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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 13, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news, the u.s. strikes a blow against isis. >> we'll begin to slaughter your people. >> jihadi john, one of the most wanted men in the world believed killed in syria. the face of the brutal terror group who killed americans targeted by a drone. the long manhunt over and my exclusive interview with president obama about the growing threat from those violent extremists. donald trump launching an over-the-top attack on ben carson overnight using the surgeon's own words against him, even imitating the alleged knife attack from his youth. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? and could this man be making
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reports this morning of a movement to draft mitt romney to run again. and in plain sight, right before the eyes of a gas station clerk, a kidnapping in progress. how he knew she was in trouble her. the incredible rescue caught on camera. and good morning, america. we have big news overnight in the fight against isis. the chief executioner, jihadi john, targeted by a drone in syria. you are see it right there. that is an isis stronghold. he is believed to be dead. >> the u.s. had been hunting him for months, but one of the most wanted men on earth who terrorized the world with those brutal terror tapes executing those three americans and publicly calling for war against the united states. >> he also taunted president obama personally in those tapes. our full team is on the story this morning starting off with abc's brian ross. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. he became the face of evil and the u.s. had been tracking
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u.s. officials say the drone strike was launched late nurse thursday as he left a building and entered a vehicle. military and intelligence officials watched live a video feedback in washington and one official told abc news it was a 100% flawless direct hit. this morning, praise for the u.s. effort from leaders around the world. >> i've always said that we would do whatever was necessary, whatever it took to track down emwazi. today i want to thank the united states. >> reporter: the world first came to joe jihadi john a little over a year ago when he appeared wearing a black mask holding a knife and threatening the life of american journalist james foley. his voice was disguised but he could not hide his british accent. >> you have plotted against us and gone far out of your way to find reasons to interfere in our affairs. >> reporter: one after another, he presided over the murders of foley, american steven sotloff and peter kassig, plus two britons and then two japanese
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hostages. earlier this year, his true identity was revealed to be mohamed emwazi, seen here wearing an american baseball cap, the son of kuwaiti parents who emigrated to the united kingdom. even as a schoolboy in london, emwazi was spotted by teachers as having a violent streak. one teacher told the bbc at age 11 he was put in anger management therapy. >> we'd find that he'd get very angry and worked up and it would take him a long time to calm himself down. >> reporter: as a young adult he joined isis flaunting his role as executioner with his piercing eyes and gravelly voice he became one of the world's most wanted men. >> our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. >> reporter: the parents of murdered hostage james foley said the action against him was of small solace, quote, this huge effort to go after this deranged man filled with hate when they can't make half that effort to save the hostages
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while these young americans were still alive. it's unfortunate that the government doesn't get it. they think it gives us solace, but it doesn't." u.s. officials this morning say they presume that emwazi was killed in the drone strike based on what they observed of the hitch the vehicle he was in burst into flames and one official said jihadi john essentially, george, was evaporated. >> may never have the dna. >> may never have the dna. >> the long hunt coming to an washington. overall intelligence capabilities in that area? >> reporter: well, amy, clearly even with limited intelligence assets we managed to track down some of these isis fighters and leaders. if confirmed he is by far the most prominent. that may have helped him find him. it's never easy to track any single person. you have to figure out their pattern. how would he travel? who does he meet with? how does he got the execution messages out.
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by being the public face of this terror campaign jihadi john was tempting fate. more people would know who he was, where he stayed, especially with that british accent. but even with all that as we said, it took more than a year to find him, amy. >> so, martha, does this make a difference in the fight against isis? does this have an impact? >> reporter: it's without question a big symbolic victory for the u.s. and britain and you can be sure we'll make the most of it in terms of countering the isis message but he was not the man leading the fight and surely someone will step in to take his place. the isis network remains very strong and very widespread, but this strike, if proven to be jihadi john, is a blow to the group for now, amy. >> all right, martha raddatz in washington, thank you. the fight against isis front and center in my exclusive interview with president obama yesterday when we spoke in the cabinet room shortly before the strike, the president acknowledged how difficult it would be to eliminate the threat from that deadly terror group. even your friendly critics, fareed zakaria says what you
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have on the ground is not enough. every couple months you will be faced with the same choice, back down or double down. >> i think what is true is that this is always been a multiyear project, precisely because the government structures in the sunni areas of iraq are weak and there are none in syria and we don't have ground forces there in sufficient numbers to simply march into al raqqah and syria and clean the whole place out. and as a consequence, we've always understood that our goal has to be militarily constraining isil's capabilities, cutting off their supply line, cutting off their financing. >> but isis is gaining strength, aren't they. >> i don't think they're gaining strength. what is true, from the start our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq and in syria they'll come
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in, they'll leave. but you don't see this systemic march by isil across the terrain. what we have not yet been able to do is to completely decapitate their command and control structures. we've made some progress in trying to reduce the flow of foreign fighters and part of our goal has to be to recruit more effective sunni partners in iraq to really go on offense rather than simply engage in defense. >> so what do you think when you hear someone like ben carson get up and say, hey, this would be easy? we can take isil out by bombing their oil fields. >> what i think is that he doesn't know. about it and, look, george, i think it's fair to say that over the last several years, i've had access to all the best military minds in the country and all the best foreign policy mines in the
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office and so my only interest is in success and if i'm down in the situation room talking with people who have worked in these regions and have run major military operations from the chairman of my joint chiefs of staff joe dunford to individuals like general allen who was involved in iraqi operations back in 2007/2008 and they don't think it's easy, then it's probably not easy and what we've been able to do is to shape a strategy that first and foremost contained the momentum that isil had gained, but until we get the syria political situation resolved and until assad is no longer a lightning rod for sunnis in syria and that entire region is no longer a proxy war for shia/sunni conflict we're going to continue to have
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problem. >> that could take a generation. >> well, i would distinguish between making sure that the place is perfect, that's not going to happen any time soon, with making sure that isil continues to shrink in its scope of operations until it no longer poses the kind of threat that it does, not just primarily to us, but to neighbors in the region like jordan or saudi arabia and that the humanitarian crisis that's taking place with millions of people who are fleeing the country, that they can be relieved. >> let's bring in jon karl from the white house for more on this and, jon, the president acknowledging how difficult this fight is but as martha pointed out this morning, a big symbolic victory for the president. >> this is a hugely important house. jihadi john is seen as somebody who was not just the public face of isis but somebody who was key in the recruitment in the west and also as you mentioned, george, somebody who repeatedly taunted the president,
