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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 19, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, fate unknown. the mastermind behind the paris attacks dead or alive. investigators trying to determine if he was part of that ferocious raid outside paris. we're live in france with the latest. direct threat. isis out with a new chilling video suicide vests being made with a warning to new york city. breaking overnight, a plane making an emergency landing after hitting severe turbulence. and still awake. our medical editor's sleepless saga, no sleep for more than 40 hours as we celebrate 40 years
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of "good morning america." well, good thursday morning. we begin with the fate of the alleged mastermind behind the brutal paris terror attacks. targeted in that raid. >> nearly 24 hours after the siege ended there are conflicting reports this morning about abdelhamid abaaoud's fate. abc's alex marquardt has the latest for us from paris. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis, good morning, reena. that's right. there are conflicting reports. french officials haven't said for sure whether they believe abaaoud is dead or alive. what they have said he was the target of that raid that took place in the paris suburb of saint-denis early yesterday morning at 4:30. that siege, that raid lasting some seven hours. there were eight people arrested. seven of them men, one woman and two of them killed. at this moment, french officials have not identified any of those arrested and nor any of those killed. they have said that abaaoud is not among those who were arrested but of those two who
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who debt naded her suicide belt and then there was someone else who has killed as the police moved in by a grenade. they have not yet identified that person. it is in theory possible that that is abaaoud. what came as a surprise yesterday was to find out he was even thought to be on french soil. the prosecutor's office here in paris saying that they heard from what they called a credible witness that he was on french soil, that's why they moved into this apartment along with surveillance of cell phones and computers data but that did come as a surprise. he had appeared in propaganda videos in syria. he had believed to be -- he had been believed to be in belgium in january. then made his way back to syria and so if he had come back to france that would have come as a surprise to intelligence officials and also highlighted the big gaps in security here in europe and how easy it is for these european nationals,
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their way to syria to come back home and organize and carry out these attacks. live in paris. he's been covering the days. ail elect, thank you so much. in the meantime, we're getting a chilling look at one of the attacks as it unfolded in paris. >> take a look at these stunning images from "the daily" showing a gunman on the upper left hand shooting out the windows of a restaurant and walks away. reappears to point the gun at a woman but he doesn't fire. the gun doesn't fire because it jams and after he moves on, you see the terrified woman popping up her head life spared. >> other breaking news from overnight a chilling new threat also from isis. the terror group warning of an attack in new york city. >> take a look. times square right behind us. that's one of the locations the group threatens to strike. it's quiet there right now but every day hundreds of thousands of people pass through the area
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>> the group released a new video making a direct threat to the city showing the iconic yellow cabs and large crowds. there's french music playing in the background along with video of france's president francois hollande, a nod to the attacks in paris. >> new york city's mayor said there is no credible and specific threat. >> there is nothing new about that video. new york obviously remains one of the top terrorist targets in the world. this city places great importance on the safety of new yorkers and the almost 60 million visitors who will come to the city. >> bratton's message to the millions expected to arife in new york over over the holiday, do not be frightened. that cams after the terrorist group made a direct threat to strike washington, d.c. >> isis has released an image of a bomb.
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take a look of it hidden inside a soda can. this is what response for downing a russian airliner in egypt. there is confirmation of the claim. it could be a case of disinformation, experts say. >> new video of russia's retaliation for that plane attacked. the video shows the bombing of isis oil tankers around 500 fuel tang evacuate vehicles transporting illegal oil from syria to iraq for processing have been destroyed by russia's air forces. the sale of oil is isis' main sources of income. it's fueling a bitter war of words over syrian refugees coming to america. the house is voting today on a bill calling for tougher screening standards for incoming refugees. president obama is threatening to veto that bill. he called the plan by senator ted cruz to ban muslim refugees unamerican but cruz standing his ground. >> i would encourage you,
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mr. president, come back and insult me to my face. let's have a debate on syrian refugees right now. >> so far 31 governors say refugees are not welcome in their states. a syrian refugee family was diverted to connecticut after indiana officials objected to plans for them to resettle in indianapolis. well, donald trump was also speaking out about the refugee issue before a rally last night in massachusetts. trump said he expects to do great with muslim voters because he's talking about security issues, trump also said he believes the u.s. will have no choice but to close some mosques because of radical activity. during the rally three protesters were escorted out. incidents. >> i mentioned food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy. he went crazy. amazing. amazing. >> trump again criticized his closest rival ben carson
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policy. some extreme weather in the southeast. a tornado causing damage near atlanta, several homes damaged by the twister which has been confirmed by the national weather service. the strong storm also brought down a number of tries, up to 4 inches of rain fell in some parts flooding was a concern particularly because of storm drains clogged with leaves. and take a look at the radar right now, you can see the rain and storms moving away from the atlanta area and into the carolinas, as well as virginia. in fact, there will be rain today for the entire east coast. and that includes the folks in florida. well, still ahead, the delicate rescue, dozens of stories above the ground. >> and breaking overnight a plane hits severe turbulence sending it to the ground. a monkey on the loose in an american town. the video just in. celebrating 40 years of "good morning america," the "40 for 40" live event streaming
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right now at we'll check in with the head of our medical unit. he's staying up more than 40 hours to celebrate.
