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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 25, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, angry demonstrators take to the streets of chicago. >> all: 161409 s shots. >> after dash cam of that officer shooting the teenager 16 times is released. the officer charged with murder. a major city on edge this morning. a major storm slamming the middle of the country as millions of americans hit the road. a snowstorm turning one interstate into a parking lot. more than a foot falling in some areas. the storm moving east creating a mess for the holiday and airports are packed with security heightened everywhere. and take a look at this miracle caught on camera. a 2.6 million-pound brick smokestack comes crashing down on an excavator. a worker inside. his daughter nearby.
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how his quick thinking heavied him walk away. >> bindi and derek. >> and bindi blows them away in the ballroom. >> thank you for changing my life. >> dominating on the dance floor. >> bindi deserved it. she kicked butt. >> and derek adds to his mirror ball trophy collection picking up number six, the top four finalists getting on a plane flying all night. they've got their "gma" coffee and they're on the way to times square for our big "gma" ballroom bash. >> all: good morning, america. >> we're on our way to see you! good morning, america. what a finale for "dancing with the stars." congratulations to bindi and derek. there it was, the minute winning moment right there. fireworks on the dance floor. not the first time. look at the gopro camera on
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their jet. the finalists flew all night to be here this morning and there they are right now pulling into times square live right here on "good morning america." >> a huge crowd awaiting their arrival. they flew all night long to be here as we said, derek winning his sixth mirror ball trophy. bindi taking it home right now to you. we're here in times square. >> we have a lot to get to. >> and that crowd right there, you're not kidding. it is freezing outside and they've been lining up from before midnight to be here. big celebration. >> nice pink carpet right into the elevator all morning long. they were able to get here. they didn't have to worry about the holiday travel but you do. it's crazy out there. a day for millions of americans headed out for thanksgiving. let's a look at traffic and airport cameras all over the country. we're covering that for you, as well. >> we have this cool experiment.
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we're going to try to show you holiday. we'd like to call it the ultimate guide to beating traffic or not. >> we are going to begin with that chicago police officer charged with murdering a teenager firing 16 shots in 15 seconds. protesters filled the streets shutting down traffic after dash cam video and the victim's family pleaded for calm. chicago. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. investigators say that officer opened fire seconds after he got on the scene. that video only made public now because a judge ordered it be released. this morning, newly released dash cam video giving us a closer look at the chilling moment chicago police officer jason van dyke emptied his 9 millimeter gun on 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. we will freeze the video here. mcdonald died on his way to the hospital. >> it is violent. it is chilling.
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>> reporter: cook county state attorney anita alvarez charging him with first degree murder and his attorney refusing to answer questions, only saying -- >> this is not a murder case despite what you heard in the courtroom. >> reporter: the shooting took place on october 20th, 2014. 9:47 p.m., police responding to a call of a suspect with a knife breaking into cars and walking down the street tracked mcdonald down. ten minutes later officer van dyke, authorities say, opens fire after mcdonald collapses, prosecutors say van dyke kept firing 16 bullets in 15 seconds. another officer can then be seen kicking that knife away from mcdonald's body but the teenager investigator said he never threatened the officers. overnight demonstrators are taking to the streets of chicago confronting police outside this station. >> all: 16 shots. 16 shots. >> reporter: and now with community tension building the city's top brass on edge.
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in a court of law, that's exactly how it should be. >> reporter: and van dyke is being held without bond. his attorney argues he fired his weapon because he feared for his life. the mcdonald family has reached a $5 million settlement with the city. george. >> okay, alex, thanks very much. more from our legal analyst dan abrams. the shooting more than a year ago, the prosecution just a couple of days ago. >> and the prosecutor's basically saying these cases are complicated. they can take over a year. both those things are true but when you have this video with this many shots and you have the prosecutor now admitting that she moves forward the announcement of the charges because of the video, it is a completely fair question to ask, why did it take so long? >> we saw the preview of the defense right there. they say the officer feared for his life. >> the legal standard is would a reasonable police officer have felt in danger? doesn't mean he had to have been in danger but would a reasonable
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police officer have felt that way? of course, the challenge here is going to be because he didn't have a gun, it turns out and most importantly the distance he was from the officer, there's no indication that he's running towards the officer, et cetera. you listen to the defense attorney and he keeps saying again and again this did not a murder case, which to me says this is the defense attorney who included. difference does it make the boy did not have a gun as you said but he was not unarmed had that 1345u8 knife. >> critical because of the distance between them meaning if he had a gun there could always be the threat of a shot. as it turns out he had the knife in his hand without moving towards him, tough, tough defense. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. >> such distance between -- >> crucial point. >> extreme outrage but, again, the teen's family is urging protesters -- >> they didn't even want the video released. >> thank you, dan. now to the holiday travel rush threatening to make the trip home a mess for millions of americans.
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that's a live look at the highway nearby, newark, new jersey and of course airports will be packed with heightened security certain to slow things down. we have full coverage beginning with ginger and that snowstorm blasting the west and moving to the middle part of the country. >> not just snow but big time and dangerous winds. i want to start out in washington state, more than 50,000 without power. the trees coming down onto homes and cars. can you see right there and this morning, we have new video out of truckee, california, interstate 80 accidents littering the side of that highway. at this hour winter storm warnings from montana, advisories back to california and brand-new watches that went up just last night from texas up to iowa, why you say? is it going to snow there. no, even worse we've got ice in the forecast so freezing rain from the texas panhandle right up through oklahoma and kansas, everybody is heading home on friday. it is not looking good. trouble spots picking out certain cities and timing out the storm coming up, george and robin.
