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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is newscenter 5 at noon. erika: first at noon, breaking news. a former army reserve member arrested in new york in connection to the theft of weapons from the army reserve center in worcester. antoinette: let' s get right to karen anderson, who is live at the breaking news dekes. 34-year-old james walker morales -- karen: 34-year-old james walker morales will appear before a new york federal judge this afternoon. according to the fbi, evidence against him includes a dna link,
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monitoring bracelet that showed him at the army reserve at the time of the break in. here' s a surveillance image from the scene a dark-colored bmw. court documents say the man brought in double back into the facility 0 around 7:45 p.m. and left around midnight with several of the bags. he entered through a window at the reserve center. the window was in the kitchen area and he climbed on top of the weapons vault that you can see in these pictures obtained by 5 investigates. the paperwork says he used a power saw and prybar to cut through the ceiling of the ball. 16 military weapons were taken, including six assault rifles that can fire a three round burst for each pull of the trigger. investigators say they were able to get bloodstains from the roof matching morales' s dna. they say he was wearing a gps monitoring bracelet at the time
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-- scene. he was ordered to wear that after he was charged with the rape of a child. according to investigators, he had just picked up his military discharge paperwork november 12. he is charged with unlawful possession of a machine gun and stolen firearms. investigators have not said if they have recovered all of the weapons. karen anderson, 5 investigates. antoinette: we are following more breaking news. this involving the deadly terror attacks in paris. the alleged mastermind is confirmed dead killed in yesterday' s raid north of the city. we' re also learning the islamic state group has a branch seeking to produce chemical weapons. marci gonzalez reports the news comes amid heightened concerns in the u.s. that isis is looking to attack here. >> his body riddled with
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shrapnel and bullets that he could only be identified by his fingerprints. the mastermind of the attacks that killed 129 people killed during this dramatic scene in the suburbs of paris yesterday. he was a petty criminal and was behind other isis plots including an attempt on a paris-bound train earlier this year. now they are looking at how he was able to sneak across borders . >> it is urgent for europe that europe comes together, organizes, and defends itself against terrorist threats. marci: police still searching for two suspects, including one this disturbing video from you see diners ducking for cover, the killer shooting his
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at one women on wehn his assault rifle jammed. at least nine people detained this morning in belgium. erika: more breaking news. the state saying today it will allow fantasy sports sites to continue to operate here in massachusetts, but under strict new regulations. newscenter 5' s pam cross is live in boston with today' s announcement. pam? pam: among the changes ads that tell the odds and help for gamblers. the attorney general is doing this under consumer protection rules. >> these are games you carry around with you in your pocket and lose money at the touch of a button. pam: the attorney general released a list of regulations for all fantasy sports. among them, minors under 21 not allowed to play, professional athletes and agents can' t play in their own sport, companies
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all players win 90% of the cash, demanding more transparency. >> this is about a level playing concerns. had that respect to concerns folks had about private information and who they are up against. pam: no word yet from the companies, but if the companies don' t adopt the changes immediately, they go into effect after public hearings at the end of january. antoinette: sky 5 over the boston police station in the south end, where four police officers are recovering after being exposed to a chemical used to make meth. it happened during an arrest. newscenter 5' s frank holland is police response. frank? frank: police tell us the
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four officers taken to the boston medical center. they have all been treated and released. we are seeing where this started and what police are investigating. police were removing something from a scene involving a chemical used to make meth. across the street and says a fireman initially told her there was a suspicious package at the police station. the mom worrying her son' s school was in danger. >> i was just thinking of terrorists of some kind. they said a suspicious package. i just got a little nervous. frank: police say there did not appear to be an immediate threat, but around 7:15 this morning, the hazmat team was deployed and officers were taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> basically, dizziness, lightheadedness, and feeling weak. frank: it all started here on
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the 100 block of west brookline street at 4:45 this morning. police responding to a call about someone breaking into a custody. that suspect claiming he was there to meet a friend. >> the whole reason they rang the door bell is the guy said he individual set he knew me. frank: this man who asked to be known only as jeff says the arrest was made in front of his home. jeff says he woke up to flashing lights, officers combing the area around his home, and a stranger on his steps. >> police were at the door, and they said, "do you know this individual?" and i said no. frank: officers then arresting the suspect and transporting him back here to district four headquarters. back out here live, the four officers that were taken to boston medical center have been treated and released. they are all expected to be ok. erika: to the weather now. live pictures of boston, where it' s overcast. pretty mild. cindy: here it comes. we have been waiting for it all week long.
