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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 31, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: breaking news overnight. a russian jetliner crashes just minutes after take-off. the passengers and crew on board and the effort to reach the wreckage. antoinette: a bicyclist hit by a truck left lying in the street. the clues caught on camera before the driver took off. frank: new chilling images just released. isis issuing the punishment for the u.s. hostage rescues last week in iraq, antoinette: a fight over prison restrictions for the convicted marathon bomber. the argument his lawyers are using to get him a bit more freedom behind bars, >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." you. we have another hour of the
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"eyeopener" underway right now. 8:00, saturday, october 31. happy halloween to you. i'm antoinette antonio. frank: and i'm frank holland. meteorologist danielle vollmar joins us with our spooky saturday fauver fore. hey, danielle. danielle: it's a little spooky out there, frank and antoinette. good morning. it's chilly if you're stepping outside the door right now. temperatures are in the 20's at the 8:00 hour in orange, jaffrey , nashua, portsmouth. norwood even checking in at 27 degrees but temperatures warming up in boston to 39. 40 on nantucket. as we go through the next 12 hours, say, in the merrimack valley, notice we'll see sunshine through about lunchtime and then the clouds start to increase. temperatures will respond to the sunshine though into the low to even mid 50's for high temperatures, but the big story is in the last 24 hours, temperatures have dropped about 10-15 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. so, yes, it's a frosty start. sun to clouds through the day today. 50-56 degrees. it's quiet on satellite and radar but that is going to
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change as well. we're tracking some clouds and some showers back through the chicago-st. louis area. this system is headed in our direction. we could see one or two hit-or-miss showers tomorrow. so i'll have the timeline on the rain and also talk about the warm-up that follows. antoinette? antoinette: danielle, thank you. we're following breaking news right now. a russian passenger plane traveling from the resort town of sharm el-sheikh to saint petersburg, russia, has crashed in the central sinai peninsula. there are reports that the pilot reported a technical issue right traffic controllers. the flight was carrying 217 passengers and seven crew members. rescuers are at the wreckage it' s still unclear if anyone survived. right now police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck a doctor riding his bike to work. frank: that doctor recovering from serious injuries this morning, and he's talking about what happened. antoinette: newscenter 5's john atwater has his story.
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dr. geren stone: all i heard is like, "get out of the way. get off the road." john: then at full speed the pick-up sideswipes geren stone, flipping him off his bike as he tumbles to the ground. doctor: i remember laying on the ground holding my wrist and then looking up and noticing that it was in a direction that it shouldn't be going. john: the violent crash left him with a broken wrist. the x-ray shows the painful break. doctor: what they had to do was open it up and put a pin through it this way. john: geren was on his way to mass general where he's a doctor. it was just after 7:00 in the morning last month. doctor: i can't lift him with this hand at all. john: back at home it's been tough to manage three young kids, and through the painful recovery, the mystery of whoever hit him lingers. doctor: i believe he did it intentionally. he drove into me. i think, therefore, he was likely paying attention and then chose not to stop. being delayed 30 seconds is not a reason why you can just drive someone off the road. john: that doctor has new hope this morning that police will
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find this driver now that they have this critical surveillance video. in cambridge, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: lawyers for marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev were back before a judge yesterday asking for their attorney-client privileges to be extended for what will now be a lengthy appeal process. last year tsarnaev's lawyers had complained that his prison measures were so restrictive that they were unable to prepare his defense. they reached an agreement with the judge, but now prosecutors are pushing back saying the defense is not entitled to those same protections since tsarnaev has already been sentenced. antoinette: the white house is changing its policy on syria. for the first time u.s. ground troops are ordered in to help local forces in their fight against isis. it is a dramatic reversal for president obama and one that is getting an uneasy reception on capitol hill. our jorge quiroga spoke to a congressman who knows something about boots on the ground. fight isis, this is what it can look like. president obama now planning to put american troops on the
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ground in syria. a major shift in the fight against the terror group. the white house downplaying it over and over. josh earnest: they do not have a combat mission. they have a training, advising, and assist mission. strictly train, advise, and assist role. train, advise, and assist mission. congressman seth moulton: let's be clear. this is a combat mission. jorge: congressman seth moulton speaks from firsthand experience. congressman: i was a military advisor with my platoon of marines in iraq back in 2004. when the iraqi unit that we were working with came under attack and started to get overrun, we went to their assistance. jorge: just last week the first american death at the hands of isis in iraq. now the u.s. is sending special operations forces, close to 50 of them, to syria. no promise that number won't increase. josh earnest: i don't want to try to predict the future here. congressman seth moulton: we're calling for diplomatic solutions here. that doesn't mean that troops may never be a part of it. we may have to have troops at some point. jorge: moulton joining 15 other members of congress who say the president's plan lacks a clear regional political strategy, an end-game to military force.
