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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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outside a bar near fenwa early thursday morning. boston police describing the chaotic scene with hundreds of april fleeing outside shooting of the bar who' s on first. the others, all men in their 20' s, had wounds police say were not life-threatening. jc: a former police officer accused of making up a story about being shot by an unknown gunman and making up a false bomb threat was found dead in his home this morning. police say foul play was not expected -- police not foul play. danielle joins us now. what a gorgeous thanksgiving day we have out there. reid: warmest i can in many years. warm temperatures. s. can you believe that?
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the turkey is very happy about that. it was a warm one, and get ready because we have another warm day on tap for tomorrow. temperatures are starting to fall into the 40' s in the merrimack valley. as we go through the next 12 hours, here is what will happen in and around boston. temperatures level out in the upper 40' s, so they will not ball all that much, and we will see some clouds and some low-level clouds, so there could be areas of patchy fog talk about later this evening through the overnight and first thing tomorrow, but noticed my temperatures up and down the east coast, but there are cooler temperatures to the north and west in minneapolis. we will talk about when that cold air arrives ahead. jc: newscenter 5 on the opioid crisis. massachusetts communities getting a deep discount on a life-saving drug. the attorney general says towns and it is across the base date
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rate, about $20 per dose. the drug reverses the effect of the overdose. authorities say the holidays are traditionally a time when overdose rates spiked. the sale to intoxicated persons program will be in effect for s eve. the commission will work with local police department and have identified high-risk locations in their community. reid: fundraisers are closing in the site of a deadly night called fire. it has now raised $1.3 million. the foundation recently received several large donations, inching need to complete it. sits on that site with handmade crosses. jc: new numbers give it comes to premature births.
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putting them at a risk of death or a variety of health, locations. kell ey: molly was expecting an april baby, but max arrived three months early. >> he was three pounds, teena bounces when he arrived. he was about this big. he was tiny. kelley: he had to spend 32 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. >> to not take your baby home from the hospital -- it' s heartbreaking and can be a trying time. kelley: the march of dimes gives massachusetts a b when it comes to premature births. 8% of massachusetts babies arrive too soon. only cambridge was graded higher than statewide rate, receiving an a with a premature birth rate of six point 8%. the march of dimes is particularly concerned about racial disparities that show higher preterm birth rates for women of color.
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have access to care, and that is important not only when they are pregnant, but even for primary care. >> the biggest risk of premature birth is death. though most babies survive, they can face serious health challenges. >> including those relating to the lungs, the brain, neurologic development. >> the march of dimes is working to improve health care and educate mothers about risk factors, including maternal age and drug and alcohol use. her son max wilson turn three and is overcoming many of the challenges from his premature birth. >> he had quite a few developmental delays. his communication was delayed, and now, my husband and i went at each other and say can you believe we were worried about his talking? because he does not stop. jc:
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reid: many deals have already been had, though. next, the spike in sales that retailers have already seen. jc: you thought it was too good to be true -- you were right. an alert for consumers, the coupon circulating the internet that is a scam.
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jc: turkey is not even cold, and holiday shopping sales are already seeing a jump ahead of black friday. industry experts say retailers are offering pre-black friday deals earlier, leading to the uptick in holiday traffic. consumers are also spending more per order than last year. mobile and desktop shoppers have spent about five dollars more on average this season. and a warning about holiday coupons that seem too good to be true like this 1 -- 50% off everything at target -- people have been liking the page, thinking they would get the coupon, but really, it'
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to trap you into revealing your personal information in a facebook survey. reid: unfortunately, if it' s too good to be true, it probably is. thanksgiving, this is legit. all about thanking those we love and willing up on turkey. jc: it' s also a big day on the gridiron. we' re talking about high school football next. danielle: another warm day on
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danielle: it was a warm thanksgiving today, and tomorrow will be mild as well for you black shoppers. there will be a few showers around on saturday, and we turn much colder on sunday. even into monday, you will really feel that difference. tomorrow, we are going up to 62 degrees, running well above where we should read this time of year. we should be around 48 degrees. but do not get too used to it -- by saturday, we are back to 48 and by sunday, that to 46 degrees. how do we get colder? it' s all coming from this front that is plaguing parts of the midwest. even some ice and snow in portions of kansas, oklahoma,
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that will bring us our chance for much-needed rain on saturday. it looks like now, we will leave in some lingering chances for showers even saturday afternoon. there will be some in the morning as well, but it' s very hit or miss. we' re not talking about much rain at all. only a 10th of an inch, but every little bit helps when you are under a moderate drought in most locations. since the beginning of the year, we' re down over nine inches for rainfall totals . we could really use that rain. right now, though, no rain insight for your thanksgiving eve. overnight, we drop into the 40' s and 30' s. in a mostly cloudy night, and i do think there will be areas of patchy fog developing, so be aware of that if you are planning to go out early for this deals. as we go through the day tomorrow, we will warm up with a