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beheading videos. >> and, jon, we heard the president say ben carson doesn't know what he's talking about on the fight against isis. carson also taking fire last night from donald trump. >> reporter: yeah, donald trump is on the war path. this was his most over-the-top attack yet, really a bizarre speech overnight taking on the man who is now the front-runner or challenging him as the front-runner in the polls, dr. ben carson. it's donald trump's most over-the-top attack yet going after ben carson using words carson wrote in his youth. when he said he had a, quote, pathological temper. pathological disease. now, if you're pathological, okay. if you're a child molester, a sick puppy, you're a child molester, there's no cure for that. there's only one cure. we don't want to talk about that
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that's the ultimate cure. there's two. there's death and the other thing. >> reporter: and trump's rant didn't end there. >> i say what the hell have we come to, what have we come to when we have to believe thik kind of stuff and we're going to put somebody in office who considers himself to have pathological disease. read the definition in the dictionary of pathological disease and i'm not saying it. he said it about himself. >> reporter: in the most bizarre part he brought out an imaginary thrive to imitate a scene in his autobiography where as a teenager he said he tried to stab a friend hitting him in the belt buckle. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? >> reporter: carson's spokesman
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carson's standing in the polls saying, quote, mr. trump has resentment when he sees dr. carson rise. and, george, that speech went on for 95 minutes, trump was going after everybody. he called marco rubio a lightweight and went after carly fiorina calling her carly what's her name. really bizarre. >> totally bizarre and, jon, typical candidates if they call iowa voters stupid pay a price. >> it's never been tried before. >> thanks very much. you can see a lot more of my interview with the president on "this week." we turn to a secret service officer who worked at the white house under arrest this morning accused of sending sexually explicit messages and pictures to someone he believed was an underage girl allegedly sending some while he was on duty. abc's pierre thomas is in washington with the latest on that story. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy. authorities say when confronted officer lee robert moore admitted to the sordid online conversations and to sending a
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naked picture of himself to what he thought was a 14-year-old girl and some of these communications which took place over a period of months happened while moore was on duty at the white house. he also allegedly said he sent sexually explicit communication to other underage girls and, amy, it gets worse. moore is accused of trying to arrange a meeting for a sexual encounter with a minor. >> and, pierre, tell us what type of work did moore do for the white house and what's next in his case? >> reporter: moore claimed that he actually worked clearing people into the white house. he's due in court this morning as legal proceedings are now fully under way. this is the latest embarrassing incident for secret service trying to get over a prostitution scandal and allegations of drunk agents and we all remember that fence jumper who got inside the white house. amy. >> all right, pierre thomas, in washington, thank you. >> a lot of challenges for the secret service. we move on to strong winds causing some coastal flooding and, ginger, that wind and cold air is moving toward us today. >> we just started to feel the
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city but look at these pictures, incredible image, waves up to 15 feet on lake michigan. that's grand haven. this is lake erie just blasting its path. you can see the huge waves getting in there. well, now that is because of 50-mile-per-hour winds. we have wind advisories throughout the app layings up to western new york today. they last through tonight or early tomorrow. the gusts will easily be 30 to 40 miles per hour and, george, it gets very cold. i'll show you how cold coming up in the nation's weather. >> we will bundle up. dan harris in with the other top stories. you have more breaking news in this fight against isis. >> another major blow to isis this morning. kurdish fighters with the help of american air support have reportedly taken control of the city of sinjar, disrupting an isis supply route between northern iraq and syria. the defense secretary ash carter has fired his top military adviser. army lieutenant general ron lewis is accused of misconduct. pentagon officials have not confirmed reports of an alleged
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improper relationship. the faa investigating more dangerous laser attacks on aircraft overnight. dozens of planes and helicopters have been targeted this week, new cases have been reported overnight in dallas, los angeles and in phoenix. new fallout from the uprising against alleged racism on college campuses. claremont mckenna college, the head has stepped down and university of missouri named one of the first black graduates of its law school as the interim president. a bit of controversy in the nfl. fans are speaking out against the new bold colored nike uniform, the jets and byes wore them last night. critics say people who were color-blind couldn't tell the difference between solid red and green. the bills, by the way, in red won the game. and finally here, dad of the year. in anticipation of the new "star wars" movie a guy named colby powell who happens to be a contractor built an enormous death star for his kids. it's 23 feet tall, weighs 400 pounds.
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he used a 70-foot crane to hoist it on top of their house in california. here's the kicker. the thing lights up at night. >> oh. >> on behalf of all of the other dads in america, i want to thank this colby guy for making the rest of us look like complete losers. thank you for that. it's a good thing that my son is 11 months ole, doesn't speak english and has no idea what "star wars" is. >> all the neighbors are thanking you for not doing that. >> your son is too young to know you're a loser. >> i have a feeling he suspects it. >> all right, dan, thank you. well, the top nfl player who has had ten concussions about to take the field once again.
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>> back now at 7:17 with the star nfl receiver returns the field. many worried about his health and abc's ryan smith has the story. >> welker makes the catch. >> reporter: a 5'9" dynamo going from undrafted to one of the most dominant pass catchers of his era. >> he runs the route. >> reporter: a prime target for tom brady and peyton manning known for making the big play at a big price. >> he's had i history of concussion concussions. >> reporter: but this morning after nearly a year away from the game, wes welker returning to the nfl despite suffering multiple concussions over his 12 years in the league. >> this is one you watch in my opinion with your eyes closed. i am scared for him. >> reporter: the five-time po bowler signing with the rams
7:18 am
sunday, once suffering three concussions in less than a year from hits like this. >> official is all over it. >> reporter: that's not stopping the 34-year-old from playing the game he loves. >> wide open is welker. june. >> can't say i'm really worried about it. i mean i know a lot of people am. i'll cross that road when i get there. >> repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. >> reporter: the up coming movie highlighting. dr. julian bales played by alec baldwin say players like welker could place themselves at risk. >> i think everyone in his style of play has to be concerned. you really have to weigh the risk benefit of further participation. >> reporter: some imploring welker to hang up his cleats. >> i don't want him to play because of these concussions. this thing is no joke. >> reporter: but the nfl star telling "the st. louis post-dispatch" he's not at all worried hoping to suit up on sunday. the raps telling abc news their
7:19 am
deers medically cleared him. he won't look for contact on the field, he says but not thinking about it either adding you start second-guessing yourself you start getting in trouble. >> we hope he's okay. so much more ahead. new details in that murder mystery. an urgent manhunt for the killer who shot a young pastor's pregnant wife. a community and police searching for answers right now. and caught on camera. a convenience store clerk rescuing the victim of a -- a kidnapper. how he shoe she was in trouble the moment they walked in the door.
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some serious waves hitting around seattle. you know, the series of storms that will come through could drop really heavy rain,
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could go up to 2 feet. we have wind advisories and flood watches. some of the rainfall totals could top a foot plus with this system as we head through the weekend. cindy: good morning, nice to have the sunshine act but that wind out of the southwest will be active all day long and eventually bring in colder air. the wind will be over 20 miles per hour and gusting over 30 miles per hour in the high
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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randy: a new hampshire mom is getting ready to face a judge with charges in the overdose death of her daughter. they say she and two other people made highly addictive drug available to her 17-year-old daughter who was found dead in a rochester motel room. an investigation into how a malden teenager died is getting underway and the 18-year-old from maine' s body washed ashore yesterday and he was last seen on october 17. as we look across the skyline of boston, a beautiful start to the weekend.
