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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 3, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sunshine, cooler temperatures, mid 40' s, and a warming trend over the weekend as the jet stream lists to the north. above-average temperatures as we head toward sunday. early next week, a chance of rain coming in. we will break down those strong winds today at the eye-opener. >> now, on newscenter 5 -- randy: breaking information on the married couple accused of killing people in california. the husband linked to the party were the rampage started, and a new statement from the member of their families. emily: heightened security in boston as the result of the shooting. the police are doing now to keep holiday events safe. randy: and oscar pistorius no convicted of murder in the death of his girlfriend. why a judge tossed a prior manslaughter ruling. >> you are watching wcvb, good morning. this is newscenter 5' s
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>> we have something clear and evidentiary. i just want to weigh in. emily: they say they know who but they don' t know why. police are naming the suspects in yesterdays deadly mass shooting in california. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive and say they have not ruled out terrorism. we will get to the updates in just a minute. randy: a quick look at the weather today. cindy: a lot of fog today. north of boston from the north shore, up near southern new hampshire where visibility is running at 1/3 o of a of a mile. we have low to mid 50' s on the cape, where there is a little shower activity here. it is racing toward the north and east but we are still looking at raindrops, south of plymouth. this is all going to be listing through 8:00, we are drying out.
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some developing sunshine, notice the temperatures holding fairly steady throughout the day as the wind will be picking up out of the west behind this funnel system. you can see how much cooler the temperatures are. we are going to see those winds bringing the temperatures, holding them steady. look at the windchill as a go through the day. by this afternoon it will feel like the 30' s -- a blustery day. let' s get you out to the roads. the fog is affecting folks. olessa: you want to be careful and give yourself extra travel time. the expressways quiet this morning. let' s get over to the maps and check out the rest of your trip. as you make your way into boston, construction on 93 south. south of there, no problem. 24 looks good. the pike and route 9 getting by, and 93 south is good all the way down to the connector. trains and buses starting on
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emily: several breaking mass shooting in san bernardino, california. police just released the names of both suspects in that mass shooting that left 14 people dead and 17 injured. this morning we are also getting new details in the moments before that deadly rampage. we know. erika: overnight, police identified the suspects as a couple. they are a 28-year-old and 27-year-old. family members say they were married with a six-month-old daughter. the husband was an employee of the county. police confirmed he attended a holiday party at the social services center for the disabled where the shooting happened. according to witnesses, he left angry. shortly after, two masked people with semi-automatic handgun' s
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after a lengthy search, they were killed in a police chase and shootout involving some 20 officers. overnight, the brother-in-law spoke out against the attack. he says he spoke to his brother-in-law about a week ago. he gave his condolences to the families of the victims who have not yet been identified. >> i am in shock. that something like this could happen -- why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea, i' m in shock. erika: the fbi spent the overnight rating his home. so far, no motive has been determined. police say three explosives were disabled inside the social services building. new developments. randy: lots of ramifications on which to report -- police are on shootings. and safety is a priority. antoinette: especially for events like tonight' s tree lighting ceremony.
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the joint terrorism task force to make sure all public gatherings are safe, especially during this very busy holiday season. last night, the boston symphony orchestra ushered in the season with the concert. concertgoers saying staying at home would be letting the enemy when. the conductor agrees. >> these are the times when we need celebration more than ever. these are the times when we need to show that there is hope in the midst of all this despair. antoinette: and at the garden, it was a big showing at a gala for the boston sports museum. city officials are urging you to continue to get out and enjoy this holiday season, but they say to remain extra vigilant. especially in light of what happened in california. randy: this latest mass shooting
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newtown, connecticut. it would mark three years since that mass shooting that killed 20 children. this year, there have been 354 mass shootings. averaged out, it comes out to more than one per day. statistics show that 460 do people have lost their lives in shootings this year. more than 1300 have been wounded. it is defined as a shooting injuring at least four people. >> it brought back everything i saw, those police running around, the fbi, the swat team. emily: this scene unfolding in california brings back memories for those who lived through the marathon bombing manhunt. two and a half years later, residents say the scene is chillingly familiar. officers swarmed the neighborhood, searching for killers. the manhunt led to a shootout with police.