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thousands of isis fighters and yet the situation is no better today than it was two years ago. jorge: moulton and others point to mission creep in iraq. as an example, the number of american troops there climbing since 2014-- going from 300 to more than 3,500 today. in the newsroom, jorge quiroga, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: new this morning, more disturbing images from isis. a new video now surfacing shows masked militants beheading four kurdish fighters. isis claims it is in retaliation for the raid last week where u.s., kurdish, and iraqi forces rescued 70 prisoners from an isis prison. frank: right now an investigation underway in manchester after a baby girl was found dead in her home. police responded to the apartment just before 11:00 yesterday morning and were met by a woman living in the home. foul play is not suspected. antoinette: right now, a florida man is in custody, accused of carjacking a red sox pitcher at gunpoint. brian johnson and a friend were sitting in a car outside a
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morning down in cocoa beach when pointed a gun, and demanded the keys. the suspect then fired a bullet into the ground before taking off. johnson was not hurt. florida police hunted for the suspect in the woods after he led them on a 125-mile-per-hour chase down i-95. johnson was a minor league all star who was called up to the red sox in july. frank: new this morning we're learning about a security sweep at gillette stadium before sunday's patriots-jets game. the nfl conducted a pregame room searching for electronic bugs. "the globe" reports they also questioned two patriots game-day employees on the sideline during the game but did not find anything suspicious. the nfl says the jets did not request the search and that the league randomly searches each stadium at least once per season. new trouble for daily fantasy sports sites. this time an nfl star is suing. washington's pierre garcon is accusing fanduel of profiting
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without permission. garcon claims he and other players should be compensated by fanduel for the use of their names, which he says has driven fanduel says the suit is without merit. will be allowed to use their driver's licenses and state-issued i.d. cards to access federal buildings and board domestic flights for another year. the department of homeland security approving yet another extension. federal officials said they were satisfied that the state is trying to comply with the new law, which mandates proof of citizenship or legal status for a license that can be used to board domestic flights. the director of the state agency that connects people with health insurance says he's confident that things will go smoothly when open enrollment begins tomorrow. the head of massachusetts health connector says the system should be ready to go. to phone calls and problems that
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january 31. a peanut butter recall to tell frank: what the manufacturer and a health concern at a local high school. the action taken to keep students safe. in texas after flash flooding and possible tornadoes. destruction in that powerful storm's path. danielle: clear skies today. plus when we could see temps back in the 70's. frank: and we are following a russian jetliner has crashed with 224 people on board, right now rescuers are searching for survivors. there are reports that the pilot reported technical issues before the plane lost contact.
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frank: 8:12. welcome back. central texas reeling from devastating floods not out of the woods just yet. two people are dead, and the search continues for two more who are missing from flash floods. another round of thunderstorms is moving across the area still drying out from the remnants of hurricane patricia. the storms are bringing torrential downpours, flash-flooding, and the threat for tornados. at least two towns in texas are dealing with suspected tornado damage today. a possible twister was reported tearing apart several downtown buildings in d'hanis. a bank, and a fire station sustained heavy damage there. a high school and other buildings were also damaged in nearby floresville, possibly by another tornado. >> i was afraid the building was going to collapse. it was kind of scary. when i saw the rocks and everything shaking, i just ran back outside. frank: teams from the national weather service will be there later today surveying the damage. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar.