7:26 am
cindy: sunshine and 50 degrees in boston and lots of 40' s the suburbs but the winds are getting active out of the southwest. they will be gusting over 30 miles per hour by this afternoon. it will bring in colder air tonight and we will manage about 55-60 degrees today. the wind will make it feel colder today and only in the 40' s tomorrow with the windchill in the 30' s to start the weekend. randy: let' s check the friday morning commute. olessa: it' s busy with the volume and clearing the crash on 24 northbound. the expressway is about 30 braintree to boston. a 20 minute ride on the pike. 93 southbound is not bad. trains and buses are on schedule. randy: thank you, we are back before the top of the hour. you can watch us on our mobile
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welcome back to "gma." that is the brutal terrorist known to the world as jihadi john. the face of isis believed to be killed in a drone strike in syria. one of the most wanted men in the world. we all saw him on those tapes executing three americans calling for war against the united states. also right now, we have so much more, same-sex couple in utah fighting to keep the foster baby they have been raising for the last three months. a judge ruling that the baby should be placed with a heterosexual couple for the child's well-being. the state is also fighting this decision. and then a familiar face could be back on the presidential campaign trail if some republicans have their way. a report this morning saying there's a movement under way to draft mitt romney to run again.
7:28 am
donald trump and ben carson's rise, they are getting behind the 2012 republican nominee. so many twists and turns. >> carson and trump stay on top right now. >> also this morning, if you hadn't heard it's friday the 13th and obviously a lot of people think it's an unlucky day, but, lara, that may not be the case. >> you're exactly right. there are reasons that we have all of these mega millions tickets. turns out friday the 13th may be the best day to play the lottery. we will explain why coming up. >> is this a "pop news" investigation? >> no, no, no, this is "the speed feed." >> are you sharing those? are you? sgl >> she used her top investigator. >> fonzie. >> that is all coming up. we are going to begin with sad news switching gears, that tragedy in indianapolis where a pastor's wife was killed in their home. abc's gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. by all accounts police believe this was a burglary gone wrong and not clear if the gunman took anything from the house but what
7:29 am
they did take, a life. this morning, the mystery growing and a community on edge as police hunt for an unknown gunman who they say shot 28-year-old amanda blackburn in the head, a pregnant mother, wife of a local pastor seen here on youtube speaking at the church. >> as soon as we got married, i moved to south carolina with davey. >> reporter: overnight police telling abc news that they are following several leads and that three hours before that murder, there was another home invasion in that same area. ryan mcconnell is the couple's neighbor and friend. >> amanda was an amazing person. they had such a happy family. >> reporter: early tuesday morning police say pastor davey blackburn went to the gym and into. his wife with a gunshot wound to the head. he called 911. their 1-year-old son right there in the house. amanda died in the hospital. this morning, a $1,000 reward
7:30 am
>> if you break into toburgle, why would you commit a murder? i've seen it done before but typically when you break in, you realize someone's there. most burglars i've prosecuted leave. their goal is not to murder. >> reporter: now as police piece it together a community wants answers. and you might be wondering about that 1-year-old little boy in the house. thankfully he was not hurt. police tell us abc news that no family member is a suspect right now so we should be hearing much more from them later this morning. amy. >> all right, gio, what an incredibly sad story. now to a story which could have had a. different ending if not for a very alert gas station clerk. the quick-thinking hero stopping an alleged kidnapping and abc's t.j. holmes is here with that story. >> sometimes you get that gut feeling something is not right. this guy acted on that instinct but instead of calling police, he actually put himself in front of an alleged armed kidnapper and said, she's not going
7:31 am
anywhere else with you. at first glance you might not realize anything is wrong here. but this is an alleged crime in progress. police say the man in this surveillance video carjacked this woman early wednesday morning claiming to have a weapon. he forced her to withdraw money from atms around town. watch as they pull into this gas station and walk into the convenience store. the suspect gives a friendly wave to the clerk before they go to the atm. unable to withdraw cash they head to the counter where the suspect uses the woman's credit card to buy cigarettes. but watch what happens next. the clerk manveer senses something wrong stops the woman at the door physically putting himself between her and the suspect and tells her not to leave. >> you come behind my back. i help you. no problem. >> reporter: the clerk confronts the suspect who reefs into his jack as if he has a weapon, the suspect then flees in the woman's car. back inside the clerk gives the woman a bottle of water.
7:32 am
hunch. they caught up with the suspect because, guy, he had stolen the woman's phone and turned it on and could track it no problem. again, he didn't ask questions, he didn't say are you okay? is everything all right? he just acted on his hunch. and said don't leave. that's just incredible. courage. >> she's okay, unharmed. thank you, t.j. now to the airline pilot who says he was fired for ordering an emergency evacuation after one of his jet as peered to be smoking. he is suing allegiant air claiming he was punished for costing the airline money and causing bad publicity. david kerley with the story. good morning. >> reporter: already some of allegiant's operations and training programs are under intense focus by the faa after a low fuel landing and also an former pilot is suing the airline. evacuation slides deployed. 141 passengers jumping and
7:33 am
sliding out of this allegiant jetliner, some injured. all this after an emergency landing. >> the flight attendants reported a burning smell. >> reporter: then ground rescue crews say there is smoke coming interest an engine. >> we will be evacuating. >> 864, hold off on your evacuation please. >> who said to hold off? >> yes, please hold off on your evacuation. >> yes, who is this? >> reporter: the captain of the jetliner -- >> we need an answer, please. why do you want us to hold on the evacuation? >> reporter: said he couldn't get answers so he ordered the evacuation. you were fired. >> indeed, yeah. >> reporter: this morning kinser is suing. allegiant said the evacuation was unwarranted and said part of kinser's job is, quote, striving to preserve the company's assets, a chilling statement the captain says from an airline facing scrutiny from regulators. you're suing them, why? >> it's important to me that we set a tone that safety should
7:34 am
always be a pilot's decision just because it may cost an airline a little bit of media exposure tore a few buck, that's not my job. >> reporter: allegiant tells abc news, it is not able to comment on specific employees adding that it has a culture that values the safety of our passengers and crew above all else. would you make the same call today? >> i will always look out for your safety. >> reporter: k inzer wonders if he'll ever get that opportunity again. faa regulations are very specific and say the captain is directly responsible for and is the final authority as to the operation of that aircraft. that's a statement this former george and amy. >> boy, you would think his number one concern has to be safety. the passengers -- >> one would hope as a passenger foremost policy. >> let's see how it plays out. thank you for that. big alert about online dating. new safety concerns this morning in a major city.
