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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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ending. >> it wasn'the typical foot planted on the ground and somebody crashes into your leg. his leg was in the air and somebody hit his leg. it was obviously painful, but one of the things i thought oh jeez he just blew out his knee. ed: that pain was evident in his reaction. gronk's reaction did concern him, but as he watched the replays he was less concerned. heather: and boston's fbi office is offering a reward up to $15,000 for any information leading to the recovery of the remaining firearms stolen from the armory in worcester. 10 of the weapons stolen have been found. the remaining six are m11 pistols and they all have the unique government etching you can see here. james walker morales has been charged with stealing the guns. ed: several schools on lock down as a shooting happens outside a high school.
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rhondella, the victim was not a student there. reporter: after the shooting here on malcolm x boulevard at the top of the park stairs police learned the victim is a student across the street at madison park. the 16-year-old student stumbled back on school grounds after being shot in the leg after 12:15 this afternoon. the shooting happened across the street in a park surrounded by three schools. all schools went into safe mode or lock down. >> they said clear the hallways and stuff like that. everything was locked. then all of a sudden this teacher came in the hallway and told us to close our windows. at that point we were scared because we thought they were in the building. reporter: the suspect neverrenner ited the school, but students heard -- never entered the school, but they heard gunfire outside. >> it happened across from madison park. we were fortunate he only got a minor wound, but it goes to the whole idea that there are way too many guns out there.
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reporter: police canvased the area for guns or witnesses. school dismissed on time. >> we had to be super quiet. >> it is crazy. you would think after hearing about all of the school shootings and the disasters and things that are happening, you would think you have a better sense of security. police are still looking for suspects and a weapon. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a cabbie is gunned down on the job. new at 6:00, newscenter 5's jack harper is live with new details about the victim, jack. reporter: we do have details about him. we are at brooke lawn park and we heard from the family that police say they have surveillance video from inside the cab.
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the cab though though. >> it was adjacent to the cab. >> when his friend was shot brian thomas drove his cab to the scene. there was nothing he or anyone else could do for the 66-year-old vietnam vet. >> excellent guy. no nonsense in the fact that he is a vietnam vet. but he was very compassionate. he would give you the shirt off his back. >> i just couldn't believe it. >> he was the veteran agent for several years. >> he wrote numerous editorials on behalf of the services that were being delayed in many cases. and it was really there for the vietnam veteran and for the veterans at the time that needed his service. >> one source says police may have surveillance video and they are looking for a young male 14 to 18. the investigators are not talking and the victim's brother says police are continuing to work the case. tonight brian thomas will continue working and driving
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for bluebird again. >> donna would want me to drive. i want to drive. i am a little scary. reporter: his son told us a little while ago that he heard the two boys, teen inning aers aers -- teenagers were looking for a ride. his dad did and was killed when they got here. wcvb newscenter 5. >> the prosecution is resting in the murder trial. he spoke to the teacher moments before he was killed and in fact it is on video. sera was a fellow teacher and this is the video you are looking at. the two can be seen on surveillance talking in the hallway just moments before chisim followed her into the bathroom. >> what did colleen say to you about why the boy was in her classroom?
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he is here. >> taking the stand was the doctor and he described the injuries. chisim sat silently. >> an unusual request for hunters who took part on a state sanctioned reservation. they want to look for evidence in the disappearance of this avon man last seen nearly two years ago. reid lamberty is here live. reporter: that man is kidnapped and presumed dead. the body was disposed of in a wooded area and perhaps even here in the blue hills. the hunt is on in the blue hills, but they have a much more personal target. remains. reporter: he is asking the hunters participating in this week's deer hunt to keep their eyes open for the human remains or clothing that could be linked to jaime robertson. the 37-year-old avon man was
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kidnapped from his home on 2014 and he was presumed dead and remains left in a wooded area. >> beyond that i can't tell you where the wooded area is. >> hunters have been helpful finding the missing people. they tend to go to the areas not frequented by the general public, areas where a body could be dumped. >> we know it is a needle in the hey stack, but stranger things have happened. >> an article of clothing at this stage is a best chance to locate robertson. hunters were handed pamphlets with the information. four men have been charged in connection to the 37-year-old's disappearance. kidnapping is the charge. murder will be the charge if the remains are found. >> the nature of the beast. we figure the worst has happened. this time of year we want to bring him home for the family. >> investigators say they are not just focusing on hunters or asking hunters in the blue hills. they are also asking hunters statewide to be on alert. >> live in milton, wcvb
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newscenter 5. you can expect traffic headaches in taunton. a tractor-trailer rolled over on route 140. there is no word on any injuries or for that matter what spilled out of the truck. ed: a quincy man is accused of pulling a pellet gun on a man. he is charged with one count of armed assault with an attempt of murder. he said they were leaving a restaurant -- they said they were leaving a restaurant when they started yelling at them and then following them in the car. when they pulled over he threatened them with a pellet gun. she then took out her cell phone and started recording and yelling at him. police used the video to check his license plate and track him down. heather: no bail for a man charged in a manhunt. he beat up his girlfriend and then evaded arrest for a full day. at one point crossing the lake in a stolen row boat. he was caught 35 miles away.