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danielle: i know today is officially halloween. here is a live shot from you from salem. you can see, wow, it looks really spooky out there. we do have a lot of sunshine to start the day. that's going to be how your halloween will translate. do you want to talk about something? the dogs actually celebrate halloween a day early with the dog-gone halloween parade. you can see boston terriers dressed up as lobsters. this is actually the winning costume. a chia pet. pretty funny here. yes, i was the emcee and my dog lucy along with me so it was a really great event downtown in boston. i do want to talk about the halloween forecast for all you trick-or-treaters tonight. looks pretty good. mostly cloudy skies but a dry forecast start inning the 50's. we'll fall back into the 40's by the end of the night. all in all not a bad way to celebrate halloween. look at this gorming us shot over boston right now. clear skies. it's cold out there though. 39 in boston. the winds out of the west very lightly at 3.
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in some spots, they are actually morning. now, grab a coat. today high temperatures will climb into the upper 40's in worcester. low 50's in boston. maybe a few mid 50's on the cape and the islands. those winds shifting from the north and west to the south. now high pressure dominates so forecast. we are watching this area of low pressure and this rain associated with it. it's going to get closer to us overnight into first thing tomorrow morning. now, we have a lot of dry air out ahead of it so it will be hard to get these showers to really fall along our area. so let me show you this on the future cast. notice as we get towards 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow morning, there's a couple of showers breaking out in southern vermont. mainly confined t`ough to northern new england. and once we get towards lunchtime a couple of these may make their way into southern new hampshire, but that's really about it. in fact, by afternoon tomorrow, we're starting to see breaks in the cloud deck. so we'll see partly sunny skies
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and temperatures are really going to respond to that sunshine. in fact, we're going to see temperatures tomorrow climbing into the upper 60's. in fact, for high temperatures. so let me talk about that seven-day forecast for you because it's not only halloween we're concerned with. we also are talking about daylight saving time coming to an end so that means you get to fall back. you lose one hour or excuse me not lose one hour, you gain one hour of sleep which we all like that. as we head towards monday we start to really warm up. we are watching a storm system down to the south. the good news with this one. it will stay to the south. all it may do is bring a couple of clouds to 2 cape on monday evening into the overnight. otherwise it's a dry forecast. the temperatures respond to sunshine. because of that, we warm up into the mid 60's by tuesday. degrees. antoinette and frank. antoinette: danielle, thank you. other stories we're following frank: a deadly nightclub fire in romania has killed at least 27 people.
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hospitalized. during a hunting tri the c.d.c. says there ve been 15 other human cases of the plague in the u.s. this year. four of those patients have died. frank: workers have sanitized areas of king philip regional high school in wrentham after a student is confirmed to have contracted mrsa. classrooms and other areas of the school were cleaned from floor to ceiling. no other cases of the antibiotic-resistant infection have been confirmed. school officials say the student is receiving treatment and doing well. antoinette: a popular peanut butter is being recalled. skippy says an equipment malfunction may have let small metal shavings get into jars of
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butter spread. they were sent to distribution centers along the east coast and southeast. you can find the specific jars involved right now on >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: the only thing i know about expectations is that you can always expect them to change. the bruins started the year with three straight losses and looked real bad. expectations dropped through the floor. now looks like they are stanley cup bound. the bruins extend their winning impressive victory over the panthers in florida last night. brad marchand tipping in chara's shot. that was marchand's third of the year. upcoming, his fourth. nice move in front of the net. taking the pass from tory krug. bruins led 2-0. a couple of minutes later, the captain gets involved again on chara moves down low, snaps home the rebound. the bruins 11 powerplay goals a year. bruins win 3-1. tuukka rask with 31 saves. several members of the patriots
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including the patriots back field in motion, dion lewis and legarrette blount. the only guy with moves like lewis, isiah thomas. he goes in on the fast break, picks up two of his game-high 25 points. still coming off the bench. still in the first half, marcus smart with the fade-away three off the inbound pass. that was nice. smart was just 2-for-11 from the field, but this is so nice you get to see it twice. great shot. raptors would pull away in second half. and demar derozann with "de" nice j. he had 23. celtics drop to 1-1 losing 113-103. harvard football made a furious comeback in the fourth quarter to beat dartmouth last night 14-13. the crimson's 21st straight victory. that's a look at sports. have a great day. frank: a remarkable story out of delaware this morning. antoinette: a 10-year old who was born with a condition that keeps his left hand stunted, printed out a brand new hand for
