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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  November 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> this is wcvb newscenter five at noon. erika: breaking news this noon, a taller is found safe miles away from her hamilton home. police have just give us an update on the investigation. we are live at the police station in hamilton.
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>> very good news, she was found alive and in fair condition. there are so many questions right now about her disappearance. let' s take you back to how this unfolded this morning. lyndon albers was missing for several hours, last seen around 3:00 this morning at her lincoln avenue home here in hamilton. her parents realized it and called 911 around 7:00. we got word that she was found around 10:00 this morning, eight miles away in the town of rally -- rawley on the side of the road. police are being tightlipped about the investigation at this point. they will only say she was found alive and fair condition and in an area where passerby' s could see her. they won' t say if she wanted off from her home, if she was taken, but they are assuring people here in hamilton that they do not need to worry about their children' s safety. >> i am ecstatic she is being
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relied with her parents. until i know the outcome of the investigation, i am going to be very concerned as a parent. i feel very much for these parents. >> here is another look over rowley where two-year-old lyndon outburst disappeared. she was found on the side of the road several miles away from her home. right now, she is being reunited with her parents. she does have a four-year-old sister who was in that home at the time of the disappearance. police say everyone, the parents , the sister, they are all doing ok. we also asked -- we did not get an answer, but we do know that the parents and the daughter are being reunited right now. police are not ruling out any charges at this point. we are live in hamilton, wcvb newscenter five. erika: are live team coverage
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jack harper is there live, we understand the tom rivers roster she was found. police escorted the annulus to the hospital around 10:15 this she was found around 10:00 him as you know. take into the emergency room where doctors evaluated her immediately. >> the taller is here at beverly hospital. she is in fair condition. jack: the hospital says she will be reunited with her parents. after that, they are not certain. she could be released immediately or being going on to another place, perhaps a children' s hospital someplace more sophisticated for more testing. that decision has not yet been made. jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: more breaking news now, a communal rail train collides with a vehicle in newbury. sky 5 is over the scene. the train was heading and bound
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and passenger on the train telling us there is a person on the vehicle that is reportedly ok. the train has been delayed while the incident is under investigation. what' s more breaking news in mali. several american hostages are reportedly safe this noon and reporter megan hughes is following new developments as they come in. megan: seven clock a.m. local time, attackers are armed with guns and grenades and reported he smashed a vehicle with the dramatic license plates through hotel security areas. they yell god is great in arabic and take 170 people hostage. molly m alian soldiers and u.s. monetary personal help move civilians to safety. many are rescued, inkling six americans. in a verified twitter account, molly officials say the government are no longer owning any hostages. it is a popular hotel with westerners and a you and
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delegation there. obama was great in malaysia today. the french president said i would ask all french nationals currently in sensitive countries to take all the necessary precautions. >> we are taking all of the necessary steps in order to solve the crisis. megan: this comes on the heels of the worst terror attack in history of paris. twin suicide bombings in beirut and the downing of a russian , airliner in egypt, all within the past month. the u.s. embassy in mali is also near the hotel. u.s. citizens have been told to stay home or shelter in place. erika: the european union taking measures to tighten border security a week after the terror attacks in paris. the french prime minister announcing a short time ago the death toll has risen from 129 to 130. we also learned a third body, a woman, was found in the
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abdelhamid abaaoud and his cousin died wednesday during a police raid. and there are new details about the threat in the u.s. while the fbi says there' s no credible threat, right now there are terror investigations in every state in the nation some 900 in total. we know isis is working to recruit non-stop on social media. federal officials promising they' re tireless too. >> we are operating around the clock to uncover and disrupt any plot. erika: to veto a new measure just passed by the house to dramatically tighten screenings of refugees from syria and iraq. if it passes in the senate there could be enough support to override that veto. emily: right now, horror and heartache after a teenager was murdered in a terror attack in israel. the 18-year-old from sharon had just graduated from maimonides from there, ezra schwartz traveled to israel to deliver food for soldiers. he was one of five people killed in the attack yesterday.
