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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> breaking news. the message just released from the family of the messages of native killed and the colorado planned parenthood shootings. >> after a few mild days, get ready for the feel of winter. how cold it would get in who could see some snowflakes. >> the arsenal of weapons seized from a lester home and the charges the owner is now facing. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we are now hearing from the wife of the university of colorado police officer garrett swayze. >> he was the melrose native killed and a land. shooting on friday. his wife rachel said in a statement "he was a devoted husband and father and we will
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cherish his memory especially those times he spent tossing a football to his son and snuggling with his daughter on the couch." >> he talked about his calling to be a police officer saying helping others brought him satisfaction and being a police officer was a part of him. his last act was for the safety and well-being of others. >> the suspect in the deadly shooting is expected to face a judge for the first time tomorrow. >> today we are learning information about a possible motive. we have the latest colorado. brandy: police have not announced an official motive for what happened inside this colorado springs planned parenthood. but we are learning more about the accused gun man under arrest for the siege that killed three people and injured nine others. >> we' re pinned down. we are getting active gunfire. brandy: after robert deer surrender he makes hostile comments about planned parenthood. a law enforcement source told abc that during interviews he rambled and that other times he was rational. they were trying to understand
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his mental state. loretta lynch called the shooting of a crime against women receiving health care at planned parenthood. the group itself says the crime was motivated by opposition to even -- to legal abortion. >> the tirades against planned parenthood have been over the top. brandy: planned parenthood has been a topic on the campaign trail. a republican candidates are present have you strong wind was against the group and are contending -- are condemning friday' s attack. >> what he did is to mystic terrorism and what he did is absolutely abominable. >> any hate crime is a horrible thing. no matter from where it comes and should be condemned very strongly. >> it is unacceptable and it is wrong. brandy: as investigators search for answers, families are in mourning. holding prayers for the victims including police officer garrett swayze. >> it was shocking.
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commitment 2016. clinton, as she picked up an >> hall sera congi is live with more. sera: hillary clinton making an unplanned visit outside feneuil hall. and inside -- -- >> hillary, hillary. sera: a friendly audience rallied for the former secretary of state the event kicked off with an endorsement from mayor marty walsh. maher walsh: nobody comes close to her experience of her achievements. just as important, she has heart. she' s got the grit. she has got the job to be the next president of the united states of america. sera: clinton wowed supporters, most of them labor union members. her speech centered on improving
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damage done from boston snowfall. mrs. clinton: it crippled the t. that you are hurrying to try to repair. to build a strong economy for building strong infrastructure today and putting new -- you and your members to work. sera: we talked with boston mayor marty walsh outside the rally, and he reiterated his support for hillary clinton but did say it took some time. he said he was torn for a spell vice president joe biden running. >> up a big endorsement from the new hampshire union leader. governor christie because of his experience and because kristi is is. the union leader also appears to believe that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee
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just about 5 minutes past 5:00. 40 degrees. very chilly. i went a on a brisk walk. >> the last few days are gorgeous. then you walk outside and say, back. >> there was a word i' of. >> we have a few snowflakes in the forecast but it is not going to amount to much. you see the clear skies. we have got a little northeasterly breeze developing. what happens is that northeasterly breeze is just enough to push moisture in. so, what about the temperature? high temperature just 44 degrees. we are where we supposed to be this time of year. and we have moisture coming in. temperatures are cooling off right now. most of the readings are in the 30' s. boston at 39 degrees. what does this spell out? overnight, the should be clouds that work their way in. this is 9:00.
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this is south of boston. down towards the cape of the islands. there may be just enough cloud covered to get a few sprinkles. as the temperature drops, what habits? we get a few snowflakes. this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. on the east coast, there is no shower activity showing up. this is going to be with us until 10:00 in the morning. it is going to be a chilly day for us tomorrow. look for high temperatures to climb only into the 30' s. the we' ll talk about temperatures back into the 50' s. all that coming up in a few minutes. bob: police talking about a weapons arrest in leicester. the search for domestic violence suspect led them to a cache of weapons and ammunition. rhondella richardson is live details. rhondella: t hat suspect being held inside after a manhunt. the state police fugitive apprehension of unit -- unit caught up with him 30 miles away. he was wearing a bullet-proof vest and had two handguns.
