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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> how a dorchester's woman middle finger help recover more guns from this worcester armory. >> and key clues in a murder. >> how thieves use this children's toy to use your information. >> rain on the way and some areas could see some freezing drizzle. the timeline ahead. >> the gravity defying video. and the simple explanation behind it. a new bedford vet and police looking for vet who killed him. >> we're live in new bedford with the clues of this mystery. mary: this is the senior center where don depina was killed
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they're crushed with his killing but also relieved that police have leads and video. >> that's what donald would want. he would say you better get out there. mary: two nights ago close friend and fellow cab driver donald depina was shot in the parking lot of brooklawn park. >> well they know. that cab drivers have money. it may only have 25 bucks for -- but for somebody whose ha $12, $25 it could be a lot of money. they have surveillance video inside the gas station where depina picked up a fair. sources say police are looking for two young males roughly 14 to 18 years old. >> it's an excuse to me. i can't understand why it happened to a good man like dole
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mary: they served in vietnam together. >> best man i ever knew in my life. mary: depina served as a servicing a. he wrote many editorial. and was really there for the vietnam veterans and very the veterans of the time. donald depina was only 66 years old. he leaves behind six children and nine grandchildren. and a go fund me account has been setup. ed: cell phone pictures and tattoos lead police to this woman. she is in jail tonight. but more stolen weapons are still out there. >> with this arrest police have
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10 pistols were also stolen. of those six have not been tracked down. ashley bigsbee in a vulgar pose. police found these pictures. one shows bigsbee with distinctive hand tattoos holding the nine millimeter handguns. another picture shows to be a stolen and assault rival. nobody answered the door tonight and no weapons were found there. bigsbee was arrested last friday when she was found in possession of a stolen assault rival. she's charged with liing to the f.b.i. about the knowledge of the worcester armory heights or of this man, james walker morales. he lives in cambridge. morales was arrested in long island, new york in connection with the theft.
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of the reserve after being accused of child rape. investigators say he was wearing a g.p.s. bracelet the night he broke into the armory. d.n.a. found at the scene also a match. bigsbee remains in custody. her next hearing here in worcester is set for thursday. in the meantime the f.b.i. has posted a $15,000 reward for information that would lead them to those six stolen pistols still out there. live in worcester, jorge, wcvb newscenter 5. >> yikes. yes, heather, but it's mainly west the higher elevations that going to see the potential for the heavy rain. heather: but not in the boston area. >> not in the boston area. it's all that area in pink which does include pretty much western
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this begins until 6:00 a.m. and temperatures tonight falling freezing mark. they continue to fall overnight even into the teens in some locations. these are your overnight lows as you can see them. just ahead of a frontal boundary. it looks like it may get here sooner rather than later. we're talking about the potential for a shower early that's why some of this could be pockets of freezing rain. it doesn't take much to get those roads slick. we'll time out the rain for you and talk about the warm-up. patriots are planning ahead a game without gronkowski. he is out for at least the eagle game after this hit in denver.
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of serious injury to their star. mike lynch is here with what they had to say about that. mike? mike: his leg wasn't planted on the ground. it was more a whipping motion. that helped him dodge a very serious motion. them. we're told that an that his previously repaired ligaments are intact. and no body is more pleased than tom brady. >> if it's not as significant that possibly looked it would be a relief for our entire time jus t because of husband heather: a police officer
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the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. he was shot 16 times. mcdonald was carrying a knife at the time. police released the dash cam video a year after the shooting sparking protest in chicago last week. prosecutors made that announcement during 57 rob lewis dear's first court appearance. the 57-year-old faced a judge from jail via video. he is charged with first-degree murder in the death of three people last friday including university of colorado police officer and melrose native garrett swayze. tonight there's new video from swayze as a figure skater here in massachusetts. this is video of swayze performing at t. back in 1988. he was a perm nen competitive
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with his good friend nancy kerrigan. >> there's a new employee of the parents of a missing avon man. nearly two years since his murder, his parents are still hoping to bring james robertson home. >> turning to hunters to do that. hunter's statewide being asked to keep an eye out, be on extra alert for in clues that could lead to this missing man. there is little doubt as to what happened to jamie robertson. >> they killed him. >> but two years later they still haven't been able to bury their 37-year-old son. the avon father of two was kidnapped new year's day 2014. presumed dead police believe his body may have been disposed of
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>> stranger things have happened. >> police have asked those participating in the hunt to be on alert to anything that could lead to jamie robertson. >> at this stage of the investigation, clothing may be a possibility. there is no specific evidence linking jamie to the blue hills but investigators acknowledge that hunters are helpful in finding missing people. >> it's more likely an area where you might find the body. kidnapping is the charge. his family says justice will be served with murder charges. >> that's the last time we saw him. >> all four men charged in connection with the disappearance of robertson will be back in court later in december.
