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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 30, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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heather:the fbi is offing a reward to find stolen weapons from a worcester armory. the pistols are still missing. 10 other weapons have already been found. james walker morales has been charged with stealing the guns. phil: a teenager shot outside a boston school is expected to be charged. the 16-year-old victim attends the nearby madison park high school. heather: it is 37 degrees outside in needham. it is a chilly day on tap. >> and with that warmer temperatures. if you like the warmer air that is coming with the rain. it is still cold outside in area. 35 along the south shore. as we go through the next 12 hours notice we keep the clouds around and the temperatures drop back into the 20s. starting out the day it is going to be cold and cloudy and it looks like right now it should stay dry at least to
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we are looking at a couple of north carolina and one back through the chicago area. all of this is headed in our direction. the timing looks like this as we head through the overnight and first thing tomorrow we are dry. here comes the showers as we head toward lunchtime. they will be numerous and more widespread as we head through the afternoon. the other big story is the warm up. we will talk about who can see the 50s ahead, phil? phil: it hasn't happened in more than a century. the state officials say the hunting is crucial to manage the deer population. not everybody agrees. >> the usually tranquil blue hills reservation may be interrupted with the sound of gunshots today. for the first time since 1893 the state is holding a controlled deer hunt here. >> the most effective way is
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>> the hunters will head out north of i-93 covering canton and it is estimated at 85 per square mile. >> to put things in perspective a healthy deer herd has 16 and 17 deer. >> so many deer eating the vegetation has lead to ecological and public safety problems. >> there has been two wildfires in the blue hills just this year that were over 20 acres. there isn't that vegetation to stop the fire. >> the deer hunt has prompted protests. many believe it should remain a sanctuary. >> she understands the need for the hunt and thinks it won't solve the bigger issue. >> what is disappointing is we don't as a society think about maintaining land so they do have enough space. >> all of the trails will be open and the off trails are off limits. the hunt is scheduled to take
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place today, tomorrow and in two more days next week. on the blue hills reservation, wcvb newscenter 5. heather:six weeks after he lost his leg in a shark attack a rhode island man is ready to walk and surf again believe it or not. colin cook took his first steps today on his new prosthetic leg. he was attacked by a tiger shark while surfing in hawaii last month. he lost his leg and he lost it above the knee. that's not easy to recover from. after surgeries in hawaii and boston he is a step closer to his ultimate goal which is getting back on the surfboard. >> my main goal is to get back out surfing and back on my board. that's number one. i am just trying to look out and keep my eye on the prize of where i wanna be. >> that's amazing. and his positive attitude will take him far. hopefully all the way back to hawaii.
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>> the fourth defendant has pled guilty. he changed his plea just as jury selection was set to start. he pled guilty to reduce charges of indecent assault and battery. he was sentenced to 10 years probation. the other defendants have been convicted and sent to prison. the defamation suit filed against bill cosby will move forward. at a hearing in federal court a judge cleared the way for depositions to begin. four more women have now joined the lawsuit claiming the comedian defamed them after they accused him of sexual assault. the case was filed in massachusetts because cosby owns a home in the western part of the state. >> there is more trouble for donald trump on the campaign trail. phil: still to come, the new challenges he is facing from the other gop white house hopefuls. heather: pope francis wraps up his trip to africa. nation. phil: and the surgery that can help thousands of people.
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knee surgeries. phil: let's look at the first alert traffic. you can see lights are heavy in both directions. take a look at the map and the rest of the area. looking at the reds where there are delays it will take you 33 minutes from mass ave to route 3. it is nip teen minutes from the -- it is 19 minutes from the upper deck. 128 looks okay as you cross the mass pike. the western tolls to 495 is just 22 minutes. and once you get on 495 the stretch between the mass pike directions. that's a look at the first
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are you watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. >> pope francis is calling for peace between christians and muslims on his final day in the central african republic. the pope visited the mosque as he wrapped up his five-day trip to africa. he is heading back to the vatican. there were major concerns before the trip, but no problems during it. the pontif also made stops in uganda and kenya. heather:donald trump met with a group of black pastors for several hours calling the session an amazing meeting. >> the beautiful thing about the meeting is they really didn't ask to change the tone. they want to see victory because ultimately it is about we want to win and we want to win together. >> had a wonderful time in the meeting. we made a lot of progress, but not the last. >> the event heralded as a major endorsement. it was scaled back after several controversial comments and tweets by trump. it included one where he
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black on white crime and after suggesting a black protestor deserved to be roughed up by supporters. these pastors coming to his defense. >> mr. trump is not no racist. he is probably the least racist person there is. reporter: while in new hampshire the new jersey governor chris chris tee is taking on -- chris christie taking on strum up say -- trump saying thousands of muslims rejoice owed -- rejoiced on 9/11. >> it didn't happen. people can say anything, but the facts are the facts and that did not happen that day and hasn't happened since. reporter: other candidates are staying out of the fray and focusing on cyber monday shoppers. marco rubio's campaign offering a flash sale on the tea and a limited edition sweater. >> and it is not just republicans, but democrats are also trying to get in on the cyber monday dollars offering the liberal supporters a
