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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  December 1, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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her booth on fire. phil: juli mcdonald has the story from manchester, new hampshire. reporter: that clerk is new to the area. her mother told me that she just moved from alabama to get this job. this is not even the normal store she works that. she was filling in during last night' s shift. >> this is unique in my career. reporter: police are asking for your help identifying the suspect. kristen mcginnis was working inside when a masked man threatened to set her booth on fire if she did not empty the register. she gave him what she had any rent west. just but he was wearing a jacket, jeans, light colored sneakers. he was wearing gloves. on the video, it appears he was holding an actual bottle of lighter fluid. reporter: the suspect is estimated to be about
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nearby, neighbors are not surprised. >> but it' s definitely a drug problem. winter is coming and people are getting more desperate. reporter: police are glad that mcginnis did the right thing. >> one of the biggest things we talk about is conceding and giving up the cash, because no human value is worth giving up -- not giving up the cash. you just don' t know what these people are capable of. reporter: if you have any information about the suspect or what happened, you' re asked to call manchester police. i' m juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a maine teenager is under arrest accused of driving a stolen beer truck while drunk. police received calls about a truck weaving in and out of traffic in waterboro this morning. officers tried to stop it but the driver kept going for 13 miles before losing control and crashing into this barn. 19-year-old nicole dyment faces
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operating under the influence and driving without a license. phil: needham, but you know we have a big area to recover and some rain. jc: s right, freezing rain. the areas of pink on the map. there is a freezing rain advisory. be careful. all it takes is a little touch to get those roads really slick. here is why. you notice concord is checking in at 32 degrees. 34 in keene. boston does not have to worry. we are already in the mid-40' s, nantucket, 40' s. but you are seeing some freezing rain from concord to keene. freezing rain is getting close
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we are starting to see heavier rain move in associated with this area of low pressure. this is just round one. i will talk about when round two will get here ahead. jc: now to the opioid crisis. vermont taking steps to help newly-released inmates fight opiate addiction. inmates released in rutland will be given a once-a-month injection to help overcome addiction to heroin and other opiates. naltrexone works by blocking the effects of those drugs. governor peter shumlin says the drug is especially promising for those who are struggling but motivated to stay clean. meantime, new hampshire is tapping into more funds to combat its heroin epidemic. the substance abuse task force will spend more than 3 million dollars to put more police officers and cruisers on the streets and upgrade the state' s prescription drug monitoring program. crisis has killed more than 300 people across the granite state. phil: a new report says the t -- phil: a fairy can be released from custody finally.
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the nova star, allowed the ship to leave port. the cruise liner was in debt. singapore technologies has paid back most of the money it is owed. a new report says the t should have foreseen massive problems with the green line extension. consultants hired to investigate the ballooning cost say the t should have known early on that its first estimate of 2 billion dollars was too low. they say the new estimate of 3 billion may also fall short. the report faults the t for not assigning enough personnel to line into somerville and taking a look at first alert traffic. take a look at the bunker hill s moving. s moving. minutes. 128.
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when you hit 495, that is right between mass pike and 290. that is your look at first solar traffic. can be a controversial medical procedure. jc: the latest on c-sections what experts are now calling a magic number. phil: a local boy living with a tube in his windpipe to help him breathe now for 11 years. doctors and his family new hope t need that tube anymore. jc: plus, a rescue 50 feet in the air. more on the explanation from the
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newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: if you want a good idea, you might want to go outside and take a deep breath. breathing can never help. research finds that after a day in and at the ventilated green building, listen to this -- workers performed 61% better on average and they performed 93% that are in a crisis. jc: when is it right to have a c-section? it' s a controversial topic and now there is a new look at the numbers from around the world that could reinvigorate the debate. having a baby is in excited time, but one that may be filled with confusion as well. for many couples, when two of a c-section is one of the most confusing questions of it all. researchers at harvard and stanford looked at birth data
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their conclusion -- that the c-section rate of 19% -- that is 19 out of 100 live births may be to preserving the lives of new moms and their babies. it goes against world health organization recommendations that say that country should not exceed 10 percent or 15%. is right for you is to talk to your own doctor. many parents are turning to instagram for baby names. inspired by filters.
