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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 21, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> now, on newscenter 5 -- >> police make an arrest in a toddler's kidnapping ordeal. the charges against an ex-babysitter. >> belgium in lockdown. how a terror alert has led to a sweeping security crackdown. >> sunshine today but that november gray is about to roll back in. where you could see rain on sunday. >> and we begin tonight with breaking news from hyde park. rescue at the scene of a house fire. >> children among those pulled from the building. our todd kazakiewich live in
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todd? reporter: bob, pam, this is a four alarm fire at greenwood avenue. we're told that two adults and two children were rescued. a beginning just now. you look at the house itself. that they're attacking it from the exterior, inside. the fire was in the baseman. it was -- in the basement. it was being fed by gas. the gas has been shut off. two adults, two children rescued. two of those residents had to be transported to the hospital. one firefighter also sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. we're going press conference with the chief and get more information and bring it to you as soon as we have it. reporting live in hyde park, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. >> this is the second serious fire in hyde park in just 24 hours. overnight, three boston firefighters were injured battling a house fire on river street. the firefighters were treated and released. the red cross assisted two
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residents displaced by that fire. >> after a search at a topsfield apartment, an arrest in the kidnapping of a two-year-old girl. right now, an ex-babysitter faces charges. the suspect being held without bail tonight, accused of abducting the child in the middle of the night, leaving her bruised and naked by the side of the road, miles from her home. our sarah is following the case. she reports from hamilton, where it all began. reporter: the toddler's former babysitter is now in custody, hanna, charged not only with kidnapping but also assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. late into friday night, police searched the topsfield home. police say lyndon albers was abducted right from her hamilton home during the night. a massive search of north shore communities was launched. she was found alive, three miles away, naked, her head shaved, with burn and bruise marks.
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hospital, where she was reunited with her parents. after executing a search warrant at the former babysitter's home, police arrested abigail hanna. once a gordon college student who worked with teens in a summer program last year. >> hanna is being held without bail, to be arraigned on monday. at this point it is still unclear what happened to the have been. in hamilton, wcvb newscenter 5. >> the victim of a fatal shooting in blackstone is tonight. it happened last night around 8:30 on mendon street. police believe it may have been a drive-by. 33-year-old kevin gonsalves was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities closed off the surrounding area last night, reportedly looking for a dark-colored trailblazer s.u.v. with a broken front headlight. the investigation is ongoing. and in jamaica plain, police continue to search for the suspect in connection with a deadly shooting last night. one man was killed, another injured, after being shot in a
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shot by someone in a black mercedes s.u.v. >> a mattapan man is arrested in an alleged catfishing scheme. police say rakeem austin used fake online dating profiles to lure people looking for love. the unsuspecting individuals were robbed at gunpoint. authorities say at least eight people were victimized since october. they believe there could be more. the austin will be arraigned on monday. >> let's take a live look at the boston skyline on a saturday evening. some clouds moving in soon. that could bring rain on sunday. let's get a quick check on the forecast with mike wankum. >> today wasn't that bad, bob. we started the day a degree above normal. we ended the day two degrees below where we're supposed to be. but look what's happened. temperatures already dropping into the low 30's in some spots. some spots, already below freezing. taunton checking in at 31. it's going to be chilly overnight. we do have a deck of clouds to
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prevent our temperatures from dropping off too much. look at this. there's some rain in the west and there is some snow. been a lot of snow over parts of chicago, as this system moves its way eastward. so overnight tonight, we'll see lows dropping off into the 30's in most locations. tomorrow, looks like we may see a few sprinkles here or there, a hint of sunshine and a little bit warmer. that's the good news to talk about. but by the time we talk about the cloud cover moving in, we also have to throw the threat of showers in there. i'll time their arrival and when they get steadiest, coming up. >> right now, the streets of belgium filled with armed soldiers on patrol. the country raised its terror alert to the highest possible level, calling the threat serious and imminent. the government even shutting down the brussels metro transit system this weekend. brussels is on high alert, with armed soldiers on the street. >> if someone is here, the plan is at least it might be a bit of a deterrence. reporter: the city's subway
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that a paris-style attack is possible. in several locations. >> we are talking about a threat with several individuals with explosives. reporter: the only surviving paris attacker and the most wanted man in the world comes from a neighborhood in brussels. he is still on the run and believed hiding out in the city. >> it is a serious and imminent threat. otherwise, our center for analysis would not have qualified the situation as four on a scale of four. >> it's now around midnight in brussels. the mayor recommended that bars and discos in the city's heart close up early as a precaution. >> right now, there is tight security at fenway park, where boston college will play notre dame in a college football game tonight. extra police on hand ul around the -- all around the ballpark.
