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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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j.c.: breaking right now: the death toll surging from a night of terror in paris. phil: the raid and bloodbath inside a concert hall. j.c.: breaking details on the killers in the citywide assault. >> i heard ak-47's going off and then screaming. phil: bay state natives locked down there right now. mary: the security boost happening here in boston. reid: what experts see tonight, that has them so concerned. j.c.: and the outpouring from boston and around the world. j.c.: the breaking news from paris tonight is shocking and grim. at least 120 people dead in a wave of terror attacks. phil: the killers responsible are also dead. france mobilizing its military, closing its borders, a state of emergency declared. >> let's take you live to paris
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where it is now just after 5:00 saturday morning. an intense, international investigation now under way. live, team coverage begins with our john at the breaking news desk. john? john. they were wearing mask and black clothing and said nothing as they murdered dozens. the affair, ruthless, sophisticated, well coordinated. almost simultaneously attack soft targets in the french capital, throwing the city into chaos. visine two tour terrorists from my point of view with ak 7's entering the conference room and firing randomly to the crowd. be john. that man sr. vive hed attack at pacted conwhat a death band was playing. more are than 100 killed as the gunman hold them hostage t. the gunman blew themselves up with
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explosives as the police moved in. >> the terrorists were very calm. they reloaded three are or four times their weapons. john. he was steps away in the apartment as machine guns echoed intoing the streets. i hard the ak-47's go off then the screaming, then immediately afterward, the second become over at the soccer stadium. john: gunman stormed restaurantance triggered the deadly explosions outside of this national stadium during a a soccer match. president who was in the stands with thousands of fans was ushered to safety. in all, gunman targeted six different sites, after hours of horror in the city, police still hunting for people who may be connected to the attacks. right now, no group is claiming responsibility, but jihaddist have praised the rampage lark out at french m il tary action against islamic state extremist. liven the newsroom, john
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atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: outside the french consulate in boston, flowers are a show of respect and solidarity. the paris tragedy felt profoundly here. j.c.: cities around the world, keenly aware of the ever-present threat of terrorism. our reid lamberty continues our breaking news coverage, live in boston. reid: perhaps even more alarming than the catastrophic resulted of a well-planned terrorist attack. >> were able to avoid detection by counterterrorism before they carried it out. reid. a a multi-pronged attack that run into thera dar and concerning given the fact that france has been on high alert somebodies dead thisly attack earlier this year that targeted newspaper. security has been heightened for upcoming sum nate president obama caseded to tape. >> despite that, these individuals were able to get through that system and carry out these attacks against soft targets. >> targets that included a restaurant, concert venue and
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soccer stadium, consider it difficult to protect despite counterterrorism efforts. >> dr. marcus says experts will look connect the dots to other cent terror hp-related incidents like that of a passenger lean that crashed two weeks ago. >> trying to understand what is going on, who is talking whom, a are the plans? what are the fundings? >> until throws answered, routine and vigilant should dictate our lives. a this is just another ex a pell of the importance that someone sees something that is suspicious, be alert fort it, to alert you a hor fis see something that is of concern. phil: that was reid lamb bar ty railroading. the united states will stand by france's side as france has done for america. president obama: whenever these attacks happened, we could count on the french people to stand
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they have been extraordinary counterterrorism partner. we tinned to be there with them in that same fashion. j.c.: security is quickly being stepped up in boston. logan airport and the td garden where the celtics played tonight getting immediate attention. our mary saladna is live outside the garden with more breaking news coverage. mary? mary: j.c., source tell wcvb newscenter 5, that homeland security was doubled tonight. officers being held over extra shift to make sure fans were safe. securities being stepped up around the country that includes major sporting events throughout the weekend. in boston, additional homeland see core dib seen at the guard be in during the celtic escape with. a leaked source telling wcvb newscenter 5, the nba team playing to be on heightened later. bruin fans will see security at saturday's game. bill daley sending an advisory to all clubs to the unheightenned alert given the