7:35 am
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essage test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plailions of americans who use online dating sites. authorities are warning thieves may be using them to lure victims. abc's linzie janis is here with that story an how you can protect yourself. good morning. >> good morning, amy. an estimated 40% of all single people in the u.s. have tried online dating but a recent spate of crimesing itting daters in one major city is proving just how dangerous meeting someone online can be. this morning, an urgent warning to online daters about a dangerous new way criminals are preying on those looking for love. using fake profiles, getting women to agree to meet them for a dinner date at home, then when the women arrive at the address, robbing them at gunpoint. it's happened six times in
7:40 am
recent weeks in boston alone. now police there and even the massachusetts attorney general telling daters, don't agree to meet anyone at their residence. it's a criminal spin on catfishing, luring someone with a fake online profile and it's happening around the country. >> i was basically prey for him. >> reporter: rebecca met a man online and when she went on a date he attacked her. >> he became sexually aggressive and -- >> reporter: it was only after they met she found out he was a convicted sex offender. safety and self-defense expert jarrett arthur says we're becoming so used to meeting people online we're forgetting to follow basic precautions when it comes to meeting them in person. one thing she recommends doing, a reverse image search of their profile photo. so this shows you right away that this person might not be when who they say they are. if the photo is attached to any
7:41 am
they may have given you a fake name. >> chances are somebody is using somebody else's profile. >> reporter: so before going on that first date our experts says always speak on the phone and always tell a friend or family member where you're going to be going. going back to that reverse image search, if you're on an ipad, a tablet or phone, you can download reverse c. it's an app that costs 1.99 then upload the person's profile picture into the app. here i have one of my purchases then i'll search that picture and see what other types it's been used online. see if it matches the name. her twitter account, taylor, same picture so i feel safe. >> could have been a dicey moment for our colleague. >> she's actually a real person. >> she's engaged. not too many online profiles. place. place. meet there. don't ever let anybody pick you up and take you there. >> that took about ten seconds if easy to do. >> and something very important.
7:42 am
still ahead here on "gma," explosive new details about gwen and gavin's split. was the nanny at the center of earth all? photos. was she trying to look like the rock star? lara, you say we don't have to worry about friday the 13th. >> nah, pshaw. do not be superstitious. it could be the best day of your life. these tickets belong to our crews. boys, i'm feeling lucky for you. the story coming up in our "speed feed."
7:43 am
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7:45 am
sage cc1 test mes okay, it is "the speed feed" time. we're going to figure out why friday the 13th coo actually be >> yeah. >> take it away, lara. >> i love that. let's turn everything on its ear. many have a fear of this day, friday the 13th. it has a name. par parareceive -- paraskevidekatriaphobia. mega millions is up to a whopping $200 million which is why we have all of these. friday the 13th has been a banner day for lottery winners,
7:46 am
200, the great lakes state has scored three winners on friday the 13th taking in a total of $150 million. lightning could strike for a fourth time tonight, the drawing at 11 p.m. eastern. i know we're not in manager package but i did buy these for the crew. so, boys, here we go. here we go. pass them out. pass them out. i got nothing for you guys but love. >> we're together. we share. if we all win -- >> one for all. >> one for all. >> are you superstition about anything? >> not about the lottery, no. break.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
more important than just food. back here on "gma" up to ten inches of snow this morning in northern wisconsin. not in sheryl's front yard in ashland but plenty coming with the cold air and then it's going to warm up. they're stopping in the mid-30s today but goes to 60 by the time
7:51 am
7:52 am
announcer: live from wcvb channel 5, this is the new center eyeopener five update. randy: we have a nice start to the weekend. cindy: nice to see the sunshine again after a gloomy past couple of days. it is 50 in boston and some 40' s in the suburbs. the winds will be increasing and sustained over 20 miles per hour throughout the day. even though we will have the mid and upper 50' s this afternoon, the wind makes it feel closer. a colder day tomorrow with wind chills in the 30' s all day long
7:53 am
and the winds died down sunday. randy: let' s check the morning commute. olessa: it does not look too bad with a few delays the south of town with an accident finally cleared on 24 approaching 128. there is a crash on the expressway south. the pike eastbound is about 15 minutes and 95 south has volume. randy: governor charlie baker' s as he believes games like draft kings and fan dual our legal and massachusetts. the websites have come under increasing fire most recently from the new york attorney general and baker says the boston-based company should not be blocked here. a former new hampshire police officer is spending the next three weeks in jail for slamming a suspect against the wall six years ago. a jury failed to reach a verdict in the case and richardson pleaded guilty to simple assault. where coming up in the next hour and you can watch us anytime on
7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and we have startling new numbers on autism. the new report revealing that 1 in 45 u.s. children may have autism. what's behind the surprising increase? never been in love before explosive new details emerging about gwen and gavin's breakup. was the nanny at the center of it all? new bombshell photos revealing a bizarre twist. was the woman watching their children trying to look like the rock superstar? and "gma" undercover and it's our biggest and best one yet. six olympic figure skaters in deep disguise. wait till you see what happens when they hit the ice and stun the crowd. only on "gma."
7:55 am
shut up and dance with me "gma" body proud. big fears from so many women over buying a swimsuit. >> i never even consider buying a bikini. >> revealing major insecurity ies about their own body, ashley graham helps one woman take the plunge. >> are you ready to go shopping for a bikini? >> yes, let's do it. >> as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] that's not all, mark cuban, ashley graham right there and mark cuban is back because we have a big edition of "shark tank" and entrepreneurs trying to win him over. they don't care about the cold at all. >> get some coats on. it's cold out here. we are celebrating "gma's" 40th birthday and ginger is sharing some of her favorite stories and the amazing places she's taken all of us to see like this cave in vietnam, plus, ginger, we have a big surprise guest for you and you actually
7:56 am
>> i have no idea. i have some guesses. could it be alex trebek. now. >> it's somebody else that you also look up to a great deal. i'll say that. that is coming up. of course, all leading up to our huge family reunion next thursday. all kinds of familiar faces for our big 40th celebration and big marathon broadcast, "40 for 40," that kicks off tuesday at 5:00 p.m., 40 straight hours of live many stream. >> everybody drink their coffee. first let's go inside to "gma" weekend anchor dan harris with the morning rundown. one of the most wanted men in the world is believed dead killed in an american drone strike in syria. one u.s. official is calling it a direct hit on the british citizen and isis militant known as jihadi john. he's been the public face of isis appearing in disguise on video executing american, british and japanese hostages.
