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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 29, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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there could be costs to 50 miles an hour as they come through. rain winding down this morning. breaks of sun with a breeze through the afternoon. cooler tomorrow but draw into the weekend. we break it down as the eyeopener continues. announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: rain and wind hitting new england right now. the thunderstorm potential, and when this moves out. emily: breaking overnight, a man slashed in boston' s north end. the moment landing a man in the hospital. randy: an uxbridge man handcuffed at logan airport. the threat he' s accused of making onboard a flight just moments before takeoff .moments announcer: good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener.
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emily: now at 5:00:00 a.m. this is the weather radar. the dark green is the rain moving over the region right now. wind, downpours, and some thunderstorm potential. this is the view in east boston as when gusts make tough conditions. good morning, i' m emily riemer. randy: and i' m randy price with cindy and mike, tracking it all this morning. cindy: i' m sure you heard downpours. wind is whipping everything around. mike: and how warm it is. cindy: what seeing tropical downpours. here' s a look at the radar. lightning strikes at the tip of long island. this activity is traveling north. it does have its eyes on massachusetts. mike is going to take a closer look. with got the rain and winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. a wind advisory in effect through 10:00 this morning.
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winds have done some damage, we' ve had some localized issues. the wind is feeding humidity ahead of a cold front. it brought in warmth, temperatures near 70 in boston. on the north shore, beverly closing in on 70 degrees. it is going to be a warm day. low 70' s this afternoon . after 9:00 the rain is winding down. torrential downpours with us over the next hour across eastern and southeastern massachusetts. by 8:00, this line is shifting eastward, impacting the outer cape and islands. we will see drawing into the afternoon with clouds giving way to a few breaks of sunshine. let' s take a closer look at stronger storms. mike: it is interesting, a little bit of light rain and
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the storms are moving so fast. moving northeast at about 50 miles per hour. the focus is along the south shore. you can see just passing 44 to offshore. i' providence. this will be in mansfield 15 minutes. when the downpours come through winds. re watching this area tracking its way up the southeastern part of the state. there is a band of showers to the west. we will be monitoring that. lots of areas to keep an eye on. the roadways are wet. how are things out there? olessa: a little tricky. here' s a look at the pike by allston brighton.
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north of town watching a few problem spots. 495, jackknifed tractor-trailer. 495 southbound by 110, an accident. a crash and spin out route to eastbound. south of town not dealing with any of that construction. a crash cleared away eastbound on the stir. trains and buses on schedule. randy: four minutes after 5:00. right now a man is under arrest. , just a few words got him hauled emily: the eye' s frank holland is tracking developments live from east boston. frank: that man has been identified as 55-year-old dennis he' s expected to face a judge later today. police say campbell was on a united airlines flight from boston to chicago last night. just before takeoff, he allegedly made a comment about having a bomb in his bag. state police were called, and quickly removed him from the plane. but they didn' t find a bomb.
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campbell about an hour later. campbell is now being held on $250 bail and is expected to be boston. randy: breaking tonight boston , police are investigating a fight at a bar that landed a man wounds. according to boston ems, it happened either inside or outside the bell in hand bar on hanover street in the city' s north end. one person was taken to massachusetts general hospital s expected to be ok. another man suffered minor injuries. also this morning, the former new hampshire prep school student whose rape trial made national headlines learned his future today. owen labrie was cleared of the most serious charges but was convicted of using a computer to lure a 15-year-old girl to a sexual encounter. he faces up to 11 years at his sentencing today, 11 years behind bars, he' s asking for probation.