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>> complicating air travel, as well. millions flying home this thanksgiving weekend after the state department issued that worldwide travel alert warning americans to be vigilant in public places and when using transportation, the tsa says it's ready for the influx and they screen 40% more people over thanksgiving and abc's david kerley is at reagan national airport with more on this heightened state of security. good morning, david. george. we have seen that security, the additional t-shirt officers and police officers as well who guard airports and a lot of canine units moving through the lines and sniffing the passengers as they are checked here. you mentioned 40% more passengers coming through between today and sunday, the airlines say that 10 million americans will fly. and, george, the good news so far there have been no major delays in the airline system. >> but you still got to get there early. >> reporter: yeah, actually the airlines and tsa are saying because so many more people are coming through and this heightened awareness about terror that you should arrive two hours before your flight and make sure you get on and get to
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>> david kerley, thanks very much. >> as i always say, pack a lot of patience. that's what you should pack. if you're driving you pay want to leave now if you can. there are those traffic and airport cameras from around the country this morning. the highways will be packed this afternoon and abc's t.j. holmes is in fairfield, connecticut, road as well. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: [ no audio ] >> you see, what he was saying is if you can leave, do it now. it's terrible is what t.j. was saying. we'll check back shortly for our "gma" road trip challenge. >> the challenge is starting already, exactly. >> technical challenge. >> we'll get it worked out. >> we turn to that fallout from the paris terror attacks. french prosecutors say they stopped another deadly strike by the ringleader of those attacks and officials now hunting for
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in belgium begins to ease, abc's >> reporter: this morning, we now know that the target was paris' taoering business district. >> reporter: french prosecutors revealing it was for a suicide bomb to be carried out a few days after the deadly paris attacks. by suspect paris ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud and another man, still unidentified. instead, both were tracked down and killed in that raid in a paris suburb by french s.w.a.t. teams. that blast as the second man detonated a suicide vest and this morning, a new suspect, belgium authorities launching an international manhunt for mohamed abrini seen here at a gas station two nights qualify the attacks driving one of the paris getaway cars, officials warning he's dangerous and probably armed. with him that night, salah abdeslam, the eighth paris attacker on the run now believed to have been the driver for the
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france. the blast heard inside during the france/germany game. fears over new imminent attacks shifting from paris to the belgium capital brussels. belgium's foreign minister telling abc's matt gutman another terror cell of around ten people is at large. >> it's possible to receive a real terrorist attack with some heavy weapons and maybe with the capacity to do the same. >> reporter: this morning brussels is trying to get back to normal re-opening its schools and public transportation but the terror alert will stay at of the month meaning they imminent. >> thank you. in the war against isis took an unexpected turn with turkey shooting down that russian warplane near the syrian border complicating the fight against the terror group while everyone waits to see what president putin does next. abc's martha raddatz tracks this one from washington this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. russia is announcing this
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morning that one of its two pilots has been rescued after a 12-hour operation but the other is dead and an angry vladimir putin is already warning this could have serious consequences. the shootdown of the russian fighter jet prompting russia this morning to deploy a guided missile warship to defend against what it calls danger to its interests. president obama's saying turkey had a right to defend itself. once again urging russia to strike only isis targets. >> we hope that they refocus their attention on what is the most substantial threat. >> reporter: the russian su-24 fighter jet seen streaking across the sky after being shot down by the air-to-air missile from a turkish f-16 crashed into northern syria. turkey says the russian pilots were warned ten times in five minutes before being fired upon. >> this is a very, very quick intercept. it was only 17 seconds that this
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russian airplane was in turkish airspace. in that time the turkish f-16 pilot was ready on the trigger. >> reporter: the russian pilots ejecting, parachutes deploying. as they fall they reportedly come under heavy gunfire from syrian rebels which is when one of the pilots was killed. russia says its warplane was conducting bombing runs in syria but turkey says the jet crossed its border flying over this sliver of turk other airspace less than two miles wide. a stern vladimir putin calling turkey's action a stab in the back by the terrorists' accomplices. >> there's going to be a lot of posturing but it's going to be a question of how far the rugs take the next step. are they really going to do something in retaliation or let it blow over -- >> reporter: russian's foreign minister has strong words for turkey saying we have serious doubts that it was an un unpremeditated attack adding russia can't let it go without a response.
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amy with the other morning's top stories starting with new questions about air bag safety? >> that's right. takata facing a record fine now faces a new accusation according to internal documented cited by "the wall street journal" it manipulated test results for more than a decade to hide failures in inflaters that can explode. they're now blamed for eight deaths and millions of vehicles have been recalled. in philadelphia, a teenager is behind bars after a police pursuit ended in a fiery crash with a school bus. police say the 17-year-old shot a trooper in the shoulder after speeding off during a traffic stop. at a shocking discovery at a church in new york city, a newborn was found inside the church nativity scene. the boy nicknamed baby jesus is healthy. well, the hilton hotel chain is warning customers about a data breach. hackers compromised credit and debit card payments at shops and restaurants. customers are urged to check your statements for fraud. and finally meet the man who
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is definitely going to be number one in line, the most serious black friday shopper perhaps in the entire country. jarvis johnson has been camped out since last week inside his tent is a cot, a cooler for his food, a microwave and a tv, that's right he has electricity in there. he really wants a deal on a big screen tv and in fact he's actually in addition to being extreme shopper he's a freestyle rapper. want it story haste rap i hope you like the price because they very nice i'm doing what i do trying to get a tv just for you. >> something appears to have gone awry at the end. with you -- >> i was using his word, i was trying -- >> it was fantastic. does he know there's this thing called the internet? >> exactly. >> one week for a better deal. >> yeah. >> wow. thank you, amy. we move on to that demolition worker lucky to be alive this morning surviving inside that excavator. you see it right there as the
7:16 am
it. abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: the demolition gone horribly wrong. after two unsuccessful attempts using explosives to bring down this over 150-foot-tall smokestack in alabama, tim pfeiffer, 15-year veteran goes in to take a look hoping to knock it over with his excavator. instead the local landmark comes crashing down on pfeiffer. watch as he's trapped inside the machine, a drone flying above filming everything. members of his team instantly rushing to help. you can even see pfeiffer's daughter running across the bottom of the screen desperately trying to reach her dad. >> i remember being halfway across the field just looking at
7:17 am
and i was like, i don't know if he made it. >> reporter: moments later one of his team members throwing his arm in the air giving everyone a thumb's up and fifer emerges. >> i've had things go wrong but not like this. >> reporter: despite a couple of scratches and a coating of soot fifer is alive and well thanks to his own quick thinking. >> stay in the hoe. the cab is made for that thing to turn over on top of it. you know, i was safer inside the cab than coming out of it. god bless. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> didn't he sound like bill clinton a little bit? >> yeah. >> glad he's all right. >> lots to be thankful for. so glad he's okay. >> and bill clinton and rappers. you guys are on fire. >> reading lips. we do it all. hopefully also helping you get home for the holidays on time. relax. we've got a "gma" road trip
7:18 am
we're hitting the roads. we're going back to t.j. who we believe has audio in fairfield, county. t.j., take it away. >> reporter: yes, yes, when they told me i would take a road trip with my good friends. this isn't what i had in my. rob marciano, my good friend who is already studying her map, sara haines but what we're doing, we're not racing back to times but putting three different technologies, well, two technologies and one map up against each other letting you see which one is the fastest. rob is going to use the gps that came with the rental car. he's going to hop in and take off. for sara stuck with a paper map and use that, see how long it takes her and i'm using the waze app on my phone. we're on our way. >> get going and checking in throughout the show. >> rob is helping her out there but you there see -- >> they're moving fast. >> if only it happened that way. so the road trip begins, a few routes from fairfield they can take and you have to consider
7:19 am
there will be traffic and stay with it all day long. >> how about that weather. >> one of the airports salt lake city and we'll have a lot more coming up in your nation's forecast. first we have to get snowy cities brought to you by macy's. cindy: good morning. we have sunshine at 34 in it is called in the suburbs. we still in the teens at norwood. s this morning. we are going to see just
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>> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. randy: good morning. one man is dead and two others are hurt after a driver crashed. they were driving out of a store, witnesses say the car was airborne as it jumped the curb. the fbi has issued a new travel alert warning americans about copycats following the terror attacks in paris. security has been boosted. we have a beautiful start to the day. we begin the long holiday weekend. cindy: it is a little bit cold out there. 30' s in boston.