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colin consavage had several surgeries to open his hand, but when he saw his mom and brother riley playing with a robotic hand at a science fair. an idea came to him. the wilmington, delaware, public library had a 3-d printer that he could used to make himself a mechanical hand for free. two days later colin was using that hand. the first thing he picked up was a pringles can. colin: i actually won an arm wrestle. >> really? >> yeah, kind of hard. >> a really fantastic age. i don't know. it's the ultimate show-and-tell. >> yeah. antoinette: although colin says he's never had an issue being different, his mom says it gives him a sense of empowerment! man, would you think of going down to the public library and printing out a robotic hand? that's amazing. frank: amazing is the only word. so much ingenuity. so much heart. just to do something like that for himself. amazing. antoinette: the president and first lady hosting some trick-or-treating at the white
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house. frank: the little girl stole the show in a tiny pope-mobile. you don't want to miss it. antoinette: seven sisters from south boston battling a single disease. how they support each through breast cancer and may solve a medical mystery. a live look this morning from stale em. and it is a gorgeous start to your halloween morning. of course, salem is getting ready for the big halloween celebrations there tonight. it's 8:21. 34 degrees as you kick off your
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. i want to say hello to my friends at smith elementary school in danvers. you can see i went to see them earlier this week. we talked about all things weather. they had a lot of great questions. if you're looking for something to do, there's the "out of the darkness" walk from the american foundation for suicide prevention. it's happening today. at 9:00, registration, that is. the walk is from 10:00 until noon. temperatures should warm up into the upper 40's by the end of the walk. it is happening for a good cause. temperatures are on the way up. tomorrow 60. by tuesday the mid 60's. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. president obama awarding the little pope with the top prize at the white house halloween bash. the toddler was among hundreds of local students and children from military families who
8:20 am
transformed south lawn. while the president and first lady did not dress up, they did hand out cookies, fruit bars, and baseball cards featuring their dogs, bo and sunny. i like that little ride, the mini-pope mobile. frank: timely, well done. totally a winner. all right. coming up, the city of salem getting ready to host an enormous celebration. antoinette: the preparations underway to keep all those halloween revelers safe. and the woman behind a viral video, talking only to 5. she pulled out her camera to record a man she says was recording her. frank: a live look outside. the skull and the cross bones up there at salem. danielle vollmar's forecast coming up. she has good news for all of you kids and parents doing trick or treating later today.
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wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: there have been a number of news reports on the aircraft systems or drones here in the united states. drone use is at an all-time high with industry estimates of 500,000 drones flying in u.s. airspace for both recreation and limited commercial use. walmart just joined amazon and google, asking the federal aviation administration for deliveries and other business purposes. in the eyes of many drone hobbyists and entrepreneurs, the sky's the limit when it comes to the use of drones from aerial photography to drone racing, from the delivery of emergency supplies to the delivery of that "must have right now" consumer product. there is much potential for fun and efficiency. there are also threats to safety and privacy. according to the u.s. department receives daily reports of potentially unsafe drone operations. pilot sightings of drones doubled between 2014 and 2015.
8:22 am
crashing at the u.s. open and, most recently, a drone carrying drugs and hacksaw blades crashing into an oklahoma prison. so last week's announcement by the u.s. department of transportation and the f.a.a. to establish a drone registration process seems like a logical and much-needed next step. the wild west days of drone use are quickly coming to an end. when the government clearly outlines acceptable guidelines for drone use, innovators will finally have a defined framework from which to push drone
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andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. r i think all of us play for that very reason. t it makes us the child we once were. p the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. p you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
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"eyeopener." my outlook for those trick-or- treaters and when we could see a return to the 70's. antoinette: arrests in the murder of a connecticut couple. the clues that led police to the suspects. frank: and a decision over the fate of some disruptive protesters. after a major traffic mess. major halloween celebration in salem.
