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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rhondella : forces tell me that weapons were taken during a break-in, right across the street at the army reserve armory in worcester. it is highly secure. the fbi is now investigating. how this happened and who could possibly be involved. the suspects entered through the roof. the doors are alarmed. the stolen weapons of great concern, especially in the wake of the terrorist attacks in paris. >> nothing at this point in time that would tie this to, um, any specific threat or anything at this point. and at this point, we are looking into it as a new investigation. rhondella: we learned of the break-in during today' s public safety briefing in boston where officials from various levels of law enforcement wanted to reassure the public that law enforcement of all areas are communicating and collaborating together on security members
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at this point, this does not seem to be tied to any specific threat. heather: back to paris where a nation is in mourning. the streets of paris now. the city is also taking military action against isis. this is a manhunt for a terror suspect continues. tonight the death toll from friday' s attacks remains at 129. france is on the offensive. launching airstrikes against herod targets in syria. -- against terror targets. kelly: the defense official says the country has launched a massive series of attacks on the islamic state' s n syria appeared the ministry spokesman said the strikes involved 12 aircraft including 10 fighter jets and 20 bombs. >> the fighter jets launched from sites in jordan in the persian gulf in coordination with u.s. forces.
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airstrikes destroying a training camp and munitions dump. a crowd chanting and singing. someone here' police move in with weapons drawn. authorities quickly determine it was a false alarm. fireworks, not gunfire. >> we have to act, because maybe there is somebody with a gun. we just have to see. kelly: th e hunt for couples is intensified. armed police swarm a man outside weekend. the raids brought in several people, including a member of escape. at least one more suspect remains on the run. investigators say he is a 26-year-old french national who is considered dangerous. the arrest, as we learn more about the gun man who attacked the theater.
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, had been flagged as a possible terrorist five years ago. >> they did not have enough people to follow all of the suspects on their list. kelly: france and other countries have been warned on thursday of an imminent attack. the iraqi dispatch provided no details on when or where the attack would take place in the senior french security official says french intelligence gets all kinds of warnings every day. ed: also tonight, the paris home. a man with ties to the vineyard wounded in the shooting. sarah condrey spoke to the family on the vineyard today. see on five tonight. >> i had no idea what was going on. learn about the paris attacks friday in s way. >> he works for the company that produces the concert. working at the attack.
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>> he had bullet going straight through his chesta. sera: it pierced one of his survived. recover. >> he' s going to recover physically. that seems to be the case, but i do not know what that does to him -- that is terrible. i don' t know what he' s seen. reporter: he spent some of his teenage years in massachusetts when the family lived in >> i do not feel angry. that was not my reaction. my reaction was concerned for my son. relief that he would live. sera: despite the act of terror that has had so close to home for him, he believes we should not live in fear. are you worried about your son living in paris? no. no. we should not be. t think we should be afraid of that. unfortunately, it is a risk.
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obviously, is becoming a higher risk, but not living there or stop doing what we are doing because of that? no. i do not think we should do that. sera: right now he is making arrangements to fly to paris to see his son. he is hoping to be there by thursday. heather: support for the people of france all around boston today. billboards bringing a message of hope to the city of lights. there arecivic threats against massachusetts or boston, but the governor and the mayor are taking steps to increase public safety. reid lamberty continues our coverage. reid: city leaders are costly faced with the what ifs. >> in and around the city, around transportation centers and the city. around sports events. as well as concert venues. reid: the deployment of more officers at key locations has
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>> all of a public safety teams are working diligently to keep people safe in the commonwealth. reid: the in the hours following that attacks friday night, city, state and federal investigators went to work opening up the lines of communication so that all agencies across the board are in the same page. >> i' m confident that the work we have done here today and the work that our police department has done, that boston is a safe place. reid: it' s pressing confidence and the safety of the city but calling on everyone to remain vigilant. >> we are seeing an uptick in the amount of suspicious package calls we are getting because i think everybody is being fearful. >> it is a point for us remember in difficult times that we remain vibrant as a city and we look out for one another. reid : remain vigilant and cautious. we heard time and time again if you see anything suspicious, contact police. by the way, many buildings and landmarks throughout the city will remain lit up in the red,
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ed: one of the targets in the stadium. that has led to very tight security at nfl stadiums today. phil lipof is live in east rutherford. the patriots are playing the giants. phil: security is tight. security has always been tight, but this is the first round of football games we have seen since the attack in paris very today in the meadowlands, you can tell. on everyone' s mind in the meadowlands -- the horror in paris. >> we are praying for them. phil: security is more visible than usual. canines at the ready, troopers and bullet-proof vest. season ticket holders got a heads up. >> i got an e-mail yesterday saying that they would have amped up security. come earlier. there were going to be more conscious of the clear bags. reporter: he and so many others