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>> it just makes me very sad. i still have haunting memories of that night. still a lot of things i don' t do that i used to do. i think it is going to be there forever. emily: the motive in boston -- homegrown terrorism. we are still waiting to word what triggered the violence in san bernardino. live coverage from there begins on "good morning america," right after the eye-opener. breaking news -- police are investigating an anonymous threat against middle schools in cambridge. schools will be open today but there will be a number of security precautions taken. police will have an increased presence at all schools. als breaking overnighto -- oscar pistorius has been convicted of murder. a south african court overturned his manslaughter conviction, leaving there was a fundamental error in the previous judgment. the judge said he never offered an acceptable explanation for shooting his girlfriend. pistorious says he thought she
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randy: two people dead after a military helicopter crashed in tennessee following a training mission. the chopper took off from a nearby for, crashing around 7:00 this morning. this is the third u.s. military chopper crash in less than two weeks. the u.k. is stepping up its presence on isis, launching airstrikes against the terror group in syria. this happened overnight. that four jets carried out strikes hours after the parliament voted to take military action. more details are expected later. the german parliament is expected to approve a big military commitment against the islamic state. the family of a winchester native killed in the benghazi terror attacks says that it is still waiting for their promise to death benefit payment. glenn doherty was required to take out an insurance policy when he signed up to work as a
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his death, the family was denied the payment because he was not married and had no children. the family has settled with an insurance company and the cia has agreed to change its policy. however congress must still approve the new plan. emily: can and in 2016 of the race for the white house. hillary clinton is heading to new hampshire. she is expected to picture plans for paid family leave. clinton has stops planned in nashua and manchester and will hold a town all in dover. randy: today marks the 60th anniversary of the worcester six, the firefighters who died while fighting the massive fire at the cold storage warehouse. tonight the fire station will be hosting a gathering. a bell will ring at 6:13, the time the call came in for the fire. police are looking for the person who murdered a woman wednesday morning. she was stabbed to death on murray avenue.
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she walked with two people, one of whom attacked the victim. the people of the video take off, leaving her in the street. emily: some drivers will see changes on the pike. randy: it could save you time. and the new rules focused on toddlers. the recommendation and the one exception. emily: and unveiling the winter preparedness plan. the new machines to keep commuters moving. cindy: we will be driving out today, but the wind is the big story. the strong gusts expected this afternoon. overnight, the deadly mass shooting in san bernardino. the man and his wife killed 14 people and injured 17 more. with police. family members say they were daughter.
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randy: it' holiday lights tonight. emily: you can watch it live right here on wcvb channel 5. the show starts at 7:00. a nice kickoff to the season. cindy: and we are getting the rain out just in time. but there is a trade. story. he will get pretty strong this afternoon and that wind will look -- during the overnight
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visibility making for some tough driving conditions, the city glowing with that fog in the distance. the worst of it is in areas north of boston into southern maine, down to about one third of a mile. while we were sleeping last night, we had temperatures that were rising -- we had a high of 50 degrees around midnight and temperatures this morning were on the mild side -- he will hold steady through the day and as the wind picks up we could see gusts exceeding 40 miles per hour. they will bring in drier air, so some sunshine today taking us right to the upcoming weekend. it is mild at 55 in plymouth and people off to the north and west will go down to 39.
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pick up, and they will dry is out with the last of the showers lifting as far north as the plymouth area. clouds will break for sunshine through the afternoon, and the wind on the backside of the system is pulling in cooler air. 35 in detroit and that air mass is working in, battling this developing sunshine. that results in temperatures holding steady through the day. as we go through the afternoon we will hold onto the lower 50' s in southeastern massachusetts. then those wins ramp-up, over 20 by lunchtime. those wind gusts last into the evening. s by the afternoon, and that will be the story on the climate tonight.
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the 20' s and here' s the thing with those wins -- they are turning off tonight. high pressure cells then and this will give us a time of sunshine right through the upcoming weekend. a chilly start on saturday morning but mid 50' s on sunday, dry and mild to start. late tuesday into wednesday we will watch the storm develop off the coast line -- it is a powerful storm with strengthening winds but the track is very uncertain. just how close it to comes will determine if we get rain. we will be watching as we head into the middle of next week. emily: we are finally getting it out of here. cindy: olessa: not seeing any problems on the road this morning. traffic is nice and quiet. let' s get over to the maps.
