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tv   Matter of Fact With Fernando Espuelas  ABC  November 8, 2015 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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>> right now on "matter of fact," jeb bush fights back. mr. bush: you can ask the 15 different ways, and i will give you the same answer. night? mr. trump: me interviewing me. >> why the candidates are really hitting late-night tv. and, upping the tax on the rich could what is bernie sanders' s plan? fernando: i am fernando espuelas . this is "matter of fact." let'
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nice guy but struggling even in his home state of florida,, and now he is determined to fix his campaign with a major reboot, but at what cost to him personally? . >> you had some turmoil in your campaign. i' handling it personally. how hard is it to get up in the morning and deal with so much negative press, perhaps some doomsayers as well? mr. bush: it does not bother me. i am a grinder. i wake up and i campaign hard and campaign with joy. i' m making good progress here in new hampshire. new hampshire voters are discerning. they asked great questions. you can have a dialogue with them. people get to hear your record. they get to have you explain the ideas that will lift them out of poverty and allow the middle class to get a pay raise, how we keep america safe and strong. i' m making good progress. i don' t follow the doomsayers, or follow the pundits.
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i am not going to win the punditry class. i have no interest in winning their votes. i will win the votes of new hampshire voters. fernando: let' s talk a little about competition. do you think marco rubio is qualified to be president? mr. bush: he is a lot more qualified than barack obama, and better qualified than hillary clinton. hillary clinton is proposing basically a doubling and tripling down on failed economic policies of barack obama. hillary clinton says that their enemies are republicans, basically half the population, continuing to divide the country. the more important question is, who can beat her, i have a proven record that can match of really well against someone mckinley clinton, who has a minimal record as a senator and a failed record as secretary of state. that' s why i' m running, because i can win this election and restore conservative principles
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has alluded to what might be some allegedly scandal in marco rubio' can you tummy more? more? what are you hinting at? mr. bush: i am not hinting at anything. i' m running on my record, shrinking the government by 11% and cutting taxes, reforming education, and i can do the same thing in washington where we can get a budget balance, line item veto power. make sure elected officials do not lobby their former elected -- former elected officials have a six-year lobbying ban. i do these things in tallahassee. there' s a lot of people running. i believe i am the most qualified. fernando: you might not be alluding to anything, but your campaign definitely is. what is the concern? mr. bush: i don' t have any
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every candidate running for president who has a chance to win the nomination will be vetted. i have been vetted more than any candidate. 34 years of tax returns i have given to the public, 300,000 e-mails. i have been vetted. marco will be vetted. it is not up to me to decide what he has and has not done. that is up to the press. he is a good man, a good friend, but i believe i' m better qualified. fernando: in terms of donald trump, he started attacking you in a very personal way some months ago. in retrospect, do you wish you had responded to him in kind? mr. bush: i am not running as a grievance candidate. i am not running, i cannot compete with donald trump in the way he campaigns, disparaging people. i don' t have it in my heart to do that. i don' t think dividing the country, attacking people, is going to solve people' s problems. this is not about the big
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about mr. trump, it' s about people around the kitchen table right now trying to make ends meet, single moms worrying about their kids going to a better quality school, military families worried about whether they will fund the military budget so that their loved ones can get back home safe and sound as they protect us. it' s not about us. fernando: you were quoted by buzzfeed, speaking to some kids at a school. you said when your dad would tell you he was disappointed in depression. is that part of the dynamic in your family right now? is it hard to escape that structure? mr. bush: [laughter] i love my dad. love. he could lead by example. he was disappointed. that was enough punishment the kids got it, i guess buzz feed
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fernando: from here to there, you are fighting for the nomination. you have stated this clearly. what is your strategy, your overarching strategy beyond knocking on doors and making yourself available in new hampshire and other places? mr. bush: that is the strategy, the same strategy that allowed john mccain to overcome adversity. hillary clinton was facing an unknown senator from illinois this time it years ago, winning by 25 points, and president barack obama won. similarly, john mccain was down, mayor giuliani did not make it. a lot of good people don' t even make it to the starting line. i am focused on early states, applying the resources we have to be able to run an effective campaign in new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, nevada. the beginning of march has lots of primary states. we are well organized, doing the work that is necessary to build momentum.