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>> this is a law enforcement officer' s worst nightmare. rhondella: a scary discovery. lester police officer all of this, weapons and survival gear in and around this main street home during a manhunt overnight for 32-year-old dean larges. a call from worcester sent last year officers to the home. larges >> was on the run. >> a possible gunshot have been fired with the resident. they found in the back of the home a fully loaded ar-15 gasol rifle with the safety off and determine there was a substance on that michael that appeared to be blood. they also found a camouflage backpack that appeared to be a survival kit. and recovereda a handgun, a large quantity of ammunition and a shotgun. rhondella: police say he escaped through this pond. he is charged with carrying
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without a license and discharging a firearm. state police -- applies investigator for this arrest. >> the damage that could be inflicted by the firepower before you is almost unthinkable. rhondella: he will be arraigned in the morning. police now tracing all of those weapons. coming up at 6:00, more on the suspect' s previous run-ins with police. >> a burglary suspect track down and arrested in sharon after a confrontation with the victims of the crime. rashon stokes broken to a home and stole several items. he ran off after the people in the home try to stop him. police were able to identify stokes and arrested him several hours later. this total -- the stolen items were found. also in sharon, police arrested a man after stand up with a swat team. woman was able to get out of the
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identify as jamie -- would not come out. he does have a violent history. they shut down part of north main street for several hours. he came out peacefully and known with her. neighbors say that situation was very scared. >> the street was wide with police vehicles. we got a knock on the door from two gentlemen in riot gear. telling us to keep the lights off. shelter in place. >> that would get your attention. vandals targeting a black lives matter banner in arlington held at the first unitarian universalist church and someone used black marker to write all over the word black. the banner has been vandalized several other times. arlington police are investigating. bob: patriot fans may have circled november 23 -- november 20 9 marking the day that they face.
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off. instead, it is tom brady against brock also while her. he took over the reins of the broncos. osswel to victory but is making his second nfl start. but without manning there will be something missing. >> if anyone can appreciate what he is a commerce, it is me. -- what he has accomplished, it is me. he has been remarkable in every part of his career. he has been a tremendous player. it' s unfortunate everyone deals with injury at different times. bob: another key player has been added to the injury report. who and why coming up at 6:00. >> more on why dzhokhar tsarnaev' s lawyers will be
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>> an ice storm takes down power lines. >> the danger of concussions not a secret anymore. 5 investigates. come on in pop pop. happy birthday. heart attack... and now i have a choice.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> the murder trial fulfill chosen will get back >> under way. chism is colleen ritzer accused of killing his teacher after
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-- chism is accused of killing his teacher colleen ritzer tow y wo -- two years ago. investigator showed the court chism -- clothes from the night of the murder. lawyers for convicted monster -- boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will be back in court trying to get him a new trial. a heart ing is set for tuesday. his attorneys when a new trial in a different location. dzhokhar tsarnaev is serving life in prison. >> pope francis is in the final stage of his trip to africa. he was greeted by cheering republic today. between muslims and christians violence. the pope urged people their enemies. this is the first time the pope has visited an active war zone.
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there are rallies all over the world tonight fighting for clean energy and a solution to climate change. world leaders, including president obama, are in france for the world climate change summit. 8 countries will pledge 10 to billion dollars for research and development for new clean energy technology. heather: you expect more privacy when it comes to your phone records. the national security agency is ending its collection of american phone records today. the surveillance program began 14 years ago under president george w. bush. it was kept secret until 2013 when edward snowden leaked its existence. president obama now requires a court order to get phone data. heather: >> 70,000 homes in oklahoma remain without power by an ice storm. power lines were covered in ice,
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the ice also brought down trees that block driveways and roads and debris were problems for residents. >> what a mess out there. ther' s e' s a game on tonight. >> what is it like in denver? >> let' s break it down a little bit. you will notice all of this rain to the south. you notice the ice on the fringere s of that. we focus in on denver, there is not much going on. hours, you start to see snow developing here. i think during a game, they will pick up a little bit of snow. this is not much by colorado state is. 1-3 inches of snow mostly in amounts. the threat is going to be out there for that game tonight. if you want to look wintry out there, check out what the game will look like. 19 degrees, some light snow, one-two inches of snow before the game is over. overall, a chilly night we are talking about. around here, it is not nearly as
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a lot of people have friends and relatives back onto planes tonight. i would thought it would check in to see with the airport delays look like. if you' re going to new york city, most of the airports are running a half hour to 40 minutes behind the to the south, no major delays despite the fact there is rain going on. the sunshine state looking very good for travel, no airport delays reported. and across the midwest, despite the fact we have some rain and ice going on, no travel delays reported. the west coast is the same way. we are not seeing any travel delays. it is really just into those areas where we see that rain that there might be some slowdowns going on. hopefully everyone is traveling home safely tonight. today, well, you are left in cold weather. 44 degrees the high temperature. running above average. normal. it is the fifth warmest november on record. but we still at the calculated a' s numbers. and we have got tomorrow'
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-- but we still to calculate today' s numbers. the dew point air is very dry. northwesterly winds at 12 miles an hour. the northeasterly direction overnight tonight. that is the reason i put the snow into the forecast. we have a little bit of a flow, just enough moisture in cold temperatures. nothing going on. give it about three or four more hours and you will see at plymouth county for anything. i would not venture outside much to see it because it will be hard to find. partly cloudy skies. a few sprinkles over the southeastern part of the state. it is going to be cold tonight. 22-30 degrees for the overnight low. tomorrow, partly cloudy day. if you are in men, it is going to be a sunny day. cold temperatures. highs 38-42 degrees. only 5-10 miles per hour. here is that cloud deck. this is the way it looks at 11:00 tonight.
