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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 18, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and "gma" will have live tm coverage of all the latest coming up. thanks for joining us. emily: good morning, it's wednesday, november 18. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. breaking news right now on the eyeopener. a major raid overnight in france. the deadly burst of violence. and the push to take down the mastermind of friday's terror attacks. emily: also breaking. two france flights, scoured for explosives after anonymous threats. the disturbing trend. and what the search turned up. randy: an unruly passenger in boston heads to court. her bizarre behavior that put everyone in danger. and what witnesses say set her off.
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cindy: we have been dropping into the teens in some areas. coldest morning we have had in quite sometime. 20 in nashua right now. mid 20's on the north shore. 21 taunton. in the 20's in the cape. it is definitely a cold start but the skies are clear this morning and the day will feature a lot of sunshine. once again, some late-day clouds starting to move in. we are in the 30's through 8:00 this morning. we won't get up until the 40's until about 10:00 this morning. temperatures recover to around 50 this boston. 48 in worcester. lower 50's on cape cod. this is moving away. it is going to allow this next storm system to move on in. it will bring some rain here at the end of the week. expecting a widespread inch or more rain. this will impact this friday morning commute. not dealing with too much out
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you may have some extra time to scrape a little frost off the windshield. olessa: nice and quiet start in both directions. let's get to the maps and check the rest of your trip. 93 south at the zakem bridge. also watching construction on i-95 and approaching 128. more construction as you make your way past the pike as well corner. north we're expecting the trains and schedule. erika: thank you. emily: thank you. breaking news we are following a major raid overnight as french police target suspects in the deadly attacks in paris. randy: all of this unfolding in denis, a suburb of paris.
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was one of the sites targeted on friday. emily: erika? erika: this was a huge operation targeting the man called the mastermind on attacks and we know it was violent. that is sound of sustained gunfire. witnesses said it went on for about an hour in the paris suburb. all of this unfolding over the course of an hour. there were at least seven explosions during the course of this raid. details are still coming in. five terror suspects are under arrest. three were arrested in apartment where the raid was two were taken into custody di is dead. suicide vest. this raid was targeting this man. he is a belgian national and key isis figure who had believed to be in syria. authorities thought he was in
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syria. right now there is no confirmation on whether he was in fact killed or arrests in this raid. we just know he was the target. information still coming in moment by moment. we'll update you as soon as we get more information. randy? randy: thank you, erika. also breaking overnight. at least one of the air france flights diverted because of a bomb threat has been cleared. the f.b.i. says they found no credible threat to the los angeles to paris flight, which was forced to land in salt lake city, utah. that threat came at the same time as another paris-bound jet. that flight was diverted to halifax, nova scotia. passengers got off safely from both flights. emily: other stories we're following right now. a small earthquake rumbled the metro west.
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holliston. many surrounding communities also felt that shaking. no word of injuries or serious damage. randy: this airline passenger faces a judge today after causing an emergency situation on board a boston-bound flight. her bizarre actions forcing the crew to restrain her. the eye's antoinette antonio is live in boston where that woman is in court today. reporter: that woman is being held here at the state police bare racks at logan airport now after not being able to post bail last night. crew members say she was drunk when she tried to open a plane door mid-air on a trip to boston. many passengers on the british airways flight never noticed a problem, until the crew restrained the woman. she's been identified as polish citizen kamila dolniak. those who did see what happened say dolniak was drunk, and annoyed. >> she did have a vapor
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cigarette and i think she was going into the bathroom trying to use it and i think they said she couldn't. that's when everybody said you're doing something you're not allowed to do and she got very violent about it. emily: security at airports and on planes is at its peak right now, following the paris attacks. authorities making it clear that yesterday's incident is not related to terrorism. dolniak was unable to post bail last night. she's being kept in a holding cell at logan airport until she is due in court later on today in east boston. >> i can't come out. i can't take it. emily: more drama in the trial of the danvers teen accused of killing his teacher. philip chism refusing to enter the courtroom in the first full day of testimony. this morning, the judge is ordering the jury back to court.
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is unable to sit in on the trial. >> he was lying on the floor. mum wbling his eyes closed. emily: that is the judge describing chism in his holding cell yesterday. chism's attorney says his actions do raise questions about his competency. the judge has asked for a new psychological evaluation for the teen accused of killing colleen ritzer more than two years ago. however, testimony will resume this morning even if chism is forced to watch through a video feed in the holding cell. 4:37. there are new details in a decades-old cold case. randy: the local spot authorities are zoning in on to solve a grisly murder. the mother of a murdered new hampshire journalist heads to washington. the policy she wants changed after her son was killed by isis. erika? erika: randy, breaking news
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is dead now and five others arrested. cindy? cindy: clear and cold again today.