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fans being closely checked as they enter. the added security coming after a paris attack in which a soccer stadium was targeted. our city cam has that live look at fenway. this is the first football game played at fenway since 1968. on thanksgiving day, several high school teams are going to take the field. >> funeral arrangements are being finalized for a teenager from sharon, tragically killed in israel. ezra schwartz will be laid to rest tomorrow at noon at temple sinai in sharon. his body was flown back home today. schwartz was one of five people killed in an attack on thursday. his rabbi says schwartz was drawn to israel to study for a year before going to college. >> the child known as baby doe will finally be laid to rest. a private service for bella bond will be held next saturday in winthrop. the two-year-old's body, which was found in a plastic bag on deer island, was released to her father. she will be buried in ex-to her paternal great-grandmother. the girl's mother and her
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mother's boyfriend have been charged in her death. >> fire in the sky, coming up, the flames that hit the iconic john hancock center in chicago, 50 stories up. >> shopping local. how boston is rolling out the welcome mat for main street stores. >> i'll break down how warm it gets for thanksgiving and when you may need to worry about rain. >> harvard-yale. this one has got the ivy league
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>> a fire breaks out at one of chicago's tallest skyscrapers. one person was injured. flames shot out of the john hancock center. thick smoke and fire could be seen pouring out of a window on the 50th floor. the tower houses offices, shop and residential units along with a popular observation floor.
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business saturday. boston's mayor got a jump on things, reminding residents to shop, eat and play locally this holiday season. the initiative is called holidays on main street. chronicle's shayna seymour hosted the kickoff event held to do at a pop-up -- today at a pop-up shop. the mayor says thanksgiving and christmas can be crucial for small businesses. >> the small businesses, they make 40% of their yearly sales during this time of year. we're asking people to shop in the local areas. you know, some of the things you buy in the local areas are as good as some of the mall stores. it's trying to bring people back into the city. >> wcvb is a proud sponsor of the initiative. >> thousands turning out in plymouth today for america's hometown parade, a thanksgiving tradition for the town that just keeps growing and a tradition for the newscenter 5 eye-opener team as well. randy, erica, cindy, all part of the fun! look at that!
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have been much better this time of year. >> you know, they're having too much fun! own parade. >> i like that. the saturday crew. mike wankum is just ahead with changes out for sunday. >> and we hope it will not be like this. snow!
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>> a massachusetts native was among at least 27 hostages killed during a terrorist attack at a hotel in mali on friday. anita datar grew up in new jersey. tonight a branch of al-qaeda is claiming responsibility for the attack. analysts say it may have something to do with al-qaeda's fight with isis for dominance in the region. one of the paris terror attackers still on the run. >> new details about the people who helped that man escape france. marci gonzalez says there are new arrests.
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reporter: tonight, a lookout for the terrorists who carried out last week's attack in paris is under arrest. police say the belgian man and two other suspected members of isis were planning to go to syria before officers found them overnight and took them into custody. back in paris, investigators are still working to identify a third suspect killed in this officials say that is the person and not hasna ait boulahcen, who died in the attack after refusing to surrender. also among the dead, the so-called mastermind of the paris attack, abdelhamid abaaoud. investigators trying to figure out how he managed to cross into france un undetected as they reveal that two of the bombers that targeted the soccer stadium both passed through greece on october 3. they followed the same path as
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and tonight, new insight about salah abdeslam, believed to be the gunman shown in a surveillance video from a paris cafe . two of his friends, now under arrest, say the 26-year-old is likely hiding near his hometown, brussels, explaining he called them to ask for help saturday morning after the attacks. they picked him up in paris and drove him back to belgium. one of the friend's attorneys telling abc news, salah abdeslam appeared extremely angry during the trip but stayed calm during three different identity checks police. marci gonzalez, abc news, paris. >> wintry weather in chicago, as the region is blanketed by an early season snowstorm, about seven inches fell at o'hare airport. hazardous conditions forced the cancellation of more than 500 flights. chicago's northern suburbs got more than a foot of snow. wisconsin received as many as 20 inches. >> all right. we're going to stay upbeat. t. >> ha
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ha! >> but i'm just telling you, we're not ready. >> no, we're not ready. they weren't ready for it either, by the way. they had mild conditions leading up to it. snow has now moved over towards detroit. in cleveland, it's in the form of rain. by the time it gets here, it's too mild and also runs out of moisture. so we don't have a lot of moisture to talk about. there you see it, in the west, trying to march its way eastward. in boston, dealing with 40 degrees. air is fairly dry over the top of us. winds are out of the north at about six miles per hour. as you look at the timeline on this, notice the overnight, we get a lot of clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two. tomorrow morning, there's scattered showers, left over from what's going on in chicago. as the day goes on, we may get a few breaks in the cloud cover. here's the feature i want to point out. it's tomorrow night at around 6:00. we start to see a new bubble of moisture developing down to the south. offshore. then it starts to throw that moisture back at it. tomorrow night, maybe the heaviest
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rain but it's in the southeastern part of the state. parts of the cape could get over an inch of rain. so tonight, mostly cloudy skies, a few showers, 30 to 38 for the overnight low. tomorrow, scattered showers. the steady rain holds off until late. 50 to 55 degrees tomorrow. we have the storm system out here in the west. very mild conditions. but we also have this little wave that wants to travel along that front. as you put it into motion, you see what happens. this is the one that gives us the most rain, the most impact. the chicago snow heads up here. once this whole through, brace yourself! because here comes some cold air moving in. start the week, pretty chilly temperatures will be showing up. how much rain are we talking about? well, as i mentioned, most of it is just really light stuff. it's tomorrow night that we get most of it. so you see it, 6:00 tomorrow night, a few sprinkles but nothing that really accumulates. then we
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we start to get as much as an inch of rain at the cape. this all clears out monday morning. we may start monday with a few clouds but go to sunshine by late in the day. speaking of clear skies, it's going to get chilly for the pats' game! kickoff temperature, 29, with a light breeze. wind chills will make it feel like the teens. you can watch it right here on channel 5 if you don't want to brace for the cold weather. tuesday, this is a big travel day. no problems in the eastern part of the country but the western part of the country, i think you're going to be hearing about slowdowns all the way from l.a., san francisco, seattle. it's rain at the coast and snow inland! wednesday, chilly weather. it starts to break down. we start off cool but we warm up nicely. thanksgiving day, lots of sunshine. head out to football games in the morning and it will be dry and chilly. temperatures in the 30's. we'll head for the 50's as you head towards that midday meal. as you're heading home, clear skies, 40's.
