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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 31, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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bob: breaking news, isis tonight claiming responsibility for a deadly airliner crash in the egyptian dessert. the fatal crash that claimed a high school senior. >> a halloween chill and maybe a bit of rain for sunday. the quick changes as we turn the clock' s back. bob: breaking news, isis tonight claiming responsibility for a deadly airliner crash in the egyptian dessert. 224 people killed on a russia
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metrojet. good evening. at this hour, no indication of what brought the plane down. but russia denies the claims by isis. pam: what is not in dispute is the human tragedy. 25 children among the victims. so far there' s no evidence that isis brought down the russian metrojet plane. the crash saturday morning killed 224 people flying from egypt to st. petersburg, russia egyptian officials say the pilot reported technical difficulties and wanted to make an emergency landing. the metrojet crashed in an area where egyptian forces have been battling an islamic insurgency. russia' s transport minister scoffed at the isis claim, calling it unreliable. the airbus had a routine check before flight, showing everything was ok to proceed, weather apparently not a factor. meantime families of those on board first waited at the st.
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then later assembled a memorial after learning that all aboard perished. >> the initial reports represent the tremendous tragedy loss and we extend our sympathies to the families and all those concerned. pam: but two major airlines, germany' s lufthansa and air france are not taking any chances. both announced they would immediately stop flying over egypt' s sinai peninsula for safety reasons until the cause of the crash is determined. bob: only on 5. a plane makes an emergency landing at beverly airport today. the small aircraft was experiencing issues with its landing gear. it touched down safely on the grass. the pilot was not injured. the incident is under investigation. bob: shock and sadness in a small massachusetts town. a high school senior full of promise, killed in a car crash. her memory honored tonight. bob: 17-year-old madeline lamson
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of medway was many things, a daughter, an athlete, and a friend. she lost her life last night in franklin, in a single-car crash. our reid lamberty reports on a community in mourning. pam: taking a live look at the boston skyline on this halloween night, a lot of trick-or-treaters out there right now. -- those of a fire over there. witnesses try to pull the 17-year-old from her carpet the resulting fire push them back. a steady stream of students flowed in and out of the high schools. in this building of 800 students she stood up. >> one thing she was excellent at was making individuals feel good, laugh, share in her joy area we need to find that as we
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bob: she was captain of both the field hockey and hockey teams. school is preparing for next week' s state tournament without their golding -- without their goalie. >> i don' t think there is a person that would not know maddie. she was the light of the school. i believe truly there are people like that and she brought it every day. >> there do not appear to be any skid marks up to the tree. exactly what happened in the moments leading up to the crash are unclear. wcvb newscenter 5. >> a live look at the boston skyline. lots of trick-or-treaters out there. i hope they have something on under their costume. mike with a check on the forecast.
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tonight it is going one if you are stepping out. s. t get quite as cold as it did last night. cloud cover coming in. way off to the west. -- a few scattered showers early tomorrow morning. i think breezy halloween festivities tonight. lots of clouds, perhaps a scattered shower or two. there will be lots of improvement as we head toward the afternoon. temperatures dropping only into the 40' s. last time we saw dropping off into the 30' s and 20' s. we warm up nicely but not until late in the day. sunset tonight, 5:39, tomorrow,
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>> crews broke out -- nolan inside at the time. there were no reported injuries. the cause is under investigation. bob: and a deadly blaze claims the lives of 27 people inside a nightclub. officials say the death toll is likely to rise. the blaze broke out during a free concert by a heavy metal band. authorities believe it was ignited by pyrotechnics. of course that chatty bears a striking resemblance to the 2003 island. more than 100 people died and concert. fireworks being used by a band to set fire to flammable foam inside the club. pam: onto commitment to 2016 and there is debate from a the campaign trail right now.
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for positions, the weight as who will handle the next debate is being handled. >> back on the trail. >> here is what frustrates me, all they did was ask about fantasy football. >> how about we stop letting left wing liberals moderate republican debates. >> to help with the press. >> republican candidates still debate. now they are demanding changes face-off. >> donald trump wants shorter debates. ben carson wants fewer debates. more debate. discuss strategy.
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>> people get to know the candidates. what it has turned into -- >> so far the time is out. but the exact location is still a mystery. on the democratic side of the trail, hillary clinton and bernie sanders focusing on early voting states. clinton even had some halloween fun, meeting a mini doppelganger at her rally in south carolina. rival bernie sanders had to take his rally outside after the crowd became too large. both parties vying to keep the campaign on message. gloria riviera, abc news washington. bob: the placement of a sign became the point of controversy. that says black lives matter spree at town leaders insisting the content of the sign was not
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frank: they were asked to move from in front of their concord home, the family taking a stand. >> we have an african-american daughter and latino son. we just want to bring awareness. >> this demonstration getting a positive response but not everyone so supportive. they originally put the sign in the public right away. an attorney contacted the town a black lives matter sign here violated the town bylaws. >> free speech is very important to us, but we want to make sure our historic and roll character is protected. >> town manager says his office has no position on the message. >> we are trying to be fair. on science and the public right away -- public right-of-way. contractor signs must go after signs are permitted until the
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property is sold. >> the sign has restrictions on it. but we find no restrictions at all. >> educators hope people still pay attention for the sake of our country and their kids. >> it is very personal for us. we are sending a message that it is important to our family and we would like discussions to be had. >> wcvb newscenter 5. >> thousands turning out tonight as the city hosts a one-of-a-kind celebration. >> we ticky to texas where religious letting has led to a fatality. mike: i will show you how it is supposed to get us and when a big warm up arrives next week.