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saturday night party. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: but first on the "eyeopener" we want to update you on breaking news. a russian passenger plane traveling from the resort town of sharm el-sheikh to saint petersburg, russia, has crashed in the central sinai peninsula. passengers and seven crew members. rescuers are at the wreckage site right now. several egyptian officials say there are no survivors. there are also reports that the pilot reported a technical issue right before losing contact with air traffic controllers. of course we'll continue to follow this story for you, but first a good morning to you. it's 8:31 on this halloween morning. i'm antoinette antonio. frank: and i'm frank holland. meteorologist danielle vollmar right here. no costumes for us, but i think
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we're in the halloween spirit. antoinette: we have the colors right. danielle: we channeled those colors. all the trick or treaters that are saying what is the forecast not bad. it will be dry. just a little cool but you know what? with some candy and walking all right. let's talk about those temperatures this morning. if you're stepping outside the door right now, we're starting still in the 20's in keene, in concord. now 33 in worcester. 32 in portsmouth. 39 in boston. so it's a chilly start, a frosty start for a lot of people. as we go through the day with some sunshine, we're going to warm up to near 50 by lunchtime. lower to mid 50's through the notice more clouds will be building on in. temperatures. upper 40's, low to mid 50's with lots of sunshine at least for the first half of the afternoon. then the clouds start to increase for the trick or treaters starting in the 50, falling back into the 40's as we head through the evening hours.
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and those showers out along parts of the great lakes region. this is headed in our direction so we'll talk about much-needed rain tomorrow and also about the warm-up that follows. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, 8:33. stories we're following right now. cambridge police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck a doctor who was riding his bike to work at mass general. that doctor recovering from serious injuries this morning. police are asking for help identifying the pickup caught on camera on webster street on september 29. frank: a new video has surfaced showing masked isis militants beheading four kurdish fighters. isis claims it is in retaliation for the raid last week where u.s., kurdish, and iraqi forces rescued 70 prisoners from an isis prison. this comes as president obama announces u.s. ground troops will help local forces in their fight against isis. antoinette: lawyers for marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are asking a judge to extend attorney-client privileges for what will be a lengthy appeal process. last year tsarnaev's lawyers
8:28 am
reached an agreement with the judge, but prosecutors say the defense is not entitled to those same protections since tsarnaev has been sentenced. frank: right now, a connecticut man is facing murder charges, accused of killing his parents. jeffrey and jeanette navin's remains were found thursday in a yard of a vacant weston home. 27-year-old kyle navin was already in federal custody on a weapon charge. his girlfriend, just arrested last night, is also being charged in connection with this case. the navins had not been seen since august 4. we're getting confirmation that owen labrie, the former prep school student convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate in new hampshire, rejected plea deals that would have meant less jail time and no registration as a sex offender. that information from the merrimack county attorney. labrie was sentenced on thursday to a year in jail and five years of probation for luring a 15-year-old girl into a sexual encounter. he'll also have to register as a sex offender. jase dillan: you don't like being filmed without permission? that's what you've been doing.