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bridge, but it will pick up nice and early. south of town, 24 southbound. the disabled car is blocking the lane, but it shouldn' t impact you too much. 15 minutes on 495 toward 128. so far, no problems on route 3. 93 south is wide open down to the connector. trains and buses on schedule. randy: we are following breaking news overnight out of san bernardino. police have named the two suspects in the shooting death of 14 people. a 28-year-old and 27-year-old, shot and killed by police after a chase last night. relatives say they were married and had a six-month-old daughter. always say the husband, a county employee, left in office holiday party where the shooting occurred angry before returning
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the new york daily news took a provocative stand against gun violence, reading "god is in fixing this." paper chastised politicians for failing to act, adding tweets from several gop presidential hopefuls offering prayers for the victims and families. the cover is the most retweeted post from a news organization this year. right now, teenage kid a gift of stabbing a football player is being held without bail. he is facing several charges, including assault with intent to murder. police say he stabbed his victim in the back and hand following a party after an upset victory last month. prosecutors say he was stabbed as he was coming to the defense of a friend, an altercation from which he is recovering. emily: janet yellen heads to
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later this month. she also says it is a good thing -- it' s a sign of how far the economy has come since the recession. asian stocks were mostly lower, and right now stock futures on wall street are up. changes are coming to drivers west of route 128, but there will be no free ride. by next october, an open road electronic system will replace tollbooths. it is a system being used now on the tobin bridge. the senate chairs also revising the idea of adding similar tolls to i-93 and i-95. randy: toddler spending time on tablets and smartphones used to be frowned upon. emily: but there are some new recommendations. the academy of pediatrics r released new guidelines -- 30 minutes for toddlers. you want to make sure that the time they use it is educational. >> are they learning anything, or is it simply a way of mesmerizing or placating a child so they don'
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emily: a recent study from the university of london backs up the new guidelines. randy: birds are becoming carnivores inside a store. emily: it' s ahead in i popper' s this morning. erika: then, tom brady talking about tackling. what he' d like to see after a knee injury. and an a usual day in the philip chisholm trail. why jurors will be in court today. and we are taking a closer look at how tactical responses work after the shooting rampage in california. president obama on the country' s latest mass shooting. >> we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world.
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emily: cindy: we will get back some sunshine today -- temperatures are holding steady and then fall off as wind picks up out of the west. check out the forecast wind speeds -- they start out on the lighter side, but sustained winds over 20 miles per hour, that will likely gusts higher. they will dry us out by exiting, partly sunny skies developing,
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lots of sunshine is, warming up to 50 degrees by saturday. randy: thank you. new tools and a new plan to keep riders up to date. an emergency snow desk will be staffed around-the-clock during storms. they will also get giant snowmelt or is and deicers. the transit agency says it is far better prepared for winter weather this year. emily: 5:25. time for i popper' morning. erika: the white house is ready for the holidays, the first lady giving a special tour. there is an 18.5 foot christmas tree dedicated to the families, and a nearly 500 pound gingerbread white house covered in dark chocolate. and 50 snakes snowwomen and men territories. some walmart shoppers have a
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you can see a bunch of birds eating at that packaged meat. a customer took the video earlier this week. walmart says it threw away the meat. they gotta eat. [laughter] randy: thank you. a cake in michigan had "happy is bringing a much bigger the story went viral. news -- developments in san bernardino, california. take a look at the heart of the huge police response to the dead and many more injured.
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>>, now on newscenter 5 eyeopener -- emily: new details on the couple accused of killing 14 people in california. new information on their domestic life and on the trap they may have set for officers. randy: we are taking a closer look at the tactical assault team, how they work together to stop dangerous suspects. emily: and jurors in the philip chisholm trial go outside the courtroom. leader. good morning. mrs. newscenter 5' s eyeopener. randy: thursday morning, our live camera in boston showing that the fog has lifted. but we are still dealing with it at this hour. thank you for joining us. emily: the fog is lifting, but it sounds like the wind will be an issue. olessa: it is pushed --
5:26 am
prepared for that. we have the fog. new hampshire, visibility is down to 1/3 of a mile. 51 in boston -- what? that is warmer than it was all day yesterday. but temperatures climbed overnight, starting on the mild side. 40' and west of town. a lot of clouds out there -- the last of the showers are moving through the cape. by 8:00, they are gone. clouds are lingering, but not for long. we see the clouds break for some sunshine today, as the westerly wind picks up in the wake of the system and pushes the fog and clouds out of here. and look at the temperatures -- near 50 this morning and holding in the mid-40' s through the day. the temperatures will be held down today by that stronger wind. mid 40' s north end west of town, some lower 50' s on the south shore.
