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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 31, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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flip off the bike. john: the clues caught on camera before the driver took off. j.c.: breaking tonight: the red sox pitcher carjacked at gunpoint! phil: a guy zooming in on a woman his body parts gets the camera turned on him. >> you don't like being filmed without permission. >> she's talking only to wcvb move that set her off. j.c.: a local family's health mystery baffling doctors. >> how do all seven of us come down with breast cancer if with where seven sisters are turning for answers. phil: the white house changing its policy on syria. phil: john is live. john. right now, the best clue police have came from a surveillance camera. >> all i heard was like get out of the way. get off the road.
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john: then at full speed, the pickup flipped him of the bike as he tumbled to the ground. i remember laying on the ground holding my wrist, and then looking up and noticing it was, it was in direction that it shouldn't be going. john. the violent crash left him with a broken wrist them exray show painful break. open it up. john. he is a doctor. it was just after 7:00 in the morning last month. back at home, it has been tough to manage three young kids and through the painful recovery, lingers. >> i believe he did it intentionally and a drive ton me, and i think therefore likely not paying attention then chose not stop. being delayed 30 seconds is not a reason why you can just dive someone off the road. john: the doctor has new hope tonight that police will find this driver now that they have this critical video.
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john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: breaking news from florida tonight. a car scare for red sox pitcher. they are sitting inside of a car that morning. another driver pulled up, pointed a gup, then demanded the keys. that suspect then fired a bull fleet the ground we're taking off. johnson was not hurt. the video you are about to see shows florida police hunting for the suspect in the woods after he led them on 125 miles per hour chase down i-95. no i is in custody tonight. johnson was a minor league all star who was called up to the red sox in july. phil: the white house changing its policy on syria. for the first time, u.s. ground troops ordered in helping local forces in their fight against isis. phil: it is a dramatic reversal for president obama and one that is getting an uneasy reception on capitol hill. our jorge quiroga is live in the newsroom. jorge, you spoke to a congressman who knows something
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about boots on the ground. jorge. that is right. critics including congressman say past and cent history contradict that assessment. if if u.s. special forces fight isis, this is what it can look like. president obama now planning to put american troops on the ground in syria. a major shift in the fight against the terror group. the white house downplaying it over and over. >> they do not have a combat mission. they have training advisory and assist role. the train advice and asest his. >> let's be clear. this is a combat mission. >> i was mill tar require adviser with marines en iraq back in 2004 and when the unit, the iraqi unit we were working with camable are attack and started to get overrun. we went to assistant. jorge: the first american death at the hands of iraq. now the sum of is spending special operation forces close to 50 of them to syria. no prom mace a number wint crease. >> i do president want to try to
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predict the future here. >> we're calling for diplomatic solutions here and doesn't mean the truth may be a part of it. reporter: molton joining 15 other members of congress ho say the president's plan lacked a cheer, regional, political strategy. a af end game to military force. >> we have killed thousands of isis fighters yet the situation better today too than it was to years ago. >> molton point to iraq as an example. the number of troops climbing 3500 today. in the use this room, jorge cue greeing, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: two people are dead tonight. j.c.: two people are dead tonight as fast moving storms pounded texas. some people in center texas are were rescued from their roofs and their houses filled with water. the storms are bringing torrential downpours, flash flooding, and threat for tornadoes. stormteam 5's harvey leonard
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joins us. harvey, the rain that soaked texas staying far to our south. harvey. then when you see he ten inch ins, that is far west of houston, but really zooming in to just a portion of austin, that is a foot of rain. this area just pummeled but we come back to our area, and the skies are perfectly clear out there now the wind still exists but pit is call coming down. as it a does, the clear skies, it really a allows temperatures start to pal. so we're already down like 33 in orange. the winds are just diminishing now over southeastern mass. temperatures will be down close to freezing earlier tomorrow. a lot of frost around to start the ddy. then we see temperatures once back to above 50 in the afternoon. trick trick or treat forecast. changing of the clock. it is all straight ahead. philadelphia? phil: tragic news out of manchester, new hampshire, tonight where a baby girl was found dead in her home. police responded to the apartment just before 11:00 this morning and were met by woman
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living in the home. foul play is not suspected. police continue to investigate trying to figure out what happened. j.c.: also from new hampshire. confirmation that owen labrie, the former prep school student convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate, rejected plea deals that would have meant less jail time and no registration as a sex offender. that information from the merrimack county attorney. yesterday labrie was sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation for luring a 15-year-old girl into a sexual encounter. he will also have to register as a sex offender. >> you don't like being filmed without per his. that is what you have been doing. you have footage of me on that camera. phil: only on 5, the woman behind the camera explains why she said enough is enough! >> the video is viral tonight. one and a half million views! and it all started in broad daylight in the back bay. >> just because something is not
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technically illegal doesn't make it right. phil: that is what the local pewcision was i thissing when she did. >> i am videotaping you the way you are videotape meg. she saw this man with a camera taking video at an angle that didn't seem right. >> i could see the viewfinder watchedded him to tenpin mince zooming in on female crotchance back sides. >> when the man turned that cram a couple of girls who looked young, she lost it. >> do you feel if uncomfortable. >> she was following him and rolling on her own video for blocks. >> am i sorry? you don't like being filmed without your per snigs. >> she got louder, too you don't like being filmed without per office that is what you have been doing if you have footage of me on that camera. footage a of me on there. you don't like it?
