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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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this morning, the governor launched the state without stigma campaign at the statehouse a digital media campaign including web videos as well as radio and billboard ads. the idea is to take the stigma out of opioid addiction because a negative attitude towards people with addiction prevents them from seeking help. >> no one can be shamed into recovery. getting addictive wasn't a choice that i made. addiction is a chronic disease. just like diabetes or heart disease. >> when you're labeled as an addict, a low life, a junky, it sticks hard. today, i'm surrounded by people in recovery. good people. >> people are being asked to take a pledge online saying that you understand addiction is not a choice. and the hope is to spread that awareness. this campaign was developed with a federal grant.
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at the statehouse, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> in new hampshire, lawmakers will be holding a special session to deal with the opioid crisis. the new hampshire governor says the state cannot wait until the regular session in january to deal with the issue. lawmakers agreed and many say something should have been done sooner. >> we've had inaction, inaction, inaction, and now the governor's office is saying hurry up. i'm really pleased that we continue to have bipartisan consensus. legislators are hearing from their constituents each and every day. >> a special session will begin 18. the agenda will include increasing penalties for strengthening the state's program. adjectives. i have. we get into a good pattern and beautiful. this is great for november 4. >> is it crazy to say this is the best november i can think of
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>> i say the best start of it. >> it is great start. you couldn't have a better start than this. no two ways about it, even though it was a little chilly in some of the suburbs earlier, we had such pleasant temperatures. boston at 60 because of a little bit of a sea breeze. skies are still clear and if you plan on heading out this evening, around 8:00 or 9:00 we'll still be in the 50s. some cool spots in the 40s but overall it won't be as cool tonight as the last couple so we have an even higher launching pad tomorrow and that should enable to us get into the upper 60s and low 70s without too much of a problem. we'll have to watch for one thing. patchy clouds, low-level clouds from the south coast. they may try to overspread parts of the area at times so we may not have a hundred percent of the sun in all areas that we've had for the last few days but it will be mild and we'll possibly have record warmth on friday. we'll talk about that in a little while. >> today, an act of vandalism at bauerlington mosque is getting turned into something positive.
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gathered -- that's community today. instead of cleaning up the messages that scarred the walls of the mosque, they covered the graffiti with peaceful messages in the form of notes. the interfaith council along with business leaders say they want members of the mosque to know they are welcomed in the burlington community. >> every one of you that lives in this town is just as much a part of burlington as i am. everyone who prays at this mosque is as a welcomed in this town as i am. >> everyone in our community is very, very appreciative of everyone's support. their comments, and we really appreciate it. -- thank all of you from the barometer of my heart and on behalf of all community members. >> they are facing charges vandalism. >> resorts taking the next step everett. it's paying the department of recreation $250,000 to conduct a feasibility study for a walkway
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it would connect the $1.7 billion resort to assembly row and a new assembly orange line station which is in summerville. the study is expected to be completed in 2016. >> a recall for pudding that contains eggs but may not have the ingredient on the label. this impacts 18 states including massachusetts. the individual pudding cups, some in a cardboard sleeve labeled as the salted caramel flavor, but they say the packs actually have containers of its vanilla bean pudding cups and that flavor does contain eggs. time to take a look at first alert traffic. you're looking life at the bunker hill bridge. tightly packed but slowly moving. area. let's go to 93 southbound where we have a 34-minute drive. mass app to route three. half-hour typical drive. turnpike, 93 at newton corner.
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jammed 128 south as you go west we're looking at a slow 40-minute ride from western tolls to i-495. slow 495. northbound is traveling just fine. making sure you have the right to write bad reviews. >> there is new action on capitol hill to tell you about after some companies have gone after consumers. >> a new book claims to expose the money changing hands over statehood. hear what it costs. >> okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited time, you can get a great deal from fios. the 100% fiber optic network. only fios has the fastest internet and wi-fi available from 50 to 500 megs. so whatever speed you need, fios has it. get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone starting at $79.99 a month. and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement.
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offer ends november 7th.
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>> new at 5:30, before you book a hotel or try out a service you probably check out reviews online. now some companies are trying to stop negative reviews by hitting people with hefty fines for their posts. here's how the senate is getting involved. >> simply with legislation, which is aimed to protect the freedom of consumers to post reviews on places like yelp and amazon without facing retaliation. >> jim and her husband john were slapped with a hefty fine after posting a negative review online about a retailer who she says failed to deliver. that my review be removed within 27 hours or we would be fined >> nondisparage. clauses appears in the small to before purchasing an item or a service. >> they are buried in a way that the average person is never going to understand what's being done to them.
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>> when the palmers didn't pay up the company reported it to the credit bureau and their credit tanked. the couple eventually sued and won. >> this underhanded practice harms those writing reviews, those seeking transparency through other consumer experiences, and those businesses that are playing by the rules. >> insecure companies like bullies on the playground, are insecure but have these anti-disparage. clauses. >> at least one senator is concerned about the possible impact that it could have on small businesses. >> it's hard for consumers to take action. we've heard that it's difficult. lawsuits are expensive. but what about the small businesses on this as well? >> you just heard from the senator. she wants to put more input from businesses and other stake holders before she decides whether to support it. clear gear mentioned in the story has not responded to any requests for comment. >> tonight the vatican is trying to downplay two new books that accuse the church of financial mismanagement.