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police say a palestinian man opened fire and rammed his car into a group of pedestrians. the teen' s high school, still trying to grapple with the news. >> the whole school went into shock. the middle school and upper school immediately cancel crosses -- classes and everyone came together to pray. >> why this young, vibrant man, why was he cut down ?his rabbi says he was drawn to israel to study for a year before going to college. religious leaders around the act of violence. erika: more chilling testimony today in the phillip chism murder trial. the jury was shown pictures of colleen ritzer' brutal rape and murder. ritzer in 2013. they claim he was experiencing a psychotic episode at the time. the prosecution also showed a
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number of pictures and videos from the day of the killing, including one where chism walks a recycling bin from inside of the school outside and another where blood is found in the school bathroom where the murder took place. several friends of chism also took the stand. one testified chism appeared scared and to be sweating the day of the crime. the trial resumes monday. emily: 5 investigates learning a hearing will be held this afternoon for the man charged with stealing guns from a worcester armory. james walker morales was based at the army reserve center until his discharge in 2013. he was arrested in may on sex assault charges, and investigators say he was wearing a gps bracelet when he broke into the armory saturday night. blood stains matching his dna were found inside. he was tracked down in long island, new york wednesday night. erika: boston police are investigating a serious assault after a man is found at a bus stop on washington street in the city' s south end. we' re told the man was taken to boston medical center with life-threatening injuries. no word on any suspects or arrests. 11 people are forced out of their home after this 2-alarm fire in brighton. it happened at a triple-decker
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champney street, in the oak square neighborhood. firefighters are now looking for a cause. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation. emily: lawmakers -- the panel wants schilling to answer questions about the collapse of his videogame company 38 , studios. the state lost 75 million dollars in a deal to bring that company to rhode island. the committee had asked schilling to testify voluntarily, but he declined. a medical scare for former providence, rhode island mayor buddy cianci. he collapsed during the unveiling of his portrait at city hall last night. the 74-year-old was taken to the hospital briefly but is doing just fine. in fact, here he is out at a local restaurant later in the evening. before the incident, cianci joked about his past legal troubles, saying his portrait is not the first time he' s been framed. erika: vandalism in the halls of
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harvard law is being investigated as a hate crime. the action students are taking in response. the president' s affordable healthcare act. the action one major insurance company is considering. t buy love but it may be a key to happiness. s scientific theory. >> after a wet start. the sun has emerged, which day is looking brighter this weekend . emily: and we continue to follow breaking news a missing child found alive miles away from her hamilton home. figure out how she ended up in
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a rigged economy. p bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- r people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> we continue to follow breaking news. a taller found safe, nine miles from her home in hamilton. the hamilton police chief spoke a short time ago saying that lyndon albers was last seen around 3:00 a.m. the two-year-old was taken to beverly hospital where she is in fair condition and will be reunited with her parents. we will have updates for you all
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free. he was released from federal prison early this morning. the american was jailed nearly 30 years ago forgiving israel. he will be on parole and is required to stay in the united states for at least five years. >> right now, a possible hate crime under investigation at harvard law school. black tape was found covering pictures of black professors. students are turning tables as campus -- campus police investigate who did this. the portraits were discovered thursday morning. angry over the message of hate, the students that grated over the portraits with messages of love and support. one reading amazing professor, mentor, role model. and this one you are brilliant and loved. >> i think it is important to show students of color. acts of hatred and forms of repression will not go unresponsive. >> the dean of harvard law has condemned the act. however, students say harvard was slow to act.
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and only after feeling pressure made time to discuss the incident. emily: commitment boston mayor 2016, marty walsh is throwing his support behind presidential candidate hillary clinton. mayor walsh is expected to endorse clinton later this month. clinton is scheduled to headline a rally at faneuil hall on november 29. where walsh will give her his support. the mayor' s ties to clinton date back more than 20 years when he first got involved in politics. several gop hopefuls are making a campaign push today in new hampshire. this video just in moments ago -- dr. ben carson officially filing papers in concord to enter the republican primary. he is the last of the major gop candidates to do so. also in new hampshire today, new jersey governor chris christie is hosting an event in hampton falls tonight and lindsey graham will be making several stops in the granite state this afternoon. and you can catch an exclusive interview with republican front-runner donald trump and his wife, melania, as they sit down with barbara walters on 20/20. that' s tonight at 10:00 right
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here on channel 5 followed by newscenter 5 at 11:00. on sunday, tune in for matter of fact with fernando espuelas bay state congressman bill keating weighs in on terrorism and senator john mccain with his perspective on the presidential election. that is sunday, 11:30, right here on channel 5. erika: a warning from the nation' s largest health care provider. united health says it may opt out of obamacare after 2016. the move would force millions of people to find coverage some place else. united health offers one of the lowest cost plans in the country right now. the company blames the affordable care act for giving individuals too much flexibility in changing their plans. that, they say is resulting in the draining of insurer profits. emily: a warning, about products sold at home depot for years after they' d been recalled. 28 recalled products were sold between 2012 and 2015. they range from cables to shop lights to garage door openers. the consumer product safety commission warns that home depot