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randy: we're continuing to follow this breaking news out of france. gunfire and explosions erupting during an overnight raid there. at least one terrorism suspect is dead after police say she blew herself up. five more are under arrest now. this raid targeting the man believed to be the mastermind of friday's terror attacks in more information as we get it this morning on the eye. >> i respectfully demand to see the proof that our current hostage policy is truly protecting americans. emily: the mother of a new hampshire man killed by isis demands answers during testimony in washington. diane foley is the mother of journalist james foley, killed in syria in august, 2014. she testified yesterday before the house foreign affairs committee, asking washington to change its policy of not negotiating with terrorists. she recounted the nearly two-year ordeal her family went
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through, left to communicate with isis on their own, to try and save her son. she says the current policy led to the death of james, and other americans. >> is it wise to not even engage these people? we don't have a clue. we don't know what's going on. we don't know what they want. we don't know who they are. emily: committee members were skeptical of her calls for change, claiming isis would just start killing again once their demands were met. still ahead, donald trump
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emily: that's all i said when i got in the car this morning. brrrrr. cindy: a lot of frost. it was cold all night. yesterday was only the second time this month we didn't get out of the forty.
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we had the sunshine and the winds were light. the coldest day of this month, of last month, you have to go all the way back to april to find a day that was colder in boston. that 45-degree temperature yesterday. we have been spoed with the temperatures as of late. we go interest frost to 50 today with a lot of sunshine into the afternoon. we are going to see some rain here. it is going to come in later thursday into trid. rain to end the week. this weekend does look cooler and there could be a couple of flurries. not a big deal. in terms of the rain coming in later this week, i think there will be some impact on the thursday evening commute. friday morning it will likely still be raining so some impacts for this friday morning commute. the jet stream is taking all of this moist, warm air from the gulf of mexico and lifting it knotward. that you can see strip of rain is not -- northward.
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isn't moving much east. crisis mainly clear this morning and it is cold. lots of 20's out the door this morning. beverley is 26. just barely 20, nashua. teens in northern worcester county and southwest new hampshire. indeed, it is a cold morning with a lot of frost throughout as well. we will see a lot of sunshine this morning and right into the afternoon. notice our winds turn southeast today but they stay pretty light. we recover to around 50 degrees this afternoon in boston. lower 50's to hyannis. that is eventually going to bring in some clouds. you see by 5:00, most of the clouds out across western new england, they will increase us. it is not going to be as cold out the door tomorrow. tomorrow we recover into the mid and even some upper 50's but we
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this front comes in during the afternoon and evening pressing in some rain. an area of low pressure is going to slow things down. it really takes until i think noontime or so on friday before the rain winds down and then for the weekend. we're talking about an inch or so of rain. the rain comes in as we get toward 5, 6:00 in the evening, especially from worcester on westward. showing up? those are the downpours. still going to have some good rain on friday morning before it exits here. improvements coming on in. clearing friday giving way to sunshine on saturday. perhaps a couple of flurries around with that cool air lasting into early next week. how are we doing on the roads? olessa: so far it is a quiet start. let's get to the maps and check out your trip. you're going to need a little
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ice off the windows. as you travel south, construction near 95 along 128 and i-95 north, approaching the ramp there to 28. make your way along 128 and once again by the pike and your last project eastbound by new ton corner. knot of town, it is long-term. so far the trains and buses are expected to start the morning on schedule. emily: three stories we have been following. a big break in a decades old murder mist and a boston hotel facing fines. we start with those guns stolen from a military armory in worcester. five investigates obtaining these pictures showing the blue weapons vault that was broken into. those windows above it, that's how the thief got in.
