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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 17, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news, russia confirms for the first time a powerful bomb blew its passenger plane out of the sky. putin vows revenge against isis. russian warplanes and long-range missiles already pounding the isis capital in syria. as the search for the most wanted man in the world intensifies overnight the massive manhunt for that eighth terrorist and mastermind behind the paris attack. more than 120 raids across france and security stepped up in our own capitol. >> i would anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. >> monments and mass transit on alert as isis now threatens washington. a major storm packing a powerful punch in the middle of the country overnight. a tornado outbreak spawning
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major cities on alert this morning and a blizzard dumping up to two feet of snow in some areas as the storm moves east. and security breach. a passenger accidentally carries a loaded gun onto a plane at one of the busiest airports in the country landing in chicago with his pistol undetected. >> so, i had a loaded 380 semiautomatic in my backpack. >> how did the weapon get through a checkpoint with security on high alert? >> and we do say good morning, america. on this tuesday morning. a lot of new developments overnight in the attack on paris. more raids and air strikes overnight plus the breaking news about the other terror attack that brought down a passenger plane with 224 people on board. >> isis is claiming spent for both. russia striking back hard and fast. our whole team is on the story. "world news" an authorize david muir in paris and we begin with
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brian ross on the breaking news in russia. good morning. >> reporter: the russians this morning said the evidence was unequivocal it was a bomb and big one that brought down the passenger jet and russian president vladimir putin promised swift and severe retribution. the head of the russian version of the cia said it was a analysis of key parts of the plane and baggage that turned up evidence of an explosive device. the bomb was huge with the equivalent power of two pounds of tnt that caused the jet with 224 on board to break up in mid midair over the sinai desert. 9 director of the ssb presented his findings to putin saying it was a terrorist act un unequivocally. putin then faced the cameras and vowed to track down those responsible for the murder of the people in the sinai. "we will find them at any point on the planet," he said "and we will take retribution."
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within hours and putin vowed to use the full russian military might against the bombers. it is believed to be an inside job at the egyptian airport from which the jet departed and this will focus attention on security procedures at airports around the world including in the united states. russia this morning offered a $50 million reward for information on those responsible and overnight according to the u.s. military, the russians conducted an aerial bombbardment of the isis headquarter city of raqqah, syria. the strike included sea launch cruise missiles and long-range bombers, george. >> they had not gone after isis before but now he will be ruthless. thanks very much. now to those attacks in paris and the hunt for the most wanted men in the world, the eighth attacker and the mastermind behind it all. neighboring belgium where the attacks were believed to be hatched raising its threat level. abc's terry moran is in belgium again for us this morning. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, investigators keep
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turning up traces of where the terrorists were and an apartment rented just a couple of blocks that way, a car rental not far away and in the paris suburbs another apartment rented by the suicide bombers. they didn't find guns or money but sim cards. they are looking for the rest of the terrorist crew. >> police. >> reporter: overnight a multiagency multicountry manhunt intensified. on the hunt right now for the world's most wanted, 26-year-old salah abdeslam, the suspected shooter in the paris cafe and restaurant attacks and 28-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud believed to be the architect of massacre. this important we're learning more about their connection, the two had reportedly lived just blocks from each other here in molenbeek and were once in prison together. in this grisly video smiling and boasting as he drags a pile of
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overnight, ace her also the brother of another paris attacker, one of the suicide bombers speaking out saying he and his parents had no idea what carnage the two were plotting or where his fugitive brother is. [ speaking a foreign language ] "we could never have imagined one of my brothers could be linked to the terror attack" the international dragnet launching over 300 raids, 128 just overnight. targeting suspects in france, italy, germany and belgium leading to over 20 arrests and dozens of weapons seeded. late monday, french forces raided homes and buildings in the northeastern city of strasbourg following a reported sighting but it was a false alarm. now they're focusing on the maker of those suicide vests used in the attack concerned more attackers might strike. a final depressing note belgium authorities now admit to abc
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news that they were aware of both of abdeslam brothers including the fugitive being hunted across europe and aware they had been radicalized and both had tried to go to syria but they judged neither one to be a terrorist threat. robin and george. >> so disturbing they were aware of all that. >> very similar to the "charlie hebdo" attacks, as well. we move on as terry said france launched raids across the country last night and more strikes against isis in syria as the french president vows to destroy them. more on that from "world news" anchor david muir in paris. good morning, david. >> reporter: george, robin, good morning. those overnight raids all part of an emergency anti-terror crackdown throughout paris and even in the suburbs and as you heard terry report there they discovered one of the homes that had been rented by the attackers, the eighth attacker on the run and his older brother, in fact, this morning it's been reported that the woman who rented the home described them as calm, nice and that they told her they were on business from belgium. meantime, at this hour new video
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just now emerging from french national police overnight going door-to-door. this morning, new pictures emerging of french police going door-to-door fighting back against the terror. the french military launching a series of strikes on the isis stronghold of raqqah targeting and destroying a command and training center using ten jets and 16 bombs. this morning, president hollande meeting with secretary of state john kerry as he touched down in paris and lighting the french national embassy in the french colors. >> the cooperation level could not be higher and agreed to exchange even more information. >> reporter: president hollande declared them at war with isis extending the state of perjury for three months and calling for stricter border control, heightened security measures and power to strip citizen zip of convicted french terrorists with dual nationality and paris still picking up the pieces overnight the eiffel tower now lit in the
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michele saline moving here two months ago from california. she remembers the 9/11 attacks vividly and now the paris attacks here. >> you have to stay strong. we have to continue on with life. >> reporter: here outside the bataclan theatre, a police presence as workers cleaned the bloodied sidewalks and new images of the smiling concertgoers inside that hall friday night just moments before the terror began, the theater owners telling abc news "no word is enough to express the magnitude of our grief." while 165 people remain hospitalized, this photo now going viral, offering a glimpse into an emergency room friday night as doctors and nurses here worked tirelessly to save lives. we do know that those doctors and nurses were called in immediately across the city to report to duty friday night. all the hospitals were filled in. in the meantime, president hollande in the last 24 hours extension of the state of months. if they grant that which they
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likely will do, george and robin, that will bring him extra powers for continuing raids like we saw in the overnight hours. back to you. >> david, thanks so much. news." >> here at home officials say there is no imminent threat but security is heightened as you can imagine following the attacks in paris and that new video from isis threatening a similar assault on washington, d.c. abc's pierre thochls is in washington with more on that, good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. with that new video calling for an attack here in d.c. and 9 revelation this morning that isis appears to be responsible for killing nearly 400 people in a span of a week between that russian plane, the beirut bombing and the nightmare in france concern about their capacity here in the u.s. is only going to grow. on the heels of the massacre in paris, this stark warning from the cia director. >> i would anticipate that this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. i do believe that this is
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have to deal with for quite some time. >> reporter: a new video from isis seeming to confirm that capital. as we struck france in the center of its abode in paris then we swear that we will strike america at its center in washington. law enforcement taking no chances, overnight u.s. park police increasing their presence at iconic monments. >> i want you to know that our highest levels. >> reporter: d.c. residents and tourists on edge. >> sobering reminder of war we are today but where we've been since september 11th. >> reporter: on the metro more surveillance. the message to the public if you see anything out. the ordinary call your local police. >> it's something that you'll know when you see it. you know, the hair might stand up on your neck and we encourage all riders to report something suspicious. >> reporter: if you want to know just how intense this moment truly is, today the fbi director and homeland security secretary will conduct a rare joint classified briefing with all the robin.
