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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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near route nine in wellesley and landedcar is causing chaos. viewers are sending video of cars going in reverse to get out of it. phil: sky 5 is over the massive backup as traffic is limited down to one lane. that' s a nightmare and is not the only accident causing problems on what is usually the busiest traffic day. reporter: you can see the accident and it looks like they have finally turned the truck direction. this is all happening on 128 northbound by route nine walking three lanes with only one lane it' if you are making your way from 109 northbound. more delays and a very slow
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the northbound side of 93, almost 35 minutes. and as you travel from this portion of the pike, it doesn' t look too bad. then solid red and a very slow drive come about 50 minutes as you approach 395. just an indication, plus some delays -- minor on the green line and moderate on the red line. i will keep you posted as the evening continues. phil: sky 5 over breaking news in natick -- a driver crashes into three people at a is a shopping club. let' s go live to the scene. reporter: this is the cloverleaf shop and plaza and you can still see the cops behind us trying to re-create this accident. we can tell you and
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elderly female driver lost control of her car, jumped a couple of curbs, went airborne and plowed down three pedestrians. people working at the nearby businesses heard and saw it unfold. >> she went airborne and when she hit the curb, you could hear an accident sound and that' s what we all came running out of the building. bang, bang, bang, one on top of the other. jc: please tried to re-create the accident to get a sense of how fast the elderly driver was going. as for the victim , they are all men coming out of one of the businesses here. two of them will aged, one slightly older. the older one had to be met if lighted. we waiting for the condition on the driver as well. we will have more as we get more information from police. jc:
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more breaking news tonight -- this man is wanted in connection with the death of a woman whose burned body was found in bridgewater earlier this month. let' s go live to dorchester. police say he is armed and dangerous. reporter: police say the man' s son was murdered here in dorchester a day before that woman' s body was found and police say there is a clear connection. this is the man police are trying to hunt down. he is wanted in connection with the death of a 29-year-old new jersey woman found murdered and burned. >> she had been gagged by a towel, wrapped in a blanket and hog-tied with an electrical extension cord. reporter: just one day before the body was found, his son was shot and killed in dorchester. police believe he played a role in the murder.
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our investigation that mr. owens was acquainted with her and believed she somehow had a hand in the shooting death of his son. reporter: investigators say they found a matching electrical cord and towel apparently used to kill her inside the home. police have also arrested a new hampshire couple who they say were friends. is it a couple misled police during the investigation and helped dispose of the body in bridgewater. that couple is behind bars but police are looking for the man they believe killed this woman. phil: new information tonight on the paris terror attacks. a u.s. bulletin says the attackers conducted prior surveillance on some of the of tactical planning and military style training stop meantime, a prosecutor says the suspected mastermind was
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an international warrant has been issued for another alleged accomplice wanted in connection with the terror attacks in paris. elgin investigators say he dropped off one of the bombers that night. president obama: it cannot be tolerated, and we must do it together. phil: president obama standing together with the french president vowing to defeat isis. he says the u.s. will intensify its current strategy but says it would be a mistake to send a large number of troops to syria. a u.s. defense official is confirming the russian plane shot down by turkey overnight did enter turkish airspace. at least one pilot was killed. russia insists the plane was over syria. turkey has repeatedly complained about russian planes. the russian president is warning of significant consequences.