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abc news, washington. phil: a popular children's toy putting the risk of millions at risk. heather: the data breech announced by vtech. the information parents need to hear about. phil: and when you reach for the sugar free drink it may not be your best bet. the new research in a health alert. >> it may be dry right now, but rain is on the way. when the heaviest rain will fall and the it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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phil: the driver in this bus wreck was charged with reckless driving. 36 college students were hurt when the bus overturned on an exit ramp. the driver was going too fast and lost control on a curve. one passenger was treated for serious injurys and the rest were checked and released. heather:a data breech for millions of families. vtech says the personal information of five million customers was stolen and that includes the name and birthday and gender of the child users. for parents, hackers go the names, e-mail addresses and home addresses and pass words. vtech contacted everyone affected and shutdown part of the website as a precaution. just because a drink is sugar free does not necessarily mean it is okay for your kids' teeth. scientists in australia found many drinks have other chemicals that can strip away
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a tooth's outer layer causing sensitivity and other issues. it includes fosforic acid in soda or citric acid in lemon lime drinks. be careful. anyone eating out in new york city will get a warning about salt. 5 new rule requires a salt shaker emblem on any menu item that goes over the recommended level of sodium. it is about a teaspoon of salt. they say most americans ate too much salt that can raise the risk of high blood pressure and heart problems. as we get deeper into the holiday season there is a warning to watch what you eat at all of those wonderful parties. fitness experts suggest when you indulge think about the long-term. equaling the bites on the blacklist are fruit cake, soda, layered cheese dips and cheesecake. foods that are naturally fat are easier to shake off rather than naturally high fat foods.
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calories you are drinking. winter is still weeks away, but tell that to the folks out west. millions from nebraska to minnesota woke up to some serious snow. eight states across the plains storms. first responders say this 32-year-old woman is lucky to be alive. she fell through the ice in ohio trying to rescue her dogs who had fallen through. >> no way you should have survived that. strength left. >> as you can see the woman and her dogs were pulled to safety. >> thank heaven. heather: danielle, you will appreciate the storms our friends are going through. good evening. we are talking about closer to home the weather will be impacting us, but not as severe as it was in the midwest. coming. we are in for a rainy period
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wednesday evening and into the overnight. it is a cold one into november, but it will be a warm start to december. the high temperature today in boston was 38 degrees which is the coldest high temperature we've had all month long. the rain ramps up as we head toward lunchtime. there is a low chance of seeing showers. it is through the afternoon and into the evening and overnight where the heaviest rain will fall. wednesday there could be a break in the action and then through the afternoon it picks right back up as a couple of areas of low pressure is right along the frontal boundary. here they are. you can see a lot of rain over parts of the mid-atlantic. all of this is creeping toward our area. right now we are just socked in with some clouds and cold temperatures. we are in the 30s in most locations, and we are really going to fall into the 30s and 20s in some spots. boston is holding in the mid30s overnight. the winds will be shifting to the east southeast overnight.
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this, low twenties for the merrimack valley. mid20s for the worcester hills. there is a little concern if the rain starts a little sooner tomorrow, we are talking early tomorrow morning like 8:00 to 10:00 there could be patchy freezing rain brought in especially in the area you can see in the pink color. if you live west of the worcester hills, this is the area i would be concerned with. other than that i think most of us just seeing plain old rain and really i don't think that rain will start until lunchtime. this is why the temps are in the 30s when the rain comes through. then we start to warm up through the afternoon. we are in the mid40s by about 1:00. and the rain gets going about 5:00, 6:00 across all of the areas. your ride home to work is
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be a wet u.n cash dash wet one. it is working its way in for wednesday. here is the timing. monday night notice heavy rain and especially concentrated on the cape islands and southeastern mass. there may be a bit of a break to start early wednesday morning, but then more rain will fill in as this cold front slowly progresses through the day on wednesday. but before it does we turn milder too with temps in the mid50s on wednesday in a lot of spots. then on thursday on the backside of this it turns colder and the winds started to pick up out of the north and west and you will feel the difference by later in the day on thursday. we will start to bring in clouds and cooler temperatures. the seven-day forecast is looking like this. warm on wednesday in the low 50s. how much rain are we talking about? we can see anywhere from a half an inch to an inch in some locations. of course this is over a 48-hour period. then behind us we turn cooler
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on thursday, but cold really on friday and saturday to weekend. then as we head toward sunday and monday we will warm back up to the 50s. the christmas rebel takes over for two weeks and chronicle wondered just what is it? >> it is revel. specifically christmas revel. it is a singing, dancing, band playing, participatory celebration through the lens of different cultural traditions and time periods. >> i describe it as a joyful celebration of the winter solstice. >> and each year this celebration of the winter solstice is envisioned through the customs and traditions through last year.