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they can also see all of the jersey state troopers strategically place. >> a lot more than usual. feel safe. phil: you see what security is like outside. this is inside, a couple hours before the game. there is julian edelman working out. security here is tight right now but not as tight as it will be during the game. in a statement, the nfl says the safety of our fans, stadium personnel, and teams at all games is our priority. the security at our games is robust. with members of our military lining the field, so, too, is the support for those suffering overseas. with all of that security in place, new jersey state police are reporting no problems at this hour. all we have to do is see the patriots play a little better in the second half. heather: a message in french to the people of paris. how a little girl' s ties to the boston marathon bombing brings
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ed: the battle over fantasy sports. how the family argument is complicated overseas. mike: the week ahead will feature a warm-up, cool down, and i will show you when to look for the umbrella. take a look at this action. adjustment on the right -- roger goodell with the gentleman on the left robert crabbe. who'
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heather: in the aftermath of the paris attacks, papa message from the sister of martin richard, the youngest victim in the marathon bombing attacks hurt -- a powerful message. we remember this picture of martin taken before his death. the sign reads, no more hurting people. peace. the martin richard foundation now posting this image to facebook with the caption "to paris with love from jane." jane is martin' s youngest sister who lost a leg in the bombing. her sign is written in french
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ed: opening statement for the murder trial of philip chism are set tomorrow. he is accused of raping and murdering colleen ritter. he was 14 at the time of the murder but is being tried as an adult. a jury was seated last week. the process was delayed welches him underwent a psychological exam that determined he is competent to stand trial pic fan duel and draft keynes are fighting against being labeled as gambling in the u.s., but they are ok with it overseas. draft kings got a gambling license from great britain in august. fan duel has applied for a license and the gambling software company. drafting says it does not change the issue in the united states. they are just dealing with different regulations in each country. ed: mike wankum is just ahead with a november forecast that is -- heather: we will take you to boston, the a rally of support
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ed: we take you live to paris. ed: it is 6:14 in boston. 12:14 early sunday morning in a manhunt continues, it is monday morning. a manhunt continues for the suspect in the terror attacks police and release. wrench airstrikes are now underway against isis targets that are inside syria. heather: rally of support on boston common today. hundreds of people showed up to people of france. all too well the horror of the attack. ed: frank holland talk to the people that turned out today. frank: an emotional showed support for the people of paris after the devastating attacks on friday the 13th. >> i feel bad for the people. frank: matthew and his mother among the hundreds at the vigil, many waving flags, singing and holding signs showing solidarity with the french people. >> it means we are not afraid.
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we' re united. >> est coeure. which means your heart has been ripped out of you. frank: boston mayor marty walsh there as well. maher walsh: there is a connection with paris because of what happened on marathon monday. we have a lesson to help friends to come back strong. frank: the council general receiving condolences and flowers. those flowers becoming a makeshift memorial in front of a plaque for a french general who revolutionary war. ago. her entire family in paris. much-needed support. >> american people are really support, super friends. that. frank: as part of the national days of mourning the french
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consulate will make a condolence book open to the public from 9:00 until 5:00 monday. that book will eventually be sent to paris. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. mike: 4:22 this afternoon started to get some beautiful pictures in via twiter ter. we had this picture coming in from carson beach. and in lowell, a spectacular sunset. gorgeous evening. not that bad of a day. it was on the cool side but it was not as windy. the month is still running way above average. we have had two days his entire months which have average below normal. we we started off with temperatures in the 70' s. even though the sun is down, the temperature has not dropped off. why? we have got a lot of cloud cover sitting around. with that cloud cover, and prevents our temperature from dropping. eventually they will drop but not quite as fast as it can sometimes care here is that
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circulated between high pressure to the south and low-pressure to the north. this area of clouds will work its way through. tomorrow morning, you may run into a few clouds early. but i do not think this cloud cover will dissipate. you get to enjoy sunshine and beautiful temperatures tomorrow. 36-42 degrees tonight with mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, morning clouds turning sunny in the afternoon. 52-60 degrees. the winds out of the northwest 10-15. so it will be busy, not as bad as yesterday. not as bad as yesterday and not as bad as today. keep in mind, there will be a northwesterly breeze heard a little bit of cloud cover right there. cloud cover tomorrow morning. and then this moves on now. we are talking about clear skies coming in through the afternoon. those clear skies will last all the way to tuesday. the high temperatures tomorrow. if you look at lowell where we saw that picture, notice by tuesday, 47. that is because we are going to get a backdoor cold front that is going to cool us down as we look at tuesday' s forecast.