7:57 am
unleashing new attacks on his closest competitor in iowa mocking ben carson's story of how he tried to stab a friend when he was a teenager. trump claiming a belt buckle could not stop a knife. trump also compared carson's, quote, pathological temper to a child molester who can't be cured. the carson campaign is dismissing this rant saying trump simply resents carson's rise in the polls. police in houston say another child has been shot in a road rage incident. in this case a 3wu8 let passing through the car wounded a 10-year-old boy. just last month a 4-year-old girl in albuquerque, new mexico, was shot and killed in another road rage incident. one of the stars of the tv drama "ncis" says she was attacked on the street in los angeles. she was punched by a homeless man threatening to kill her. she tweeted a description of what happened calling the man psychotic and saying she's grateful to be alive. child welfare offs now say they will fight a judge's ruling ordering a same-sex couple to
7:58 am
give up their foster child. abc's kayna whitworth has details. >> reporter: this morning, a same-sex married couple is fighting to keep their family together. >> i was really angry. >> reporter: judge scott johansson ruling tuesday that the little girl, april hoagland and beckie peirce have been raising for the last three months be removed from their utah home by early next week saying the child would be better served in the home of a heterosexual couple. >> she's doing so well. it's not good to keep moving a child when they're thriving. >> reporter: the couple says the judge told them research shows children raised about same-sex parent households don't do as well as children raised by heterosexual couples. >> this is about the child and we just want what's best for her. >> reporter: overnight the state's department of child and family services pushing back on carrying out the judge's order, filing a motion asking him to reconsider. >> leave your personal opinions at home. we have law, we have rules and we need to abide by those. >> reporter: this morning an
7:59 am
outpouring of rage and support for the women. the governor of utah saying he's puzzled by the ruling. >> we don't want to have activism on the bench in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> also this morning, a new study suggests an increase in the number of children with autism. a government survey estimates 1 out of every 45 american children is autistic. researchers caution this reported increase is likely due to how the survey was conducted but they also say this could be the most accurate estimate yet. and finally a sign of the times in silicon valley. one of google's driverless cars got putted over by the cops. not for speeding but for driving too slow going 24 in a 35-mile-an-hour zone. the car got a stern warning, no ticket was handed out to either the car or the human being that is mandated to be in the car at all times. back to you guys. >> what a relief. no way. >> thank you, dan. hey, here's what's coming up
8:00 am
there is a bombshell twist in gwen stefani's split. did the nanny play a part? now there are new look-alike photos of her and the rock star. look. finding the right clothes for any size. ashley graham back to explain. "gma" going undercover. six olympic figures in disguise on the ice, epic surprise on the ice. "shark tank's" mark cuban, get over here. hi, mark. george. coming up on "gma," don't go we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover of your in-network annual checkup.
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8:03 am
we're talking about swimsuits and you decided not to wear a jacket. >> aim a little crazy this morning. >> we've got big fears when it comes to plunging into buy a swimsuit but ashley graham is helping one woman buy her first bikini and confront a lifetime of disliking her body. it's a beautiful story. it's coming up. and off you go, and off you go, and off you go, for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats...
8:04 am
hey marc. how you feeling? t ask. like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i' m going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. s pretty close to my eye. i don' t know how you do it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today
8:05 am
you might need this. movie. >> getting so close, there it is, that brand-new footage from "star wars" right there. debuted on abc last night, tgit. building. you can feel it. >> you can feel it. >> biggest "star wars" fan ever. every time you see han solo -- >> makes me want to pull out the lightsaber i had since i was 7 and beat my brother. >> it's right behind the desk.
8:06 am
>> come on. be honest. morning. >> i didn't get a lot of sleep last night, sorry. we're going to move on now to that high-profile divorce. gwen stefani/gavin rossdale learning new details about their breakup and nick watt is in los angeles with all that. >> reporter: the husband and the nanny having an affair, it is a tale as old as the hills and, according to a new report in "us weekly" that is what happened in the gwen stefani/gavin rossdale split and there is reportedly also a rather bizarre twist. just before that emotional performance at the grammys -- i want you >> reporter: a bombshell. "us weekly" reports that george w. bush found out her rocker husband of 13 year, father of her three kid, gavin rossdale was sleeping with the nanny. >> as far as gwen could piece together the affair went on a little over three years, during the entire conception, pregnancy
8:07 am
>> reporter: "us weekly's" story hits newsstands today. >> gwen viewed the swaying as not only a vow breaker but the last straw. >> reporter: representatives for both rossdale and stefani declined to comment. rossdale on his way to play tennis in l.a. saying nothing. so who is the nanny? >> mindy mane is australian and 2008. she was a weekend fill-in nanny and then over time she grew to grab the trust of the family. >> reporter: in 2012 this photo surfaced, that's not stefani with rossdale's hand on her back. that's the nanny. here's where it gets stranger. that's gwen stefani and that's the nanny. similar hair, similar glasses, similar outfits. >> she started looking like her, dressing like her, having an affair with her husband at the same time. >> reporter: stephan economy is now, of course, loved up with blake shelton and making music. i used to love you oh oh oh oh
8:08 am
>> reporter: "i used to love you." that we're told is about rossdale. and how did stefani find out about the affair allegedly going on under her own roofy according to "us weekly" rossdale's phone was hooked up to one of their kids' ipads so raunchy texts between rossdale and the nanny were popping up on that ipad for all to see. >> wow. wow, wow. >> new definition of family chat. >> glad to see her doing so well, though. that's the ultimate for her. >> sorry for her kids. >> sad to hear it all. all right, we move on now to our series "gma" proud and asked to you send pictures of what body proud means to you. while many sent photos beaming with confidence, surveys show that almost half of all women hate shopping because they frustrating to find clothes that flatter their bodies. it is a problem ashley graham helped one aspiring modelover
8:09 am
28-year-old mandy hole as never loved her body. >> i would not show anything that shows my airports and i haven't had shorts on for like ten years. >> reporter: shopping for a bathing suit is the absolutely worse. >> i never considered buying a bikini. i could never find one in my size and that i felt like i would be comfortable in. >> reporter: for her it's always been her weight holding her back. >> did you notice when you started gaining weight? >> right before puberty. like seventh, eighth grade. >> reporter: when she started cancer. weight gain that mandy has little control over and she says depression. >> i was just sad. i was really beaten down and people would not take me seriously. did not feel i could do the things i wanted to do on a daily basis going out in public. >> have you come out of the depression from when you were a young girl to now? >> definitely in the last few years with the body positive movement i feel like i've
8:10 am
changed a lot. >> reporter: now the aspiring model is ready to take a giant leap forward by buying her first two-piece bathing suit ever. >> okay, are you ready to go shopping for a bikini? >> yes. >> let's do it. >> reporter: with ashley by her side she takes the plunge at swimsuits tore all in new york city. >> halters. i like -- >> reporter: for mandy's moment of truth. >> come on out. you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> reporter: finally proving to herself that she's beautiful at any size. >> how do you feel? >> i feel really good. it feels like so freeing just like i thought it would, it feels awesome. >> will you need a cover-up anymore? >> no, no, i'll be on the beach like. >> yes. >> proud of you and thank you so much for coming on here. i want to give you a hug too. you look beautiful. >> and back with us is ashley graham. tell us the change that you saw in mandy when she walked out in
8:11 am
that bikini? >> it was remarkable. i mean this young woman has been bullied. she has hated her body for so long and this is proof she actually loves herself. this is another way of her telling the naysayers she's too ugly or fat that she's proud of who she is. i was so ecstatic to see her. >> you whispered to me when watching the piece you know how hard that is to do? and so the pride you see in her and her own body is remarkable. >> it really was. she came out, didn't care what size she was. she didn't care about the roll, the cellulite. she looked at herself in the mirror and said i'm a beautiful woman. >> this is something that you preach. you look in the mirror. >> yes. >> you tell your flaws that you love them and you want to show -- >> my flaws. i'm going to show you. >> right, right. >> okay. you are bold, you are brilliant and you are beautiful. there is no other woman like you. you are capable. thick thighs, you are just so sexy.
