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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ed: good morning. now it is 4:30. emily: breaking news on the eye-opener. car in worcester. the investigation underway right now. >> a man pulled from a small plane wreck in new york. the push to figure out what went wrong. emily: a deadly crash and boston' s south end. a woman killed while crossing the street. >> a traffic stop takes an unexpected turn. the act of kindness getting a lot of attention. emily: fist, ci rst, cindy, we are talking about 70' s today. cindy: starting off with dense
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you can see it is pretty localized in southeast massachusetts. but notice near providence visibility is down to near zero. low clouds and fog that has come up spreading from south to north with the southwestly breeze. this is going to help this o warm us up today. boston 54. north of town a little bit cooler. 30' s and 40' s. but we are going to warm up nicely this morning as temperatures come up into the lower 60' s by 10:00. by noon time, we are around 70 degrees. cloud cover south of boston this morning will mix with sunshine through the afternoon. from the pike northward is where i expect the brightest skies. and look at these highs getting up into the lower 70' s. a little bit cooler -- mid 60' s on cape cod. record high for the day out of reach as they are in the upper 70' s in boston here but lower 70' s for many of us today. warm day ahead.
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s get you out to the roads. watching for that fog to the south. good morning. olessa: thank you good morning. a live look outside. the leverett connector looking good. 93 south. roadwork. some more construction on 93 both directions at route 24. and by 128. construction from route one to great plane after route 9. your last construction zone wrapping up in the next half hour from route 2a to route 2. trains and buses are expected to start the morning on schedule. emily: now for that breaking news. a disturbing discovery turning a neighborhood into a crime scene. >> we are there this morning with what we know at this hour. reporter: investigators are mystery.
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telegram, it started as a car fire near the 100 block -- last night. the car was on the side of the road behind washington heights. firefighters discovered what appears to be a body. fire and police investigators blocked off the road shortly after. they searched for evidence until midnight. this is an ongoing investigation. investigator is not seeing many details after finding what appears to be a body. we will update you on air, online, and on our mobile apps. overnight, new details on the deadly prank crash with ties to new england. cause a desperate search and the water off new york. erica tarantella following developments. erica: the nypd called off efforts overnight due to low visibility and rough surf. this all happening off the coast of breezy point, queens. crews from the body of the man believed to be the pilot.
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the pilot is also thought to be the 57-year-old owner of the two-seater which is register out of ride, new hampshire. before it crashed, witnesses say the plane was being flown low and erratically. luggage found floating. there might be another victim of a police think the pilot was the only person on board. detectives are heading to new hampshire to confirm his identity. it appears the plane took off from philadelphia last night en route to portsmouth. randy: other stories we are following. a woman is dead after she was hit by an suv driver in boston' s south end. lee say they believe the glare from the sunshine at that hour may have impaired the drivers vision. boston police saying that two women were crossing -- when they were struck by a black suv. a woman in her 70' s was killed. the woman was others -- the other woman was seriously hurt. emily: police are asking for the public' s help after a woman' s body was found earned near railroad tracks in bridgewater.
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this morning, police are trying to figure out how she died. a black suv pulled up near oak street tuesday night and several masks people carry the woman' s body toward the tracks. randy: the wife and son of a disgraced police officer under criminal investigation now two months ago illinois police officer charles cleta -- gleniewicz was found dead. he committed suicide. he was a bug to be exposed as an embezzler. investigators believe other people could' ve been involved in these crimes. emily: metro jet has granted its fleet after a deadly plane crash in egypt as russia sent anti-aircraft missiles to syria. cnn is citing a source who says someone at the airport put a bomb that plane that crashed this weekend. the cnn source says a person who is not a passenger took advantage of the lax security to
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in the initial investigation, terrorism expert thought that the plane could' ve crashed due to a mechanical issue. it is looking more likely it was an explosion. >> what the investigators are looking for is if there is any kind of explosive material on any of the debris they are finding. emily: investigators are looking to see a passenger head injuries from an explosion. randy: the murder trial against a danvers teenager is underway. a judge cleared the way for the trial to be on by declaring philip chisholm mentally, that yesterday. his trial was stopped last months when he started behaving strangely, slamming his head into a wall and onto a desk. he' s accused of raping and murdering his high school teacher. emily: the board will hear from the company that wants to build a casino in brockton. it will present its final proposal to the board.