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his trial exposed a campus sex students at st. paul' s in concord. emily: new this morning, a dzokhar tsarnaev' s pretrial confinement at devens. newly unsealed court documents show the fbi screened all his calls, he was barred any contact with media and cut off from communicating with other inmates. right now, tsarnaev is being the nation' s toughest federal prison in colorado. his lawyer is trying to prevent prosecutors from getting prison records about his current arrangement, saying it needs to prepare his appeal. prosecutors say the defense is not entitled to the same protections now that tsarnaev has been sentenced. >> where running for the same position. randy: trading barbs and trying to gain ground. jeb bush and marco rubio go on the attack against each other. but the real target at this debate wasn' t on the stage. the eye' s erika tarantal is here
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erika: bush attacking the florida senator. the candidates criticizing the questions as inciting attacks instead of encouraging discussion. topics from taxes to the debt ceiling and social security good ben carson and donald trump dominated less than in the previous two debates. john kasich ripping into trump for his proposal to deport millions of emigrants. >> leaving their children in this country and dividing ve got to wake up. >> he said i' ve never going to attack. and then his poll numbers tanked. >> the gop candidates to not have long until their less debate -- next debate in two weeks. showdown at gillette. the unbeaten patriots try to
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dolphins arrive in foxborough. randy: the eye' s jim lokay is on the field with what could be a pretty tough task. jim: the a lot of rest after their last victory coming off a punishing win against the jets. the dolphins also won in a weekend. that explains the practice we' re seeing in foxborough this week. light, inside, no serious strain. the patriots say they are laser focused. >> it is a fun week. the competition starts as soon as it ends. we' ve got time to prepare and hopefully we will make use of it. jim: the patriots are one of five unbeaten teams. the defending super bowl champs would like to still be holding that title this time tomorrow morning.
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the dolphins may have something to say about that. coming up, three things to look out for as the teams face off. jim lokay, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: boston' s city council putting an end to a yearlong emily: the decision that could upset some taxpayers. a military blimp breaks lose in maryland. free-floating for hours. randy: plus, an arkansas man saved every penny for 45 years. how much he pocketed when he erika? erika: breaking overnight, a man is hurt after a violent night in boston' s north end. police say that man was slashed in the neck on hanover street, after a fight in a bar. he' s expected to be ok. cindy? cindy: rain and heavy downpours for a few more hours. the timeline on when it moves out ahead. take a closer look at the radar. strikes in the waters east of
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>> hi, we' re the watertown field hockey team. good morning, eyeopener. randy: you already know those watertown ladies broke a national record. emily: but that' s not the only reason they' re getting a high 5 from michael lynch. it is tonight at 6:00. in the meantime, record your own wake up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. i know you said it was going to be tough this morning. i did not expect a monsoon. cindy: the rain is an issue and the leaves coming down and wind. a combination.
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sometimes the leaves are clogging the drain and creating flooding. southeastern massachusetts getting hit hardest. a flash flood warning. this is around a fall river-new bedford area for parts of southern and south senate bristol county until 7:30 this morning. typical you get the flooding with heavier downpours. rainfall over half an inch to an inch and a half per hour. the rain is torrential. coming in. hurricane and that is why we are seeing incredible rainfall. the other thing we' re starting to see is new lightning off the eastern tip of long island. this is shifting northward. you are under the gun in southeastern massachusetts for the next couple hours. mike is going to take a closer look at that. the downpour and the thunder threat is with us through 9:00.
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winds will diminish this afternoon. wind advisory in effect for a 10:00 this morning. some stronger storms could create some damaging wind gusts over 50 miles an hour. we saw when gusts overnight to 60 miles per hour. we' ve had 55 miles per hour. these are the current when gusts, 20-30 miles per hour it is a southerly wind ahead of a cold front that has brought a lot of humidity and warm air. the temperature in boston is 70 degrees out the door. upper 60' s in beverly. lower 60' s on the cape. a warm day. wind is going to shift to the southwest at 10-15 this afternoon.
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a focus across the easternmost and southeastern massachusetts. by 8:00 we are shifting rain to the allocate -- to the outer cape. the next couple hours are critical. we will see the clouds break for as little sunshine this afternoon. let' radar. mike: the heavy downpours across the area. some heavy stuff in those downpours. especially in the southeastern part of the state. an area north of plymouth into marshfield. look at the areas down towards new bedford. those are areas with heavy rain. look how much rain with picked up, over two inches in some spots. on.
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you are just south of brockton at this point. it will be in brockton in 10 minutes. with that expect downpours and gusty winds. a lot of activity forming down offshore. as cindy pointed out, a lot of lightning taking place. we are going to be strong downpours marching eastward. you will have a rumble of thunder along with gusty winds and downpours. lots of travel problems. this afternoon looking better. cindy: tonight at gillette with the patriots and dolphins it will be breezy . temperatures fall into the 40' s overnight. tomorrow, highs are only going to be running in the 50' s. and a lot of sunshine on your friday. high pressure going to set us up for a nice-looking halloween weekend.