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>> pierre, what else are you hearing? how concerned are u.s. officials that a coordinated attack like we saw in paris could happen in our nation's capital or any other american city. >> reporter: authorities say there is no imminent threat but tempo moment. unique. look, the fbi arrested more than 70 suspected isis sympathizers in the last two years. dozens this year alone. there's never been a concentrated spate of al qaeda arrests like that. bottom line, isis is finding support here every day, robin. >> pierre, thank you. we move to the news from paris. it created a backlash against united states. more than 2100 have come here and half the country's governors say they do not want syrian refugees allowed in their states and moves in congress to block president obama's man to admit more refugees. house. >> reporter: good morning, george. the fact that one of the paris attackers apparently good into france by pretending to be a
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refugee has sparked strong opposition to the president's plan to bring more syrian refugees here to the united states. at a press conference in turkey president obama said the united states has a moral responsibility to take in some of those syrians fleeing the violence in their country. >> the people who are fleeing syria, they are the most vulnerable as a consequence of civil war and strife. >> reporter: the president calledor increasing the number of syrian refugees allowed into the united states from 1600 last year to up to 10,000 in year but more than two dozen governors are now saying the refugees are not welcome in their states. >> we don't want to become like europe where they led all these refugees in. >> we'll do all within our power, all that's humanly possible to resist these syrian upon us. >> reporter: most of the republican presidential s s agree. >> anyone with an ounce of
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we should be resettling them humanely in middle eastern countries that are majority muslim. >> so they go and fight for isis and they come back into our country and we accept them back. and at some point they won't be going away they'll be shooting us here. >> reporter: jeb bush said some syrian refugees should be allowed with a priority given to christians. >> they're being slaughtered in the country and but for us who. who would take care of the number of christians that right now are completely displaced? >> reporter: the president disagrees. >> that's not american. that's not who we are. we don't have religious tests to our compassion. >> reporter: the obama administration said there is no reason to fear the syrian refugees that are coming into the united states saying that they are some of the most vetted and scrutinized people entering the country and, george, they also point out that more than three-quarters of the refugees s s coming here are women and children. >> victims of violence. >> yes. now to that powerful storm
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sweeping across the country responsible for dozens of reported tornadoes. look at that large twister in texas overnight. the storm also causing a blizzard dropping up to two feet of snow in some areas. ginger has ha. >> robin, it is impressive to seen 0 the radar and satellite. almost to canada. the large expanse of this robust system now moving east through the plains overnight into the ozarks now, tornado watch in northeastern texas, snow and wind, i mean blizzard conditions happening at this hour around denver, the wind advisories for a large chuck of the country flash flood watches from new orleans up to springfield, illinois. it has been a busy 24 hours more than 120 severe storm report, many of them just northwest of dallas which is where we find our ryan owens this morning. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a severe weather outbreak spawning a reported 38 tornadoes in 4 states. here in texas, 13 reported twisters touching down. four of those reports coming
7:15 am
town of pampa in pitch darkness. >> oh, my god. we have a gigantic tornado right in front of us. power lines exploding. >> reporter: one of those tornadoes reportedly at least a mile wide leveling a hall by burton plant. officials saying it caused chemicals at the site to leak. that spill now contained. 21 reported tornadoes touching down in kansas. helping drivers with golf-ball-size hail and damaging some homes. the weather tossing this 18-wheeler across slick roads. at least three more tornadoes reported in oklahoma. so far, no injuries or fatalities have been reported. that squall line has now moved through the downtown dallas area. as you see behind me dumped some rain but nothing severe. that threat now moving to the east. let's turn now to my friend and colleague clayton sandell who is in the snow in denver. good morning, clayton.
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you can see a lot of snow has fallen here overnight. some areas have gotten slammed with 15 inches and it's still coming down but the problem is, the wind. 60 60-mile-an-hour gusts creating blizzard whiteout conditions. visibility in many areas is down to zero and a lot of roads and highways shut down. many schools are also closed today and if you happen to be flying to denver international airport, they say more than 00 flights have already been canceled. now, the good news is this system is supposed to push through by midday but that morning commute could be a real mess. ginger, over to you. >> clayton, as the snow tapers for you we will see the severe weather move to the east. little rock, hot springs and shreveport all in that risk area. we'll be covering this all morning. george. >> okay, ginger, thanks. we'll bring you a major protest over a police shooting
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>> dozens of demonstrate ors have been arrested after shutting down a minnesota highway to protest the police shooting of jamal clark. witnesses say he was handcuffed when he was shot but police say he was preventing paramedics from treating an assault victim. the justice department has joined that investigation, his family says clark is on life support. well, overseas a strong earthquake in greece, it struck off the island of lefkada where widespread damage and two deaths reported. the quake was felt as far away as athens.
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company has agreed to a massive legal settlement. education management corporation which enrolls students in trade schools and colleges will now pay 9 $95 million to settle claims everyone illegal recruiting and exaggerated career placements. it will also forgive millions of dollars in loans. well, a mall in new jersey has now decided not to charge families who want to visit santa this holiday season. the mall was charging up to $75 for its high-tech santa experience, requiring families to buy photo package if kids sit on santa's lap. shoppers threatened a boycott and now the mall has dropped the fee. and a real sign of the times, this year's word of the year isn't a word at all. oxford dictionary has chosen this emoji as word of the year. a happy face with tears of joy. aka lol, the most used emoji in 2015.
