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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 30, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. a passenger plane going up in flames moments before takeoff. >> engine's on fire. engine's on fire. >> 101 people on board sliding down the emergency chutes running from the jet. federal investigators on the scene this morning. what caused that engine to leak fuel? breaking overnight, manhunt comes to a violent end. police in a gun battle with a convicted fugitive on the run for a week terrorizing communities and shooting at cops. how they finally tracked him down. and abc exclusive with leah remini. >> being critical of tom cruise is being critical of scientology itself. >> from friends -- >> what were your improsecutions of him. >> it's what are you doing, how are you doing. >> to trouble maker.
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>> i was written up for that. >> her explosive interview. what she says her life was like inside the controversial world of scientology only on "gma." ghoul morning, america. it's our most spook-tacular halloween yet. we've hung with the pope, olivia pope, honeymooned with hollywood royalty, went ga-ga for the royal baby and were "frozen" with delight. think you've seen it all? you ain't seen nothing yet. get ready for the biggest, scariest, most hilarious halloween in times square ever only on "gma." from abc news, live in times square, friday, october 30th, this is ghoul morning, america. >> times square. i love that. we do good morning, america. yes, we are getting in the halloween spirit. we're not the only one, look at the crowd.
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all dressed up in their costumes and we are counting down to a giant lip-sync partee! our "monster mash" dubsmash contest. we dress up, go head-to-head and you never know what will happen. just go ahead and give the award to lara. go ahead. >> there's a reason why she's not at the desk right now. >> a lot of characters up there, as well. not just outside and that is all coming up. we begin with that disaster averted on a plane in florida. the jet with 101 people on board burst into flames moments before takeoff. nearly two dozen injured. david kerley on the skeeven in ft. lauderdale. good morning, david. >> reporter: those passengers recovering from their injuries and the shock when that engine exploded into flames. we have new pictures of their harrowing escape but the question this morning, why was that jet leaking fuel?
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airways jetliner moved off the taxiway where its engine caught fire. the moments captured by video, frantic passengers taking emergency chutes running from the flaming jetliner to safety. 101 people on board the 767. it was rolling on to the runway to take off to venezuela when another pilot sees a fuel leak. >> i don't know if it's fuel, it was fluid leaking out. >> do you copy? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: seconds later the fuel ignites. >> engine's on fire. engine's on fire. >> reporter: passengers hear the explosion. >> look out the window, flames all over the turbine of the plane. >> reporter: they say the crew was calm despite the panic and flames. >> when we go down the slide i couldn't see anyone because we went from the last side so all the smoke. >> reporter: 21 injures most when they were evacuated. soon after flames were extinguished and engine examined and a small leak found.
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this morning an ntsb team arrives to determine why the jet was leaking fuel just after leaving the gate. dynamic is a six-year-old airline that operates a half dozen 767s. the airline was up to date with all maintenance requirements, they say. included in one of those maintenance requirements was an order about a fuel pump inside the wing. dynamic says it had agreed to that order and had taken care of all that information. the investigation continues later this morning, george. >> okay, david, thanks very much. you have stephen ganyard standing by. >> abc aviation expert steve ganyard and, steve, people want to know how could this happen? >> good morning, robin. well, in most aviation mishaps it boils down to somebody made a mistake or something broke or a combination of the two. what we think happened in this case is that the fuel line, that big pipe that supplies fuel to the engine became either disconnected or broke somehow and ended up putting hot
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on that hot engine which you saw created this terrible fire. >> the ntsb as we heard in david's report, they are going to be on the scene investigating. what exactly will they be looking for? >> well, they'll be looking at the maintenance on this particular aircraft but they'll also be looking at the maintenance procedures that this airline uses, but i think there's a bigger point here, robin. you know, when people -- i can't speak to this airline but when people buy a highly discounted airline ticket on an airline they've never heard of before they have to understand that discounting things like maintenance and crew training, as well and, therefore, it's probably discounting your personal safety as well. >> steve, thank you very much. fortunately people were able to get down the chutes. we turn to breaking news overnight. the violent end for a fugitive on the run. alex perez is in burksdale, kentucky, with the latest. >> reporter: all this unfolding in the last few hours. investigators say it was help
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from thermal imaging cameras that helped them to finally catch up with cook. overnight, a multistate manhunt for a career criminal ending in gunfire. investigators armed with high-tech gear narrowing down their search in rural kentucky late thursday night to a section of highway 61 finally spotting fugitive floyd ray cook in a ditch line. according to police he was armed and refused to cooperate shooting at officers who returned fire killing him. >> tonight was the scary moment because, you know, we didn't know where he was and when you're searching in the dark that's an uneasy feeling. >> reporter: cook on the run for nearly a week spotted earlier in the day by a neighbor who says he was asking for a ride. his spree starting saturday when he was pulled over by an officer in algood, tennessee, and opened fire. >> shots fired. officer down. >> reporter: a bullet striking the officer in the chest. >> i have help coming. i need you to breathe. talk to me, brother. i okay, i know you're hit.
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they're coming. >> reporter: the officer luckily wearing a bulletproof vest. hours later cook firing at on foot. wednesday night, authorities arresting two of his associates. individuals. >> reporter: cook was serving a sentence of more than 100 years when he was paroled in 2009. his rap sheet including rape of a minor, assault and armed robbery. and after several days on high alert many here finally breathing a sigh of relief. investigators say it was tips from the public that led them to cook. >> all right, thanks. the race for president, "your voice, your vote," and the republicans back on the trail after the debate. marco rubio riding high brushing off attacks from jeb bush who insists his campaign is not on life support. abc's tom llamas is tracking it all. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. a leaked memo from the bush campaign shows they're trying to paint senator rubio as a, quote, risky vet. i spent some time with the
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florida senator yesterday and he refuses to attack bush saying he's focused on being president not tearing apart the republican party. this morning, jeb bush may be down but he's definitely not out. promising his campaign is alive and kicking. >> it's not on life support. we have the most money, we have the greatest organization. we're doing fine. >> reporter: but bush admitting he's not a natural in this new era of politics. >>ing loo, there are two types of politicians, there are the talkers and there are the doers. i wish i could talk as well as some of the people on the stage, stage. but i'm a doer. >> reporter: the reflection following wednesday night's debate where he went after his friend, senator marco rubio for other senator this year. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. >> reporter: but his attack falling flat after rubio anticipating the move stopped bush cold. >> someone has convinced you huh-uh tacking me is going to help you. >> he was onta stage and called on you to resign, personally, what did that feel like?