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saturday should be comfortable in t 50' s. trick or treat or' s, sunsets saturday at 5:30 nine. temperatures dropping through the 40' s as the trick or treaters are out. we fall back one hour sunday. let' s get you to the roadways. the leaf covered puddle roadways. olessa: secondary roads are going to be a problem. 495 southbound by route 97 has a jackknifed tractor-trailer. another accident route 2 eastbound by spring street. a crash on the pike by 495. south of town in decent shape. extra travel time but no construction this point. so far, so good getting into boston. trains and buses on schedule.
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are trying to figure out how a military blimp broke loose in maryland and landed in pennsylvania. the high tech blimp was developed and built by waltham based raytheon, part of a multi billion dollar military program. the unmanned balloon flew for hours yesterday carrying highly sensitive equipment and knocking into trees and power lines. emily: right now renewed calls for change after a new report documents the fatal errors in the bella bond case. an independent investigator finding that state social workers failed the little girl when they closed her case in 2013. police have charged her mother rachelle bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy with bella' s murder and cover-up. governor charlie baker says many people dropped the ball, and the report confirms there needs to be a major overhaul with the department. but the report finds the agency should not be blamed for bella' s death. the governor says its also up to family, friends, even neighbors to raise a red flag. >> i don'
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the commonwealth s home without some rationale. emily: governor baker says the dcf overhaul is on schedule, he expects big changes by mid november. randy: new this morning, boston city councilors are getting a 14% pay raise. the city council voted to give itself the raise, ending a bitter yearlong debate. the 12th of miller -- the s a compromise after councilors proposed pay hikes. the measure, which takes effect in january, and will also increase the mayor' s pay. a purdue university football player goes out of his way to make a happy birthday for a little girl he' d never even met. emily: the kind gesture that left her mother speechless. erika? erika: then new at 5:30, the fight over the fantasy sports industry is about to take a new turn.
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the meeting today that could lead to new rules. and a brockton mother accused of attacking a teenager. the scuffle involving her daughter. cindy and mike are keeping an
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in style with all kinds of animals. hundreds of generous humans. the mspca an angel medical center in boston, we had a great time. emily: was that a goose? randy: and a pig. emily: we are well represented. cindy: what about ducks? the weather is appropriate for them. heavy rain and strong wind. a look at the radar. the tip of long island, northward we have some lightning strikes. those are going to move into southeastern massachusetts. heavy rain out of providence will fill back into the metro over the next hour and bring an inch of rain or so.
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. afternoon. lower 70' s today and call her. sunshine into halloween. emily: thank you. olessa is back with eyepoppers. olessa: a good deed gone viral. a purdue football player made a little girl' s birthday wish come true with a very special gift. tario fuller just happened to be listening to a two-year-old wishlist at a target. so he decided to buy the little kinley' s mom is hoping he will inspire others to be kind as well. emily: random acts of kindness. olessa: every penny counts. and that' s certainly true for this arkansas man. he' s been saving pennies for more than 45 years. he says he would always opt to break a dollar before spending a penny. and yesterday, he cashed them all in for $5136. isn'
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emily: makes me want to start saving pennies. randy: that' s a lot. last year' s terrible winter has people already bracing for the return of snow and cold. important moves to make now to prevent damage later. it is a head this morning. and a shark attack survivor is now getting help in boston. his first thought when he realized he'
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>> marci: now -- >> now, while weather moving in. emily: a fight at a boston bar leaves a man slashed in the neck.