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continue to tell the jeb story, the record of a congressman, and the -- record of accomplishm,e ent, and the ideas i have proposed in detail to take a stand on conservative principles to fix the budget mess and the tax code and regular code that is making it harder for small businesses to make ends meet. fernando: sir, as you think about the coming primary in new hampshire, the caucuses in iowa, what do you think you have to do, fundamentally, retains the narrative that perhaps you will not make it? mr. bush: i just told you. i' m going to campaign hard, with passion and conviction, about how our days in front of us are going to be brighter than what we have today, that we are on the verge of greatness in this country, but we have to fix how we tax and regulate, fix the entitlement system, deal with the deficit, be serious about it, and give people enough detail to know i am serious about being a candidate who will fix the things that are broken.
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you can ask it 15 different ways. i will keep giving you the same answer. fernando: ok. last question. [speaking in spanish] mr. bush: [speaking in spanish] fernando: governor bush has been down in the polls, but we know those changes every day. that' s even more of a reason to keep a close eye on his campaign. >> hitting the airwaves on late-night. mr. trump: i know a lot of women, and they all have issues. >> what is the real motive for candidates taking that risk? and he is firm on this point. >> i do not represent the billionaire class or corporate america. >> but without their money, how
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of issues. >> you are so close. >> if you are a have to have a sense of humor. fernando: late-night comedy skits, tweets, instagram posts, why have they become a vital s campaign strategy? mr. trump: me interviewing me. that' s what i call a great idea. fernando: they are funny. s issues? mr. trump: tackling politics with humor. >> they say you -- fernando: they are willing to go way outside their comfort zone. you could say there is a late-night love affair with the presidential candidates, but you really know why they are doing it, something many might see as a risk? >> we look fantastic. really fantastic.
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bit unprofessional. >> i cannot take them seriously. >> at the same time, it gives them more personality. >> you have to humanize yourself for the voter. fernando: leonard stein horn is a professor of political communication at american university. >> it is not about policy and ernest approaches to government. they want a personal relationship, mediated through the television set. fernando: he says there' s nothing wrong with comedy. it can build a bond. candidates get extended time in front of a younger audience and still get to talk about important issues. >> we have to get back to making the economy work for everyone. >> i want to be positive. >> is not just late-night. >> social media is a way to reach everybody more. fernando: candidates are also spending a lot of time on social media. they want to reach you, partly so they can use you and your network of friends. you create ambassadors throughout the internet, and they are able to spread that to all of the people they know. fernando: he says the candidates
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are also getting summing else back, valuable information. >> every time you use social media, you leave a digital footprint. campaigns accumulate this evidence, and they are better able to target people. fernando: most important, he says candidates need to meet you on their level -- your level. if they can' t connect, they probably will not win. it' s clear that candidates who don' t do well managing different types of media don' t make it to the white house. right now, there is buzz about donald trump on "saturday night live." tweet me and tell me how you feel about it. >> he is firing up voters. bernie sanders on why wealth bothers him so much. and, how what is happening a
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fernando: bernie sanders is a man from vermont who just happens to be the only socialist in congress. he' s also the major challenger
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to hillary clinton in the democratic presidential field. he was campaigning in new hampshire, and i asked senator sanders how he plans to beat a tough opponent. mr. sanders: we will defeat her by talking about the real issues impacting the american people. and what people are worried about is they are working two or three jobs, yet seeing almost all the new income and wealth going to the top 1%. people are pretty angry about the level of income and wealth inequality in this country today. we are going to defeat her, because we are going to be vigorous in standing up to super pac' s and this disastrous citizens united supreme court decision, which has created a corrupt campaign finance system. i don' t care if you are conservative or progressive. most americans do not believe that millionaires and billionaires should be able to buy elections. i am one of the few major candidates for president who does not have a super pac. we have raised money from
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apiece, because we are talking about the issues and fighting for the rights of the middle class and working families of this country. fernando: having said that, senator, not having a super pac puts you at a disadvantage. a significant amount of money, no doubt. as you go further into this process, obviously you will be competing with super pac' s. how do you intend to fight back? mr. sanders: fernando, that is a fair question. hillary clinton has a super pac. clearly some of her money is coming in from the wealthiest people in this country and large corporations. we don' t have that. and i don' t have it because i am very clear, i do not represent the billionaire class or corporate america, and the way we are going to do it, the way we are doing it, is when 750,000 people up to this point, that is more people than have