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look at this! black friday is looking nice and quiet. but on saturday, we may actually see rain. check out those temperatures! by then, we're dealing, once again, with highs flirting to around 60 degrees. a nice warm-up but boy! the week starts out cold with highs only into the 40's. >> we've been following breaking news from hyde park. rescues at the scene of a four-alarm fire. our todd kazakiewich is there with an update. todd? reporter: we just talked to members of the family. they tell us that the two children who were rescued from the building are three and five years old. we also just got an update from the deputy fire chief. what he tells us, as you take a look at the building behind me, is that the fire is now under control. however, obviously firefighters do. this is a four-alarm fire. 5:30 tonight. that's when they got the call at number 9 greenwood avenue. two adults, two children had to be rescued. the tire chef reiterated that
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that the fire started in the basement, fed by gas. the gas is now shut off. the concern was for the firefighters, because there was a partial building collapse. they have been fighting this fire from the exterior. as you look at the front door, you can see that some firefighters are now exiting the building, so they have been in there, trying to fight the fire from inside as well. one other thing to pass along. one firefighter was rushed to the hospital, non-life-threatening injuries. and two of the residents also taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. we'll keep you posted throughout the night. live in hyde park, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. >> now, sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. >> for those wondering why notre dame is the "home" team at fenway park, it's the golden rule. he who has the golden dome makes the rules. and notre dame is willing to move its home games out of south bend so that more of its alumni have a chance to get to a game. so it's
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weird but makes sense. it should be fun to play the first football game at fenway park since 1968. it is a homecoming for brian kelly, who grew up in chelsea. bc looking to snap a six-game losing streak. highlights later tonight. harvard-yale. they like to call it the game! but i don't have to and i'm not gonna. scott hoosh to justice shelton-mosely. 52 yards. tie game. 7-7. second quarter, same two guys getting it done a little differently. hoosh at the scramble. shelton-mosely does all the week. 14-7, harvard, as he gets into the end zone. one more before the half. throw over the defender and into the arms of ben braunecker. 21-3. harvard goes on to win 38-19. they share the ivy league title with penn and doormt. high school playoff action. dartmouth outlastst militant for the right to go to the division 3 super bowl. in division four, it's holliston beating stoneham.
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and east bridgewater advances to the division 5 super bowl with a win over st. mary's. one more. mashpee puts up 52 points to roll past on to gillette stadium for the division 6 super bowl on december 5. a reminder to check out our high 5 salute to thanksgiving heroes on thanksgiving night. if you'd like to persuade mike lynch to wear your school's sweatshirt, make a case right now on or facebook or on twitter. >> i ain't doing anything wrong. ha ha! i'm playing football. ha! >> a defiant rob gronkowski, when asked this week about offensive pass interference. gronk leads the nfl with four opi. the same number he had all of last year. it's not a penalty. the refs don't call it often. as you can see, where gronk was called against the giants, there's a lot of gray area. bill belichick did defend the refs for calling it more consistently this year but he also defended gronk, who has
7:23 pm
do. >> it's been going on all year, so, um, just gotta keep playing how we've been playing. that's all. >> i'd say rob has done a really good job of trying to play within the rules and use techniques that are not illegal, that don't bring those calls. now -- >> patriots-bills, monday night, on channel 5. coverage begins at 8:00 with our "countdown to kickoff," one-on-one interviews with belichick, gronkowski and troy brown, plus lynchie and i take wild stabs at the final score. that's always good for a few twitter notifications of "you don't know what you're talking about." i look forward to those! >> or a few laughs. all right. coming up, after college football, we're going to continue to follow that breaking news in hyde park. four people rescued at the scene of the fire and the scene there,
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>> a little chilly out there tonight. >> a little chilly, maybe a few showers tomorrow. but for most of us, the rain holds off until tomorrow night. then it's primarily in the southeastern part of the start. warms up towards thanksgiving. temperatures in the 50's, maybe even flirting with 60 by the end of the week. >> friday looks like a golf day. >> every day looks like a golf day to you!
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