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salvagers and recyclers, who may have passed them on to consumers. >> return to the weather, and it was a tough morning, but it is out of here. >> what a turnaround we have had. it is beautiful outside. it is nice and mild, 59 degrees. it will cool off this weekend. take a look at the rain totals since midnight. you can see we had nearly an inch in boston, parts of the south shore, less on the cave. -- cape. a little bit more on western county. when you added together, everyone added to about an inch. franklin, nato over an inch, lesser amounts on the cake here it one of the higher totals from cape cod over a half inch for you. the last of the rain is east of chatham and nantucket. you can see showers shifting clearing happening this morning. the rain stopped and a lot of us
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the last of a cloutier, a few of them through parts of the south shore and the cape. you, too, will continue to brighten as we have a drying wind blowing out of the west-northwest. it is a little breezy out there. went right now sustained around 10-15 miles per hour. occasionally, gusts higher. that wind will be with us for the next few hours and is bringing in drier air. 60' s. all touching that 60 degree mark now. 59 in boston, 52 and worcester, we saw the upper 50' s on the north shore, southern new hampshire. back in two county, lower 50' s right now. we will keep it in the 50' s to near 60 the next couple of hours. their sunset -- through sunset, in the 60' s. when the sun goes down, we dropped to the 40' s and drop continually rapidly. it will be on the cooler side. often the west, there was some cold air waiting in the wings. you can see we go from the 50' s and 60' s to the 40' s, 30' s, eventually, the 20' s. that is the cooler air that is
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working on in. notice a big area of high pressure. this is our weather for tonight. we are in great shape on saturday. on sunday, we are watching this next storm system. look at what it is doing right now. it is producing snow are at iowa back into the planes. this system may produce up to a foot of snow through tomorrow evening. in the suburbs northwest of chicago and back into the northern half of the state of iowa. this is our next storm that we will be watching. it comes at us in a weakened state. it will pass to the west. tonight, mainly clear skies, we dropped onto the 20' s to about 37 downtown. tomorrow is a cooler day with more of a northerly wind. we will keep our high temperatures mostly in the 40' s to around 50. keep in mind and average high of this time of the year at 50 degrees. the two weekend days, saturday is a broad -- brighter day. some high-level clouds into we brighten it up in the afternoon.
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approaches is a cold front. canada. it looks like if you rain showers the first half of the day on sunday. we will drop this -- watch this area of low pressure is try to sneak up the coast line. steadier rain into southeastern massachusetts as we go toward sunday afternoon into sunday evening. it should clear out on monday and it will cool down, as well. we are up around 50 on sunday, next week. no destroy weather monday, tuesday, wednesday, and even on things giving day -- next week, the weather is looking quiet, and that is always a good thing. emily: buy you happiness, at least, that is the claim of a harvard business school professor. consumer spending professor michael norton says people generally get more happiness spending money on experiences like vacations, rather than things like electronics and gadgets. that' s partially because anticipation of a trip to europe or a dinner date can make you just as happy as the event
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itself. right before you get out of
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erika: take a look at this, the world' s second largest diamond has been discovered in southern africa. it' s more than 1100 carats. the diamond, the largest found in more than 100 years, was dug up in a mine in botswana owned by the lucara diamond company. the company' s shares rose 32% after it unveiled the stone. erika: need to start doing bicep lifts. i would wear it. boston' arrived at the comments. emily: the 50-foot spruce from little while ago. the gifted tree is part of an chronicle' 1918. in. you can see the tree lighting live thursday, december 3, 7:00 right here on wcvb. just a couple weeks. erika: tomorrow, we are going to
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s hometown things giving great. we should have a good amount of sunshine, a little chilly, so bundle up. temperatures in the 40' s will feeling -- will be feeling cooler. and warmer spirit >> we hope to see you there. , now, join us. it will be a good time. that does us -- does it for us at noon. have a great afternoon and come and see us tomorrow. >> this is an editorial by wcvb ' s general management. >> the grim refugees fleeing terrorism in s attention. take a collective breath. at least one of the isis terrorists in paris entered europe within the flood of syrian refugees. in a largely partisan response and lacking legal authority, nearly two thirds of u.s. governors are closing their borders to any syrian refugees. including massachusetts and cancer.
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the governors hesitance, while understandable in a time of necessary while questioning the recipe of america' for any intake of syrian refugees will be a trojan horse, soil. on cut -- in contrast to europe system with more porous orders, the current u.s. process already requires up to two years of that into several federal agencies. the severity of this crisis has accept 10,000 refugees, the risk. congressional republicans are movement and the debate rages on. it makes sense to continuously and screwed leslie screen refugees. in this new wave of warfare , the process by which our federal
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government scrutinizes immigrants to any country should be closely examined, updated, and strengthened, updating to an ever strengthening era of global confit. was not respond to the power strategy -- prayers tragedy in major crisis. demagoguery will not file -- will not solve this issue. son, the holiday season's you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with eason,
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