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police confiscated from his home. his record includes two previous assault charges. ed: chris christie is talking about battling isis. heather:coming up, what christie is saying about chris christie. ed: and it is giving tuesday. a bombing survivor shows us how it is a gift that keeps giving. when the heaviest rain will fall and the dells warmth -- and the december warmth is coming along with it. ed: tom brady was not happy night.
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heather:chris christie won the prize. ed: the new jersey governor has a long way to go on the top of the ticket with the primary now 71 days away. reporter: chris christie is in fifth place despite logging more miles than most. it is political oxygen that he badly needs. >> what will that mean on february 9th? i don't know. reporter: good answer. only two reasons translated the endorsement to a primary victory. so today he upped the voltage on the spoot light. 0 obama's trip to paris? >> rather than trying to unite the world against isis, rather than trying to find a solution in syria. reporter: on front runners donald trump and marco rubio and ted cruz. >> it has been an entertaining primary so far, but it is game time now. new is shiny and new is untarnished and new is fabulous until you need
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experience. reporter: on trump's tweet neglecting new jersey as he campaigns for president. >> i am happy to take any observations he has. reporter: christie pushes only so far with trump when asked about his claim that muslims were cheering in new jersey on 9/11. >> people can say anything. the facts are the facts and that did not happen in new jersey and did not happen since. >> does it disequal him from being president? reporter: by the end of the week he will have invested 50 days and only lyndsay graham will have campaigned in the granite state. christie's campaign will either start or end on february 9th. janet wu, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: we are about to go into december and precipitation is moving in. heather:goodie. coming up new -- >> everybody is getting the
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can get, but tomorrow is about giving back. how a marathon bombing survivor is helping to give new life to other amputees and
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>> you are watching news sen tear 5 at 6:00. penny. the average price for self-serve regular is now $2.06 a gallon. that is 79 cents lower than it was at h same time last year. heather:a survivor of the paranone bombings are buying a gift that could give someone their life back. julie mcdonald speaks about a cause that is very close to her heart and how to make the most of giving tuesday. reporter: you would never know as she walks down the street that her leg looks any different than yours. and that's a feeling she wants every amputee to experience. the marathon bombing survivor lives with a prosthetic left
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leg and she works with the limbs for life organization to give life back to those who need limbs and can't afford them. >> i really want to be able to show amputees that no matter what kind of prosthetic you are given you can do twirls and land on your prosthetic. >> they are asking americans to think twice when they pick a tie or necklace as a holiday gift. she is asking people to consider what that could mean to a child born different and war hero or anyone who suffered a trauma. >> you can give the same amount and say, gosh, you know what you did? you gave parts to someone who really needed them. >> more than 3,000 amputations occur across the country every week. prosthetics cost thousands of dollars and the mental anguish will cost even more. limbs for life have made it hope. >> we are simply missing pieces and america has the
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chance tomorrow and today to give the pieces back. >> wcvb newschannel 5. >> if you would like to donate we have the information on our website. ed: and now a new tool to help cruisers. therefore they can come into their homes and to remove them from the emergency situations. >> if something is traumatic to an adult maybe it is something to make the night easier or make the transition easier and help them cope with a situation better maybe they would like to do something like that. >> it is in honor of pam daniels. the supplies were all donated by the dudley women's club and they would like to expand the program in other communities. giving tuesday the dudley's women's club.