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the worcester telegram reports the alarm was working at the time. six assault rifles and 10 handguns are missing. baltimore police say there's more evidence connecting a nearly 40-year-old unsolved murder to boston. 5 investigates reporting last week that police believe the victim, a young woman whose never been identified - was from this area. new information is even more specific, suggesting she may be from forest hills and went to jamaica plain or roslindale high. and the wyndham boston beacon hotel is facing a $12,000 fine for conditions first exposed by 5 investigates. workers there complain they have to clean up bodily fluids and waste from mass general patients who use the hotel. they say they're not trained to do that. the feds giving the hotel until january to correct the issue. randy: commitment 2016. donald trump will be back in the republican candidate is evening rally at worcester's d.c.u. center. security for trump's visit will be heavier than before with state and local police with
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with the secret service. jeb bush and carly fiorina will be in new hampshire today. fiorina will meet with veterans in henniker this morning. she'll then host a town hall meeting at keene state college. jeb bush will attend a house party fundraiser in bedford. emily: louisiana governor bobby jindal is out of the race. he failed to gain any traction in that state's polls. he said he hasn't thought about endorsing any of the remaining presidential candidates. randy: a check of your trending stories this morning. emily: there are change at yale prompted by protests against racial injustice. significant changes must be made on campus to make everyone feel welcome. he said yale will add more diverse courses and launch a series of conferences on the issue of race.
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against routine screening for early prostate cancer testing. fewer u.s. men are getting blood tests and being diagnosed. a government panel said it can lead to the overtreatment of tumors that may never threat an man's life. it does not say how the recommendations impact death rates. emily: a wisconsin reporter does some investigating on live television. he asked his long time girlfriend to marry him and she said yes. he promised he would not propose on a jumboreason to at any sort of sporting event so this was the next best thing. well played. still ahead, students online accounts snooped by their school. randy: the vote today trying to
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then at 5:00, three greents behind one gourmet meal. it is the final installment of our restaurant series this week. emily: at least one terrorism suspect is dead. five arrested after a violent raid overnight.
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emily: 4:55. breaking news now. at least one terror suspect is dead after an overnight raid in france. randy: five more are under arrest there. police say a woman blew herself up. near the site of the first terror attack on friday.
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witnesses say overnight gunfire lasted for an hour. the raid targeting this man believed to be the mastermind of friday's attacks in the city of paris. new images in a 30-year-old new hampshire cold case. investigators released these images of the four victims, a woman believed to be in her 20's and three children between the ages of 2 and 10. their remains were found in two steel drums in a state park in 1985 and 2000. new high tech forensic tests on hair and teeth helped to narrow the ages of the victims and the region they lived in. emily: a beverly man is held without bail, charged with trying to kill his wife. axel scherer faced a judge yesterday. police say they found his wife, edith black-sherer, in her home monday night, suffering from critical injuries. she remains in critical condition. randy: the state senate votes on a bill today to stop schools from snooping into student's internet life. some administrators say its important to keep an eye on what students are posting, especially
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to spot potential threats. but many critics believe its an invasion of privacy. today's bill would place limits on how much access schools have to students' social sites. emily: a new test for students in massachusetts has been approved. in an 8-3 vote yesterday, the state board of elementary and secondary education combined parts of the mcas test with the parcc exam. half of the districts in the state took the parcc exam last year. it's aligned with common core standards. mcas had been the state test since 1998. randy: online media giant yahoo is now under scrutiny in new york over its daily fantasy sports game. the attorney general issued a subpoena to yahoo, but did not name the company in tuesday's filing to shutdown draftkings and fanduel. a yahoo spokesperson says the company is offering a lawful product for daily fantasy sports users. >> you're going against a team that is arguably the best team
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in football now. the best offense in the league. with the best quarterback. we know one thing. we will find out how much better this football team is. randy: rex ryan talking about his team's big test against the undefeated patriots. you can watch it here on channel 5:00. november 23 with the countdown to the kickoff show at gillette stadium. emily:a sign of the season: boston's christmas tree from nova scotia is on its way! the 50-foot spruce was cut down yesterday. it should arrive to boston common on friday. the gifted tree is part of an annual tradition dating back to 1918. you can see the tree lighting live thursday, december 3 at 7 right here on wcvb. great.
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we have weather to go. cindy: over the past couple of weeks, we were like what? christmas seems so far away. now you step outside this morning, there is frost, answer to, 20's in the suburbs and it feels like it is the season. we have been dealing with mild conditions this month by also dry conditions. more than an inch and a half behind where we should be for rainfall. for the year in boston, our deficit has past the nine-inch mark. mississippi into alabama, a tornado watch. multiple tornados the past couple of days. the low insure up to the great lakes and this cold front will swing throur area slowly later thursday into friday. we're going to get some rain. today starting out clear and cold. nice recovery this afternoon. late-day clouds. 60's in philly and d.c.
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