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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 27, 2015 2:32am-4:00am EST

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ng. police disputed claims he was shot while handcuffed. five protesters. >> a new round of protests in chicago. marchers are vowing to disrupt black friday shopping on the maflth mile as they demand justice for a black teenager repeatedly shot by a white
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perez. >> reporter: our first look at a revealing new video shot. the dash cam from chicago police captures the pursuit, back in october 2014. van dyke then opens fire as mcdonald is walking away. 16 shots in 15 seconds. >> if we don't get it -- >> shut it down! >> reporter: in chicago wednesday night, more protests. at one point, tearing lights off the city's christmas tree. protesters are furious it took state's attorney anita alvarez nearly a year to charge van dyke. community members at one church diamonding al ra -- alvarez step down. of the city. on the verge of another ferguson. the lengthy investigation, saying the time was needed to van dyke with first degree murder. happened in over 30 years in chicago. so, these are very heavy charges. >> reporter: van dyke's defense argues he fired at mcdonald because he feared for his life. the teen was carrying a
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three-inch knife. but investigators say he was not threatening van dyke at the time of the shooting. the citizen watchdog group invisible institute says at least 20 complaints were filed against van dyke in his 14-year career as an officer, including allegations of using excessive force and racial slurs. but so far, van dyke was not disciplined. abc news confirmed 18 complaints. and all eyes now will be right here on chicago's magnificent mile. protesters who say they want their demonstrations to have an economic impact plan to protest as black friday shoppers descend on the countless stores here. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> the veggie mix linked to an e. coli has been pulled from the shelves. a sample tested positive for e. coli costco used that blend in its rotisserie chicken salad and other salads and packaged foods. a hiker outside of phoenix ran into some trouble while
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attempting an impromptu rock climb. fire crews were called out to rescue a man in his 20s after he got stuck on camelback mountain while hiking with his family. he wasn't injured but suffered from a bruised ego. >> i thought i could get there through another different way or i don't know. i wasn't thinking. i just started rock climbing and i ended up getting stuck. >> whoops. phoenix fire called the operation a very serious rescue facing at the time. >> and speaking of danger, bengal tiger on the loose evading authorities after escaping from a restaurant zoo. restaurant zoo? southern mexico. about a month ago. >> yeah, his name is ankor. environmental protection officials figured out the general area where he's hiding. despite a full-scale search involving police, soldiers and big cat experts, they still haven't been able to catch him yet. >> maybe it's possibly because he went through the drive-through at the restaurant
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zoo and took off. >> true. >> he was hoping for fast food, not a sit down meal. >> who do they find firsts in mexico, el chapo or ankor? >> ankor. >> coming up, big savings on groceries. some simple and hi-tech ways that you and your family can save thousands at the supermarket. >> but if you have so much food right now you don't want to see a store for weeks, we've got some recipes on how to dress up those leftovers. but first, a warmup in great falls at 33. and it being thanksgiving weekend and all those turkey talk. do you know that ted turner owns 51,000 bison in montana? >> i did not know that, mr. gibsonen. >> isn't that amazing? >> what an interesting fact. >> wnds weather, brought to you by febreze. r karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so? p it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. r for all the things you
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how is it that you people who laugh together and love sometimes. video. >> right? >> not at all. that's james wright, of course. the viral video star sharing his love of patti la be's sweet potato pie with the world. and mm, yesterday he got to spend thanksgiving day with ms. pat i after helping her pies sell out everywhere. >> there they are, the two of them finally together. thanksgiving happened to be his birthday, by the way. >> two divas. >> no word if they got another sweet potato pie. they doe look good together, i have to say. >> fierce. >> someone on our staff tried to get a sweet potato pie online. i think it's sold out till like february or something. >> it's all the racket. i think it's a conspiracy, this whole thing. marketing conspiracy. >> you do? >> i think they just ran out of supply. predict this. but you know, with all the money
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next month on gifts you probably have to cut somewhere. >> yeah, the average american family spends about $76 a week on groceries and a little more than $50 a week on food away from home. abc's linsey davis has tips on how to cut your food bills. >> reporter: for the crouses, groceries eat up a huge chunk of their family budget. >> we have one son who is 16 and one who soon be 15. they eat a lot. >> reporter: every week their grocery bills top $600, that's close to $30,000 a year. anywhere we can. >> in a quick and easy way. >> reporter: we enlisted the help much lifestyle editor genevieve brown and headed to their local stop n shop grocery list in hand. >> i've come up with a three-pronged approach to savings, no clipping coupons >> this app grocery pal puts the sayings right on your mobile phone. >> you blug in your zip code and
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it brings up a list of stores in your area. >> it directs to you instore sales. >> you want starbucks coffee here it is, $6.99 down from $9.99. >> yogurt. >> ten for $10. >> we're saving 80 cents a container. >> a little supermarket secret, pick products on the top and bottom shelves. they're often a better deal. >> the most expensive items are the ones at eye level. don't neglect the ends of the aisle. these are great prices. >> olives. again. >> finally, did you know you can actually get paid to shop? genevieve says use apps like checkout 51 or i botta that asks you to watch a video or take a survey about the product you're about to buy. after you're done shopping, select your items, scan the receipt. instant cash back. >> we're done shopping. >> after checking out these simple supermarket hacks saved
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them big. >> you're saving $120 a week on groceries. let's see how much that is for the year. >> all in all, that's over $6,000 a year. >> holy. >> linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> $120 a week on groceries. he can now spend at the bar. >> oh, geez. >> no. >> i just go old school. i clip from the sunday papers. >> you do not clip coupons. >> i do. i like to clip them. i never buy cereal that's not on sale. you save a lot of money that way. stick with reena. simple tips. >> those are good tips i guess. i can't get into the whole couponening. >> i will buy you a gift with the $6 i saved on cereal this month. >> that tells you what i'm getting. coming up, one way to save -- we'll have a lot more. stay with us. >> change your mind on that one? >> yeah, i did.