8:12 am
other and back fat, i see you wanting to pop over mie bra but that's all right. i'm going to choose to love you today and cellulite, i have not forgotten about you. you may want to take over my whole bottom half but i'll choose to love you today. ashley, i love you. >> wloo! >> so, wait, how often do you actually do that? >> you know, in the beginning when i really hated my body i had to do it every single day and now i have my mantra. every morning i just look at myself when i'm getting ready, you are body, you are brilliant, you are beautiful because in the beginning i had to fake it. i really did but now i'm so confident, it doesn't matter if there is back fat hanging out cellulite. i don't care. >> i can tell. you embrace it. this is you. all of you. >> yes. >> ashley, such an awesome message. a fantastic job. >> thank you thank you for i really appreciate it. >> all of you, all of your sexy self. george, where did you go? >> i'm over here with mark cuban, time for our new series.
8:13 am
we're talking a lot of politics. we'll get to that later. two entrepreneurs really trying to test out their ideas on you. first i want to hear about the new season of "shark tank." you found real talent. >> yeah, it's crazy. last week i swooped in and grabbed a deal from the other sharks from dude wipes, right? you know, men's health is just exploding and these are three guys that have taken a product, disposable wipes so it's a great fit for men. everywhere. they'll crush it. >> what is the best piece of advice you have for them? >> be good. >> okay. well, let's bring them out. three people vying for a chance to pitch their ideas to mark. entering shark stadium, amy. >> what's up. >> creator of cuffs, unique way to transform anypants. owner of cool it and creator of the cactus scratcher. two will have a chance to pitch. you have to do that by winning the time trial and writing down how long you think it's going to take to pitch mark.
8:14 am
you guys ready? how much time do you need to sell a shark? >> name that pitch. i like that. i like that music. >> okay. they got it down. let's see. how much time do you need? amy. >> i need seven seconds to sell. >> seven seconds. >> wow. >> matt. >> george, i could sell a shark in 9 seconds. >> 9 seconds. >> knock 'em down. >> mark, i can sell a shark in 8 seconds. >> whoa. >> matt, sorry. you have a second chance in a couple of weeks to try again. 9 seconds. i guess not. okay. now it's time for amy and katie. >> talent. >> this will take talent. you are not the olsen twins but you're both olsen. amy, time for your pitch. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> you said you needed seven seconds. let us set the clock. ready, set, sell that shark. >> cuffs are a sleek and tilish fabric cuff designed to accessorize your boot, jeans and leggings. elevate your style instantly with the cuffs.
8:15 am
>> you got it. >> got it. i'm back. >> katie, are you readiy. >> i am ready. you said you needed eight seconds seconds. put eight seconds on clob. >> the cactus scratcher two-handed back scratcher with two levels of spikes, one intense, one mile, easy to satisfy any itch. >> look, she beat the clock. >> look, both you guys get credit because you have your point across in so quick a time. >> what do you think? >> you know, the back scratcher is okay but i know i would lose that, that makes it more difficult so i have to go with amy because i think you got a shot there because it's interesting, it can be multipurpose. might be able to make money, amy, you win. >> thank you. >> nations, amy. you get the trophy. there it is. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> "shark tank" is on tonight here at 9:00 eastern right here on abc. now to ginger. >> that was amazing. >> all right.
8:16 am
i'm right behind you guys, congrats. way to go. let assay good morning back here. hello, everybody. how are y'all? so nice to see you guys. how about we start in key west, florida, where there is a waterspout and not only do we see these immanages but great video too. you know it's been hot there but it's cold this morning from oklahoma through arkansas. frost advisories, freeze warnings, it's going to stay cold for the start of the weekend but, boy, things start to warm back up. the cool air settles in. anybody sticking around for the weekend? chilly morning tomorrow in new york city. cindy: good morning, we' ve got chilly air for the weekend. 52 degrees in town with winds picking up out of the southwest near 20 miles per hour and will gust over 30 miles per hour through the afternoon. even though temperatures will be
8:17 am
>> ah, crowd full of love out here, lara. >> thank you so much, ginger. now we'll begin "pop news" -- by pressure on me. yes, "pop news" is good today. that's my game. >> you did. you did. so i begin with a story about an italian company testing out a groundbreaking new strategy in order to reduce stress at work. i like that idea, right. so they're deciding arrivederci, e-mails. that's right. no more e-mailing. the company is in a trial period of carrying out of their day-to-day tasks the old-fashioned way. >> they call you all day long. >> it has not been easy, people are now actually circling back to ancient traditions like talking to one another, picking up the telephone and even picking up pens and writing handwritten notes. >> what? >> what are those, my son says. many studies show a full in-box can lead to higher blood
8:18 am
pressure and this tactic has proven to lower people's stress levels significantly so how did the company send word out to employees that they were going e-mail-free? with an e-mail. >> i just want to say how realistic that is. >> they'll be so stressed out when they get back to the e-mail and their in-box is full. >> so negative. >> why so negative today? why so negative? >> he said i didn't get enough sleep. >> you all right? >> he had a big day yesterday. >> he did. >> one of us interviewed the president. >> one of us is doing "pop news" and one of us interviewed the president. trump that. all right, also in "pop news" this morning, everyone, you know, has a dream and for question niech chee ito from japan, to be the fastest man on all fours. this week that dream came true on guinness world record day, ito ran 100 meters on all fours in 15 seconds. >> that's like "the walking dead" run. >> incredible.
8:19 am
move to help him achieve his success. he says he never misses a training opportunity. he even mops floors on all fours while working his day job in building maintenance. congratulations on achieving your dream. everybody as a dream. he got his. finally, they say golf is a gentleman's sport but that doesn't mean that everyone is gentle when it comes time to play. just ask this grumpy kangaroo who apparently has no patience for the golfers on his turf. look closely. [ laughter ] >> he's fast. >> he's fast and he is not pleased. >> is that guy screaming? >> they are screaming for their lives. >> who would win in a race, the kangaroo or the japanese guy who runs -- >> that is a very, very good question. thank you to the web and thank you to my producer, william, for finding that video on this friday, i hope you have a very relaxing weekend, george.
