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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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heather: northeastern students and others standing on the t tracks. briefly shutting down the green line e branch today. more protesters marching through city streets, part of a national newscenter 5' live at the state house, where protesters brought their concerns to the governor. >> they are pretty sizable group of protesters. they marched on the way to the they stopped traffic. it was about a half hour marched to the state house where the the governor. they are willing to increase their page 15 dollars -- page $15 an hour. actually stood on the green line , and shutdown trains for about 20 minutes or in massachusetts the minimum wage is going up
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slowly, topping out at $11 per hour in 2017. but just today at $15 our bill passed a clinical committee. >> think that was a great first step. what we did today is a continuing step in order to advance the lot of those in our economy who were at the lower end. >> this is a growing movement and just can really have been. it can happen other places and here as well. >> workers are greeted with surprise that lawmakers were listening to their demands. but they say they' re going to continue their fight right to the presidential election next year. ed: a norton man accused of drug driving said he was the one who was cut off rate we are hanging from survivors. >> the friends of the victims say they were just driving
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the suspect told police that once they caught up with them, s fault. many counts at up to this, an accident on route 495 on monday. michael hines was drunk. he kept driving, leaving behind a 37-year-old author of three. -- father of three, dead at the scene. >> i need to keep his memory alive. this man has destroyed our family. >> he was arrested at his home in norton. net titles of vodka and three empty beer cans in the vehicle. he allegedly told police -- >> that guy cut me off, and i smashed into someone, it is not like i killed anyone. >> those injured now released from the hospital. there was no road rage on their art.
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all i know is he was switching lanes into the lane jerry was in and we ended up in the grasp great -- grass. >> jerod' s friend told newscenter 5 he knocked is off the road and we paid the price. >> is not coming home tonight, he will never see his kids. >> he is being held tonight and has to raise $75,000 cash bail. heather: two iowa men charged poke mon world championships in tonight. a judge today ordered kevin norton and james stumbo held on $150,000 bail. prosecutors say the men made social media threats against the world pokemon championships in august. they had a 12-gauge shotgun, an ar-15 rifle and nearly 300 rounds of ammunition in their car when they tried to register for the event. a fugitive will be held without
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bail in boston before he can be returned to new hampshire to be charged in a burglary ring. paul was just granted parole for his role in the 1997 murder of an epsom new hampshire police officer. his friend killed the officer, and paul shot at police during the chase that followed. he was arrested last night in connection with stolen weapons. ed: commitment 2016. a smaller cast of candidates will face off tonight in the republicans' fourth presidential debate. only 8 presidential hopefuls will take the primetime stage in milwaukee. this, as a new abc news/washington post poll shows donald trump and ben carson in a dead heat in terms of popularity with republican voters though carson trumps trump when the question is put to all americans. democrat hillary clinton, spending the day in new hampshire. this morning, she held a roundtable with veterans in derry where she unveiled a comprehensive plan to revamp the delivery of health care to veterans, make the department of veterans affairs more accountable and improve
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personnel. from there clinton headed to dartmouth college for a speech. heather: there are new plans in the works for a new wind farm 15 miles south of martha' s vineyard. according to a report in the boston globe, a danish company wants to build up to 100 giant wind turbines, generating one thousand megawatts of electricity. the company has a lease from the federal government, but has not filed any other applications. right now the project is called bay state wind. controversy growing as they unveil the exterior design for the orange, green, and line -- redline cars. the voting included some questionable result, coming from the same ip address and most who
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submitted for the orange line came in early. it is holding a final results while it looks at the issue. >> take a look. these are not are average shipping containers. the seaport district is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase talks lunch. we show you how a containers are being used for new businesses and >> what' s going on here at the innovation and design center? amid the bulldozers, dumpsters and rolling equipment, an oasis of civilization, personal grooming spots, and yes new food , options for the 2,000 plus workers in this renovated district. >> running water, air conditioning, and fire alarms. he has used 160 foot square things as kiosks.