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contributed to our campaign -- that have contributed to our campaign than any campaign in american history up to this point. as the campaign progresses, millions and millions of people are going to come on board. maybe they contribute $10, maybe $20, but they want a government that represents all of us, not just the special interests who fund super pac' s. fernando: you have been talking about a concept, people have been talking about your concept for democratic socialism. what do you actually mean? if it is based on the european system, the danish system, how will you find it? mr. sanders: i will tell you how of it. in many countries around the world, universities and colleges are tuition-free. i will fund making public colleges and universities in the united states tuition-free fire
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the taxpayers bailed out wall and now it is wall street' s turn to help the middle class. in terms of rebuilding crumbling infrastructure, creating millions of decent paying jobs, improving roads and bridges and airports and rail, we do that by getting away with -- doing away with incredible corporate loopholes that allow large corporations to put their other tax havens. some years, very large and profitable corporations do not pay a nickel in taxes. fernando: i was going to ask, when you say wall street speculation, a tax on wall street speculation, what are you talking about? the hedge fund loop, or something else you are thinking about? mr. sanders: there are huge amounts of stocks that are sold every school day. i think there is an argument he
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that a tiny tax on some of those transfers would dampen speculation, which unto itself is a bad thing. but there is no dispute it would raise substantial sums of money. the other thing we are talking about, fernando, is that when millions of our seniors are trying to get by on $12,000 a year of social security, it is important to not only extend the life of social security, but to expand benefits as well, and we do that by lifting the caps on taxable income for people making more than $250,000 a year. the bottom line for me, in the last 30 years we have seen a huge transfer of wealth from the middle class, talking about trillions of dollars, middle class shrinks. a lot of that money is going to the top 1/10 of 1%, who have doubled their percentage of wealth ownership in america. what i want to do is demand that
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the top 1/10 of 1%, the top 1%, start paying their fair share of taxes so we can meet the needs of working families and the middle class. fernando: when you say a fair share, are you talking about going back to the tax rate of the eisenhower administration, 90% marginal rate? what are you talking about, specifically? mr. sanders: i cannot give you a definitive answer, because it is a tough issue. it takes a lot of work to come up with a sensible proposal, but we are talking about developing a progressive estate tax that would hit the top 1%. we are talking about doing away with corporate loopholes. we are talking about raising, making sure that wealthy people contribute the same percentage of their income into social security as do working people. so we have some tax loopholes out there. we have not yet come out with an individual tax rate structure. in fairness, when warren buffett reminds us that the wealthiest people, some of the wealthiest
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managers, have any effective tax rate lower than middle-class people, clearly we need toend those loopholes and make sure the wealthiest people in this country pay more than they are paying today. fernando: but the question remains, if bernie sanders is not willing to take big money, can he really win? >> next, forcing our hand here at home. and, your time to sound off. are you ready for the invasion of political ads? >> to be honest, i need a little more information right now, so i think it is good. the election is a year away, and
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fernando: foreign affairs, a topic that will matter next to the candidates and to you. it will be a critical issue in this election. with a world in turmoil, america' s role as a superpower will be challenged,
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while candidates differ in policy views, there are similarities. most but not all candidates favor a strong american military engaged in the world. marco rubio favors a stronger hand in syria, and so does hillary clinton. in contrast, donald trump and bernie sanders both favor disengagement. over the coming weeks, watch how these policy differences shape the elections as candidates try to convince you that their position is right and their opponent' s position is wrong. connect with us right now on twitter, facebook, instagram, and on our website, >> "matter of fact" goes on the road next week to iowa.,
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fernando: have you noticed that many political campaigns have a problem with the truth and the numbers? bernie sanders likes to talk
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about economics, but he does not plan to tax the rich. carly fiorina got the numbers wrong on women and implement admit she was not right. many times, politicians are difference. that' yourself. there are many factors can sites online to help. the better choices you will make. and that is the bottom line. see you next week. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, caption content and accuracy.
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