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everybody's heard about the bird, bird, bird, bird's the word >> well, with all the food we've cooked up, it's time to dig in for the second time. back again with us is sue smith line. >> apply pleasure, thank you. >> we spent so much time cook. now we've got all the leftovers. >> first thing you have them in your container. get them in within two hours and put them into the refrigerator. and you have some great leftovers. >> sounds great. >> recipes, huh. >> yes, we brought some of our favorites. this is the pulled turkey sandwich. fantastic. you saute celery and onion, mix it with your pulled turkey. add barbecue sauce on there. we have this on the talk line during thanksgiving. it's one of our favorites. >> it's a big hit. just some buns. >> absolutely. use it for game day, whatever you need it for.
2:50 am
>> a great idea. >> you can simply reheat the slices. one way to keep some of the moisture in there is drizzle turkey broth, chicken broth, leftover gravy. put it in little layers like this in a shallow pan. cover that pan in the oven 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. >> even if you've dried out your turkey there's a way to salvage is the next day. >> yes, there is. this is a personal favorite. it's the four cheese turkey mac and cheese. the kids and adults love it. cheddar cheeds but we kind of give it a little twist with the parmesan and swiss and mozzarella cheese, as well. top it with bred crumbs and it's good. >> you add at turkey slices in. >> yeah, you got some milk, butter, eggs. it's that good classic comfort recipe with some turkey added. >> perfect. perfect. what's your absolute favorite recipe would you say? >> i make a turkey chili afterwards. it is really good. >> sounds delicious.
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>> all these can be found at lots of good recipes. >> sue smith, hank you so much for joining us again. >> thank you. >> for more great tips, check out and have a happy thanksgiving.
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while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . okay, so every year, as you know, students act out the first thanksgiving, but what about that other late november american tradition black friday? >> jimmy kimmel has righted that wrong by takening a re-enactment of the first black friday. >> interesting. >> hey, everyone, i'm jeb dieia from crazy jeb dieia's trading post. our post thanksgiving prices are insane! doors open at sunrise. >> wow, 30% off molasses. >> and animal pelts are half price. i have an idea.
2:55 am
let's sleep in front of the store so we can get the best stuff. >> yea! >> the pilgrims and native americans spent the entire cold november night sleeping in front of the trading post. one of them was eaten by a wolf. [ screaming ] >> at sunrise, the trading post opened. cock-a-doodle do. >> okay, we're open. >> yea! that's mine. that's mine.
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>> look. look, i got so much molasses. >> sorry your husband got eaten by a wolf. >> it was worth it. so what do we call this wonderful holiday? >> we should call it black >> why. >> because it's friday and you guys gave me two black eyes. friday and a great cyber-monday to be >> that's funny.
2:57 am
>> merry black friday, everybody. >> there you go.