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no threats to massachusetts but mass state police tell us, they rampped up patrols at row can airport and monitoring worldwide intelligence with henent, joint terrorism task force and stepped up security and on the trains and the buses. the police encouraging customers to be he extra vigilant to report any untained packages. >> and again, no specific time. then again, there were no specific threats against paris. live in boston tonight, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: the band u2 is in paris tonight, but has canceled its planned show for tomorrow night because of the state of emergency. they had planned to film the show for an hbo special. site, it says, "we watched in disbelief and shock at the unfolding events in paris and our hearts go out to all the victims and their families
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across the city tonight." j.c.: in new york city tonight, a tribute in light to the people of france. one world trade displaying the blue, white, and red of the french flag. a powerful symbol at the site of the deadliest terror attack on american soil. phil: we spoke to congressman bill keating a short time ago, he says he has been speaking with the french for months about their efforts for fight this kind of terrorism. >> congressman bill a debt keith sits on the for reason affairs committee. in par race few mon ago, speaking to counterterrorism official bast the potential nor kind of take. >> there is thousands of french citizens that have left for jury and iraq to fight with isis, and so they have, they have a large number of people that could come back. whole the congress pan says we don't know for sure if that is what happened today. he says france does have the best counterterrorism force in all of europe. >> they are very good. so if they are, they are substroke this attack. i really cast light on the fact that this could happen any place
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in europe and indeed, rating here in the u.s. >> congressman keating says he will continue to monitor developments and receive briefings overnight. ed keohane is in paris. he and his wife returned to belgium just before attacks began. >> we actually went to a we had dinner. we kind of strolled around the shops. we came out i would the at treeiam. we turned our phone back on. i blew up. we had heard from so many back at home. we got the hotel. they did have a pretty good security presence and did ask us to stay in for the night. j.c.: keohane say the police presence remind him of watertown when they trackedded down dzhokhar tsarnaev. phil: today's violent attacks away from charlie hebdo. 12 people were killed.
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two brothers stored the he offices tef french magazine and gunned down bomb employees there. paris on high a letter for days after police launched a massive manhunt for the brothers. they were killed after shoot-out. j.c.: word that he was probably killed in a drone attack. jihadi john was seen on several isis videos immediating hostages. one of the victims, journalist in new hampshire james foley. he was bed in august of 2014 two years after being kidnapped in syria. foal's mother has mixed feelings about the fright that targeted her son's killer. >> it is joust sad that our precious resources have been, you know, concentrated to speak revenge, if you will, or kill this man. sky. heather: her f her son had lived, he may have tried to
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defend jihadi john. j.c.: she's one of the highest-earning court clerks in the state, but we found on average she's only working about about two hours a day. so how is this happening and what's she doing? a 5 investigates exclusive. phil: tour bus disaster. an out-of-control double-decker slams into a building. and that is only part of this
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j.c.: we continue our breaking news coverage on the terror attacks in paris.
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at least 120 dead. the international investigation now underway. our john atwater is live at the breaking news desks. >> raul dead. police ton lack for the people who helped the. this was puttal-coordinated wave of attacks at six different sites in paris including restaurants, barbs a theater. an explosion outside of the national stadium there t. the attackers, as i mentioned, triggered deadly explosion in the city. travel restrictions now in place in france, counter terrorism officials a try to determine who is to blame for the deadliest attack there and since world war ii. live in the newsroom. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: right now, 20 people are injured, six critically, after this double-decker tour bus crash in san francisco. police say the careening bus smashed into a bicyclist and several cars before slamming into a building under construction.
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before it crashed into the tourist-packed union square. the biker is one with of the injured fighting for his life. it is unclear how the bus lost control. j.c.: not working a full day earning, yet, not working a full day, yet she is earning a six-figure salary. ed: kathy curran started asking questions. the trial court launched a review. reporter: ann heads fourth stroll the dogs. is the middle of the workweek, court is in session. the clerk lowell, miles away. pattern 5 investigates documented day after day. the third highest-earning clerk in the state rake in almost $170,000 last year. including the machine my she made setting pail for prisoners after hours. 5 investigates track the work habit for 26 days during a four-month period.