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>> you know, these things happen in campaigns, unfortunately. change me. i will still have tremendous him. >> reporter: the debate coming under criticism from the rnc and front-runner in the latest polls, dr. ben carson saying he's contacting the other campaigns to change the format of the debates. >> debates are supposed to be established to help the people get to know the candidates. what it's turned into is a gotcha! that's silly. >> reporter: now, the effort carson has told us about apparently is gaining steam. the rnc said they'll meet with all the campaigns to re00 evaluate and reset everything when it comes to those debates. >> okay, tom, thanks. let's talk to jon karl about all this. you know a campaign is trouble when the candidate says we're not on life support. >> makes it sound like he was pulling the plug. he sounds positively deflated if you talk to his top advisers. they sound deflated. the case they make, george, is that we have another debate in less than two weeks.
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he still has plenty of money. that super pac as 80 million left. if you saw this power point presentation they're looking at going after marco rubio even harder. this portrays rubio as not only inexperienced but ethically challenged. really tough stuff. >> see if he's willing to do that in the next debate. both marco rubio and ted cruz who had a good night trying to capitalize on their performances. >> clearly rubio is the consensus winner but cruz has a lot of signs of early momentum raising more than a million dollars in the 24 hours since that debate. this raises the possibility that you can have a campaign come down to two 44-year-old cuban-americans who both got elected as tea party candidates, really quite fascinating, both freshmen senators and think carson and trump will fade and they both see each other as the main ultimate rivals. >> meantime, donald trump is still the front-runner, jon karl, thanks. he'll be here live in studio next tuesday to talk about his campaign and his new book "crippled america." >> donald trump on tuesday. but now to that runaway military
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blimp. parts of it are still being removed from the pennsylvania woods where it crash landed and there are still questions about how it broke free. abc's linsey davis is on the scene for us again this morning. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. some of you may have seen the #blimpdown, well right in the woods behind me is where it actually went down. some parts of the blimp have already been removed and taken back to maryland but a massive recovery effort is still under way. the runaway blimp not out of the woods just yet. the recovery effort is a massive undertaking. first requiring a $175 million balloon be shot. 100 times. >> you may have heard shotgun shots. that is how we are deflating it. >> reporter: while the tethered tail and most sensitive parts of the 10,000 plus pound balloon have all reportedly been removed, the body of the 240-foot blimp is still in this pennsylvania field. it is.
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>> it goes over top of the mountain. >> reporter: after traveling 160 miles at roughly 50 miles per hour the departure from these woods. slower and more anti-climactic than its arrival. after tearing away from its post wednesday, the blimp on the loose sending f-16 fighter jets scrambling. and knocking out power to nearly 30,000 people. >> somebody might want to call 911. >> reporter: eyes no longer scrutinizing the skies but the program itself. some questioning how this blimp paid for with taxpayer dollars part of a nearly $3 billion program used to defend the nation's capital against airborne attacks ended up tattered, torn and twisted in these pennsylvania trees. >> a system so expensive and so sophisticated should have had some sort of failsafe systems that would never have allowed the balloon to just drift away. >> reporter: the technology is designed to find low-flying, fast-moving small threats but some argue it's too expensive
7:13 am
its current condition. there are no roads leading up to the site so what remains will likely taken out by helicopter either today or tomorrow but how this became detached is now under federal investigation. george. >> many more questions to answer. thanks very much. powerful winds in the southwest, as well. causing a lot of damage, ginger. >> i mean, this is in los angeles, you can see the trees on top of the cars and we've got video too from los angeles county, ventura county, up in the mountains, the worst but some down at the ground. santa ana wind event through today. anywhere from the ridges of the san bernardino mountains up to santa barbara and a wind advisory to las vegas. that's the back of the storm. the front already dropping flash flooding around san antonio, a tornado warning earlier this, mo. that same region that got just walloped last weekend could pick up to 7 inches. i know you need a trick-or-treat forecast so i have that coming up in the nation's weather. >> thank you.
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a real scare at a silicon valley hotel. >> a dozen people rushed to the hospital overnight after a strange odor spread through the westin hotel in palo alto, making people sick. guests were told to stay in their rooms. hazmat crews traced it to the parking garage but could not determine the source. overseas another american has reportedly been detained in iran. an oil company executive. he has duel iranian-american citizenship. his arrest is the latest sign that hard-liners may be trying to stir tensions in the wake of the iran nuclear deal. and at least 22 people have drowned off the coast of greece after boats carrying refugees collided in rough seas. dozens have died in recent days and this morning, a dramatic scene at the austrian border. refugees trying to push their way past the guards. some women and children were nearly trampled. well, in washington, senators burned the midnight oil until 3 a.m. when they finally
7:15 am
preventing a government default. presidential candidates rand paul and ted cruz blasted the spending plan saying it will give president obama a diamond encrusted amex card. tense moments on this american airlines flight when a man started ranting about the 9/11 attacks. other passengers threatened to duct tape him. the flight from l.a. to philadelphia was diverted to phoenix for that man to be evaluated. finally, it is halloween eve and talk about scary, a giant pumpkin rolling down the street in peoria, arizona. take a look. this was a 25-foot inflatable jack jack-o'-lantern. heavy winds pushing it across several lanes of traffic through a busy intersection. to one was injured thankfully. pumpkin got stuck under a light pole but pushed through that and took down the 350-pound pumpkin bounced along for another quarter mile before eventually getting trapped in a park. it got loose from a halloween
7:16 am
up and said where's the pumpkin? they drove for 40 minutes trying to find this thing. that's how far it went. >> chasing the blimp. >> yeah, but no joke, 350 pounds. >> that was heavy wind. a sky driver caught on camera dangling from a plane, his pants stuck. that story for you in just 30 seconds. we are back at 7:17 with those terrifying moments to are a skydiver caught on camera dangling from the plane for half an hour. abc's t.j. holmes is here with that story.
