five foot eight inches, a gray sweatshirt at the time. information, give them a call. heather: a middlebrow man is under arrest accused of assaulting a child. solomon martinez is accused of choking a five-year-old girl. the 19-year-old turned himself into he is being held on $10,000 cash bail. he faces seven years in prison. ed: on the opioid crisis. a new statistics says more drug seizures than any other state except for ohio. the bay state has 630 fastenal
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company visions in 2014. it' s 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine it is mixed with heroin. the attorney general has proposed a bill that would make trafficking phentonyl a crime. a driver slumped over behind the wheel with a syringe full of heroin nera his -- near his two-year-old. anotn -- antonio grya' s car was still running. gray had a bag of heroin and an uncapped needle near that child. gray is charged with reckless endangerment and possession of heroin. j.c.: that' s nearly 200 marijuana plants in a large warehouse on kilbourn street. each pot plant was about three feet tall. officers found a gun and ammunition and that warehouse. n charges have been filed. heather: tom menino'
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s papers will be held at boston university where he taught before he died a year ago. janet will reports, the family see some irony and how his collection will be first available. j >> tom menino was fond of saying he was not a visionary, adding that visionaries do not get anything done. janet: the present of boston university said that tom menino was a visionary. the proof is the skylight. a website launched today will be the first for his archive of memories. angela sees the irony of his legacy on the internet. >> yes, issues are issues. janet: she said the demographics of the city may have changed but he believed face-to-face with the best read on how to runa a city. >> tom used to stop at a couple of coffee shops on the way to work. it was not because he wanted to drink coffee but because he wanted to know what people were
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thinking about. i grew up in city hall. basically, i was in high school and now my kids are graduating from high school. it is just wonderful, wonderful memories we can share with everybody. one of my favorite pictures is him and bill clinton. bill clinton is belly laughing. the two of them, it' s hysterical. >> the dnc. i know he was trying to get that for years and years and years. that was his big goal. he pulled it off. janet: many of these items will make it to the website but there are one things that scholars want to come to the university to examine for themselves to get a better understanding of the details that went into tom menino' s decisions. >> that is something that nobody should have to go through. . that is the promise i made to brittany ed: we are talking about right to die advocate brittany made who died a year ago in oregon.
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similar law in massachusetts. heather: five investigates. now the federal government is calling for action to help keep you safe. / thin clouds now. harvey: but run that moisture from patricia on the way. ed: the pagers with a casual walk-through today in foxboro.
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ed: it has been almost a year since terminal cancer patient britney maynard moved to oregon to die in her own terms. the 29-year-old' s death made headlines. j.c.: today her husband continued her right to die crusade on beacon hill. statehouse. pam: he was one of dozens of people to talk about death and who has the right to decide. this is personal for every individual.
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the statehouse. standing room only. those in favor of the bill call it death with dignity. those opposed: assisted suicide. >> the biggest time i can do to a patient is not give them a choice of how they live their life, how they die. >> the harsh reality is that those of us with disabilities will be the collateral damage. >> the bill' s author spurred on by the young women who made headlines/year when she moved to oregon to take her life after a terminal diagnosis of brain cancer. >> my goal, of course, is to influence this policy for positive change. >> that is something that nobody should have to go through at end-of-life. that is the promise i made to brittany. reporter: brittany maynard' s widower push for the change. >> if i was in that position, i do not know if i would use the medication or not, but knowing
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all the options, would provide a certain amount of solace. reporter: in the hearing, the battle continued. one opponent rephrased martin luther king junior. >> regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability, having inherent dignity and we do not have to die to get it. >> society should not want doctors to be involved in killing. suicide illuminates the person rather than alleviating the suffering. reporter: a recent poll found the majority of massachusetts residents are favor but a 2012in ballot position lost by a margn in. governor baker has some reservations about the bill. ed: we are approaching 6:25. harvey is tracking the remnants of hurricane patricia. heather: he' ll zero in on when the rain and winds will arrive. hundreds of car crashes blamed on fires. 5 investigates.
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. heather: federal officials are calling from sweeping changes when it comes to tire recalls an aged tires. reporter: our year looked into the safety risk of older tires. transportation safety board made several recommendations about tires. good as could be putting you in danger. kill you. may have plenty of tread as they
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drive out and lose elasticity leading to a possible catastrophic tread separation. 21-year-old alexandra sanders was killed when her family' s suv rolled over after the tread on the tire separated. >> my whole family was injured. my middle daughter passed away. >> we cannot bring back the 539 fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and friends who lost their lives due to tire problems in 2013. reporter: those crashes led to a review by the nts to be which found that many drivers never learn about tire recalls. that is what happened in florida when two church members were killed and 8 injured. no one knew the van' s tire had been recalled. >> 32,000 accidents a year related to defective tires. reporter: the ntsb also wants a
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deeper look into tire aging. our investigation last year found plenty of old tires on store shelves, 7 and 9 years old. you can find the age of your tires written into the dot number on the side. in this case, 1811 means the tire was manufactured in the 18th week of 2011. now the feds are calling for better registration systems to track tire recalls. the tire industry agrees with most of the recommendations, but they tell us when it comes to tire age, there are too many factors to predict the server principal - the serviceable life on any type it ed: halloween arrived earlier at government center. take a look at what workers found buried below the blue line. the costumeer s were found inside a hollow section of the concrete that was poured 60 years ago. perhaps ghosts of t-riders past?