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tweaked following the paris attack. the alert is airport and other locations will stop it acts as a clearinghouse and is more active. >> they track a tremendous amount of information all the time. jc: state police and other officials say their stepped-up presence will remain true the end of the air. and right now, 37 degrees. this is a cold holiday getaway. harvey: and it' s not stormy and we do appreciate that. early this morning, really chilly. some of the colder temperatures,
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natick at 16. temperatures did bounce back some but now with the clear skies and dry air, they are freefalling again and it has dropped back under freezing in orange, so another cold night coming up. in terms of the overnight and starting out tomorrow morning, if it is your travel day, it will be cold and you may have some frost to deal with all stop -- to deal with. that is the good news. as for the milder air, that is i have the time when coming up. phil: this man is accused of practicing law and will -- law in boston without a license and is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from two clients. reporter: investigators say he is not authorized to practice
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they say he found aim -- they say they found a massive car in his name. he is listed as a boston lawyer on his website will stop prosecutors claim it' s one of eight aliases for the man. using a warrant, police searched the office in one international place. police claimed he improperly took out a card payments from at least two clients for law services. however, his lawyer in court said that' s not the whole story. his defense, he is a business it all up her. >> people are wanting to come to him and engage in business activities with him as part of an entity is forming. reporter: is he practicing law? >> i do not have any evidence he is practicing law.
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the judge ordered him to get a gps monitor if he' s able to make the $10,000 cash they' ll. jc: a beverly woman is facing charges after hitting a woman with her car. she had a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit when she trashed -- when she struck the trooper last night. she told the judge she only had one glass of wine. the lawyer claims she was swerving to miss a pedestrian. williams was released on $1000 bond. a wild scene in philadelphia -- a highway chase ends with a school bus on fire and a state trooper shot. reporter: it all started around 9:30 this morning during a traffic stop. a trooper pulled the car over with four people inside for an expired registration sticker. the driver got out, got back in
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and rear-ended a school bus that caused the bus and car to catch fire. that is when police say the man shot at the trooper, hitting him in the shoulder. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the trooper. he' s in stable condition. there were no children on the school bus and the fire is out. the fire department has resumed their service. phil: the trooper returned fire and a group of witnesses helped capture the suspect and another man. both are in custody tonight. the others are still on the run. reporter: another shooting to tell you about in chicago. police officer jason vandyke has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a black 16-year-old burglary suspect. they say he shot the 16-year-old 16 times. police fought the release of the dashboard camera shooting, say it could lead to unrest.
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jc: it' s the whistle that has had fans buzzing tonight. the referee blew it inadvertently in the second half potential touchdown pass. mike : i will have the national football league person in charge of officiating explain it. he' s it was a clear mistake by the officiating clue -- officiating crew last night. tom brady running to his right and the officiate or blue the whistle, but brady stops clearly inbounds and wasn' t even close to stop the pass was complete. the defender looks like he gave up when he heard the whistle, but here is how the explanation came down. >> rogers lost track of the football and blew his whistle inadvertently. that was a mistake and we should not have loaned the whistle.
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so they are going to look at where was the football when the whistle was blown and they determined that he had the football so then the team with possession gets the option -- they can either take the ball at that spot or replay the down. mike: hard to say if it would have been a touchdown. the bills came down and you could call it a 14 point turnaround. could you imagine the noise of the patriots actually lost the game? but they won. phil: you should have heard the noise in the newsroom when it happened. jc: pope francis is calling a charade -- calling christmas a charade this year. phil: his words about celebrating jesus in this time of violence. jc: and bullet holes discovered a home in north attleboro. phil: a call to ban bumpers and cribs -- the numbers researchers say they are not safe stop jc:
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and on this typically busy travel day, it is a mess on the roads. 120 eight at a near standstill after an accident on route nine .
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phil: typically it is a rough day for travel. a pretty bad accident involving a truck and car. route nine is affected and roads in and around the area are
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affected and it' s just generally a rough night to travel. jc: more racial unrest, this time in minneapolis. two suspects under arrest in the shooting of five black lives matter protesters last night. none of the victims were seriously hurt. the shootings happened at a demonstration against last week' s fatal shooting of a black man interfering with paramedics. tough words from pope francis, calling this year' s christmas celebration a charade. speaking after several violent attacks, including those in paris, the pontiff' s is the world has yet to understand the way of peace and war only means many lives will be ruined. the spirit of the season celebrating at the garden today. the boston area families in
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need, mayor walsh was on duty for the table of friends luncheon. charities will donate $10,000 to help the homeless community during the harsh winter months. jc: the cold has already settled in. in the 30' s right now and we are having all of the travel nightmare on the road. if we added any wet weather, we know what that' s does -- we know what that does. harvey: still talking about that chill early this morning since it was the coldest we have had so far. everyone was down there. boston did down to 29. provincetown and nantucket were just above freezing. the northwest wind traveling a little over water in the water is 50 degrees and makes a significant difference.