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6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, if you' re driving route three, you run into some clouds. you may have the snowflake or two. that is we get towards 11:00 in the morning, it is too warm to support snowflake activity. all we are seeing is this deck of clouds. in land, the skies are much clearer. let me break it down over the next seven days. tomorrow, cold, 38 degrees. but then we start this really nice warm-up on tuesday. up to 48 degrees. as that system comes in, it is dragging some rain with it. showers will be late tuesday. tuesday night into wednesday morning. that is when we will see our heaviest rain. by the way, it will be all rain. look at that temperature on wednesday. the high -- does cold out. temperatures in the upper 40' s. it gets chilly as we head towards friday but notice what happens again next week. you start to warm back up. we are not talking about november anymore. we are talking about the mother of december. and december looks like it will be starting on the warm side. -- we' re not talking about the
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it will be south of boston. bob: i prefer to focus on the 50 degree temperatures. heather: the 19 for the game? that does not look good at all. phil: 5 investigates taking a closer look at concussions among student athletes. heather: why the rules are not always working.
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>> 5 investigates is exposing concussion data. heather: karen anderson says why the rules in place are not always working. >> caused me to fall down. karen: it started with a simple fall. but it' s an of sitting out, ryan pharrell says she was told to keep tearing. -- cheering. >> my brain was battering back and forth in my head as i was jumping and flipping. karen: ryan was in a coma for walk again and live with a brain injury. >> this one is my first attempt at very guarded steps. karen: ryan is outraged which he here' s the latest statistic. one in every five middle and have likely had concussions. that mans thousands maybe tens of thousands of massachusetts
5:22 pm
even more troubling -- half of those students say they are still playing after their head injury. >> no. i hear that and i want to scream. karen: -- one of the first publicly warn about the dangers of concussions after suffering them first as a harbor football player. >> they keep playing in they get additional brain damage. karen: one way to prevent that -- more athletic trainers like michelle kelly and somerville ready to pull out a player after any sign of concussion. >> they are teenagers, so they think they are in principle. karen: the football team practices heads up tackling with an eye towards reducing injury. like other schools, limits hitting drills to two days a week. schools are supposed to tell the state how many concussions their athletes are getting. but 5 investigates examined every record submitted by schools this year and found at least 100 had not submitted by the deadline. others reported just a few. experts say likely far less than actually occur.
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>> it' s infuriating at times because you, i know that if we have more information, then we can better provide support and information to the community. >> young athletes are not small versions of adults. it' s difficult to keep up in school and make up with schoolwork. it can be difficult with balance issues or even emotional changes. karen; a >> i don' t care if the student -- s championship game and you overtime. tit is not worth the rest of your life. you only get one brain. karen: public health officials are working with schools to track brain injuries and make sure kids with concussions get treated before they are heard again.
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heather: we are now hearing from the wife of the officer killed in that planned parenthood shooting. calling her husband "a hero." he was a massachusetts native. bob: two others were killed in the attack in colorado. heather: only on newscenter 5, whitey bulger' s ex-girlfriend talking about how hollywood is now portray not mob boss. mike: much of the country is dealing with snow, ice and rain.
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s news leader, 5:30. bringing her presidential campaign to boston this sunday. she picked up the endorsement of this afternoon at faneuil hall. facing weapons in his home. police are looking for dean larges when they discover the funs. [ the heather: the family of the melrose native releasing a statement. officer garrett swasey' s wife says his final act trying to protect people is a tribute to his life. bob: that shooting is becoming political as the presidential candidates weigh in. heather: investigators are saying it is too early to determine a motive but planned parenthood says the suspect was motivated by an opposition to abortion.