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this morning on "world news terror. >> the french president enlisting russia's help in fighting isis and a potential game-changer for the war in syria and what this now means for u.s.-led efforts against violent extremists. >> security breach at the white house. another fence jumper this time with an american flag wrapped disturbing the first family during thanksgiving dinner and causing a lockdown for hours. and they're off. shoppers already in the stores as black friday once again starts early. so is shopping really best as a contact sport or can you get the same deals from the comforts of your home? >> and attention shoppers. if you're headed to target
2:59 am
for you like tickets to kyle's bar mitzvah. the creative collection of ads that might have some black friday shoppers scratching their head "the mix" on this friday, november 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> good morning, everyone, on this thanksgiving day after. black friday. >> yes, what do we say happy black friday day? >> yeah, get your laptop ready for deals. >> exactly. hopefully you had a wonderful thanksgiving. i hope did you, as well. >> i sure did. >> let's begin this morning overseas in paris, shall we? where thousands are gathering to remember those killed in the terror attacks two weeks ago today. >> french citizens are being urged to drape their homes in the colors of the flag. this as the international effort against isis heats up. abc's lana zak is joining us from washington with more. lana. >> reporter: good morning. the french president francois hollande has been on a world
3:00 am
tour gathering the support of global leaders and france, he says, is not backing down. france and russia say they are united in the fight against terrorismrussian president vladimir putin pledged greater cooperation in his meeting with inference president francois hollande. terrorism is our enemy hollande says. we know it, it has a name. russia's naval ship moscow arrived off the coast of syria and deployed their air defense system but despite this cooperation, there is still no agreement on the role of syrian leader bashar al assad. nearly two weeks after the terrorist attacks in france and less than one week since radical mali the international community is organizing in the fight against terror. british prime minister david cameron worked to convince the fight. >> the military advice, the
3:01 am
that the risks of inaction are greater. >> reporter: and in brussels after several raised the threat of an attack is no longer considered eminent as residents are starting to return to routine. >> we hope it's going back to normal. so the children going back to school. >> it's hard not to be a little more skittish when there are so many, you know, armed people around. although i am very grateful. >> and in germany on thursday, two individuals were arrested with possible ties to terror. the german government also pledging to send additional jets totes support the french. reena, kendis? >> all right, our thanks to lana zak in washington. thank you. ultratight security paid off here at home with the macy's thanksgiving day parade going off without a hitch. more than 3 million spectators lined the parade route in manhattan protected by the largest police detail ever assigned to that event. more than 2500 officers were on hand. snipers perched on buildings, k-9 units and others watching
3:02 am
from helicopters hovering above. and a security scare at the white house after a man draped in the american flag wearing white after labor day no less, jumped the fence there. president and mrs. obama and their daughters were at who i am at the time. the man identified as joseph caputo was quickly taken into custody by the script service. a second layer of steel spikes were added to the top of the fence back in may after a california man went over the top and onto the lawn. well, some of us enjoyed a mild day. millions of americans shivered through thanksgiving in denver, a layer of slick ice built up on streets and sidewalks noed by a coating of know up to 3 inches in some spots. not surprisingly travel on the roads and in the air slow going further east in western iowa, about 1.5 inches of snow fell to thanksgiving. police say because most people were indoors accidents were few and far between.
3:03 am
so what's ahead for black friday? meteorologist cam tran joins us now with the forecast. good morning, cam. >> good morning, reena and kendis. a very slippery drive this morning for friends and neighbors in the south central plains thanks to this cold front moving in. this storm system will tap into warm moist air off the gulf providing plenty you have fuel for heavy rainfall today in texas, oklahoma and arkansas. we are looking at very wet weather along the i-35 corridor into oklahoma city and. >> 44, as well. behind this cold front, cooler air moving in that could bring in icy travel across the central plains. back to you. >> our thanks to cam. protesters in chicago vowing to disrupt shopping on the city's magnificent mile after days of demonstrations over the fatal police shooting of a black teenager, marriage is now set for today along busy michigan avenue. police say they'll have extra officers on hand. officer jason van dyke's dashcam
3:04 am
mcdonald running moments before he shot him 16 times. new video of the attempted murder of a good samaritan on a new orleans street. the victim a medical student is expected to survive. rhinowens is there with the pictures. >> reporter: a new look at the bravery of a good samaritan. his willingness to help nearly got him killed. this surveillance video, first obtained by fox station wvue, shows 25-year-old med student peter gold checking on an intoxicated woman on a new orleans sidewalk, just after 4:00 a.m. friday. the man who just robbed her pulled a gun on him. gold was shot once in the stomach. police say the shooter then tried to finish him off with a few bullets to the brain. remarkably, his gun jams. >> male shot in the stomach. >> reporter: new orleans police have since arrested 21-year-old euric cain and charged him with attempted murder. the new surveillance video also shows people trying to help tulane university student peter
3:05 am
even the young woman he saved comes to and tries to crawl toward her good samaritan. that medical student spent this holiday in the hospital, a place he would normally be working. we're told he's now in stable condition and his family says he continues to improve. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> a family in houston was extra thankful this holiday after two children were rescued from a carjacker. the brother and sister were sitting in their mother's truck in a gas station when is a stranger jumped in and started driving away. mom and her sister chases after him. the kids were eventually put out in the street and scooped up by their mother and aunt. the driver unfortunately did get away. >> the holiday shopping season is officially under way. black friday got off to an early start with many shoppers across the country hitting the stores barely after thanksgiving dinner. while others are opting to hunt
3:06 am
abc's rebecca jarvis has more. >> across the country, the deals race is officially on. best buy, toys "r" us, macy's, walmart, target and kmart all among the retailers officially open for business right now. >> i'd be slaving in the kitchen if it wasn't for this sale. >> reporter: nearly 60% of americans, 136 million of us, planning to shop between tonight and sunday. the number crunchers cracking the shopping code, finding today and tomorrow, black friday, are two of the best days of the year for deals on electronics. but even those unwilling to brave the crowds can cash in because many of those top tech deals are also online. >> now, there's so many sales online that it's almost like, there's no point in actually being bombarded by other human beings in stores. >> reporter: still, some retailers are sitting out this year's early openings. staples, open the last two years on thanksgiving, will shut their doors completely for the holiday this year.