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i call that i'm laughing so hard i'm crying. 20% of all emojis that was that one. >> it transcends linguistic borders. i read that somewhere. i didn't come up with that. >> well said. >> thank you very much. much more ahead. david muir is standing by in paris. we'll have the latest details on the terror investigation. also ahead, a security breach at one of america's biggest airports. one man says he got past security and boarded a plane with a gun in his bag loaded. and only on "gma" this morning, the young pastor whose pregnant wife was murdered in their home. he is speaking out for the first time as police search for this
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tornadoes but the big hail in the panhandle of texas overnight. you can see it there from pam perform a, texas, and the flash flood watches from cindy: good morning. after being well above average yesterday in the middle 60' s, temperatures cooling off the next couple of days. we fall below the average. pressure comes down from canada. cool today, 20'
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>> this is the newscenter 5 update. anchor: the mother of a teacher will be taking the stand, facing her daughters accused killer in court. philip chisholm is charged in colleen richard. -- colleen ritzer. preparing to announce new policies for the department of children and families, after high-profile cases like the murder of bella bond. a series of reforms will be put in place, including a new intake it' s chilly out there. cindy: it' s around 40 degrees on
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slow off the ocean from the milder. we do hold in the 40' s all day long, mid to upper 40' s after s yesterday, a much into tomorrow as well. into friday. randy: let' s check that commute. 135. split. not looking good. expressway, 30 minutes. you are about a half hour from 495 to 128 and 93 south slocum down to the lover connector. randy: we are back at the top of the hour. you can watch the latest now on
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welcome back to "gma." that is the downed passenger jet. 224 people killed last month. this morning, russia confirms it was a terrorist bomb that took it down. russian president putin vowing revenge and striking back quickly dropping bombs and capital this morning. you can bet there is more to come. right now severe weather outbreak going on in -- for millions of americans on alert. blizzard pounding denver and already more than 15 inches falling in some parts. dozens of tornadoes touched down overnight and the storm is coast. >> heading that way. we go back to paris. french police launching more raids overnight hunting for terrorists and "world news
7:31 am
there for us again this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, great to be back with you this morning. as you mentioned those anti-terror raids continued overnight. in fact, 128 raids in paris and in the suburbs surrounding. we have the new pictures coming in from overnight pounding on front doors looking for evidence, in fact, french authorities revealing this number and it's a staggering one this morning that they believe there are 10,000 people who have been radicalized this their country alone that they're concerned about this morning and president hollande in the last 24 hours asking to extend the state of emergency here by three months which would extend the powers to continue these anti-terror raids. also this morning, the international manhunt continues for the so-called eighth attacker, salah abdeslam. as you know in the last 24 hours they thought they were zeroing brussels. he was not there but new developments in the suburbs of paris they believe that he and his brother, another attacker who killed himself actually suburbs. it's been reported in fact that
7:32 am
the woman who rented the home to them said they were calm, polite and here doing business from belgium. and this morning, an image to share with you about a city trying to rebuild. the eiffel tower overnight lit in the french national colors and in the shadow of the tower we met so many americans who were here who simply showed up at the tower to let the people of paris know they care and one couple from austin, who were here friday night, the wife celebrating her 40th birthday at the top of the tower when they got the news of the terror attacks. their friends back home and family texting them about the attacks so when we were there last night they said before they went home they wanted to return to the tower to see it lit up this those colors to honor the people of france. >> going back there, david. all right, thanks so much and we'll see you tonight on "world news tonight." the pastor's wife who was killed in their home speaking
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cc and we are back now with that pastor's wife shot in her hem last week as police search for a man that's her killer. her husband is speaking out and we hear from him after abc's mara schiavocampo brings us the latest. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning. thousands of people including indiana's governor came out for amanda blackburn's service as the search for her killer intensifies. new surveillance giving us the first clues as to who may have done this. amanda's husband pastor davey blackburn was at the gym at the time of the break-in returning 8:30 a.m. to find amanda with a gunshot wound to the head. she was rushed to the hospital and put on life support but it was too late. >> to the individual that committed this crime, we will find you. >> reporter: now police are desperately searching for the gunman. they say surveillance video
7:38 am
as an african-american man of medium complexion between 5'4" and 5'9" last seen wearing a dark colored hoodie. about an hour before the murder there was another burglary just two houses down from the blackburns, a crime they believe is connected. >> i moved to south carolina with davey. >> reporter: the blackburns just recently posted these youtube videos chronicling their own love story. >> on our way to chicago. >> reporter: and the crowds gathered for sunday's memorial service called it a celebration of amanda's life. >> amanda was an amazing person. they had such a happy family. >> reporter: now police say they missed the suspect by just minces as they were already responding to that first break-in when blackburn was attacked. officials say family members including amanda's husband have all been ruled out as suspects. hopefully this new information will lead them to the person they're looking for. >> her husband pastor blackburn
7:39 am
we are so sorry for your loss. >> thank you, george. thank you very much. >> i know the community came together for a menial service for amanda. what do you want the world to know about your wife? >> oh, my gosh. i wish i could tell the world everything about her. i wish i had the time to but i think what i would really want the world to know is that she loved jesus with her whole heart. and she loved people and she spent her life pouring her life out to people. she served people. she loved the people who were unlovable, gave hope to people who didn't have hope, didn't think they had a future and she just absolutely gave everything that she had to her lord and savior jesus christ. >> we know the police and in mara's piece released surveillance video overnight. what else have they been telling you about who might have done this and why? >> you know, the investigators haven't given me a ton of
7:40 am
details that -- they've given me the details they released to the public, as well and so what we've been trying to do over the past week is kind of figure out, you know, how to grieve the loss and how to move forward from here and how to work through all of this. it's devastating to the family and, you know, the funeral just this past sunday was just an amazing celebration of her life and we just -- we were so grateful for friends and family coming to show support and the nation, there were over 6500 people tuned in across the world and what was so great about amanda, she was so selfless that she didn't want her life to be put on display ever, but she wanted jesus to be put on display and we feel like that's what happened at the celebration service, that jesus was lifted up and people's lives have been changed because of that. >> it was such an out -- is there so, you know, we've been -- >> it was such an outpouring. >> go ahead, george. >> i apologize.