8:29 am
camera. antoinette: only on 5, the woman behind the camera explains why she said enough is enough. that video is viral with 1.5 million views. newscenter 5's phil lipof reporting it all started in broad daylight in the back bay. jase dillan: just because something is not technically illegal doesn't make it right. phil: that's what local musician jase dillan was thinking thursday on newbury street when she did this. jase dillan: i'm videotaping you the way you were videotaping me. phil: she said she saw this man-- whose face we're blurring because he's not accused of a crime-- with a camera taking video at an angle that just didn't seem right. jase: i could see his viewfinder. and i watched him for about 10 minutes zooming in on females' crotches and backsides. phil: but when dillan says the man turned that camera toward a couple of girls who looked very young, she lost it. jase: does this make you uncomfortable? phil: what she was doing was following him and rolling on her own video for blocks. jase: am i making you
8:30 am
uncomfortable? you don't like being filmed phil: and she got louder too. jase: you don't like being filmed without permission? because that's what you've been doing. there's footage of me on that camera. footage of me on there. you don't like it? maybe you'll think twice next time you want to be a creepy (bleep) dirt bag. was taking the video but did say this. man: why do you think i would need your permission? phil: here's the thing. it all happened in a public place. there is an upskirting law here in massachusetts, but it focuses more on the position of the camera underneath clothing. still, jase wanted to make a point. jase: women worldwide need to stop being made to feel like they're in the wrong for standing up for themselves because you're not. everybody else, and you have the same rights. phil: jase knows it was risky to follow that man-- certainly wouldn't recommend it to
8:31 am
others-- but at that moment she said she had just had enough. phil lipof, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: most of the protestors who blocked i-93 in east milton and medford, tying up rush hour traffic last winter, will avoid jail time. instead 14 of the protestors will only have to do community service all thanks to a plea deal they struck with the middlesex d.a. the disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and conspiracy charges were dropped in exchange for a single charge of trespassing. another group of 11 protesters are still facing charges. frank: this plymouth man is charged with faking his way into a local school, then stealing money from teachers. prosecutors say 31-year-old anthony binsfield posed as a heating contractor to get into deer hill school in cohasset. from purses in three empty police say binsfield admits to being in the school and says he's addicted to opioids. he's no stranger to the building. >> he had a uniform on.
8:32 am
he had already been in our buildings doing work in a prior time. >> so he was familiar? >> yes. frank: binsfield faces trial next month for larceny in plymouth. he's also under investigation in duxbury for theft. a roof fire this afternoon in boston was sparked by faulty solar panels. boston fire officials say 3 out of 15 solar panels caught fire on top of this five-story tremont street apartment building. the burning panels dropped from their frame igniting part of the rubber roof lining. flames were contained to the roof, and firefighters were able to quickly knock the fire down. with the increasing popularity of solar panels, investigators say yesterday's fire is a warning. >> they generate electricity so even when we kill the power to them, they still can have electricity within them. frank: damage to the luxury condo building is estimated at $50,000. antoinette: commitment 2016. a look at the candidates expected in new hampshire this weekend.
8:33 am
lebanon. meanwhile republican carly fiorina will meet with supporters in concord in the afternoon and will hold a town hall meeting in newport in the evening. former virginia governor jim gilmore will speak at a veterans day commemoration at keene state college. the republican national committee is suspending its partnership with nbc news after wednesday's debate on cnbc. nbc will no longer co-host a republican debate scheduled for february. republicans say wednesday's debate was full of "gotcha" questions and didn't focus on economics. nbc says it hopes to work something out. marco rubio is scoring a major win. billionaire investor paul singer will back the florida senator. he says rubio is the only one who can beat hillary clinton. it's a big loss for jeb bush and chris christie who both courted
8:34 am
frank: a live look at salem. in just hours, the witch city welcoming thousands of costumed characters for an extended halloween stay. it's not often that we get halloween on a saturday; but when we do, we get the whole weekend to celebrate. and salem is the place to be. it's the perfect place to get your fright on, get a face paint or some fangs. and there's no limit on photo ops or walking tours. the only rule-- you have to behave. no public drinking or rowdiness. there are plenty of kids out. four-year-old richard anthony is making his first visit. richard: so i started to tell my nonny i wanted to go there because that was so cool. if you're headed there today, be sure to dress up. you don't want to be the odd man out on halloween in salem. come on. antoinette: just like little richard. i kind of want to go there too because it does look really cool. frank: coming up this morning, job cuts at an energy giant.
8:35 am
antoinette: the issue that is fueling cutbacks. danielle: the radar is clear this morning, but i am tracking some changes. when some areas could see some rain. frank: and we are following breaking news. a russian jetliner has crashed with 224 people on board, the plane dropped off radar just minutes after take-off. officials now saying there are no survivors. there are reports that the pilot reported technical problems before it disappeared from radar. stay with us.
