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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 2, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news this america this morning -- aviationdy zast person a passenger jet breaking apart in midair. miles of scattered debris being investigated. the theories of what brought it down and the grieving families. debate fallout. candidates in the crowded republican field holding a late-night meeting. mapping out new demands for debates going forward. a police officer nearly run over when a driver steps on the gas in an attempt to get away. and world series champs. the royals beating the mets in another early morning finish. the highlights and the
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well good monday morning. we begin with the search for answers after a russian passenger jet fell from the sky in egypt, killing everyone on board. >> the sod bods of many of the victims begin arriving in st. peters burg, russia. >> the plane broke apart mid paper too soon to tell if it was an accident or a deliberate act. we get the latest from lana zak. >> reporter: this morning, the remains of more than 140 bodies are returning to grief-stricken russia. among the 24 dead, 25 children. these photos show happy families ready to make their way home from a vacation in the resort town of sharm el sheikh. a mystery of what brought the plane down just 23 minutes after takeoff.
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>> this happened so quickly. so instantaneously, there may not be evidence on the black boxes. they'll have to look at the wreckage on the ground. how it's laid out. >> reporter: with eight miles of skaerted debris, one possibility is a bomb. >> the possibility of a bomb or an incendiary explosion. >> reporter: another theory, human error or a problem with the plane. the ex-wife of the co-pilot said he had complained about the air bus including on the morning of the crash. and a final theory, could terrorists on the ground have taken out the plane? an isis-linked group claimed responsibility. >> some of the claims of responsibility we're hearing from terrorist groups do not jibe with with what might have happened to this plane. >> reporter: a terrorist attack from the ground is extremely
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unlikely. but several airlines said they will not fly in that space until authorities determine what went wrong. from washington, lana zak, abc news. >> our thanks to lana. staying in washington. developing overnight. the republican revolt. rival campaigns joining forces to demand greater control of future debates. representatives of more than does aen candidates met behind closed doors last night. they agreed on several changes. >> i think that's progress. that's my response. i'm glad. >> reporter: a post halloween pow wow at this virginia hotel. >> we agreed to interject ourselves in the process. >> reporter: spurred by trick questions republicans say the press reserves for them. >> is this a comic book version of a republican campaign? question. >> reporter: they're asking too much of gop candidates. republicans are hoping to take more control of debate formats
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from moderators. >> we're going to insist of opening and closing statements. >> reporter: dr. ben carson speaking are martha raddatz on "this week." >> we should have mod rarts who are interested in disseminating the information. as opposed to, you know, gotcha, you did this, you -- defend yourself on that. >> reporter: senator ted cruz is more ambitious. >> could you imagine a debate moderated by sean hanty and rush limb baa limbaugh. >> i have enough humility to know that i have to get better. >> reporter: the next question may be whether bush remains a viable candidate. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is releasing the first tv ad of his campaign.
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he spent $2 million for air time in iowa and new hampshire for the spot that highlights his journey from brooklyn to the u.s. senate. he's depicted as a long-time inequality. highlighted. a powerful line of storms morning. the death toll in the lone star six. after another round of violent storms over the weekend, some parts of houston got over a foot of rain. triggering more than 130 high-water rescues. those powerful storms also spawned tornadoes. nearly a dozen from texas to mississippi. six twistered reported south and east of houston. cleanup efforts under way, including in the city of friendswood. the national weather service says an ef-2 caused the damage. that band of storms moving
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through the is out east. a particularly strong band is moving east ward across the florida panhandle. molly cochran from accuweather joins us now. reena. umbrellas getting a workout from atlanta to charlotte. keep the weather in mind for flights. the next system moves on shore for the pac northwest, bringing rain, snow, a wintry mix. first significant snowfall of the season coming up across the see ierra nevadas. higher elevations could get 6 to 12 inches of snow. kendis and reena back to you. breaking overnight, in arizona, people across the phoenix area a bit shaken up after a string of earthquakes. the first, 3.2 magnitude striking around 9:00 last night near plaque canyon city.