3:07 am
the crowds are pouring into this best buy in chicago. the first person in line waited four hours in the rain. so, what's bringing everyone out to stores tonight? the 49-inch tv here for 149 bucks. rebecca jarvis, abc news, chicago. >> i'd like to know what deals she wants. i wonder what she's going after. >> she gets exposed to so many deals and apps. >> but she's always generous and passes it on. >> does she? >> to our viewers. >> that's true. >> got to always pass things on like this time of year. we are asked to take part in coat drives for those less fortunate to help them stay warm through the winter. >> a woman in hal fax, nova scotia has come up with a unique take on that idea. along with some friends and family, she decided to wrap the donated coats and jackets around street poles. they all had tags saying i am not lost. if you are stuck out in the cold, please take me to keep warm. >> the woman says what was meant to be an anonymous gesture has
3:08 am
gone viral. and she was outed on social media. she says all that the attention makes her uncomfortable. she doesn't want the attention but she's glad that the coats on poles are inspiring others to give. >> and what's great about that is, instead of going coat shop ong line in the next couple of days, just head up to hal fax, nova scotia. >> oh, kendis, no, no. >> where it's nice and warm. >> for the less fortunate. got to remind you again. but it's a nice gesture. so you know, people who really need a coat will get one, not people who are drunk and coming off the shift late night. >> hey. >> i'm not looking at you when i say that. >> i'm not coming off the shift. i might be drunk. >> coming up, shoppers beware while you're looking for those deals thieves are looking for your wallet. the thieves caught on camera argumenting shoppers and what you can do to stop them. >> the box office battle happening this weekend. the films looking to garner
3:09 am
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the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums so here's the deal. this blimp had been flying over the macy's thanksgiving day parade and needed to refuel on its way back to the airport. uh-oh, the wind changed direction and blew it off course. the pilot said he knew he wouldn't make it back to the
3:13 am
space behind a cool and touched down safely. >> okay. >> heading to the malls this morning for black friday shopping? millions of americans are but not all of them to the shop. >> some of them you might say are looking to make a steal. theft, soars this time of year. kayna whitworth has some tips on how not to become a victim. >> reporter: take a look at this surveillance video. do you see the thieves grab this woman's wallet? watch again. two men acting as decoys. the woman using items in the store as cover while she tries not once, but six times to snatch her wallet. >> these individuals tried many times to get this one purse. they did the unlatching. they went back, they did more distracting. went for the kill. >> reporter: then, in full view of the security camera, they go whatever they can. so, when you're in the store looking at something, the detective is going to show us how easy it is for them to grab your wallet without even
3:14 am
knowing. it only takes a second if you just kind of look at a garment, you are just a little bit distracted. did you already get it? >> get what? >> reporter: i really didn't think they got it. experts say the best way to avoid being a victim of pick or purses zipped up and in front of you. keep your wallet in the bottom of the bag and use credit cards. most thieves are looking for that wad of cash. >> she's running. she has our stuff. >> reporter: thefts around home spiking, as well. deliveries stolen right off your porch. while police say you should never confront a thief on your own, there are some ways to make sure your christmas cheer isn't stolen. schedule your deliveries for a time when you're home, or send them to your office or ask a neighbor to collect them. hopefully, you can avoid having your christmas wreath, along with everything else, stolen right from your front door. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> wow, what a scrooge there. stealing the christmas wreath. >> i know.
3:15 am
that's a good tip to put your wallet at the bottom of your purse. so often we have it out. it is so easy. you saw how easy it was for her to have her wallet take. >> and what do we do as guys? put it in our front pocket. thank you. we did a story just yesterday on gma how turkey thefts are up, but it goes beyond turkey thefts. people are sticking it down their pants. >> how big are their pants? >> they were clearly happy to see you. but -- >> oh, boy. >> but turkey thefts were up but also a lot of grocery store thefts are up because of the self-checkouts where you can go by and not necessarily put the more expensive item through the scanner. >> interesting. coming up, in our next half hour, you don't want to wait for the stores to open to find all the deals. i'm doing it online right now. some of those bargains may only be available in stores. i'm doing this for research purposes. >> there are plenty of new films
3:16 am
in the theaters this weekend. it's a good time to go to the movies.