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even though november overall is clearly a warm month, we have had four straight days where the temperatures have been below average. more mild weather in the forecast, but not for tonight. a gentle breeze with skies mostly clear and let the dry air , here we go again, already down to 29. chile readings similar to what we had this past morning. not really discernible. then temperatures similar to higher. it may bring a few low clouds in if not tomorrow then overnight and early into thanksgiving day. here is the mild air that begins to get here by late morning noontime. it lasts through friday before getting temperatures back to
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normal. look at the trend over the next four days -- back we go above the average with the warmest day likely to be friday before we turn chillier. we' ve seen the cold side and we will begin to see the mild side and continue to see it on friday. this front which may cause a band of showers to come through, it could be friday night and probably over by saturday morning. the only wet weather likely to be during the course of friday night. there is your story for tomorrow. you may know some people doing traveling tomorrow, but how does it look across the country?
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by the time the games are played , 50 or higher in spots. some of you will be doing some shopping before we get to the will be above freezing throughout reason. then it back to normal with clouds early next week eventually leading to somewhat s weather. speaking of that, we will have the winter forecast coming up at 11:00. we will report back to you -- tonight at 11:00. phil: an alert tonight for parents of new babies. jc: the concern tonight about crib bumpers. phil: and just in time for the holiday season, the toys that could post a hazard to our children. jc: a local teen home alone as
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phil: we continue to follow breaking news on 128 with a truck that wound up on top of a car. that backing up traffic on what is typically the worst travel day in and around the boston area, the day before the getaway
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we are keeping an eye on this and we will watch it throughout the newscast for you. jc: an important warning about the place to lay your new baby to sleep every night. is it safe? researchers say you can make it safe by not using decorative crib bumpers. reporter: soft blankets, colorful she got crib bumpers. find all of these and baby bedding sets. adding the soft bumpers to the rails seem like you are protecting your baby, but it actually poses a dangerous and even fatal suffocation risk. pediatricians have been warning about a but new research shows infant deaths due to these crib bumpers may be on the rise. researchers are looking at all bumper related injuries in babies over 28 years and finding these deaths and injuries have taken a big jump in recent years. most deaths were babies between four months and five months old.
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and age when they are just learning to roll over. the findings are likely to renew calls for a hand on these hot ex which pediatricians have been discouraging for nearly a decade. jc: even if you get an adorable crib set, your best bet is to not use the crib bumpers. we continue to follow the traffic nightmare happening out there. we have live sky 5 in the air and we will be updating all the backups you are seeing. phil: we also have raking details about three pedestrians eating hit in a shopping was a
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announcer: this is an editorial by the wcvb general manager. >> as we reflected on what we had to be grateful for this thanksgiving, our conversation shifted to the many things we can all be thankful for in the commonwealth. our respect and gratitude goes to those on the front lines of national security who, when we watched terrible events unfold on the globe have kept us remarkably safe at home. responsible people have entered into the heated national discussion on refugees hoping to emigrate to america. and some of the more extreme voices on both sides are being challenged.
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drive massachusetts, making the commonwealth a true player in the global economy. we are grateful we live in a city that views nonprofit work as a vation and true civic responsibility as part of the community. local food banks are a powerful force all year, but especially this week. we take pride at living in a medical hub complemented by top-notch community centers that filled the gap in coverage for so many. sports fans are always blessed and we offer a thank you to david ortiz. the retirement gives us plenty of time to honor his leadership. and there we dream of a 19 and zero season? the patriots may not be loved all over but here, they continue to be world-class and we love that. to you and your families, our
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very best for a happy thanksgiving.
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