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>> it was opportunity we cannot pass up as a company, have wholesale production and be able to share our food with the people in the design center. >> it is still a tough test kitchen. >> this is a for thinking and we have a population of people who are serving our tenants of the building. we can experiment with new ways of serving food. >> mei mei' s will open later this week as will other miniature food emporiums eager to serve this captive audience. >> i just tried some soup and it was delicious. i' m happy these guys are here. there' s a farm right here on the roof and you' ll be eating the stuff down here. >> stoddard' s farm on the roof of the design center now has a short supply route to his best customers. they spent about what $5 million on these. construction will be completed by next spring. ed:
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>> why has he changed at the top of a waterslide. we will tell you. >> that man on a roll is paralyzed from the waist down. look at him go. his story will make you believe anything is possible. harvey: the rain getting ready to start in boston. the wind as well. >> bill belichick has his team focused on the giants.
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ed: new at six chains of love. a new hampshire water park owner chains himself to a waterslide in the hopes of saving his business. he' s parked himself at the top of this slide hoping to attract an investor who will save his business from going under water. ed: heather: newscenter 5' s jack harper reports from the park in
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>> the first to admit this is a publicity stunt. he says he left there for all the right reasons. >> i needed to do something that showed i was serious and get the word out there. >> the word is help. his dream is growing down the drain. >> we have a month to keep it from the auction block. >> he was drowning in debt. >> i opened up a waterpark in 2008. the economy crashed, and it rained for two years. 2008 in 2009, almost every day it rained in the summer . >> to survive he needs an investor or several to kick in about $1.5 million to knock out huge debt. >> our income is great we bring in hundreds of thousands but the debt takes it away. >> an army vet dumont is now chained to his water slide even
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that works great. >> kevin dumont served nine years in the army. both his parents passed away it' s been a bad year. at this point he believes his little water park is worth cold slide. >> it is worth a shot. if it doesn' t work i can say for tried. >> it looks like somebody will be up there for thanksgiving, unless somebody comes through in a hurry. ed: think of february, and the snow. heather: i hope an investor comes through. ed: harvey' s tracking rain and wind moving in. heather: we' ll take a look at the big albums and when they are expected. >> i like to of the nt.
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heather: he' s not kidding it' s way up. how a wheelchair bound man is showing that nothing can hold
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heather: breaking news right now. has been told to stop operating in our state. the company call their business a game of chance. ed: new at talk about grinding six, it out. he' s paralyzed from the chest down but as you can see, this melrose man crushed it in this spartan race. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill shows us why he' s always up for a challenge. >> to see tim morris in action is to believe anything is possible. on saturday the parapalegic competed in the spartan sprint at fenway park, a grueling obstacle course.
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>> i wheelbarrowed the entire thing, three and a half miles. hands, and legs where he does indeed feel pain. his team believe, supported by sullivan of tire fame, provides assistance. -- >> they' re helping me holding my legs but i want to do as much of the race as possible. >> for the box jump, the substitutes an explosive push and watch as he carries these 30 pound jugs. tim' s done tough mudder races, tackling difficult terrains . he pays for it like everyone else, often unable to lift his arms for a week after a race. so why does tim tackle these challenges? it started with his accident 9 years ago. >> distracted driving, flipped my grand cherokee broke neck and my back. i woke up out of coma lying in bed broken and alone.
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i realized i was just existing , i wasn' t truly living life. >> tim says he chose to live a life he could be proud of, and each race competitors tell him he' s inspired them to finish . >> they can overcome their own challenges if they surround themselves with the right people . i am currently training for an ironman. ed: did you see the logs he was moving. heather: wow. nothing is going to put him down. that is unbelievable. ed: absolutely. no question about that. >> have been looking for rain for a long time. harvey: it looks like we will get a meaningful amount. that' s an inch or so around boston. a few starting to get close to boston.
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across other areas close to talk toward the springfield and hartford area. what we' re seeing is the leading edge of it just about to sneak into boston. definitely be prepared for what weather if you' re going to be out tonight. the normal be intensifying as it comes out. very late tonight and tomorrow morning i expect heavier rain bands. even if it starts to pull away, that is when the winfield will be the strongest rate we do have winter advisories to consider. we have some rain over spreading the area tonight. the hours of the 22 what would be the morning commute tomorrow which will be for some a holiday being veterans day. enter the morning we continue to have those bands of rain in the region. as we do lunch time it will be confined to eastern massachusetts and slide off shore.