7:17 am
good morning, t.j. >> good morning, robin. you hear there's a problem with parachute didn't open. this guy's problem started as the plane. the problem is, the other foot was still stuck on the plane. wrong. watch as this skydiver hangs helplessly from his plane. his jumpsuit pant leg caught on the very step he used to begin his jump. as the plane circles at 10,000 feet, fernando gavo, an experienced skydiver remains upside down. frantic friends and family watch in horror from the ground. 30 horrifying minutes go by. [ speaking a foreign language ] until gava cuts the leg section of his pantsuit deploying his
7:18 am
landing safely as friends rush to his aid. [ speaking a foreign language ] [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: his only injury, a minor cut on his hand from the knife he used to cut free. a tool many jumpers carry to help in a crisis like this. you think about if people don't want to sky dive because you worry the parachute might not open, he had problems before he got that far. >> there's a lot of reasons why i don't want to sky dive. that's an extra one. >> could cut yourself off like that. >> the facial hair, that's a clue to your halloween reveal. >> no, i've had an identity crisis with the beard. people wondering what's going on, yes, i am -- finish. >> in character. >> i didn't want them to draw one on. we wanted to be authentic and reveal it in an hour. >> the man comes to play. >> thank you, t.j. so much more ahead. an abc news exclusive. leah remini on her break from
7:19 am
church's most famous member. >> being critical of tom cruise is being critical of scientology itself. you are a person who is anti-the aims and goals of scientology. you are evil. >> what she says her life was like inside the controversial "gma." also ahead, a sentencing in that prep school case. a year behind bars for the former student with the vic and her family said about it in court. wait till you see what happens when "gma" takes on the
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then that new storm, two of them pacific northwest. you can see up to 14 inches of all right. let's get to your 50 degrees with sunshine. west. we start with a cold front. look for increased cloud cover. it will be in a late morning and
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>> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. randy: good morning. the rhode island man is getting beating an elderly couple. prosecutors at say this man attacked the couple as they were trying to put gas into their broken down car. patriots remain on top in the nfl. they robbed the dolphins 36-7. the scores no 7-0. at their unbeaten going into next sunday' s matchup going against the redskins. as we look across the skyline have a pleasant start to the halloween weekend. cindy: it is a lot colder than yesterday morning. lots of 40'
7:26 am
s in the suburbs. 50 in boston. with a cold front that will drop in. we have increased clouds right around the midday. we will be breezy and cool today. it looks i we hold and the 50' s today. lower 50' s tomorrow. we should be dry on saturday evening. more clouds on sunday. emily: let' s check on the commute. >> where watching an accident on 24 northbound. we have another crash south of 128. with a braintree to boston with the pike eastbound. another trash here -- crash here. it is on route 12. as you travel southbound off the road. randy: thank you for joining us. have a great weekend.
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at that 767 that went up in flames moments before takeoff in ft. lauderdale. 101 people on board sliding down the emergency chutes to safety. see it right there. an ntsb team on the scene this morning leading the investigation and the airport is back to normal operations. home. also right now, a violent end to that manhunt in kentucky overnight. convicted fugitive floyd ray cook killed in a shootout after police were on the look for him. he was on the run for over a week. once you are finished with your trick-or-treating you can start your holiday shopping. weekend. walmart helping get it started promising big discounts. other stores following.
7:29 am
target also getting in on the act. >> we get that extra hour this weekend. we get to turn back the clock but not before our biggest halloween ever counting down to the huge surprise. so much ahead in times square and in a galaxy far, far away. take a look at what happens when "gma" and "star wars" collide. so can you guess who is yoda? >> i cannot tell who that is. pretty surprising. let's just say whoever it was really was invested in the character. >> tweet us and that is being revealed. >> a fun morning but we'll begin this half hour with an abc news exclusive, former sitcom star leah remini taking us inside the controversial church of scientology, her new book "troublemaker: surviving hollywood and scientology" revealing what she says her life was like in the church and surprising claims that the church's most famous member, tom cruise, abc's dan harris is back here with more.
7:30 am
>> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. never has a scientologist this famous criticized the church. leah remini says she joined scientology at the age of 8 and rose to many so of its highest spiritual levels. now she's giving a scathing insider account of the faith that once dominated her life. >> i'm going to get there first. >> reporter: during her nine seasons on the hit cbs show "the king of queens," leah remini appeared to be the ideal scientologist, famous and fiercely loyal but behind the scenes she says she harbored grave doubts including about the world's best-known scientologist, tom cruise. >> i think it's a privilege to call yourself a scientologist and it's something you have to earn. >> being critical of tom cruise is being critical of scientology itself. you are a person who is anti the you are evil. >> reporter: leah says she first entered cruise's orbit as her own career skyrocketed.
7:31 am
what were your impressions of him? >> at first its very u fusive, very loving. you get to laser in on you and you're the most important thing that ever happened. it's what are you doing? how are you doing and yeah, great, great. great, great, great, great. >> reporter: but leah says her exposure to cruise, this is them hugging at a movie premiere opened her eyes to his vast influence within the church. an influence she says was exemplified by a call she got one fight from a church official. >> tom wants you to come over and teach him salsa dancing. >> reporter: when leah and her husband angelo a professional entertainer arrived at his home they say two high ranking scientology officials were there with tom and his new girlfriend katie holmes. >> he was like forcibly kissing katie, you know, i said, hey, written up for that. >> reporter: that's right. she says one of those church officials essentiallytalitile the on her. leah says it's a common
7:32 am
regularly write what are called knowledge reports on one another for breaking rules. she says the accused then have to answer the allegations in auditing sessions. >> does it create an atmosphere of mistrust. >> you can assume if you say something that is critical to the church you will be written up, husband, wife, mother/daughter, it's what the group does to regulate itself. >> reporter: leah admits to writing knowledgeable reports herself frequently. so did you ever write up a report on your husband? >> hell yeah, i wrote angelo up all the time. >> reporter: with her new book "troublemaker" about to hit shelves the church hand delivered a pact of information to abc news containing a series of damning claims about leah including that she was actually expelled from scientology for ethical lapses and claims that she tried to stay. leah insists the separation was her idea. so that is one of their main arguments you're just trying to stay relevant.