5:26 pm
reporter: days after a gun men killed three people and wounded nine others at a planned parenthood in colorado, a law enforcement official said the sauce that admitted to having anti- abortion views. however, the official says they have not determined the motive. president of are weighing in on the attack. >> regardless of why he did it, what he did is domestic terrorism and what he did is absolutely abominable, especially to those of us in the pro-life movement. >> ben carson did not go as far as calling a domestic terrorism. he instead put the blame on heated rhetoric. dr. carson: we have become hateful towards each other. reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders were the first to respond on friday. both tweeting the support for the clinic using #stand with pp. on the right, other candidates worst quick to distance the shooting. >> what i would say that anyone that would like to link this
5:27 pm
abortion is this is typical left-wing tactics. d mr. trump: i think he is a sick person and probably a person ready to go. we don' t know the purpose. he has not come out with a statement as to why it happened to be at that location. heather: you notice the temperature has dropped since we have been on the air? mike: just in the last 35 minutes. we' re in trouble. heather: could see som snow falling. mike: i' m reminding of the dunkin donuts commercial. waiting for the first snow flake. meteorologist are the same way. here are the high temperatures. wow. what a change the lack couple of days -- that e last couple of days. the sun was out. pretty typical.
5:28 pm
what is going to happen over tonight is we are going to start using a northeasterly breeze. that will pick up just enough moisture and everything is just right we may get a few sprinkles. . here is 9:00 tonight. notice where the cloud cover is. it is south of boston. if it gets cold enough, there may be a few snowflakes. primarily, it is going to be along the coastal areas as we had to deny time hours and into tomorrow. tomorrow looking like a partly cloudy day and it will be on the chilly side. so, if you' re headed to the bus stop tomorrow morning, ud -- you need a winter jacket. i have much warmer air to talk about. details coming up in a few minutes. heather: a traffic stop leads to a drug arrest. police say they found 17 grams of heroin and 2 0 grams of cocaine along with cash and a scale in the car of-year-old m
5:29 pm
they found he had a sack. or it for his arrest. the charges against patton include possession and trafficking. bob: a drunk driver is being blamed for a car crash in new hampshire. why the fire chief says it is the worst crash he has seen in his 30 years on the job. reporter: two cars cars crashed sunday at the corner of lake avenue awaking people living nearby. >> seein gthe fire trucks, the cops around the vehicles. they had to pry the doors open. i knew right then, i says, they are going to be hurting. reporter: the driver of the facing a felony charge for driving while intoxicated. >> on arrival, two
5:30 pm
four victims in the first vehicle. the second vehicle had to victims. reporter: the fire chief says it was one of the most severe accident he has seen in 33 years. >> the victims in the first vehicle all severe and critical. taken to the hospital. the jaws of life used to get to wo victims out. reporter: one of the passengers and the honda died. the others were taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. investigators remained at the crash scene until noon. neighbor say questions remain. >> how they end up going backwards i have no idea. that is what i do not understand. looks like there were coming up. from lawmakers on beacon hill to raise the legal age of buying tobacco statewide. 60 state representatives and senators support this measure. it would raise the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. penalties would range from $100
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boston is already working to raise the age and there is a board of health hearing set for this thursday. this week the mbta will begin a ban on political ads debating moral, religious, and social issues. that decision made at a meeting last week. it focused on an ad in the davis square station that angered members of the jewish community. the policy is consistent with policies in new york and chicago. it takes effect on tuesday. a half million-dollar heist from an armored car. bob: he had the perfect disguise. how he pulled this off coming up next. heather: some royal baby
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. r it is the struggle that will determine t the fate of the free world. r the united states should not delay t in leading a global coalition r to take out isis with overwhelming force. ttheir aim is our total destruction. p we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
5:33 pm
the accused -- the man accused of shooting and killing up has of any police officer is charged with homicide. ray shelter jr shot lloyd read last night. he was responding to a call about a domestic situation. shelter was caught after six hours. heather: the search is on tonight for the suspect who targeted in armored car, got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and always out pulling out a weapon. antoinette antonio has more. >> casino 22. antoinette: outside of this casino, a half-million dollar heist. pulled off by a thief armed with
5:34 pm
>> a jacket, black glasses. antoinette: the driver of this was making a stop on related to the casino friday when he reportedly claims a man dressed like a fellow vehicle. thinking he was a coworker, the order. the thief managed to grab a few more than half million dollars. >> good thing is that no one was hurt. that is the most important thing. but we will continue our is responsible. antoinette: police now questioning the driver and going over surveillance footage from outside the greektown casino as the fbi joins the search. bob: peanuts fans are
5:35 pm
getting an early gift. a new series of charlie brown christmas stamps will be unveiled this week. the boston children' s museum and the postal service will host an event this tuesday at the boston common to celebrate the new peanuts stamp. the booklet will feature 10 images from the tv special a charlie brown christmas, which premiered 50 years ago on december 9, 1965. heather: cue up the aws. this is so cute. kensington palace releasing two new photographs of prince william and kate middleton' s youngest child princess charlotte. isn' t she adorable. ? she is six-month old. she was photographed by her mom. this is the first time she has been seen since her christening into light. the palace posted the pictures on twitter saying the duke and duchess hope everyone' s enjoys these new photos of princess charlotte as much as they do. bob: i always thought my kids were cute but now i have to rethink the whole thing. i guess not.