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pam: thousands flocking to the witch city tonight to dress up and have some ghoulish on. halloween on a saturday comes with advantage is that with advantages and challenges. bob: powered jim lokay -- our jim lokay reports from the middle of the madness. jim: it is a weekend long affair with halloween on a saturday. with kids out, we know halloween never goes out of style. >> chicago and all. >> you get a chance with that family cup. see downright adorable. guess.
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-- i am not kiwi -- i am not pee wee herman. i am the 11th doctor. >> do we have any thoughts on the all female ghostbusters. >> we are all for equality. we are going to accept it. but we will always be the original. >> while families were out today and tonight. any things go. -- anything goes. after this report i will find out myself. >> traffic is a big concern in salem. still a lot of pedestrians out here, a lot of cars out here. if you are thinking of coming up for the night and it is getting late, best to take the t, be careful out there. newscenter 5.
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we serve new england. r and energy brings us together. ever new england. eversource. mike: a second night of storms greeting dangerous flooding in texas. pam: the body of a sixth victim discovered today. she was swept from her home. abc is in houston. aditi: it has been days of storms pounding the state, flipping trailers, reported homes apart.
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reporter: and the record rain still falling. some families try to pick through what remains as the floodwaters keep rising. >> we have no idea what our house looks like. we want to at least go back and get some clothes. >> they had minutes to get everyone to safety. >> the window just exploded. reporter: scenes like this reporting all over the state. by air and by boat. >> what happened out there? these brothers were swept away in their car watch trying to reach trapped family members. of the oldest brother is still missing. out. the oldest brother is still missing. floodwaters picked up his car, then he managed to get out and
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>> when i saw the third one i t excited anymore. that was the one that company. east. millions of americans left next. a dd roy -- aditi roy, houston. mike: we are going through the el nio winter. it tends to get wet in that part of the country. east. louisiana, mississippi, alabama, all very heavy rain. as you look out there you see two areas of rain. underneath us. tomorrow. basically we are going to expect
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tomorrow morning by 9 a.m., still some scattered showers out there. it is early tomorrow morning and then it moves on out. then we clear things out at 3:00. at 3:00. that sunset is so early tomorrow. tomorrow night we clear things away and look what happens on monday. lots of sunshine and that begins the warming trend. in boston it is 51 degrees. wind is out of the south, southeast. inland it is a bit cooler. here other high temperatures today. beverly, 54. a lot of temperatures barely getting out of the 40' s. a lot of frost out there. we warm up this afternoon, but not as warm as we are going to be tomorrow. later on tonight to we fall back, the end of daylight saving time. at 2 a.m., you move the clock
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the sunset tomorrow afternoon is 4:38 in the afternoon. for you early morning risers -- this morning sunrise was at seven: 16, tomorrow it is 6:17. and then finally we get to january 3, 7:14, then we go the other direction. something to look forward to if you are an early riser. a few spots showers tonight. 38 to 46 degrees. partly cloudy and temperatures warming up nicely. 58 and 62 degrees for your high temperature tomorrow. a lot of 60' s showing up, which is above normal for this time of year. most are at 58 degrees. nicely into the 60' s. you may not see any sunshine until probably after sunset.
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then we are done. monday we have sunshine in the forecast. the storm system that has been stays to the south of us. and thursday. 72 degrees. there. on friday it still stays warm. finally we have a cold front moving through. much cooler temperature heading to next week. you can' t ask for much more as you head into november. another update for tonight after the football game. >> the boston college cornerback position was to lose and he lost
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the eagles lose fifth and a row, 26-10 for virginia tech. only one carry, not only lost a yard but lost the ball. and he' s who -- he whose name i practiced for five minutes gets the touchdown. fumble. progress will stop. ridiculous. not nearly enough. be a 26-10. game-four of the world series is tonight in new york. folks are still talking about how game three started. first pitch of the game, nickname is the war.
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if x that it could escobar on his gluteus maximus -- it put escobar on his gluteus maximus. >> i certainly wasn' t trying to hit the guy. i just didn' t want him getting too comfortable. if they have a problem with me throwing inside taken meet me 60 feet, six inches away. i have no problem with that. >> he is not the on the one trust is built belichick this halloween, but he may be the only one who have to answer for it. comfortable in his own skin and a will belichick -- a bill belichick hoodie. edelman doesn' t just dress like belichick, he talks like him. >> he will say stuff
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like, "i' ve been in this league for 30 years, i have seen it they were to -- i' ve seen a thing or two." >> that looks like a what is known as a gunslinger mustache. he has been to a pretty well as quarterback. bruins are in tampa bay. we will have highlights after the football game area pam: -- football game. pam: coming up tonight we' going to continue to follow breaking news on the crash of that russian airliner. this flu season... remember this. your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a
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