3:17 am
test message cc1 test message te nothing says you have to go shopping today. there are quite a few good movies in theaters right now as
3:18 am
the oscar race heats up. >> a tradition for some families. several new releases are generating buzz already. nick watt looks at some of the contenders. >> this is one of the biggest blockbuster weeks of the year. and 69-year-old sly stallone is the headliner. >> you got to work hard. i swear to god, if you're not going to do it, i'm out. >> there's already supporting actor oscar buzz around rocky for there the seventh reboot. it's called "creed." apparently his wife talked him into it. coward. even when i was doing the were come on. the third one, stop already. fourth one, put a fork in it. >> reporter: this time rocky is training adonis creed for a big fight and critics are claiming original. "spotlight." >> tell this story, we're going to tell it right. the tale of the catholic church sex abuse scandal.
3:19 am
oscar nominee and the oh, so, mara, kate blanchett. >> i like the hat. >> and for the families, pixar is the good dinosaur from our parent company walt disney. thing. >> to get to work with pixar was a whole other experience and to be able to go down in pixar history is another thing. it's mind blowing to me. >> reporter: tuesday night previews were record breaking. it eclipsed frozen's stellar tally from two years ago. let it go, let it go >> and creed" made more money than any prethanksgiving preview in history. >> show me something. after a little lackluster year, hollywood is hoping that after your turkey, you're going to buy a ticket. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> good movies. >> yeah, a lot of good buzz for those movies even though we're so many months away from the
3:20 am
oscars, a lot of people are saying the season is upon us. >> coming up "in the mix" a hoax sister takes aim at targets. >> plus the friday polka, a
3:21 am
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...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ...two more ways to breathe happy >> and now it's time for "the mix." someone had to do this, poke fun at all the black friday sales. pretty impressive. a guy posted fake ads at target aimed at target. an invitation to kyle's bar mitzvah. >> $359.99, that's a steal. >> regular price was a $100 cash gift into kyle notny so. a ripoff for the poor guy. >> take a look at the second one. fanny pack filled with pudding. $9.99. savings of $10. >> i can work with that. >> so here's the third one. it's a tent with an angry possum. 50% off. $24.99.
3:24 am
>> while quantities last. he came up with creative stuff this kid. >> then there's this. the hot gifts for ken towers. >> half man, half horse. >> buy one get one free mane and tail and a standup desk unit and precision archery. >> i like the luke sky mopper. >> don't forget star wars. >> so actually you know what, after all this, target thought it was kind of cute. they said it was a nice little attempt. >> so they did respond. >> they did. >> polka time now. >> they're not selling kyle's bar mitzvah. >> break the doors down join the pack help our stores get in black that's the black friday polka come on shoppers out of bed santa claus is in the red that's the black friday polka you help our economy by spending all your pay
3:25 am
teet bad none of this junk is made here in the usa stars and stripes still the king wave your flags made in beijing for the black friday polka plasma tvs really sweet handheld toys to help you sweet foets that's the black friday polka better not mess with me kick that kid and grab his wii that's the black friday polka spend your money now and get an early christmas thrill plus next year we'll be paying for obama's health care bill underneath the christmas tree a brand new colonoscopy that's the black friday polka stores open at 5:00 a.m. so here's what you should do, when this polka's finished run right out and. >> join the queue buy stuff cheap go today then resell it on ebay, that's the black friday polka
3:26 am
this morning on "world news now," holiday storms. millions of americans facing a difficult trip back home today. flash flood warnings as heavy rains hit the middle of the country and a cold front turning that rain into ice. the accuweather forecast is ahead. >> shopping sweep. >> the black friday dash begins. if you skipped the stores yesterday, don't worry, there are still plenty of deals to be had. a complete roundup from our shopping expert. >> and new this half hour, more troubles for trump. >> the presidential hopeful explaining himself after seeming by poking fun at a disabled reporter. why he says it would be impossible to insult the man. >> and tom the turkey. the famous face who surprised his kids yesterday getting in
3:27 am
full costume. so can you guess who is lurking as a turkey there? that's in "the skinny" on this friday, november 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." this black friday. everyone gearing up for the sales and deals. >> everybody hung over after the dinner. i swear, my blood type is now cream. >> oh. i did have a little bit of eggnog. >> you did? >> spiked eggnog. it was pretty good. cinnamon on top. >> good thanksgiving though? >> very good. well, it was a bit of a disaster. the precooked dinner i had ordered, remember i told you? >> you made reservations. >> no, i ordered delivery from a grocery store. i won't say which one. i did not realize that they give you a cold turkey. >> are you kidding me? >> like a huge cold turkey. and i picked it up an hour before guests arrived. and i looked on the instructions, my husband calls
3:28 am