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next time you want to be a a creepy dirt bag. phil: the man never dee-dee need he was talking video. >> why do do you think would need your permission. ed: he foes wrong. there is upskirting law here in massachusetts but focuses more on the position of the camera underneath clothing. point. >> women worldwide need to stop being made to feel like they are in the wrong for standing up for themselves because you are not. you are human just like everybody else and have the same rights. ja. ed: it was risky to follow that pan, certainly wouldn't mend it to others but she had enough. j.c.: new trouble fl star. washington is accuse fanduel of profiting off the nim and license without permission. he claims he and other players should be compensated for the use of their name which he says has driven up revenue mothers company.
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fanduelle says the suit is without merit. phil: this plymouth man is charged with faking his way into a local school, then stealing money from teachers. prosecutors say 31-year-old anthony binsfield posed as a heating contractor to get into deer hill school in cohassett. he is accused of take money from purse in three empty classrooms. police say he admit ms to being in the school and says he is take ited to open yids. he is no stranger to that building. >> he had uniform on. he was in our building doing work in a prior time. phil: he faces trial next month for larceny tin plymouth. he is under he investigation for threat. phil: a real fire this afternoon in boston was sparked by faulty solar panels. three out of 15 solar panels caught firep on top of the five-story apartment building. this the burning panels droped from the frame igniting part of the he rubber roof lining. flames were contained to the
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roof and firefighters were able to quickly knock the fire down. well the increasing popularity of of solar panels, investigators say, today's fire is a warning. >> they den rate lec tris ty, so even when we kill the power to them t. they can still have reck trician ty 2:00 within them. >> damage the luxury condo building is estimated at $50,000. j.c.: the republican kist suspending the partnership after wednesday's debate. nbc will no longer co-host debate. republicans say wednesday's debate was full of gotcha coincident focus on economics. nbc says it hoped to work something out. new tonight, marco rubio is scoring a major win. billionaire investor paul singer will back the florida senator. he says rubios the only one who can beat hillary clinton. the big loss for jeb bush and chris christie who both courted
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the influential donor. phil: boston city hall is lit up in green tonight. it is a tribute. 2:00 today marks one year since the death of the iconic mayor ho served for two decades as boston's chief executive. green was his favorite color. phil: next on wcvb newscenter 5: >> seven sisters all diagnosed with breast cancer. >> it does not make any sense. >> the local family's health mystery that is pav ling doctors. harvey: well let a you know the rains part of the weekend forecast. phil: the sights and sondes of of say almost's halloween bash already in full swing. >> why bigger crowds than usual are expected this year. how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... pthen you make it... nothing like this. pyou make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. pwith free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." pand checking accounts with no minimums...
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or fees. pthen you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? j.c.: they are a medical mystery. these seven sisters have all battled cancer, and doctors aren't sure why. tonight our emily riemer with
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the story of the diagnosis they all share and the sister they are rallying around now. >> i felt bad when nancy was diagnosedded because i used to tell her she was adopted. [laughter] >> i said she has to be adopted. there is nothing wrong her em arely: that sense of humor helps the certificateses cope with a disease. in april, after deck ailed of clean mammograms, nancy he became the last of the siblings to hear these fa pillier words. >> i have breast cancer. >> breast cancer. >> breast cancer. >> breast cancer. >> breast cancer. >> three times. >> breast cancer. emily. that link started in 1995 with the first breast cancer diagnosis. growing up in south boston, they say no immediate family members had history of the disease and genetic testing proved they do fot have the bracket gene associated with increased risk of breast cancer. >> seven sisters with the same diagnosis doesn't make sense to
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you. >> it does not make any. we don't have the gene. how did all seven of us come down with breast cancer. >> i think it is a mystery now. emilily. doctor at mass general treats six. she has known the family for 20 years. starting to call peoplele that we have not found the between. that is possible. >> i could be environmental. we have fot found the carcinogen. >> what could be something like a virus that is hitting. >> connected the sister was group investigating the role viruses mayle may play in caution breast cancer antes all the women and see what they can find, for now, the sisters are focused on nancy, just like fighting. >> to this day, i he feel like i do not know where i would be without them. that is how close they are. >> i feel the same way but. >> awesome. >> that makes it kay.