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and pound the clerk at the courthouse on average only two hor and 23 minutes a day much? on the ten days shown in red, she was complete no-show. can youer, plain why you are not at court? >> we have you on average working about two hours and 23 minute days. >> with the times i have taken, and the palance i have. i do request it. >> here the clerk called it a day after less than three hourses on the job. she puts on her casual clothes, hops in the car with a few friends, heads north across state lines with 5 investigates in in tow. first stop, the lobster in seabrook, new hampshire, the clerk enjoyed a late lump, snaps a few photo thence tough the beach where she stretches out and catches a few rays. >> i think its ok that i take time i have learned. >> the she took 47 days of earned leave time off in five mons to deal with family health issues.
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she has allowed to take 65 days off a year plus holidays and a acrod sick time. >> they are critical. >> retired judge says that ties much time off away trillion the courts. >> it is like a coach of n fl football team not going on sundays or are sure, the other assist ant coaches deliver the pod duct if they have to. you are the head coach. >> we also found her unaringer rasp during work hours and spending time with lowell district court clerk who is facing criminal charges and on paid administrative leave accused of pushing and slapping his wife. one afteryoon finish they visited a near pi nursing hole for half-hour. and when we called the clerk's office. >> hi. >> we were told she was unavailable. the truth is. she did not showp up for work that entire day. >> you said you have been dealing with family issues but when we followed you that didn't seem to be the case.
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you we had you going to new hampshire for the dy or with him on several days sh. we're flashing some answers. >> and any time i have been away from this court has been on my time. >> how do you do your glob. >> pam heads up the government watchdog group common cause massachusetts. why are state em plo he yaos or any government official allowed to have 60 vacation days and unlimited sick time? that is just i ridiculous. did do you think you can be's fick not being at snout. >> i am not aware of any sures with doing my work. >> and we don't know what days the clerk took off because the trial court doesn't have to hand over any information to the public. we tracked ann again after we told her the investigation. we found she was working full days. kathy curran 5 investigates. meteorologist: 47 degrees outside. still not terrible for this im too of year. sky.
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heather: behind harv, i see the radar. you are with a few raindrops. we're headed hood the weekend. not sen. meteorologist: we'll take carve it four. j.c.: thank you. meteorologist: right. there are a few showers. most of them in southern new hampshire. we take a closer look. we will show you that. a couple of showers tan afternoon p. some in cred whyable rainbows were spotted. win needham. another one in south boston. they were all over the place. sometimes you were seeing rainbows and it was not raining or had not been any rain. some of the rain evap pated before it reached the ground and still raining a lot of. that he with could have picturesque rainbows indeed. very nice. thank you for seng those in. here are a couple of showers in southern new hampshire. it is not as much as you think. the air is dry. some of the rain evaporated before reaching the ground. some of it is making it. however, when i widen out a little bit. lack at what is starting to happen here around the parts of
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we are starting to see snow showers m dicktive of the can air ir. in the next 12 to 24 hours. the pound tain tops western and northern new england will be whitened a ril bit with a small a. show. its the chilly air that is comingp in. in of itself. nothing terribly unusual but going to be come pining with wind. that is why because it has been warm. we peel the chill. a little here so than we would if temperatures had been average but so far. we're 8 greece warmer than formal for the month of november. 40's. the pre is stead cry at 17 miles per hour. we are down to 41 in the south. and 38 out in the perk shires. we still have wind gusts between 20 to 30 miles per hour across the region. these will be temperatures early tomorrow morning. they are around 8:00. they are not going to go that you much we have wind al kay. that is y it will be the chilliest feeling day we had so nar season. only happening around 40 in the higher elevations tomorrow
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afternoon. 45s about ton. you see the wind 15 to 30 with higher gusts. about. you track the day tomorrow. a mixture of sun and clouds but temperature into the 50's with those winds. even the sustainedded wind withs are shown to be 2 miles per hour or even greater at times tomorrow around the boston area. all right. what about windchill? bitter old? but it will feel like 30 early tomorrow afternoon in worcester. 35 ins about on. this is the cold air that is coming in tonight. it sticks with us through 36 hours. as early as sunday. we're going to have some temperatures moderation. let's check it out for you after that. of course, sunday, the pat he areits will be down in new jersey. they will be playing the dayance really nice weather. temperatures in this he 50's at the start of the date. 4:25 and dropping down by in the tef came. 10 to 15 miles per hour wind. cre, we start to warm-up a little bit. look. it turns colder again.