me from the grocery store and says you do realize this is cold and it needs three hours. >> that really is a disaster. >> yeah, how many butterball line? i used every single tip. we preach what we teach here. oh, my gosh. too much eggnog. >> running on. how did you get out of that? >> i actually used the tip they said. tent it, put foil. >> you cooked it. >> i put it in the oven. 300, 350, i cooked it one hour and it was fine. it was fine. it wasn't cold. it was already cooked. >> disaster averted. >> how can you have a disaster with ordered food? that's my life in the kitchen. >> you were able to achieve it. >> a lot of americans are dealing with the weather. such a big story. windy, icy, wet and cold, and they're saying it's not over yet. >> take a look at these scenes in green bay. cold driving rain drenched lambeau field where the packers fell to the chicago bears in front of thousands who decided to brave the storm. our abc aditi roy has more on the holiday storm. >> reporter: that
3:29 am
extreme weather, 35 million people, bracing in the southern and central plains, with snow and ice spreading across the heartland. >> it is extremely cold and windy. >> reporter: gusts of 30 miles an hour blowing the ice. >> the sleet's actually pretty painful. >> reporter: cars coated. along with power lines and trees. in colorado, more than 200 flights delayed at the denver airport. the bromirskis now missing thanksgiving dinner in florida with their family. >> it's frustrating and a little disappointing. >> reporter: andrew greer's trying to get home to alaska. you've already been in transit for 24 hours. >> yes. >> reporter: when will you get home? >> ah, at 3:19 p.m. >> reporter: out west, parts of drought-ravaged california getting ten inches of snow in the last 24 hours. and damaging winds at this flea market. >> wow. >> reporter: gusts as high as 45 miles an hour, turning tents to
3:30 am
11 hurt. luckily, just minor injuries. here at the denver airport, it's frigid and frozen on the tarmac. making the snow and ice hard to melt and travel conditions rough. aditi roy, abc news, denver, colorado. >> an detee well bundled up there in denver. >> she looks cold. >> she does. now that the turkey and fixings are put away, shoppers are getting ready to hit the streets. many of them will be running into more nasty weather. >> accuweather meteorologist cam tran has the forecast. morning to you, cam. >> good morning, reena and kendis. many of those black friday shoppers will need to back an umbrella. we are looking at very wet weather across the nation's mid seconds thanks to the gold front mooching through. the heaviest of the rainfall will be mainly in north texas as well as southeast oklahoma into northern arkansas and that includes part of missouri, as well. could see upwards of 8 inches locally through the weekend. now we're also seeing rain
3:31 am
stretching as far as north as detroit. the heaviest still parked in the south and behind this frontal system, a blast of colder air moving in so some of that rainfall col transition into a wintry mix as we head into the evening. places like oklahoma, kansas city, and omaha could see a wintry mix by tonight. back to you. >> thank you, cam. the victims of the french terror attacks two weeks ago today are being remembered in -- at a memorial service in paris. the leaders of france and russia have agreed to greater cooperation in the battle against isis which claims responsibility for the attacks. but the two countries still remain at odds on the future of syrian president bashar al assad. here at home, tight security on full display across the country. more than 2500 officers were assigned to the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york along with k-9 units to detect explosives. there was also a heavy police presence at parades in chicago, detroit and philadelphia and at
3:32 am
many shopping malls. officials are reminding americans to be vigilant but not fearful. >> to presidential politics now. a new controversy for donald trump. the republican front-runner is denying that he mocked a disabled "new york times" reporter despite video that appears to show him doing just that. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: it's being called a new low even for donald trump. the presidential front-runner in appearing to mock a disabled journalist. >> now, the poor guy you've got to see this guy, "ah, i don't know what i said! i don't remember!" >> reporter: that reporter? "the new york times'" serge kovaleski, who has a chronic condition affecting his joints that limits flexibility in his arms. "the new york times" firing back, saying, "we're outraged that he would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters." it came as trump defended his claim that he saw people in new jersey cheering on 9/11. law enforcement and government officials now rejecting that as false. but this is hardly the first time trump has come under fire
3:33 am
for offending someone. from mexicans -- >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: to veterans -- >> he's not a war hero. i like people that weren't captured, okay? >> reporter: to women. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs -- >> only rosie o'donnell. "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" >> reporter: trump not backing down this time either, saying he was merely mimicking a flustered reporter, tweeting, "if mr. kovaleski is handicapped, i would not know because i do not know what he looks like." >> and another tweet from trump. he says the reporter is using his disability to grandstand and is demanding an apology from the "new york times." as for not knowing that reporter serge kovaleski, he says he covered trump for years and in an interview with the "washington post," he says he was sure trump remembered him and his condition. cecilia vega, abc news, new york.