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4.0. damage. a one-time presidential candidate, almost larger than life, is being remembered this morning. fred thompson has died from a recurrence of lymphoma. his career spanned from back. serving eight years in the senate. appearing in "law & order" and at least 20 motion picture, including in the line of fire and the hunt for red october. the former senator was 73 years old. pope pran sis is planning a trip to mexico. the pontiff will visit in february. he'll address violence and the issue of migration. that's a theme he touched on during his visit to argentina. the kansas city royals are the new world series champions.
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scoreless in game five until the ninth inppg then the breakaway took place in the 12th to defeat the new york mets, 7-2. >> the jubilant team celebrating their first world series win in three decades. they'll celebrate again on tuesday with parade through the streets of kansas city. what a night for those folks. >> and their fans. >> minutes after the royals' win, merchandise hit the market. >> a shirt reading party like it's 1985. more highlights coming up from espn. ironic that the royals won this in queens. >> oh. but for mets fans, i believe, the royals lost last year, won this year. there could be hope for next year. >> right. an e. coli investigation rocking chipotle. a routine traffic stop turning violent for a police
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kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. rpinot noir, which means peanut of the night. a first look this morning of the aftermath of a house explosion in suburban detroit. the blast was felt as far away as three miles. it levelled the house. blew out the windows of nearby homes. sent at last one man to the hospital with significant burns. he's expected to survive. explosion. encouraging news in the serge for the black box from the sunken ship "el faro." the wreckage was found over the
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the black box is critical the finding out why the giant went down. 33 crew members died when the ship sank during hurricane joaquin. the e. coli outbreak at chipotle is expected to widen. the chain was shut down in two streets after nearly two dozen people became six. the outbreak most likely came from a fresh food product and not a sick individual. doctors encourage anyone who ate at those stores and got sick to be tested. halloween skired people away from theaters. it was the lowest grossing week end of the year. bradley cooper's "burnt" fell below predictions, as did "our brand on crisis." "the martian" on top with 11 million.
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morning. the nearly 30-foot-wide hole may swallow a nearby building. since friday, three homes have been evacuated. authorities have put up fencing and have added patrols to keep people out. it's about a mile from a sink hole that swallowed a man back in 2013. now for a look at your morning road conditions. flooding across the northeast into virginia. roads wet up and down the california coast. across nevada and idaho. and up into the upper midwest. if you're flying, airport delays possible in atlanta, charlotte, san francisco, as well as salt lake city. three victims of an apparent random shooting spree in colorado springs are being mourned. >> witnesses describe the scene halloween morning as the gunman began walking the streets. the first to be killed was a man on a bike. then two women were hit. this woman saw the horror unfold and called 911. >> it was pretty scary. he looked at me.
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i said, oh, please don't shoot me. >> police are looking for a motive. the gunman made an angry blog post in the days before the shooting. he wrote against religion, the government, and his father. frightening moments for a michigan police officer all caught on dash camera. he was trying to give the driver a ticket for a suspended license when the driver jumped in her car, slamming it in reverse. taking the cop along with her. he, by the way, we're told, physically okay. back on the job. the driver is facing several that. meantime in orange county, california, a vicious attack on an uber cab driver. an apparently intoxicated passenger, benjamin golden, punched and pulled the hair of the driver before the driver person pepper-parade pepper-sprayed him.
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a disturbing find in the meantime for trick or treerts in pen. several kids found sewing needles in their halloween candy. the immediateles -- needles were found if candy bars. no reports of anyone getting hurt. time for sports. the royals are world series champs beating the mets in another nail birt. hey, there, good morning. jay harris, john buccigross. big sunday in sports. lots of nfl. first, we have a world series champion. >> kansas royals down. one out. david wright. two outs. here comes eric 40s mer. if lucas duda makes an accurate throw, it would have been over.