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ludwig had big bumps. my gums to the most popular name, sophia is on top for the sixth year in a row and jackson is the most popular name for boys. jc: you are telling me that parents are taking the names rather babies from the filters? phil: i' m just the messenger. yes, that seems like it is happening. jc: what happened to philip and christopher? phil: philip. all right, still ahead -- a woman behind a disturbing viral jc: she is accused of taping her s mouth shut for a facebook photo, more on what she said when police confronted her. phil: plus, dealing with winter weather. ice and snow hitting the midwest hard. it' s not the only spot in the country dealing with major weather issues today. danielle: parts of our area under a freezing rain advisory tonight. i will let you know who could see some slick spots and have
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there are no signs of injury on the doctoral muscle. a bizarre mystery in japan. authorities are investigating nearly a dozen wooden boats that have washed ashore carrying bodies. coast guard officials say they' ve found at least 11 shoddy boats with the decomposing bodies since late october. fishing equipment and signs written in korean were also on board, including one that had the name of the north korean army. one boat was just carrying skulls while another contained two headless bodies. a call for college students to "grow up." the president of oklahoma wesleyan university wrote a blog saying "this is not a daycare. this is a university." he says that they are too quick to play the victim card. >> this is a place to learn. sometimes learning is uncomfortable. sometimes it means being
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being challenged to think better and higher ideas rather than those self-centered ideas that lead tonight is is is him. jc: he said that he was motivated to write the blog after a student complained a sermon about love made him feel guilty. phil: it' s not officially winter yet, but in the midwest there' s already plenty of snow on the ground and more on the way. it' s just one part of a tough week, of weather issues across the country including ice and flooding. it is an icy, snow we mess across the nation' s midsection. drivers are slipping and sliding on the roads in minnesota. >> it took me two hours and 45 minutes to get to work. phil: also record amounts in south dakota. in oklahoma, crews trying to restore power to thousands. >> it will get worse before it gets better because of the weight of the ice. phil: that is ice nearly hitting a truck.
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phil: one inch of ice leads to this. >> it is coming down. phil: new details about a dramatic rescue over thanksgiving weekend. >> the car is underwater. the car is underwater. ve got my kids. phil: they were dragged 200 yards down the creek. car. >> no, we are on top. phil: thanks six rolls on hung onto the top of a tree -- and check out this rescue. a six-year-old boy stuck 50 feet above the ground for more than an hour. he is now safe and back with his family. he climbed the tree in north carolina on saturday, but was too afraid to climb back down so his mom called firefighters for help. the assistant chief says after they rescued the boy he told them he just felt like climbing.
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do you know that is climbing 50 feet up a tree. phil: it' s impressive. jc: gymnastics. phil: you' ve got to think it through though. jc: one track only. danielle: we do have some freezing rain being reported out there. that' s the most dangerous thing, the hidden danger. i want to tell you about this because this has been extended, that it advisory, until 10:00 southern new hampshire. just be aware of that. it looks like temperatures will stay right at freezing or right above it. that means the threat continues as we had through this evening and overnight and it is extended into parts of northern new england. 32 degrees in concorde, 34 in nashua, 36 in nashua -- and manchester. some of this is turning over to pink, which will be freezing
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that in boston, points out that s already. what we do have to worry about, heavier downpours on the south coast, the cape, in the islands. the north. boston, you will be up next for heavier rain that will be sliding and working its way in as we had through this evening and overnight. the south. it is associated with this deeper area of low pressure. we have one round of rain right now and another tomorrow. heavier downpours continue as we head to 11:00 or so, mainly the south shore, the north shore, the cape.
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brief break around 4:00 a.m. or so. the other problem we could be seeing is dense fog out there to head past 9:00 or so, we fold things in on the radar. that comes through in the tomorrow. when all is said and done, we have maybe a half-inch of rain. how much rain so far, not all that much. it is cloudy. 34 degrees. winds out of the south and east to read we expect temps to pretty much hold right there. developing.