5:36 pm
heather: they are all cute. she is adorable. mike wankum says colder air is on the way. and some of you may be seeing snowflakes tonight. your forecast is next. bob: we will also tell you about the latest guy p woman: i'm here to fight h.i.v. and pandemics to come. p man: to keep boston harbor safe and clean. p man: because this is where robotics is happening. p man: to help every student find their true words.
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[ classical music plays ] hmm. the new turbodown jacket: t tested tough in
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heather: santa claus arrived in a boston med flight helicopter. bob: i get the christmas tree today. we don' t have it yet. but it is that time of year. heather: we' re going to get it today -- bob: and things happened. mike: get two. heather: i will get an extra one for you. helicopter over -- heather: have you decorated yet, mike? mike: it was hard to get in the mood with temperatures in the 60' s. the months of november, we are supposed to have 1.3 inches of snow. we have not seen any yet. but you know, for the month we are running 1.6 inches below average. it continues the trend we have had for the year. we are running on the dry side. we could use more rain and i have more coming tuesday night into wednesday. right now 39 degrees. no talk of rain tonight. maybe a sprinkle, maybe a
5:40 pm
winds at 12 miles per hour p the area is very dry. the temperatures continue to drop off. we already seen some spots towards orange 34 degrees. keene down to 32 right now p looking south, just opping below the 40 degree mark. hyannis still holding onto 41. nantucket holding on to 41. overnight tonight, this is going to be one of the coldest nights we have seen. lows dropping off into the 20' s. we have basically clear skies. the we have just enough a northerly breeze going on that we may try to drag some of these clouds in off the ocean. the ocean has a little bit of moisture. a little breeze coming across. the cold air of the land. that, nation can sometimes create a little ocean effect snow. a little is the keyword -- that combination can sometimes create a little ocean effect snow. low temperatures are going to be on the cold side. orange dropping off -- 19 degrees tonight. almost everyone dropping police
5:41 pm
-- almost everyone dropping at least below the 32 degree mark. a few snowflakes are a possibility. not a guarantee. the best opportunity is going to be across coastal southern plymouth. as far as we head towards the :00 a.m., a little bit going on on the north shore. but notice how there is no -- clear skies west of worcester. during the day tomorrow, thin cloud cover. we will call it partly cloudy. it is going to be on the chilly side. it is warmer now that it will be most of tomorrow afternoon. then as we head for tomorrow night, clear skies. what do the high temperatures look like tomorrow? a lot of places stuck in the upper 30' s. bedford may hit 41 degrees. over the next few days, look at this warming trend we are talking about. upper 40' s, if d' s as we look towards wednesday. much warmer air coming in our direction -- 50' s as we look towards wednesday. 43 by tuesday.
5:42 pm
47 degree wednesday' s forecast rate south shore is going to be cold tomorrow. most of the temperatures upper 30' s to 40 degrees. the cape, despite the ocean water being warm, is still -- we are only talking about temperatures in the lower 40' s. that may break it down for the next 7 days. tomorrow, mix of clouds and sunshine, cold and 38 degrees. into tonight. that will linger into wednesday. as far as how much rain we are event is looking like yesterday. really general he about 1/4 to a half inch of rain. 54 degrees. then we start to cool down thursday. what happens is the winds are out of the northwest on wednesday. then as they go to the northwesterly direction on thursday, that is when the real chill starts to move in. you will see wind gusts around 25-30 miles broad. we get some cold air back in as we talk about thursday and friday' s forecast. saturday, we start to modify.