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winds, look at the windchill -- it will feel like 40, and 30' s most of the afternoon. blustery feel, but we are turning brighter. let' s get you to the roads. olessa: there is moisture on the roadways under those shiny headlights. so far we are in good shape with all the main construction out of the way. let' s check out the rest of your trip. construction is cleared -- the same story south of town, nice and quiet. route three into braintree, nice and quiet. as you make your way along route 24, there is a disabled car on the shoulder. eastbound on the pike and north of town, problem free so far. trains and buses on schedule. randy: breaking news -- new information in the deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino, california. the fbi raided the home of the suspects in the overnight hours.
5:28 am
erika: police focused on the home of the shooting suspects, sweeping it for bombs. several explosives rigged to her remote-controlled car were found inside. police have identified the shooters. those familiar with the family say they had a six-month-old daughter, and lived with their grandmother before the shooting. the husband was an environmental specialist. witnesses say he left the holiday party were the rampage happened. the motive is still unclear for the shooting. 14 people were killed, 17 hurt. randy: thank you. for tactical police training for these types of situations is costly being updated and adjusted. just as police in california responded with different
5:29 am
coordinate their actions as well. it' s critical to make sure they have accurate information on what' s happening. >> there are a lot of logistics they go into that, certainly command and control, communications, establishing what the threat is. is it one individuals, a number, a group, is a coordinated? randy: in san bernardino, local, state, and federal teams continue to work all aspects of the investigation. breaking news -- police are investigating an anonymous threat against middle schools in cambridge. schools will be open in cambridge today, however there will be a number of security precautions in place. police will have increased presence at all the schools in the city. also breaking -- two u.s. military members are dead after a helicopter crash in tennessee. it was on a road team training mission when it went down. emily: where breaking news -- oscar pistorius is convicted of
5:30 am
a south african court overturned cleaning there was a fundamental error in the judgment. the judge said the story is never offered a suitable explanation for shooting his girlfriend. trial of philip chisholm after visiting the scene of the crime. case. todd: good morning. today' s proceedings will be between the judge and the trial teams only. the jurors will not be here, and fellow chisholm has waived his right to be here. the judge will make a decision as to whether or not to allow additional testimony from a defense witness. yesterday, students at danvers high school were dismissed early so the jury could see the crime scene. they saw the bathroom where the teacher was raped and murdered. they also saw the woods where her body was found. they also heard testimony from a child psychiatrist.
5:31 am
is a major depressive state, in the other was a brief or transient psychotic episode. todd: under cross examination, he admitted the psychotic episode could have been caused by trial stress. chisholm admits to the killings by claimi ut claimed he was insane at the time. jurors will be back here as testimony resumes on friday. emily: thank you. the father of bella bond, the little girl found murdered this summer, is free on bail after being charged with shoplifting. he is also under orders sustain away from the home depot at the shopping plaza. prosecutors say he tried to leave the store tuesday with $600 worth of product. his mother and her boyfriend are charged in her death. 5:36. of birthday cake teaching a lesson in kindness. randy: this photo is going viral
5:32 am
plus, a holiday performance band at a high school. the display one judge says crossed the line. plus -- >> i am in shock that something like this would happen. emily: a relative of the san bernardino shooting suspect in disbelief. the couple accused in a mass shooting in california, married with the baby. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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olessa: welcome back. one problem spot -- a crash and you can already see the delays building on the southbound side by harrison boulevard. apart from that, a quiet start. cindy: we are trying out, but the temperatures are going the wrong way. 51 right now with a west wind around 10 miles per hour. the wind will pick up and it will be blustery this afternoon. windchill will drop into the 30' s. gusty wind through the afternoon, but lots of sunshine tomorrow right through the weekend with a nice warming trend. mid 50' s by sunday. emily: thank you. this morning, a woman is exploding why she posted a photo of a birthday cake that has now gone viral. she recently bought this cake in michigan, and said she didn' t notice the writing until a boy thanked her for not complaining. turns out, that employee is
5:35 am
she says she wanted people to remember to be kind first in any situation. >> i thought it was instantly something that i felt happy about. i get all these messages from families who struggle. it breaks my heart to think about all the meanness that people have to endure because they are just like everyone else. emily: this post has been shared thousands of times all over the world. randy: updates ahead on our breaking news. what police are saying about the motive of the san bernardino killings. and one suspects bold move for cash, or ahead. -- for cash, ahead. and this is our life camera in boston after the fog has lifted. a beautiful start here this
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. r it is the struggle that will determine t the fate of the united states in leading a r to take out isis with overwhelming force. ttheir aim is our total destruction. p we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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randy: good morning. we are ready with the news to go. emily: erika is tracking new in the mass shooting in san bernardino. randy: but first, we want to get to cindy and the forecast. the fog is lifting. cindy: it was wacky overnight with the fog and it got up to around 50. but notice that throughout the day, it is slowly dropping. so that blustery.