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right now. randy: attacked by a shark. a local man is coming home with an important issue -- mission. emily: and, how you can save time and money this winter with some simple moves right now. on the eye. >> good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: rain and wind are soaking the region right now. the remnants of hurricane patricia are bringing downpours, and the chance of thunderstorms. emily: that combination, likely drivers this morning. it does move out soon. randy: cindy' s tracking it all right now. cindy? cindy: we have a flash flood warning up until 7:30 this morning near the fall river area. let me widen out the view and
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this area right here, a lot of thunderstorms racing toward the hour. in the past 30 minutes we have had nearly 200 lightning strikes. southeastern massachusetts. we also have some heavy downpours with rain falling at a . next hour. we have the rain is one element this morning, the wind is the other. gusts close to 30 miles per hour. wind is bringing up the warmth as well, lots of humidity with temperatures coming up to around 70 degrees. we will sneak into the lower 70' s this afternoon as the clouds break for sunshine, but
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are brightening up the skies heading into the afternoon. we have a tough morning commute. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: the majors looking at some problem spots. you can see the rush-hour delays already starting to build. as you travel north, it jackknifed travel -- tractor-trailer on 495. we are watching a problem route -- route two eastbound. another crash on 495 eastbound on the pike. the pike itself, about 15 minutes 495 out to 128. beyond that, not seeing to many delays. northbound on the expressway, o' neill tunnel. trains and buses so far on schedule. emily: breaking overnight,
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boston police are investigating a fight at a north end bar that landed a man in the hospital with slash wounds. according to boston ems, it happened either inside or outside the bell in hand bar on hanover street. the victim is expected to be ok. randy: right now an uxbridge man is getting ready to face a judge charged with making a bomb threat on a plane at logan airport. police say 55-year-old dennis campbell made a comment about having a bomb in his bag while he was on a united flight last night. nothing was found there. randy: -- emily: the former new hampshire prep school student accused of raping a classmate will be sentenced today. owen labrie was convicted on a lesser charge of using a computer to lure the 15-year-old. his trial exposed a campus sex competition between students at st. paul' s in concord. right now the battle over fantasy sports websites is about to hit a new level. randy: the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is live in boston with the hearing that could bring big changes.
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antoinette: this is a regularly scheduled meeting for the massachusetts gaming commission, and they are expected to talk about this controversial issues of fantasy sports sites. that includes boston based draft kings. chairman stephen crosby says the gaming commission will look at a few key issues, whether fantasy sports are legal. and if so, should the industry be regulated who should regulate it, and what issues regulation should address. governor baker says his concern is about protecting the players. >> if people are going to represent that this is a game of skill then it needs to be a game , of skill and that means it needs to be transparent and consumers need to be protected and the rules of the game need to be understood. antoinette: attorney general maura healey is also reviewing the issue but has previously said that no state or federal
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randy: right now, police on the south shore are searching for suspects in a string of bb gun shootings. three businesses along route 53 in norwell were hit with bb or pellet gun rounds yesterday morning. the windows at a bank, pizza restaurant, and outdoor-gear store were damaged. a woman driving on route 139 in hanover was shot at. no one was hurt. emily: a brockton mother, her boyfriend and daughter all arrested, accused of attacking a 15-year-old. police say maria monteiro, her 15-year-old daughter and john davis were outside brockton high tuesday when the two teens began to fight. they say shortly after monteiro jumped in. when police arrived davis tried , to stop them from arresting monteiro and that' s when the daughter pulled a taser on the student. several local public colleges are seeing a big drop in enrollment right now. according to the state' s department of higher education, worcester state university saw its first decline in fall enrollment since 2007. and mount wachusett' s numbers
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are also down. statewide, the numbers show fall enrollments have fallen by about 6,000 students over the last 3 years. 5:35, a shark attack survivor heading to boston for hel randy: the delicate procedure he needs to get back to the thing he loves so much. emily: and last winter was a nightmare for many homeowners. the steps to take now to protect your home this time around. randy: 5:36, looking at radar. the dark green showing the rain, in many places heavy rain over the are hand-crafted...layer by layer. r the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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pcan i get a medium coffee, medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. t at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. p on the spot. that's the dd commitment.
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>> welcome back to the eyeopener . it has not been a pleasant morning for anyone. northbound a crash by the o' neill tunnel and the southbound accident like columbia road. are things about to get any worse? they are. take a look. just south of boston, heavy downpours producing rainfall of an inch an hour and that is lifting to the boss -- to boston. could even be some thunder. everything wrapping up late this morning. it is going to be a windy day in the lower 70' s, breezy and cooler tomorrow heading into the weekend. emily: remember this?