5:43 pm
by next sunday, we could be back into the 50' s again. have a couple of bugs and downs, but the coldest days over the next 7 is tomorrow with a high of 38 degrees. an update in just a few minutes. halloran. s patriots lineup -- 1/3 of their rushing yards, 51% of their receiving yards, 47% of the touchdowns. if patrick chung doesn' t play, two of their top three tacklers. these are the replacement players. chung has a foot injury. linebacker jamie collins out with a mystery illness. second on the team in tackles. both the offense and defense be affected by injury. the healthy guys are reminded to do their job. >> every player that is in the room has a role on the team. they are all important. they know that from day one.
5:44 pm
there is no gray area. it is black and white. we all have a job to do. we are not fans. with all of some been to contribute to the team. bob: keyshawn martin who missed the last five games is listed as questionable. the patriots would only have 3 wide receivers ready to go. about possibly putting rob gronkowski on the outside. >> it creates a different kind of matchup, depending on who is covering him. in a less comfortable position. um, but the closer you are to the middle of the field, the more running options you have. bob: tom brady is back up on the horse. he is bronco busting. this facebook post looks a lot like the one before the afc champ egypt game last year against the colts. remember seeing tom brady hug a jaguar?
5:45 pm
brady was photoshop using as an air traffic controller. the jets home against the dolphins. watch chris ivory. th ejets roll over the dolphins 38-20. the patriots will not be able to clinch the afc east title even with a win. the bills looking good early. taylor going to the. end zonebills grabs the lead. not many teams know how to blow a lead like the bills. 30-22. the bills are 5-6. giants and washington. there has been another odell beckham siding. a one handed grab. look at that thing right there. reaching out and pulling in the touchdown pass. that is worth another look. i would like to keep rolling this video. when
5:46 pm
our director gets nervous. i want to keep seeing that. odell beckham -- o we got one more. go, get it, odell. heh' s gi -- he' s got it. that is remarkable. tonight. we will have the highlights. we will have chris casper and the magic. just moment ago, rob gronkowski tweeted that it looks like a snow day game in denver tonight. he' hs chilling.
5:47 pm
heather: whitey bulger' s ex is talking only to newscenter 5. bob: she tells john atwater there is a lot that hollywood has wrong. >> just saying. could get you buried real quick. john: critics portray johnny temps for trail of the gangster. but for whitey bulger' s former girlfriend with whom he had a child, the bulger on screen is a far cry from the jimmy she loved >> he was monosyllabic and always negative and dark. that wasn'
5:48 pm
john: she said she knew nothing of his dark side, only seen the loving father to their son douglas. dakota johnson place her in the movie but seems like this mr. present bulger' s relationship with his son who died at age six. >> nobody sees it. it can happen. >> if you do something and nobody sees it, you did not do i t. >> i would have smacked him in the back of the head. john: she is critical of the u.s. attorneys new attempt to tack more time on gregg sentence as they try to determine how she and bulger managed to elude capture. >> that woman never had a choice in anything that happened from the minute where she said, yes, i' ll go with you.
5:49 pm
bob: emotional interview. there are still more news to come. heather: ahead at 6:00, the stock pile weapons seized froma leicester home. bob: how the community of sharon is coming together tonight to remember the local teen killed in israel. heather: a high-ri tt2watv# 1t! bt@q%o\
5:50 pm
tt2watv# 1t! "a@q5c8 tt2watv# 1t! bm@q>h4 tt4watv# 1t!" dztq b?p tt4watv# 1t!" entq 2;0 tt4watv# 1t!" gzt& +
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heather: breaking news. the message released from the family of the melrose native killed and the colorado planned parenthood shooting. bob: after a few mild days, get ready for the feel of winter. how cold it would get in who could see some snowflakes. the search right now for a robber caught on camera. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:0 0.
5:52 pm
news from colorado, where the wife of a slain police officer has now released her first statement since the murder of her husband. saying his last act was for the safety of others. officer garrett swasey, one of three people killed in a shooting at a planned parenthood clinic. the massachusetts native honored as a hero. bob: we are following new information about the gun man. kelly: we expect to learn more as a suspect in the deadly shootout is scheduled to have his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. tonight, the lead shooter' s comments to investigators are shedding some light on what may have motivated him. police have not released a motive for the siege inside this planned parenthood. but we are learning more about the man accused of killing three people and injuring nine others. >> we' re pinned down. kelly: authorities say that after robert deer surrender he made hostile comments about planned parenthood.
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