3:34 am
>> pope francis is visiting a slum in nairobi this morning where about 50,000 people are living without bake sanitation. > cheering crowds lined the streets to welcome the pope on thursday during a stop at a missionary school. he says he hopes his trip to africa will raise awareness about the need to fight poverty and protect the environment. nasa released a new photo of a group of galaxies projecting a special image. take a look. do you see that grinning cat? it looks like a smile. according to nasa, the galaxy's making that cheshire cat's eyes are actually slamming into one another in a giant galactic collision. not to be outdone by the cat, a mouse, of course. new footage from the mars rover appears to show a giant mouse or some other kind of rodent. experts say it's more likely a rock, but the resemblance -- that's a rat. i think, do you see a pizza
3:35 am
slice in that rat's mouth? >> maybe it's just over the hill >> maybe it's just over the hill there. back on earth, it wasn't a rodent but a skye terrier that took the top prize at the national dog show, the first of that breed ever to take the show's top honors. 4 1/2 years old, the pooch from florida beat out 1700 other quite the show. >> it is quite the show. a beautiful, beautiful -- i have a lot of friends who were bingeing on that stuff all day long. >> coming up, a full thanksgiving football roundup. >> first some ammo for your black friday shoppers getting ready to hit the stores. the best deals out there including some reasons you may even want to hang back. >> and the conspicuous. >> conscious coupling. >> thank you, kendis. of two voices even though they're ex-spouses. coldplay's duet with gwyneth paltrow in "the skinny." that's coming up next. >> first your black friday forecast. it is 66 degrees at home in d.c.
3:36 am
where the folks at wjla are getting ready for their morning newscast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by sheila g's brownie brittle. newscast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by sheila g's brownie brittle. the leading cough liquid only provides relief for four hours, but did you know there's a product that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula works by immediately releasing powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. in fact, delsym lasts three times longer
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okay. so we know thanksgiving means food, family and yes, football. the big turkeys yesterday were the eagles. philadelphia had never lost on thanksgiving before until the lions just mauled the eagles. how many more puns? calvin johnson was en fuego he caught a career high three touchdowns, and detroit beat
3:40 am
philadelphia, wow, 45-14. and the dallas cowboys are another team not likely to make the playoffs. not only did the boys lose to the carolina panthers 33-14, quarterback tony romo proving he is the derrick rose of football, breaking his collarbone yet again. he missed seven games after the probably ends the season for him. undefeated. these. thanksgiving game played in green bay where the bears held off the packers with a fourth the game. chicago's jay cutler new dad threw for 200 yards and a td, but the bears' defense was also an important factor in the 17-13 victory. we know you watched them all. >> calvin johnson known as megatron. >> look at you. >> like that? >> all right. >> look at you. somebody's feeding you some info. >> sports with reena day. you don't think a woman can know her football? >> you're going to go there? no. hey, i know you know your
3:41 am
>> thank you. >> calvin johnson. >> megatron. >> nice job. >> there's no need to wait till later this morning to hit the stores for black friday deals. there are plenty online. >> you won't have to get out of your pajamas to take advantage of these bargains found by abc's becky worley. >> reporter: today is full of let's start with limited quantity deals on tvs, like this that's $319 plus a $90 gift card. or this 32-inch tv with the roku built-in streaming from walmart that's just $125. but this one from best buy for 800 bucks is also available online. and online doorbusters are very real this year. in fact, walmart says 96% of its deals are also on its website. but the single best tv deal of the whole shopping weekend is not a store deal, not even an online deal.
3:42 am
but an app only deal. >> we've seen so far amazon advertising a 50-inch hdtv for $150. which is $90 below the cheapest tv we've ever seen in that size before. and that's the deal that's going to be available only through today? laptops. fry's has this is model $137 off the lowest price ever and this 19-inch dell is $100 off the best buy in store and again online all day. also the apple watch is on sale at target in a bundled deal that gets you a $100 gift card. let's talk about clothing. overall the economy's good and consumers are spending. but strangely, sales of clothing in retail outlets have been soft. what does that mean for you? well, sales. big ones. old navy in-store only, your whole purchase is 50% off. so shop wisely and remember
3:43 am
black friday is a season. pace yourself, deal hunters. becky worley, abc news, new york. >> okay. so when we come back, the force -- are you shopping? >> yeah, i am. >> you really are for those skirts? okay. "the force awakens"" a little more. >> we'll find out some celebrities how they spent their thanksgiving. "the skinny" up next. 60% off. that's a lot of money. >> i don't think that's in your color chart.