7:25 am
north shore and south shore have mostly sunny skies. mid-upper 40' s this afternoon. dry in the east. it will allow us to warm up. thanksgiving is looking mild. we will get showers on friday night. randy: how does the commute look? olessa: so far so good. not too much trouble. the expressway is only about minutes. 93 south is issue free. we are expecting the rush-hour to pick up around 2:00. randy: back before the top of the hour. if you' re going out, you can watch the latest newscast.
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welcome back to "gma." a look at the highways and airports. that's the gw, the george washington bridge here in new york city. it's the calm before the rush and going to check in on our team, t.j., sara and rob trying to make their way back to our studio from connecticut showing us the best way to get where you perhaps are going. it's our "gma" road trip challenge trying to crack the thanksgiving traffic mess and even sara had the good old-fashioned -- went old school. >> i'd just follow rob. always a crazy day for travelers. chicago on edge after those angry demonstrations last night. protesters taking to the streets after video of that police officer shooting a teenager was released, the officer has been
7:29 am
charged with murder. and the middle of the country bracing for a major snowstorm that dumped a foot in some areas stranding drivers and the storm is going to bring more snow and ice for the holiday. so ginger is covering that but she's also covering our "dancing with the stars" spectacular this morning upstairs in the makeup room. what's going on there. >> oh, george, bindi and derek aren't the only ones with a mirrorball. yes, we've made our own here, carlos, nick carter, all of the finalists are here, we're about stars" party. you don't want to miss it. i got the ball right here. >> so sweet. so sweet. that is ahead. but we begin this half hour with that nfl player shot in the head overnight. rams receiver stedman bailey is in the hospital, this comes as the team is engulfed in controversy questioning leaving their quarterback in the game after he suffered a hit to the head. abc's gio benitez is here with all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. bailey was reportedly shot twice in the head.
7:30 am
the team isn't releasing too much information just yet but it's another problem for a team now in the spotlight. he is the 25-year-old wide receiver known for his quick hands. but this morning, stedman bailey is in critical but stable condition after being shot in the head. in his car in miami gardens florida, this comes at a bad time for the rams. two weeks ago two of their players including bailey suspended for violating the nfl's substance abuse rules and now this morning, an nfl investigation over this hit. watch closely. that is st. louis rams quarterback case keenum taking a hit to the head in the final minute of the games against the ravens. he grabs on to his head. a teammate pulls him up but he struggles. he's then speaking with reggie scott, head trainer but moments later he is right back in the game playing with a concussion. the nfl telling abc news it is reviewing "why he was not removed from the game for the
7:31 am
by concussion protocols." >> everyone here has a hand in not taking care of case keenum in this particular instance and that's not acceptable. some kind of punishment should be handed out. >> reporter: rams head coach jeff fisher said he did not see the hit until after the game and that if he had, he would have pulled keenum off the field. overnight telling reporters he is working with the nfl on the situation. >> it's an important issue for the safety, and looking at the system to see if there is, you know, anything we can do to where we avoid that kind of situation happening. >> reporter: and the good news this morning, the rams coach tells us keenum is okay and he could be ready to practice and play this week. but by all accounts it seems what happened wasn't supposed to happen and let's just hope that bailey is going to be okay too. just awful. >> that is the headline here, bailey and what he went through. gosh, thank you. >> thanks, robin. we turn to those shootings at that black lives matter rally
7:32 am
three suspects now in custody. police investigating the motive. not ready to say if they're white supremacists, abc's neal karlinsky there with the latest. good morning, neal. >> reporter: good morning, the protests outside this minneapolis police precinct remain mostly quiet. you can see they actually have some fires burning here to keep warm. they have been set up up out here more more than a week now and say despite the shooting they will not be backing down. this morning, three suspects in custody, one arrest captured on cell phone video less than 24 hours after this. >> help, help! >> reporter: gunfire tearing through a peaceful protest outside a minneapolis police precinct. witnesses saying white supremacists togethered them. >> dangerous anti-black rhetoric people.
7:33 am
hundreds took to the streets. marching to city hall and back to the police precinct where it all began. police won't comment on allegations that white supremacists were involved. only saying that three white men ages 21, 23 and 26 have been arrested for allegedly shooting the black protesters. none of the gunshots were life-threatening. >> glad you're alive. all that matters. you got your life. >> reporter: the violence rang out after a week-long protest that began when police shot and killed 24-year-old jamar clark. police claiming clark was shot while reaching for an officer's gun during an arrest. but protesters say he was handcuffed when shot and an investigation is ongoing including an examination of unreleased video that these protesters want to see. >> that man was shot in cold blood when he had his hands behind his back. >> reporter: the governor who recently saw the video says it's inconclusive. jamar clark, the man whose death
7:34 am
sparked all this will be laid to rest here in minneapolis later today. his family has urged these protesters to end their siege of the police precinct here, george and robin. >> we have seen that from the families in minneapolis and chicago now. >> yes. coming up here, "gma on the money." just in time for your holiday shopping new ways to make sure you get the lowest price every single time. even after you've already bought your gift. also ahead, remember the guy -- inspired by a slice of pie, just not any pie, patti labelle's pie, he's getting some sweet satisfaction for this performance. her big surprise for him. whoa, patti. >> that's good pie. >> great pie. could there be another way?
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essage cc1 test message test tex back at 7:40 now with "gma on the money" and this morning we're helping you save on your holiday shopping. almost half of all holiday shopping will be done online this year and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with apps that guarantee we're going to get the
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best deals, rebecca? >> we can guarantee you that, that's right. good morning to you and the national retail federation estimates we will spend $105 billion this year shopping for the holidays online but with prices fluctuating as many as dozens, even hundreds of times a day, how can you make sure you're getting the very best deal? take a look. it's the biggest sales season of the year. >> here it comes. >> reporter: but with holiday shopping comes fluctuating prices. take a look. this hello barbie doll on was originally listed for $74. then $69 and then $59 in just a few days. yolanda says she buys most of her holiday gifts online and spent nearly $1,000 on her gifts last year and has her hands full list. >> i want an ipod and headphone. >> laptop. >> ps4. >> i get frustrated because a
7:40 am
lot of the toys that are popular are the ones the kids want and the markup is insane. >> reporter: enter consumer savings expert andrea wororc this. . she says use shop genius or invisible hand that run in the background while shopping online. if what you're about to buy is cheaper they'll alert you before you purchase. >> so i won't have to go to different sites. >> exactly. it does all the work for you. >> reporter: that lap p top for her daughter we first found on amazon for $330 but invisible hand found it on best buy for $279. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: next up electronics on your list? name your own price with green toe. they negotiate with retailers for free. on green toe these beatsheadphones for yolanda's husband once $99, now just 72 bucks. >> and that includes shipping and tax. >> that's incredible.