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after the last painful and historic winter getting ready this year is a big priority for a lot of us. and this morning we' re putting the focus on your home. where to start? we had a local handyman show us the spots to check now. >> first of all, the leaves are on the ground, get them out of the gutters. emily: and while you' re up there, check for any loose shingles or damage to the roof. larry luddecke says you also want to make sure your attic is properly vented. greg -- >> if the attic is cool, you' ll have less ice dams because the heat of the house isn' t melting the bottom of the snow. emily: many people learned about those ice dams the hard way last often. consider buying a roof rake now; before they sell out and use it often once the snow starts. >> as soon as you can. the way the snow came last year, every other day, it would be great if you could use it in between snows. emily: next, check all your windows, make sure the storm windows are down and the upper screen is locked. >> it' s
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about making the window nice and tight. emily: keep out the cold? >> keep out the cold, bingo. emily: if you use your fireplace often, consider getting it professionally cleaned before that first fire. and also have a pro come check your heating system. maintenance now could save you hundreds later. this is also a great time to check all your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. test them, vacuum out any dust and replace the batteries as needed. randy: updates ahead on our breaking news this morning. one man' s injuries, after a violent night in boston' s north end. and a man, accused of making threats at logan. the comment he' s accused of making on board a plane. this morning the celtics have an , impressive home opener. highlights from the garden, ahead.
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randy: good morning, it is 5:44. time for your news to go on the stormy morning. live radar showing heavy rain around the area right now. a camera showing some of the water on the roads. it is going to be a big problem for traffic this morning. cindy and mike wankum both watching the storm. emily: the eyeopener team with all your eggs stories at logan airport. and erica a is with the fallout from that heated gop debate. cindy with a pretty spicy forecast.
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cindy: it is not just the rain, it is the wind. the wind also bringing down a situation on the roads as well. heavier in the city of boston. throw about 9:00 this morning, and then that is it. watch for those leaf-clogged drains. the wind will be diminishing a little bit this afternoon but it is strong this morning. you can see everything is lifting from south to north, so let me take you in a little bit tighter. this area of lightning to south will be moving into southeastern massachusetts. that is why there is a risk of thunder in the next few hours. these are torrential downpours just south of the city of boston. these cells are racing about 50-60 miles per hour. rainfall rates within this cluster over an inch per hour
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we have a flash flood warning in fall river until 7:30 this morning. where do we go from here? by a 6:30, we will be targeting the heaviest downpours across southeastern massachusetts and things will be shifting further east. by 8:30, we will see this first batch shift offshore. there could be an additional shower late morning, but the trend would be for clouds to break and sunshine this afternoon. the wind is gusting 30-35 miles per hour. with thunderstorms there could be gusts of up to 50 miles per hour, and the wind is certainly strong enough to do some damage. downpours come through and drive that wind cause her to the ground. that is why we have a number of damage reports. especially around the acushnet
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area. we have a large tree down on leonard street. conditions we have seen and fall river as well. it is kind of focusing from boston. we are seeing a little bit of a let up north and west of the city, and the cells most concerned with are just around the braintree split. horrible travel. these are torrential downpours taking place and that is slowing things way down. as cindy mentioned, a lot of lightning and thunder just down the cape. eastward. in the west. a
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effect at 11:00 this morning. just minor flooding is all we are expecting, but the roadways are slow. we will start things -- olessa: we will start things with the expressway. at the o' neill tunnel, we are watching a crash, and as you travel northbound. braintree into boston, one of the worst areas and we have a crash on route three. 95, and overturned vehicle. another accident here pike eastbound at 495 and another overturned vehicle for 95 northbound. traveling eastbound on the pike, -- jackknifed tractor-trailer still out there, and another crash on route three by spring street.
5:42 am
emily: breaking overnight, a man is recovering after being slashed in a boston bar. boston ems says the attack either happened inside or outside of the bell in hand bar on hanover street. one person was taken to mass general but is expected to be ok. another man suffered minor injuries. randy: a bomb threat at logan airport. right now the suspect is behind bars. emily: the eye' s frank holland is live in boston where that man will face a judge today. frank: yesterday evening temple was on a flight from boston to chicago. he had a bomb in his bag, he said in front of passengers. the flight took off about an hour later and campbell was held on $250,000 bail. he is expected to be arraigned later on today. emily: another testy republican debate but this time the attacks not just among the candidates, the moderators became targets.
5:43 am
how about talking about the substantive issues? emily: they were criticized for inciting more fights than encouraging policy discussion. the overall theme was the economy. questions ranged from taxes to the debt ceiling and social security. front runners donald trump and ben carson stole less spotlight this round. marco rubio and ted cruz are being praised by pundits this morning for standing out. the next republican debate is less than two weeks away. >> a big battle in foxborough as the miami dolphins come over to face the patriots. a lot of talk about the two teams. the patriots are undefeated so far this year and have had such a great season coming off a super bowl win. the things you want to look out for, dan campbell took over for the fired joe philbin as coach.