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some good news and some bad news at the closing bell on friday. it's 8:44 right now. now a time for a look at your economic headlines. stocks up for the month but closed down on friday. the dow fell 92 points. the nasdaq dropped about a half point. the s&p also dipped about a half point. amazon daily deals are coming to an end. starting on december 18, the company will stop selling deals on its website and mobile app. deals already bought will be honored. energy giant chevron is set to cut up to 7,000 jobs. that's about 10 percent of the company's global workforce. low crude oil prices are fueling the cuts. the company is also selling billions in assets and cutting its exploration budget. the moves are in preparation for an expected industry slow down.
8:38 am
in the week ahead. the u.s. jobs report for october and the report for u.s. auto sales. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. danielle: this is why we're told to stay indoors during a thunderstorm. watch closely as lightning strikes this national weather service radar tower in texas. a technician with the n.w.s. was recording video of the storm when the bright bolt burst right in front of him. antoinette: too close for comfort for me. impressive. we're not talking about lightning here. antoinette: thank goodness. danielle: you know what we're talking about? antoinette: what? danielle: halloween but also an extra hour of sleep tonight. antoinette: that's exciting, but the sun sets so early. danielle: antoinette brings up a very good point. she knows when the earliest sunset is.
8:39 am
danielle: we won't forget your birthday. tomorrow's sunset is at 4:38. tonight is at 5:39. that is the big difference. but, hey, at least tonight you get an extra hour of sleep. turn the clocks back one hour. happy halloween, everybody. it will be dry and cool for your halloween. sunday. that's really especially north and west really of boston. it's a mild start to november. in fact, temperatures are going to really bump up over the next couple of days. not so much this morning though. we're already in the 20's in keene. orange, you're still chilly there. 33 worcester. 34 plymouth. 39 degrees right now in boston. but for today with some sunshine and that wind shifting from the north and west to the south, we will see high temperatures warm into the upper 40's and low to mid 50's in most of our area. it is very quiet out there on satellite and radar. but clouds are going to increase from west to east through the afternoon associated with our next system.
8:40 am
but right now high pressure is really just dominating our weather. so the future cast for today looks like this. we are dry up until lunchtime. we have a couple of clouds pushing on in by afternoon. so as you go out trick or treating tonight, it will be mostly cloudy. but those clouds act like a blanket so it's not going to get as colds as this morning or last night. in fact, here's those rain showers getting closer by overnight over the great lakes. they'll be knocking on our doorstep by tomorrow morning. so overnight lows dropping into the 30's and 40's. for trick or treating, falling into the low 50's and back into the 40's. for tomorrow temperatures will warm up nicely into upper 60's and low 50's. it's a mostly cloudy day. there will be a cup of showers around. we really do need the rain because we're down over search inches for the year in boston. down just about six inches for worcester and the area you see here in the tan is actually under a moderate drought. we are really looking for the rain.
8:41 am
let's show you this on the future cast in the search-day forecast. we're going to expand it out for you on sunday and time out these showers for you. it's not really going to affect everybody. most of you can still get through your day without a shower in sight. once we get towards 9:00 or 10:00 southern vermont getting a couple of showers. more of them moving towards new hampshire by about lunchtime or so. and they continue across the state through the afternoon hours but notice most of us start to clear out by about 5:00 we'll see more sunshine in the forecast. that continues both monday, tuesday and wednesday. in fact, this whole week really is dry as we welcome the month of november. look at the temperatures though. that's the big story. warming into the low 60's on monday. by tuesday the mid 60's. some areas may push 70 degrees. if they don't do it on tuesday, by thursday we're all around 70. antoinette? antoinette: danielle, thank you. they are a medical mystery. these seven sisters have all battled cancer, and doctors aren't sure why.