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>> reporter: finally did you know the savings don't have to stop once you've made your purchase? websites like slice and brand-new paribus work to get you money back on stuff you've bought. >> prices are changing. hundreds of millions of types per day. with paribus, buy what you want, we'll take care of everything else. >> reporter: if the price drops, you get me the refund? s that sea right. >> reporter: they can scan all your sales receipts and if they find a better price elsewhere they'll file a claim for a refund. paribus taking 25% of whatever savings they find you in all saving yolanda and her family almost $300 for a happier holiday season. >> two more great apps that saved her an additional $100, shopsavvy and redlaser scan the internet for sales so you get the lowest possible price when you buy.
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as for paristbus that gets you money back after your purchases, they say they don't see or store any of your personal information from your e-mails. but for a good idea create a separate e-mail just for those account which is just a great way to shop online in generally e-mails. >> amy is taking serious notes. throughout that whole segment. >> saved a lot of money. >> you did. coming up, patti labelle's big surprise for her biggest fan. and amy goes one-on-one with ivanka trump opening up about her family, her new passion and, of course, her dad. >> today we're shovel ready. ever! featuring black friday doorbusters in store only! like 50% off toys the sony playstation 4 - $299.99 $4.99 after rebate kitchen electrics and women's boots are just $14.99. plus - only once a year get $15 kohl's cash for every $50 spent! kohl's stores open thursday at
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test message cc1 i'm feeling good remember this song. >> i love it. >> miss patti. well, remember this pie guy, viral sensation james wright. it's like heaven >> sharing his love for miss patti labelle's pie, sweet potato pie with the world. his original serenade. >> is that what that is. >> got more than 3 million views. it turns out miss patti -- >> is so grateful for wright's video, sorry, her sweet potato
7:47 am
pie she's cooking for him. miss patti is going to cook for him on thanksgiving. >> oh, my goodness. >> can't wait for that song. >> and miss patti is going to help him network. thinks he might have a future when it comes to music. a lot to be thankful for. >> that is great. hey, we also are thankful for our gang, they're doing this road trip challenge for us that's t.j., sara, rob, on their way to the studio from fairfield, connecticut. each using a different navigation method to tell you which works best. t.j., how is it going? >> it's going well. we've made our way to greenwich, right? greenwich. waze is telling us we should make it to you by the end of the show. that's what we're told. we haven't hit traffic yet so we're still trying to make our way to manhattan but so far so good the app is doing us well. >> sara is going old school. using a compass and the sun. we've given her a road map. sara, how are you?
7:48 am
not only does she get the map -- >> she's concentrate ing concentrating. the poor girl -- sara, can you hear us now? >> yes, i can. i think we're ahead of t.j. because we're in new york right now. we might be winning. we're this far away from you. this is one hand's length away from you. >> i love it. we'll check in with rob later. look at that. the classics still work. love it. we'll be back to them in a little bit. >> it's our big "dancing with the stars" morning. bindi, the champion, derek, six mirror ball trophies, the four finalists are all here.
7:49 am
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1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? back here on "gma" let's go to roy, washington, south of seattle and, yes, that is snow in some of the lower levels. look at the thanksgiving forecast. the mess will be right in the middle.
7:53 am
test text1 italics
7:54 am
>> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. randy: good morning. we have a beautiful start to the day. cindy: whereof 236 in boston. above freezing. lots of 20' s and the suburbs. temperatures continue to climb. by the late morning we are in the 40' s. 12 lots of sunshine. storming out west pushes into the middle of the country. we are warming up. 50' s tomorrow.
7:55 am
we will see a few showers on friday night. look? olessa: it is very nice, but it will get bad started at 2:00. so far, we are doing ok. that is it. eastbound on the pike is 15 minutes. 4952028. the expressway is looking good. this man. a woman' s body was burned in bridgewater. police believe it was retaliation for his own son' s murder. note the fantasy sports science trying to stay in business in new york state. at a court hearing boston-based draft kings and fanned will will argue that they are legal under new york state law. more coming up.
7:56 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bindi and derek! >> and crikey, they did it. bindi and derek ruled the ballroom. >> thank you for changing my life. >> winning the mirror ball. >> bindi deserved it. >> she kicked butt. >> the stars and their partners flying all night on the "gma" express, about to take over times square live. it's the biggest ballroom bash we've ever thrown. and wait till you see the surprises we've got planned. >> good day, america.
7:57 am
it is huge. huge, "dancing with the stars" after-party and our "gma" ballroom bash is under way as you can see. >> we've been waiting for the top four dances, all here live and here they come right now. [ cheers and applause ] >> bindi right there.
7:58 am
>> wow! >> you guys aren't tired at all. derek is a little tired. didn't get any sleep last night. resting just a little bit. >> you guys are -- how quick did you learn that little move right there? you guys are the best. >> a few minutes ago. >> you were so much fun to watch. each and every one of you all season long. thank you for that and we are thankful that it is the day before thanksgiving and we have some families that we showed you in thank you america last year for thanksgiving and we're going to update you, the family in the process of adopting. sanitation worker who's helping the homeless, mr. v. who wanted to go to washington with the drum line so making a difference in so many lives. >> inspiring us all week long leading up to thanksgiving so that's all coming up. right now back to downstairs with amy and the rundown. >> the big story had morning, the thanksgiving getaway. this year will be different with more traffic on the roads and
7:59 am
extra security at train stations and airports following the recent terror attacks in you were 00. expect longer security lines and the tsa is preparing to screen 40% more passengers than usual with 900 canine teams watching passengers and cargo and as for the weather, heavy winds have knocked out power to thousands of people in washington state and snow is hampering travel from boise to salt lake city. that weather is moving east. we'll have much more in ginger's forecast coming up. this morning russia's foreign minter says his country has no intention of going to war with turkey but tensions are high after turkey shot down a russian fighter jet near the syrian border claiming it had crossed into turkish airspace. today turkey said it will hold talks with the russians and one reportedly been rescued. back here in this country protesters in chicago blocked a highwayemonstrating against the police shooting of a black teenager but pro-at thes overnight were mostly peaceful with only four arrests. newly released video showing an 16 times.