5:44 am
a quarterback battle. afc offensive player of the week. the pats are the team of the night. they won the season opener right here against the steelers -- steelers. live today at foxboro, i' m jim lokay. >> the battle continues over fantasy sports websites. today the mass gaming commission is taking up the issue. this is the gaming commission' s regularly scheduled meeting. the commission taking a look at a few key issues, whether fantasy sports are legal. and if so, should the industry be regulated who should regulate it, and what issues regulation should address. no official ruling or decision is expected to come out of today' s meeting
5:45 am
emily: investigators are trying to figure out how a military blimp broke loose in maryland and landed in pennsylvania. the high tech blimp was developed and built by waltham based raytheon, part of a multi billion dollar military program. the unmanned balloon flew for hours yesterday, carrying highly sensitive equipment, and knocking into trees and power lines. hurt after being struck by a car in west bridgewater. our partners at the brockton enterprise say the person was around 8:30 last night when it happened. the driver did stay on the scene. so far, we have not heard of any charges. emily: sentencing is today for the former new hampshire prep school student whose rape trial made national headlines. owen labrie was cleared of the most serious charges, but was convicted of using a computer to lure a 15-year-old girl to a sexual encounter. he' s hoping for probation but faces up to 11 years. his trial exposed a campus sex competition culture between male students at st. paul' s in
5:46 am
that this is happening. randy: he was attacked by a shark in hawaii while surfing treatment. shark. the rhode island native has done quite a bit of rehab already, but he' s back in new england for delicate surgery at mass general hospital. he' s hoping doctors can fit him with a prosthetic, and get him back on his surfboard. emily: not as epic a game two in the world series. but the royals come out on top again against the mets. it was scoreless until the 4th inning, when the mets got on the board. but the royals weren' t far behind, with 4 of their own in the 5th. that' s all they' d need, but they would run in 3 more in the 8th. 7-1 the final. the teams head to new york for game 3 tomorrow night. an impressive home-opener for the celtics. boston had multiple contributors last night against the 76ers, many of them off the bench.
5:47 am
the cs as a team moving the ball well. they had 31 assists. 112-95 the final. randy: what a challenging morning it is for a lot of people on the road this morning. cindy: it is, and it is so tropical. dew points in the 60' s, that strong southerly wind arriving in a lot of downpours. the wind has been an issue as well. heavy rain, orange, yellow, red, absolutely pouring. these are the downpours crossing from need into boston right now. already seeing some downpours around danvers. south of town , we have a few downpours around fairhaven and plymouth. to the south, lightning strikes offshore. we do continue with the flash flood warning around the fall river area through 7:30 this morning.
5:48 am
when the rain comes down that hard, it can easily lead to flooding. these will be lifting right into southeastern massachusetts and the focus of that would be through the next hour at about 6:30 this morning. by about 8:30, the bulk of the rain is shifting offshore and we will have the clouds break for sunshine. the wind gusting over 30 miles per hour overnight. we did have a gust with 60 -- of 60 miles per hour at top blue hill. these are the temperatures right now, running in the mid-60' s, a few upper 60' s as well. upper 70' s with a few breaks in sunshine. tomorrow, back to sunshine in the upper 50' s. halloween, temperatures in the mid-50' s by day falling into the 40' s in the evening hours.
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as daylight savings time comes to an end. let' s get you out to the road. olessa: we have had a couple of problem spots. let' s start things out on the expressway. also on the southbound side by columbia road, another accident. 40-45. another accident by mechanic street on 95 northbound involving an overturned car. we are watching a couple of accidents on the pike eastbound at 495. an overturned car for 95. eastbound on the pike, -- still watching this jackknifed tractor-trailer out of haverhill this morning. another accident by root 110, instant -- route 110.
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the trains and buses are on schedule. randy: right now, the marathon bomber' s lawyers, are trying to block some records from getting t want people to know about dzhokhar tsarnaev. and a new report is out on the death of a toddler, who was known to the dcf. what the governor says the state did wrong. the camera in east boston chose the problem for us this morning, wind and heavy rain are coming down. cindy and mike are tracking the storm next. emily: this is the radar right now, heavy bands of rain moving through our area.
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