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casino-resort at the site of the fairground. the casino group will kick in $10 million to ease traffic congestion. voters narrowly approved a referendum last spring. the m bta' s winter plan is set to avoid another round of commuter problems. but motives and snow fighters to clear the tracks on the t, -- new locomotives. snow fencews s and an auger to get your snow and ice. and new deicing equipment. the t' s chief says they have no intention of shutting down this winter. double trouble for donald trump. what his campaign says about a controversial tweet. randy: any organization that is apologizing for its own trump gaffe. a burglar caught in the act. the critical mistake that landed him in a sticky situation. erica: a body found inside a burning car and worcester. plus a deadly plane crash under
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s body has been recovered or the small plane is registered out of new hampshire. cindy: and we are going to see more clouds tomorrow. cannot rule out a spot shower but we are talking warm temperatures for today and tomorrow for the mother of november. record temperature that could be ahead. sera: an act of kindness is
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, now he's taking on wall street funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired
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and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. emily: a kind note from a police officer going viral. it started with a traffic stop .
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sera: robin sutherland thought she was getting a speeding ticket when she was pulled over about the officer had other plans for her. he sent her these instead. robin had just found out that her 90-year-old mom has to go into hospice care. during the traffic stop, she started crying. the officer decided to let her off with a warning. when robin returned home that night she found these flowers and this note from the officers say she was sorry to hear about robin' s mother. who pulled you over. officer p she wants to thank her for the thoughtful gesture. beyond the job. randy: thank you. a popular sporting good stores shutting dump it emily: the nashville.
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randy: good many. thought you might like to see this. good interesting photo. clouds roll into the skies over colorado. they look more like waves. these images captured in breckenridge, posted to instagram. loans are more likely to see those formations which occur higher in the atmosphere. quite beautiful. cindy: the air flows u p over the mountain and it tends to come down. it makes that wave action sometime. so pretty.
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very cool. emily: also cool, our forecast. or warm. as the kids say. cindy: what a november we have had so far. today, day number five. and each and every day so far above normal. for the month so far we have more than 8 degrees above normal. seabreeze yesterday in boston. we are getting into the 70' s. should be right around 70 in worcester. the record for today is 73. we should be right around 72 in boston but the record for today is in the upper 70' s for the records themselves out of reach today. but it is still going to be in the 70' s. starting out in the 50' s. boston south. the coolest readings this morning our north and west of austin. especially on the route 2 corridor. you can see the mid-50'
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we have got that frontal boundary to our south yesterday looking back to the north. it is warmer southwesterly wind that is taking hold. a dense fog advisory down along coastal parts of massachusetts and also parts of rhode island. visibility and spots is running near zero. so use caution out there with the fog. you can see how the clouds are looking northward. as we go to the day, we' ll see that fog burn off in southeastern massachusetts giving way to partly sunny skies. not going to be as many clouds. sunshine. temperatures averaging from the upper 60' s to the mid-70' s. the coolest readings down along the south coast. look at austan -- lower 70' s. near 70 worcester. 75 in nashua. 74 in lawrence. a warm day today. overnight falling back into the 50' s.
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it is going to be another miles night. you can see what happens throughout the day. hanging onto the most cloud cover south of the pike. touring the overnight hours, there could be a spot shower, especially in southeastern massachusetts -- during the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, clouds around but some breaks of sunshine. depending on how much sunshine we get tomorrow, it could be a record-setting warm day. but we will be watching this frontal boundary off to the west as it approaches. maybe an evening shower but the winds really pick up then they blow in cooler air once a front goes by starting out on sadly. so the records tomorrow are lower than today. the record high for tomorrow is 70 in worcester. 73 in boston. record readings coming up during the day on friday. nonetheless, it is going to be breezy late in the day. you can see the best chance for showers tomorrow likely going to be running here along the south coast and the cape area during midday in early afternoon hours, we have a window of opportunity for the skies to brighten up.
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that frontal boundary loses that moisture as it approaches. if you' re looking for rain to water the grass, i am not expecting widespread showers. otherwise, dry it out, cooling down for the weekend progressively. saturday, not bad. by sunday, only in the upper 40' s. that is a chilly weekend day. and temperatures moderate once again heading into next week. the average high this afterno -- this time of year' s 55. emily: we' ll take it. there' s the pike. s get to the map. so far no complaints but there 93 south. we are was a road were clearing shortly. expressway north by the pike. the same story as you travel along 93 by route 24. construction picking up 95 north by 128. approaching route 9 more
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your last projects between route 2a and route 2. randy: commitment 2016. three more candidates running for their party' s presidential nomination are going to be filing for the new hampshire primary today. bernie sanders and republicans carly fiorina and marco rubio plan on doing that today at the secretary of state' s office. new controversy for donald trump after a retweet causes a firestorm on social media. it is a picture of the bush family with a nazi flag. this morning the trunk campaign is doing a bit of damage control. emily: it says the candidate did not see the image. the tweet has been deleted. trump was in new hampshire yesterday filing to be on the primary ballot. he is behind dr. carson in iowa. janet wu questioning him about carson' s surge. janet: how confident are you that ben carson is not going to
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mr. trump: he has not created a job. i think he did one nurse one time. emily: nbc admits to accidentally reducing promos featuring trump. >> because of time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. m.r tu rump: ben carson is a complete and total loser. dr. carson: i think the presidency is a serious thing. emily: the promo was quickly removed. hispanic groups protested outside of snl yesterday. randy: government has rejected a request to stop a review of the keystone pipeline. transcanada requested the delay from the state department earlier this week. it was seen by many as an attempt to postpone a decision leaves office. the proposal.