8:00 am
that officer has now been charged with murder. well, consumer alert this morning. chicken salad sold by costco is being linked to e. coli and reena ninan has the details. >> reporter: this morning as shoppers rush to pick up last-minute thanksgiving ingredients an important health alert about chicken from superstore costco. an e. coli outbreak hitting seven states infecting 19 people who are believed to have hit on the chain's rotisserie chicken salad. two people developing kidney failure that can lead to costco immediately stopping all sales of the item on november 20th after being notified of the e. coli outbreak. the cdc saying the specific ingredient causing the illness still being investigated but warning all customers to throw out any rotisserie chicken salad purchased before november 20th. overnight costco telling abc news "we feel terrible that anybody got ill" and noting the
8:01 am
three days and the last reported illness came on november 1st and they say out of the 19 e. coli cases in the cdc report 16 were likely made sick from the chicken salad. this isn't the first time they've had trouble with their chicken. last year they were linked to a salmonella outbreak linked to chicken. >> our thanks to reena for that. a passing to note from inside our abc family. legendary soap star david canary has died. canary played twin brothers adam and stuart chandler on abc's "all my children" for nearly 30 years winning five emmys. canary was 77. finally, a man that i year. you'll understand when you watch this video. yes, this man helping his wife cross the treat during a flood in their hometown in india. not a drop of water touched her feet. that, my folk, is what we call
8:02 am
love. back to you. >> chivalry is not dead. >> wow, that is -- >> husbands everywhere take note. that is great. thank you, amy. and here's what's coming up on "good morning america." we've got the best ways to help you make your holiday escape. we're checking in in our road trip challenge with our three travelers and amy has an amazing one-on-one with ivanka trump. we're going to have that and the "dancing with the stars" finalists are here after an epic battle in the ballroom. we have some surprises in store. the trophy is being passed. we know who won it. here you go. coming up on "gma." >> whoo! c'mon! turkey! pwhoaaaa. who made all of this? let's go! pea! [screams] pwhoaaaa!
8:03 am
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8:05 am
our "dancing with the stars" after-party is just getting started. look here, the mirror ball champ, bindi taking on our "gma" ballroom bash all coming up. how heavy is that? >> it's actually pretty heavy. >> oh, yeah. this holiday i can count on someone's kid mistaking me for santa. i'm so sorry. come on sweetie. it's okay. r and knowing right when my packages arrive. introducing real-timer delivery notifications. t one more reason r
8:06 am
r there is nowhere i'd rather be than right here. where all it takes to become part of the family is to sit down, give thanks, r and share a beautiful meal together.
8:07 am
dance with me this woman is my destiny she said ooh shut up and dance with me >> all right! welcome back to "gma." there they are, the "dancing with the stars" finalists from season 21 -- can it be? season 21 kicking off our ballroom bash with them right now. >> that's right. doing that and all the finalists here after flying through the night and talk to them after this look back at how derek and bindi became the champs. >> bindi and derek. >> she did it. bindi irwin dancing away with the mirror ball.
8:08 am
her win with six time champ derek hough caps an emotional season where she drew strength from her late father steve irwin and all began with 13 contestants and nail-biting >> this is awful. >> whittled down to the final three. need a hero >> american hero alek skarlatos showed the most growth all season. everybody >> and backstreet boy nick carter gave bindi a run for her money. but in the end, bindi just couldn't be beat. >> bindi deserved it. she kicked butt. >> reporter: her shining spirit brighter than the mirror ball on the dance floor. >> i can't believe that i'm here. just thank you. >> and we are joined now by the finalist bindi, sharna, alek, nick and sharna. by far. even the judges said the same
8:09 am
thing, congratulation, bindi. >> thank you so much! >> you said it's changed your life. how has it? >> it surely has changed my life and i feel like i've grown as a person. i mean not only have i learned all about the world of sequins and sparkles and high heels, but also to be blessed enough to work with this beautiful family. i feel like my family has just been extended. even more than animals. now i have this gorgeous family here. you know, this experience will forever be a part of my life and will live into my heart. it. a little tired but he'll be back out in our 8:30 hour. >> your mom terry, i know, terry -- >> mom. >> how proud she is of you. >> i love you, mom. >> terry, has she always attacked life with such zes it. >> you know bindi irwin is the most optimistic person on planet earth and i hope it rubs off on everybody. but we never knew she could
8:10 am
so, this is really been an extraordinary journey for someone who didn't know that tiny dancer was with her and i'm very proud of her. >> wonderful to see you and the other family members there every single week cheering on your loved one. >> nick, you were the epitome of a gentleman last night saying that bindi irwin deserved every bit of it. >> absolutely. i mean, this -- this entire season has been something that i'm going to remember and i'll tell you, like we talk about it all the time, the friendships, the bonds that we have on this show, it's unexplainable like it's something that we're always going to cherish to be quite honest. >> i know you'll cherish the friendship you have with that woman right there, sharna, she and all the professional dancers, i say this every single season, what you all do and it's just you don't get enough credit. you really don't get enough credit but you should. sharna, i know that you were a bit of a backstreet boys fan in the day.
8:11 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> who, me. maybe just a little bit. maybe just a little bit. >> okay. we might have a little surprise for you a little bit later on. >> really? >> secrets. >> oh. i just got excited. >> nice tease there. alex, everyone who comes on "dancing with the stars" says they couldn't imagine being on "dancing with the stars." i think literally in your case it's true. how are you going to top this year? >> your guess is as good as mine. i mean, this is has been the craziest ride i've ever had and so much fun meeting people like this on the show has just -- i mean, been icing on the cake. dancing? >> yeah, actually. i am. >> going on tour. >> so cool. >> and lindsay is going to go on tour with you. you're a newbie but seems like you've been here all along and all the judges were saying your freestyle is something they'll remember for quite some time. you taught alek how to dance.
8:12 am
what did he teach you, lindsay? >> he taught me so much not just about dancing but about life. he has taken every challenge that's come his way and just taken it and done the best that he can with it and i've learned so much from him. >> he's been inspiring to a lot of people this year. now, carlos, all of us were wondering how this would work out, you and alexa competing against each other through the season. how did it work out? did it change anything in your marriage. >> surprisingly it strengthened it. there's such a trust we had to have doing this show. we're dancing with our partner, some dances like the rumba can be kind of sexual. you don't know what's going on but we had to build that trust and like strengthen it and our marriage is so strong right now, i'm so thankful? witney's boyfriend trusted you too. >> oh, yeah. fiance now. >> i know! >> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] >> come on. >> so is it going to be a little bit of a "dancing with the stars" reunion at the wedding. >> oh, absolutely.
8:13 am
actually lindsay is my maid of honor. so excited. i hope everyone can be there. >> i'm the deejay actually. >> i just found that out today, yeah. >> again, congratulations and speaking of music, this is for you, sharna. you know, we know these posters you've had up of nick maybe a little worn so we thought maybe out. come on out. get here. [ cheers and applause ] >> i mean, i mean -- >> right now -- i mean, i've got the real thing right here. >> that's right. >> i'll take it. >> did you know your man had those kind of moves?