7:33 am
here let me read you. >> please. >> reporter: given leah remini's insatiable adesire for attention it comes as no surprise for two years she's been incapable of moving on with her life and shamelessly exposing her former religion in a pathetic attempt to get publicity. >> yes, i agree with them. i wish i too could get over 30 years of this quickly. unfortunately, it's going to take some time. >> reporter: and coming up tonight on "20/20," you're going to hear how leah's family members many of whom were deep into scientology reacted to her departure from the church and you'll hear from katie holmes, the former wife of tom cruise, what she is now saying about leah guys. >> leah does not hold back when >> no. >> it's must-see tv tonight. you can see it all at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. >> fascinating stuff. we move to that stunning new video of a deadly shoot-out between biker gangs in a restaurant in texas. the grand jury hearing the cases against the nearly 200 bikers arrested in may and this leaked video the one you saw could
7:34 am
impact the outcome. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: a biker firing a gun as he flees the patio. terrified waitresses running for cover. some of the startling images captured on surveillance tape from that shoot-out between rival biker gangs at this waco, texas, restaurant back in may. >> i just got a call from passerby, they were going by twin peaks, thought they heard a gunshot, looked over and saw a lot of people running. >> reporter: the series of videos obtained by cnn appears to be part of the evidence against the more than 170 bikers arrested after the shootout that left nine dead. >> in my nearly 35 years of law enforcement experience h. is the most violent and most gruesome scene i have dealt with. >> reporter: the videos do not show the eruption of gunfire that started in the parking lot at the twin peaks restaurant but do show the reaction of bikers on the patio some grabbed guns, others hit the floor and crawled to safety. another video shows a parade of
7:35 am
bikers surrendering with their hands up, once the gunfire finally ends. waco police and the prosecutor both say they did not release these videos and whoever did could be in legal trouble. the cases against all of those bikers are being heard by a grand jury right now and authorities worry the leak could affect the outcome. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> scale of this was really stunning. coming up on "gma," new developments in that high-pro-foal prep school trial. sentenced for sexual assault. what the victim said about him in court. also ahead, our huge halloween lip-sync party live. look at this crowd they have out here. already in their costumes. we'll go head-to-head, our "monster mash" dubsmash is coming up. it was a graveyard smash he did the mash it caught on in a flash he did the mash he did the monster mash the monster mash
7:36 am
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test text1 plain and we are back now with that prep school assault case, 20-year-old owen labrie sentenced to one year in jail after being convicted of sexually assaulting an underage schoolmate at their boarding school, st. paul's. gio benitez is covering the case in concord, new hampshire. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. owen labrie had a full ride to harvard ready to study divinity, all of that is gone and labrie knows his fate. this morning, 20-year-old owen labrie is a registered sex offender. a judge sentencing him to a year behind bars for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old freshman girl at their elite boarding school in new hampshire. the judge speaking directly to labrie. >> you're a very good liar. >> reporter: saying he lied about not having sex with his 15-year-old accuser and that she was not able to consent. >> that's the crime you were convicted of, engaging in sexual
7:41 am
enough to know how to handle it. >> reporter: in court thursday, the accuser delivering her victim impact statement on video. we are disguising her voice. >> what he did to me, made me feel like i didn't belong on this planet and that i would be better off dead than having to deal with the terrible things that every day were thrown in my direction. >> reporter: labrie's defense argues the encounter was consensual. in august, the jury acquitted felony rape. but found him guilty of misdemeanor sexual assault and of using e-mail and facebook to lure the underage girl. still, labrie won't go directly to jail. he's out on bail while he appeals leaving court embracing his parents with a smile. and labrie's defense attorney telling me he may appeal that one-year sentence and if he's successful labrie may never step george. >> okay. gio, thanks very much.
7:42 am
let's start there, dan abrams is here with us. any chance on appeal? >> he's got a chance but it's an uphill battle for the defense. certainly with regard to the year sentence on the misdemeanor, sort of the strongest argument the defense had was that the felony here that gio was talking about luring a child to have sex by use of a computer was never intended for this sort of crime, this sort of incident. even that argument is going to be tough on appeal. so no question the defense has an uphill battle and as we were just talking about the question will be at some point does he want to just get in there, get this over with and serve his time. >> right to the bottom line, one year in year. a young guy. just go this and get it over with >> that's the decision they'll have to make. there was some arguing in court after the sentence about certain motions and rules and the judge at one point said, look, by the way, if you do certain things here, you could potentially put the suspended sentence on the
7:43 am
table. remember, he was also sentenced to a lot more time in prison but that was all suspended as long as he behave, as hong as that's not a problem. as long as he doesn't get into trouble he won't have to serve that other time. >> what does it mean being registered as a sex offender. >> it means that for at least 15 years if not more, he's going to have to write down any time he goes anywhere, moves anywhere. he's going to have to file part of the registry, some neighbors will snow, depending on the local area, though, depends on the specific restricts. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. coming up, special halloween "the speed feed." aladdin gets a modern twist. a little hovering magic carpet. who is the genie behind the costume? everyone in times square getting ready for the lip-sync contest.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
we are back now with "the speed feed" and the modern day aladdin who is definitely the internet. take a look at this guy riding around on a magic carpet. that is mocon traveling the world on his dope magic hover carpet board and asked him how
7:47 am
he came up with this halloween costume. he said it all came together when his dad asked him to vacuum the basement and move the carpet. >> i was like, wait, hold on and i was like, magic carpet. >> there it is, he's getting major bonus points for rising to the occasion, hitching his ride on a magic carpet. when we come back here at the top of the hour, halloween taking over times square. we are so excited. our huge lip-sync event live and what we're revealing. gearing up for the ultimate "monster mash" dubsmash. you never know what will happen live.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
so san antonio, austin, you're right in there. damaging wind. you could see some large hail. even an isolated tornado. remember, this all comes along with heavier rain especially going into the weekend. a big warning for everyone, daylight saving time ends this weekend. so set those clocks back. get that extra hour of sleep. all that weather brought to you by ashley furniture.
7:52 am
cc1 test message test text1 underline te "good morning america" is brought to you by one a day men's and women's.