8:20 am
>> thank you, lara. i expect to. coming up, "gma" is going to go undercover. six olympic figure skaters, we'll find out what happens when they hit the ice and there's a huge surprise. then we are celebrating our 40th and ginger sharing some of the amazing places she's gotten to take viewers and we have a
8:21 am
t[ duck quacking and wind whistling ] [ copier whirring ] [ beeps ] [ classical music plays ] hmm. the new turbodown jacket: t tested tough in
8:22 am
don't stop the party >> remember that concert. pitbull up on stage in central park. talk about high energy. always. next thursday he is back getting the party started for our big 40th "gma" family reunion. >> that's right. also helping us kick off our marathon "40 for 40" celebration starting next tuesday at 5 p.m. we are broadcasting for 40 hours straight. [ cheers and applause ] >> propping yourself up there. >> i'm all in. >> dance. >> something is coming up tonight. boo? "20/20," as well, an incredible story.
8:23 am
u.s. army vet review nighted with the twins he to leave behind in korea more than 40 years ago. there's the moment right there. the story, incredible. you'll see it tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. >> so fantastic. right now we are doing a "gma" undercover. all week long we've been showing you celebrities have been surprising their fans in very unexpected places and ways. this morning we have an olympic-size surprise for you. kristi yamaguchi, brian boitano. todd eldredge, kimmie meissner and john and sinead kerr, all superstar olympians turned undercover "gma" agents. >> i think i probably look good. >> hey. >> mission, don a disguise, join a group lesson and convince a rink full of skaters this is their first time ever on the ice.
8:24 am
>> you guys just have to make it into the blue coned area. come into the blue circle. you guys want to be in the middle. >> which direction would you like to spin? >> reporter: the venue bank of america's winter village at bryant park. >> one gentleman asked is that his first time on the ice. she said, i think it is. >> good job. wow. beautiful. >> got to hold back when you're trying to do some things. definitely a challenge. >> i had no problem with it at all. just comes natural. >> the thing about if you're on behind you. there you go. >> almost like hard to pretend you can skate because it was almost like tougher on your muscles, right? >> everybody, please clear the ice, it's time to clean and resurface the ice. thank you. >> come on, guys.
8:25 am
[ applause ] >> whoo! >> wow. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome kristi yamaguchi, brian boitano, todd eldridge, john and sinead kerr and kimmie meissner. >> you guys rock. >> such great sports. i love seeing that.
8:26 am
you can see more of our latest "gma" undercover agents in the first special of the colgate skating tribute on abc this sunday at 3 p.m. eastern, 2:00 central. heading over to you. >> don't judge a book by its cover. thank you, guys. another incredible surprise this morning, part of macy's annual believe campaign, they are helping bring joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions donating $1 up to $1 million to make a wish for every stamped letter to santa claus that you drop off at a special believe box at any local macy's store or submit one online. we want to introduce you to a brave girl who got to meet her idol thanks to make a wish. meet 9-year-old denay kirkland. they've been in the fight of their lives. >> season's so much older than her years. i feel like she's already in her late 20s because she's experienced so much pain. >> reporter: she has
8:27 am
philadelphia syndrome. a rare form of leukemia. . of the past 18 months have been spent in and out of hospitals. >> one time i had to be in there for a whole year. and i never got to get out so that's been hard. >> reporter: but giving her strength through it all, music. specifically ariana grande's music. >> i always wanted to listen to ariana grande because it helped me calm down and not worry as. . >> oh! >> reporter: we were there the day she found out her dream had been granted by make a wish to meet arianna. >> you will be flying to new york city to meet ariana grande. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and we were there just a few days later when she arrived in new york city via stretch limo at macy's herald square. first came the makeover. a whole new fashion forward outfit. bang bang
8:28 am
front row access to see arianna sing those songs she loves so much. take you there >> reporter: finally a private meeting with arianna. >> hi. you look so cute. >> reporter: for ariana meeting denay was touching. >> you are so strong and beautiful and so cute. >> thank you. >> reporter: for denay it was everything she hoped for proof positive for this 9-year-old that dreams really do come true. >> we are rooting for you, denay. congratulations. you can help grant a wonderful wish like that one just drop a letter at your local macy's or submit one online. go to our website to find out more. love those stories. >> so touching this morning. so thank you to all of them. let's go ahead and start with the weather forecast and get to that. we want to say good morning to our big and wonderful crowd out here and how about we look at lake michigan. kiteboarding and surfing yesterday. the waves that big you could do it. we wanted to fly from west to
8:29 am
and >> i knew you could dance but i didn't know you sang so beautiful. >> too talented. serenading ginger. it's a very exciting day for the singers of one direction and their fans, the band releasing its brand-new album this morning, it's called "made in the a.m." and we caught up with them in ireland to get a look at what life is really like on the road. nobody can drag me down >> reporter: it has been a whirlwind year for one direction. playing sold out stadiums of screaming fans in america, asia and europe. today their fifth album "made in
8:30 am
the a.m." is out and we caught up with the band in ireland. >> we set out very much with the intention to make the best album that we've made so far and we're very happy and very proud of the fact that we think that we've done that. >> reporter: with megahits like "drag me down nobody can drag me down nobody nobody >> reporter: and their newest single "perfect." baby i'm perfect i'm perfect for you >> reporter: the music video takes place in a hotel. so we wondered what are their hotel experiences really like. >> most of the time, yeah, we're just going and get room service, chat together, watch some films, just stuff like that really. >> reporter: one thing they love. >> we do a lot of fifa. >> spending time with them for our 40th. we're also celebrating our 40th with some of ginger's favorite
8:31 am
has taken all of us to and a big surprise guest for her. she has no idea who's coming
8:32 am
cc1 test message test text1 underline because i'm happy we are happy about our 40th birthday celebration. ginger, your turn to share your favorite "gma" memories. >> it's been such a privilege to be part of this family. for the past four years and i've had amazing experiences to be
8:33 am
share stories with our viewers and about some of our viewers too. >> the "gma" weather team just grew by one. a very special one, ginger zee, welcome. >> thank you so much. >> my first day at "gma" was all nerves. >> everybody, welcome ginger, please. she starts -- is this that's something the storm prediction center puts out. >> imagine the power of flattened trees. >> "gma" has created life memories i will never forget and my bucket list is getting short. i had no idea what i was getting my life into. oh. >> good morning, america. >> this place is so surreal, you guys. oh, my gosh, you can see it. we've made it one story of 27 yet to go. this is kind of the craziest thing i've done yet. >> what was pretty significant about coming to "gma" was my storm chasing background. had a funnel just moments ago. >> imagine, though, a four to even eight-foot wall of water.
8:34 am
>> down here, it's wild. >> if you're not a meteorologist in the field watching a storm, feeling a storm, knowing what it tastes like even, then you're not understanding the atmosphere and then el nino happened. >> it's been such a heavy weekend for everyone in oklahoma? and it was the first time i've had someone close to me pass away in a story. i remember that morning one of the producers started calling me and said, ginger, tim died in the tornado and i said, that's not possible. it's actually not possible at all. he's the mo essex experienced, he's the best scientist out there. i think it really hit me not only as the science that i do and what tim did every day, important we think in some ways that we're slightly invincible and to watch someone you know become part of that story and then to have to cover it i'll never forget that whole day so that one sticks out to me in a very poignant way where i thought we are all part of this together.
