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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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shaved. poli saw possibl cigarettes burns and a contusion on the top of the bead -- head. >> she's here at beverly condition. >> reunited with her parents, the child was returned to the hospital for more testing the investigators are searching for clues at the child's home and others are questioning a former baby-sitter. >> it's an ongoing investigation. trying to put the pieces together right now. >> hamilton police quickly telling people in the area here they have nothing to be concerned about, another indication that they know where -- which direction they're heading with this investigation. j.c.: sky 5 was over the scene in hamilton where the investigators were working this morning. the little girl was spotted and saved by a couple who almost
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is live with more. >> as you just heard, in their own words, police are hoping that pieces of this bizarre jigsaw puzzle come together soon. but there is one piece they have no doubt about and without it, the story could have had a very different ending. these are the photos of 2-year-old lyndon albers. >> they didn't even know it was a girl. they thought it was a boy because the head was shaved. >> lyndon was found in raleigh, some eight miles from her home in hamilton. >> she was cold, shibbering. they brought her in the car and wrapped her up and immediately called the cops. >> lucky for lindn, the -- lyndon, the couple had spotted something odd oned side of road this morning. first they thought it was a doll. >> they drove by, then they stopped the car because everyone has been looking for
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>> right over the raleigh town line, a rural stretch of road. >> apparently they found her up the road from us, naked, like someone left her there. they'd been following this on the news. before they left to go to work. >> so had they find this child? >> they were stunned and immediately called the cops. >> the couple's quick action ended the search for lyndon, assuring the 2-year-old got the how she got to raleigh is the object of much speculation and possible criminal charges. live in hamilton, jorge quiroga. phil: break news out of mali, an american is among those killed in the siege at racedon hotel in bamako. at least 19 people were killed. the two track -- attackers were
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an extremist group is claiming responsibility. and are are a peapinglealingdly said something to the new jersey approximate governor just behave plane was set to take off from san francisco. the gate was returned to the gate for operational difficulties. passengers exited the plane five at a time for security checks. chifty was headed to boston for a campaign event in hampshire. the event was cansseled the j.c.: also breaking news -- a hotel hack targeting guests' credit cards. starwood hotels runs the sher aton boston, westin boston waterfront, and the westin waltham. the company says it found malware in payment systems that stole card numbers, names, security codes, and expiration dates. the malware has been removed but may have been in the system since november of last year. phil: new at 6:00, concerns about college when following football returns to boston
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the b.c.-notre dame game is one of the biggest events to happen since -- here since the attacks in paris and threats on washington and new york. >> we're told there is ramped up security but much of the security for fans is what has been in place all season. >> the city is determined to provide a safe environment. but the mayor says boston college and notre dame fans need to travel light and be ready for thorough screenings the >> if -- in fenway we're asking people to have clear bags if you have to take a bag in. fenway screens people going in regardless, for regular base -- baseball games. they have the metal detectors. i would just be patient and understand that it's for your own protection and well being.
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immediately following the paris attacks. extra security surrounded the garden for the celtics and bruins games. but fans are encouraged to be vigilant as well. at this monday's pats game and here at fenway. the good news? there are no credible threats coming in to boston at this point. >> no, there's nothing. i talk to the commissioner pretty much every couple hours now. we just make sure we stay connected to each other. >> there is actually a lot going on hin the scenes. state, federal, and local authorities are in constant communication and the mayor tells us he is confident that the city is safe. j.c.: today, jurors in the philip chism murder trial looked at more surveillance from the night his teacher was killed. prosecutors say chism used a recycling bin to move her body.