7:41 am
might want to hurt amanda? >> there's not -- amanda didn't have an enemy in the world. she -- i can't -- i can't imagine any reason why. that's why this is baffled us as much as anybody so we are trusting the investigators. they've been so good to us through this whole process trying to keep us up to speed on what they have and we trust that, you know, they are doing the best they can. they've told us they have all the resources at their disposal right now to catch who did this. >> but the investigators have also said there is a code of silence that may have prevented people from coming forward. even if they have information that might help solve this crime, what do you want to tell those people who might know something about this? >> well, i mean, we would beg them to give any information that they have, we would be extremely grateful for that, you know. it's really hard to sort through all of the emotions of what
7:42 am
we're feeling about all this. absolutely we, you know, i mean, we're confused. we're -- we don't understand why. you know, we're angry, we're not really sure what to do but i read amanda's journal entry a few days before, she journaled every day of her life and a few days before she put something in there that spoke volumes to us that we're deriving strength from. she said we don't know what the future holds but we know who holds the future and that's jesus and so we're drawing our strength from that and we know that jesus holds the future and we can't see it clearly but she sees it clearly now because she's in heaven with jesus and we'll see her soon. and so -- >> i cannot imagine how you're holding up. >> yeah. >> all through all of this. had there been -- you know when you look at these photos and see all this had there been any other problems in the neighborhood? did you or any of your neighbors
7:43 am
that's kind of hard to determine who that might be, that person in the photo? >> yeah, yeah, i mean it was such an obscure photo. i mean it's extremely difficult to say anybody recognized it. i mean our family -- our neighborhood was so close and it was such a seemingly safe neighborhood and so this is devastated all the neighbors. i mean we knew all the neighbors and we had just had lots of cookouts with them recently and so, you know, we're just as confused as everybody else at this point. >> your little boy weston is just 15 months old. he won't grow up with his mom. >> yeah. >> what are you going to tell him about her? >> i think that's probably one of the hardest things in this whole process is knowing that he's not going to grow up with perfect mom. i wish every mom in the world could have learned from her. i wish every wife in the world could have learned from her. and i know there's going to be
7:44 am
him as he grows up but i do know one thing that through all of this amanda's hope and her prayer would be that weston grows up and sees jesus through this and falls in love with jesus and that's -- that would be her hope through all of this and so as we're dialoguing with him, as we're trying to shepherd his heart as he grows up we're just going to continue to point to the fact that his mom loved jesus and loved people and that's contagious and so we believe that the lord is going to do a great work in his life, as well. s tor blackburn. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much, george. miracle. a volunteer firefighter gets an
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>> i remember it collapsed and i could just see everything coming down. >> reporter: pat spent 63 days in the hospital. the burns ravaged his entire face. when he got home his three young children were terrified. >> my mom and stepdad literally had to drag me in the house because i was scared. >> reporter: pat became depressed depressedwithdrawn so he reaches out to plastic surgeon dr. eduardo rodriguez at nyu langone medical center who chooses pat to become the most extensive face transplant case ever. >> he said i'm not going to die with incredible conviction. >> absolutely. >> i guess that's what you do for a living when you're a volunteer firefighter, right? doctors only give him a 50/50 chance of surviving. another young man's tragedy and his family's generosity make the transplant possible. for 12 grueling hours dr. rodriguez painstakingly remove the donor's face and scalp and the team next door works on pat
7:50 am
straight through the night. the final sutures in place 26 hours after surgery gland. nine days later pat gets to see his new face. what's it like to feel your ears for the first time in 15 years? >> it's something i thought i would never do again. use his new face. >> go ahead and pucker and smile. >> reporter: eight weeks after reunion. each child's reaction a little different. >> hey, dad. >> reporter: happiness, surprise. wonder. and the cost roughly a million dollars paid for by nyu langone and the defense department. part of why pat says he was willing to risk his life for the research for wounded warrior. >> oh, my goodness. >> beautiful, though. fantastic. >> that was in august he had the procedure. >> it was history making. >> really making strides. thank you, juju. >> you're welcome. >> see you on thursday. >> all right. much more ahead on
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. anchor: gorgeous blue skies, it looks good. cindy: it' s quite chilly outside. temperatures running in the 30' s in most areas, 36 boston, 36 in worcester. if you ocean affect clouds of develop your through the morning hours. in general, a bright sunny day. we are keeping in the 30' s through 9:00 this morning and into the 40'
7:57 am
s this afternoon. no 60' s like yesterday. 50 tomorrow with sunshine continuing and rain moves and later thursday. lasting into friday. emily: some major trouble on the road. olessa: problems on 128, northbound. by 109 and 135, there' s a bridge compound that was applied overnight that didn' t set properly. at this point, they are still working on that and get in that area fixed. two lanes continue to be closed and the backup is back to the braintree split and 95 as well. if you' re heading that way, plan accordingly. emily: thanks. right now a beverly man is , preparing to face a judge, charged with trying to kill his estranged wife. police say axel scherer choked the victim so severely, she' s now in critical condition. a patriots star announces a tough struggle off the field. nate solder' s 4-month-old son, hudson is battling kidney cancer. hudson has already started chemotherapy at children' s hospital. solder himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer last
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a massive manhunt at this hour for that eighth terrorist in the paris attacks. as the russian president reveals for the first time a powerful bomb took down a passenger jet. we're live from the front lines of the fight against isis this morning. charlie sheen's bombshell. >> i'm here to admit that i'm hiv positive. >> the star reveals his private health crisis. how he hid his battle. was it part of a multimillion dollar cover-up never been in love before and is the secret to a longer life hiding right in your coffee mug? the new research revealing why drinking up that morning joe could be the key.
8:01 am
>> all: good morning, america! good morning, america. but we're not just here in times square, we are on the move, look at that bus in chicago. a lot of big surprises coming up for our super fans all across the country. >> it's our big thank you bus thanking all of you, our viewers for 40 hours of news and events representing the 40 years we've been on the air, 40 for 40 express including that man super chef fabio viviani making breakfast. he's making breakfast with our nick watt. the "gma" "40 for 40" express could be heading to your city next. >> could be, also ahead, sarah palin will join us live and, robin, you will speak with her next half hour. >> i spent time with her a few years ago in wasilla, alaska and talked about politics and her book at the time. she has a new book out, a
8:02 am
devotional so we'll talk to her about that and probably some other things, as well. right now the morning rundown from amy. >> good morning, everyone. and we begin with breaking news both france and russia are intensifying air strikes in syria. overnight russia confirming a terrorist bomb brought down that passenger jet over egypt last month and now president vladimir putin vowing to punish those responsible. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the latest on that story. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the russian security service said this morning the evidence was unequivocal that it was a bomb and a big one that brought down that passenger jet killing 224 people. u.s. officials had come to believe it was a terror act but now it is confirmed as russian officials said they found trace evidence of explosives on the plane debris and in passenger luggage and said they believe the bomb had the power equivalent of 2.2 pounds of tnt. isis had claimed responsibility for bringing down the jet and this morning, russian president putin as you said vowed revenge
8:03 am
aerial bombardment 69 headquarter city of raqqah launching sea launch missiles and they offered a $50 million reward for information on the names of the specific individuals who built and smuggled the bomb on board. amy. >> all right, brian, thank you. we have breaking news as police search for more suspects in connection with the paris attacks. word coming in now that three suspects may have been detained in germany but the focus of the investigation continues to be the manhunt for that suspected eighth attacker and the mastermind of the plot, abc's terry moran has the details on the church. terry, good morning. >> reporter: the international manhunt focusing on two suspect, the gunman who got away from paris, 26-year-old salah abdeslam and 28-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud, he the mastermind, the architect of the recruiter. the government in austria now acknowledging that abdeslam was pulled over in september in their country.