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francis's reforms. they detail lav vick spending by vatican officials including money that was supposed to go to a children's hospital and instead being used to renovate the apartment of a vatican official. a vatican spokesman says the books are based on illegally leaked documents and many of the revelations have already been reported, and dealt with. >> a proposed law in england would require telecommunication companies to drastically ramp up their customer record keeping. it is the centerpiece of an effort to consolidate a patchwork of cybersurveillance laws the bill would allow british police and intelligence agencies to view lists of every website and social media app that customer use, although they would not be able to see individual pages or messages sent. civil liberties groups say the law represents a major increase of state surveillance powers. >> there is a new reason tonight for star wars finances to get excited. character posters for the force awakeens. >> i saw system of these
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characters trick-or-treating. it's another sign the movie is getting close but they don't reveal any spoilers. here's harrison ford. and kerry fisher, and princess leah also getting their own posters. new characters, and a look at the dark side. i think that's who i saw trick-or-treating. >> you can't be sure. >> i'm not positive. >> they are under development -- there are developments under way tonight. the attack of a driver caught on camera. >> the victim is talking about how it happened as the suspect is spacing new legal action. >> and check this out. more on the sandstorm in the middle east that's creating dangerous conditions and delaying travel for the first lady. >> and locally, you're sure to get spoils over the twe live in a pick and choose world. love or like?tnaughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime...
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of mkc, mkz gas or hybrid for $369 a month with zero due at signing. >> right now we're hearing from the uber dryer at the center of this attack that was all caught on camera. the suspect is now facing charges in connection with the incident and has lost his job at taco bell. the driver has now filed his own lawsuit as he talks about the scary moments in the car. >> he was, you know, forgetting what he was saying. i kept trying to ask him for directions and he was becoming very aggressive with me. i think his hat flew off and i
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was able to break free, turn around, and spray him in the face. >> he's facing up to a year in jail and $10,000 in fines and he's been banned from uber for life. >> a woman face four counts of second-degree murder for last month's deadly crash at the oklahoma state homecoming parade. chambers intentionally ran a red light, drove around a barricade and slammed into a crowd of people killing four. she's held on bond and will under go a psychiatric exam before her case proceeds. >> nasa will soon accept applications for new astronauts the next class is expected the explore deep space. at part of the crew for the new orion spacecraft and they hope to one day those mars. nasa says it's looking for a diverse group of people this time around. all you snead bachelor tch need is a bachelor's degree in math or science. >> you can't see your hand in
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front of your face due to a sandstorm that's blanketed the area. it's forced people to scramble for dust masks and thousands their homes. to jordan has clear. talk and that. >> actually, that's where the names, in that part of the world, now when we have them in way. >> exactly. >> of course -- let's not get into that. [laughter] >> let's talk about something really interesting that was seen in the skies in parts of our country. the northern lights. j.c., i know you love this stuff. j.c.: i do. >> it's more common in latitudes a little above us, but us that really beautiful. a small chance tonight especially in northern new england, of seeing that. there have also been some meteor showers going on in recent nights as well. some of you have been seeing a few of those. interesting.
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always keeping our eyes to the skies whenever it's safe to do so. here's our temperature structure today. look -- started out at 32. but jumped up to 66. another jump of 34 degrees. went from 37 to 70. this has just been an incredible stretch of weather. obviously that we've been in. notice these highs. 66 to 70. boston wasn't quite that warm today. high temperature only reaching 60 because of the sea breeze. you can see that wind coming in from the east. boston right on top of the water. so it's a little bit cooler but now the winds are light, southerly and inland. tomorrow. that's a warm weather wind tomorrow will be another warm day and the breeze will increase from the southwest on friday. that could be the warmest. so many areas today, as you sidewalks reach the 60s to around 70 but boston was curtailed once that set in. it hung in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. still mild over the interior. but of course, with the skies so clear, as they are, we'll see the temperatures fall off again tonight but not as cool as the
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last couple of nights. i don't think we're going to see any freezing readings over the low-lying interior tonight as we have for the past couple. balmy day. upper 60s and low 70s. notice i'm showing some clouds in with the sun. although i still think we'll see the south coast and southern new england. maybe some patchy low clouds coming in at times so here's our record warmth or near record warmth for friday. this is just an estimate hitting 72 or 73. the record is 73. an i think we've got a shot at matching or reaching it. if we short. mild. winds will be picking up on the cape on friday particularly in the afternoon and into the evening. may be strong enough that a wind advisely may -- advisory may be needed. once it comes though it will turn cooler but not that much so on saturday and somewhat colder for saturday night and sunday but the weekend looks good. speaking of the weekend, as you