3:44 am
cc1 test message tt0w!ty%hp! %4@-z5x tt0w!ty%hp! el@-p24 tt0w!ty%hp! ed@-v0p tt0w!ty%hp% )8h-6n, tt0w!ty%hp% kzh-+!p tt0w!ty%hp% n-h-^h\ tt0w!ty%hp% 0ph-@/d tt0w!ty%hp% s"h-p]$ tt0w!ty%hp% ueh-s?t tt0w!ty%hp% 7hh-o=
3:45 am
skinny, so skinny morning, we find many celebrities spent thanksgiving much like the rest of us. >> actress eva longoria and america ferrer were at the pacecy's thanksgiving day parade just like 3 million others and tweeted pictures. >> she still looks beautiful. >> carrie underwood let us know she's human too by showing us a picture of the pumpkin pie she burned. does not look good. >> maybe not entirely like the rest of us like this turkey. that's new england patriots quarterback tom brady scaring the heck out of his kids. >> that's kind of funny. >> kind of cute. >> and you know, that's pretty funny. that's cute. that's cute. cute, cute, cute. >> that dance. >> but you know it's tough work being a prince. britain's prince harry is in lesotho, africa where his african children's charity is based.
3:46 am
beard and dedicated a new building there partly named after his mother princess diana and danced with the children there, as well. >> aside from the welfare of promote during his trip anti-poaching efforts and he'll meet with nelson mandela's widow. being a prince, he'll play some i always wanted to take up polo. >> really? >> i just can't ride a horse. >> one little problem with that. >> coldplay though has released another track from its upcoming album "a headful of dreams," it's ever glowing. >> front man chris martin said he heard a surfer using the word and thought it describes a mood you get after a relationship has ended. not surprisingly, ever glow features martin's ex-wife gwyneth paltrow. take a listen. loving shadow there's a feeling within it, that ever glow >> other tracks feature guest
3:47 am
and his current girlfriend and his current girlfriend anna belle. we were jamming to it. >> there you go. you really like this one. >> down for it. fine, so much for ever glow. >> you still have the ever glow. >> the entire "headful of dreams" will be released a week from today. >> it also featured beyonce and the president. >> and the president of the united states, right. and also released on thanksgiving was a new trailer for "star wars" from another part of our parent company. >> okay, so we'll see hans solo, chewbacca and rey. this trailer posted on facebook concentrates not on the heroes but on the bad guys. the focus is on the newest arch villain kylo ren, but there's hope. we do see poe dameron leading x wing pilots against the barkside. >> all teams, give it everything you got. in this new trailer an ominous voice warns heroes they will have to face a very difficult test.
3:48 am
>> ah, we'll have to wait for the film's debut in three weeks to find out what the that test is. >> just a quick reminder. >> disney is the parent company of abc news. >> in case you forget. >> the voice of god. ce of god. i'm lucky to get through a shiftr without a disaster. r my bargain detergent r couldn't keep up. p so i switched to tide pods. p they're super concentrated rso i get a better clean. r15% cleaning ingredients or 90%. don't pay for water, pay for clean. that's my tide. pyour clever moves won't stop the cold and flu.
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3:51 am
for all day or all night relief, try delsym -the #1 doctor recommended 12 hour cough liquid. this has been medifacts for delsym . this week was dominated by thanksgiving, of course, but there were some other stories, as well. >> chief among them was terror. the lockdown in belgium, fears here in the u.s. and comments by presidential candidates. it's all here in this week's "friday rewind." >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> did you see that happening though on 9/11? >> i saw the film of it, yes. >> in new jersey? >> yes. >> we are under siege like they said.
3:52 am
it's a war, my friend. >> this whole city is on lockdown. everywhere you go, you see police officers with masks, machine guns. >> yes. >> we are and continue to be and we have been concerned about copycat-like attacks. >> these exercises are vitally necessary in new york city, we are at this time very well prepared. >> they can't beat us on the battlefield, so they try to tearize us noose being afraid and to retreating from the world. and as president, i will not let that happen. >> several people hid in our dressing room, and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them. >> tonight we honor the victims of the unimaginable violence that has taken place in paris this year and around the world. the entire world matters and peace is possible. >> his courage is an admirable example of the fact that the citizens of new orleans are not
3:53 am
going to turn a blind eye to crime. >> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling. to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing. >> we prepared for so much snow. >> it's a bit of a shock coming from the warm weather that we had. so no, not really. >> so dangerous out here you really want to get your chains on so you can make the safest drive up there. >> and what do you like about the balloons? >> the balloons are ginormous. >> they are ginormous. lisa mccree there. don't forget monday is cyber-monday. >> and you can actually start >> and the first lady welcomes her christmas tree today. don't miss our updates on facebook. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
3:54 am
insomniacs for two decades. now," informing
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