8:04 am
ten-day vacation to vienna and the government here in belgium acknowledging now to abc news that they were aware of abdeslam and his brother, a suicide attacker in paris but they decided that neither one was a terrorist threat. amy. >> all right, terry moran with the latest for us in belgium. we also learned this morning that french president francois hollande is planning to visit president obama in washington next week to discuss the war against isis in syria. meanwhile, at least 25 states are now refusing to accept syrian refugees because of security concerns, even those states may not have the legal authority to do so. in other news ginger is tracking severe weather including dozens of reported tornadoes from texas to kansas, one of those twisters, a mile wide leveled an oil refinery area. that spill is now contained but in kansas, hail the size of golf balls damaged homes, no injuries have been reported there. meanwhile, in colorado they
8:05 am
more than a foot of snow hundreds of flights canceled at denver's airport. ginger's forecast is coming up in just a bit. and just in time for a holiday travel, gas prices are falling. the average price nationwide dropping 6 cents in the last week, analysts expecting most areas will see prices under $2 a gallon by christmas. and finally, go ahead. coffee. life. a harvard study found that nonsmokers who drink three to five cups a day were 15% less likely to die prematurely of any cause when compared to noncoffee drinkers. decaf drinkers benefited as well. researchers think it's because it contains a powerful antioxidant and other compounds that reduce inflammation, improve blood sugar, brighten your mood and they say, you know, i'm on my second one. how many -- >> you're going to live a long, long life. >> cheers. >> all right. i had water but i'll have some coffee later.
8:06 am
over to lara. >> thank you very much, george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." charlie sheen speaking out about that stunning diagnosis revealing he is hiv positive. what he is saying about that this morning. then ronda rousey's big upset. the superstar fighter knocked out for the first time ever. we hear from the woman who took down the champ. that's coming up. plus, one "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" -- one-on-one with burden reynolds. all coming up on "good morning america." look at this crowd. please stay with us. she sees the world a little differently. p and, by so me miracle...she actually said "yes." to me. tell her everything you love about her with charmed memories at kay jewelers, ...featuring the new charmed memories star wars collection. and, this thursday through sunday, get this free bracelet or charm valued up to forty-five dollars with any charmed memories purchase of $99.99 or more. at kay, the number one
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8:09 am
she goes one-on-one with robin opening up about your family, the upcoming election and, of course, oh, you got a book coming out. >> by the way, yes. >> "sweet freedom." stay with us. all coming up next. t they use wicked small fighter jets t to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. v[ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ]
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8:11 am
i had to change my shoes, sorry. >> you didn't have to change your shoes. welcome back. it's time for that stunning news from charlie sheen and announcing he's hiv positive. linsey davis here with that story. >> good morning, guys. last month the national enquirer posted a story saying an unnamed hollywood superstar was hiv positive. at the time it did not reveal charlie sheen's name but now the tabloid is doing that and then some with details from their year and a half investigation in what they're calling a multimillion dollar cover-up that will rock tinseltown. >> i'm here to admit that i am, in fact, hiv positive. >> reporter: this morning charlie sheen speaking out. >> when were you diagnosed? >> roughly four years ago.
8:12 am
baddest bad boy, sheen had a penchant for promiscuity and partying. >> what's not to leave. it was epic. the run i was on made senate tri, jaguars, richard, all of them look like droopy-eyed armless children. >> reporter: now "the national enquirer's" bombshell report that he was diagnosed as hiv positive. >> what i can tell you is that multiple ex-partners of charlie sheen came forward via text messages and in one case a video recording in which they all confirmed that they were exposed to hiv and they spoke of their horror at potentially being infected with this virus. >> all my hooker numbers ra in that phone. >> reporter: sheen at one time the highest actor paid on tv earning close to $2 million an episode on "2 1/2 men" once estimated i slept with 5,000 people. he admitted to spending tens of thousands of dollars on
8:13 am
prostitutes and in a 2011 interview with abc news he talked only about why he enjoyed the company of prostitutes and porn stars. >> they're the best at what they do and i'm the best at what they do and together it's like it's on. sorry, middle america. not lying to people. whatever you do there's no children involved then you're okay. >> reporter: according to "the national enquirer" he has known about the diagnosis for several years and the tabloid also says the actor reportedly worth $125 million has faced a null of lawsuits and paid millions to protect his secret. >> many of those women have sought legal counsel and successfully sought settlements with charlie sheen as a result of their exposure. >> sheen has three ex-wives and five children. in that nbc news interview sheen also says he does not think he exposed any of his partners to the virus. a source close to the situation tells abc news that his ex-wife actress denise richards does not have hiv and neither do their children adding that he was
8:14 am
infected at some point after their divorce in 2006. "the inquirer's" full article comes out tomorrow. while it's hardly a death sentence legally you are required to tell your partners if you know you have hiv. >> yes. >> all right. >> for sure. thank you, linsey. >> thank you very much, linsey. ronda rousey stuns sports fans everywhere over the weekend. the superstar was knocked out. lost the fight for the first time and jesse is here with the woman who shook up the mma world. hey, jesse. >> ronda rousey entered the octagon with a perfect record. the only person not surprised she lost was her opponent holly holm. she's the woman behind one of the most shocking upsets in sports history. holly holm, knocking out ronda rousey. the seemingly invincible ufc william's bantamweight champion turned movie star and mainstream magazine covergirl in the cage. those who know holly holm it wasn't an upset at all.