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emily. emily reamer reporting. >> throws remarkable women to have the samele diagnosis be there to support each other. you can lean ohm them. there is no group has greater understanding. phil: strong women. will be fascinating to see what doctors final out. sky with. heather: exactly. phil: the city he'll comes how thousands of charactersfore, tenned halloween stay. this is mu at 11:00 our mary sa lad man the thick of the sem celebration. mary. not often we get halloween on a saturday. when we do, we got the whole weekend to celebrate. this is the place to be. it is salem. sis halloween. it this is weekend. the kind of spooky trifecta that tripleles the crowd. >> i am from new orleans. this is like our mardi gras. this is crazy. >> no beb. >> lots of jack oh lanterns though. >> i am get marringried on friday the 13th. i thought it would be fitting to
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have a bachelorette party in salem. the halloween capital of the mary. fright on. sizzle. mary: there foys him it on photo ops or walk tours. the only rules, you have to behave. no public drinker rowdiness there are families here. 4-year-old richard anthony is haking the first visit. >> so i started to go there because that with a so cool. it is wicked cool. you never know who you will final. >> this is the last year's costume. tomorrow, we reveal the big costumes. 16 of us. >> a word this base to are coming tomorrow, dress up or you will be the freak. mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: mary was the freak in that group. phil: i don't know. i want to make sure she is ok. the he west part is.
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you talk about this. the weather is good because the biggest crush every year as child went the mother said i had to put the coat on. over the costume. never ok. >> i know. that is a difficult thing. we understanded that. the weather does really look fine for trick-or-treaters certainly as you compare it to most at times at this time is very, very good. all right. let's talk about october t. the month is. history. it will be after tomorrow night. look that. three-tenths of one degree above average. pretty much the average october in terms of temperature. the temperature now compared to 24 hours ago, 14 degrees colder here in boston. similar elsewhere. it is a seasonable night. it is down to 44 now. thewiest still kind of bricks in boston. little bit of slight windchill there t. the winds are diminishing though which is to the authority and the he west. already getting down does freezing. the winds will become lighter down here late willinger tonight and many other areas near freezing and some frost around the region. to receive the skies are pretty much, much completely clear.
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but then during the course of the afternoon. temperatures will move up. in pack, even during the morning. we do want to remind you of the very, very important walk tomorrow morning out of the darkest. now this is all about suicide prevention and the walk itself starts at 10:00 a.m. reg station is 9:00 a.m. this is the park in brighton. it looks vet very good for a walk. about 42 degrees as you are registering then 10:00 a.m. to noon. probably about to 50 around the noontime hour not a whole lot of wind. then afternoon. throw mid 50's will be the high temperatures. so that means pret ty nice for the trek or treaters starting out in the low 50's or around 50 for the late afternoon then dropping unthorough through the 40's maybe as low as 40 as the valleys by let's say 9:00 or 10:00 at night. a dry, dry situation. that is good. all right. also reminder. tomorrow night, before you to go sleep, got to turn the clocks back one hour. that is going to be good internals of getting extra hour of sleep perhaps. or at least the extra hour to do
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something with this weekend. look at the sunset on sunday at that. today. of course, it changes son day by just over an hour. the earliest sunset is on december 7th at 4 cron 11. sunrisesing though. we with will can catch break as the sun will be up at 6:17 on sunday morning. then, of course, it gets a little tougher by early january and it is 7:14 before we start to get some help in the morning. all right. high pressure slides off but we have a sunny start tomorrow. thighs and bright, just milky sky later in the day. a fine saturday. clouds thicker saturday night. looks like most of the very light sprinkles or showers with are going to be across northern new england and turn milder. here is a closer look at the crear skies then the high clouds really don't come in until the end of the day for saturday night. will be recover casts the first half of two thirds of sunday. a couple of sprinkles dog with the fortten later sunday. the skies may start to brighten.