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just about anywhere you can use splenda ... calorie sweetener. splenda lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda york city. fire crews had to cut through a double pane window to rescue two workers after their scaffold got stuck outside the 22nd floor of a high-rise in the city. an electrical malfunction stalled it trapping them for about an hour. no injuries to report. some frightening moments on board a jet heading to england from chicago. it was forced to return to o'hare after encountering severe turbulence.
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two flight attendants were injured and taken to the hospital. the flight canceled and passengers will try again today. well, stocks are moving higher as investors start to get comfortable with the idea of an interest rate hike next month. the dow climbed more than 247 points yesterday. nasdaq has up 89. s&p 500 gained 33. that was the market's strongest rally in nearly a month. it followed word from the fed that the u.s. economy is strong enough to withstand the first interest rate move in some seven years. and what oprah has done for book sales seems to be working for weight watchers, as well. shares of the weight loss giant have nearly doubled in the last month since oprah bought a 10% stake and joined its board of directors. company officials credit the media bhoegle's magic touch with extending sales to new markets around the world. all right. well, when we come back, caught on camera. an out-of-control tour bus slamming through barricades.
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the pursuit of healthier. second we're born. p because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. r keep away illness. r and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. r as a health services and innovation company r optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. r so while the world keeps searching for healthier r we're here to make healthier happen. take a look at this. a car burst into the flames on the george washington bridge creating a long ride home from new york city. it broke out at the height of the evening rush hour and crew doused the flames but not before it was destroyed. checking your monk road
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conditions it's going to be wet for the entire east coast. flooding is possible in the southeast. slippery around the northern great lakes, icy in the northern rockies and wet for the northwest. if you're flying airport delays along the northeast cory, washington, philadelphia, and boston. tensions between police and protesters in minneapolis bubbled over after dark last night. >> police in riot gear descended on protesters camped out in front of the precinct since sunday's deadly shooting of an unarmed black man by two officers. several officers were injured after being hit by rocks and water bottles. in southern california helicopter crash then caught fire trying to land at an airport near san diego. it began spinning out of control, then broke apart and hit the ground in a cloud of smoke and flames. both people on board were killed. new surveillance video of a horrific tour bus crash in san francisco. you can see the runaway
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a popular shopping district mowing down street barricades and crash into scaffolding, 0 were injured. the driver says the brakes failed and we now know the bus was never registered with the state agency that would have required an inspection. in southern texas a monkey on the loose, folk, causing some problems. while out of its cage the animal injured an 84-year-old woman taken to a hospital. two others also suffered minor injuries. one of them described the whole thing as monkey gone wild. >> no, it wasn't angry. just got away from the owners and, you know, they must have not had it properly put away. >> police and animal control officials responded to the incident. they safely recaptured the monkey who knew. you see a monkey, don't approach it. >> that's what sleep deprivation does to you. >> turning to the way we sleep affects our health and new study links sleep cycle changes to higher cholesterol, bmi and
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larger waistlines. people who stick to a routine sleep schedule even on their days off tend to cut the risk for diabetes and heart disease. but most of us suffer from so-called social jet lag. the mismatch between our body clocks and socially imposed sleep schedules. >> we're talking about sleep. the guy we're about to show you has been getting no sleep at all these days doing it by choice. >> we're talking about the head of our medical unit, dan childs. his part of the "good morning america" "40 for 40" live stream marking "gma's" 40th birthday is straight. he's doing this as a sleep deprivation experiment, we're told. how is it going? >> well, i really -- first of all it didn't sound very nice to me, the results of that study that you talked about before, so that's got me a little bit on edge, no, i'm at this point i've
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i'm pretty severely compromised. i'm just about ready to see if i can find a place to place to rest. so we've been testing out to see how i've been essentially getting worse as the nights have been going along. we had tests of coordination between the juggle balls own the balance board here. i'm not doing very well. >> could you give us a little demonstration of the juggling? >> let me see what i can do. i can still. >> nice. >> my hands feel a little bit like catcher's mitts. >> i can't do that with a full night's sleep. bravo. >> the balance board, i'm afraid, is a different story. this is something that i can hardly even get off the ground. if i do it too much i'm going to slide street through that window. >> are you drinking coffee or what are you doing to stay awake?