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the storm has made his way across the country and it is getting closer now. i want to show you what is down the coast. that heavy rain is lifting in our direction, and that will arrive overnight. we will start to see a few showers working on in. these will begin to creep in, over the moment just a lot of cloud cover out there. we are back into the 50' s. 52 in boston. 54 in plymouth. you can think the southeasterly wind which will, also be picking up in the overnight hours. by about 4:00 or 6:00, we will see the showers really filling in. by 3:00, more showers out near worcester county. it is after 6:00 p.m. that the rain really starts to spread in. look at the yellows and oranges.
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if you are heading out this afternoon, minimal impact by the rain. i think the commute tomorrow will have impacts by the weather. i will take you through the weekend coming up later. erika: testimony continues at this hour in the philip chism murder trial. this morning, jurors heard more testimony from a danvers high school cleaning supervisor. he testified about the miscommunication that led to the clean-up of colleen ritzer' s blood in the bathroom before it was known that a murder had been committed there. the jury also saw a photograph of a note found near ritzer' s body in the woods outside the school. the note reads "i hate you all." chism sat expressionless through testimony this morning. antoinette: a mattapan man expected in court today accused of stabbing his mother. this is video of police searching the scene of the crime at an apartment last night. matthew davis' mother tells police he attacked her, stabbing her several times. police found the 25-year-old in dorchester last night and say he tried to reach for a knife
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new this noon, the new hampshire man accused of killing his parents, setting their house on fire, then fleeing the state is planning to plead guilty. matthew dion filed his intent this morning. as part of the deal, dion will plead guilty to two counts of second-degree murder and arson, but prosecutors will drop a charge of possessing child pornography. dion was arrested in florida in june after setting off a nationwide manhunt following the march 2014 murders. erika: new this noon, this auburn man is under arrest, accused of killing his dog. gregory fargnoli' s roommate found the dog' s body in the pair' s house tuesday night. fargnoli faces several charges, including animal cruelty and possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number. he' s being held on $10,000 bail. antoinette: this hyannis man is also under arrest. police say he accepted a package containing marijuana sent through the mail. a postal delivery company made the discovery and contacted police, who then delivered the package to a barnstable home. that'
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s where they say shawn white allegedly picked it up. police also say they found two similar packages in his trunk that were mailed from california. they add the drugs were wrapped in containers designed to prevent detection. white has been released on $500 bail. erika: commitment 2016 now. jeb bush continuing his tour of new hampshire. today, he heads to the secretary of state' s office to file for the republican primary. last night, bush spoke at this house party in bedford, blasting the president' s foreign policy, telling voters the u.s. has to strike at isis before we have to deal with them here at home. -- on u.s. soil. hillary clinton at a fundraiser for the law firm whose report led nfl commissioner roger goodell to suspend tom brady for four games.
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in september, a judge overturned brady suspension -- brady' s suspension. antoinette: the latest jobs report is out. it reveals massachusetts employers added 11,000 jobs in october. job losses for september were also revised from 7,100 to 2,200. the state unemployment rate remains at 4.6%. the national rate is 5%. erika: subway' s former pitchman pleads guilty to child porn charges. his message to the judge, and new details we' re just learning. antoinette: new legislation to crack down on syrian and iraqi refugees. the additional checks they' d have to undergo if approved. erika: once the rain moves out tomorrow, cooler air will be settling in. where it could be cool enough for showers over the weekend. need a flu shot? uber can help. details of its new venture,
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, zand they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. r he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system r that keeps in place a rigged economy. p bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- r people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. antoinette: right now, the hunt is on for at least one suspect after a california police officer is found shot to death in a police department parking lot. the officer, who hasn' t been named, was found late last night in the city of downey. swat crews are scouring the
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holmes homes have been evacuated as police launch an extensive manhunt. new this noon, former subway spokesman jared fogle pleads guilty to child porn and sex crimes. fogle faced a judge today, saying he understood he' d likely go to prison. fogle faces up to 12 years behind bars for secretly photographing and paying minors for sex. he also admitted he has an extensive history of using prostitutes. fogle became the face of the popular sandwich chain after losing 200 pounds on what he called the subway diet. more political backlash this noon against syrian refugees settling in the united states. today, the house is moving forward with a bill that would pause the program until the screening process is beefed up. here' s megan hughes. megan: congress is voting on whether to keep all syrian and iraqi refugees out of the u.s., at least for now. the legislation requires the fbi to not only run checks on all