8:14 am
did you know he had those moves? >> he's always had those moves just refined them thanks to sharna. he's come a long way. thank you, sharna. >> we have a gift for you. you have a baby boy coming. let's bring it on out. >> what is that? >> oh, boy. born to dance. >> oh. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. all such great sport. a lot more ahead but now down p downstairs to amy. another star, ivanka trump mom of two with another on the presidential candidate. i spent a busy day with the very busy ivanka who is proving when it comes to taking on a challenge it's like father, like daughter. >> today i have the honor of introduction. >> she has grown up in the spotlight.
8:15 am
and now ivanka trump adding another title to her long list of roles. in addition to being a businesswoman, a designer, a mother, a wife, you're a daughter, of course, but now a daughter of a presidential candidate. >> it's incredible what my father has accomplished. and how strongly his message is resonating with so many people. he's been dominating the polls since he stepped into the race. >> are you surprised at how well he's done. >> i'm actually not at all surprised because when he apply himself with this level of focus he typically prevails. controversy. and especially during this presidential campaign most 9/11. >> thousands and thousands of people were cheering. >> do you discuss the news cycle with him when these things come up? >> well, i'm in the office so we discuss a lot of thing. he's one of my closest friends in addition to my mentor. >> do you ever disagree? >> well, you know, i'm a daughter, not a clone, of course, there are times when i've disagreed with him.
8:16 am
>> how does that usually go for you. >> i think it goes pretty well. i'm pretty convincing. i'm a good negotiator myself. >> you better do a good job or you're fired. >> and while her father runs for president she and her brothers are manning the family business. >> and today we're shovel ready. >> what's a day in the life of ivanka trump. >> every day brings new opportunities in my work at the trump organization opening a project in rio de janeiro and vancouver and pennsylvania avenue in washington, d.c. >> do you have a favorite part? >> the design and construction. i love it all and now obviously i have my own brand and here in my offices of ivanka trump which is my lifestyle collection. >> i started this company for women who inspire me. >> chic, sophisticated and solution or gented. >> i love when you came up with this concept, the #womenwhowork. you created an amazing community of women who are celebrating and supporting each other and really advocating for this multi multidimensional life.
8:17 am
to be sisters, we're trading for marathons and learning how to guarden. the goal is to change this narrative and to be a part of it. >> and always at the center of ivanka's narrative her family. she's expect another baby this spring. what's thanksgiving going to be like in the ivanka trump house? >> it's chaotic. we're going to florida and we'll be at mar lago. >> what's on the menu. >> traditional. big turkey, gets bigger every year as the family grows. >> it's huge. >> huge. >> huge. >> huge standing ovation. >> it's pretty huge. now i'm self-conscious about that word, of course now i'm very self-conscious about the word huge. >> and for more on ivanka's initiative women who work go to on yahoo! we're women who work so work it, girl. >> yeah, i will right over here. i'm not afraid of huge because we'll use that talking about the waves around seattle and washington. look at these huge waves that
8:18 am
were crashing up onto the shore. the king tide plus that windstorm moving through and now that storm going to meet up with the remnants of what is right now hurricane sandra. all that moisture pooling up and from parts of illinois back through texas on flash flood watch. some of the rain totals locally in parts of oklahoma or texas could go upwa cindy: in morning. 36 degrees in boston. 26 north and west of boston. temperatures will move up into the mid and upper 40' s. it >> it is so quiet down here without y'all. we got to get back upstairs with the party. >> get up here with your mirror ball, please, ginger.
8:19 am
we're going to start "pop news" with a check in on our "gma" road trip challenge. we're trying to help you find the best way to get out of dodge for the holidays. what system works best? we have three teams leave fairfield, connecticut, about an hour ago using different navigation method bs. sara old school with a map and t.j. used waze and rob marciano used the sort of gps system that comes in your rental car which is not an app and doesn't update you with different routes so as i understand it, sara is beating with the map, good old old-school map. sara in first, t.j. second. poor rob with the gps. we need to check in with him. i understand you had to make a little pit stop. >> yeah, that would be nice but we're in last place so that's not going to happen. our gps took us to i-95, never a good idea when you have the choice to take the merit. and now wants to take us to the east side of manhattan and drive crosstown during rush hour.
8:20 am
we're never going to get there at this rate. i think maybe the hard core map would have been the best way to go, guys. >> sometimes the classics. >> right up here and knowing what's busy at what time. >> it doesn't surprise me what happened to rob. i'm telling you the gps in the car always does that. >> creates great discussion. listen to the gps. no. >> but i thought waze would be the one because i've gotten great success with ha. >> waze usually works best for me. >> sometimes they take you on these crazy routes to divert a little bit. >> t.j. has that and sara has good old common sense looking at her map and seeing the most direct route and it's working. so, consider the source. we'll check back in with them and find out if rob ever gets here and continue with "pop news" and queen elizabeth is turning 90 years old. this coming april. and you're invited to the party, people. 25,000 of us at least can go, hobnob with harry and the other royals at the four-day royal event that will take place in
8:21 am
1500 performers will be there. 900 horses putting on a show. the tickets are selling fast through the windsor information center. the cost, $83 and then, of course, a fabulous fascinator, robin, you and i know is a must at all royal affairs. not so bad. i don't know you'll actually get very close to the royals but you can say you were at the queen's birthday party. like you and i were at the queen's jubilee. >> really far. i thought i could see her from the distance. >> not so much? a royal affair and happy birthday to the queen, going strong. then also in "pop news," we've found the perfect stocking stuffer if you're planning on weekend. this one is for bacon lovers, the world's first underwear that looks and smells like bacon. >> who is this for? >> it's described as the meat. each hand crafted in the u.s. of a. audience. >> a real item.
8:22 am
come in boxers and briefed designed to embed the smell of breakfast in your pant, the scent will last through multiple wash cycles. the underwear does come with a unique warning and, guy, this is not a joke, the makers advise the garment is not recommended for use by mail carrier, zookeepers or lion tamers. i just would like to say before you all send me your messages and get mad guess where i found this story? george. >> i got the e-mail yesterday. i didn't think she'd put it on the air. >> george said, would you want would i ever? >> now we know. >> thank you, george. >> you're welcome, america. where will the party be on black friday morning? friday, pitbull ignites the morning on "gma" presented by
8:23 am
>> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. erika: top stories. one man is dead and two others into them as they walked out of a store. witnesses say the cart was airborne as it jumped the curb outside harbor freight tools. the fbi has issued a new travel alert warning americans about the potential copycats following the terror attacks in paris. security has been boosted around airports and malls. turning to the weather. a live look over the city. we have a beautiful clear day. cindy:
8:24 am
temperatures are in the 20' s. temperatures will climb up to 40 degrees by 10:00 this morning. we are in the 40' s this afternoon. it is all quiet on the northeast. we have a storm holding out west. we will get a few rain showers here on friday. we were at the and the 50' s tomorrow. 60' s on friday. erika: thank you so much. we have a big travel day. how is the looking? olessa: now is the time to give it to your destinations. ruth three southbound by derby street there is a crash in the shoulder. same-store around the pike. 15 minutes for 9528. 93 southbound looks good. we have another crash at 120 north. also on the shoulder.