7:53 am
>> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. randy: good morning. we have a beautiful skyline on this friday morning. cindy: lots of sunshine. it has been a little chilly with a lot of 40' s. we have been in the 50' s right now. we have a cold front to the north and west. we have a few clouds that will work in as he towards the midday hours. we will pick up sunshine. we will hold in the 50' s for highs today. sunshine for saturday with highs
7:54 am
you have more clouds on sunday. randy: let' s check on the commute. >> we have a few problems spots. we have the central aimed blocked on north -- in the central and blocked on northbound expressway. we have the 93 southbound from 128 to the connector is a 25 minute ride. randy: thank you. one person is injured after a fire at an apartment building in manchester. nearly two dozen people were forced out by the fire. it is not clear how the fire started. investigators are looking at the back balcony. the mayor is inviting people to join him for a moment of silence to honor former boston mayor thomas menino. today marks one year since the mayor died after a battle with cancer. more coming up in our next hour.
7:55 am
7:56 am
you want to party ghoul morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and it's our biggest, scariest, most hilarious halloween in times square. you've seen us "frozen," have a ball with george and amal and even get a visit from baby prince george. now, it's that moment that only comes once a year. get ready to be scared. it's our most spook-tacular halloween ever. you never know what will happen live as we say ghoul morning, america. ghoul morning america invites you to our "monster mash"
7:57 am
our hair-raising hosts, george, amy, robin, lara and ginger. >> as you can see it's a spook-tacular friday right here in times square. our audience all dressed up. halloween. a lot of scary surprises. outside. we are just minutes away from the biggest halloween ever. we'll change real fast. >> i like how you said we have to change so that means you're not going to be -- >> you cannot be george clooney this year. you cannot be george clooney. >> it is decided. >> i am not george clooney. >> okay. >> yay! >> what's the matter with george clooney? our "monster mash" dubsmash coming up in just a little bit. we already gave you the major clue that george is not going to be george clooney. >> breaking news. >> yes. >> but first now let's go to amy. get over to that desk. morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. the big story this morning, a massive manhunt for a fugitive, career criminal is finally over.
7:58 am
from authorities for nearly a week in tennessee and kentucky acting on a tip authorities overnight used thermal imaging cameras and finally engaged cook in a gunfight killing him. his time on the run started last weekend when he fired on a police officer during a traffic stop. well, federal investigators are trying to determine why the engine of a passenger plane burst into flames at the ft. lauderdale airport. more than 100 people on board escaped down slides while the dynamic airways plane was engulfed in smoke. before the flames broke out, fuel was leaking onto the runway. a gas line leading to the engine may have been disconnected. well, a major scare in this neighborhood in muncie, indiana, an explosion ripped through that home shaking hopes nearby. the house was flattened and residents smelled gas. the time. well, turning to politics, a leaked memo from the jeb bush presidential campaign shows bush staffers trying to paint marco rubio as a, quote, risky bet.
7:59 am
bush is denying that his presidential campaign is on life support. but he told donors on a conference call that he must perform better in the upcoming debates. marco rubio's online fund-raiser has soared since wednesday's debate. in health news a major new study finds low-fat diets don't necessarily. low-carb diets lost substantially more weight over the long term than those who cut out fat and dieters who cut fat was an average of 2 1/2 pounds had heavier after one year than those who followed the low carb approach. justin bieber fans are furious after he stormed offstage during a concert in europe and then never came back. he got upset at fans in the front row after he spilled some water. take a look. >> i'm trying to wipe the floor. give she a second, you know. >> guy, never mind. i'm done. i'm not doing the show. >> and he was done. bieber just saying one song before walking out. he later apologized saying he
8:00 am
and finally a shoutout to some very special window washers doing good for halloween. they went the extra mile vertically to bring some cheer to patients at children's hospitals across the country. look at that. superheroes. they were batman, captain america, spider-man and, of course, everyone's favorite wall climber, spider-man. superman and spider-man. these workers gave the kids an extra lift and, of course, what's just the biggest on my face to see those kids' smiles. move on to our "morning menu." just seconds away from our huge halloween event. lots of surprises ahead. we'll face off this our "monster mash" dubsmash coming up here on "gma" in times square. "gma's" morning menu" brought
8:01 am
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8:05 am
'twas all hallowed eve when all through our house not a creature was stirring except for the one in that ragged blouse. the anchors were nestled all snug in their beds while investigates of lip-syncing danced in their heads. so you want to party say you want to dance >> in times square the battle is brew g brewing. a celebrity sing-off kiss on my lips ice on my wrists >> they'll dare to dubsmash right in plain sight. somebody sing it >> wishing a happy halloween to all and to all a good fright. everybody in it
8:06 am
>> with that halloween tone we dare to commence our halloween "monster mash" dubsmash. let's bring out our team starting with host barbie and ken. now let's hear you scream. >> happy halloween, i'm your "monster mash" dubsmash host, sara "barbie" haines. >> i am nick lachey but you can call me ken today. >> are you ready for the biggest dubsmash bash ever. before we see if our contestants sink or soar, let's meet them. >> all right. barbie, first up, she can be monster of the boardroom and for our "monster mash" dubsmash, she's ready to crush the competition, she's fresh, she's fierce and there's no way she'll crumble. give it up for the queen of "empire." [ cheers and applause ] cookie lie yon and her team. yeah. >> this cookie don't crumble.
8:07 am
help me up, baby. don't break my nails. ooh. i mean help me up. ooh. ooh. thank you. look >> look, i got to ask you're a whiz of the music business. any message. >> bao bao kitty. >> yes, you look so hot. >> and lucious. you can stand over there. well done. >> i am such a big lucious fan, sorry, ken of our next contestant is a real heartthrob, the charts and ladies go crazy for him. not hard to guess what they're thinking out loud, will he be able to turn all that thinking into quality lip-syncing? welcome ed sheeran. >> yeah, ed. >> good morning, ed. >> how are you?
8:08 am
know the ladies love you but will the judges love you today? >> you bet. >> that's you will you got for me. come on, strum it, ed. >> that was a song. that was music to my ears. thank you so much. >> barbie, did you check out the ink on his arms? >> did you check out the ginger wig? >> the next contestant is out to trump them all. full of energy and determined to make america great again, you can't come over what he'll do. >> is that the secret service? >> that is secret service because, welcome, one and only donald trump. donald trump. >> fantastic to be here. fantastic to be here and fantastic i'm here because your ratings will be huge! >> donald, your hair looks great. >> don't leave. >> i don't think donald is nervous at all. very confident.