5:38 am
-- notice the wind speeds staying over 20 miles per hour. it' s actually 40-50 miles per hour. it is a backwards day temperature wise -- we are running in the lower 50' s, and as we go through the day, we are going to notice those temperatures drop a little bit. 48 right now, 46 and worcester. we start out milder. the storm' s pulling away on the backside of wind out of the west, bringing in the cooler air that is driving us out. lots of showers on the south coast, and then that is it for wet weather. we are brightening up the skies, but when you factor in the wind, wind chill by 2:00 will be in the upper 30' s. that is what you want to dress for this afternoon. tonight will fall back into the 20' s and 30' s. high pressure is nosing tomorrowin.
5:39 am
temperatures running in the mid-40' s for friday. but notice of me go through the weekend -- a nice warming trend. mid 50' s by sunday. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: so far we are pretty quiet, with one accident along 93. a nice write in both directions as you have south. i will show you where the accident is -- 24 northbound over by 128, the delay is already back up. 95 looks good, no problems on route three. once you get there, 15 minutes on the expressway into boston. then 93 south is heavy now. it is picking up volume once again approaching the connector. emily: thank you. several breaking developments overnight in the mass shooting in san bernardino. randy: erica tarantella' s new details.
5:40 am
what happened, we still don' t know why -- police are not ready to comment on the motive. >> we have not ruled out terrorism. >> why they would do something like this, i have no idea. erika: that is the brother-in-law of the suspect to, along with the woman identified with as his wife, opened fire inside that social services center. investigators say he was at the holiday party where the rampage took place, left angry, and came back heavily armed. they were killed in a shootout with police. the fbi spent the overnight raiding his home. 14 people were killed in the rampage. emily: after the mass shooting in california, you can expect heightened security for holiday events here in boston, including the tree lighting ceremony tonight. >> our intelligence unit goes over everything all incident,
5:41 am
antoinette: boston police are working with the joint terrorism task force to keep all public gatherings safe, especially during the holiday season. it was a packed house last night at symphony hall as the boston orchestra ushered in the season. there was also a big showing at the gala for the sports museum. city officials are encouraging you to get out and enjoy the holiday events. they are encouraging everyone to be extra vigilant. randy: thank you. breaking news -- police are investigating an anonymous threat against middle schools in cambridge. they will be open today, however there will be a number of security precautions. police will have an increased presence at all schools. todd: the jury has the day off and the chisholm trial, and chisholm has waived his right to
5:42 am
the jury ended the day yesterday with the view of some of the scenes connected to the case, including the bathroom where the teen admits he killed his math teacher. they also saw the what an area where he dumped her body. the jury is due back in court witnesses to testify. emily: breaking overnight, oscar murder. a south african court overturned the manslaughter conviction, claiming there was a fundamental error in the previous judgment. the judge claims he never offered an acceptable explanation for shooting his girlfriend. this story -- he said he thought she was an intruder. randy: to people dead after a helicopter crashed in a rural part of tennessee following a training mission. that had taken off from fort campbell, crashing around 7:00
5:43 am
in less than two weeks. first series of airstrikes against isis in syria. this comes hours after parliament voted to take part in syrian action following an impassioned plea from david cameron, who said that isis britain. until now, the country has conducted anti-ice' only in iraq. emily: the democratic -- runner is going back to new hampshire today. she is expected to pitch plans on paid family leave. emily: a stabbing at everett high school is being held without bail. a 19-year-old faces 17 chart -- faces several charges. police say he charged his victim in the back and hand following a party after an upset victory against st. john' s prep. prosecutors say he was stabbed
5:44 am