8:25 am
now watch me whip watch me nae nae >> well, welcome back to "gma." a little whip, a little nae nae and all the finalists from "dancing with the stars" and a little howie d. as well. >> a whole bunch of stanky legs here. the nae nae, all your favorites. we want you to dance with us this morning. join us on twitter and periscope. we'll show you the moves. we'll show you how to do it. get up and dance, oh, yeah. >> a little stanky leg. never hurt nobody. so much fun. a lot more on our big "gma" ballroom bash. right now though we're going down to rob and george and amy. >> rested derek well, doing the stanky leg. that was good. this week we have been saying thank you, america, to
8:26 am
those giving back and making a true difference like the coach who's teaching students invaluable life lessons on and off the field. the pizza store owner who came up with a unique recipe for feeding those in need. and so we were wondering about the unsung heroes who inspired us and who we honored last year, remember, on thanksgiving, that holiday special. one year later we check back in for an update. last thanksgiving, we met some incredible people doing amazing things in their communities. mr. v., a dedicated teacher who empowers his students through music teaching them to dream big and believe in themselves. >> i love them. i want them to know that i always have their back and anything they need i'm always there for them. >> his dream for the drum line, to see them march in the national independence day parade in washington, d.c. >> can we cue the drum line? [ cheers and applause ]
8:27 am
we teamed up with jimmy kimmel to make that dream a reality. drum roll, please. this past july they made it to the nation's capital. >> half my group had never been on a plane. you know how powerful that is. us. >> in life there are no barriers, merely potholes to step around. stay focused and move on. they take that with them and they live by that motto, they'll do great. >> hi. how are you? >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> in st. cloud, minnesota, we met the naal. >> we have adopted six and done foster care for 96 kids and waiting to adopt one from africa. >> a close-knit modern family bursting at the seams with love but facing seemingly emanuel.
8:28 am
knew at that moment that that love. >> and this fall the neals finally welcomed home their son. >> he loves his siblings and they love him. >> it really feels like he fits the way god has put our family together he's a neal. >> in gaithersburg, maryland, do you mind if i hitch a ride. >> no, i don't. harvey. >> here we are, ready? >> a sanitation worker by day and crusader for the homeless by night. >> how are you doing, sweetheart? >> his organization god's connection transition gct. >> we're going to leave you this bag, man. >> feeds thousands of low income and homeless people each year. >> look at this, arnold. >> thank you, america, teamed up with the community to support arnold in his mission to give back. >> the man of the hour.
8:29 am
are spreading. from guatemala to chapters in pennsylvania and now in florida. >> we're touching more live, more families every day. >> you are our guardian angel. >> thank you. >> we want to eradicate homelessness in america and we're just hoping one day soon we can do that. we can close the doors and say our job well done. >> great job. >> and gct notes they're ex- pandzing to a larger facility and will teach skills to help people become more self-sufficient. he sent us this. >> so incredible. >> you know, i can't believe it's just been a year and looking at these three families and they are families, it just lets you know there's something we all can do. we all can do something but they just wanted to say thank you and we say thank you america. >> let's go to ginger now. >> we are counting down to
8:30 am
delicious way possible. wolfgang joined us to show us how to cook a turkey without ruffling your feathers. we're talking no hassle thanksgiving. >> exactly. no hassle and one part. i'm going to put in one pan, a turkey, i'm going to cook the sweet potatoes and make the gravy all in one. what i do when i cook at home i put a few fresh herbs underneath the skin, huge sage, rosemary, thyme. whatever you want and now here i have some sweet potatoes. you have them or if you like butternut squash, throw them in the roasting pan and then if you love garlic, you know if you're an italian thanksgiving, we need garlic, all right. a little salt and put the turkey right on top here. >> that's a big guy. >> okay, all right. >> put it right in here. put it on 55 minutes, 450, so i put the level -- now it's under pressure.
8:31 am
and 60 minutes, 55 minutes. >> 60 minutes. >> so now after 55 minutes, you release the pressure, okay. we're going -- >> stand back. >> it's okay. you have enough pressure here too. >> i got one baking. not a pressure cooker though. it's opinion a long process >> look what we have in here. >> ooh. >> a beautiful turkey in under an hour so this is a 14-pounder. all right. and now, let me take this off here. >> oh, do you want me to help. so now going to show you how to make the gravy. >> yes, please. >> so i'm going to put the juice here in the blender. open it up. you see all the juice here. we'll put that in here. >> nice and instead of using flour, we use a few sweet potatoes, all right. now we can turn it on. >> oh, there we go. >> just like at home so you
8:32 am
we have to taste it. >> right. >> so this is -- you don't have to do anything else for the gravy. >> nothing else. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody out there. >> to everybody out there. find these recipes on our website, on yahoo! and we are going to eat some cake. oh, i am so hungry already. guess what checking in on our drivers seeing how they're doing and look who made it already. miss sara haines. that's right. sara, you used the old-school map and you got here first. >> i did. >> good girl. just great with directions or -- >> it's hard to undo what you know about getting here but i did follow the map but waze is i t.j. >> t.j. is not far behind. >> rob is never going to get here. >> very, very close so t.j. used waze. rob, we have a chopper shot. he is still in traffic. somewhere in the bronx. he used a gps that came with the rental car. oh, rob. you did a good job, buddy. you worked with what you had.