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of around 62 degrees in boston through the afternoon, and i think we will start off with low-level clouds in the morning, but there will be a lot of breaks of sunshine, even more than today through midday and into the afternoon before more clouds billow an associate with that front. low 60' s along the south shore and through the merrimack valley. worcester, i believe, in the low 60' s as well. here comes that cold front on the futurecast. notice we are dry through friday night. it' s once we get into saturday morning a couple of showers could pop up on the map. not everyone will see them, but the latest models indicate some. of steadier shower activity -- some periods of steadier shower activity, and that brings in much colder air as we head towards sunday. one thing we are watching on sunday -- the pats are taking on the denver broncos, and it does look like there could be some
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light snow showers around for that evening game at 8:30. it will be 32 degrees, so it be a cold one for the pats taking on the broncos. go, pats, by the way. we turned milder by tuesday and of rain. mike: happy thanksgiving. we hope you are having a all are gathered. high school football is an integral part of the day, and we captured some of the passion and labor of the day. we begin a in way part. bob: this is what high school ball at an way park looks like. thanksgiving day kicked off with a rivalry older than the park is self. wellesley and needham for the 128th time, and what a game it was. 21 yards, 6-0 in the first. >> wellesley is really strong
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and placed -- blitzed a lot of guys. >> a nifty little move to slide into the end zone, and the raiders took the lead. that was the first play of the second quarter. this is the last play of the second quarter. a dream come true moment. what were you thinking as you were running down the field? >> i was going to trip. bob: you were a little worried about that? >> just what a way to go out. bob: no scoring in the second half, thanks, first, to a giant norm is goal line stand by needham, stuffing the raiders on four consecutive plays and later, batting down a couple of hail mary passes. >> it' s totally different than anything we'
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exciting game. wellesley did an excellent job. bob: this is what they play for. s called pride. after 120 eight years, this be. wellesley leads 60-59 with nine ties. we' re at the recently renovated this was dedicated to the longtime legendary coach jim state line, who handled the coin toss. what does this mean to you? >> this means everything to me. this is my field of dreams. mike: three minutes in, quinn scott from 40 yards away. amesbury scored 21 unanswered points, including this
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spectacular touchdown. just before the half, ainslie on top, 28-14. three minutes left in regulation. a tie from 40 yards away, and we are headed for overtime. on the clippers first play of overtime, two-point conversion good. but in for a with score on its first play of overtime. the two-point conversion to tie the game .
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>> i' m done. i' ll be in touch. >> what did you think of this when? >> that was crazy. the only way i can think about going out. thanksgiving day against amesbury senior year -- nothing better than that. >> coach going out, a soccer? >> yes, it was a shocker , but i' m glad we got the win for him his last name. >> that game had everything. second game of the day at fenway park, the oldest rivalry in the country. latin running back running with the ball as well, with one of his two touchdowns of the afternoon as the wolf pack crews
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magro and hudson for the 101st time -- marlborough and hudson. 6-0 . hudson hawks, the quarterback to rocco malloy. hudson takes the lead. marlboro would tie, though. a game-winning touchdown, 28-21. 100 22 yards and three touchdowns on the day. hawks get to the red zone, but the senior captain does a malcolm butler thing with a game clinching interception. this guy can throw, folks. how is that one? right into your living room. or teen-seven. curtis taylor takes it to the house 14-13. the two-point conversion was no
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good, but in south what' s it away. burton back out on the shotgun again. what a great pass. touchdown. you happy? they win. braintree and milton for the 86th time. milton pulls back. max sweeney takes it up the middle all the way for a touchdown for the wildcats. they pull been two, and they would actually go ahead and this game, leading the wildcats, but the wildcats have a great season. they come back. the quarterback hits for the go-ahead touchdown. milton wins 27-25. they win a baystate league title for the first time in more than the years. all right, quicktime out and
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reid: welcome back. time now to gather around, look for your family, friends, city, or town, with a classic run one of our a brits, mr. touchdown. -- a classic from
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>> great job on the sportscenter 5 glee club. s 7:30, i' ll be plopped down on that chair surrounded by high school memorabilia. our high school thanksgiving salute at 7:30 and 11:30. >> this is wcvb newscenter five at 6:00. jc: the victim of a shooting in the shadow of fenway park is identified tonight. on. witnesses call it a chaotic scene outside a bar that is no stranger to trouble. john: he was an innocent victim flying. conductor on the commuter rail.
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became the victim of a senseless shooting just outside the gates to fenway park. >> this is what gets you, when an innocent victim gets caught in the crossfire. >> three others were hurt in the chaotic scramble. >> when you have an incident where adults are shooting each other, come on. let' s have a little comments and. john: the city says it has had many problems with this bar, its license having been suspended many times over the past few years, and it was cited in september after two women were shot. now a fatal shooting has angered and frustrated the commissioner and mayor, who said the bar had just been inspected a half hour before the deadly violence. >> this is uncalled for, particularly on a day like day -- a day like today, thanksgiving. no mother should get a shot -- i call that her son was killed any today. >> right now, police are looking at surveillance video to try to
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