nurses to carry a life-saving drug, drafting a policy to allow them to administer an opioid overdose reversing drug. several others have artie already approved it. emily: a belt will ring tonight in honor of of the firefighters who died 16 years ago while cold storage warehouse. the franklin street fire station will host a gathering and ring the bell in remembrance of those who geared up and put their lives on the line when the first call went out. randy: police are on the lookout for this in corrupt a convenience store with a gun, seen here on surveillance. it was hit last night before 8:00. police say the robber took off with more than $250 in cash. the clerk was not hurt. emily: they are ready for winter
5:45 am
a new snow desk will keep riders informed around the clock during storms. they are also showing off new snow beltre is in deicers. randy: federal judges than a nativity performance in indiana. a judge rules the play is an endorsement of religion, many families say they are upset because the plays a tradition. others say the school should take the playoffs school grounds. emily: 5/5-graders are facing charges after police say they were planning to cause damage added to jersey high school. they have since been released. officials say teachers found a written plan about the attack. police say they built a device but it did not have explosive properties. police believe they got their ideas from other events. randy: the los angeles clippers took a possible for last night' s game, with a moment of silence, for those affected by the nearby shootings in san bernardino.
5:46 am
everyone was asked to stand before tipoff. emily: a man gets too close to the la lakers star kobe bryant. he was on the court when he was in the yellow jacket, approached security who let him away. bryant was unaware. randy: tom brady has a suggestion for an nfl rules committee. he says players can' t hit quarterbacks at the knees and should not be able to hit receivers they are either. the comments are coming after rob murkowski took a serious hit to the knee on thursday. emily: the bruins are on the road in edmonton, net connect last night -- and that in that -- and we eventually go to the shoot out. 3-2 the final, the bruins in calgary tonight to take on the flames. make sure you join us tonight
5:47 am
you can watch boston' s official tree lighting, live here on wcvb. randy: might be a little breezy. cindy: just a little breezy. the winds aren' t that strong, but by this afternoon, they will be coming in out of the west, 50-25 miles per hour and gusting close to 40. the wind will be an issue tonight. partly cloudy skies, temperatures dropping to the 40' s. those wind chill' s will be running in the 30' s. mostly cloudy, the fog cleared in the city. 51 degrees out there right now with a light westerly wind. we are running in the lower 50' s on the cape right now, but look at the next 12 hours. we go from the low 50' s this morning to the mid-40' s by 5:00. kind of a backwards day in terms of temperatures. mid 40' s at worcester.
5:48 am
steady or falling, and that westerly wind is pulling in the colder air to the west. coming in on the backside of the storm system, which is now moving out. a lot of clouds this morning, still a couple showers. these will be winding down in the next hour or so, so we are drying out and then the clouds break for sunshine as we go through the afternoon. when disgusting over 20 miles per hour by lunchtime, then as we get into the afternoon the wind is stronger. there is the potential for some wind gusts between 40-50 miles per hour, which may be enough to bring down tree limbs, so heads up. it will feel like the 30' s during the afternoon, even though it is close to 50. tonight we are clearing out with temperatures falling into the upper 20' s. the wind slackens off overnight, high pressure for tomorrow. a sunny stretch coming, friday,
5:49 am
weekend starts chilly, but we are in 50' s by sunday. mid 50' s, and the patriots will be playing. should be about 50 degrees for that game. later tuesday and wednesday, we are watching for storm coming up the coast. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: as you were saying, you can see the fog -- this is route one on the southbound side. let' s get over to the maps and check the ride. still watching this accident on 24 northbound. delays back to avon, and also some delays as you approach 128. the expressway has 15-20 to boston, and a 50 minute ride from 495 to 128. 93 southbound is picking up delays. then once again as you approach the pond and more volume.
5:50 am
randy: coming up, ahead at 6:00, our coverage in the breaking developments in san bernardino continues. emily: new information on the suspects and the traps they left at the scene. plus, heavy police presence for people in watertown. how yesterday' s events are bringing back painful memories of the manhunt for the there is on bomber. randy: and our live camera here is looking at a good start to the day before the wind kicks up
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