8:42 am
with the story of the diagnosis they all share and the sister they are rallying around now. >> i felt bad when nancy was diagnosed because i used to tell her she was adopted. i said, "she has to be adopted. there's nothing wrong with her." emily: that sense of humor helps the belmont sisters cope with the disease they are all too familiar with. in april after decades of clean mammograms, nancy became the last of her siblings to hear these familiar words. >> i have breast cancer. >> breast cancer. >> breast cancer twice. >> breast cancer. >> breast cancer. >> breast cancer three times. >> breast cancer. emily: that unbelievable link started in 1995 with winnie and her first breast cancer diagnosis. growing up in south boston they say no immediate family member had a history of the disease, and genetic testing proves they do not have a brca gene associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. >> seven sisters all with the
8:43 am
same diagnosis. doesn't make any sense to you. >> it does make any sense. we don't have the gene. how did all seven of us come down with breast cancer? dr. irene kuder: it's a bit of a mystery. emily: dr. irene kuder at mass general treats six of the sisters. she's known this family for 20 years. doctor: it's certainly possible that it's genetic. we just haven't found the gene. that's possible. it could be environmental. we just haven't found the carcinogen. or it could be something like a virus that is just behaving by different rules. emily: she has connected the sisters with a group investigating the role viruses may play in causing breast cancer. they'll test all the women and see what they can find. for now the sisters are focused on nancy just like every other time one of them was fighting it. >> to this day, i feel like i do not know where i would be without them. that's how close we are. >> we feel the same way about you. >> i know. we all feel the same way about
8:44 am
that's what makes it okay. antoinette: it is all about them having each other and that good attitude. frank: wishing them the best, hoping everybody recovers and they have a healthy and happy life. antoinette: a sweet campaign to remember a little boy gone far too soon. antoinette: cambridge police are investigating a violent hit and run. frank: a bicyclist struck on his way to work, left lying in the street. the clues caught on camera before the driver took off. and we are following breaking news. a russian jetliner has crashed with 224 people on board. the plane dropped off radar just
8:45 am
for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? opped on thousands more items. my stop&shop. antoinette: breaking news right now. a russian passenger plane traveling from the resort town of sharm el-sheikh to saint petersburg, russia, has crashed. frank: egypt's prime minister says it went down in the central sinai peninsula. the flight was carrying 217 passengers and seven crew members. there are reports that the pilot reported technical problems before it dropped off radar. egyptian officials say there are no survivors. much more on this on our mobile app. antoinette: cambridge police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck a doctor who was riding his bike to work at
8:47 am
mass general. that doctor recovering from serious injuries this morning. police are asking for help identifying the pick-up caught on camera on webster street back on september 29. the driver yelled and honked his horn before hitting that doctor. it happened back on september 29. frank: lawyers for marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are asking a judge to extend attorney-client privileges for what will be a lengthy appeal process. last year tsarnaev's lawyers reached an agreement with the judge, but prosecutors say the defense is not entitled to those same protections since tsarnaev has been sentenced. antoinette: a new video has surfaced showing masked isis militants beheading four kurdish isis claims it is in retaliation for the raid last week where u.s., kurdish, and iraqi forces rescued 70 prisoners from an isis prison. this comes as president obama annoces that for the first time, u.s. ground troops will help local forces in their fight
8:48 am
against isis. frank: it is a dramatic reversal for president obama, but the white house says this is not a combat mission. the white house says fewer than 50 special operations forces will offer advice and support to opposition troops. two police officers in methuen who took a legally-owned handgun from a man drinking in a bar have appealed their suspensions. "the eagle tribune" reports that methuen police lieutenant michael wnek and sergeant tod himmer were suspended without pay after the incident in july. a special investigator hired by the department said thursday the officers violated department policy. antoinette: this morning, the it's a 6.66-mile race in where but salem. more than a thousand devils witch city. the most wanted bib of course is number 666. that number is auctioned off. all the proceeds from the auction go to the plummer home for boys. look at everyone ramping up for halloween.
8:49 am
if they had costumes on. nothing like running in a costume. not a bad thing. and the weather couldn't be better for halloween. start the day today. it will be cool tonight when so bad. a dry forecast. a couple of showers maybe tomorrow. antoinette: maybe a jacket over that costume. nice. i would do that. antoinette: thanks, danielle. frank: a live look at salem right now. thanks for joining us dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. savory...smoky... and unmistakably flavorful. get your day going with one today.
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