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up to two years, but for top national security officials to certify the each refugee from syria or iraq is not or a threat. >> we will not welcome terrorists. >> there are women and children. the corner of them are over 60 years of age. refugees are not the enemy. megan: more than 2000 syrian refugees already live in the u.s. none have been found to have ties to terrorism. more than 30 governors now city will not accept more. it is already having an impact. one family bound for the u.s. wednesday after three years of waiting was rerouted to connecticut after indiana' s governor refused to let them in. >> they are happy to be in a place that at least the governor wants them to be in. megan: the white house has vowed the president will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. erika: the nfl asking an appeals court to uphold a plan to settle thousands of concussion lawsuits
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under the proposed $1 billion plan, those diagnosed with alzheimer' s, parkinson' s, and other brain diseases could receive up to $7 million each, but critics say it protects some retirees at the expense of others because the plan does not cover those with depression, seizures, and mood disorders that some experts have linked to concussions. antoinette: washington state still dealing with the aftermath of severe flooding. the governor there has declared a state of emergency after three people were killed during tuesday' s powerful storm. tens of thousands are still in the dark, and it could be days before power is restored. it' s not water but snow that' s causing problems in kansas. as much as 20 inches fell in some spots yesterday, stranding many drivers. the national guard was called in to help rescue those drivers. today, plows are still out working to clear those roads. in georgia, residents are dealing with the aftermath of a tornado. the national weather service confirming at least one twister
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several smaller ones are believed to have touched down as well. no one was hurt, but a few homes were damaged by downed trees and power lines. erika: severe. all week across the country. cindy: we have seen the showers up and down the east coast to minneapolis. the cooler air associated with that will get here this weekend. we will see rain, and boy do we need it. we were up over the nine inch mark in boston and up over the eight inch mark in worcester. we will get some decent rain this. eye have thinking about a widespread inch or so. perhaps more in the western part of the state. i think it is overnight we will see the heaviest downpours. cannot rule out a rumble of
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it is going to be moving in slowly and moving out pretty early in the day tomorrow. you can see the clouds that are out there now. it has been overcast from the get-go. 52 right now in boston. this wind of the southeast is fairly light in boston. look down on the cape. winds are gusting 20 miles per hour now. into the evening and especially the overnight hours, the winds will get stronger. 55 new bedford. worcester at 47. upper 50' s to manchester and nashua. northern worcester county to the berkshires seeing a little bit of light shower activity. these are moving north to south was new hampshire and southern vermont. a little bit of shower activity was the hartford now. some of this will move over worcester county this afternoon.
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down to the carolinas is associated with a developing area of low pressure along with the point. is this works northward, -- as this works northward, we will see a few scattered showers by 4:00 especially the worcester county and even through 7:00 this evening. most of the action will be to the west. once we hit 8:00 tonight, notice the heavy rain in western new england. that will spread eastward overnight. you can see the intensity of the rain picking up either side of midnight and right through the early part of tomorrow morning. heavy rain right along the coastline at 5:00 a.m. we could hear a few rumbles of thunder as well. by 10:00 tomorrow morning, it will be done. by this time tomorrow, skies sunshine. heaviest rain will be likely worcester on west.
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temperatures overnight don' t drop down much. it is the southeasterly winds gusting overnight 30 to 40 miles per hour. the winds shift to the west tomorrow afternoon, and that will dry things out for us. we will start out tomorrow in the mid to upper 50' s. high pressure for saturday. is the writer of the two weekend days we' re -- it is the brighter of the two weekend days. by sunday, another frontal boundary is approaching. there is not a lot of moisture with it. if this gets more involved, we can see more rain. they will stay separate entities for now. in the mountains of central northern england and the snowflakes. and cooler temperatures next week. a big trouble week next week. it is looking dry monday,
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erika: thank you. point b. they can also help protect you antoinette: today, people in several cities, including boston, can use the uber app to request a flu shot. a nurse will then travel to homes and offices to administer the vaccines. the cost, $10 for 10 shots. erika: the fda has just approved and production for consumption in the u.s. extensive reviews show the salmon is safe. this is the first engineered animal product approved for sale in the u.s. antoinette: are you one of the people who hates to rake leaves?
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antoinette: if you have a yard, you' ve probably spent hours and hours clearing leaves in the fall. erika: now, there' s a new trick to help you do it in just minutes. an indiana homeowner is sharing this video. as you can see, all you need is a giant piece of cardboard. no rake or blower. apparently, many people find it impressive because the video has
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million times. antoinette: i don' t know. seems to good to be true. maybe he can come to my house. cindy: we have that rain coming in later this afternoon. it is really heavy overnight into the first part of tomorrow and then we dry out and cool out a little. antoinette: rake the leaves today.
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