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that is in coverage with that temperatures will be milder right around 60 for sunday afternoon. so all good stuff of there. remember, there is still color around to be seen. pes lish tomorrow when it is nice and sunny. perhaps sunny by later sunday as well. hyundai looks like it is filled with sunshine. when you keck out the fex week. you wow. look that. we got lots of mild temperatures all through. if you are wondering why are we lucky. why will we be lucky because western the piled side and the so quite confident the first week of november of will see temperatures averaging significantly above the average so a little bonus in terms of nice weather. since this has been a freeze every of where. whenever it turns warm, like it did yesterday, again, parts of next week. yes you can call it indian summer official i. have a great weekend. j.c., philadelphia? j.c.: used the word summer. i love the way it plays.
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harv, thanks. phil: the president and first lady hosting some trick-or-treating at the white
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president obama awarding the
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little pope with top prize at today's white house halloween. the toddler was among hundreds of local students and children from military families who trick or treated at the transformed south lawn. while the president and the first lady did not dress up, they did hand out cookies, fruit bars, and baseball cards featuring their dogs, bo and sunny. phil: income can i founded company and says brady messages have certainly helped them take off. >> it is really with a the company is sterned aroundp that everything is possible. when somebody gets something from the man himself. it is really, it is really special. >> a man himself. brady supported the company for years and teenage founder says his candy is natural and healthier alternative to other sweet. all right. we ruled out people don't hand out the raisins or the fruit bars or apples unless it is dipped half lynn chocolate. are win on this? >> tho no asparagus and broccoli, cauliflower. >> might as well turn the light off. >> something like to.
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we have more are tonight. the bruins and the celtics not so much. but harvard football steals the show. stick in around for the highlights, coming up. >> the only thing i door to fix a that you can pecks them to change. the bruins started the year with three straight losses looked bad doing it. ex affects dropped through the floor and note are stanley cup
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bound baby. the but within with external the streak to six games with impressive victory over this panthers. 1-0 midway through the first. the year and the fourth. nice move in front. take the pass. bruins lead 2-0. a couple of minutes later. the captain gets involved on the power play s. moves down low. snaps home. the pow westerly play goal of theaceae they win 3-1. 31 saves. several member ms of the patriots at the garden tonight and the celtics and raptors including the backfield in motion. lewis. the only guy was moved like lewis as thomas guess in on the fast break and picks up two of the game high 25 points. still in the first half. marcus smart with the fadaway three at the inbounded pass. smart with two for 11 are the field than was nice. will get see it two times. the dame was tide at the end of
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the first quarter and at in the of the first half. the raptors pulled away after the break. the nice. he hit 23 and celtics dropped one of one losing tonight 113-103t. the paragri is paranormal. of course, the patriots are only paranoid pause everyone is out to get them. the judge denied a report they asked to have the locker room swept for bugs son day but that would have been ok with the patriots anyway. t are so concerned some team will plant a gnawing they have asked the league to do a sweep before every game which league has refused to do. game of the year in the ivy league. undefeated harvard and scott for the 38-yard touchdown pats to smith. the first score comes 6 .5 minutes left in the game and trailed 13-7 then in the huge turnover here. a fumble. harvard will come up ball. 20-game wing strek on the lien
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and capitalize the five-yard touchdown pass. justin shelton moseley. harvard taking the lead with 38 seconds to play. 14-13. dartmouth in up the field goal range. the kick was blocked. harvard survives a a foreas compaq. the 21st win in a row. 12th in a row. 14-13 the final. >> layoff football now. quart arer finals. quarterback with the toss john andre. he is good. 56-yards. touchdown. 7 on. all right. check this one out. it is luke guarantee with the pay of the night doing the best o'dell be beckham em pression. the one-in hand touchdown grab with defenders. rockets set off the lawyers and semifinals than is a lack at sports. >> thanks for joining us.
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dverertisement for time life's video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (narrator) from the battlefieldr
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to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course. (laughter) (narrator) he was a true patriot. (bob hope) this has been a great trip. we've been to england, to germany, then to crete, then to thailand, vietnam, korea, and alaska, and we're gonna keep on going till we find howard hughes. (laughter) (narrator) our heroes' hero. (bob hope) the monsoons reallyp caught up with us at da nang. the sky was black, the field was a morass of mud. but nothing bothered these marines. they waited five hours in this sea of mud for the show. and with an audience like that, you really have to go to work. (cheering) i had a great arrival here. i stepped off the plane and disappeared.
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