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>> it is very true. >> there you go. unfortunately we are about to doorstep. it has also been a cold end to the month of november. actually today was the coldest high temperature so far this month. and it is going to be a warmer start to the month of december. we hit a high of 38 degrees in boston, but still finished the month very warm. it looks like it may go down as one of the top 10 warmest novembers on record. now we are watching a couple areas of low pressure here. did you see them through the mid-atlantic and parts of the carolinas and then one back minnesota. all of this is headed in our direction. but it is slowly going to get here. we just have clouds around right now. that's where they are going to stay in the overnight hours into first thing tomorrow. tomorrow morning's commute is dry. it is once we get past say 12, 1:00 when the showers start to break out. they become more numerous and widespread as we head toward the ride home from work and then through the overnight hours they become pretty
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so very high chances coming on tuesday night and then showers are lingering on wednesday morning and becoming more widespread as we head through wednesday afternoon and evening. it is 48 hours of seeing some rain. it is half an inch to an inch of rain when all is said and done. we really do need the rain. we are down over nine inches in boston and eight and a half inches in worcester. as we look at the quiet night 37 degrees and the winds are out of the south, southeast at 9 miles an hour. it should drop in the 30s and the 20s in worcester hills and 21 in orange. and there is some concern. my concern is this, if the precipitation were to start in the early morning hours tomorrow versus say after lunchtime, it could be in the form of freezing rain for this area you see in pink. i do put this out as a low risk of happening, but it could happen.
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if you see some rain early tomorrow morning and you live say through the worcester hills and back through western mass, take your time on the area roads because temps will be in 20s and 30s. if you have any rain that falls it would be in the form of freezing drizzle. nobody else needs to be concerned with that because the temps are in the 40s to start the day. and then they warm up through the afternoon as the showers becomes more widespread. we'll see high temperatures tomorrow mainly in the upper 50s -- excuse me upper 40s and maybe even a few low 50s on the map. notice heavier downpours after midnight really on wednesday night and into -- excuse me tuesday night into early wednesday morning. highs tomorrow are mid40s to a few even upper 40s. as we head through the next seven days, the winds are really going to pick up behind the system on thursday. that's going to usher in cooler air. watch what happens with the wind speeds. they really crank through the afternoon. they are also bringing in clouds and maybe even a few hit or miss showers out there thursday afternoon.
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it does bring in cooler air toward the weekend, but it is not for long as the temps bump up into the 50s by sunday. i'm meteorologist danielle vomar. >> rob gronkowski's injury is not bad so i have heard. his foot was not anchored on the ground and gave the knee resistance and avoided potential serious damage. it is labeled as a minor knee strain and a knee sprain. it has also been labeled as a bad bruise. more importantly i am told by people in the know that his priusly repair -- that his priusly repaired sh -- previously repaired knee is okay. he is out one maybe two games. >> i hate to see it, but they
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the defenders to hit now. if you asked a lot of players they would rather you go high than low. happens. i don't think it is dirty. i just think that's the way football is being played now. >> the medical report, i knew i should have gone to med school. linebacker dante high tower mcl sprain. it is not a season ending injury, but one that will keep him out for a couple weeks. after he left the game the broncos rushed for nearly 140 yards on the ground. patriots released chris harper, no surprise there. key to playing the game, big branch. back to the 19 yard line, but it was negated because of this holding call. although he did get a piece of the shoulder there. it set up first and goal from the 5 and the touchdown that put the broncos ahead.
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we all know what happened after that. brady took them down the field and he scored in the snow. that's right down broadway, folks. now we go to over time. in over time, boy what a run by anderson. 48 yards. a great block there. oh a great block down field and he is gone. touchdown and there's your ballgame and there's your perfect season. patriots lose it 30-24. >> losing a player like gronk in the fourth quarter and then fighting back like we did to get into over time and i thought the first play was the first over time and they didn't call that and then they got the ball and scored the touchdown. that's how it all played out. >> here is something to warm
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you up. the red sox have signed the outfielder to a multi-year deal. they hit 252 with 14 homers. he has been in the big leagues and played in arizona for the diamondbacks. ed: how nice it is to see green grass in the outfield. that looks good. heather: coming up new tonight at 11:00, she has spent years helping others, and now there is a plea for someone to help her. this local woman's health crisis with time running out. that's coming up at 11:00 after the great holiday baking show. first david muir and "world news tonight." >> the deadly rampage and then hauling the accused killer with a suicide prevention vest. dangerous driving across several states and three eye opening deals we found next.
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>> on "chronicle" get your christmas on with" elf, the musical." fall river's deck the halls. even danish pay trees. and a peek a at the holiday tree. that's next andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. r i think all of us play for that very reason. t it makes us the child we once were. p the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. p you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. r it is the struggle that will determine t the fate of the free world. r the united states should not delay t in leading a global coalition r to take out isis with overwhelming force. ttheir aim is our total destruction. p we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa
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is responsible for the content of this message. heather:breaking news now. we heard a second arrest was made in the worcester armory
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ashley bigby was arrested for being in possession of an assault rifle at the armory. she is also charged with making false statements to the federal agents. 10 of the 16 assault weapons stolen have now been recovered. ed: the month is ending chilly. >> it is ending chilly, but starting milder. heather:keep your winter is hard on your nose. r from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better pso you can face winter happily. t a nose in need
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