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was a police officer. >> take a look at this video. a man is charged in an alleged case of road rage. the couple and you can hear her yelling tell police they were leaving a restaurant when matthew freeman began yelling and following them. when they pulled off they say he threatened them with a pellet gun. he's charged asalt with attempt to murder. heather: a local jury could not have been objective. they wanted the trial held in washington, d.c. tsarnaev is in death row in indiana after his conviction earlier this year. the defense begin this is case tomorrow in the phillip chism murder trial. the prosecution wrapped up with a close friend of colleen ritzer. she was a fellow danville
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and the two can be seen talking in the hallway. moments before chism followed them in the background. they talked about chism very briefly. >> what did colleen say to you just about why the boy was in her classroom? >> she said i don't know why he's here. >> also talking the stand for the prosecution was the doctor who performed the autopsy who described her injuries. the defense will try to prove that chism was mentally ill when he killed her. >> to commitment 2016 and the president's tracy: the climate conference getting slammed by new jersey governor chris christie. the republican governor and presidential candidate made two stops in new hampshire. christie laid in into the president's climate conference calling it insulting. >> rather than trying to unite the world against isis rather than try to find a solution in syria, rather than worrying about how we protect the
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effective he's talking about this other stuff. >> christie who has been lagging in the poles received a boost to this weekend with the manchester union leader endorsing him as president. donald trump hold as rally tomorrow night in waterville valley. organizers expecta 1,000 people. that rally stars at 7:00. >> next on newscenter 5:00. this new hampshire mom spent her life helping others. how she's in need of your help now. >> the gravity defying video and the simple explanation behind it. >> it is drying coal right --
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heather: if your kids have a v-tech gadget in your home then thieves may have your personal information. 280,000 children. it includes e-mail addresses, passports and head shots. no credit card information was taken, the company says. ed: phil this family is no stranger. fill: she needs the very same strength for her own fight. joann clark has no problem helping new hampshire residents to help veterans. struggle.
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has stage five chronic kidney disease. she needs a new kidney. on a waiting list for a transplant and that could take four to six years. >> it's scary. every minute of the day i'm scared for her. >> he is. he's a worry wart. >> it's been a difficult year but an acceptable one for her organization. last year she helped veterans to pay for pets with these -- this charity. it was named after her son christopher, an army veteran who had ptsd and took his own life. >> that's honestly what keeps me going. just doing something in his name. >> in her name her husband starred a website in hopes of finding a kidney match. already 11 calls from people across the country interested
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her day helping others. >> just to know that perfect strangers will step up and try to help. >> so while she waits joann focuses on her organization which helps 80 veterans with ptsd adopt pets. heather: how porn is it to establish early has beens. the earlier people get in shape the less likely they are likely to die in middle age. the study featured in the journal of the american medical association showed workout benefits hold true regardless of weight, cholesterol or blood pressure. >> take a look at this close call. this is highway windshield. the driver hit the reflective post on the side of the road.
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the pickup truck involved took off. police continue to look for that driver tonight. >> i want to show you some video. bizarre mystery has an explanation in china. take a look at these two advance appear to levitate. there they go. one, two, -- the third one goes up. look at the third one. heather: strangest thing. ed: the same thing happened the other way. it was a steel cable that got caught up in a garbage truck and tangled into those three cars and picked up all three of them from the road. heather: look at people running from it. it must have been the strangest sight. ed: look at it go a different direction. i don't know danielle, it kind of looks like the way i drive -- on the road. [laughter] our high temperature today was pretty chilly. 3 degrees.