8:09 am
>> come back. >> we need -- >> a few word, a few words. >> donald -- >> is this a tv opportunity? >> tough competition. two music moguls. are you nervous at all? any nerves? >> ed sheeran, very, very nice guy, very low energy. cookie lyons, i'm a little afraid of you. cookie, very nice lady, loser! i plan on building a wall competition. thank you all very much. this? you're so busy on your tv appearances. >> i flew in on my beautiful jet. you're a loser too of the you're fired. >> you saved exclusive video for us, i understand. >> i have. we -- i want you all to know, look only am i rich and real person. take a look. >> how are you?
8:10 am
>> you're fired too. fired. fired. uh-oh. diaper check. i think it's going to be huge! >> all right. >> i was once a baby just like. i plan on making america better. i plan on making "gma" better. from you, trump. >> thank you, donald. you can take your podium over there. donald trump, ladies and gentlemen. >> he's on the podium. our next guest puts the smash in dubsmash, he's huge. he's angry and he's ready to roar. will he wipe out the competition or just get green with envy? say hello to the hulk. >> yeah. >> easy, hulk. >> hulk, you are certainly strong. >> aagh. >> and cokal, as well.
8:11 am
>> hulk. >> okay. hulk, you definitely are going to crush the competition. aaagh. >> that's not good. >> easy, hulk. easy. >> hulk. >> okay. why not take your smash over to that -- >> oh, my gosh. fantastic. >> oh. i've never seen moves like that in the hulk before. >> the hulk is wearing -- i don't know. all right, guys, our final guest is fearless, she's got a lot of style, but will there be bad blood? welcome to new york the one and only taylor swift. there she is, taylor. >> oh, yeah. >> good morning, taylor.
8:12 am
>> good morning. >> some people bring a plus one, you brought a plus four. do you think this gives you an advantage over your competition. >> i do not want to create any bad blood, barbie. the haters are going to hate. shake. >> i'm barbie. i can relate. >> all right. great to have you, taylor. and your entire squad. you can go shake it off next to the hulk over there. >> be careful. he's slightly aggressive. >> besty ed here. no one told me. there you have it the lineup for ultimate "monster mash" dubsmash. what happens when they go head-to-head. you never know where this competition will go. donald. >> thank you very much. >> all right. >> can i just use my real voice for a second? i'm about to make the -- i'm not about to make the galaxy great again. it's going to be huge! so much energy in this exclusive
8:13 am
are the lost episodes. >> there has been an awakening. have you felt it? >> man, i'm tired. where the hell am i? >> how do you turn this thing on? oh. >> this is awesome! >> oh. ah. my buns. these buns. >> i won't fail you. >> what did you say? can't hear you.
8:14 am
>> help me, obi-wan kenobi. >> she's beautiful. >> you think i'm beautiful? really. >> match we ewok. watch me nae nae. are you related to yoda? because yoda dish. >> the stories about what happened. >> it's true, all of it. >> you're my dad? >> man, dude, you get around. >> whoo-hoo! >> don't drop me, luke. >> whoa. >> man, it's hot out here.
8:15 am
>> oh, this is amazing. ooh. >> does this make me look fat? >> i'm a wookie. i'm just a w ochlt ochlt ooi ochlt ochlt wookin' for love in all the wrong places. >> how do you stop this thing? >> man, this is not in my contract. >> chewie, we're home. [ chewbacca sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah! >> very nice. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, well, you know, it was two hours of special effects makeup but thank you.
8:16 am
>> i think you're enjoying this. >> this is a little easier, yes. >> donald, we have a question for you. you'll start us out. we want to hear how you think you're going to fare against the competition, each one of you. >> each one? >> well, first, let me channel my inner donald. amy, loser. george, loser. i mean, ed, loser. >> don't hate. >> cookie, i'm scared of you, low energy, low energy. the lyonsome, they love me. the lyons, they love me. >> that's good. >> i'm not in this. i'm not in this. >> hulk -- >> smash. >> hulk. >> taylor, how do you think you'll do against -- >> i mean, hello, i do know how to shake it off so i have an edge. i think and plus i brought my friends with me. i mean, you know, the more the merrier. >> that mean little cookie over there. >> ah, yes. sweet but not so sweet. >> the streets aren't made for everybody, baby. that's why they made sidewalks.
8:17 am
>> mm-mm. can i play character for just a moment. amy, you look hot. >> i know. >> andrew has to be home right now going -- >> trying to make up for the yoda thing. >> my goodness. who knew that was all -- okay. back in character. >> hulk. >> yeah, hulk. >> yes. smash. >> that's it. that's the extent of your >> yes. there's no way to make a pregnant woman feel bigger than being the hulk. yes! >> let's do it. >> hey, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> shall we? oh, okay thank you. i got a mike. trick-or-treat forecast. that's all i've got for you from west to east. this thing is not easy.
8:18 am
no better way to make a cindy: good morning. 50 in boston. we are in the 40' s, a lot of sunshine. we have a time of clouds around the midday. it will hold our temperatures into the mid-50' s. saturday is the brightest day. >> okay, cookie smash! >> thank you, ginger. first of all, t.j.'s beautiful wife and daughter are here and you should see the little girl. that's daddy? that's daddy over here. ah. >> going back to normal here. >> oh, they're so precious. what is she dressed up for halloween? >> she's going to be a pirate. she's wondering what daddy is right now.
8:19 am
>> it does get scary around here. >> who's that woman with daddy right now? >> oh. >> okay. all right now. >> also, halloween can get scary, all kinds of ways and it was so much fun. we took the team in front and behind the scenes to a haunted house here in new york city. its name, blood manor and this haunted house, well, not made for everybody. >> are you all ready? [ cheers and applause ] >> let's boogie. >> you guys ready? [ screaming ] >> we're not scared. >> are you nervous? >> very. >> you're sweating. everybody, hole on to each
8:20 am
other. [ screaming ] >> welcome to blood manor. >> not you again. >> we're in this together, right? [ screaming ] aaagh. wow. good makeup -- >> aaagh! >> oh, wow, that's us. >> okay. [ screaming ] >> scared. >> you're in my house now. >> okay, i see a light. this is good. this is good. >> this is good. >> [ bleep ]. >> you guys protect. [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> the ghouls are waiting for you. >> oh. >> open the door to the manor. >> that's it, right? >> oh!