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and christian colon singles in jarrod dyson. royals win. they're champions. huge nfl matchup. the packers and the broncos. ronny hillman to the middle and runs to the left side. strong side. his second td of the night. broncos up, 14-0. packers down, 27-10, fourth quarter. aaron rodgers hit by ware. broncos defense held tonight on espn. panthers and colts. "monday night football." it will be a good one. good morning, america. >> good morning, fellas. more sports. college football referees are in hot water this morning. all of it centers around these six crucial seconds in this week end's miami-duke game. >> duke up by three points kicks off to miami, where player after player passes the ball.
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we're talking eight times. until one player breaks free, races down the sideline, and yep, scores. miami wins this one, 30-27. yesterday, the acc announced that the referees made four crucial errors. and suspended all of them. >> yeah, and still that game-winning touchdown remains on the books. a thrilling victory for miami. even though it's an agonizing defeat for duke. and a big mistake all around. fun to watch, but -- >> how long does it take to be certified to be a ref? >> obviously not long enough. up next in "the pulse." feline psychology. what your cat really thinks about you. and possibly the best costume of the the year. can you guess who this is? as jessica rabbitt? >> halle berry? after 1 week, fine lines appear to fade, 1 month, deep wrinkles and after one year, skin looks ageless. make you roc retinol
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pulse," starting with harsh words for tiger woods. his ex-caddie taking a swing. >> in his tell-all, steve williams says he felt like tiger's slave. he describes how the golfer would toss a club in the general direction of the bag expecting williams to just pick it up. >> 13 years is a long time. williams claims his own life became miserable after the news came out about tiger's affairs. and some new research for the millions who share their life with a feline. >> that cuddly kitty might be out the get you. researchers say house cats share several traits with big cats in the wild. >> they include high inclinations toward impulsive impulsiveness impulsiveness. if they were bigger, cats might try to harm you. >> be on the lookout. a team from sea world came to the rescue of a humpback
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>> measuring up to 50 feet long, the whale was spotted tangled in fishing lines. it was quickly dispatch frd the rescue. >> it took three hours to cut more than 230 feet of rope. it was attached to heavy lobster traps. now that the holiday is over. who won halloween? i would say supermodel heidi klum, always a contender. this year, becoming jessica rabbitt. the quote, ultimate male fantasy. >> she spent hours transforming herself. completely unrecognizable in the end. >> great job. then there's vie ola davis's daughter, dressing up as her own mom, complete with her own golden statue. >> i like that one. also in the running, "aladdin." turning heads in a usually jade city. >> we're not jaded. >> no.
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checking our top stories. bodies have started arriving in russia after a russian jet liner crashed in egypt, culling all 220 people on board. the plane broke apart in midair. investigators trying to determine if terrorism is to blame. today marx the 15th year of a continuous human presence on the orbiting space capsule. on friday, scott kelly broke the record for most consecutive days there. 216. republican candidates trying to gain more control over how the debates are conducted. may met on demands such as opening and closing statements. heavy rain across the southeast into virginia. some areas getting up to four inches.
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of what a little technology and determination can get you. >> a 0 10-year-old boy followed directions he got online and sent his project to the local library for printing and picked it up. brand-new hand. >> reporter: it could be part of the costume collin wore this week end. but it's not. first, this bionic hand works. and not just the light. >> trick-or-treat. ky i can do peace sign. and i can do a thumb's up. >> reporter: collin was born with a condition that after several surgeries have left him with fingers that don't grab or pick up. there are now 3-d printers capable of creating simple prosthetic hands. we have introduced you to some kids that have got. them before.
4:29 am
the 3-d printers create the parts. the dezrins available online. when collin hears his local library's print sir being made available to him. >> my reaction was -- >> reporter: the printing out took about a day and half. then assembly with mom helping. then voila. >> we're at the school that day and everybody was -- thought it was cool. >> reporter: good attitude? yep. for. comfortable. >> reporter: by the way this is just starter project. better hands are coming. you can be sure collin will be grabbing for one of those. >> awesome. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, washington. >> and cue doe kudos to the parents for encouraging and supporting. >> and he's 10 years old. we have to give him thumbs up. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america."


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