8:33 am
better but he had to follow his gps. >> oh. >> runner-up. t.j. holmes, everybody. >> everything go all right. >> we were right behind you. >> it worked well. she just took off. >> i said follow my taillights. >> waze, road map. we've learned a lot and a nice warm tha cindy: in morning. we have sunshine out there. 20' s and 30' s will be the upper 40' s today. >> all that weather brought to you by mazda. rob will get here someday. >> no, he won't. no, he won't. while. you. >> poor rob, poor rob. all right, so what if dinosaurs never became extent? the answer is an enchanting epic journey in the new movie called
8:34 am
"the good dinosaur" that hits screens today. take a look. >> leave it to pixar to take us to a brave new world where dinosaurs rule. >> i love that story. >> and that giant asteroid never hit earth. >> it really feels like you're there. >> brings these cheeky, roaring, cute -- aren't you just the cutest thing -- -- creatures to life in "the good dinosaur." >> wow. >> they're dinosaur, man. >> trying to survive in this jurassic jungle arlo, the adorable apatosaurus. >> with the great friendship between the two. >> and spot our favorite fearless cave boy. >> yes. >> throughout the movie they bond together, it's like a love/hate relationship. >> you'll have a roller coaster
8:35 am
ride of an experience. today. robin and george, we need you up here in the marquee. a lot of fun with "dancing with the stars." all the finalists coming up on "good morning america." shut up and dance with m "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving, brought to you by walmart. share wonder every day. it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family
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test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plain tt2watz'@>4 bt@qv?x tt2watz'@>4 "a@qf3< tt2watz'@>4 bm@qm80 tt4watz'@>4 " dztq g[< tt4watz'@>4 " entq 7_\ tt4watz'@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& >vh tt4watz'@>4 " iztq t?0 tt4watz'@>4 " jntq fop
8:38 am
could be the because -- >> movie moment and there nobody puts bindi in the corner. what an incredible season of "dancing with the stars." she created some quintessential moves from some of our favorite movies. it was so inspiring we decided to create a game called dancing with the hollywood stars. about he we get to the game your sixth win. five. >> even better. this girl is so superb. it's been an amazing journey. i love this girl so much. >> thank you. >> now you are competing against each other. >> i know, let's go. come on. >> really. >> watch out. >> that quickly turned. >> i'm mighty. >> pros versus the celebs. one each lined up and whoever hits the buzzer first gets to answer the question. you guys ready? >> ready. >> opportunity for an extra point as well.
8:39 am
question number one, this famous quentin tarantino features a dance between uma thurman and -- >> "pulp fiction." >> extra point. >> hey. >> all right. >> extra point happening. >> to the end of the line. very well done. second head-to-head competition and here's your question, before he famously jumped on the star the star of this movie had a brief encounter with old rock 'n' roll with what hit moviey. >> "risky business." >> ah. >> extra point opportunity. >> for your extra point, take off your shoes, take off your shoes and put on your sunglasses.
8:40 am
just take those old records off the shelf i'll listen to them by myself today's music ain't got the same soul i like that old time rock and roll >> he doesn't do that stuff there. [ cheers and applause ] don't take me to a disco >> nicely done, nicely done. >> two for the celebs. two for the pros. >> step it up. step it up. >> all right. you guys got to help us out. >> what movie made john travolta hustle? >> "saturday night fever." >> it's your opportunity. dancing dancing yeah
8:41 am
you should be dancing yeah dancing yeah >> she nailed it. >> and the pros, the pros have a chance. >> this is for the tie. >> this is for the tie. no pressure. here we go. olivia newton-john and tra travolta went together like da ding-ding dong. >> "grease!." >> you guys automatically win but extra point. >> what was the dance? >> there you have it. >> go, go, go, go. >> oh, we have some winners. the congratulations and coming up,
8:42 am
switching gears in a major way, deserve ing deserving teen. also on the way i think we'll have a special -- uh, i had a feeling he would sneak in there. derek and company. coming up on "good morning america." your lips are moving p to wrestle for on thanksgiving r was the last piece of pumpkin pie. p and the only place we camped out was in front of a fire r and not the parking lot of a store. r at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, pwe' re closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. rlet' s put more value on what really matters. r this season, bring back the holidays. rwith t.j.maxx, marshalls
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test text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plain i want to see you smile >> this holiday season we are so happy to be a part of macy's annual believe campaign to help children with life-threatening medical conditions. it'll donate 1 dollar up to a million dollars for every stamped envelope you mail or drop off at a specially marked
8:45 am
make-a-wish. from the time he was a small boy, 17-year-old divine piedra has had his eye on the sky. >> flying, i guess, my love for it came from when i was little. the freedom of flying, being to. >> reporter: that love of airplanes drew him to aviation video games. helped him escape from health issues that have challenged him for more than a decade. divine has chronic granulmatis. it attacks the organs of the bred. >> we were there when divine found out make-a-wish would allow him to become a fighter pilot. a few days later we were there at the ft. worth joint reserve base as divine was outfitted by military personnel in a real flight suit. >> oh. >> and took his place in a flight simulator, the kind usually reserved for official
8:46 am
military pilots. >> you're doing really good. >> for this texas teen, earning his wings was everything he hoped for. cementing his will to reach for the stars. >> i would categorize this day as one of the best days of my life. >> way to go, divine and all of you can make a wish like this come true by believing the believe campaign and sending that letter to macy's. we have all the information for how to do it on on yahoo! now back upstairs to lahr are. >> i know you want to get upstairs for this. america, we want you to join in in the dance party with "dancing with the stars" finalists, you know how to whip, you know how to nae nae so let's do it. ooh watch me watch me ooh >> show us, derek. get outer ooh watch me watch me
8:47 am
do the stanky leg do the stanky leg do stanky leg do the stanky leg do the stanky leg leg now break your legs break 'em, break 'em break your legs break especially dog tell 'em break your legs break 'em break 'em break your legs >> show us how to break a leg. now watch me bop bop bop bop bop bop bop. >> still bopping. now watch me bop bop bop bop now watch me whip now watch me nae nae now watch me whip whip watch
8:48 am
i'm ginger breadington with your 10 day deal forecast. every day for ten days, expect new deals with historic v low prices across target and hey! ginger! yes, ken? great forecast! are coffee makers on sale? yes! yes they will be... ginger! what about cameras? oh yeah, yeah. cameras-- ginger! how about christmas lights? yeah! lights, cameras, it's all in on the action. [ laughs ]
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cc1 test message test text1 underline "good morning america" is brought to you by smithfield. flavor hails from smithfield. shut up and dance with me >> these guys are great. thanks. such a great season. have a great thanksgiving, everyone. >> happy thanksgiving. >> oh, by the way, rob is still driving.
8:51 am
8:52 am
cindy: good morning. erika: we are looking live over the city of boston. it is clear if you' re driving anywhere. it is cold if you are outside. cindy: we are up to 38. we have fewer 20' s in the suburbs. we are climbing, we will see mostly sunny skies throughout the day. with more seasonal temperatures in the mid and upper 40' s. we have high pressure keeping a drive across the eastern seaboard. storms moving across the western we will hit the 50' more clouds in the 60' friday. s check on the roads. far. accident. the expressway is wide open.
8:53 am
it will be a different story later on. you might want to go out now. erika: thank you so much. police are searching for this man accused of murdering a woman whose body was found burned in bridgewater. police say it is a retaliation for his own son' s murder. it drove him to kill the 29-year-old. two fantasy sports sites will fight to stay in business in new york at a court hearing. draft things and fan dual argue
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