8:15 am
and i've had to come in after a lot of people doubting me before and that definitely prepared me to know that believing in myself is huge and that's the biggest thing. >> reporter: the amateur kick boxing champ turned professional fighter is actually a preacher's daughter with 19 world boxing championships under her belt. >> first they wanted to call her holly hottie or holly hollywood or something like that. she said, i don't want to be known for that part of it. just call me the preacher's daughter. >> reporter: the woman named ring magazine's fighter of the year two years in a row who enjoys snowboarding and instagraming pictures of her cat buster in her down time celebrated her win against rousey with nachos and fries. but isn't celebrating too long. already talking about a possible rematch in their future. >> i'll train twice as hard as i did for the first one because i know she'll be coming back. >> but don't expect a rematch right away. rousey said she's going to take a little bit of time but she does promise she'll be back and, guy, personally i'm impressed by
8:16 am
take a look at when i faced rousey in the octagon this past summer and found out firsthand what it's like to have your world turned upside down so to holly holm i said mad props? better woman than you. >> yes. >> bigger and better. >> there will be a rematch, right? >> absolutely there is going to be and it will be a huge megabox office hit. no doubt about it. >> it was really cool how holly said i'll have a rematch. said she knows rhonda gave her an opportunity and i'll do it when the time is right. lara. >> thank you, robin. so, guy, burt reynolds is back. i got to sit down with the legendary actor at his home in florida and talked about his new book it's called "but enough about me" and in it he candidly writes about the highs and lows in the life of a superstar, everything from his favorite film roles to the one that got away. with that iconic mustache and devil may care grin, burt
8:17 am
bandit who captured our hearts and became the number one box office star with a unique attitude towards choosing his roles. >> i used to pick them by where's this being shot. >> wasn't it location and who the female lead was were sort of the two main requirements. >> i would say in that order, yeah. >> if she was incredible then the words were incredible. >> that's right. >> machines are going to fail and the system is going to fail. >> reporter: "deliverance" is your favorite performance. >> yes. >> most fun film you've ever made. >> "smoky." >> last time i saw legs like that they had a message tied to them. >> what do you mean. >> if we watch "smokey and the bandit" you will see sally and you falling in love on the camera. >> that's true. that's true. >> cowboys love fat calves. >> she was the love of my life. i mean, i really to this day think she's the most special woman i've ever dated. >> if you could say something to
8:18 am
her today, what would you say to her? >> you were the best thing that ever happened to me. >> do you think there's any chance you could get back together with her? >> no. she's too smart for that. >> reporter: in his new memoir "but enough about me" reynolds opens up about his most famous romances from dinah shore, 20 years his senior to lonnie anderson whom he wed in 1988. >> as i came out and she was walking down the aisle i looked over and i saw my mother and my mother was looking at me going and i thought, i don't remember my mother ever being wrong. what should i do? but it was a little too late. >> you wrote in the book you never really liked her. >> i didn't like her in terms of ready. >> was it a big process. >> well, i mean, she's going to the store, i thought, well, why, what store? i'm going to the store i'll be
8:19 am
right back and i thought, okay. now what do i do for a day or two? because that's how long she'd be gone. >> the couple famously divorcing after just seven years but the financial implications continued to haunt reynolds today. forcing him to auction off much of his memorabilia. you've saved memories. >> yeah. >> from every aspect of your incredible career. even though you've sold so much of it what are you going to do with it? >> probably sell it again but i hate to. >> reporter: he also shares some of the roles he said no to. that would have surely helped ease his financial burden. were you really considered for james bond? >> yes, i was. >> i see it. >> i think i could have done it well except this is what i said and my stupidity i said an american can't play james bond. it has to be an englishman. bond, james bond. i can't do it. >> oops. >> oops. yeah. i could have done it.
8:20 am
>> this one blew me away. han solo? you were offered the role of han solo. >> yeah. >> you're busy. >> i was busy. but, no, i wasn't so busy i couldn't have done it. >> i would like you to meet jack, the finest director in the business. >> hi. >> reporter: initially he even turned down the 1997 role which catapulted back into the spotlight. you were nominated for an oscar for "boogie nights." >> yeah, i turned him down ten types. >> but despite it all reynolds says looking back on his life, regrets. your last chant weather which is called burt i always wanted to experience everything and go down swinging, so far so good. i know i'm old but i feel young and one thing they can never take away, nobody had more fun than i did. >> i think that's all true. >> it's a pretty good way to sum it up.
8:21 am
after 75 years you're doing all right. >> doing all right. can you believe those roles? he also turned down the role for "terms of endearment." jack nicholson and says "one flew over the cuckoo's nest." a lot of ones that got away, as you heard no regrets and i was happy to hear he says that he and loni anderson have buried the hatchet. you heard that's headlines for years. life is too short. something we should all keep in mind. >> very cool. >> and the book, guy, by the way, "but enough about me," i love that title. "but enough about me." it's out today and it's a great read. >> it was great to hear from him. >> thank you, lara. ginger, weather. >> ginger, where are you? >> i'm right out here having a big birthday bash. all three from texas are 65 and this woman is 60 and these says you're 40. let's celebrate. let's do it. how about we get into the forecast first. this morning, this is what it looks like on the roads around denver. there are already vehicles stranded on some roads south and east. you've seen more than 15 inches
8:22 am
of snow and that warm and stormy side of the storm will bring damaging winds, tornado, look, little rock is in there anywhere just east into mississippi. still in the severe threat this afternoon and evening. cindy: good morning, with got lots of sunshine this morning and 36 degrees in boston and a s showing up north and west of town. it will not be as mild as yesterday with sunshine and mid to upper 40' s the best we do to tell you, we just have so many smiles just rows deep. i love it. but we have to get some "pop." >> get in here and smile with us. we have "pop news" and we begin with one of our favorite
8:23 am
hello, it's me. bringing big news from adele. just a few weeks after releasing her brandon roberts single "hello" which broke the viva record for the most views in 24 hour, 50 million views in one day. >> whoa. >> contributing to at least a million. >> it is a beautiful song. >> continuously plays throughout my house. >> get ready for another. adele released 9 video for a new song called "when we were young." >> ah. reminds me of when we were young >> i mean the woman has got pipes like no other. >> wow. >> the video was recorded live, so no bells and whistles. that is all adele and we will hear much more from her, the full album comes out this friday. >> i am ready. >> i am ready. >> i am too. >> just terrific? so talented. >> i love that. just released it just a couple of hours ago so i consider that is breaking "pop news." >> that is.
8:24 am
also in "pop news" today, what greater joy is there than a new addition to the family? well, for 6-year-old matthew who already has four younger sisters, the greatest joy would have been a younger brother, however, not happening. take a look at the family's new baby announcement. his parents did what they could to soften the blow treating their big brother, wait, haven't showed it to you. there it is, there's the announcement. sent out this picture of his sisters all in princess dresses, that is the moment that math 2450u found out that yet another girl was on the way. in more princess parties. >> yes. >> they celebrated with cupcakes and the cupcakes were pink. >> yeah. >> not that upset. >> he needs cupcakes for the rest of his life. five younger sisters. >> i'm sure if he's treated like a prince -- >> apparently he loves those little girls. >> a lot of little kids in that house. >> yes, yes.