8:21 am
>> oh! [ screaming ] >> ha, ha, ha. [ screaming ] [ screaming ] >> go faster. >> i knew something was going to pop out. >> go. >> ah. >> oh, that's freaky. >> [ bleep ].
8:22 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> almost got trampled. >> that was it? we survived. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! even you, missy. >> i know. i got scared. i just wanted to be scared more. >> i know. >> i love being scared. it was so much fun, robin. robin orchestrated that for the whole team. >> everybody, everybody, the studio, crew, we had a great time. we did. >> let's do it again next year. >> all right. >> let's head up to barbie and ken now. >> our super contestants facing off in the ultimate "monster mash" dubsmash. who will come out on top? >> to judge them, a big lip-sync
8:23 am
>> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. emily: your top stories. a rhode island man is getting ready to face a judge accused of the violent beating of an elderly couple. police say he attacked the couple on wednesday night as they were trying to put gas in their card. the patriots remain on the top , they routed the dolphins 36-7. they are unbeaten. we take a live look outside. we have a gorgeous day. cindy: in terms of the 40' s.
8:24 am
we will stay there through the day. we have a cold front approaching from the north. we have a little bit of sunshine on either side of the midday. 53-58 is the high today. more clouds on sunday. temperatures will be mild next week. emily: thank you. erica: where in pretty good shape. we have a crash on the northbound 128. the pike looks good this morning. 495 out to 128 there are some delays. 93 south is about 25 minutes. emily: thank you. we will be back at 8:56. keep the mobile app with you. e girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
8:25 am
this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices have just dr opped on thousands more items.
8:26 am
[ cheers and applause ] we did the monster mash it was air graveyard smash >> welcome back to our "monster mash" dubsmash. a high stakes lip-sync contest in times square. our stars were revealed and the very least fierce. >> don't mess with this lioness, cookie roaring her way to the stage. >> and ed sheeran is ready to serenade us with a sensational lip-sync. >> and don't forget about donald trump, you're fired. you don't want to miss it,
8:27 am
so much energy. >> answer taylor swift is looking fearless, so little time. >> and we can't wait until it's time to see the hulk get angry. he's approaching rage territory. >> now, they are all vying for this prestigious award, our golden dubsmash trophy but right now it's time to welcome our spook-tacular judges. let's do the time warp again. rumer has it this rocky horror maiden is ready to clean up any messy routines with her expertise say hello to rumer "magenta" willis. [ cheers and applause ] >> heaton up the judge's panels dance moves are red hot and this
8:28 am
thanks tore joining us, maks "devil "devilish" chmerkovskiy. >> welcome "gma" weekend anchor paula faris katy perry accompanied by her sharks ron claiborne and rob marciano. >> he's the most famous wizard in the world. he's got to be spell binding to impress the boy when loved. it's dan harris, aka, harry potter. >> good morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, guys. our judges are ready for some halloween lip-sync action. are you ready for our "monster mash" dubsmash? [ cheers and applause ] here we go. >> now, kicking off our lip-sync party, he's big, he's green and he's smashing his way, put your
8:29 am
hulk. you know i'm all about that bass 'bout that bass no treble i'm all about that bass 'bout that bass no treble i'm all about that bass 'bout that bass no treble i'm all about that bass bass bringing booty back i'm bringing booty back go ahead and tell them skinny girls that no i'm just playing i know you think you're fat but i'm here to tell you every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top yeah my momma she told me don't worry about your size shoo wop wop sha-ooh wop wop she says boys like a little more booty to hold at night that booty booty uh that booty booty [ cheers and applause ] >> that was marvelous. i've never seen someone move
8:30 am
mobility in a costume. magenta, did you see that? she was all about her bass. >> the hulk dances well when he's angry. it's funny. >> how was that performance for you, magenta. >> i think hulk really knows how to shake his booty over there. i think it was stellar. i was really impressed. did? >> a man of few words and so powerful. thank you very much. >> next up don't mess with this conniving queen. a showstopper in the studio but can she take the "monster mash" dubsmash empire. let's show cookie some respect. [ cheers and applause ]
8:31 am
all i'm asking you to give me some -- baby baby baby give it to me just a little bit just a little bit r-e-s-p-e-c-t take care of me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me just a little bit just a little bit [ cheers and applause ] >> cookie shaking her cookie. >> that cookie didn't crumble. >> i tell you what give it up for cookie. all right, devil of any thoughts. what do you think? >> i don't even know who's underneath the costume and i'm certainly not bias but i have to -- >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> lucious, got to ask you what did you think of cookie's performance. >> first, i didn't appreciate him putting his hands on cookie. that's first but he gave her the proper respect, the proper
8:32 am
>> there it is. cookie, how do you feel after that performance? did you leave it all on the stage. >> i left this nail on the stage, that's what i did, thank you, thank you. >> give it up one more time for cookie. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, next up everyone is going to want a photograph of this routine, ed sheeran performing his hit track "singing out loud" ." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa. that's dangerous. >> when you're a heartthrob. it is dangerous. fans throwing themselves at you. we had to end that performance a little early because the screaming fans can't control themselves. ladies and gentlemen, after a mob of girls rushed the stain,
8:33 am
left shark, right shark, i know there was a little surprise ending there. what did you think of the performance? >> the performance was fantastic and even with the fall, i thought it went swimmingly. >> i thought it was a shark performance. >> fantastic, baby. >> no shortage of puns on this stage. that. >> tell you what, it's dangerous being a pop star. who knew? >> you've been a heartthrob. i can't relate but -- >> guy, we know our next contestant has style but can she shake off the competition. with performance out of your wildest dreams, give it up for t. swift and her ensemble. now we got bad blood we used to be mad love take a look at what you've
8:34 am
now we got problems and i don't thk we can solve them you made a really deep cut and baby now we got bad blood hey >> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> now, real quickly, taylor, that was amazing. we want to make sure ow ed herron is okay. he's back in the chair. >> i can't breathe but it's okay. >> you might win. >> i don't know. >> anything for a victory, right, ed? >> all in a day's work. >> let me make sure my besty is okay. >> all right. any words of wisdom for the t. swift. >> i was impressed. i'm not sure what my girl katy perry thought about it. >> i didn't see anything. i don't know what you're talking about. >> it's cold in here. >> i think this is hard to miss. >> taylor, what's going through your mind right now? how are you feeling? >> i just feel so loved and blessed to have all my swifties with me and my squad, what more
8:35 am
could a girl want? >> what more could a girl want? i'm never alone. never alone. >> it's a good thing we have a huge stage for this next one. he wants to be the commander in chief. but will he top the judges' poll. this presidential hopeful is ready to whip it country into shape. donald trump performing "watch me watch me whip whip watch my nae nae watch me whip watch me nae nae do the stanky leg do the stanky leg do the stanky leg do the stanky leg
8:36 am
>> that was unbelievable. stanky leg, the best i've seen this week. katy perry, what are your thoughts? >> donald, you know i've endorsed hillary but i got to say there's no bad blood between us unlike some other contestants maybe on this stage, but i got nothing but fireworks for your performance, k performance,. >> i love you. >> i didn't see that nae nae and stanky leg coming out f of you out of all people. >> i have a mean stanky leg. you'll find out. it willing huge. >> thank you for sharing that. starve? leg with all of us. thank you all so much for our lip-sync contenders especially ed who took a little fall there. judges. let's see who you think the winner is. >> all right. let's start down the end with mr. harry potter. harry who is your winner? >> not even close. >> whoa.