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of grave -- graphic testimony. todd was in the courtroom. >> it's a frightening image -- philip chism with the recycling bin he put colleen's body in after raping and killing ner a danvers bathroom. today the recycling container was brought into the courtroom once again as jurors heard testimony from police who described the scene in the woods behind the school where the body was found. jurors saw hours of surveillance, including this piece that showed the 24-year-old lurk in the background, stalking her, then ducks back into the classroom to put on his hoody and ducks into the bathroom put on gloves. he walks out 11 minutes later, then gets the rechemical -- recycling container and walks
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remove the body. when the trial recessed for the week, the danvers police detective who introduced that entire sequence of surveillance video was under cross-examination bit defense. we expect he will continue his testimony when the trial assumes -- resumes on monday. reporting from salem. phil: the man charged with stealing guns from a worcester army reserve center was in court today. he was based at the worcester reserve center until his discharge in 2013. investigators say he broke into the center saturday, cuth a hole in the weapons vault roof. he was tied to the area through a g.p.s. bracelet required after an arrest for child sex assault. boston police are investigating a serious assault
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in the city's south end. a man was found with life-threatening injuries there therl this morning. no word yet on any suspects the j.c.: and republican candidate dr. ben carson is officially signed up for the new hampshire primary. he is the last major republican to file and today is the last day to get on the ballot for the primary, scheduled for february. catch an interview with republican front runner donald trump and his wife as they sit down for an interview with barbara walters on "20/20". and on sunday tune in for "matter of fact". that's sunday at 11:30 right here on channel 5. a little boy who survived a bomb blast in syria now trying to help syrian refugees. >> he lost his arms and three
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siblings but said that will not stop him from accepteding an important message to president obama. i want to know what's in the product and don't want to be guessing and have our guest guessing about it either. >> why legal sea foods is deciding to disagree with the f.d.a. >> the rain is long gone. a system this the upper midwest now that will he -- affect us. >> well, we all know this -- bill belichick doesn't smile for anybody. you are going to hear more from
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 6. j.c.: a little boy is looking to president obama for help. he is in massachusetts hoping to get more support for syrian refugees by sharing his own story. >> he's not a diplomat or a
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the 9-year-old has an engaging smile and i heartwarming story. >> i want to see my family again. >> the boy's story pushed as congress and the country debate over the issue of syrians. >> our describe truly the land of the free and the home of the brave. but not only that, we are a shelter to the weak and eau refuge of the 0 pressed. >> group new day syria is raising funds to help ahmed, who is here with his father. the boy lost both arms and three siblings during a womanning -- bombing at their gnome aleppo, syria the the signed a letter to president obama saying he remembers the screaming and the bloorksd has nightmares but keeps smiling. >> ahmed and syrian refugee voice. all they want is a day that is not filled with fear, hunger,
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and bombsm >> although he spoke his native language on the record, ahmed said pizza is a favorite american food and he knows how to wrap things up. >> thank you so much, guys! >> so what's next for the boy about -- with the big smile? perhaps prosthetics. but eventually reuniting with his family. phil: a new analysis by the real estate company red fip found more than haftneabds in the city are economically mixed, compared to a national average of 13%. the most economically diverse neighborhood in boston is roxbury. physical -- well, critics are calling it frank -- frank enfesh but the f.d.a. says it's
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j.c.: the f.d.a. has given the ok for us to eat genetically modified salmon the phil: critics call it franken fish and now the president of legal sea foods says he won't serve it to his customers. >> genetically modified salmon may have gotten the nod from the f.d.a. but not from the fish czar, roger berkowitz. >> no, i am not thinking of buying it for our stores. when it comes to seafood, i like the natural route. i don't like anything that's really been enhanced >> after a 20-year battle to get the genetically modified salmon to market, the company has the go-ahead to raise the fish in tanks in pan ama. the statement said in part approximate are aqua advantage salmon say game-changer that brings salmon to consumers
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>> the only difference that the f.d.a. could determine is that the salmon grows faster. it's neutrally identical to techniques. >> i don't like anything genetically informed -- modified. we've seen the genetically modified wheat and people have trouble digesting it. >> the f.d.a. is not requiring either restaurants or stores to label this fish as genetically engineered when selling to consumers. j.c.: now we turn to the walks. we were just talking br the weather. and i'm one of those families that have the big inflatable turkey on the front lawn.