8:25 am
then finally i thought this was funny. irish dad became a viral sensation after filming his entire las vegas vacation un unwittingly in selfie mode. >> evan leapt his gopro to his tech challenged dad who mistakenly put it the wrong way on the selfie stick the entire trip. resulting in hours of footage not of the sites and sounds of vegas, but instead of just his face. >> he went all the way -- >> looking more -- >> there's the view. >> into the desert. utah and arizona. and that's the city. there it is over there. see that 1345u8 one. >> that's not the setting sun. >> you know what, that's a better memory. >> temple bar in dublin. >> very white, very pale. more of the story, what happens in vegas apparently does stay in vegas. >> bah-dum-bum. >> thank you very much. >> that is "pop news." >> and coming up, take a trip
8:26 am
around the world with "gma," some of the most spectacular
8:27 am
announcer: live, from wcvb channel5, this is the eyeopener five update. emily: the mother of a high school teacher will face just take the stand facing her accused killer in court. he is charged in the murder of a 24-year-old. gorgeous blue skies outside but it is chilly. cindy: it sure is an northeast winds are draining the cool air out of canada so temperatures are running in the 20' s and 30' s. 36 right now in boston and by lunchtime coming up into the lower 40' s and mid 40' s for highs this' s a cooler day but lots of sunshine into tomorrow. rain comes in later thursday
8:28 am
into friday. emily: a traffic alert right now -- olessa: this is taking out the two right lanes on 128 northbound in the area of route 130 five. the backup is beyond the braintree split. two lanes are still shut down and we hope it will open soon. allow yourself a time of extra travel time. emily: thank you. we are back with you at 8:56 a.m. remember, have our wcvb mobile app with you. have a great day. [sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another
8:29 am
my dad carried mail on his back. they called him "john the mailman" and they loved him because he looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods. i learned something from my father, do your best to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of
8:30 am
whoo, some funky music. our "40 for 40" bus, shake it, baby. pulling up to the north avenue beach right there on lake michigan and chicago. we're driving across this great country. it's a big thank you to so many "gma" viewers. you invite us into your home each and every morning for the last 40 years and some are about to join nick watt and chef fabio viviani for breakfast, right, nick? >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah, it's breakfast time. there are eight of us living on board this bus. and we are going to make it to you in new york on that 40-hour
8:31 am
evening. see you in a couple of day. >> all right, guys. grab some doughnuts here. grab some doughnuts. everybody, go for it. grab it. grab it. >> they do look good. who knows, the 40/40 express could be coming to a city near you. >> a lot of good doughnuts. ginger is outside on the new blackberry talking to a lot of people on twitter. >> talking to the folks mind me and on twitter. multitasking. we're also connecting with our fans on social media thanks to blackberry who let me borrow their newest smartphone, the priv. use the #gma40 and you might see them on "gma" this morning. i'm tweeting right now. lara. >> thank you, ginger. one of the privileges of our job is being invited plus your homes every single morning getting to share with you some of the incredible places we get to go,
8:32 am
see, taking our viewers to the front lines of the most amazing and spectacular stories as we count down to our "40 for 40" live stream here are some of the highlights. >> we are live from mumbai, india. >> good morning from iran. >> it's a windy morning in moscow. >> madrid, spain, in morning. >> we are in afghanistan. >> a few people are thirsting for a real sense of the rest of the world. >> i really want people to feel that they're with us, that they're with us on these amazing trips. >> i love the opportunity to bring the world to our viewers. >> we're going to take you to the seven new wonders of the world. >> where is diane sawyer? >> i made it here. good morning from jerusalem. >> the polar ice cap. >> the northwest hawaiian islands marine national monument. >> the mayan pyramid. south central mexico.
8:33 am
>> so spiritual to be there and to climb these steps. >> good morning, america, from the top of the highest man-made structure in the world. welcome to the burj dubai. >> india, the biggest democracy. >> bring you the secrets of health and longevity from finland. >> certainly several degrees below zero. >> me and the reindeer, let me just say, i don't know what i was thinking. i really hate to be -- that was one of the most insane elective trips i've ever taken. >> great american southland bus tour. >> it was really cool. it was amazing. medium. you're talking to people and you know they're out there but they can't talk to you but you take those bus trips and you get reaction from people about what they think you're doing. >> those were just amazing trips
8:34 am
>> after 9/11, the executive producer says, you know what, let's celebrate america one state at a time and, lara, you're going. so i got in my little red convertible and i went and got to see some of the most amazing things and meet the most wonderful people. >> hot dogs. >> shocker. >> nuclear power fast attack submarine. live from somewhere in the atlantic ocean and, yes, we are under way, under way and making broadcast history, a television first. >> i remember opening the show, we surfaced and they can't even tell me where we are. i can't even know. that's such a top secret location. >> it is amazing. we're about 45 feet or so above the atlantic ocean. >> who gets that opportunity to do those kind of things? >> good morning, america from behind vatican walls. >> you just can't help but be moved every time you are here in st. peter's square. >> charlie and diane and i did a
8:35 am
show from the vatican and then to later be there at the vatican and be in the audience with the pope was really a special time. >> all aboard. >> welcome to our amazing journey into the heart of america. >> oh, train trip. good morning to you. good morning. >> the train trip, i still think should be entered into an olympic event. we had a real sense of adventure on behalf of the viewers in the morning. >> there was something very americana about that. being on the train. i remember stopping in ohio and brad paisley playing in the field. hey mr. policeman and i can drive faster than you can >> for the first time on live morning television, we hope to, we expect to bring you the miracle of life. an actual birth. >> i thought how hokie can you get? and i was opposed to it. i was grumpy, i was whatever, didn't want to do it. >> beautiful little baby.
8:36 am
>> baby boy. >> yes. >> a little boy. >> oh. >> we ought to put a counter in the lower right-hand corner how many types i'll cry during the broadcast. >> it was one of the most moving programs i think we ever did. >> good morning, america. welcome to song dong in central vietnam. >> i remember the time she went into that city beneath the surface of the earth. that was just astonishing. >> there's nothing quite like live television when you're trying something new. stalagmite. >> live from locations all around the world. what you're about to see has never been attempted before. >> all the anticipation leading to this one moment, to the beautiful song "good life" by one republic here in our studio your three words live, ready, set, go.
8:37 am
this has go to be the good life good life good life got this feeling you can't fight this city it's going to be a good life good good life >> what a perfect song "good life." you know. >> it is a good life. >> so blessed. >> yes, yes. >> i can't believe -- i didn't realize you've been everywhere. >> i know. >> that submarine was amazing. >> it was so -- you keep saying what year was that? i don't remember. i don't -- i go by my hair. that was post -- you can tell. but, as i said, we understand that not everybody can travel like we are blessed to do and the whole intent is for people at home to feel like they're right there with us on the submarine.
8:38 am
>> everyone is fortunate with that. it's just 40 years for this program. >> wow. >> is there one trip that you're like, i don't know why i did that like diane was saying about finland? >> a lot of them are diane related. sorry, diane. love you, thelma. >> be honest, you don't have to tell everyone. just telling us, that train trip was tough. >> that train trip -- >> looked like a lot of fun. >> the toilet and the shower were one, okay, on the train. let me just -- >> toilet and shower. >> same area. i mean this sincerely. every time we got off this train somewhere in that great country and met people, you were glad that you were there. you were glad -- >> okay, toilet/shower. >> bonding experience. >> it was, it was, it was, yeah. >> so many great memories and more to come because we are just hours away from the start of our "40 for 40" live stream event. somehow we'll pull this off. i highly recommend you watch because bloopers abound, i guarantee it. 40 straight hours of live
8:39 am
programming leading up to our coming back. think about "gma" over the 40 year, think of a name, think of someone you loved. they'll be here on thursday morning and jesse has more on that. >> good morning. >> good morning, america. >> it's a tv event 40 years in the making. >> here in southern california. >> sochi. >> this morning in abuja. >> in glendora. >> 40 hours of live coverage from around the world bringing you up to date with the latest news. >> breaking -- >> from paris. >> here in paris they woke up to this image. >> to london. >> the picture on "the times." >> to right here in times square. >> we're going to have a fun morning if we'll reminisce about some of our favorite moments over the past 40 years. >> look at this on a treadmill. >> shrimp on a treadmill. >> george, george, is this it? >> with those familiar faces from "gma's" past. >> got some eye openers for you.