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i talked to a doctor before i did this and this top sleep expert actually told me that coffee would be a little like cheating and blunt the affects of the sleep deprivation so momma's child didn't raise a cheater and decided to do this au naturel. >> that's great. that's why we have multiple cups of coffee every night before the show >> that's how he celebrates "gma's" 40th. we call that any day that ends with a "y." >> dan child, thank you very much, dan. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> no need to get that man an ambien. won't need it. coming up you're so vain, carly simon revealing who he she's singing about. what a reunion. icons of the past again celebrating 40 years of "gma." (dramatic music)
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okay, time now for "pop news." no "pulse" today. >> paying tribute to the "good morning america" segment so here on "america this morning." carly simon answering a long-standing question. >> for more that 40 years it's been asked who exactly was simon singing about in her 1972 grammy nominated song. you're so vain you probably think this song is about you you're so vain you're so vain i'll bet you think this song is about you don't you don't you >> of course, that's "you're so
4:23 am
vain" and possibly speculation centered on mick jagger and even cat stevens. >> as she promotes her memoir she confirmed the second verse is about him, after warren beatty and she insists the rest of the song refers to two other unnamed men. so the mystery still continues. >> yes. >> also in "pop news," we've all sin pinup calendars featuring firefighters but this one will leave those in the dust. >> the taxi drivers of new york city chunkier and hairier than ever. thankfully they're featured in pin-ups. >> look at those dad bods. >> keep most of their clothing on while posing with their cabs. >> you know, in a nod to political correctness the 2016 calendar boasts of one female as miss august. >> oh. >> and the proceeds, by the way, we should mention go to an organization that helps immigrants with essential services like housing and education. >> and, ladies and gentlemen,
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they are single. line up. and finally, in "pop news," it's party time. at "good morning america," familiar faces of the show present and past marking its 40th anniversary. >> our robin roberts led the reunion yesterday during the "gma" "40 for 40" live stream event. she welcomed her predecessors and former colleagues everyone from joan lunden and david hartman to charlie and diane. >> i learned from the absolute best. i mean, sitting next to charlie -- i get a little weepy and charlie and diane -- exactly what you're saying about this man right here, so incredibly generous, i mean i'm coming from espn. i think even still had pigtails. hey, charlie, hey, diane. >> we had to put a basket in in the studio. >> bib labrador in here. with such respect, always treated me and helped me learn. >> robin always looks so great.
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your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. checking our top stories word this morning that the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks may be dead. killed in yesterday's raid near paris but so far french officials are not commenting on the fate of 27-year-old abdelhamid abaaoud. we do know at least two people have died during the siege including a female suicide bomber. officials in new york city are yee yakking after isis released a video threatening attacks on the big apple. mayor said the people of new york cy will not be intimidated. in a late night press conference in times square he added that there is no specific or credible threat against the city, they say people should not be afraid to visit the city's iconic landmarks. well, we're in the middle of "good morning america." >> okay, so finally this half hour a brief look back at
4:28 am
"gma's" broadcast 40 years ago today. >> greetings, everyone. prediction, some startling facts to emerge from the cher/greg allman divorce case. inside is a saying he may be playing prince to the princess of tv superstars by his divorce action of last week. word from macon, georgia, is that some very heavy action is about to rock the entire rock world and that alman wanted cher out of the line of fire. the fun-loving carolyn kennedy again in the headlines seen retiring to millionaire mark shan's country's residence down at fashionable brighton by the sea. unfortunately, reports are that the entire kennedy family would like this relationship to sail on by. looking at the weather now, philadelphia will be fair today with a high of 67 degrees. atlanta will be partly cloudy, a high there of 58. des moines can expect some thundershower activity with a
4:29 am
high of 54 and a low of 49. bismarck, north dakota will have snow today, a high there of 25 and a low of 23. >> here's some guidelines about tipping that have been set up by the tippers international. by the way, this is only a guideline to tipping. you do have to use your own judgment. first of all, if you're in a restaurant and you want to tip the waiter 10 to 15% to perhaps 20% for good service. that's the total before taxes, by the way. >> and, for example, how to figure out -- if dinner is supposedly $7, 10% of that would be 70 cents and, of course, 20% of that which is just double is 1 1.40. it's like a dollar for every seven dollars. >> a dollar for every seven dollars. >> $7 buys you coffee. >> true throwback thursday there. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> happy birthday, good morning,


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