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came. >> not going to be a layer of snow that -- this year. not going to be a weight thanksgiving this time round. how about the rainfall? overnight last night and into early today, you may have heard it poundag way. just under and inch in bottom a lot of the places fell in that one to two inches category. it was mild, too, certainly mild early today. it's jut starting to cool back here in boston. 53. air drying out, wind down to a cooler weather wind direction and we're in the 40's off to the north and west of the that's where the wind is coming from. so we'll have a typically cooler night coming up. this is not bitterly cold air coming in for us, however, so the overnight lows will be a little bit above freezing in boston and a little bit below
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tomorrow we start off with a northerly wind that will become the course of the amp. we may have some high cloud at times with the sun but overall ceremony a dry day. there's our rain-maker. in the middle of the country, however, around are mississippi and soug, there's the snow. not to worry here, that is not how it will play out here. really for us the storm goes north and it's just a front that crosses the region, which could mean a couple of showers. most of the action looks like it's going to stay off the coast of the so there is tomorrow with a mix of sunshine and clouds. both thick. sunday, a strip of showers in western mass, maybe an hour or two worth of rain, moving eastward. reaches into the boston area
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around lunchtime roughly, something like that, but again, doesn't look like an auld -- all-day rain or too widespread. thep we clear out. but behind that front the air will be so much colder than the air moving in now and we'll feel the difference. i did want to talk a little bit about travel next week. such an important time period. notice how the eastern half of the country looks fin next tuesday. really out in the upper plains, you head toward montana and portions of the dakotas, that's were -- where there is going to be snow and cold. very, very easy going around here. sunday a shower or two with clouds clearing up at night. monday is a colder day. so as we get to the patriots game, the temperatures could be falling -- falling into the 20's. chill. there is the tranquil weather i talk about after that.
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around thanksgiving, are the jet stream once again makes another flip onto the warmer side for us. that's the good news there. thanksgiving itself. high pressure should be in control. the om thing i can see is depending on win direction, may be a couple of ocean ap clouds. should start out around freezing on average an move up to about 50789 it will get even warmer for the end of next week. i'm harry leonard. now, sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. the injury bug isn't just biting, it's making a meal out of the patriots the defensively -- defensively it continues to be linebacker jamie collins still out with, of all things, a bug and justin coalman has messed three straight practices this week way hand. bill belichick has many challenges facing him monday night, including the bills, who are hot, and the weather, which
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will not be. >> the first real cold-weather game of the season. does this affect ball flight or anything? do you have to say to the guys, look out, it's going to be cold tonight in? well, if it's cold, the ball definitely isn't going to travel as far. no question about that. not talking green bay or the ice bowl or anything like that, but it's the first cold weather game >> well, law school, any drop in temperatures, we all know how that afekts the ball and the kiss -- distance on the ball. that will be part of it. >> much more with bill belichick and -- i gow toe to toe with rob gronkowski and ask him if an acting career is in his future. monday night at 8:00, followed by kickoff right here on channel 5. twending on twitter this week could have been #danny am end dolea.
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he really needs to step up in a big way. a really long #but it's true. and it wouldn't hurt if dobson started realizing some of his potential. >> he's been part of our team for what, this is his third year and he's bain starter in the a.f.c. championship gim so obviously we have a lot of confidence in him. >> dealing with adversity is huge not only during the season but during the game, a drive, everything. it's no different. no question that julian is a great football player and he'll be back. you know, he's going to work his tail off just like he always does to get back and play. >> you can't always see a clown crying, but sometimes they are crying on the inside. that brings us to bills head coach rex ryan who got upset on a conference call yesterday when a reporter pointed out he's lost eight of the nine
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today he was asked why the yeah noid him. >> it's new england week, man. what can i tell you? i'm not real fond of new england. it the the way it is, man. we're a different team in the fact that, you know, i know this team a lot better and i know who we are. i think we're kind of a little embarrassed about how things went down. we're not that team. >> here's a reminder to check out our high-five salute to thanksgiving heroes on thanksgiving night. if you would like mike lynch to wear your school sweatshirt, make your case right now on facebook or at which timer. that's sports. j.c. and phil? phil: borks thanks. j.c.: coming up at 11:00. we will continue to follow developments in the case of a missing toddler found safe but
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p jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. t who's going to take care of the christians p that are being eliminated in the middle east? t who's going to take care of israel and support them - rour greatest ally in the middle east? r the united states has
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national security interest that we do it. and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. j.c.: so great when you look ahead when you know so many people travel the week before thanksgiving to see no issues. >> that's really good, at least country it looks great. the problems are going to be out west. as for our weekend, dry except sunday. bundle up if you are read -- heading to the patriots game.
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dropping into the 20's monday night. j.c.: and you're not even reaching 40 thanksgiving? >> but it's warming up. and we did have snow this time last year so we're doing pretty well >> i have no memory of last year! >> we all try to block it out. >> yahoo, bob. t woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. tman: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. p man: here because everyone deserves clean water. t man: here for the cool research. rwoman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. r man: because the oceans matter to us all. p man: i'm there to explore the frontier of knowledge.
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