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emily: a possible december interest rate hike in this country causing asian stocks to take a tumble overnight. stock futures are makes this morning hours ahead of jobless claims data. and we are waiting for that october jobs report set for release tomorrow. randy: sports stores are closing now. a-month ago, the boston-based sports gear retailer declared bankruptcy and said it is closing some of its locations. this morning, the company that bought city sports says it will close all six stores along the east coast. the going out of business sale will begin tomorrow. checking are trending stories. emily:ast night' s country music awards causing some buzz. there were some big winners. >> and the cma award for entertainment of the year goes to luke bryan. emily: luke bryan once again took home the top honor their, entertainer of the year. this is the second straight win. randy: the biggest winner of the night, this man, chris
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kenny chesney and george strait. last night he took home best male vocalist, new artist, album of the year and was joined onstage by superstar justin timberlake during his performance. emily: a special shout out to a massachusetts woman at the cma' s, a mother of five from stone. one of three writers who won for their hit song "girl crush." mckenna is on the left. she has written for several artists including reba mcentire and carrie underwood. busy mams a. randy: she' s so wonderful and warm. and hugely talented. emily: congratulations to all of them. late-night host jimmy kimmel is in two places at once. randy: the trick he used to pull that off. new, three places where you should never ever swipe your
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emily: breaking news. randy: firefighters discover what appears to be a body inside earning car in worcester. firefighters responded to a remote stretch of swann avenue. investigator stayed on scene looking for clues after firefighters cleared the scene at 11:45. emily: the pilot' s body has been found after a small plane crashed in the waters off queens. police working to confirm his identity. the small two-seater plane is registered out of dry new hampshire. -- out of wrye new hampshire. they say it appears the pilot was the only person on the plane.
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randy: one woman is dead, another in serious condition after they were hit by an suv and boston' s south end. police are saying they believe the glare from the sun at that hour may have impaired the drivers vision yesterday. boston police say two women were crossing the street when they were struck by a black suv. a woman and her 70' s was killed. no charges have been filed at this hour. emily: sky five over the scene of another crash along route 20 in oxford. three people were hurt when two cars collided. they are all expected to be ok. lee say the crash had nothing to do with the busy curve that has played a role -- police say. including this one where a mother and baby were killed and a crash with a cement truck last week. that dangerous curve safer before winter. installing a new guardrail and in the short-term. major reconstruction is planned for 2025. randy: new video of the suspects wanted in the robbery of a
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police hope that someone might recognize them. the suspect stole several pairs of designer frames at eye care optics. one man assaulted an employee. school superintendent brian hyde will face criminal charges. the parent of a student says he showed up to her home unannounced and rifled through her daughters belonging to make sure she was a resident. hyde originally claimed he was invited inside. the judge ruled yesterday there is probable cause to charge him. emily: a robbery attempt does not go as planned at a florida restaurant. you see the suspect in surveillance video falling through the ceiling. look at the top of your screen into a hub body and sushi restaurant. customers were in shock. they held him until police arrived. police say the suspect was trying to make his way through the restaurant' s office where the safe is located in . >> beam me up, andy.
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i have to spin around for this to work. >> wow. randy: the crowd loved it. jimmy kimmel using a hologram to host his late-night show at his hollywood studio and in nashville. he delivered his monologue and juggled for both audiences. guillermo also got in on the fun. cindy, we are looking forward to another absolutely fabulous day. cindy: we have been so warm lately. the months of november getting off to a warm start. so why am i going to talk to about snowfall? interesting to know. if you look at the snowfall we have had over 10 years, you know how much we had last winter. there are three years that stand out with below average snowfall in 2011. we barely had any. if you look at any of those winter seasons, the months of november was actually well above average in terms of temperature. i know it is early on this
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month, but if you were to go with that theory, we manage a warm november. it can lead to a less snowy winter in boston. tracking the temperatures over the month to see if it could have any implications on our winter. we have got another warm day coming up today and tomorrow as we have a huge area of 70' s. there is colder air out west. that dip in the jet stream is going to change things up this weekend. we get a quick shot of cooler air coming up this weekend. next week, the jet stream is going to lift to the north. the overwhelming pattern over the next 7-10 days will be for milder than average temperatures. today in the lower 70' s. tomorrow in the lower 70' s but the record high temperatures for reach. s in boston. perhaps record high damages tomorrow. the weekend with cooler temperatures. notice that the morning hours tomorrow and up until midday there might be a spot shower. some rights sunshine. this frontal boundary, this
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could bring in an evening shower
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