8:40 am
the news over the last four decades all here live. >> good morning, everybody. i'm david hartman. >> and i'm joan lunden. >> from our tv family to your, get ready, america. >> are you ready. >> yep. >> here we go. >> four 40 years in 40 hours starts today. >> i'm on my phone. >> important work. >> it was breaking news. >> i can't wait to see everybody. so excited. hopefully you are. right now, though, one last check with ginger who is outside. >> we are all just out here reminiscing too. these are the folks that really make it great. every single morning and so happy you're here this morning. let's go ahead and get into the forecast, shall we? talk about what is happening. california, this is video from that storm that's now moved well east but my goodness, you put the wind on it. that's what's moving in. look, the pacific northwest is not done. more to come with wind and heavy rains at times locally up to 6 inches. all right, we're -- i'm getting
8:41 am
cindy: good morning, bright sunshine out there but chilly in the mid-30' s and mid 40' s by lunchtime and we will stay there all afternoon. >> and don't worry i'm not being rude just tweeting again. we want all of you to remember your favorite "gma" moments and tweet us. i've got the blackberry priv. gma40 is the hashtag. >> he has to pull this moment that sam did. remember when the weather maps crowd. it's such an incredible moment. i hope we can show you. >> a lot of blacked out stuff. >> oh, my gosh. sam is coming back. everyone is coming back on thursday. but coming up right now sarah palin is with us live. robin will go one-on-one with the former republican vice presidential candidate about the
8:42 am
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test text1 back now with sarah palin, the former governor of alaska and republican vice presidential candidate has a brandon roberts book out of devotionals called "sweet freedom" full of daily reflections on life, politics and faith. good to see you again. >> thank you so much. awesome to see you. >> i love all the pictures we have, the montage behind you of your family. >> yeah. >> we were showing all the places we've been over the 40 years. i still remember alaska going
8:45 am
there a few years ago to be with your family. >> you were such a good sport. out there on the snow machines, you know, geared up. >> you got to do it. >> tough woman. you are. >> it is a beautiful book. i told you my family we've read a devotional stream for many, many years. i want to talk to you about that. you made news over the weekend. you said you would be willing to run again. what is it -- what would it take to get you back into politics and you have an eye on any particular office? >> no particular office but what it would take is knowing that the american public would be ready for, again, someone going rogue, you know and calling it like they see it and having the experience that they believe could be put to good use in the name of service. if i really felt that that was there in terms of support and, you know, i'd be more than willing to serve. >> yeah, that's how you've always -- >> yeah, yeah. and also, you know, living my life, putting it in god's hands knowing that you just never know
8:46 am
door is open, i'm built to run through it. man, charge through it and live life vibrantly and do all you >> that's what you share in the book, sarah. you do that and don't shy away >> right. >> just yesterday on the program we were talking to a doctor about fear following the paris attacks and even if you weren't there, that there's this fear with terrorism and that and you touch upon terrorism in your book. how do you help people get past those feelings. >> i do and i touch -- that's what makes the devotional different. i talk about these topical issues, the issues of the day and how in scripture ole and new testament we can find the answers and solutions to the challenges we're facing on a day-to-day basis when it comes to fear. we're given promise after promise from the omnipotence of god telling us fear not, put this in my hands, he tells us, maybe my mom, probably your mom
8:47 am
day, go to sleep, give it to god. he's up all night anyway and dump your fears and your challenges on him and knowing that he will provide. he will provide answers for you, but he expects us to take some action and do something with the answers he provides and he doesn't drive parked cars. you know, we need to get out there and take some action to help others. >> i love the phrases. our family motto when fear knocks let faith answer the door. >> like something my mom would say too. >> a mommyism but fear has also gripped some governors here in this country because they are saying, because of one of the attackers coming through syria having that that they don't want syrian refugees and many governors have said in this country no as a former governor, do you agree we should not allow syrian refugees in this country? >> well, these governors, they're our first line of defense, though, when it comes to making sure that the people
8:48 am
are being protected. because on a federal level, we're -- i believe that the american people aren't feeling that protection coming from the top that they deserve to feel that we are doing everything and anything we can to make sure the bad guys won't fulfill their threat and we have these recent threats specifically against washington, d.c. that isis wants to come over here and destroy us. well, a lot of the governors are saying, okay, well, what can i do within my authority as a state official to make sure that the people are protected to make sure we know who's coming into our state, to make sure on a practical level how it is that we would even be able to fund the services that these refugees would need and these governors are being very prudent in their hesitation, this their caution that they're taking before they're saying, hey, any and all, come on in when there's not a vetting process. >> that's what they want -- everyone wants a better vetting process. before you go, the book, you touch -- you don't hold back. >> right. >> that's what we expect from
8:49 am
you and you talked about the challenging year that you have had aging parents, you know, losing a job, just various things. is that the reason why, why now did you want to put this all down. >> i've always wanted to write a devotion and based on years of journalling too but kind of a specific period of time when it rains it pours, you know and i believe that god does that to us and allows some things to happen in our lives in order to prepare us for whatever is next so that we're kind of, you know, geared up and equipped ready to do whatever the next step is and it's not just me, it's everyone, plato said be nice to everyone because everyone is fighting a battle. there. so just wanting to encourage people to don't be fearful and to live life vibrantly. if you're seeking answers to all these challenges personally and politically you're going to find them in the word. >> we can't wait to see what you do next and it is extremely uplifting. i wish we had more time. >> well, thank you so much for
8:50 am
>> no, we got to get an extra hour on this program. "sweet freedom: a devotional" is available now. up next a great deal and steal from tory. come on back. r mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. r delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. t no secrets. just like our family.
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cc1 test message test text1 underline test text1 italics here with tory johnson we are getting ready for our "40 for 40" live stream event. you got the memo. 40 dees in 40 hours all under $40. >> you got it. can you beat that? >> hard to beat. >> pretty amazing. what's really fun we are bringing back a lot of "gma" viewer favorites plus some new surprises so i think everyone will have fun once they tune in. >> if you don't know the answer forgive me. do you know what the most popular item you ever had was? >> well, i would say very recently we just did barbie dolls and jawbones, hugely successful but quite frankly, earrings and handbag, hard to beat those. >> they go out the door. >> the west coast is sometimes not my friend but saving things
8:53 am
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8:56 am
olessa: two lanes were closed by 135 until about 10 minutes ago. they were close the entire rush hour and the delay is back to the braintree split. emily: a beverly man is
8:57 am
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