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then later next week. it warms up again as the jetsam goes back up. allows another srg warmth here. sometime later next week. thursday, friday in that time frame f. not the entire a. time there will be a period of water along the very mild temperatures at that time. chilliest part. it will be through early sunday. a nice pleasant for the weekend. j.c., phil if. ed: joos nice pleasant finish. heather: which have saying that for me ed: still ahead, the story of a very unusual photo on a driver's license. and yes, that is a pasta strainer on that woman's head! why, you ask? we're guessing the answer will surprise you.
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phil: after granting a massachusetts woman a wrath arer unusual request. heather: won the right to wear this on the head in her picture. lindsey miller is pastafarian and member of the church of the flying spaghetti monster and says pastafarian believes the universe have been create baid flying spaghetti monster are coveraged to war the spaghetti strainers in the i.d. photos. the rmd denied the request but later lented after pressure are from the secular group. >> you are disdrim nateing agains us because you have not heard of us. there how many thousands. how will you know them? i hope it helps open the dar so other people can go and don't have to have that hassle. j.c.: released a statement saying the md process cob cyst tent with the established facial image policy. phil:
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>> fies pot tow. it covers up the angel hair. j.c.: oh. that was bad. >> hoping you would you able to tell that story with mob. >> perfect storm there. j.c.: can you you transition to supports? >> coming up up next in sports? a. big win and how about a big pickupp for the red sox. a new closer coming to town. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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looking for your car keys and find an old pair of reading glasses you'd lost. well, red sox president dave dombrowski was out looking for an ace and came up with a closer, a real good one. move over. a pour-time all star are with career era of 1! 61 will always be closing. a big win for the celtics today. home pains the hawks. johnson running the flar and pace off. he gets the ball. the ball gets dunked. johnson had 19. sell text on the way to building a 15-be point lead t. the hawks claude back. knocked down one with of the four these are and led with 3 points. three-point game very late. they would crows out the film on a 10-0 run. twisting inside plus one. jay crowd we're the three. big win for the celtics they are now 4-after beating the second place hacks. 106-93. video jumping over offensive
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line to prac kick went varial then so did he. col loins for the second straight week a mystery virus. a contagious one too kept him weak and unable to eat and way from the team. also now you with the team at practice today. with three of tom brady's pocket row tessors. the offensive lineman adds it were. they all ruled out the sunday's game at the meadowlands. >> well, brad marcharound has been fined $5,000 for throwing a serk never inkers of colorado last night. he was probably think toppings now. worth it. he might not feel the same way. i will cost him $6 thousand for his illegal hit. coming in from pea hine him likuta. he gets a two-game suspension for that hit and said there was no in to injure and may have opinion trying to tell thame when intercepted with a fisted november hays face. high school poot pal tonight.
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redding rockets vying for the division two north title. redding's title scramble and finds tommy white in the end spen for a 21 in yard touch downdown. in the second half dre on are d'andre threw with a 46-yard deal. 19 9:00 touchdown of the year. redding beats 23-0. andyon latedations to the milton wildcats d3 southwesternal chams. that is a look at sports. >> all right. thanks. >> chilly but not pad. mid-november. >> abc willing i. you no he, could be windy and chilly on saturday. we have not really had the wind and the chill combined much. that is why it will feel chilly. tonight's finish on sunday and look at the income pers the second half of ex would ek if. that is mild sufficient. terrible. they are not bitter cold yet. >> not cold. a couple of chilly nights around monday night or tuesday night. other than, pretty much
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a piece of cake. >> maybe forget from yore crear. my goodness what a beautiful november so far. >> yeah. >> you need foc on wood now. >> do it. find it. >> there we go. >> all right.
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