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we might start off the day will be a little different as i here is an estimate of the rain a little bit less to the north the winter advisory goes into p.m.. all day long tomorrow. the coast. if you could approach 50. experiencing the. nothing major. slowly building up to the overnight, to tomorrow morning, peaking around lunchtime and diminishing tomorrow evening and becoming quite light by the time we get to early thursday morning. it is rain and wind we are about. as far as the wind is concerned some tree branches could come down in some spots with those wind gusts past 40 during the day tomorrow. down trees are unlikely but you always have a few. in terms of temperature we did it again today.
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an average for the high temperature. the month is almost nine degrees warmer than normal. it is around 50 now. temperatures will fall a little bit tonight. but they will not rise much tomorrow. it will feel very wet for the first half of the day. to summarize, rainy, and we need to start out. the parade of 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon should see the rain diminishing or ending with 50 degrees and drying out late in the day tomorrow. here' s our another -- other system coming through the day thursday into thursday night. then we clear out. friday' s fairly mild throughout the day. then we get colder friday night and most of the upcoming weekend. the patriots will be down in new york would be cooler jetstream but the temperatures are going to moderate the left and we get to early next week where we could be around 60 degrees for high temperatures monday and for tuesday. it will get nasty late tonight for the first half or two thirds of the day tomorrow.
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>> now, sportscenter 5. >> the patriots players had the day off. they have the giants at the meadowlands sunday afternoon. the buffalo bills have the jets at the meadowlands thursday night. so two days before kickoff you would think rex ryan would be locked in. this is how he spent his conference. wearing his football helmets. the clemson football team is right number one in the country. two weeks from last night rex and the bills come to new england. he is playing the jets in two nights. that must have been the game he circled in red on the calender, right? >> i have this one circled. everybody knows me very i circled the patriots. that is what i do. [laughter] >> what he think about the monday night game?
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the quarterback , what is wrong with them. as you get older, you are supposed to get worse. this dude is getting better. it is not right. i' m waiting for the wheels to fall off. [laughter] >> here' s andrew luck. lacerated kidney, torn abdominal muscle. usually take a tough hit to the back. that is believed to be what caused the injury. out for two to six weeks. bruins are back home thursday night with colorado and it should be quite a night for frank vatrano who made his nhl debut saturday night in montreal. in his first game vatrano scored his first goal. he was signed as a free agent out of umass. he grew up in east longmeadow not a very long drive down the , pike to the garden. >> i do not know how many i can get, but i know there will be a
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i do not know yet, and everybody is really excited. around here. >> can tell the excitement has every day at the rate -- rank and play your hometown team. i' m sure he is excited to be here. >> a great night for the family. celtics in milwaukee to play the box tonight. marcus smart did not make the trip but kelly olynyk did and he may be carrying some baggage tonight. this is video from the team' s life. he told the team bytes. the players jumped in. they had a little pool, this video was taken by a it is not looking good. ed: now. >> we hate to be showing this at the dinner hour.
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>> save that for people who win the hot dog eating contest. ed: did he finished? >> the prevailing thought is that he did not. heather: he looks like a squirrel with a lot of acorns in his cheek. new tonight on newscenter 5 at 11, we' re watching breaking news from ohio. at least two dead after a plane crashes into a home. that number is expected to surge. that' s tonight at 11 after first, david muir and abc world news tonight. in now. a deadly plane crash in an american neighborhood. the jets leading to a home interrupting into claims. there.
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army ranger helps to save jessica lynch. friendship between two navy pilot results in a death-defying act. help for veterans from home base. an unforgettable trip to the nations capital. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change
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to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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heather: we want to remind you dedicating an entire day to our veterans, celebrating their
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the issues they face. we hope you will join us for 5 on veterans all day tomorrow right here on newscenter 5. ed: that includes a special hour-long event hosted by newscenter 5' s randy price. the home base veterans day special will give veterans a chance to share their stories and gives you a chance to help those who have given so much. that' s tomorrow at 7 right here on channel 5.
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