8:35 am
tell. environmental stories don't usually get picked up. the population of vultures in nepal was declining. i found this group that did parahawking to give attention to the vulture population. deadliest catch, definitely feel psych seasickness. >> i have never thrown up so much in my life for one thing. >> i'll be fine. >> you got to see it and feel it and know why these people are putting their life at risk for crap. forget. what is the scariest one? the sharks. i feel like i'm in a movie. >> bring them on. i loved it. them. the scariest for me was nascar. fast on the ground is no good. to become someone who can kind of make history in a way or be a part of a team that does that, it feels surreal. >> live from 10,000 feet. >> skydiving live was memorable. nobody knew if we were going to
8:36 am
the anchors were more concerned for me. >> oh, my gosh, ginger, be careful. >> the skydiving one was memorable in the history way. just look at this. it is unlievable. >> i went to vietnam, being in that cave was one of the most difficult things i've ever done. but at the end of it you look back and you go, wow. i climbed this. i'm part of history. i'm one of only a couple hundred people that have been able to be in there and able to bring the world in to this global phenomena live. i think the one event i'll tell my kids and my grandkis is about iceland. >> right behind me is the biggest lava flow in more than 200 years and we are going to take you inside. >> i remember flying into that volcano overit with a helicopter and then flying a drone inside and flying over this crater. the response that i got about how even life changing it was for them watching, that one is going to stick with me forever. america." i've never been in a place that
8:37 am
believes in you as much as they do here. i am honored to be part of the on air people. these people have so much experience and to become part of a team like that and help round out what i think is a nice family, that feels good. it feels good to be a part of every morning of the you may never sleep for a couple of years. you may never but the opportunities that come to you are second to none. >> a lot of screaming in that. >> yeah. >> you make it look -- you have the hardest job here. it's not even close. >> you should get out more, ginger. >> again, one of us interviewed the president. >> not jumping out of a plane. you have no idea who the special guest is. >> i don't. it could be anyone from "beverly hills 90210." alex trebek. but do you hear that? >> i do hear it. >> your special guest is coming. do not turn around just yet. >> oh, my god. oh, my gosh.
8:38 am
>> how are you doing? >> i am like this -- i can't believe this is happening. congratulations, by the way. >> thank you so much. >> he just got married. >> thank you. >> how are you doing? >> i was a huge fan of yours on "idol." i watched the whole season, dan, you remember. >> i do remember talking about you early and often. >> early and often. your music has been so instrumental even in my relationship with my husband. the first gift he heifer got me was the sheet music and we have it framed in our home. >> oh. >> yeah. >> thanks for making me a part of it. >> you're shaking. you're making me -- >> i'm shaking. i told him, we have a lot of people come on and i -- >> you always wanted -- >> i think i talked to one time through the camera. >> because i was doing the anniversary -- >> i was like, you have to say hi to ginger. >> oh, my goodness. >> yep. that's the picture. he took a picture. phillip, i'm -- >> now you can get a real
8:39 am
picture and take that and frame that. >> along with the sheet music. >> yeah. >> put that in your bedroom. >> in the nursery. >> maybe we have a name for the kid. >> nah. my name is weird. no. don't want to use my name. it's memorable but it's weird. >> phillip phillips zee. >> yeah, that's -- something there. >> you are a great sport. thank you. >> thank you for being here. got to be a little weird for you. >> it's okay. i'm just happy to be here. >> no alec trebek. thrilled. >> thanks that y'all. >> i don't have a type.
8:40 am
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test text1 italics test text1 plain it's a magical drama filled world where fairy tales legends collide with modern life and abc's rachel smith went to the set of "once upon a time." >> action. >> looking all over the castle for you. >> reporter: once upon a time of cast of fairy tale characters traveled from story brook, maine, to a land far, far away. >> camelot, of course. >> reporter: didn't get the daytime camelot. >> i didn't. i wish someone would have sent me the memo. you look gorgeous. >> this is just how we come to work. >> reporter: while i may have missed the wardrobe draeb memo the cast brought me quickly up to speed. >> about trying to get emma back to the light and we'll do the best we can to do that. >> i'm the dark one. >> it's very rare you go into season five with an opportunity to sort of build a character from scratch. >> reporter: regina is, as well.
8:43 am
>> i felt like for the first three years i was this dark villain and then she found the light thanks to this group. >> reporter: going over here to you two loveburs. art and life seem to be imitating one another. baby neal in the show, got baby oliver in real life. >> baby neal will have attachment issues. >> the differences about baby neal and oliver is we can give baby neal back at the end of the night and we have oliver so there's a lot more work. >> oliver is like a toddler. >> he's a little dude. he's like almost as big as jared. >> reporter: after visits from pan, elsa and this season, who could be storybrooke's next visitor. >> "star wars." >> "star wars" would be incredible. >> just saying. >> i always thought indiana jones would be fun. >> that would be epic. >> buzz lightyear walks in. >> that's a good one. >> to infinity and beyond. >> reporter: so we took the cast's suggestion straight to the creator and writers. >> you know, "star wars" is ow
8:44 am
personal favorite fairy tale but i'm not sure again the millennium falcon will be what our fans want. >> i don't know what we would put at the kraft service table for a wookie. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, storybrooke. >> you never know. tune in for a special two-hour "once upon a time" event this sunday at 8:00 eastern, right here on abc and we will be right back. i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be
8:45 am
to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i
8:46 am
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8:47 am
test text1 under >> a gigantic thank you to phillip phillips and you're in new york writing new music. >> working on new tunes. really excited. it's been fun to experiment a little bit. i've been pushing some boundaries with my voice and musically and it's going to be really fun. >> you know i'm going to love it. >> thank you. >> no distractions in new york at all. great place to write. >> even if you start doing love it. >> might be some in there. might be some in there just for her. >> have a great weekend, everyone.
8:48 am
is the new center five eyeopener update. emily: good morning and we are looking live over boston. gorgeous blue skies. cindy: it' s already windy out there and 54 degrees in town. worcester is still in the upper 40' s that the wins are gusting over 40 miles per -- over 20 miles per hour. we will climb into the upper 50' s today but that gusty wind will make it feel a little colder. we don' t get out of the 40' s stay in the 30' s all day long. emily: a slow commute? olessa: we are watching some delays with an accident on 95 north. eastbound on the pike is about 15 minutes and then heavy to the tolls and watching a creche southbound expressway. the northbound side is 25-30 minutes. emily: governor baker says he and sandal are legal in massachusetts.
8:49 am
the websites have come under york attorney general. he says the boston-based company should not be locked here. former new hampshire police spending the next three weeks in against the wall six years ago. last make him a jury failed to reach a verdict in the case and assault. if you can, join us for or if not,
8:50 am
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