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rider station is set to reopen in the spring. ve have heard rumors about things buried under it. ed: it reminds them when they found the sign at sully square. they are going to leave that one intact, too. harvey: i am trying to deal with different time frames. early this morning. 28 and hyannis. 0 -- in hyannis. a nice jump up. it was another nice day after that really cold start. look at the dutiful skyin -- the beautiful sky in boston. delight. that is true for early tomorrow but not going to be true by later tomorrow. that is always there to get our 50 degrees in boston. barometer very strong, which can take a big tumble as the storm moves in.
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so, temperatures will fall quickly this evening into tonight. we will see the readings not quite as low as last night but still enough to be frosty in spots. the clouds are thin enough. tomorrow we will see the temperature similar to today but the difference is tomorrow night the difference -- the temperatures are going to keep going up as we get the tropical winds. so, all coming from the south and west, and it is the remnant moisture of once was hurricane patricia. what can we expect? one to two inches of rain during wednesday night. it will be rainy and most areas during the evening commute and may last into the thursday morning commute. the wind gust are likely to be strong as overnight wednesday night. 40 to 50 miles proper there is the one to two inch rain potential. and in terms of the timeline, notice we only have thing clouds early tomorrow but then they thicken and the rainmaker' s approach and moves in around the time of the evening commute later down on the cape and the islands. tropical downpours with strong
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winds at times during tomorrow night into the morning commute thursday. after that, the clouds may brighten a little and if they do, thursday could be mild around here. look at the temperature trend. look at that spike up. 74 degrees during the day on thursday before cool air returns friday. the wins will be picking up during the day tomorrow. then really taking up tomorrow night weather could be gusts of 50 miles per hour. it will still be windy on thursday. with the strongest winds likely to be during the wednesday night time period. that is how things are shaping up with the storm. minor flooding is possible at the time of high tide or a little before after, noon time for east facing coastal areas. but the season winds will not have built up that much. but the south coast, more tide for the -- more time for the wind and wave action. summarizing the storm, high chance of heavy rain tomorrow night. high chance of strong winds. minor wind damage.
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a low chance of a few and pettit understands. --- embedded thunderstorms. this is out of here in times for the patriots game. 59 is not better temperatures fall to the 50' s. projector treaters -- for trick-or-treaters, mid to late afternoon, in the 50' s. falling into the 40' s during the evening hours. this is a long weekend her because we gain an hour by turning the clock' s back one saturday night. on sunday. at least the weather does not look to bad outside. a mixed or of sunshine and clouds and probably nothing more than a spot sharp. -- a spot shower. >> now sportscenter 5. mike: first the rain in the dolphins wash into town to miami has won two straight but the combined records of those two teams 3-9. miami is one of those two teams tom brady has not owned. brady is 18-8 against the
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dolphins. that, but for brady his standards are far higher. here come the dolphins thursday night. >> i think you do the best you can, and mentally you have got to work as hard as you can. tough enough to push through it. so, it' s a fun week. the competition starts as soon as the last game ends. we have got the same amount of time to prepare, and hopefully will will make as we possibly can. mike: from year one to year two of the brad stevens era the celtics improve from 25 to 40 wins. are they ready to take another giant step forward? we begin to find out tomorrow night when the celtics open the season at home against the 76ers. bob: there is value to the preseason, more so for a team like the celtics. but the regular season is where we and they begin to find out if the celtics are ready to take another leap forward.
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>> up to the start is to set the tone of how hard we need to play and how crisp we need to be from the start. then went coach goes to the bench, those guys have something good to watch. bob: in seasons past, maybe it' s a of the team it was larry steamer paul steen or maybe it was rondo' s team. there was so much equality and depth. on this team,w who' s is it? >> obviously, there are transcendent players like bill russell and larry bird. those guys will be followed because of how good they were on the court and how competitive they were. but i think if i had to answer, we would all agree it is boston ' s team. that is what, we are trying to play our role for the celtics. bob: in the absence of a transcendent player, this is brad stevens team, year number three. are we there yet? >> i will leave the how much we have improved from a a win-loss
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bob: expectations are higher and they are at their highest right before the season starts. but buckle up. it' s bound to be a bumpy ride. mike: mike: world series game one in kansas city where it is raining right now. the mets have the streaking daniel murphy who is captured the heart of one met fan. >> oh, danny boy. your back, your bat is slugging. with every swing we see your home run stride the summer' s gone and all the records falling tis you, tis you igniting new york pride lenihan. an irish born american singer in new york city. a big met s fan. imagine if they come back to a going.
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ed: if they can win the world series, standby. heather: kind of like "we carolyn." -- sweet caroline." a warning about a telephone scam that talks to local victims. thousands. the group being targeted. tonight at 11:00. first daivd vid muri.
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heather: this time tomorrow we are going to get a little wet. harvey: tomorrow night will be the harder day. into early thursday at all of those leaves are ready to come rleah: i just was thinking any minute could be the minute. and the minutes kept passing. r we both kind of relaxed and thought, "she'll come when she's ready."
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woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did. woman: a big girl! [ olivia crying ]
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r ready to head out when others head home. p at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. r upgrading technology, managing vegetation, r improving how we get information to you, t because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, r and we want to make sure you're ready, too. r visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. r and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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