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see warm weather over the next couple of days, a gradual retreat to normal temperatures over the weekend, if you're going to be doing any traveling within new england this weekend, down on the cape, on friday, that's when it will be kind of windy and there may be a shower at night. also could be a couple of showers on the cape overnight tomorrow night or first thing friday. in the 60 s. very windy, and then saturday we start to clear up and sunday should look nice as well. unnorth, cool air will come in a little more quickly. saturday in the 50s and sunday only in the 40s and starting out rather chilly. looks nice. temperatures close to 50 degrees for the game and a little chilly breeze but more typical football weather, you might say, but it should be nice and clear with lots of sunshine and we turn a little milder again early next week, after a bit of a saturday warm-up. >> if you're a frequent visitor to
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vermont, you haven't seen it as anthony has. he discovers a tour of vermont's back roads that puts him in the driver's seat. >> so you will remember that we were talking about the end of the french and indian wars before we stopped for lunch. >> we're part of a caravan of cars being led by george landis. all of us connected via radio headset to his narration of the sights and history of the region. >> ethan allen owns most of this >> they operate country driving tours of vermont. an idea inspired by a trip to florence, italy. >> they were doing these types of tours over there. so we went and took this tour and it was an old fiat. we couldn't hear anything but we had a great time. we said, you know what? vermont has a lot to offer like, you know, it has good food, good roads to drive, and so we thought, well, we can improve the cars and probably improve >> so they
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convertible bmws, did their research for the narration, and the business was off and driving. >> sweet. in addition to the vermont visit, rest and relaxation in the berkshires and the antique capitol of connecticut. we're traveling a tank away 7:30 on "chronicles. >> j.k. rowling isn't slowing down at all. she has a new children's book on the way. she tells the bbc that she really does love the story. she's promoting her latest adult novel. she's also working on a stage show called harry potter and the cursed child. in case that isn't enough for you, a movie based on her book fantastic beasts and where to find them will be released next year. >> fib land has launched a
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two people sweating in saunas. another showing a nokia cell phone and another showing a heavy metal head banger. the foreign mystery says they demonstrate the traditional reticence of the fans who "only speak when necessary." i didn't know that. >> you like the head bangers. mothers helping mothers. offering up their extra breast milk for babies in need. >> still ahead tonight, hear how a local milk bank is making sure the process is safe, and from a massachusetts mother, who says it helped her family at a very critical time. >> coming up new at 6:00, another winter meltdown. >> five investigates shows you new promise. storm team 5 on what the warm november temperatures can tell us about the amount of snow we could get this winter. a woman diagnosed with breast cancer after her husband was. why this courageous couple is
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a teacher going the extra mile to help one of his students. the story behind this picture that's gone viral. all coming your way new on newscenter 5 at 6:00. hope to see you in a few. okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios" but why? well, right now for a limited
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>> it's up to each set of new parents to decide what to feed their baby but the medical community has long said breast is best when possible. >> a milk bank is trying to make
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truly need it. >> it turns out the demand for donor breast milk is only growing. >> there you go. >> good job. >> these twins are great. no sign at 16 months, but they needed a little extra tlc when they were born premature. mom knew when she went into labor at 33 weeks they would go neonatal intense care unit. one concern, breast feeding. >> i felt bad that i wasn't able to do that in the beginning. >> donated breast milk. this doctor explains it really is best for her tiniest patients who are at risk for a specific infection. >> it's a inter potentially life-threatening infection. it's much lower in babies who receive human milk.
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by a nonprofit newton-based milk bank, one of few that exists. the mom, now executive director. >> this wonderful mecca that has so many other wonderful facilities and services, it felt kind of odd that there was not a milk bank here. milk bank northeast is now expanding, opening new donation centers and supplying ever. >> the next closest milk bank to us at this time is in ohio. >> hi, how are you? >> i was pumping and i had excess milk, so i was like what am i going to do with all of this? >> once pasteurized, it's tested to make sure it's safe. >> compelling research and demand is putting pressure on hospitals. >> more than one hospital has called us about using donor milk because a parent said -- you. >> don't ooze donor milk here, i think i'm going to take my baby elsewhere. >> they are always looking for doesn'ters who are giving a
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>> it feels good to help babies night. >> something that moms like lauren are so thankful for. >> we knew this was one thing we could give our children, from the beginning that would help them. >> newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. >> breaking news, new deadly plane crash. mystery. tracks. saw. >> what these record november temperatures tell us about potential snowfall this winter. >> just to make it clear, the plan is this winter to not shut down. down. >> i had no idea men could get breast cancer. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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>> breaking news, and it's suggested that and i was i was bomb took down an airliner over the sinai desert. >> as we head into the holiday season. >> cnn is reporting a u.s. official saying "there is a definite feeling there was an explosive device planted in luggage or somewhere on the plane although not a definitive conclusion." airbus a321-200 crashed on saturday in the sinai peninsula after breaking apart and killing all the people on-board. he was heading to st. petersburg from sharm el-sheikh. they believe those responsible may have been isis or some sort of affiliate. they are monitoring messages separate from public claims of responsibility here, that are helping them to come to this assessment. part of the assessment is that a bomb most likely placed in
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either the passenger compartment


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