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tomorrow across worcester county, low 55. south shore -- look at this. seeing damages pushing close to 60 degrees. new bedford at 59. going to feel the drop on tuesday where the high temperature is only 48. wednesday we start to rebound. we see that showing up in the forecast as well. what is happening? we have a frontal boundary coming in from the northeast. as this slide its way in on tuesday, there are no clouds associated. but you will notice the cool air coming in. monday is one. tuesday is cool. this thing falls apart as we talk about wednesday. chances of rain starts to move in but the big story is it is going to start to warm up as we talk about thursday and friday' s forecast. let me break it down. tomorrow' s lunch on. 56 degrees. tuesday, high temperatures after morning loans into the upper 20' s. the highs will only rebound into the upper 40' s. nantucket may hit 50 degrees. that is the only spot that well.
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wednesday, sunny skies, 50 degrees. we change the weather pattern and start bringing the mild air back in. what happens thursday and friday. debit yours near 60. but we have some rain coming in on thursday -- temperatures near 60. a new frontal boundary comes in from the west. but here is some rain coming in. and then we talk about the rain on friday. the winds are going to be strong on friday, wrapping around that low pressure system. giving us the rain. first the winds. from the southwest. then they go to the northwest. then they start ushering in the cold air for the weekend. you see what happens. saturday and sunday, high s. and a little system on sunday -- s. it may be cold enough to see if you snow flakes. overall we need the rain and the best chance for seeing rain this friday. 11:00. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch.
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queens this question -- which play with the patriots miss more, julian edelman or rob gronkowski? julian edelman went down with an ankle injury in the first half. moments ago, he will not return. and right now the patriots offense has stalled and the giants are leading 17-10. and the giants are on the move right now. down almost inside the red zone. the giants scored with 13 seconds left in the half after the patriots went ahead on their opening drive. and 87 yard touchdown pass. right now with the giants territory, they lead the patriots 17-10. some images captured before the game. time brady with jon bon jovi. that is a good friend of bill belichick. s when bill belichick was an and another image captured. roger goodell. on that conversation?
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here is the tom brady' s facebook page. going to be a full team ever to take down the giants. and that is exactly the giants have just kicked a field goal. they lead by the score of 20-10. and we are still in the third quarter. ok, let' s go around the national football league. these are the green bay packers trailing alliance b -- the lions by 8. the two point conversion is broken up. still enough time for an onside kick. that is what happened. green bay recovers. right at midfield. couple pass completions, set up to win the game. but it does not go. it is the first time in 24 games the lions have won in green bay. the packers have lost three straight. the dolphins won against the eagles. that is a touchdown. as the dolphins beat the eagles by one point. sanchez came back in.
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t get in in the final minute. dolphins win 20-19. ok, it is that time of year wear your school sweatshirt on our thanksgiving show. 11:30 to you can reach me on her facebook page. i have my own facebook page. let me know why as you wear your teams hooded sweatshirt. night. ronda rousey finally loses. she seemed indestructible but she lost to holly holmes, 59 seconds into the second with a knockout. more than 56,000 people in melbourne to watch that upset there. and the patriots right now tangling with the giants. but the next game will be a week from tomorrow night right here on gillette stadium. here on channel 5, we have the patriots and bills. the pregame show is live 8:00 pick kickoff at 8:30.
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well after the game as well. patriots trailed the giants 20-10, third quarter. ed: could ronda rousey and the patriots both lose in the same weekend? mike: we don' t know. ed: we no one is in the house. and the other one is in trouble. heather: the other one is not looking so good. coming up tonight at 11:00, all the breaking news. following a break-in at the armor and worcester, as the search for a suspect identified now in the paris attacks. why facebook is defended its decision to activate it safety function after the paris attacks on friday. why some say the site is showing
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ed: we take your life to paris. 12 726 early monday morning. you are looking live at a growing memorial -- at 12:16. a manhunt continues. the suspect questioned by police and then released. they try to navigate their way through the maze of candles and flowers. french air strikes are now underway against isis targets inside syria. reports are they struck a train cap had-- training camp. mike: rain later on this week. 60' s for the high. temperatures cooling down. seasonable. heather: the possibility of
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snowflakes? mike: a week down the road. we get a few flights of snow -- but it does not look like a big system. shoveling on this one. sunshine this week. we have lots of sunshine until we get the rain on thursday. i think it is going to be some and down. down tuesday. -- the temperatures up and down. heather: so close to thanksgiving.
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