8:37 am
hot maks. or, sorry, hot devil. summer. cookie. >> saw that coming. >> now magenta. >> thank you. >> trump, trump. >> i just want to clarify i can't vote for myself, right? >> if you'd like, katy winning the competition, if not -- >> if not -- >> oh. >> what about the sharks? the sharks? >> we go with katy. >> we like the donald. >> looks like we have a victor. >> a clear winner. >> our champion. >> i can't reach the trophy. opportunity? >> speech, speech. you're welcome for me being here. >> donald. donald.
8:38 am
>> is this real gold? >> it is. >> good thing. >> we brought it from your house. >> thank you. congratulations, so excited this morning. let's go over to the weather hulk. back to you, smash. >> smash. before we get to the weather, i need a mike. does anybody have one? hey, thanks, trump. okay. first i have a couple of questions, i got to ask rumer, we're breaking character because we got to get to something with you. i know you're still in "chicago" through the weekend but you have a new premiere to talk about. >> yeah, i'm doing a cabaret show at 54 below on wednesday. [ cheers and applause ] >> and maks, on "dancing with the stars" teamed up for "sway," the dance show from "dwts" in miami. >> in miami, better place to be
8:39 am
we're excited if you go you'll have it. >> i thought you had me. none of you voted for me which was ruuge! we h s. we will be cool in the 70 from yesterday. we are staying i >> and all that weather brought to you by balancefour. aaagh. i'm not sorry
8:40 am
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as we get ready for the big party picking out the perfect halloween costume isn't always pregnant. >> when you have a little extra bump, you got to dress that bump. >> your bump is in the back. i don't think people get a real appreciation. i mean, that is -- boy, great outfit. >> yeah. they did a great job. >> here's ginger's search for the perfect look. >> here at "gma," i've had some pretty epic costumes. sharknado and ariana grande. >> she's going to be tough to beat. >> but this year i'm dressing for two. so i did some digging into
8:43 am
creative maternity costumes. picked a few and asked my husband ben to be the judge. baby's first halloween. >> costume number one, mr. mr. potato head. >> here's number one. >> really? >> yes. mr. potato head and his bucket of parts. >> it's adorable yet disturbing, no, i don't like this one. i think we can do better. >> humpty dumpty. i have a nursery rhyme for you. humpty dumpty sat on a wall. >> oh, my god. >> humpty dumpty had a great fall. >> why do they get more disturbing as they go on. >> next costume, basketball player. okay, ben. >> oh, god. >> all right. last on the list, pillsbury doughboy. >> i'm afraid. i'm getting more -- >> whoo-hoo. >> i think we can do better incorporating the baby you and me as one big halloween costume. >> together. >> you're going to love this. i got an idea.
8:44 am
>> what do you think, america? >> makes the perfect marge. he really does. >> you guys are the perfect couple. so adorable. >> i think we're bringing that to the party tomorrow. >> and the party is continuing here. don't miss the rest of our halloween party. armin van buuren, one of the best deejays in the world is going to spin us something-something when we come back. "gma's" halloween countdown is brought to you by ihop.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
here is armin van buuren. nobody here knocking at my can't take anymore nobody ringing my telephone now oh how i miss such a beautiful sound and i don't even know how i survive i won't make it to the shore without your light no i don't even know if i'm alive oh oh oh without you now this
8:48 am
>> happy halloween. i thought southern new
8:49 am
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8:51 am
sage test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plai [ cheers and applause ] congratulations, donald trump, for winning it. thanks to our special guests, maks, rumer, katy perry, as well. >> now we want all of you to get in on the "monster mash" dubsmash action with a spectacular sing-along. get ready to shut up and dance with me. have a great day, everybody. happy halloween. [ cheers and applause ] won't you give it back just keep your eyes on me i said you're holding back she said
8:52 am
shut up and dance with me this woman is my destiny she said ooh ooh shut up and dance with me
8:53 am
emily: good morning. skyline. we have gorgeous skyline. cindy: we are certainly more year. there is a front off to the north and west. it will bring in a few clouds through the midday hour. you' ll notice that behind that front we are a little bit colder. temperatures are only into the s this afternoon. will cool off this evening. we have a cool, bright start this evening. we will fall back into the 40' s for the trick-or-treaters. with more clouds on sunday. emily: we have the commute. alyssa: we are quiet if you go of volume. one car cleared new freeport street. the pike is in goods -- shape. 93 southbound from 128 to the connector is 15-20 minutes. emily: thank you.
8:54 am
fire at an apartment building in manchester new hampshire. nearly two dozen people are forced out by the flames. we are not clear on how the fire started. investigators are looking at the back balcony. we are inviting the public to join us this afternoon for a moment of silence to honor former mayor tom menino. a special ceremony is planned for 2:30 the city hall plaza. today marks one year since he died after his battle with cancer.
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