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then we have temps falling in the 40' s. then we will be in the mid 50' s in some spots. it will be a milder rain for tomorrow. then as we head toward thursday, we turn windy and cooler. take a look at these temps. only warming in the low to mid 40' s. colder to start out your weekend. as we had through the weekend, temps warm up, and we will be back in the 50' s as the patriots take on the eagles at home. jc: a sunny weekend, i love it. experts predict more than half of u.s. homes will be wireless by next year. the cdc says half of u.s. homes are only mobile home -- mobile phones. now only 8% still have just land
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apple is reportedly making yet another change to its iphone. if the rumors are true, it' s getting rid of the headphone jack. instead, earpods would be replaced with ones that use the phone' s lightning port. users could also use bluetooth wireless headphones. the move would allow apple to make the next iphone even thinner. phil: a brooklyn man has invented a place for dog owners to put their pets when they go into non-pet friendly establishments. it is called dog parker, and it' s exactly what it sounds like. it is a crate to park your dog when you go inside. the dog goes in. the guy who invented it says safety was his major inspiration. >> dogs running away, getting anxious, getting into a fight. there are you whole bunch of things dog owners don' t like about tying dogs up. phil: so far you can find dog parker' s and brooklyn, new york
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inside 1600 pennsylvania ave. jc: his life has been a struggle, complications from down syndrome making it difficult for him to breathe. phil: the medical advance his doctors and family are hoping will change that. heather: then at 6:00, we' re getting new information. two breaking stories. new word on gronkowski' s and big news for the red sox. the price they' re paying to get a star pitcher. plus, how would you like to hang with tom brady maybe toss around a football? how about a day with mark wahlberg? or matt damon? why the stars are all offering
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phil: a first-of-its-kind device is helping adults with sleep apnea finally get relief. jc: and now, it' s being tested on a select group of teens also struggling with the condition. as newscenter 5' s emily riemer tells us there is hope it could not only improve their sleep, but their quality of life. emily: 411 years, jesse rivera has lived with a tube in his throat to help him breathe after his trachea collapsed. as he grew
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only solution to a large tong blocking his airway when he sleeps. >> jesse sleeps like a wild man. always tossing and turning. emily: jessica would check on him every cheat of hours. he had to be careful to keep this clean and dry, meaning no waterslides. >> i can' t let the water hit he can drown automatically. emily: they have of procedures. >> we tried removing his tonsils and add noise. we tried tong waste -- tongue -based shrinking procedures. emily: approved by the fda for adults and 2014, it is a pacemaker like device that
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>> through a little incision in the neck, it goes around and moves the tongue musculature forward. flowing. jesse is part of a group testing the safety in groups with downs. >> the goal will be to see if he has sleep apnea. emily: tonight on "chronicle," we are therefore the crucial follow-up visit. that is tonight at 7:30 p.m. on channel 5. i' m emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: -- phil: we will deftly be watching for that. newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. danielle: areas that could see freezing rain right now. ed : two teens charged with the
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jc: sexual misconduct by teachers. the push to make sure that these cases are treated as a crime. ed: going one-on-one with number 12? these small though nation that could get you private time with the pats qb. 6:00. jc: hello, everyone. the red sox signing an ace pitcher. ed: and they are paying the price for price. sportscenter 5' s mike lynch is live at the breaking news desk. lynch: part of the deal does include a clause that allows price to opt out after three years in a red sox uniform. the new president of baseball operations wasted little time, lauding him as the most valuable
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a year ago, the red sox let john musso go to the cubs for $165 million. they gave price more. price has been the picture for the tampa bay rays . again, the red sox, david price, seven years, $207 million deal. and the patriots have released a statement on rob gronkowski and it reaffirms what we told you last night at 5:00. gronk has a bone bruise. his status will be evaluated on a week to week basis. there is no timetable for his readiness to return, which will be determined in the days or hours prior to the appropriate game. any timetable reported prior to that determination would be speculative.
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