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actually was one of the warmest months on record. tied for the eighth warmest month. tide in 1953 and 1979. we're talk about the potential for rain and even the potential for freezing rain tomorrow morning. temperatures will be below the freezing mark and the precipitation looks to come in just a touch earlier. widespread rain through the afternoon. and we're mild and still wet through the day on wednesday. you can see how this is setting up. a couple of systems here but this low pressure will impact us. bring some light rain showers into new york city. all this is lifting to the north and east and headed in our direction. so the future cast looks like this on the timing. you know by 8:00 bringing in some light rain showers in western mass and central mass. at this point temperatures will
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locations and that's why there's concern for the freezing drizzle. all it takes is a little speck and those roads get very slick very quickly. by lunch time the temperature is above the freezing mark. so it is in the form of plain old rain and after lunchtime we start to really bring in the rain. in terms of the freezing rain advisory is for this area you see in pink from 6:00 until 12:00 lunchtime for those folks out there. so please be careful. as we head through the afternoon and evening on tuesday that's where the rain chances really go up and they continue through the overnight hours into wednesday morning. wednesday morning there could be a break in some locations but it starts to crank up through the afternoon. when all is said and done we could see a half and inch to an inch of rain. we are down over nine implings in boston and over eight inches for the year in worcester.
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34 degrees. showing you it's going to be a cold night. but we will warm-up in boston into the mid 40's and the rain really cranks up in boston about lunchtime or so and continuing through the afternoon. so the highs tomorrow anywhere from the mid 40's to a few even upper 40's and here comes that yir of low pressure. so rain chances continue into wednesday and through wednesday evening as well and then behind that system we're actually going to turn colder and breezy as we head towards thursday. in fact, thursday i want to show you these winds because these winds will be about 10 to 20 miles an hour. you'll feel them through the afternoon. with that there's going to be some clows -- clouds. and we turn colder on friday through the weekend we're cool at least the star but moderating to 50 degrees all on sunday. heather and ed. ed: does that say "breezy"? that would be a good radio name.
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>> you can say you know what you gave you gave them a part. i did it in your name. >> adrienne's working with limbs for life to try to make prosthetics available to all. so giving tuesday. you can check out our website if you want to learn how to do that on our website. ed: i'm in. heather: there are scores of other. amputees don't have access to the quality -- >> the patriots lost last night. tom brady still hasn't gotten
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mike: hi, everybody. i'm told that rob gronkowski's injury is labeled not bad by the patriots' organization. the fact that his foot was not anchored on the ground gave it little resistance. i'm told that the showed all the previous repaired ligaments are all intact. it appears that he's out one or two weeks. >> lose to lose -- to lose that guy you need to be able to adjust more. that's the situation we're in. there's no use complaining about it. you have to deal with the situation that you're in. and we'll try to move forward and try to be even better this week. >> how to you react to a loss like this? are you upset the whole week or you moved on after today? was it momentary after the game? >> i remember most losses for
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so -- [laughter] >> it's, you no, they're all tough. i think we put a lot on the line out there and especially yesterday, you know, we had such a great opportunity to win. and you know when you have a 14 -point lead in the fourth quarter and you can't close it out that's obviously no way to play football. >> don't under estimate this injury. dante high power sprained mmple c.l., not a season-ender. out at least two weeks. he's such a force. last night the bronco's rushed for 139 yards. chris harper bus ticket out of town today. the celtics and the heat down in miami. sounds good, right? miami. say it again, miami, miami, miami. 35 points for hem. he had a 14-point lead. but chris bosh brings the heat within a bucket.
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celtics could not shake the heat. dwyane wade scored eight straight points and miami's always within striking distance but a little bit of defense down the stretch for the celtics. they're pretty tough on the road tonight. big block down low here. and later on with under 40 seconds to go, a little fiddling and did ling and that puts the game away. they win it by 10. 105-95 the final. red sox's chris young placed with the yankees last year. 14 homer, 42 runs batted in. he played with the diamondbacks. already have it circled on the calendar, february 14. >> he is so upset about tomorrow's sunset. >> 4:12. >> i hear it. i hear it. got a bone to pick with you. >> i can't control the sunset. that's been happening all the time.
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>> it is going to be breezy. joe breezy. >> that's right. you want to talk about tomorrow morning there could be some freezing rain. pockets in western mass. just be careful.
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