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this year it is welch. >> we run around to this lower level here. >> patty swanson is the artistic director. >> we are artistic directors. this is the shortest day of the year. this moment has been celebrated for ions. people have always gathered at this time of the year and done something. >> the revels has a two-week run at harvard sanders theater in december. the culmination of six months of planning and rehearsal. the production is very much participatory as they join the cast in a dance through the theater lobby during the "lord of the dance" number. >> it is quasi spiritual. it is what this time of year is about. and we do it with music and kids and audience. i think it is very satisfying. >> it looks fun. "christmas revels" runs from 27th.
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so a two-week run. and shana seymour joins the cast of "elf, the musical." it is the home of yule logs and fall river's upside down tree. christmas presents on "chronicle" tonight at 7:30. phil: and boston official tree lighting is this thursday night. you can watch it on channel 5 holiday lights this thursday at 7:00 p.m. heather:benched by constant knee pain. phil: now a man is getting a one of a kind implant. how it can help those who don't have many treatment options. reporter: and we are continuing to follow the breaking news of rob gronkowski's injuries. how quickly he could be back on the field? and the fbi is offering a big reward for information about several guns stolen from a worcester armory. new at 6:00, the local cabies
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what police hope will help lead them to the suspect. living life to the fullest. now she is asking for help. newscenter 5 in come on in pop pop. happy birthday.
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. phil: taylor swift has made another fan come true. they wanted to meet the pop star before fully losing her hearing. her twin sister started a social media campaign and during swift's concert in sydney the pair met and she gave her tickets. prime seating at the show. heather: that's a lovely story. a brockton man is the first to undergo a ground breaking knee surgery. there are few treatment options for the thousands of younger people who suffer a torn meniscus. emily shows us there are women who can help change that. reporter: basketball has been a central part of rob price's life. >> i played my whole life. i would play pick up in the driveway and play with my uncles. reporter: he played through school and never stopped until about 10 years ago. >> one day at practice, no warning, no nothing. reporter: doctors had to
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replace his acl. rob also tore his meniscus and it had to be removed. it didn't stop the pain. >> without the meniscus it was bone on bone. reporter: he is being treated by an orthopedic surgeon. >> every time they step it is a hard not cushioned blow. reporter: he describes the meniscus as a shock absorber. each knee has two. >> you can see a black rye angle right there. reporter: this is rob's. >> you would want to see a black triangle here. reporter: the meniscus wears down as we age. in the younger people they are often injured, but the knee replacement surgery is not typically an option. >> it is something we previously had no treatment for. reporter: but that may be changing with this. the new surface meniscus implant is undergoing the trial and he is the first doctor to try it. >> you don't have to cut bone
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permanently alter the anatomy of the knee join. reporter: the i'm plant simply pops in between the two bones in the knee. no sutures, no screws, a fast recovery about two or three months. >> you don't need crutches very long, just a few weeks. >> i would like to run, play basketball. reporter: he is the first patient here to get the implant. he can't wait to be pain free and he knows his experience will also help other patients. rob had the surgery a week ago and says he is doing well. the implant is already in use in europe with great results. wcvb newscenter 5. heather:very close to home. you tore your meniscus. my son is recovering right now from a torn acl. phil: anybody is looking for help. heather:and sometimes it is not repairable. this is a great invention. phil: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. >> now on newscenter 5. >> rob gronkowski gets good
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news about his scary looking injury. how much time the patriot star could miss. >> deer hunters called to action by police. the mystery in these woods they could help solve. >> steady rain is on the way in. how much to expect where you live. >> a marathon bombing survivor's holiday mission. >> these things are possible. >> the gift you can give that will give somebody their life back. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather:we begin tonight at 6:00 with good breaking news. this is about rob gronkowski and the injury from this scary looking hit is minor. how long will the knee strain keep him out? ed: that's the million dollar question. lynchy? >> i have spoken with people in the know and they have labeled gronk's injury, quote, not bad. that's very encouraging. the fact that his leg was not anchored on the ground, but it was in a whipping motion spared gronk more serious
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injuries and his previously repaired ligaments are all in tact. the mri confirmed today that it is indeed a minor strain. you can call it a sprain or bruise, all of the above apply. seen walking down the corridor and on to the team bus. if his foot was anchored to the ground it would have provided torque for potential ligament damage and that did not happen. here is tom brady. >> you know, it is unfortunate to see anybody go down, and he is such a big part of what we do as an offense, and he is in decent spirits and that made me happy. thisy have some things -- they have some things they have to check on and we'll go from there. >> we'll take a look at dante high tower. ed: a local sports medicine doctor who has not treated gronkowski, but he saw what happened last night like many did suspected it gronk's injury would not be season
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